kenvandinethisfred, it is the shortcut group in the .desktop file01:49
thisfredkenvandine: so we should get rid of that, and we'll be good?01:50
thisfredawesome, thanks once again!01:50
kenvandineand the last couple lines01:50
kenvandinethisfred, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/586682/01:51
kenvandinesomething like that01:52
kenvandinethisfred, you want to leave  X-Ayatana-Appmenu-Show-Stubs=False01:52
kenvandinethat keeps you from getting that place holder "File" menu in the appmenu01:52
aws910I tried to buy songs in rhythymbox(via ubuntuone) and it's stuck at "transferring to your Ubuntu One storage".  Has this been resolved yet?02:31
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Guest1151 hi,.05:53
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Stupid_Botwhere am i now >?05:55
Stupid_Bothello duanede05:55
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faganmorning all08:01
duanedesignhate spending time on something that does not work out08:15
duanedesigni feel like, I got an hour in this I can not stop now! :P08:15
faganduanedesign: what doesnt work?08:15
duanedesigncertain BASH built-in commands do not run in python using subprocess.Popen08:16
duanedesignstrange. subprocess.Popen(["bash", "-c", "type type"])08:17
duanedesign subprocess.Popen(["bash", "-c", "history"])08:17
duanedesigndoes not :(08:18
faganduanedesign: are you sure thats not a feature and not a bug08:19
faganand there is a file you can poke to get that info too08:20
duanedesignyeah i was trying to avoid ising .bash_history08:21
duanedesignor .zhistory08:21
duanedesignbut i might have to08:21
faganwell its 3 lines of code to get it08:21
faganso its not that bad08:21
faganbrb food08:22
duanedesignyeah. i would also need to pull the command out of any cruft in the file08:22
duanedesigndepending on the settings they have each line could look like :1301370701:0;update08:23
duanedesigncould of already done it with the time i spent messing with subprocess :)08:25
duanedesignwhere /3208:28
* fagan back 08:34
mandelfagan: have you finished what you started yesterday? What are you doing atm?08:40
faganmandel: looking at it now trying to figure what is left to do with it08:40
faganill try run it and see if it works08:40
mandelok, let me know if you have any issues08:45
faganmandel: yep I just wrote most of the code without testing it so im going to presume that there is going to be some failure somewhere in there08:46
faganbut the logic is fine so its just syntax is probably off08:46
* fagan hasnt done a lot of python in the past year so is a little rusty 08:46
faganmandel: cant figure out whats wrong here09:30
* mandel looks09:31
faganits not seeing the submitbutton09:32
faganmorning karni09:33
faganmandel: I tried using the name of the object too and all that but it still doesnt know about the submitbutton09:36
mandelfagan: try self.connect(selg.ui.SubmitButton, blah blah blah09:37
mandelsorry I meant to say selg.ui.SubmitButton09:38
faganself :)09:38
mandelhaha what a bad day with the F09:38
faganmandel: worked but there is a little error its saying that im passing an arg to submit09:40
faganis there a default value passed into methods when the signal is connected09:41
faganId probably guess its the origin of the event09:41
mandelfagan: ok, this is the trick, you see the signature of the signals, well if it the signals has a parameter, it mean you get one, if it does not, then you do not get it09:41
mandelfagan: give me a sec, I just look at how you connected the button :P09:42
mandelI did not eve try the code yet (mandel should try the code before replying)09:42
faganmandel: pull before you fo09:43
faganthere was a few more errors09:43
mandelfagan: yes, I just noticed, you forgot self in the method :)09:44
mandelfagan: self, is like this in gobject or in js, if you call it x, then use x, although there is a reason why is called self09:46
mandelso, in the submit method you defined09:46
mandeldef submit(x):09:46
faganmandel: I did that to take out the error :)09:47
mandelso instead of using self, you have to use x because you called like that, the best way to fix it is calling x self :)09:47
mandelouch :)09:47
mandelfagan: by the way, which editor are you using?09:47
mandelthere is some weird indentation09:47
faganmandel: I did a bit of it in wordpad and a bit in gedit09:48
faganso some of it was fine and some of it is funny09:48
faganmandel: the only thing wrong now is getText() isnt working09:48
mandelI think getText is a gtk thing09:52
faganmandel: ah ok09:53
faganand its in swing as well and vb if I remember too09:53
mandelfagan: use notepad++ on windows, is free and will handle the move from gedit to notepad++ easily09:54
mandelyou probably have to fix how your tabbing si done, in vim (which I'm not telling you to use, but would be the best choice wink wink) you would do:09:55
mandelset: ts=409:55
mandel:set expandtab09:55
mandelyou have to do the same in your editor of choice09:55
faganInfinite loop oh yeah :P09:57
faganmandel: I have it working now perfect other than the css not doing the change09:58
JamesTaitAnd it's good morning from me. :)09:58
faganJamesTait: morning09:58
mandelfagan: how do you know the button works as expected? have you added soem debugging?09:59
faganmandel: I tested it09:59
faganbut ill make sure10:00
faganyep definitely working10:00
JamesTaitHey fagan. :)10:01
mandelfagan: can you push the changes then?10:02
mandelfagan: I'd like to see the logic10:02
faganmandel: give me 1 sec just getting the css fixed10:02
faganmandel: pushed10:09
faganI still cant get the css thing working10:09
faganit says in the book that you have to set a property and it should work but its not10:10
faganso there must be something missing10:10
* mandel looks10:11
mandelfagan: if any python developer sees that you have used x instead of self, the might chop off your balls, I'm not joking ;)10:12
faganmandel: yeah I just fixed that10:13
* fagan was just being lazy 10:14
faganAnd seeing the word self so much instead of this makes me feel strange10:15
faganmandel: should I be referencing the specific LineEdit with the wrong var?10:19
faganor is that whats going wrong?10:19
mandelone sec, I've got to fix on thing in the wiki and I'm back with you10:20
mandelmultitasking is hard...10:20
mandelfagan: do you have your flight tickets to london?10:20
faganmandel: I emailed the travel company and they got back to me asking for some more info so I sent it on havent heard back yet10:21
* fagan follows up 10:21
faganoh I missed one of their emails crap10:22
faganmandel: ok done with that10:26
mandelfagan: what do you mean? you have the flight?10:27
faganmandel: I replied so im going to probably get it sorted in a few hours when they get back10:27
faganI just picked my option10:27
mandelfagan: ok, I'm back with you, looking at the code10:29
faganOh I had a mistake10:30
mandelfagan: yes, the sintax in the css is wrong: http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/stylesheet-syntax.html#selector-types10:31
mandelthe selector should have the value quoted10:31
faganmandel: yeah thats what I figured too10:31
mandelfagan: reply to marianna, she needs to talk with you10:32
faganmandel: yeah just did10:32
mandelfagan: and there is another hint int he link I sent you10:34
mandelwith bold letters under the selector :)10:35
faganmandel: so I need to remove it and add it again?10:38
faganpyuic4 isnt working right10:45
faganits giving me a syntax error10:45
mandelfagan: may I see the output?10:46
ralsinagood morning people!10:46
faganmandel: just says error line 1 syntax error10:46
mandelfagan: and how did you ran the script?10:47
faganpyuic4 style.css > style.py10:47
* fagan feels he probably used the wrong thing 10:48
mandelyou did :)10:48
mandelyou need to use the pyrc to wards the resources file, not the css :)10:48
faganoh crap10:49
faganyeah my bad10:49
faganforgot that from yesterday10:49
faganok I removed the css bit and re-added it but its not working10:52
mandelfagan: what did you understand from the warning in the docs?10:56
faganmandel: yeah I did but I mean the css isnt working at all not just that bit10:58
mandelfagan: but tell me what you understood? you updated the css, cool, but there is some extra code you have to change10:59
mandelfagan: please push the changes you made, I'll take a look10:59
faganmandel: I added the bit to set the style sheet again because it has to reload it when you change the var10:59
faganso in submit down at the bottom I re-add the style sheet11:00
faganI understood that its just the sheet isnt working for some reason11:00
mandelok, and you regenerated the resource.py file so that the new css is used, right?11:01
faganmandel: yep11:01
mandelplease push the changes11:01
mandelI'd like to see the code11:01
mandelfagan: in the mean time, this version works:  lp:~mandel/+junk/fagan_valid_email11:03
ryeso, anybody here on maverick experiences the crashes of gnome-settings-daemon?11:04
faganmandel: pushed11:05
faganyeah your one is working11:11
faganmandel: your one is definitely a lot cleaner11:12
fagansince its properly indented. wordpad ftw11:13
faganbut I did make it look better by changing the px to 211:14
mandelwait what? use notepad++ no notepad, and definetly not worpad11:14
mandelqordpad brings a lot of problems...11:14
faganmandel: yeah im in gedit11:14
faganim going to just use my linux machine for development and use my windows machine for testing11:15
faganits what I know so it just works better11:15
ralsinafagan: switching back and forth between linux and windows is not going to be efficient but try it anyway if you want.11:17
faganralsina: ubuntu boots in 8 seconds and windows boots in 2011:17
fagannot really too bad11:17
* fagan has a nice machine 11:18
ralsinafagan: s I said, terribly inefficient11:18
faganralsina: yeah but if its more comfortable I dont mind too much11:18
ralsinafagan: if you have a nice machine, at least run one or the other in a VM so you can just switch11:18
faganI havent been on the windows side of my machine all day11:18
ralsinafagan: has anyone told you you are argumentative? ;-)11:19
faganralsina: yeah they have :)11:19
faganand on the VM thing it takes 40 secs for the VM to boot11:19
faganso its nearly easier just to restart11:19
ralsinafagan: but you only boot it once a day.11:19
mandelfagan: where were you testing your branch?11:20
faganmandel: ubuntu11:20
faganbut I did test it on windows yesterday for the css11:20
mandelfagan: did it work on ubuntu, I mean your branch?11:20
faganmandel: my branch nope11:20
ralsinafagan: I am not interested in arguing. I am interested in helping you code. If you prefer not listening to us who have about 25 years combined experience, that's ok, of course.11:20
faganralsina: its cool ill give it a try11:21
mandelfagan: well, your code will not work on windows as it is due to the resources.py, it has to be generated on windows to work on windows11:21
faganmandel: ah that was it11:22
mandelI'm going to guess you have a 64 machine, right?11:22
faganmandel: yep11:22
faganso I have to recompile it each time for windows11:22
faganthats ok11:22
mandeldont add autogenerated code to a trunk, it does not make sense, is better to automate the generation like I did with the setup.py11:22
faganmandel: ok I can do that11:23
faganI was just doing this up fast so didnt do that11:23
mandelfagan: I was not asking you to add the auto-generation bit, I was more saying, dont add autogenerated code11:24
faganmandel: yeah I know11:24
faganI have gotten 1 thing weird11:24
faganhmmm its gone now11:25
ralsinafagan, I will take my son to school in a bit, but in 60 minutes from now, we are going to have a training session :-)11:25
faganthe text box wasnt letting me edit it11:25
faganralsina: cooll11:25
ralsinafagan: in the meantime, I would like it if you could read PEP8, the document that talks about python style11:26
faganralsina: will do11:26
ralsinanaming conventions and such. It's not long, and you should have time to do it.11:26
ralsinafagan: here's how we'll work from now forwards11:28
ralsinafagan: mandel will give you some exercises, it may be testing or trying to do something we want in the app, early in the morning11:28
ralsinafagan: then you spend the morning working on it, and I review it after your lunch11:29
faganralsina: ok cool11:29
ralsinaThat way mandel doesn't get too stuck and I can help you get up to speed on pyqt11:29
faganralsina: good plan11:30
ralsinafagan: cool, let's do that then. Remember that Qt has great docs, and for most things, it is there ;)11:31
faganralsina: google like a pro11:31
ralsinafagan: cool, because that's what I do ;) PyQt is large enough that noone knows it by memory, you just need a vague memory on where to look.11:32
faganralsina: well I read the book a little more after work yesterday and know some of it a little better11:32
faganand I did get mixed up with gtk anyway :)11:33
ralsinathat's good11:33
ralsinanot the getting mixed up, of course ;-)11:33
faganralsina: well most gui toolkits use gettext rather than text11:34
faganso it was a little bit of a oh they do that differently11:34
ralsinawell, Qt is consistent. You always have property() and setProperty()11:34
faganralsina: yeah I looked at the notes after mandel said it was text()11:35
faganand I knew where to look to check11:35
faganso at least ill know for next time11:36
ralsinacool. Now I'll go make breakfast and ship the kid to school, be back in one hour, and then we'll go over your code. Ok?11:36
nessitagood morning everyone!12:47
faganmorning nessita12:47
nessitahi fagan, how are you?12:47
fagangood good learning more today12:48
ryeMy empathy crashed, I removed all passwords from the keyring and next restart of empathy brought it online12:49
ryenot something I was expecting :)12:49
faganrye: on 11.04?12:49
ryefagan, yes12:49
faganthe password system was changed12:49
ryefagan, yes, but it keeps using both passwords12:50
faganrye: yeah well there is an issue with the old passwords if you updated earier12:50
fagan(in the release)12:50
mandel.me walking dog12:50
ryefagan, so e.g. on startup it will use the old entry, and fail if password has changed. Going to the accounts allows me to click that funny switch one does not know which state it is now in and I can go online12:51
ryebut now i removed the passwords completely and it succeeded at connecting to all the accounts... probably mission-control is caching something12:51
faganrye: interesting12:51
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
faganralsina: you back?13:09
thisfredis what I could use reviews on :) good morning also13:27
faganthisfred: I can give it a review and test13:29
* fagan just finished reading pep8 anyway and is waiting for ralsina 13:29
thisfredfagan, awesome. 1 sec I forgot to list test instructions :)13:29
faganthisfred: cool13:30
faganlooks pretty trivial anyway13:30
thisfredfagan: the fix is trivial yeah, once ken told me how to do it. Never in a million years would I have come up with it :)13:34
thisfredfagan: instructions to test are added13:35
faganthisfred: yeah just doing it13:38
faganthisfred: yep working13:39
fagantests pass too13:39
thisfredfagan: awesome thx13:39
fagan(I knew there was nothing in the tests that would fail but worth a try to see)13:39
* mandel back13:43
* nessita will be offline to do some testing with the control panel13:56
fagannessita: need any help with the testing?13:57
fagan(im not doing much at the moment)13:58
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
mandelall: ralsina has the telephone company fixing something at his place, so he wont be here for the standup13:59
mandelI dont know how long he will be off13:59
faganmandel: ok13:59
ralsinaI have the phone compay working on my building, so my internet connection oscilates between miserable and none14:00
ralsinaHey, they fixed it!14:00
faganIll go on break and stay till 5 if needs be14:01
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
fagan(I mean ill go on break for an hour and stay on till 5)14:01
ralsinafagan is now a good time for your lunch break?14:02
thisfredralsina: could use a review if you're not busy with 10 other things already14:02
faganralsina: its 2 so its ok14:02
ralsinaIf yes, then come back for standup and after that we'll have our review, ok?14:02
faganthats cool14:02
ralsinathisfred: I can try, as long as the phone guy doesn't cut the RED wire again14:03
thisfredralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-721525/+merge/55327 and good luck ;)14:03
* ralsina should get one of those 3g thingies just as a backup14:04
faganmandel: thats not for an hour isnt it?14:04
nessitamandel: get your clock straight :-)14:04
nessitathisfred: that is merged already!14:05
faganyay I was right :)14:05
ralsinamandel: 1 hour early :-)14:05
ralsinathisfred: you already have +2 in that branch!14:05
thisfredralsina: oh wow :)14:05
faganI think ralsina is lagging14:05
thisfredthanks nessita!14:06
nessitaprego :-)14:06
ralsinaI am lagging between 2 and 14 seconds. Usually it's 87 milliseconds :-(14:07
mandelfagan: is it? dammed dont tell me they changes the time in spain and nowhere else....14:07
=== teknico_away is now known as teknico
thisfredmandel: I think all of europe (minus the UK, but that's an island anyway)14:08
ralsinamandel: amazingly, it's not spring here14:08
mandelralsina: well, there I'm not surprised...14:08
* mandel puto govierno de los huevos cambiando la hora14:09
mandelthen, I'm goign to microwave my lunch :)14:09
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
ralsinamandel: and the standup is set on MY TZ ;)14:09
mandelhe, check this out: http://www.cadw.wales.gov.uk/14:11
mandelview the source and tell me where the WTF is :)14:11
thisfredmandel: client side validation ftw! :)14:13
mandelalways I great thins to do hahahaha14:13
mandelthat I was an a14:13
mandelmy brain is fucked after reading that :P14:13
thisfredmandel: do you suppose the search box is able to empty the db?14:14
mandelthisfred: I dont know…. is hard to guess with those clues14:14
mandelI'm really tempted to give it a shoot14:14
thisfredhttp://www.cadw.wales.gov.uk/default.asp?id=7&lang=events is also great: To see what’s on, go to www.cadwevents.co.uk14:15
thisfredhow can putting that in be less work than taking the search out?14:15
thisfredalthough, it *is* asp14:16
ralsinacome on guys. Don't break the wales govmt, ok?14:16
thisfredralsina: maybe that is how the language came into being in the first place14:16
thisfredDROP TABLE vowels;14:17
ralsinaNo, welsh was invented by cats on typewriters14:17
ralsinagaaaaakh lag14:17
thisfredralsina: I read somewhere that the Welsh pretty much colonized Patagonia, so you better be careful ;)14:18
thisfredThey might come for you14:19
ralsinathisfred: well, a few towns. You can still eat welsh cake there. And the young people (even not welsh-descendent) learn welsh for fun.14:19
ralsinaI've been there (Gaiman). Pretty.14:19
thisfredI'd like to go some day14:20
faganthisfred: ireland!=UK14:20
mandelok, true story: when I arrived to england, like while back, I share a flat with some brits that though it would be funny just to have welsh tv channels and see what the spaniard would do. Got to tell you I spent house watching TV really worried of how would I finish my degree if I could not even understand a soap opera14:20
ralsinawell, you can go in 2 weeks if you want :-)14:20
* fagan just read the scrollback :P14:20
thisfredfagan: oh Ireland is also still not on DST?14:20
thisfredwell, it is another island. Island folk are peculiar ;)14:21
ralsinadarn, the management call moved one hour earlier and overlaps the standup now!14:21
faganthisfred: Ireland is on the UK time for the moment but we are going to be sticking to UTC probably this year and not doing the daylight savings time like the UK14:21
dobeythisfred: Ireland is too protestant to follow the UK :)14:21
thisfredfagan: I hate daylight savings, so good for you14:21
thisfreddobey: let's not go there :)14:22
nessitaalecu: ping14:22
alecunessita, pong14:22
dobeyDST is just more proof that time doesn't really exist14:22
faganthisfred: yeah its going to be sweet when they stop using it since then I wont be going crazy when the clocks go forward like this week14:22
nessitaalecu: question. Should the webclient request (in the control panel) timeout by their own if there is not network connection?14:22
thisfredyeah, and nobody14:22
thisfreds ever been able to explain how it saves anything14:23
dobeyeveryone should just use UTC14:23
faganthisfred: its there so farmers wont miss out of everything in life14:23
thisfredthe hour you get at one end of the day, you lose at the other14:23
faganit was created because they get up at 4 am and sleep at 8 in the winter14:23
alecunessita, yes, if there's no local network connection it should fail immediately.14:23
thisfredfagan: farmers get up at 4, they're pretty much screwed anyway14:24
dobeythisfred: DST is for farmers14:24
thisfredthen let them use it :)14:24
faganbut since Ireland has like 4 farmers now they dont need DST14:24
dobeyno, they should use UTC14:24
alecunessita, if the problem is not local (it's from the router to our server) then it will take a bit to timeout.14:24
faganso its all cool14:24
thisfredI have no problem with them getting up later14:24
nessitaalecu: it does not, as per my test: I had the control panel working, and I disable networking using the NM applet. Any ideas?14:24
dobeythey can adjust their alarms14:24
dobeywhich happens anyway, because roosters don't have digital watches14:25
faganralsina: hmmm so during standup you have a management call so does that mean the other thing is pushed back too or would the management call be over quickly enough?14:26
* fagan just realised that quickly and management dont mix 14:26
ralsinafagan: I have the standup in the middle of the call. I will do both14:27
faganthisfred: thats the symbol for killing time14:28
thisfredLet's do it! :)14:28
faganthisfred: I am already doing that14:31
* fagan is at lunch for 30 minutes now :)14:32
* alecu will turn off the network connection to test what nessita just found14:32
nessitaalecu: thanks!14:32
alecunessita, I've started the u1cp backend from trunk with DEBUG=True14:41
alecunessita, then I logged in, disconnected the wi-fi, then I tried clicking both the cloud folders and the devices tab14:42
alecunessita, in both cases the error message (Value could not be retrieved) shows in about 5 seconds14:42
alecunessita, the log shows this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/586863/14:42
alecunessita, so I think that perhaps I'm not understanding the issue14:42
nessitaalecu: how did you disconnect your wifi?14:45
nessitain the mean time I'll retry14:45
alecunessita, left click on network icon, unchecked "Enable wireless"14:46
alecunessita, left click on network icon, unchecked "Enable wireless"14:46
alecuthat's how I disconnected.14:46
nessitaalecu: my backend gets stuck in 2011-03-29 10:46:09,265 - ubuntuone.controlpanel.webclient - DEBUG - WebClient: getting url: GET, https://one.ubuntu.com/api/1.0/devices/14:47
nessitaand nothing else happens (weird!14:47
nessitaI'll try with trunk14:47
nessitaalecu: what's response "4"?14:48
alecunessita, 'error_msg': u'(4L, None)'14:48
alecuI'm looking it up in the code and Soup docs.14:48
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
nessitaalecu: nopes, is not working. Could you please try unchecking "Enable Networking"?14:49
nessitasince I don't have wifi here14:49
alecunessita, sure.14:49
alecunessita, where are you? in 1995?14:49
nessitamy backend (trunk) hangs showing this line: 2011-03-29 10:48:32,813 - ubuntuone.controlpanel.webclient - DEBUG - WebClient: getting url: GET, https://one.ubuntu.com/api/1.0/devices/14:49
* fagan was in 2005 a week ago 14:49
nessitaalecu: :-) (desktop station, I'm wired!)14:49
alecunessita, I'll pull trunk as well first14:50
nessitaalecu: thanks!14:50
alecuI'll be back14:51
nessitaall: stand up in 8 minutes!14:53
nessitaalecu: how did it go?14:56
alecunessita, pulled trunk, disconnected by unchecking "Enable Networking", but I still get the same behaviour.14:56
nessitaalecu: are you running natty with all the updates?14:56
alecunessita, perhaps I should try updating the system; Libsoup may be out of date.14:56
alecunessita, I'll try that after the standup.14:56
nessitaperfect (I mat record a video as well)14:57
dobeyalecu, nessita: what are you trying to do?14:57
alecudobey, debug a weird behaviour that only nessita is experiencing.14:58
nessitadobey: I need to test some behaviors when there is no network connection, and in my case the libsoup request hangs, and in alecu's case libsoup fails immediatly (like I would need/expect)14:58
alecudobey, it looks like libsoup is not timeouting immediately for her when no network connection is available.14:58
alecunessita, "Need to get 414 MB of archives."14:59
nessitaalecu: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude15:00
* nessita thinks seeeeeeeeet15:00
thisfredalecu: nessita: httplib has a global timeout, that some applications set...15:00
thisfreddunno if that's related15:00
nessitaralsina: ?15:01
nessitaok, let's start, the boss is busy15:02
nessitaDONE: almost done with bug #704434, started fix bug #726867 while I was at it. Had a long debugging session with facundobatista re: syncdaemon.15:02
nessitaTODO: land branch for the aforementioned bugs, kick more bugs down15:02
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes15:02
nessitaNEXT: thisfred15:02
ubot4`Launchpad bug 704434 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Stop the backend service when UI is done (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70443415:02
ubot4`Launchpad bug 726867 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Devices tab shows nothing when syncdaemon is not responsive (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72686715:02
thisfred* DONE peer review for James H.15:02
thisfred* DONE review lp:~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/stop-backend15:02
thisfred* DONE two icons in messaging menu when syncdaemon's not running http://pad.lv/721525 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-721525/+merge/5532715:02
thisfred* INPROGRESS desktopcouch-service 'file_exists' crashes http://pad.lv/70732115:02
thisfredNEXT: fagan15:02
fagan* Did more python/pyqt polishing: - Finished off the valid email example I started yesterday - Read pep8 since I dont follow it too great :)15:02
fagan* Got fights sorted15:02
fagan* Did a review and test for thisfred's double ubuntu one indicator branch15:02
fagan* More pyqt stuff15:02
fagan* update wiki for the sprint15:02
fagan* nope15:02
faganmandel gogo15:02
mandelDONE: Added tests for windows UI. Create a branch of ubuntuone-dev-tools that installs the qtreactor on windows for 2 reasons: run tests with the reactor used in some windows projects and so that the UI can be instantiated (the reactor creates a QApplication)15:03
mandelTODO: Propose merge for the above. Some more sso testing on windows. Package first windows version.15:03
mandelBLOCKED: no15:03
mandeldobey: please15:03
dobeyλ DONE: nearly completed #73332715:03
dobeyλ TODO: peer evals, UIFE request, finish bug #733327, libu1 release15:03
dobeyλ BLCK: aptdaemon/policykit are teaming up against me.15:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 208)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332715:03
dobeythisfred: the httplib stuff doesn't matter for soup15:03
thisfreddobey: ok, don't know libsoup15:03
nessitaalecu: go!15:04
alecuDONE: worked on a branch to fix bug #73968815:04
alecuTODO: finish said branch, fix the client-server tests that the zeitgeist fixes broke15:04
alecuBLOCKED: no15:04
alecuHATE: amazon15:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739688 in ubuntuone-client "Broken node Exceptions raised after metadata is deleted from a move. (affects: 1) (heat: 52)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73968815:04
nessitaralsina: go?15:04
nessitaany comments anyone?15:04
mandelnessita: yes, I do15:05
faganjust updated the wiki so thats done now15:05
nessitamandel: shoot15:05
thisfredalecu: why amazon?15:05
mandelthere seems that a branch proposed for ubuntu-sso-client is not landing, and I not quite know why15:06
mandellet me find the exact merge proposal15:06
ralsinayes, go15:06
dobeyralsina: you go15:06
nessitamandel: does it have a commit message set?15:06
mandelha, no jodas!15:07
mandelno tid does no have a commit message...15:07
nessitamandel: buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu15:07
nessitamandel: bu! BU! :-)15:07
* mandel hides15:07
nessitamandel: and please set a better message than "Fixed bug by using the os module." :-D15:07
ralsinasorry I am speaking on the call right now, bad timing :-(15:07
nessitaralsina: we forgive you ;-)15:08
nessitaok, eom!15:08
ralsinamaybe we should move the standup 1 hour earlier15:08
ralsinabecause now all my other calls overlap15:09
faganyeah DST is confusing all the EU crowd15:09
thisfredthey should have thought about that before colonizing the world15:10
faganthisfred: yeah its the English and Spanish's fault15:10
ralsinajust you wait until *we* do DST15:11
ralsinalast year we cancelled it 12 hours before it was scheduled.15:12
nessitaralsina: we usually do that, since we're the weirdos that do not change time15:12
nessitaralsina: shall I change the time in our calendars?15:12
thisfredI wish the whole world gave up on this crazy idea15:12
faganwell Ireland are more than likely dropping it :)15:12
dobeywe could just not have the standup :)15:12
fagandobey: madness15:13
faganLets just have more standups15:13
thisfredone for every time zone15:14
* fagan thinks we should have some sitdowns as well 15:14
dobeyeven the newfoundland tz?15:14
nessitaalecu, thisfred, dobey, mandel, fagan, ralsina: let's have the stand up at 1300 UTC, shall we?15:14
thisfredis that the weird one that's 43 mins off?15:14
fagansounds good nessita15:14
thisfrednessita: it's all fine by me, as long as we don't keep changing it every week15:15
faganoh nessita thats when mandel's dog is walking him :)15:15
nessitafagan: nopes, mandel is walking beast at 1200 UTC15:15
* fagan wonders which timezone he is in now 15:16
mandelwell, is not a big deal standups are short and the dog can handle it15:16
dobeythisfred: i think it's 30 min, but yes it's weird15:16
alecufagan, everybody: timeanddate.com15:16
ralsinanessita: +1 from me. But I don't know if someone other than chipaca can change it15:16
nessitaI can, doing it right now15:17
mandeltoma jefa!15:17
thisfreddobey: Saudi Arabia changes daily, based on sunset :)15:17
nessitaralsina: I've set the event so guest can modify it ;-)15:17
faganAh ok I keep forgetting that I move to UTC +1 in DST15:18
* ralsina is tempted to just declare UTC the oficial timezone of #ubuntuone and punish anyone that mentions another timezone 15:18
faganralsina +115:18
thisfredralsina: fagan mentioned +1!15:18
* fagan suggests the person has to listen to rebecca black "friday for the rest of the day 15:18
dobeyralsina: just so you know, .ar is not utc15:19
nessitacan I have a couple of reviews for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/decouple-devices/+merge/55345?15:20
nessitaalecu: I would love if you can do one (requires your network connection magic)15:20
alecunessita, looking15:22
alecunessita, what magic?15:23
alecunessita, you mean I should do it before all the packages are updated?15:23
nessitaalecu: being able to disable your net conn and having the web client timeouting15:23
nessitaalecu: yeah...15:24
alecunessita, "indo" in "The devices_info returns local indo if webclient error"15:27
ralsinadobey: and I never mention times in ART ;-)15:28
* ralsina punishes ralsina15:28
alecuyes, mentioning times is an art15:29
faganalecu: nice pun15:30
alecuyup, but since I didn't mention any bad words nor did any scatologic references, mandel would have probably said "your jokes suck!"15:32
faganalecu: Ill give a polite laugh even for the bad ones15:33
* fagan is nice that way 15:33
mandelalecu: no, I would have not said it sucked…15:34
mandel but I would have mentioned it is a girly one15:34
mandelnah nah nah15:35
nessitaalecu: fixing!15:35
ralsinaFor those coming to BA next week,Marianna is sending an email later today15:35
mandeldobey, ralsina, fagan: please take a look at the following: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-dev-tools/qtreactor/+merge/5534915:36
mandelwe need to install the qtreactor in windows, otherwhise trial plus Qt testing is very hard15:36
mandeland ugly15:36
faganmandel: want a windows test from me?15:36
* fagan just thought duh 15:37
ralsinamandel: are you doing a QCoreApp when in no-ui mode? (I can't  see the diff yet)15:37
mandelfagan: is more for information purposes, since you will need to install the qtreactor to test some things on windows15:37
faganmandel: ah ok15:37
mandelralsina: no need, qtreactor uses QCoreApp as the default, so I just need to do a QApplication when ui15:38
ralsinait instantiates QCoreApp? Really? weird what things I don't know.15:38
nessitaralsina: email with details?15:39
mandelralsina: https://github.com/ghtdak/qtreactor/blob/master/qt4reactor.py15:40
ralsinanessita: hopefully :)15:40
ralsinamandel: ok, cool15:40
nessitaralsina: I mentioned this yesterday, but I'll repeat myself: tomorrow I'll be in the university sorting paperwork for my future absences15:41
mandelnessita: are you planning your sick days? ;)15:41
ralsinamandel: asymetric as all hell, but cool ;)15:42
nessitamandel: jajaja. Nopes, I'll be absent from my teaching duties on May (UDS) and on June (team sprint(15:42
fagannessita: what do you teach in uni?15:42
nessitafagan: any Computer Science subject, this year and last year I was assigned to Algorithms and Data Structures, I and II15:43
nessitafagan: but I've been also teaching Operating Systems,  Network and Distributed Systems, Languages and Compilers15:44
fagannessita: I did data structures this year was pretty fun15:44
* dobey needs to write a compiler15:44
mandeldobey: I'll take you on that one, I'd love to :)15:44
fagani did all the other ones except distributed systems and languages and compilers but they are bumped into other subjects15:44
nessitafagan: did you have to program in any language? if so, which one?15:44
ryenessita, hmmm. bug #744731 - ubuntuone-control-panel starts syncdaemon even if the user does not have the credentials, syncdaemon creates Ubuntu One folder and therefore will be started on every subsequent login15:44
ubot4`Launchpad bug 744731 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "ubuntuone-syncdaemon running although I have no account (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74473115:44
mandeldobey: by the way, branch fixed :)15:44
fagannessita: C++15:45
nessitarye: I disagree! :-) but let me confirm before putting a battle15:45
nessitafagan: oh, my condolences15:45
fagannessita: I love C and C++15:45
nessitafagan: oh, my condolences**215:45
dobeymandel: you'd love to write a compiler?15:45
ralsinanessita: it's ok, have you putit oncanonicaladmin?15:46
ralsinaor is it just a few hours?15:46
faganafter 3 years of java C++ was a dream15:46
nessitaralsina: nopes, since is a paperwork for canonical. Shall I?15:46
mandeldobey: me, yes, I started a phd in compiler optimization regarding graph theory and specific improvements in that area related to the grammar used :)15:46
mandelthen left it for money :P15:47
dobeymandel: oh, so you *are* insane :)15:47
faganmandel: wow that sounds like a lot of work :)15:47
* fagan slept through most of graph theory so knows how much work it is :P15:48
ralsinaI suppose not15:48
mandelwell, my final year project was about genetic analysis of DNA… some cows were dying in africa and we wanted to cure them from manchester :)15:48
faganmandel: lol did you actually do it?15:49
dobeyfagan: he probably ate them before they got sick15:49
mandelsave the cows, no, but I did the software for the DNA clustering15:49
nessitaalecu: typo fixed and pushed15:49
fagandobey: thats the only way15:50
ralsinaI spent 2 years studying Hardy-Littlewood's Maximal Operator and implications on differentiation theory. So much FUN15:50
mandelwell, when I left we had a problem because the mice were dying and we did not kow if they were depressed15:50
faganI didnt know mice got depressed15:50
mandelyes, funny story,there are machine to test that, but are illegal in europe15:51
* fagan realises this conversation is very quote worthy 15:51
ralsinaMe neither. Mice do get *compressed* though15:51
faganralsina: haha15:52
mandelthe idea is to hang the mouse upside down for 30 min, if they dont give a crap, they are depressed, but doing it is against their rights15:52
* fagan gets the campaign started for mouse rights 15:52
fagan(starting with the right to marry)15:52
mandelso they were thinking of doing it in africa, but then, we had to have the mice there… which as problematic15:52
dobeyok where was i with this installer insanity15:52
ralsinastuff yo are legally allowed to eat doesn't have toomuch rights, IMHO15:52
faganralsina: so you still in calls?15:53
ralsinalet's get back to business15:53
* mandel goes back to qt testing15:53
dobeyralsina: don't know about you, but i'd like my meat to be good and healthy when it gets cut up to go on my plate :)15:53
ralsinafagan: just hangup 20 seconds ago15:55
faganralsina: cool15:55
ralsinadamn you phone guy!15:57
ralsinastop cutting the wrong wire!15:58
nessitaralsina: would you have a slot to review https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/decouple-devices/+merge/55345 ?15:58
mandelnessita: want me to take a look?16:01
nessitamandel: I would love to! IRL tets instructions are detailed as merge proposal description16:01
nessitaalecu: did you manage to IRL test the branch re: net conn?16:01
mandelnessita: ok, mine it is then16:01
ralsinanessita: sure16:02
ralsinanessita: but in about 1 hour after I am done with fagan16:02
nessitaralsina: no problem, mandel and alecu are taking care of that16:02
thisfredalecu: I've factored out two methods, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/586909/ draw_attention and switch_to in the controlpanelwindow. If I want to be able to call those through dbus, is the easiest way to make the window a dbus object, and decorate those two methods?16:07
dobeyas it turns out, testing the install of packages is hard when there are 1GB of packages being upgraded at the same time16:09
vadiIs it possible to search within the notes using the web interface?16:12
beunovadi, not at the moment, no16:17
vadimm, unfortunate. Doesn't seem like Tomboy is too xp-friendly at this point either16:17
alecunessita, ping16:19
alecunessita, the branch looks ok, and it seems to be working fine.16:20
nessitaalecu: great!16:20
nessitabut... ?16:20
alecunessita, but I think I've met the issue you mentioned.16:20
alecunessita, if I click on the device tab, it will not timeout immediately.16:21
alecunessita, but16:21
alecunessita, when the wheel is spinning, I try to click on other  tabs, and then return to the devices tab16:21
alecunessita, then it looks like it's fixed.16:21
* nessita tries16:21
alecunessita, so, I'm thinking that it has to do with soup not failing immediately. Or caching the name resolution. Or some other soup issue.16:22
dobeyi doubt it's a soup issue16:22
alecubut let's try a bit more. It's very annoying to have to disable networking :P16:22
nessitaalecu: sounds like it :-/16:23
alecudobey, why?16:23
dobeyalecu: well for one, nessita seems to be the only person with the problem?16:23
alecudobey, I'm experiencing it as well16:24
* alecu stops his network connection.16:24
dobeyalecu: and the problem is that it takes about 5-10 seconds for the connection attempts to fail?16:24
dobeyalecu: or 10 minutes or what?16:25
dobeyalecu: are you testing other things, or only control panel?16:26
nessitadobey: the control panel backend16:26
* nessita goes offline as well16:27
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
thisfredmore dbus questions: When a service exposes a single interface, the bus name and the interface name are/can be/should be the same?16:29
dobeycan be16:29
thisfredand for methods that have no arguments, I simply don't provide an in_signature?16:29
dobeyaren't always, and shouldn't necessarily be16:29
nessitathisfred: yes to the second question16:29
nessitathisfred: in_signature defaults to '', which is no params16:30
thisfreddobey: good enough, nessita: thx16:30
dobeymust get some lunch. bbiab16:30
faganwow mass time outs16:36
stupid_botanyone here?16:37
faganstupid_bot: yep16:37
alecunessita, so, I can reproduce your issue, when clicking on the "Devices" tab very soon after disconnecting.16:39
alecunessita, the spinner keeps on going three minutes after the web call is made.16:39
nessitaalecu: any ideas? I wouldn't put too much effort on this due to other priorities that we have16:39
stupid_botcan you help me fagan>?16:39
faganstupid_bot: well probably not me but somebody16:40
nessitastupid_bot: just ask your question in the channel and people will answer when they are available (usually soon)16:40
alecunessita, and the libsoup callback is never called (_handler)16:40
alecunessita, so, I guess it might be a libsoup issue.16:41
nessitaalecu: is there any way to enable some debug on libsoup?16:41
alecunessita, don't know.16:41
nessitaalecu: ok, do not worry, we'll gave to use this as is :-/16:42
nessitaalecu: thanks a lot for your debugging time16:42
mandelnessita: ping16:42
nessitamandel: pong16:42
alecunessita, and the 4L error we see is SOUP_STATUS_CANT_CONNECT from here: http://library.gnome.org/devel/libsoup/stable/libsoup-2.4-soup-status.html#SOUP-STATUS-OK:CAPS16:42
nessitaalecu: groso16:42
stupid_botwhy firefox wont popup after i click manage account16:42
alecunessita, perhaps we should let it go a much longer time and see what happens.16:42
nessitastupid_bot: where are you clicking "manage account"? is the ubuntu one preferences?16:43
mandelnessita: question, probably due to my ignorance, why do you have a yield self.assertFailure in one of the tests?16:43
alecunessita, also, it's very easy for the user to work around: he'll probably start clicking on other tabs and the spinner will go away.16:43
stupid_botyup nessita16:43
nessitamandel: becasue assertFailure returns a deferred16:43
alecunessita, and I believe it only happens in a short period of time since the network is disconnected. A few seconds later it will not show up.16:43
mandeldoes it? is that from trial?16:44
alecunessita, so I believe we should mark this as low priority, unless more people start finding it.16:44
alecumandel, yes, it's from trial16:44
nessitastupid_bot: what version do you have? please paste in pastebin.ubuntu.com the output of running this command in a terminal: apt-cache policy ubuntuone-client-gnome16:44
nessitamandel: please note that you can run things that returns a deferred within the addertFailure call16:45
nessitaalecu: I will not even report the bug, is very unlikely we will be able to do anything about it16:45
nessitaalecu: +1 to your opinion16:45
mandelnessita: yes, it was just that I founded odd too see it16:47
nessitamandel: that method is awesome :-)16:47
alecunessita, mandel: you always pass a deferred as the first arg of assertFailure. It returns a second deferred that will callback if the first deferred errbacks with one of the exceptions passed as 2nd, 3rd, etc args, or it will errback otherwised.16:48
nessitamandel: it asserts that a method that returns a deferred, fails16:48
alecumandel, that's why you need to either yield on that second deferred, or return it from your test so trial can wait on it.16:49
mandelalecu: yes, I've always returned those, I just wondered why the yield, since you are doing nothing with the result and trial should take care of that16:49
mandelbut I dont see any harm on using it like that16:50
faganralsina: your internet back working?16:50
* fagan got the program to pass pep8 with the time 16:51
mandelnessita: when testing your branch, it has to be in natty, right?16:51
ralsinafagan: maybe, maybe not, it's driving me crazy16:51
alecumandel: oh, it's not a second deferred, but the first deferred with some callbacks added: http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/10.0.0/api/twisted.trial.unittest._Assertions.html#failUnlessFailure16:51
faganralsina: you can review the branch anyway and get back to me. It passes the tests and all now.16:51
faganand its running nicely16:51
alecumandel, and yes, it should work, but perhaps trial reports it in a nicer way. Or perhaps not, since trial won't have the line number, but doing a yield there will.16:52
alecumandel, hmmm... yes, I think a yield there should produce more meaningful errors16:53
ralsinafagan: I will try now, if nothing goes mad again16:53
nessitamandel: yes sir16:53
alecubut I don't think anybody did that on purpose yet :P16:53
thisfredWOOHOO, I just switched panels from d-feet. Victory!16:54
ralsinafagan: what time is it for you, and when's your EOD?16:54
nessitawhat happened with stupid_bot?16:54
nessitathisfred: YEAH16:54
faganralsina: just before 516:54
alecunessita, approved.16:54
faganand my day is finished at 516:54
thisfrednessita: now to throw it all away and come up with tests...16:54
alecuthisfred, coool!!!16:54
thisfredit is :)16:55
faganralsina: I can hang on though for a few minutes since I did spend a bit of time waiting around16:55
alecuthisfred, but was it d-feet or victory?16:55
ralsinafagan, ok, I'll do the review and send you an email16:55
thisfredI might get the hang of this yet16:55
thisfredalecu:  :)16:55
nessitathisfred: I wasn't expecting anything less from you16:55
ralsinaor paste everything on private16:55
faganralsina: you can paste everything if you want16:55
ralsinafagan: sorry, in the hour I was without internet things piled up. We'll do it better tomorrow16:56
faganralsina: cool ill get a fresh task from mandel tomorrow and we can do one big review16:56
mandelalecu: yes, trial just returns a very ugly message :P16:56
ralsinaor rather, I'll do it better even if I have to go to a freaking bar to do it16:57
ralsinafagan: yeah16:57
faganralsina: well I did learn a lot regardless today :)16:58
faganso it was progress16:58
stupid_boti allready paste it ..16:58
ralsinafagan: cool16:58
joshuahooverdobey, ralsina: are we doing any releases today or tomorrow?16:59
faganjoshuahoover: you might be waiting for an answer from ralsina  :)17:02
joshuahooverfagan: k, thanks for the heads up :)17:02
ralsinajoshuahoover: maybe tomorrow17:04
joshuahooverralsina: k, thanks17:04
ralsinajoshuahoover: my internet is completely wonky today and doesn't seem to be improving17:04
joshuahooverralsina: ah, sorry to hear that...makes communicating here a little difficult, huh? ;)17:05
ralsinajoshuahoover: oh, yes17:06
ralsinaI am lagged to hell and back, and it drops every 5 minutes17:06
mandelnessita: approved with a small stupid comment that you are free to ignore :)17:06
alecuthisfred, sorry I didn't answer about your refactoring+dbus question... I'm looking at it right now.17:07
thisfredalecu: nm, I got that to work, so I think it's ok :)17:07
ralsinaok, I am going to take a lunch break, buy the phone company guy a beer to see if he works better with alcohol :-(17:07
alecu(I was in the middle of shutting down the network connection and restoring it for testing naty's branch)17:08
alecuthisfred, did you end up decorating with dbus that class, or making a different one?17:08
thisfredalecu: yeah, np, I figured you were busy, I just forged ahead17:08
joshuahooverthisfred: ping17:08
thisfredalecu: I had to make a new class17:08
thisfredjoshuahoover: pong17:08
alecuthisfred, I would recommend making a different one, because dbus is sometimes weird.17:08
joshuahooverthisfred: do you know if these 2 desktopcouch bugs are still set to be fixed for natty? bug #675557 and bug #47417017:09
thisfredyeah I found that out :)17:09
ubot4`Launchpad bug 675557 in desktopcouch (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Incorrect encoding of slashes in paths (affects: 1) (heat: 30)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67555717:09
ubot4`Launchpad bug 474170 in desktopcouch (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Deleted synchronized database always come back with the next sync (affects: 4) (heat: 17)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47417017:09
thisfredjoshuahoover: The first one I want to look at at the sprint. The second one is unlikely, since we've not thought of a way it can be solved yet. (It would mean significant new code even if we did)17:10
joshuahooverthisfred: cool, thanks! i'll mark the first for beta2 and update the 2nd17:10
mandelralsina, nessita: if you review this, you will be my heros: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/add_windows_startup_script/+merge/5488817:14
alecuthisfred, I mean, dbus decorators do weird stuff to python methods, so it's always better to make dbus decorated method be just stubs that call other methods in other classes.17:14
thisfredalecu: yep, that's exactly what I ended up doing, when I got all kinds of weird metaclass errors ;)17:15
alecuthisfred, so... sorry I didn't warn about this earlier :-(17:15
thisfredalecu: no problem, I would have repinged if I'd gotten stuck, but I didn't :)17:16
nessitamandel: I'll do it if I become an heroína, not a hero17:16
thisfredI'm having a smart day17:16
nessitathisfred: please share some!17:16
* nessita is not17:16
ralsinamandel: let me take a look17:16
mandelnessita: sorry, but you are not going to reach the level of a drug :)17:16
mandelralsina, nessita: give me a sec to fix the conflict, it looks like another branhc landed first17:17
ralsinanessita: if you are heroína, at 55Kg you are worth about a million dollars (and I agree!)17:17
* mandel is willing to change his sex 100kg == lots of money!17:17
thisfrednessita: and I'd have some neighbours that would be interested in meeting you17:18
thisfredalecu: one more question: If I want to make an asynchronous dbus call, but am not interested in the result, should I pass lambda X:pass or something as the reply handler?17:21
thisfredI don't know why I used a capital X there. Prolog flashback?17:22
nessitathisfred: yes sir, I can point you to tons of code that do that17:22
nessitathisfred: are you coding a test or a production code?17:22
thisfrednessita: thx!17:22
thisfrednessita: production code.17:22
nessitathisfred: I have examples for both17:22
thisfredawesome, love to see them17:22
nessitaok, so, for instance: ubuntuone/controlpanel/gtk/gui.py, search for "self.backend("17:23
thisfrednessita: yep, got that17:23
nessitathisfred: ^ that is production code that accesses to the backend dbus service17:23
alecuthisfred, btw: make sure all your dbus calls are async or bad things will happen :-)17:23
thisfredalecu: I intend to17:24
nessitathisfred: for tests, tou can check ubuntuone/controlpanel/gtk/test/test_gui.py, look for self.assert_backend_called17:24
thisfrednessita: obrigado17:24
nessitathisfred: that test *also* tests that the call was async, which rocks, becasue otherwise I always forget17:24
mandelnessita: looks like the test on sso work as expected, the branch I asked you to take a look fails the register_user on windows because I'm missing the name, first tiem I'm happy because I see a test failing :)17:26
nessitamandel: so, one thing about that:17:27
nessitamandel: ah no, nothing. On natty we're adding the new param displayname, so you should add that when you work on that feature17:28
mandelyes, doing it right now :)17:28
nessitamandel: so, your branch is ready for review, right?17:30
mandelnessita: let me push it, one min17:31
* alecu goes to have lunch17:36
=== alecu is now known as alecu-lunch
dobeyjoshuahoover: ubuntu is in beta freeze right now, so probably not unless there are urgent fixes we need to get in; and they would probably have to be today17:40
DoughyUbuntuOne client keeps uploading the same file over and over17:40
DoughyIt's been doing it all night17:42
DoughyWon't stop uploading the same 3 files17:42
__lucio__Doughy, can i see the log files on ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log?17:45
Doughyhang on17:45
Doughyshows repeated entries for the files in question17:48
DoughyI can send you the file17:48
nessitaalecu-lunch: I'm assigning bug #734671 so you can work on that when you have a slot17:52
ubot4`Launchpad bug 734671 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "ubuntu-sso-login crashed with ValueError in getsecret_handler(): too many values to unpack (affects: 9) (dups: 2) (heat: 284)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73467117:52
mandelnessita, ralsina: I'v found a nice error when merging with trunk in the branch I told you, I'm going to walk the dog to see if a muse appears and lets me fixed, I'll ping you when I'm sure it works17:55
nessitamandel: good luck!17:55
ralsinamandel: cool17:55
dobeymandel: what exactly provides qtreactor?18:17
dobeygrr, aptdaemon hates me18:18
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dobeythisfred: uhm18:45
dobeythisfred: where is that fix you said landed in trunk?18:45
dobeyoh, in u1cp18:46
thisfreddobey: yep18:47
thisfreddobey: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-721525/+merge/5532718:48
dobeyah nightlies haven't built yet18:48
nessitadobey: and needs a new .desktop file build18:48
mandeldobey: qreactor is a reactor that uses QEvents rather than the normal select methods. In terms of the tests, it creates a QApplicatio mainloop similar to the glib based one) that simplifies the testing with Qt and trial18:55
dobeymandel: i didn't ask what it was, i asked provided it :)18:56
mandeldobey: the fact that there is a main QApp running the twisted reactor which makes life very easy for test with Qt in it18:58
mandelneed to go now, we can talk more about it later :)18:59
dobeylater then19:00
=== alecu-lunch is now known as alecu
mandeldobey: ping20:22
dobeymandel: hi20:23
mandelups, where did the l go?20:24
dobeyit fell down and the helo's about to crash?20:25
mandelanyways, I was saying, the qtreactor allows to write twistted applications that use the Qt main loop, so adding it to the u1trial allows to fully test the windows port because we have a qt app that uses twittted20:25
dobeymandel: i wasn't asking you *why* you want it there, or *what* it does20:26
dobeymandel: i was asking *where* does the module come from?20:26
mandelthat is an easy question http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/QTReactor20:27
mandelbut the git link is broken, the correct one is https://github.com/ghtdak/qtreactor20:27
mandelideally, if it is ported to pyside, which I'm tempted to do, it could be added to twisted itself20:28
mandelsome thing in the qt licese is problematic20:30
dobeymandel: and we're shipping it in the windows installer?20:31
ralsinamandel: what's problematic on the qt license?20:32
mandelralsina: twistted is MIT, pyqt is GPL, that is why they don't include it, we can, we are gpl20:33
dobeyralsina: well it was GPL20:33
dobeyqt 4.5+ is LGPL though20:33
mandeldobey: yes, do you think there is a problem?20:33
dobeyso it shouldn't be a problem to include a reactor for that in twisted20:33
ralsinadobey: that's why I asked "what is". PyQt is still GPL though, but so is our code20:33
dobeymandel: there is a problem for the qt3reactor, but i think the qt4reactor could be shipped by default, same as the glib one20:34
mandeldobey: superb :) we are not using the qt3 one20:34
dobeyralsina: it's not our code that's problem. it's including the reactor in twisted by default upstream20:34
mandelyes, that is why I'm tempted to port it as a pet project20:34
dobeymandel: hrmm, but if it uses PyQT then it's still an issue, if PyQT is still GPL as ralsina says20:34
mandeldobey: for us to ship it? really? I though that since we are GPL, there is no problem, but I can port it, is not too hard20:35
dobeycan we just fix all our stuff to not use twisted? :)20:35
ralsinadobey: well, including qt-reactor in twisted is not exactly an urgent concern for us, unless it's making things very hard for you mandel?20:36
dobeymandel: we can ship and install it by default in our installer, sure.20:36
mandelcool :)20:36
dobeymandel: we can't include it as part of twisted itself. exactly20:36
mandeldobey: and I dont think we can get twisted out, not at this level :)20:36
ralsinaoh, ok, pet project! that's a cool idea ;-)20:36
dobeyralsina: i wasn't saying it was. i was explaining the license issue mentioned on the twisted qtreactor web page20:36
dobeymandel: well, rewrite in vala :)20:36
mandelbut you know my evil plan, replace all classes by gobject ones and use instronspection to use the in python, and one day realize everything  is gobject :P20:37
* fagan likes vala20:42
mandeldobey: only thin I can see a problem with is the protobuffers part20:43
dobeymandel: how is that a problem?20:44
mandeldobey: is there a compiler for gobject?20:45
dobeygobject isn't a language20:45
dobeyor you mean, to generate gobjects out of protobuf descriptions?20:45
dobeymandel: we could just move away from protobuf20:46
mandeldobey: well, then we have to touch the server side, and that is not an area I wan to play with20:46
dobeymandel: not really, we just have to use the same protocol on the client in a different way20:47
mandeloh, well.. since they wont let us, It think I should call it a day :)20:47
mandelI need energy fight with qt/windows/world20:48
mandeland the gf already yelled at be for being here too long20:48
faganmandel: how many hours do you work?20:48
* fagan is wondering 20:48
dobey"too many"20:49
faganjust seems like a lot of hours20:49
faganwell dobey we started at the same time this morning :)20:49
faganand he is just finished now20:49
mandelfagan: I do stop to go to the gym and walk the dog and those things, and this time of the day is good to talk with dobey, he is not trying to covince everyone to change the world :)20:50
faganso you do the lots of breaks kind of day thats cool20:51
mandelwell, not lots, I wake up at 7 walk the dog for 1 hour, then breakfast, work til 130 walk the dog, work, walk the dog and 6:30 and maybe gym and the 2 or 3 hours more if I'm having fun with the code of the day :)20:52
faganwow lucky dog20:53
* fagan likes cats (no walking)20:53
mandelyes, he is a lucky bastard :)20:53
fagan<3 cats20:53
mandelwell, need to go, gf calling and she is a spaniard (dangerous women)20:54
faganlater mandel20:54
* fagan dreams of a woman with a nice accent :)20:54
faganBut maybe not spanish I like English or Australian20:55
dobeyi think i need a break myself20:56
fagandobey: do breaks are always good20:56
faganplus slacking off is always to be encouraged20:57
dobeyam feeling hungry again, and need to figure out how to tell when aptdaemon is *really* done20:57
fagandobey: cant you not ask it?20:57
* fagan thought there was some dbus signal for that 20:57
dobeyit's not a very well designed API, no :)20:58
fagandobey: if I can help ill be checking on IRC periodically21:00
faganI dont mind :)21:00
alecudobey, ping. I was wondering about:21:01
alecuubuntuone/platform/linux/unity.py:import gio21:01
alecudobey, do we include gio as a dependency?21:01
dobeyalecu: it's part of python-gobject21:01
alecudobey, facundobatista wants to use it to make syncdaemon move files to the trash21:01
alecudobey, great, thanks.21:02
dobeyalecu: i want us to use the file change monitoring it has :)21:02
dobeyso we can get rid of pyinotify21:02
thisfredalecu: nessita: so when I switch to async calls, my dbus methods stop working. Do I need to do something to the service itself to make async work? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/gui-service/revision/11921:02
alecuthisfred, looking21:03
thisfredI think I may be doing the mainloop thing wrong21:04
nessitathisfred: looking21:04
facundobatistadobey, how can I check if that python-gobject is in the natty CD's (I want to learn this for any package :) )21:04
dobeyfacundobatista: we already require it21:05
facundobatistadobey, ok, but I want to learn the generics... how can I check if the XYZ package is in an Ubuntu CD?21:05
nessitathisfred: you have to provide both, reply_handler and error_handler. And why did you moved the DBusGMainLoop(set_as_default=True)?21:05
dobeyfacundobatista: but you can look on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ at the <distroimagename>.manifest file for each cd image21:05
alecuthisfred, do you have that same problem if you uncomment the "#, error_handler=error_handler)"?21:05
alecuthisfred, (both of them)21:05
ralsinaeod for me, since I have been here for 11 hours already. Have a nice evening!21:06
thisfrednessita: alecu yeah, if I provide both nothing changes, and I moved the loop to see if that helped but it doesn't21:06
nessitaralsina: enjoy!21:06
nessitathisfred: branching and testing. Do you have the backend running?21:06
facundobatistadobey, is there a way without needing to download the .iso?21:07
dobeyfacundobatista: get the .manifest file instead of the .iso21:07
dobeyfacundobatista: it is a list of all the packages in the .iso21:07
thisfrednessita: yeah, I think so, though not from this branch21:07
thisfrednessita: alecu so if you go back to r118, it works, you can switch between panels with the --switch-to= switch21:08
facundobatistadobey, there! awesome, thank you!21:08
dobeyfacundobatista: eg. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/natty-desktop-i386.manifest21:08
dobeyfacundobatista: sure21:08
facundobatistadobey, yes, found it :)21:08
dobeyok, i am taking a break now. bbiab21:09
nessitathisfred: there is no alert method in ControlPanelService21:10
nessitathisfred: were you trying with alert or swicth_to?21:10
thisfrednessita: you're right, that should be draw_attention21:11
nessitathisfred: also, you're expeting a window parameter in ControlPanelService, where is that being passed?21:12
thisfrednessita: I was testing with switch_to21:12
alecuthisfred, nessita: I think the problem is the sys.exit just after the async call21:12
alecuthisfred, nessita: I would expect the sys.exit to happen after the async call has returned.21:12
nessitaalecu: that too21:12
alecuie, in the reply_handler21:12
nessitabut anyways, the ControlPanelService can't be created without the window param...21:13
nessitathisfred: how were you planning on creating/passing that window to the ControlPanelService ?21:13
alecu(the sys.exit should happen in the reply_handler and in the error_handler too)21:14
thisfrednessita: the controlpanelwindow creates the service, but yeah, I see how that could cause timing problems21:14
thisfredok, thx, back to the drawing board21:15
nessitagood luck21:15
thisfredalecu: I think we can't do the sys.exit(0) at all, because we don't know if either one or both of the methods were called. So then we'll have to make the bin script wait for any async methods to be called. That sort of feels like maybe they should be called sync in this case?21:18
alecuthisfred, can both switch-to and alert be called at the same time?21:19
alecuthisfred, in that case, maybe have one method call with both boolean parameters21:19
thisfredmakes sense21:19
alecuthisfred, or make the handler of one call the other and set up another handler to exit.21:19
alecuthisfred, but I believe reverting to sync will lead back to trouble.21:20
thisfredThat seems like a pain. And they're not always both called. So a single method that can deal with all combinations is probably easiest21:20
alecuok, great21:22
* alecu will reboot after 400mb of updates21:22
karnigood evening #ubuntuone21:44
nessitabye karni21:45
karninessita: you going? I was greeting, after few hours away ^ ^21:46
nessitakarni: ah! no, I was confused then21:46
karninessita: perhaps I was confusing!21:46
nessitakarni: though I'm leaving soon :-)21:46
dobeyenglish is confusing21:54
karniI got an interesting error today on boot. "Keyboard error or no keyboard present" followed by "Pres F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP"21:58
karniHow smart is that!21:58
nessitaok crowd, I'm off22:04
nessitasee ya all tomorrow!22:05
dobeykarni: it's fine if it's at/ps2/usb, but bluetooth not so much :)22:05
nhaineskarni: that one's always been my favorite.  :)22:06
karnidobey: it was a PS2 keyboard, but how am I supposed to press a key if it doesn't recognize the keyboard heheh22:06
karninhaines: o hai! ready for a new ubuntu one files apk :)?22:06
nhaineskarni: yup!  :)22:07
dobeykarni: well it just assumes that it's unplugged. that message hasn't changed in 25 years :P22:08
karninhaines: QR code for you http://goo.gl/Nq37N22:08
karnidobey: I just can't understand how can they ask to press a key if there's no keyboard plugged (or there's keyboard error) ;)22:09
dobeywell it assumes the user is smart enough to check the physical keyboard connecction first :)22:10
dobeywhat i don't understand, is why aptdaemon is saying it's done, when it isn't yet22:10
* nhaines loves qr codes.22:13
nhaineskarni: I hope there's some nice art assets coming for the client eventually.  :)  But ignoring unimportant stuff, I'm looking forward to seeing what works and what doesn't in this new version.22:15
dobeyi wish i didn't have to actually install stuff to test this22:16
karninhaines: there's a little UI candy, but yes, I'm waiting for those art assets :x22:16
karninhaines: you'll notice some senseless icons in the quick action 'context menu' -- this is waiting for art assets as well.22:17
nhaineskarni: ooh, I like the context menu!22:20
karninhaines: publish one file, you'll get a little more options, so that you'll probably have to scroll it sideways22:21
karninhaines: hahahah22:21
nhainesIt works!  :D22:21
karnithanks :)22:21
alecukarni, there are some server and server-like bioses where you can enable booting anyway when a keyboard error happens. But they seem to be the minority...22:22
nhaineskarni: that's probably my favorite feature of U1 in general... so to have it on the phone and also autocopy the public URL, that's really great.  :D22:22
karninhaines: the directory context menu will have 'share' option eventually. oh crap, I forgot a folder is syncable as well22:22
thisfredalecu: if you're still around: I pushed a new version, but whatever I seem to do, async does not work (which does not surprise me, but what surprises me is that sync does.) In the latest version, if you uncomment the stuff in the bin script, it becomes async, and stops working...22:22
karninhaines: I'm happy you like it! :)22:23
karnialecu: True, you can even make the PC start without the keyboard (but you have to plug it initially anyway ;D)22:23
alecuthisfred, looking22:23
thisfredmethod works fine from d-feet too22:28
thisfredIt *looks* like the reply_handler just never gets called22:29
thisfredanyway, I have to walk the dog. Will check back later.22:38
dobeyalright am out. cheers all22:40
alecuthisfred, ping23:00
alecuthisfred, I think that after service.switch_to_alert some event loop should be started.23:01
* karni grabs some food23:01
alecuthisfred, I've sent an email with some comments on the branch23:17
alecuand this is EOD. bye all!23:18
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
thisfredYay, I'm super close to having dbus panel switching and attention drawing working right for the control panel. Should be able to finish it tomorrow morning,23:51

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