rlameiroScottL: ping01:00
rlameiroScottL: ping01:20
rlameiroScottL: I was just talking with Ricardo LaFuente01:22
rlameiroabout the design stuf01:23
rlameirohe seems very happy to help01:23
ScottLthat's awesome!01:26
ScottLsorry, i'm getting kids to do homework, cleaning up from dinner, and trying to get the dogs to poop outside :P01:27
rlameiroI asked him to join the channel01:28
rlameirohe may come in anytime01:28
rlameirowelcome luluganeta :D01:29
ScottLwe probably should get him in touch with macinnis :)01:29
ScottLhi luluganeta 01:29
rlameiroScottL: luluganeta is LaFuente01:29
luluganetahi ScottL01:29
luluganetaricardo, plz :)01:30
rlameiroyes he should01:30
luluganetaoh, there's a namespace clash with rlameiro, i guess01:30
rlameiroto ricardos here now :D01:30
rlameiroScottL: does macinnis come here regularly?01:31
ScottLluluganeta, rlameiro was telling me you might be interested in helping with ubuntu studio01:31
ScottLmaybe with theming or art ?01:32
luluganetayes we might (we = manufacturaindependente.org)01:32
luluganetastill reading through a list thread rlameiro pointed me to01:32
ScottLwe just "hired" Dick MacInnis as art lead, we probably need to get you in touch with him01:32
luluganetabut yes, that would be a great area to work on01:32
ScottLluluganeta, we would appreciate any help in any areas :P01:33
luluganetasure, i guess i'll also need to install UbS tomorrow to see how much changed since i last used it01:33
luluganetabut among other things, we've been curious about trying our hand at theming gimp/inkscape/scribus icon and widget-wise01:33
luluganetaofc this does not exclude any other stuff that needs work, eg wallpapers or window themes01:34
luluganetai think now i'll lose some time poring over the website and screenshots01:34
ScottLthat would be awesome!01:34
ScottLoop, i need to go get the dogs, they like to get into the neighbor's yard, be back in a minute01:35
luluganetaha :)01:35
ScottLluluganeta, would you like me to send you an email that will introduce you to macinnis?01:48
luluganetawould love to! I think first thing would be to find out what needs help and where we can fit in01:48
luluganetaso that's a great first step :)01:49
ScottLi will send the email in just a minute then :)01:49
ScottLluluganeta, one of the things i mentioned to macinnis is that it would be lovely to have several wallpapers and theme's along with some new art for GDM01:50
ScottLhi Kokito , did you see the email on the -dev mailing list?01:50
Kokitohi ScottL 01:50
KokitoScottL: yes, I saw the message and replied to it01:51
ScottLKokito, groovy, i'll check my email in a bit :)01:52
Kokitocool ScottL :)01:52
luluganetaScottL: that sounds very doable :)01:58
ScottLluluganeta, i guess you already got the email then :)01:59
luluganetawe could use some hand-holding through the process, but let's email on that01:59
luluganetai'll check01:59
ScottLi'm really hoping that macinnis will take the lead but i don't know how well he works with other on art at this point01:59
ScottLnot to imply that he doesn't play well with others ;)02:00
ScottLhe was designated less than two weeks ago as art lead, so we are still feeling it all out :P02:00
KokitoScottL: the community sites referenced in my email are currently down due to hw problems on the server. they should be back up soon though02:00
luluganetano worries, i'll write more tomorrow morning then!02:00
luluganetait's bedtime for me now, ta02:00
ScottLgoodnight luluganeta 02:01
ScottLKokito, hmmm, they were up during my lunch hour :/02:01
ScottLoh, you meant the wiki i bet02:02
ScottLi checked this one and it was still up:  http://mousike.dyndns.org/ubuntustudio/02:02
KokitoScottL: might be intermittent, as they have changed the RAID and are restoring backups now02:02
ScottLchecking the wiki now02:02
ScottLi've had some bad problems building up over several months where the wiki doesn't work very well sometimes02:02
ScottLhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TaskWebRevamp  this is working for me now02:03
ScottLkeep in mind Kokito , that much of what is on that page is what it took to get where we are and not exactly pertinent to what we are currently doing02:03
ScottLi was hoping david or stochastic would take more of a lead on this, but alas they haven't :(02:04
ScottLbut i realize that we all have constraints outside of our volunteer work :)02:04
ScottLbe back in a minute, small emergency with the kids02:04
KokitoScottL: once our server is back up, I will setup a D6 install and try to play with the theme that was shared on the list i Feb02:04
Kokitook :)02:10
ScottLKokito, back, that's a good idea :)02:34
ScottLultimately we may have some difficulty getting the files onto the server02:35
ScottLas i mentioned in the email, stochastic is the one who had a) access to the site, b) knowledge about drupal, and c) first hand knowledge about _our_ drupal site02:36
ScottLbut unfortunately he's been very busy for quite a while02:36
ScottLi should be able to get access to it, but it might be a situation that might take a few weeks to resolve going through channels :P02:36
ScottLbut that's the way it goes02:36
KokitoScottL: real life does get in the way02:36
KokitoI am pretty familiar with Drupal, so hopefully I can help02:37
ScottLi hope so too :)02:37
KokitoI have checked the existing website, and I don't really see anything out of the ordinary02:37
ScottLthis is something that i've wanted to make progress for a long time and we have made progress, but it isn't nearly as much as i had hoped by this time02:37
Kokitoso it should be very easy to admin (unless I am missing something), which I doubt02:37
KokitoI have unlimited hosting space/bandwidth on an "el cheap" service provider, which for testing purposes should be more than adquate02:39
* Kokito is writing from a ChromeOS notebook and cannot get used to the keyboard...02:40
scott-workpaultag: any chance of getting the updated -controls built soon ?15:47
paultagscott-work: is the code patched up?16:22
scott-workpaultag: which code do you mean?  from git where you and ailo have been working?18:32
scott-workpaultag: oh, you have a branch for -controls...i see that now :)18:36
scott-worksorry, i can be slow sometimes18:39
scott-worki thought you and ailo were working strictly off his git repo18:39
scott-work 18:39
scott-workoh wait, that isn't the latest code...but i remembered that you were building it in ppa but if FTBFS18:42
ailopaultag, You mean patched for building?20:05
ailopaultag, I've been meaning to learn about packaging and how to package python apps, but I don't expect I'll know enough to solve any packaging problems until next release. 20:09
ailoscott-work, I suspect it is too late to get -controls in at this stage?20:10
ailoAt this point, I don't see much point in packaging the -controls, if it is not to be included into Natty. It is possible to try it using the source, if someone wants to do that. Otherwise, I'd rather focus on the next release, and a new version of the app.20:12
ailoI meant to say, if someone wants to try running the -controls app, it's possible to use just the source. Some files need to be placed in certain directories top run the app.20:14
scott-workailo:  i believe that it is NOT too late to get an update version of -controls into natty...i may be wrong or others might simply disagree20:45
scott-workailo: BUT, in order for it to be even considered we need to have -controls working, i do not know if it does or not at this point20:46
scott-workailo: without some feedback to affirm that it is either working or will be very, very soon then i will talk to TheMuso about pulling it from seeds in short order20:46
ailopaultag, What do you think?22:19
ailopaultag, Would you be up to package it? I would love to, but I just don22:21
ailodon't know how to do it yet22:21

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