charlie-tcaslideshow is not up to date on the beta1 images00:04
ochosicharlie-tca: really? that's a pity00:21
ochosicharlie-tca: have you tested it from bzr yet?00:22
ochosiwell, i can recommend it ;)00:51
charlie-tcaI need to test what is there now.00:51
ochosisure thing00:55
mr_pouitdid you ping dylan about that?08:01
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Sysiwhere would i grab beta1-image for testing? i'll propably have time this week09:31
davmor2Sysi: from cdimages.ubuntu.com09:41
davmor2Sysi: go into the xubuntu folder then choose daily (alternate) or daily-live for iso type09:42
Sysiah, just that09:44
charlie-tcaGood morning14:14
charlie-tcaall images are being rebuilt for beta1 testing at this time. the image dated 2011-03-29 will not be valid for testing14:50
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charlie-tcaNew images are ready for beta1 testing.17:11
charlie-tcaupgrade from maverick to natty, started with 4 workspaces in maverick, get 1 workspace in natty20:39
charlie-tcaon hardware20:39
charlie-tcabug 74520720:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 745207 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Upgrade from 10.10 to Natty, there is only one workspace" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74520720:49
charlie-tcaboth 32bit and 64bit did the same thing20:49
Sysinot other errors?20:50
charlie-tcanone I saw20:50
micahgcharlie-tca: so, apparently, there are no armel images yet20:55
charlie-tcasomething about another 14 or so hours to build them?20:56
micahgcharlie-tca: I was told they won't be ready until next week20:56
charlie-tcaheh, even longer then. 20:56

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