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oSoMoNgood morning08:01
MacSlowgreetings everybody08:07
didrocksgood morning08:08
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dbarth_njpatel, nux developers: klattimer has a need for a signal to be sent on resume, to let him refresh the time indicator quickly11:41
dbarth_njpatel, nux developers: is there an interest in having that signal shared to also flush bad GL textures on resume11:42
dbarth_there is the issue in #67616611:45
dbarth_no mup here?11:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 676166 in unity (Ubuntu) "Screen corruption when resuming from suspend" [High,Triaged]11:45
njpatelklattimer, consolekit sends out a dbus message on resule11:49
klattimernjpatel: any pointers to where I can find an example use of it?11:49
klattimerpreferably in C11:49
njpatelsure, probably in my own code :)11:49
njpatellet me have a look11:49
njpatelklattimer, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~netbook-remix-team/netbook-remix-launcher/trunk/view/head:/netbook-launcher/nl-config.c#L50211:50
njpatelklattimer, that's in dbus-glib, but you can adapt for gdbus11:50
klattimerthanks njpatel11:56
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papagnois this the right chan to get support on unity?13:38
marcobiscaro2112I'm trying to work on https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/740232 and I want to know the right way to load the icons from metacity theme13:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 740232 in unity "Window control buttons in the panel don't respect metacity theme" [Medium,In progress]13:49
marcobiscaro2112at moment, they're loaded from a fixed path (but the name used - close, minimize and unmaximize - are not used by other themes)13:49
marcobiscaro2112any suggestions?13:50
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kamstrupAnyone here that can help me with some chinese?14:26
lamalexcdbs, good morning14:49
lamalexom26er, good morning to you too14:49
om26erlamalex, hello :)14:49
om26ergood morning lamalex14:50
om26erlamalex, I have been looking into compiz bugs..14:51
om26erwhat to do with crashers which have quite good retraced stacktrace but have no duplicates14:52
lamalexmark them confirmed, make sure the right project has a task assigned to it14:52
lamalexom26er, if it's part of unity i usually assign whoever the relevant component maintainer is and then let them delegate it to someone else14:53
lamalexso like clearly bamf or launcher bugs i assign to DBO, nux bugs to jaytaoko14:53
cdbsoops, I missed lamalex here, wanted to tell him one important thing15:09
cdbslamalex: good morning15:21
jcastrokamstrup: where on here would I find the libunity emblem stuff?15:32
kamstrupjcastro: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-11.04/GIR/python/Unity-3.0.html#Unity.LauncherEntry ?15:40
jcastrokamstrup: ugh, blind, thanks15:40
jcastrokamstrup: how complete would you say your Lenses page is, any other changes? I'd like to start putting referring to it on unity.ubuntu.com and other more official places15:46
jcastrokamstrup: also, does Neil's original presentation make sense anymore (It's linked from the site)15:46
kamstrupjcastro: well, 50% :-) at places it's embarrassingly simple it's just a matter of finding the time to work on lp:giraffe15:47
jcastrokamstrup: I was thinking of just not linking it, and instead just having a fluffy intro, and then just the docs.15:48
jcastroI mean, they don't look so rocket scientisty to me15:48
kamstrupjcastro: I think it's in the state where it has just become "useful"15:48
kamstrupbut lacks sooo much polish and detail15:48
jcastrokamstrup: ok, so what's your timeline for polish and detail? As long as unity.u.c is done before release I can wait or whatever15:48
kamstrupjcastro: docs of neil's are you talking about exactly?15:48
jcastrothat presentation that's linked on the Lens wiki page15:49
jcastrofrom about 9 months ago I think?15:49
kamstrupjcastro: i hope to find a little time for it once well past beta, but you can punk dbarth_ to realloc my time, i don't mind working on it, on the contrary in fact :-)15:49
jcastrolet's shoot for RC ish, but before your sprint?15:50
jcastrodbarth_: what do you think?15:50
jcastrokamstrup: ok go fix bugs, I'll bother dbarth_ instead, heh.15:50
kamstrupjcastro: if you find features missing from the docs you can file bugs aginst lp:giraffe15:52
dbarth_jcastro: the previous uds pres is still fine16:05
dbarth_jcastro: it's a general overview, that's useful material16:05
dbarth_people looking for the latest and greatest can then refer to the API docs16:06
dbarth_as for getting more of the APIs documented, i guess there are 2 problems to solve16:06
dbarth_improving giraffe and adding formated content16:07
dbarth_both of which may be nice bitesize bugs for contributors to help with maybe16:07
dbarth_so that mikkel can still spend some good time thinking about the apis and the roadmap for O16:07
dbarth_deadlines for uds are approaching fast16:07
jcastrodbarth_: right, my WI is just to make sure unity.ubuntu.com is pointing to the right Lenses docs on the wiki.16:10
jcastrodbarth_: so I just need to negotiate some time from you to give mikkel to finish them off, I was thinking around beta2?16:10
jcastrosince things will be more frozen at that point16:10
aruizdbarth_, did you get my mail?16:11
klattimernjpatel: could you take a look at my take on your suggested code here; https://code.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/resetdate/+merge/55482 Line 134 of indicator-datetime.c16:11
kamstrupjcastro, dbarth_: fortunately improvements don't require long and dedicated for me (or any other for that matter) there is an abundance of low hanging fruits to pick right now16:12
klattimerI think it should work exactly the same16:12
klattimerbut there seems to be no signal16:12
kamstrupjcastro, dbarth_: so as long as there just is some form of allocation for it improvements will happen. Returns vs investment are pretty good :-)16:13
njpatelklattimer, give me 15mins16:14
cdbslamalex: Can you please add me to the Unity bug supervisor team?16:17
cdbslamalex: I need to set importance and assign bug #745579 to njpatel as its concerning multi-monitor16:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 745579 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity launcher bar in middle of twin view dual screen" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74557916:18
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njpatelcdbs, is the issue there that the primary monitor isn't being detected?16:20
lamalexcdbs, sure thing16:20
cdbsnjpatel: no, it appears that at times the launcher/bfb comes on the left monitor16:20
cdbsnjpatel: err, I mean, right16:20
njpatelcdbs, so it's randomly coming on to the right monitor during us?16:21
cdbsnjpatel: if the newly-set monitor is on the left, then the launcher and bfb remains on the right one16:21
njpatelcdbs, right, so it's a primary monitor issue?16:21
cdbsnjpatel: hmm, yeah, but it doesn't seem to follow the primary monitor setting16:21
njpatelcdbs, right, that's a nvidia graphics driver issue16:21
njpatelcdbs, it's known, I was gogin to add an override to ccsm to basically work around it16:22
njpateli.e. you can force a monitor16:22
cdbsnjpatel: okay, assigning it to you16:22
cdbseven Cimi reported it16:22
njpatelwhat nvidia-settings tells you and what nvidia driver tells you is completely different16:23
njpatelsmspillaz know's all about it16:23
cdbslamalex: I am ~bilalakhtar16:23
njpatelklattimer, it seems to be fine...not sure why it isn't working, can you monitor dbus-monitor on system bus to see if it's being signalled at all on resume?16:25
njpatelmaybe the name or something has changed?16:25
smspillaznjpatel: what... nvidia... ?16:25
smspillazoh that thing16:25
klattimernjpatel: I'm gonna run dbus-monitor through a few times and see16:26
klattimernjpatel: hang on, I think it just worked, gonna suspend the machine for a couple of minutes16:27
klattimermaybe it just missed it that one time16:27
njpatelalrighty, fingers crossed :)16:28
lamalexcdbs, give me another minute or two16:30
cdbslamalex: np16:30
lamalexcdbs, the permissions are set up incorrectly on the unity-bugs team16:39
lamalexim trying to find oubiwann so he can fix them16:39
lamalexsorry about the wait16:39
cdbslamalex: in the meantime16:39
cdbslamalex: just a sec16:40
cdbslamalex: bug #745579 Sync the upstream bug status/importance/assignee from downstream16:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 745579 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity launcher bar in middle of twin view dual screen" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74557916:41
cdbsI can't do anything on the upstream task other than set it to Confirmed16:41
lamalexcdbs, sync with the source package task?16:42
cdbslamalex: yes16:42
cdbslamalex: and assignee too16:43
lamalexaye aye, mon capitaine16:43
lamalexfreaking gendered nouns16:43
lamalexget me every time16:43
lamalexno i was right16:43
lamalexit's mon16:43
lamalexsorry- been trying to practice my french more16:44
lamalexwhy did you assign this to neil?16:44
cdbslamalex: see the discussion above16:44
lamalexah, ok16:45
lamalexi was out getting coffee for a bit16:45
lamalexerm i need to log out and back in, my system is freaking out16:49
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lamalexcdbs, added to unity-bugs team16:59
lamalexlet me know if that solves the issue16:59
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lamalexom26er, cdbs, did you guys get the email i sent out last evening?17:30
om26erlamalex, yes the compiz one ?17:31
om26erlamalex, the list is going down ;)17:32
lamalexyeah i just checked, nice work17:32
lamalexim going to get on the unity queue17:33
lamalexyou guys are doing good work on the comiz side17:33
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bjfthis must have been asked a million times but google has failed me so far, is there an example of sending an osd message from a cron job ? the cron job would run a python script18:45
jimmy-wahlHi, sorry to ask beginner questions, can someone point me in the direction where to a wiki/webpage on steps to push my branch properly?18:53
dbarth_kenvandine: for info, there is a new release of https://launchpad.net/ayatana-scrollbar/trunk/0.1.5 for your consideration18:54
kenvandinedbarth_, yeah, got it18:59
kenvandinewill get to it after lunch18:59
ftasmspillaz, here?19:06
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nhainesdbarth_: I just installed ayatana-scrollbar but I can't seem to get gnome-terminal to use it.  It seems to work in gedit.19:28
dbarth_nhaines: g-terminal doesn't use gtk_scrolled_window19:39
dbarth_nhaines: it manages its sb specifically, so we can't support that case in this release19:39
dbarth_next release, we shouls be able to replace individual scrollbars, but that may take some more patching because of the way apps and thumbs have to interact with each other19:40
nhainesdbarth_: aww, that's the only app I wanted it for.  :)19:40
dbarth_nhaines: if you look into the lib maybe you can try building a version of g-terminal that directly creates ayatana-scrollbars instead of regular gtk_scrollbar objects19:42
dbarth_they should be rather plug and play replacements19:42
dbarth_but then, there might be dragons living under the surface19:42
nhainesdbarth_: well, I'm more of a Python programmer, and more of a tinkerer at that... so... I'll keep that under advisement.  ;)19:42
dbarth_that's why we choose the gtk_scrolled_window way, as a safe way to provide the feature19:42
dbarth_ok nw19:43
nhainesdbarth_: will the new scrollbars land in natty or oneiric?  I can't seem to find a roadmap.19:43
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cdbslamalex: back20:20
cdbslamalex: Yes I got the mail. I worked on Unity bugs today, and the list'll begin to plummet tomorrow20:21
cdbslamalex: I mean the compiz NEW list20:21
coz_hey all20:52
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ionTesting the unity-daily and the new fglrx: unity_support_test crashes with the following output. The XIO error actually comes after the output, they’re just mixed in the log due to stdout and stderr getting flushed in different ways. http://paste.ubuntu.com/587529/21:26
kenvandinekamstrup, can you help me figure out why launch my gwibber lens it doesn't clear all the other groups21:32
kamstrupkenvandine: branch?21:33
kenvandines/why launch/why when i launch my lense with a section/21:33
* kenvandine pushes21:33
ionShould i report that on Launchpad or not (since i’m trying out the daily build)?21:34
kamstrupkenvandine: do you have a branch link? :-)21:34
kenvandine lp:~ken-vandine/+junk/unity-place-gwibber/21:35
kenvandinekamstrup, ^^21:35
kenvandinekamstrup, if i choose the "Replies" quicklist for it, it opens with the last view and doesn't change21:36
kenvandinebut the section in the drop down does reflect the section in the quicklist21:36
kamstrupkenvandine: ok, lemme have a look21:36
kenvandineif i do a search it refreshes with the right data21:37
kamstrupkenvandine: you're not doing anything in the _on_section_change() callback..?21:39
kenvandinecouldn't figure out what i should do there :)21:40
kenvandinei set self.active_section21:40
kenvandineshould it call _update_results_model?21:40
* kenvandine was toying with that, but which model will i pass it?21:41
kenvandineapparently the askubuntu lens has the same problem21:41
kenvandinekamstrup, the thing that confuses me here is the difference between Sections and Groups21:47
kenvandinethe Section seems to be right, the drop down for narrowing the result21:47
kenvandinebut it is displaying all the groups21:48
kamstrupkenvandine: so the sections are the ones you see in the quicklist and the dropdown from the search entry21:51
kamstrupthe groups partition the visible result set21:52
kenvandineright... so if i select a section it should filter out groups right?21:52
kenvandinewell, filter out data which would make those groups hide21:53
kenvandineif i make _on_section_change call _update_results_model with self._entry.props.entry_renderer_info.props.results_model as the model arg21:54
kenvandineit doesn't do anything21:54
kenvandinewell... the function is called21:54
kenvandinebut the view doesn't change21:55
kamstrupthat sounds odd21:55
kenvandinecould this just be flakiness from running the daemon myself without restarting unity?21:56
kamstrupkenvandine: nah, shouldn't be an issue21:58
kamstrupkenvandine: I do that all the time with the apps and files daemons21:58
kenvandineoh crap...21:58
kenvandinei got it21:58
kenvandinewell, a hack21:59
kenvandineself._update_results_model (" ", results)21:59
kenvandinein _on_section_change21:59
kenvandineinstead of changing a bunch of functions to deal with search being None21:59
kenvandinei passed in ""21:59
kenvandinewhich i guess doesn't match anything :)21:59
kenvandine " "21:59
kenvandineis much better21:59
kenvandinenm me then... now that i know that works... i'll go make my searches deal search=None22:01
Davidc_3Unity static void IconLoader::LoadContentsReady(GObject*, GAsyncResult*, IconLoader::IconLoaderTask*): Unable to load contents of [some url] DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Mountpoint Already registered22:03
vishsladen: hi, so.. humanity update is going in after cyphermox fixes the ubuntu-mono icon-cache bug?22:03
Davidc_3This error is ruining my day. :(22:03
cyphermoxvish, can you tell me more about your humanity update, does it have some dependencies on me fixing ubuntu-mono?22:04
vishcyphermox: nope, no dependencies.. just that initially sladen included the ubuntu-mono icons in humanity, so just a revert of that update22:05
cyphermoxah ok22:05
cyphermoxvish, I found the issue, just waiting for someone to sponsor the fix.22:06
vishso they would need to be in ubuntu-mono before we revert humanity, so that no one notices it ;p22:06
vishsladen: shouldnt this bug be moved to ubuntu-mono Bug #745555 ?22:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 745555 in unity "Launcher - The Workspace, File Lens, App Lens and Trash Launcher icons need to be rendered correctly" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74555522:10
vish we do already have a couple of other bugs for that same 'issue' as well o.022:10
kamstrupkenvandine: awesome, rock on dude :-)22:11
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