mgariepygood morning everyone13:05
highvoltageEdubuntu meeting in around 10 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting19:49
vmlintuhighvoltage: are you around?21:07
highvoltagevmlintu: I am indeed21:33
vmlintugreat.. I just read the logs from the debian-edu meeting and realised that uds is coming soon21:36
vmlintuI started thinking if I should finally attend and try to actually get involved in something21:37
highvoltagethat would be great21:38
vmlintuare there any plans for the next cycle yet? ideas? dreams?21:39
highvoltagethey're being formed, there are some things I'd certainly like to see improve21:40
highvoltageltsp live still needs some work21:40
highvoltageif I could even just get the race with network manager fixed that would already be a win21:41
vmlintuI've been just stuck with puavo development so I have no idea what is coming with natty21:41
highvoltagenatty turned out to be quite good (I didn't really expect that, it was quite a bumpy ride with early alphas)21:42
vmlintudo you know yet who are attending uds?21:44
highvoltagenot exactly. I expect to be there. stgraber too21:46
alkisghighvoltage: race with the network manager? meaning?21:46
vmlintuthere's also linuxtag in berlin during the same week21:46
alkisgFor 2 nic systems, you can set eth1 to "manual" in /etc/network/interfaces, then network-manager won't touch it21:46
highvoltagealkisg: if you start ltsp-live before network manager has settled down, then network manager resets the IP as set by LTSP live21:47
alkisghighvoltage: on 1 nic systems or 2?21:47
highvoltagealkisg: either21:47
alkisghighvoltage: need any help? I've looked into that21:47
alkisgEither from /etc/network/interfaces, with manual, or in /etc/networkmanager/system-connections, define a connection you want21:48
highvoltagealkisg: I know what needs to be done, we can basically ask network manager what its status is. I just haven't had time to do it this scycle21:48
alkisgOK. Instead of asking, you can tell network manager to set a connection as you want it21:49
alkisgAnd since it uses inotify, you can just drop a file there21:49
alkisgAnd it'll instantly be used21:49
alkisgFor single nic systems I'd propose proxydhcp21:49
highvoltagealkisg: yeah, I remember we discussed that before, but I just haven't had time for that. I'd like to give the  option to either proxydhcp, or start dhcpd on an alias21:51
alkisgNo need for aliases21:51
alkisgNetwork manager supports multiple ips21:51
highvoltagemultiple ips without aliases? how does that work?21:52
alkisgThe aliases along with ifconfig are the old framework21:52
alkisgThe new one that corresponds to `ip` can handle multiple IPs on each interface without aliases21:52
alkisgDon't know the theory there, just the tools21:53
highvoltageok, that's interesting.21:53
vmlintudo you have any links for examples?21:53
alkisgSupported since linux 2.6 i think21:53
alkisgNetwork manager has a GUI for it21:53
alkisgJust add another IP21:53
alkisgThen, ifconfig won't show that ip21:53
alkisgBut ip addr show will show it21:53
alkisg(ifconfig doesn't speak the new framework)21:53
vmlintuis there some command line tool that supports it?21:54
alkisgIt supports both adding and displaying IPs21:55
vmlintuI guess it's time to learn new things..21:55
alkisgE.g. in 2 days I'll do a demo in a lab with public IPs and without a dhcp server. My laptop will have 2 IPs there, one public one and an one, where it will act as a dhcp server with dnsmasq.21:56
alkisghighvoltage: so you can drop  2-3 different connections in /etc/networkmanager/system-connections21:56
alkisg1) auto eth0 - proxydhcp21:57
alkisg2) static eth0 - normal dhcp21:57
alkisg3) static eth0 based on the current subnet (queried with ipconfig -n) + second IP on + dhcp there21:57
alkisgAnd let the user select one of them with just 2 clicks on the network manager applet21:58
alkisg(and it'll probably be easier if "auto eth0/auto eth1" is used first, and wait to see if there's a dhcp server around on each nic or not)22:01
alkisg'night all22:01
highvoltageoops, missed alkis22:35
wolfik i teach in gymnasium and i have 18 computers i try use oneconf but it don't work in ubuntu 10.10 if this work just in 11.04?22:48

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