ScottKKmail seems much faster.  Maybe that's related to Akonadi failing to start.00:01
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RiddellScottK: did you get akonadi errors?00:03
ScottKI did.00:04
ScottKI filed a bug about it too.00:04
ScottKUsual failed to start stuff, but it claimed another process was already running, so maybe it started twice.00:04
Riddellwe could probably do with more people who test kontact00:09
ScottKMaybe I'll switch to Kontact when the new laptop comes.  It's got a little bigger screen.00:15
ScottKshadeslayer's is still bigger though and I'm completely comfortable with admitting that.00:15
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rbelemping Riddell 08:19
valoriehi rbelem08:21
valoriehow is life as a daddy?08:21
rbelemhi valorie :-)08:21
rbelemvalorie, it is going fine :-)08:21
valorieI'm glad to hear that08:21
rbelemvalorie, he is groing so fast...08:21
valorienew babies are so fun, but also exhausting08:21
valoriethey do that08:22
rbelemthat's true, i've been sleeping much less since he born08:22
valorieyou won't miss it later -- it is so worth it08:23
valorieI do remember how tired i was, though08:23
rbelembut my wife is much more exhausted than me08:23
valoriethat's why you young people are the ones having the babies08:23
Tm_Tvalorie: young?!08:24
* Tm_T hides08:24
valorieI'm too old for babies08:24
rbelemhe just wake up08:24
valorieholding them is great, then I hand them back to the parents08:24
rbelemand it is 3:24 am here08:25
Tm_TI remember when I was young, although I don't remember much of it, anyway, a one day...08:25
rbelemthat's what my mon says08:25
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Tm_Trbelem: staying up all night is more fun than sleeping, every baby knows that08:26
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rbelemhahahah :-D08:26
rbelemi hope soon he enjoys a good night of sleep08:27
valorieright, and you too08:27
valorienow I get wakened by my old dog08:27
valoriebut at least he goes back to sleep after going out to pee08:28
rbelemyou have a good dog08:28
valorieyep, good old guy08:29
valorie16 years old08:29
valorieit's worth it to keep him happy while we can08:29
valoriemakes it hard to leave for the UDS, the Amarok Sprint, and Desktop Summit, though08:30
valorieI hope it all works out08:30
valorieare you coming to UDS, rbelem?08:30
rbelemi'm not sure08:31
rbelemi did not receive the sponsorship confirmation08:31
valorieit just closed yesterday08:32
valoriethey make everyone wait sooooo long!08:32
valoriedrives me nuts08:32
rbelemhahaha :-D08:32
rbelemuds is a really nice event08:33
valorieI loved meeting everyone08:33
valoriewhat an excellent team to be part of08:33
rbelemthat's the best part, i think08:33
rbelemit is nice make friends and some become good friends08:35
valorieI think Canonical is spending their money in good ways08:39
rbelemme too08:40
rbelemcanonical is a great company08:40
rbelemi hope canonical soon become one of the giants of the tecnology08:42
* rbelem goes to bed08:45
valoriesweet dreams, rbelem08:47
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Lots to do https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | beta 1 bugs http://goo.gl/23eui | Meeting Wednesday 30th 17:00UTC | Go go beta 1 testing! http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/
RiddellGo go beta 1 testing! http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/10:22
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dokoRiddell, or somebody else, please could you look at the kaffeine and kubuntu-docs build failures?13:28
Riddelldoko: it's on my todo for after beta13:35
Riddellbut maybe others here will look before13:35
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ScottKRiddell: I think we're looking good (except on powerpc, but that's not just us) for beta.  The only true RC bug I've seen (the kdm restart on upgrade bug) is fixed.14:13
RiddellScottK: I'm inclined to agree although bug 745611 was nasty to come across14:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 745611 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "Fails to install on Kubuntu amd64" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74561114:21
Riddellsince it's an ugly error message during install if you tick the non-free box14:22
ScottKThat should be fixed with the latest ia32-libs upload I believe.14:22
ScottKI see it's now "digiKam Software Collection".14:23
ScottKMighty fancy.14:24
Riddellpicking up the least liked part of KDE branding :)14:24
ScottKI suspect it's related to their decision to embed kdegraphics code copies.14:26
bambeedoko: I tried to build kaffeine with pbuilder and it builds just fine here14:27
ScottKbambee: On amd64?14:28
bambeeits builds with debuild, pbuilder and via the tradiotional way (cmake & make)14:29
dokobambee: thanks for checking :-/14:31
bambeeapparently the build is parallel...14:33
ScottKYou can pass -j options to pbuilder.14:34
bambeeI just used one job with pbuilder14:38
* bambee tries again14:38
ScottKYou might try it again with -j > 1.14:41
seiflotfy__schmidtm, i will be at Randa 201114:44
seiflotfy__ScottK, will you be there14:44
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ScottKseiflotfy__: No.  Not planning on it.14:45
bambeeScottK: even with parallel jobs it builds correctly for me15:08
ScottKOK.  We so much for that theory.  Thanks for checking.15:08
shadeslayerScottK: oh btw, Nepomuk will be mandatory in the near future for KDE15:08
ScottKshadeslayer: It is already for some functions.  I just don't use them.15:09
ScottKIf KDE really wants to go for small devices Nepomuk needs some serious redesign for performance.15:09
QuintasanNepomuk on devices?15:11
QuintasanI think my Milestone would break the World's Shortest Battery Live contest with it15:12
ScottKNo kidding.15:13
QuintasanMeeting's today?15:14
Riddellyes < 2 hours time15:15
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steveire17:00 UTC is in 1.5 hours, right?16:33
steveireAh, 16:33
steveireAlready answered. :)16:33
* steveire gotta run16:33
rgreeninganyone else with broken flash on amd64? I think 32bit is working (at least on Ubuntu 11.04) but 64 bit is not on my Kubuntu (11.04)16:53
macorgreening: its known broken16:53
macoi saw someone on facebook saying "uh oh, its gonna take me all night to fix broken 64bit flash on natty"16:54
rgreeningokies. well I guess I shouldnt have blasted youtube for crummy linux support/error detection :)16:54
Riddellsteveire: it's in an hour, date -u (my mistake earlier, I'm used to living in GMT)16:54
macoRiddell: having trouble with BST?16:55
Riddellmaco: off by one errors!16:55
rgreeningI'll be at the meeting (hopefully). doubly booked but should be able to multi-task :)16:55
shadeslayerany ideas which package would give me GSTREAMER_INTERFACES_LIBRARY16:55
* rgreening wonders how Riddel made out with usb-creator RPM land16:56
rgreening^ Riddell16:56
* rgreening kant spel ne more16:56
ScottKrgreening and maco: the latest ia32-libs upload (today) should have fixed flash.16:56
Riddellrgreening: is works except for syslinux, I think the version in suse it too old16:57
* rgreening cant wait to get rid of the ia32libs with multiarch16:57
shadeslayerScottK: was that the reason rekonq didn't show videos ?16:57
rgreeningRiddell: yeah. likely. you probably need to use the older usb-creator16:58
rgreeningor remove the patch for the newer syslinux changes16:58
JontheEchidnameeting in 2?16:58
shadeslayerheh .. people are going crazy over here16:58
RiddellJontheEchidna: 1 hour16:58
JontheEchidnaoops, forgot to factor for the daylight savings change...16:59
ScottKshadeslayer: No idea.  I clicked on the link and no video played.  I switched to an actual web browser and it worked.16:59
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shadeslayerScottK: chrome ships with it's own flashplugin iirc17:00
JontheEchidnaI'll be in class in an hour, so I won't be able to make it.17:00
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: nope, chrome relies on the same flash plugin everyone else uses17:00
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: don't think so ...17:01
shadeslayerlast i checked they shipped their own flash17:01
ScottKshadeslayer: At does.  I tried videos before I installed flash on chromium and they didn't work.17:01
rgreeninggoogle chrome uses built in, free chromium on Linux uses system flash17:01
rgreeningit's built disabled or removed in chromium AFAIK17:02
shadeslayeroh ... 17:02
JontheEchidnait was whining at me for my flash being out of date last week17:02
JontheEchidnagood I guess since it was a release that fixed security vulnerabilities17:03
shadeslayerbah .. broken archive17:03
valoriemeeting here, or #ubuntu-meeting?17:05
Riddellvalorie: in #ubuntu-meeting in an hour17:07
Riddellalthough we could just have it now if we're all expecting it now17:08
RiddellScottK: were you able to connect to the network after upgrade?17:08
ScottKRiddell: Yes.17:08
valoriedamn, it is 17:00 UT now, isn't it?17:09
ScottKI had to log into a VT and finish the upgrade by hand though.17:09
ScottKI think we should stick with the advertised time.17:09
Riddellvalorie: 16:09:45 UTC now17:09
valorieoh, fail17:10
JontheEchidnavalorie: I made the same mistake :P17:20
Riddell** kubuntu meeting in 3 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting17:58
Riddell** kubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting now18:01
Riddellrgreening: poke18:01
ScottKRiddell: It would be really good to have a pim person at UDS ...18:08
steveire_ScottK: The nepomuk issue - It is much faster with the latest soprano etc.18:26
ScottKI keep hearing that.  We'll see.18:26
Riddellahem, votes...18:27
ScottKThe biggest problem is it bogs down the system by demanding lots of resources all at once.18:27
shadeslayersteveire_: there's a new virtuoso as well18:32
bambeehave I to do a feature freeze exception request for qzeitgeist ? (I mean, we want get it into archives.. right ?) 18:32
steveire_ScottK: Yeah, there was some broken idle detection, but that seems to work now.18:34
steveire_We'll test it out and see. :)18:34
ScottKGood to hear.18:34
ScottKbambee: You do.18:35
ScottK(if you want it in)18:35
bambeeScottK: it's required by phonon 4.5.0... I suppose we want phonon it in... so...18:36
ScottKI don't know if we've decided that.18:36
bambeethat's why I am asking :)18:36
neversfeldeRiddell: I read the backlog and I am +1 for steveire becoming a member19:05
apacheloggerdidn't we write down rules for voting quorum and stuff19:07
valorieI think Riddell will sum up and take it to the list19:11
* tazz needs the meeting logs.19:11
ScottKWe did19:12
yofeltazz: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/03/30/%23ubuntu-meeting.html#t17:5819:17
tazzah ok /me was looking in the wrong place https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs19:19
nigelbapachelogger: ping19:26
nigelbRiddell_: erm, any news of those postcards?19:27
apacheloggerScottK: not very precise is it now ^^19:30
apacheloggernigelb: pong19:30
nigelbapachelogger: are you working on any app currently?19:30
apacheloggerdefine app19:30
nigelbapachelogger: I'm looking for someone for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/LightningTalks19:30
apacheloggeroh noes19:31
nigelb5 to 6 minutes about an app you're working on.19:31
* apachelogger is library developer :P19:31
nigelbshow off one of the libraries then ;)19:31
apacheloggerI have a talk about it already :P19:31
nigelboh, ok.19:32
apacheloggernigelb: shadeslayer that lazy frog did not sign up for a talk....19:32
nigelbI poked him already :P19:32
apacheloggergoogle frog19:32
apacheloggerand where is me bot19:32
nigelbapachelogger: any one else you could possibly suggest with app projects?19:33
apacheloggernigelb: sure, muesli19:33
nigelbmuesli: ping :)19:34
ScottKapachelogger: That's all we've got.19:43
ScottKapachelogger: Please fill out https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuCouncil and make something better.19:43
debfxwe also don't have voting rules for kubuntu-dev membership19:44
ScottKThat we have.19:45
ScottKdebfx: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuDevelopers "majority of those present and at least 3".19:46
debfxScottK: ah right, but that doesn't cover voting on the mailing list19:48
* nigelb hugs apachelogger 19:57
nigelbIt worked out :)19:57
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sheytan__Riddell Riddell_ ping20:44
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* sheytan is in need of natty logo20:44
sheytanapachelogger ^^ can you help?  :D20:44
apacheloggerwhat is a natty logo?20:45
sheytanapachelogger the narwhal one :D20:46
* apachelogger still does not compute20:46
yofelwe haz release logos o.O?20:46
sheytanapachelogger ubuntu makes always images for branding20:47
sheytanin this case a narwhal20:47
sheytani need a source of that20:47
sheytansvg :D20:47
apacheloggersheytan: drop a mail to the canonical design team I gues20:49
sheytanit was  always on the wiki, but i can't find it ;/20:50
sheytani hate wikis, really20:51
* yofel just hates our version of moinmoin20:52
* apachelogger hates pyth0rn20:52
* yofel likes python, for scripts < 1000 lines20:53
* yofel will kill the person that decides to invent another VCS written in pyth0rn...20:54
shadeslayerhahah 20:56
apacheloggeruh, that sounds like fun?21:01
apacheloggerwhere can I get it?21:01
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jussishadeslayer: your diaspora is weird. you are the only one with a @joindiaspora for your name, everyone else just has their name:P21:38
shadeslayerjussi: i'm special21:38
tsimpsonspeshial is a super special form of special, so you *know* it's super special :)21:39
shadeslayerjussi: check now21:45
shadeslayerbug fix0red21:46
jussiawww, not speshial anymore21:46
shadeslayerjussi: thanks for reporting and making my profile better21:46
apacheloggerI once had a profile21:46
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