naomi__What program can I use thats like teamviewer? Where my friend (using windows) can connect to me and use my desktop?00:07
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peteteyou mean like vnc?00:13
naomi__is terminal server client the same as teamviewer? like i dont just want to screen share. i want him to be able to do things on my laptop.00:15
peteteyou can use ssh00:22
peteteor freeNX / NomachineNX00:22
peteteor krfb00:24
Torchnaomi__: as far as i know there's not such thing as teamviwer/netviewr for linux.00:29
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TechnicusHello . . . I'm having trouble with color scheme settings: I migrated from Debian Stable to Ubuntu 10.10, the /home directory was segrated from / on a different partition so I was able to port over my profile, there were only a few minor issues from doing this . . .02:05
Technicus. . . one particular problem is with the colorscheme on KDE applications; I primarily use a Gnome desktop with numerous KDE applications, I would like to set the color scheme back to default and go from there, but it seems as though there are setting from before or a misconfiguration somewhere that won't allow me to change the colors . . .02:05
TechnicusI have tried adjusting through both "Application Apperance" and "Workspace Apperance" configuration menus in the "System Settings" application, with limited success, I have also attempted deleting ~/.kde with no succcess . . .02:05
Technicus. . . new profiles created do not have this problem.  What else can I do to resolve this issue?02:05
FloodBotK2Technicus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:05
TechnicusI am not trying to spam, just looking for assistance.02:07
liekzomgis nepomuk suitable to use for a NAS? bunch of computers with kde and win connecting and adding tags, all i really care about is the tagging02:09
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you_i need some help with the su command05:01
kromiumI changed my .profile to define a new variable, but when I start Konsole again, I can't see that variable defined?05:19
Mase_wkkromium: does .profile get read ?05:22
kromiumMase_wk: I am not sure, if it gets read in Konsole though. When I run the .profile it gets added05:23
Mase_wkright but that doesn't help you if it never gets read05:23
Mase_wkecho something and open a new term / konsole and see if it prints it05:23
Mase_wkif not then you need to look at the global bash settings ( assuming your using bash ) and see under what circumstances it is read05:24
kromiumok thanks05:29
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noaXessgood morning06:19
noaXessis FF4 out in a ubuntu repo?06:19
kevin_je ne sais pas06:21
noaXessaha: http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/einsteigerhilfe-firefox-4-auf-ubuntu-10-10-ins/06:23
_sophiahey guys, i need to print off a pdf or w.e, so i have to set up a printer. should it just work when i plug it in or will i have to do something(s) special? =/06:27
noaXess_sophia: it belongs to the printer.. normally, plugin and work.. :) otherwise check http://www.openprinting.org/printers06:30
kevin__sophia: most well-known printers will work just fine06:31
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pratheephi every body i'm new's on ubuntu ..06:58
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pratheep  hi every body i'm new's on ubuntu ..  Who can talk with me?06:59
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Mase_wkpratheep_: if you have a question just ask07:03
pratheep_i guess not everybody in hear07:03
pratheep_now i' use gnome ubuntu07:04
Mase_wkpratheep_: for support with gnome your probably better off asking in #ubuntu07:04
pratheep_just moment07:04
pratheep_i ' don't know that chalnel07:05
Mase_wkwell now you do =)07:05
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howoriginalAUHi everyone :)09:19
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howoriginalAUwould you recommend kuntu to a noob?10:31
howoriginalAUlol sorry :S kubuntu*10:31
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asranielis there a way i can solve the bug where kmail fails to open kwallet on startup?10:50
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||arifaXI created a user samba and rsync my pictures to its home folder serving a folder pictures for all users via samba (guest access ro). after syncing only user samba can access the files. what to do to automatically allow all users after sync?11:56
susundberg||arifaX: Isn't that configured somewhere in sambe sharing settings12:12
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ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution12:13
||arifaXsusundberg: yes, there I allow guest access, thats ok. but since the target of my rsync is inside the home dir of user samba all gets owned by him and samba pointing to it does not automatically allow access12:13
||arifaXsusundberg: I think I found a solution. I can define the user samba as the guest user for samba so it has access12:18
susundbergyeah i mean file-level permissions are one thing and samba permissions other afaik12:18
susundbergi mean even if all of the files are owned by samba: -- you can still restrict access for 'samba-user-xxx' in samba configuration12:19
susundbergi am no means samba expert -- i haven't (luckily) needed that since 2003 ..12:19
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||arifaXsusundberg: thanks anyway - seems to work now with  guest account = samba12:23
Elephantmanhi :) I want to upgrade a maverick install to natty. I use 'update-manager -d', and after a long while waiting during the "evaluating changes" job, the upgrade is refused. What's the way around ?12:49
Peace-Elephantman: natty is not supported12:57
Elephantmanit says the cause could be "Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu" which is the case, but there surely is a way12:57
Peace-natty is alpha please do not upgrade to unstable version12:58
Peace-you could get a un-usable computer12:58
Elephantmanyes I know that and it's not for everyday use, just that I need to test something12:58
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.12:59
Elephantmanok thanks13:00
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roinux__somebody know about ubuntu in spanish (channel)?14:59
Koliaroinux__: #ubuntu-es ?15:00
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:00
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seiflotfy__hey guys15:02
seiflotfy__ whats aaron seigo's nick15:02
Koliaseiflotfy__: aseigo15:03
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[mors]hi gentes15:46
[mors]hi gents15:46
[mors]the notification popup is accumulating "don't show this again" buttons http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9681493/popup.png15:46
[mors]fixy fix ?15:47
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antonio_hi...I'm unable to use speedtest.net, because the site is asking for  a flash version 9 or superior. But I think I have version 10.xxx installed16:21
xguruI created a kubuntu 10.10 live usb stick with unetbootin.  When i reboot and boot from usb drive it says usb drive is not bootable16:22
xguruI checked in gparted on the drive and it has a "tick" on bootable16:22
xguruany ideaS?16:22
xguruMany times making boot disks and this is the first time i have had any troubles16:23
James147xguru: did you do a md5sum check on the iso?16:24
xguruJames147: yes16:24
xgurui don't have another comp at the moment to test on16:25
James147xguru: and you have tried reimaging the disk?16:25
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xguruyes i have deleted partitions.  Created a new one FAT3216:26
James147hmm, if your already have a *ubuntu install i suggest trying usb-creator ^^ i find that handles ubuntu discs better16:27
xguruyea, i guess i'll give that a try....i'm on bodhi right now16:27
xguruok....rebooting lets see what happend16:31
thevishyhow do I change the background ?16:45
thevishyI mean the basic configuration in Kub16:47
James147thevishy: drag an image to th e desktop ^^ or right clcik the desktop > desktop settings ...16:47
thevishyi am seeing search and launch is that the "desktop:16:48
James147ahh, your on the netbook version?16:49
thevishyI have installed install kubuntu-desktop16:49
James147thevishy: then i think you have to click the  cachew (its the circle thing in the corner... probally on the bottom)16:49
thevishyhow do I make it to kubuntu16:49
thevishydont want netbook thingy16:50
James147thevishy: kubuntu-desktop willintsall both the netbook and full version, and it will use by default the one it thinks is best for your computer16:50
thevishyhow do I make it go for the desktop now16:50
James147then system settings > workspace > change: workspace type16:51
thevishyI didnt like the netbook version for Gnome too . I think the regular one is better for both - my pref I mean16:51
himhay can any one hekp me i not being able to see any new softwares in kpackagekit16:51
James147him: have you updated the package list/?16:51
himbut during update some error message being displayed16:52
James147him: what error?16:52
littlegirlHey there, I've got Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and I'm curious what the little + in the upper left corner of icons on the Desktop is for.16:53
thevishythanks , how do I chose the theme now ?16:53
James147littlegirl: multi selection16:53
thevishySystem Settings - What ?16:53
littlegirlJames147:  Thanks! (:16:53
himjames: some ip connection timeout16:54
James147thevishy: ... > Workspace    or  ... > Workspace behaviour > workspace    depending on the verions :p16:54
James147him: you could try changing the mirror you use16:54
himJmaes: sorry i am not clear what to do. pls make me clear i too novice16:55
James147him: one sec :)16:55
thevishyright what would change the looks of my bottom panel16:56
James147thevishy: system settings > workspace appearence > desktop theme16:57
James147him: kpackagekit > settings > Edit Origins > change: "Download from..."16:58
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thevishymy windows dont show a minimize maximine exit buttons17:01
James147thevishy: when they are maixmised?17:02
thevishyyeah James14717:02
James147thevishy: you have changed the workspace type?17:03
thevishychat isnt showing but Dolphin is17:03
thevishymade it to desktop17:03
James147thevishy: try restarting kwin (kwin --replace) or loging out and back in17:03
|Floi am new here and just removed my tab bar panel (windows start panel equivalent). could anybody please give me a quick hint how i get it back?17:15
maco|Flo: should be able to right click on the desktop and add a widget. the widget is called panel17:16
James147|Flo: right click the desktop > add panel  ^^make sure widgets are unlocked first17:16
|Flokk, thanks17:16
James147maco: ^^ the panel isnt in add widgets17:16
James147is it?17:16
macohmm dunno. im on plasma netbook so i cant check17:16
James147maco: ahh, yeah, plasma netbook has a weird panel17:17
|Float least i do not find what i search, the reaon might be that i dunno how its called17:17
|Floah i got it, was hidden behind irc... stupid from me, sorry17:19
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JonathonRTCan anyone here help me before I smash my laptop <.<17:21
James147!ask | JonathonRT17:22
ubottuJonathonRT: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:22
JonathonRTI just recently installed the latest Kubuntu, And I'm like a total Linux newbie here, And I'm trying to install FIrefox and Flash17:23
JonathonRTI can't install either17:23
James147JonathonRT: how are you tring to install them?17:23
JonathonRTI've downloaded both of them, And now I'm lost17:23
James147JonathonRT: delete the down loads... open kpackagekit > search "firefox" > click install > search "kubuntu-restricted-extras" > click install > click apply17:24
naomi_I'm the same, Jonathon. Complete noob at this geeky stuff. >.>17:24
James147^^ that will downlaod both firefox and flash (with some other things like mp3 support)17:24
James147naomi_: ^^ its not the geeky... its just different from windows :) kpackagekit isnt hard to use, you just need to know about it :D17:25
JonathonRTkpackagekit is located....17:25
JonathonRTAlso glad to see I'm not the only knowledgeless one here =D17:26
James147JonathonRT: most things you install you should do though kpackagekit (or some other package manager, eg apt-get on the command line... though it dosnt matter which you use)17:26
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James147^^ it makes things easier as it downloads install and ocnfiguers them for you... as wll as keeps them upto date17:26
JonathonRTHow do I find kpackagekit?17:26
James147JonathonRT: you might also want to install firefox-kde-support to make it look nicer :)17:27
JonathonRTnvm, Found it, Also, Alright I will17:27
James147JonathonRT: it should be in the menu ^^ or you can alt+f2: type "kpackagekit" to have kubuntu search for it :)17:27
naomi_James my windows is 64bit. Does that mean my linux is too? whats the command for checking?17:27
genii-arounduname -m17:28
naomi_Oh, sweet.17:28
James147naomi_: it means your computer is capable of running 64bit, but all 64bit computerr can also run 32bit ^^ "uname -m" at a terminal will tell you which your running17:28
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James147x86_64 means 64bit, x86 is 32bit17:29
naomi_And I've just installed Teamviewer. Does it matter if I'm connecting to a person on windows?17:29
James147naomi_: it shouldnt ^^ most applications dont care what os other clients are useing17:30
naomi_Okie. Thanks. :)17:30
JonathonRTAlrighty, I found Firefox, Click Install, Nothing happens17:30
JonathonRTThe install button sinks in17:30
James147JonathonRT: that will have mark it for installation17:30
naomi_can't you just sudo apt-get firefox?17:30
James147^^ find the other packages i mentions and mark them for installtion then click apply17:31
JonathonRTOh ok, And no, I tried that Naomi, said it didn't have the package17:31
James147naomi_: its helpful to learn how to use kpackagekit as its easier to search17:31
naomi_I don't even know what kpackagekit is, lol. I'm not even on kubuntu. D:17:31
James147JonathonRT: hmm, it should have worked, you can try running "sudo apt-get update" to refresh the package list, then try "sudo apt-get install firefox" again ^^ or use kpackagekit17:32
James147naomi_: its a gui front end to packagemanagment17:32
JonathonRTI'm just usin kpackage, I got it goin now17:32
JonathonRTWhat are you on, Naomi?17:33
naomi_Ubuntu 10.04.17:33
James147JonathonRT: the reason why clicking install dosnt install the package is so you can mark many packages for installtion, then downlaod and install them all at once (when you click apply)17:33
James147naomi_: then kpackagekit is kubuntu equlivent to ubuntus software center17:34
JonathonRT@Naomi, Cool, I tried it once before, But I looked at Kubuntu and like the look and layout alot more. @James, Ok cool17:34
James147^^ but written in kde rather then gtk17:34
* James147 points out that most irc clients allow name completion when pressing the tab key ^^17:35
JonathonRTJames147: Oh hai17:35
JonathonRTI never knew that17:35
James147:) and most clients also highlight lines that contain your name ^^ makes it easier to see hows talking to you17:36
JonathonRTI noticed that one =D17:36
JonathonRTSo is this channel usually this quiet?17:37
James147JonathonRT: yeah17:37
himhay James thanks a lot17:37
himi just being able to get new software17:37
James147him: so changing the mirror worked i take it :)17:38
naomi_I switch between #ubuntu and here. Mainly here cause james explains things easy for me. >.>17:38
himJames: ya17:38
JonathonRTYe, he seems pretty cool17:38
himJames: but now i face a new problem17:38
James147him: ^^17:38
himJames: when i rt clicking on desktop nothing just appearing17:39
James147him: netbook or desktop version?17:39
JonathonRTIs Shoutcast compatable with Amarok?17:39
naomi_James the teamviewer thing won't work. I can control his desktop but when we switches to mine it's just a black screen. He can't see anything. Any idea why?17:40
himJames: i previously changed the desktop theme17:40
himJames: desktop17:40
James147naomi_: afraid i dont know ^^ never used teamviewer17:40
JonathonRTI've used TV =D17:41
JonathonRTI never had that problem before though17:41
naomi_Well I'm on linux and he's on windows. He also has 2 monitors. Idk why it's going black though.17:42
James147him: try clicking the cachew > desktop settings > mouse actions (http://userbase.kde.org/images.userbase/8/83/Plasma_howto-widget-desktop-add-45.gif  << the thing he clicks)17:42
naomi_Works fine when i use it on windows.17:42
JonathonRTMaybe there is some OS Confliction issues17:42
JonathonRTLinux is too cool for windoze to display =P17:42
JonathonRTI'm a little disappointed17:50
JonathonRTAll that trouble to get firefox, And it's like way slower than Konquerer17:50
JonathonRTerr, Rekonq in my case17:52
James147JonathonRT: :S you should try chromium as well :)17:54
JonathonRTThat the linux version of Google Chrome?17:55
James147!info chromium-browser17:55
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component main, is optional. Version 10.0.648.133~r77742-0ubuntu0.10.10.1 (maverick), package size 15062 kB, installed size 52420 kB17:55
James147JonathonRT: its the open version of google chrome17:55
James147(there is a linux version of google chrome as well17:55
Riddell** kubuntu meeting in 3 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting17:58
JonathonRTKubuntu meeting?17:58
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JonathonRTCan I open .pdf files already, or do I need to install something for that?18:00
sre-suJonathonRT: Okular opens it by default18:01
JonathonRTk cool18:01
sre-su!info okular18:01
ubottuokular (source: kdegraphics): document viewer for KDE 4. In component main, is extra. Version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 789 kB, installed size 3116 kB18:01
JonathonRTBack in awhile, Gotta grab some stuff off Windows =D18:05
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KaleidoscopeBack =D18:26
KaleidoscopeHello again, naomi18:27
KaleidoscopeNot used to having to single click stuff on here, I keep opening multiples18:28
naomi_Lol. Hey.18:29
BluesKajKaleidoscope, you can change to double click in system settings/input devices/mouse18:29
KaleidoscopeOh thanks, But it's cool, I like the single click18:30
KaleidoscopeJust gotta remember it18:30
KaleidoscopeJames147: I'm liking this Chromium, It's very nice =D18:32
James147Kaleidoscope: it is :)18:33
James147Kaleidoscope: and the single click is so much nicer when your use to it :018:34
KaleidoscopeI imagine so, I sorta like it already, Just forget about it, I've used windows for years18:34
James147Kaleidoscope: ^^ i now get anoyed by system that use the double click... its a while extra unnneded click :(18:36
Kaleidoscopelol, Soon I might be like that18:36
* BluesKaj changed W7 click option to single18:37
BluesKajbut no more dual boots as of today18:38
BluesKajI now have 2 linux only pcs...gonna let my friends live and die in windows ...tired of rescuing their OSs from their messes18:41
James147BluesKaj: :D yeah, its nice not having to worry about a windows install blowing up18:42
KaleidoscopeI'm dual booting, Because I'm prety new to linux, And I'll still use windows for most of my gaming/Guitar effects =P18:43
KaleidoscopeI seem to have left a T out of that sentence18:43
naomi_James what torrent clients can I use? For downloading films and stuff.18:43
naomi_I used Utorrent and isohunt on Windows. ¬_¬18:44
BluesKajJames147, it's something every week it seems...I'll monitor wifes W7 install, but that's it, at least til the next disaster :)18:44
James147naomi_: ktorrent is what kubuntu uses by default18:45
James147^^ and fairly similar to utorrent from what i remember18:45
Kaleidoscope@Naomi, Type torrent into your software manager, and it might find one to use18:45
naomi_But for ubuntu? Can I use that? >.>18:45
James147naomi_: you can use all kde applcations on ubuntu ^^18:45
James147though ubuntun probally has one already installed by defualt18:46
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naomi_Oh okie.18:46
James147naomi_: ask on #ubuntu for details18:46
naomi_Place is dead.18:46
naomi_Nvm. ¬_¬18:47
naomi_I had the bar scrolled to the top, looked like nobody was typing. >.>18:47
* James147 is suprosed #ubuntu is dead ^^18:47
James147naomi_: any perticular reason your not using kde?18:48
naomi_I use the ubuntu software centre.18:48
naomi_Idk what kde is.18:48
James147the desktop envrioment kubuntu uses (ubuntu ses the gome de18:49
naomi_Oh yeah, I use gnome.18:49
* James147 suggests installing "kubuntu-desktop" in ubuntu and trying kde (you should beablet o chose which one you loginto from the login manager if you do install it)18:49
naomi_Sounds like effort. :P18:50
naomi_Can i install Ktorrent in terminal yeah?18:50
naomi_Sudo apt-get it?18:50
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jonathonIs it possible to stop it from sleeping every time I close the haptop?18:52
genii-aroundjonathon: sudo chmod -x /etc/acpi/lid.sh18:54
James147jonathon: yes, in the power managemnt part of system settings18:54
genii-aroundOr that way :)18:54
jonathonI like the konsole way, I'm tryin to master using it18:55
jonathonthanks genii-around18:55
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anginsanhallo welt ??19:31
|Flois there any way to increase the refresh rate for my monitor? it definetely supports more than 60 Hz but the menu does not provide that option19:32
James147|Flo: are you having problems with the monitor?19:33
|Floi just don#t like the 60 Hz, 70 would be more comfortable. also windows supports that... should be possible i think19:33
James147|Flo: you con notice the difference?19:34
|Floafter 1-2 hours you notice19:34
James147|Flo: then you might need to delve into the xorg.conf19:34
|Float least with my screen19:35
genii-aroundIf your monitor is at 60 and you have fluorescent lights which also go at 60 you get almost like a strobe effect which causes headaches19:35
|Flomight be that19:36
|Floso i need to change my screen19:36
|Flobut how?19:36
|Flogoing back to windows should not be a solution for that19:37
genii-around|Flo: Can you pastebin the results of command: xrandr19:38
|Floi try, is there any trick with copy&paste? ctrl c is not working19:40
|FloScreen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1920 x 1200, maximum 4096 x 409619:40
|FloVGA-1 connected 1920x1200+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 518mm x 324mm19:40
|Flo   1920x1200      60.0*+19:40
|Flo   1600x1200      60.019:40
|Flo   1280x1024      75.0     60.019:40
FloodBotK2|Flo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:40
|Flo   1280x960       60.019:40
* genii-around reads19:41
genii-around|Flo: You can try the method described here: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-change-display-resolution-settings-using-xrandr.html      using for the cvt command:  cvt 1920 1200 75   and VGA-1 in the xrandr lines where they have there VGA1. To make permanent don't edit the gdm file but rather /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup19:52
|Flothank you very much, i will try19:52
|Flogenii-around: may i pm you?20:05
genii-around|Flo: Sure20:06
inj3ct0rim sorry this chanel is for supoting? can i ask my q?20:19
gomiboyinj3ct0r: sure20:20
inj3ct0ryou know i installed kubuntu 10.10 but when os came up all things were small20:21
inj3ct0rwhat i should do to fix it?20:21
gomiboysmall? like small icons, small text etc?20:22
inj3ct0rsmall window small icon small toolbar smal smal smal20:22
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gomiboyinj3ct0r: try this: Applications -> System -> krandrtray ... right click on the screen icon in your tray bar an lower your screen resolution20:26
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
inj3ct0rim a starter wich os do you prefer for me?20:30
inj3ct0rubuntu or kubuntu or opensuse?20:30
naomi_it's a personal choice.20:31
gomiboythat worked?20:31
inj3ct0rno i could not find it20:31
James147inj3ct0r: the great thing about linux distros is they are all free ^^ so you can try them all and see which you like the best...20:31
gomiboyinj3ct0r: it's called also "Screen Resize & Rotate"20:33
inj3ct0rbut all the linux re very similar to each other20:33
James147inj3ct0r: they all have their own goals and focus on different things20:34
inj3ct0r<gomiboy> i clicked it but nothng happend20:37
gomiboyinj3ct0r: right click on the icon in the tray bar now, lower your resolution20:38
naomi_Is it better to keep upgrading your linux? Like I have 10.04 now.. would I be better off getting 10.10?20:40
inj3ct0ri right clicked but there were just ADD TO CLIBOARD ADD TO PANEL ...20:40
James147naomi_: it depends on your goals ^^ 10.04 is a long term support release, it will obtain security updates for a few years yet ^^ it is designed for evroments the relay on stable software...20:42
James147naomi_: howver ^^ for more people its best to keep on the latest version20:42
James147as it has newer more uptodate software20:43
naomi_i don't understand how the upgrade system works. like in order for me to get the lastest version i thought i had to uninstall this and re-install a whole new system, losing everything?20:43
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James147naomi_: no, you can upgrade between versions20:44
inj3ct0ri rght clicked but there were just add to panel and and20:44
James147though a fresh install is often smoother20:44
naomi_Okay, bare with me while I type a long paragraph.20:44
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naomi_I want to run linux alongside windows. I tried partitioning the two, but I din't understand the whole partition thing or how to do it properly so I used Wubi. But now I want to do it properly, partition them both and get the latest version. Maverick or whatever.20:46
naomi_I have no idea how.20:46
James147naomi_: I would start by booting windows ^^ it has a disk managment utility that is able to shrink the partitions20:47
naomi_So I'll need to remove this altogether? This Ubuntu that i'm using now/20:48
James147naomi_: you dont need to do that ^^ and I would suggest agienst it untill after you ahve everyhting working :)20:49
inj3ct0r<gomiboy> there were just add to panell dekstop tool bar what i should do?20:49
gomiboyinj3ct0r: do you have the screen-like icon in your tray bar?20:50
gomiboyinj3ct0r: you should get something similar to this: http://www.indexdata.com.br/Linux/Distros/PcLinuxOs-ID/10-krandrtray.png20:50
inj3ct0ryou know i right click20:52
inj3ct0rbut there were just add to toolbar dekstop and panel20:52
inj3ct0rgomiboy what i should do now?20:54
gomiboyinj3ct0r: let's start this over: go to Applications -> System -> Screen resize... (krandrtray) and LEFT CLICK. Then RIGHT CLICK on the screen icon in the tray.20:55
inj3ct0rwhere is screen icon?20:57
gomiboyinj3ct0r: lower right in your tray bar20:58
inj3ct0rwhere is tray bar?20:58
inj3ct0ri have told you i am begginer20:59
gomiboysure, but also windows has a try bar... are you a computer beginner? You aren't trolling, right? :)21:00
inj3ct0ryes but i never heard try bar21:01
inj3ct0ryes i find it21:04
TheGentlemanWhile attempting to install a program (using Synaptic) I got the following error message:21:08
TheGentlemandebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable21:08
TheGentlemanNow, Synaptic was the only program in use.   What could I do and Why this happens?21:08
genii-aroundTheGentleman: What does: lsof | grep config.dat           show?21:10
genii-aroundIf nothing then just run Synaptic again21:11
TheGentlemanyes, it says nothing... but synaptic was still open21:11
TheGentleman i will retry after closing it21:11
TheGentlemangenii-around,  the command returns nothing also after closing synaptic21:12
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Likely some update was running previously21:13
TheGentlemanI don't know... I have no other programs running... afaik21:13
TheGentlemanso what could I do genii-around ?21:14
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Try installing whatever it was again21:15
TheGentlemanok, will let you know21:15
TheGentlemangenii-around: same message as before. Could it be a broken installation of something (may be days ago) that I did not notice?21:17
TheGentlemanwhat else could be locking that file?   btw I do not have any idea what it is all about21:19
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Apologies on lag, work required me21:28
TheGentlemannever mind21:28
TheGentlemanwhile waiting I performed apt-get clean, apt-get autoclean and apt-get autoremove21:29
naomi_Genii i'm trying to upgrade but it's saying my system is up to date.21:29
TheGentleman the latter showed a list of messages21:30
TheGentlemando you want me to pastebin the output?21:30
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Sure21:31
genii-aroundnaomi_: You wanted 10.04 to 10.10 or so?21:32
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade21:32
TheGentlemangenii-around,  here it is : http://pastebin.com/VgDWurVG21:33
genii-aroundnaomi_: Sometimes also the file /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades needs to have the line Prompt=normal instead of Prompt=lts21:34
genii-aroundTheGentleman: does /var/lib/dpkg/lock exist?21:35
TheGentlemangenii-around, yes it exists but its size is 021:37
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Perhaps to try: sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock && sudo touch /var/lib/dpkg/lock and then see if sudo dpkg --configure -a         works or reports errors21:38
TheGentlemanok, I will report genii-around21:39
TheGentlemangenii-around, same list of error messages as before after I issued the dpkg command21:42
TheGentlemansomething locks that file... but what and why?21:43
naomi_genii-around: http://i.imgur.com/D2bQ5.png is this right? like i can upgrade even though i'm only using linux on the Wubi thing?21:43
genii-aroundnaomi_: Yup21:44
naomi_And how long around does it take do you know? Like will I be offline for hours?21:44
genii-aroundnaomi_: I find it typically takes 45 minutes to an hour on a DSL connection, but your mileage may vary21:45
TheGentlemannaomi_, I confirm.... but i do not like online upgrades: I had lot of troubles in the past. A clean installation is always better, if you can save your /home or your important data21:47
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naomi_I don't know how to do a clean installation. I'm using linux through wubi. I don't know how to install it properly or partition it. I don't understand the instructions it gives lol.21:49
TheGentlemanwell, i hope they have improved the reliability of the upgrade process...  I'm quite sure they worked on it21:50
TheGentlemannaomi: it is anyway a good idea to save important data before upgrading21:51
naomi_But it's okay to continue just using it this way for now? Like wubi isn't just a temporary thing or anything?21:52
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »21:52
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Perhaps try the bot's suggestion21:52
James147naomi_: you can use wubi for as long as you like21:52
TheGentlemanyeah, ok genii-around21:53
naomi_Okay. I think I'll upgrade this now. Then clean install when the newer verseion comes out.21:53
James147naomi_: though most people just use it to try out kubuntu before installing it onto an actual partition :)21:53
naomi_Yeah but i don't know how to do that. I didn't understand the instructions last time i tried to do it. ;(21:54
TheGentlemangenii-around, It is still locked!  same error messages21:56
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Did you close Synaptic while trying the apt-get stuff?21:58
naomi_What does Long Term Support even mean? Like when they say something will be supported until 2012.21:58
TheGentlemanof course!  ;-)21:58
maconaomi_: we keep answering questions about it here, and you keep getting security & bugfix updates21:58
naomi_Oh i see.21:58
maconormal releases, it's 18mo21:59
TheGentlemangenii-around, if it says a process is locking that file i should find it listed in System Monitor.... but which process do I look for?22:00
TheGentleman I am not competent enough to know22:00
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Something like debconf or a name with "frontend" in it possibly22:01
naomi_Okie. And also I'm trying to learn some commands for terminal. Like "pwd" shows i'm in home. then "cd Pictures" and "cd .." is to go back a level or something? but what is to go forward?22:01
naomi_If that makes sense.22:01
TheGentlemanok genii-around : searching22:01
TheGentlemannaomi_, you shall give the full path in that case22:02
gomiboynaomi_: no, it doesn't make much sens, it's not a browser :P but cd - will get you to the last dir you were in22:03
naomi_Lol. Yeah thats what I meant gomiboy. Thanks.22:03
maconaomi_: cd .. is like backspacing out the last set of /word/ on a web browser in the address bar22:05
naomi_Oh okay. So if I'm in /Pictures and do cd .. it take me out of pictures and back to home?22:05
TheGentlemangenii-around,  there is a "frontend" process  owned by root, not using any memory and not highlighted (i guess it means it is idle, right?)22:05
James147naomi_: cd is used to change directory ^^ .. means the parent directory22:06
macolike if you do:    cd /var/log       and then do       cd ..         itll take you to /var22:06
naomi_Kay I get it now.22:06
TheGentlemanjust cd brings you up one level22:06
naomi_I honestly have no idea how you lot have the patience to put up with all the noob questions. I ask about 20 questions a day.22:06
James147TheGentleman: no "cd" iwth no arguments takes you to your home22:07
maconaomi_: i have a little brother...22:07
James147TheGentleman: it is equlivent to "cd ~" or "cd $HOME"22:07
TheGentlemanok James14722:07
maconaomi_: by the way, am i correctly interpretting from your nick that you're a woman? because there's this Ubuntu Women Project that's for supporting/encouraging women interested in ubuntu...22:07
naomi_I am indeed.. and is that a joke? >.>22:09
macono, why would it be?22:09
naomi_Why would they have a project for women?22:09
macoi'm one of the... *counts on fingers*... 5 ubuntu developers who are women22:09
macobecause 5 is too small of a number!22:10
James147naomi_: to help increase the number of females conrabuting to opensource ^^22:10
naomi_Oh, lol.22:10
James147naomi_: ^^ and well computing in general :S22:10
macono wait 6. there are 6. i forgot the one who's a debian developer too22:10
naomi_I'm interested in it. And trying to learn everything I can. I'd take classes if I could. :P22:10
TheGentlemangenii-around, do I try killing this "frontend" process ?  by the way, i tried googling for it. Obviously it is a far too common word in computing and it is hard to find what i need22:11
naomi_BUt what use am I to this project? I'm a noob. :(22:11
macojoin #ubuntu-women if you want to meet the other women who work on dev, support, artwork, documentation, publicity, etc.22:11
TheGentlemanyou seem to show good will naomi_ , and this counts a lot22:11
IdleOneand being a "noob" makes it easier on you and the rest of the team, no bad habits to break :)22:12
maco(of course, many would say they're "just users," but even telling people about this alternative operating system you're using is of course advocacy and therefore useful)22:12
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Does: ps aux| grep debconf           show a result?22:13
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TheGentlemangenii-around, here it is the output: http://pastebin.com/U1RiLF8T22:15
genii-aroundTheGentleman: I think the first one is likely the problem22:17
genii-aroundTheGentleman: So I suggest to: sudo kill 139522:18
TheGentlemana radical solution...  hehehehe    Ok i will try22:19
genii-aroundThen to try the bot's : sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a22:19
Daskreechlazy unlock?22:20
TheGentlemangenii-around,  frontend killed (and nor reappeared), bot's suggestion followed.... but again same result!  :(22:24
gomiboyTheGentleman: just to check: are you using the synaptic as normal user or with sudo?22:24
TheGentlemanwith sudo... but now i'm doing oll this in konsole with sudo22:25
TheGentlemanI mean... using sudo before commands, surely not running konsole as supeuser!!!22:26
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Well, I'd suggest to try and kill the next one in the list then, and to repeat the other command again, see if same22:26
gomiboywhy? i always have a root terminal open, it doesn't eat children :D22:27
TheGentlemanwell, I'm less experienced and more prone to type in wrong things...  ;-)22:28
TheGentlemanso, just to be safe...22:28
James147gomiboy: running konsole as root? or bash as root? ^^ the first isnt needed and isnt advised22:28
gomiboybash of course22:29
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Did you try the: sudo kill 1406     and bot's commands yet?22:30
=== barraponto_ is now known as barraponto
TheGentlemannot yet genii-around ...going to try22:31
* genii-around goes to grab a coffee22:31
* gomiboy shows his empty cup to genii-around and makes a fake sad face22:34
* genii-around pours some nice strong Columbian coffee in gomiboy's cup22:35
* gomiboy happy :D22:35
genii-aroundDarn, TheGentleman left. I was wanting to get to the bottom of that puzzler.22:36
gomiboymaybe he thins to be still on microsoft "reboot and retry" windows (tm) :P22:38
genii-aroundgomiboy: I dunno. He seemed like he was game to try and get under the hood to fix things.22:40
TheGentlemangenii-around, I'm back and I'm really puzzled23:00
genii-aroundTheGentleman: Is it still complaining about the lock?23:00
TheGentlemanfirst, I likely killed something too much and made the system frozen23:00
TheGentlemanthen after reboot it is exatcly the same as before23:01
TheGentlemanfrontend is still there...23:01
HamraAPT problems?23:04
genii-aroundTheGentleman: I suppose you can just remove everything in /var/cache/debconf  directory23:04
TheGentlemanyes Hamra23:04
Hamrawhat exactly is the problem?23:05
TheGentlemandebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable23:05
TheGentlemanof course there is no other application running that I know of23:05
Hamrathe error is shown by whom? apt-get? or some frontend?23:06
TheGentlemani can pastebin everything if you like....  but with genii-around we already tried everything that came to mind23:06
TheGentlemanHamra, both: it appeared using synaptic, but now also from konsole23:07
Hamrais the file readable? did you try opening it with a text editor... maybe it' corrupt23:08
TheGentlemanit's size is 023:08
Hamraif you do "nano /var/cache/debconf/config.dat", does it say "input/output error"?23:09
TheGentlemanHamra, sorry!! it is not 0 now... it was before I rebooted23:11
Hamrahow big is it? and did you try opening it with a text editor?23:11
TheGentlemanwell, as said it was empty before, and now yes, i can open it23:12
Hamraand there's valid text in it... hmmm23:12
Hamraand apt is still complaining?23:12
TheGentlemanlet me try again23:13
TheGentlemanyes, it reports it as locked when issueing sudo dpkg --configure -a23:14
Hamradoes "ls -a /var/cache/debconf/" show any lock files?23:15
* genii-around thinks this could be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debconf/+bug/34946923:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 349469 in debconf (Ubuntu) "debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable" [Medium,Triaged]23:15
TheGentlemanHamra,  franz@franz-Easy-Note-MX51:~$ ls -a /var/cache/debconf/23:17
TheGentleman.   config.dat      passwords.dat  templates.dat-old23:17
TheGentleman..  config.dat-old  templates.dat23:17
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
TheGentlemanhaving a look at the bug.... will be back in minutes23:18
Hamrathey suggested "fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat"23:19
Hamrato see which program is culprit23:19
TheGentlemani tried it before... will redo now23:19
TheGentlemanHamra, fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat gives no response23:20
Hamrasudo rm -f sudo rm -rf /var/cache/debconf/* && sudo apt-get install -f23:21
Hamrasudo rm -rf /var/cache/debconf/* && sudo apt-get install -f23:22
* genii-around hands out more coffees23:22
Hamrai am sorry, first one is... mmm.... coffee23:23
* ScorpKing grabs a cup..23:23
TheGentlemanok, trying23:23
TheGentleman it worked23:24
TheGentlemanand the installation completed23:24
Hamrathe file wasnt locked, it was just corupt for some reason :)23:25
TheGentlemanah, ok23:25
TheGentlemanwell, i am pretty sure that sometimes computers like to write things in files by themselves23:26
TheGentlemanmy first experience with such a behavior was back in the '80ies on Win 3.11 machine23:27
genii-aroundI suppose something like copying the .dat-old files to .dat may have worked as well23:28
TheGentleman well, I guess I shall thank you Hamra and genii-around23:29
TheGentlemanfor your kind assistance23:29
Hamrayou're welcome23:30
genii-aroundTheGentleman: What they said :)23:31
TheGentlemanok, now i need to discover about mic malfunctions... but this is another story and will follow tomorrow.  LOL23:32
TheGentleman bye and thanks again23:32
agnesehelo everyone 8) i have a little problem: i was videochatting with skype and using blender at the same time. The computer totally freezed and didn't respond to any command, so i forcet the shutdown. once i start up it all skype wasn't able to connecting: it took was like loading the connection but not work. so i tried to unistall and reinstal in KPackageKit, but! 8( when i was in order to reinstall it gave me this error "Package skype is virtual and has no23:58
agneseinstallation candidate"... any clue about what i mess it up?23:58

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