* lifeless whines about BranchCollection more00:05
StevenKlifeless: I'm chanelling thumper, but "Fix it, dear Elisa" ?00:07
lifelessStevenK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/74531000:08
_mup_Bug #745310: Person:+branches timeout <regression> <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/745310 >00:08
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/587111/ makes me sad. It's obvious what it should be, but why was it the other ...00:08
wgrantStevenK: blame00:09
StevenKblame says jelmer and a 10k rev no00:09
StevenKSo it's been like that for a while ...00:10
wgrantOh, this is in archivepublisher, not python-debian.00:10
wgrantWell, the test docstring is reasonably clear..00:11
StevenKwgrant: I should commit that change and re-ec2?00:11
lifelessStevenK: its overly generic00:11
lifelessStevenK: access patterns for product scope vs person scope are not efficiently reusabke00:11
wgrantStevenK: It was changed as part of his port to python-debian. So just fix it.00:12
lifelessbut our code structure is so heavily geared for code reuse, I suspect i need to entirely ditch the layers to fix it.00:12
StevenKwgrant: You think ec2 or it's safe to lp-land? (That was the only failure.)00:14
* StevenK glares at Tasque00:14
wgrantStevenK: It's already been through ec2? lp-land.00:15
StevenKWhich just SEGV'd. Orsum.00:15
StevenKwgrant: Yes, so doing so.00:16
wgrantcjwatson: Your branch failed ec2. The test deb didn't have the necessary Pre-Depends (I've fixed that), but python-apt doesn't support data.tar.xz.00:17
StevenKOr multiarch ...00:17
wgranthuwshimi: Have you had a chance to look at my JS suggestions for your branch?00:37
huwshimiwgrant: I had a quick look at it. I will have a look again in a minute. It is certainly cleaner than what I pushed. Generally this kind of node creation is very resource expensive (hence why people often do it with strings or arrays), but I'm more than happy to merge your changes.00:41
wgranthuwshimi: Yeah, I imagine it could be slightly more expensive.00:42
huwshimiwgrant: I'm not sure what it's like with YUI. It might be fine00:42
cjwatsonwgrant: oh blasted thing00:52
cjwatsonwgrant: Debian was going to work around that, IIRC00:52
cjwatsonwgrant: where's the relevant code?00:52
wgrantcjwatson:                     apt_inst.debExtract(deb_file, tar_checker.callback, file)00:53
wgrantnascentuploadfile.py, around like 73400:53
cjwatsonIIRC that was blocked on adding xz to python00:53
cjwatsonor something joyous like that00:53
cjwatsonthough IIRC there was going to be a workaround with a subprocess00:54
* cjwatson hunts down where he saw that00:54
wgrantOh, right, I remember something like this.00:54
wgrantBut it was a while ago.00:54
cjwatsondebExtract not working is lame, though.00:55
wgrantIt attempts to gunzip it instead.00:55
wgrantgzip is the default, I guess.00:55
cjwatsonthat really shouldn't be that desperately hard to fix.00:55
* cjwatson goes looking00:55
cjwatson(though don't expect a solution tonight, it's late)00:56
wgrantSure, thanks.00:56
cjwatsonoh, should be fairly trivial00:57
cjwatson      else if(strcmp(".lzma", &Chunk[strlen(Chunk)-5]) == 0)00:57
cjwatson              Comp = "lzma";00:57
cjwatsonthat kind of thing00:57
wgrantRight, but what handles Comp?00:57
* StevenK waits for devel to be repacked00:58
cjwatsonExtractTar in apt-inst, and it's just a program name00:59
wgrantOh, that's easy, then.00:59
cjwatsonactually I think it might need a slight tweak in apt00:59
cjwatsonbut still, nothing especially hard01:00
cjwatsonI might make mvo do it01:00
wgrantHandy having Platform at your disposal :)01:00
cjwatsonhe could probably do it twice as quick and once on Sundays01:00
StevenKThe changes to apt and python-apt will need to be backported to Lucid though, right?01:05
StevenK        Updating python-debian to revision 18601:07
StevenKText conflict in lib/debian/debian_support.py8ing stream:Estimate 11/4101:07
StevenKbzr fail.01:07
cjwatsonlucid-cat plus ppa:launchpad, right?01:07
StevenKBut I suspect it's my fault.01:07
StevenKcjwatson: Yeah, it will need to hit both01:08
lifelessthumper: btw, select expressions can be used with with now in storm01:35
thumperoh cool01:36
lifelessWith('name', Select(..)) [or get it from a result set or whatever)01:36
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
StevenKDamn it, db-devel, stop failing01:55
StevenKshell_6 [test no test results failed] [42 seconds]01:56
StevenKAhh, xfvb, my old nemesis01:57
lifelessError 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error on lpbuildbot :(02:06
StevenKlifeless: For which page?02:07
lifelessthe build that died02:07
StevenKHm. It worked for me02:07
lifeless>< 117 /   41  Person:+branches02:08
wgrantlifeless: By the number of soft timeouts I presume it's real.02:18
wgrantAnd a regression.02:18
lifelesswgrant: yes, its the bug I'm bitching about02:19
lifelesswe use the same code to query for merge proposals in one scope02:19
lifelessand unscoped for a person02:19
lifeless /totally/ different criteria02:19
LPCIBotProject devel build #589: STILL FAILING in 5 hr 0 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/589/02:32
lifelesscan has review https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/bug-745310/+merge/5545903:16
StevenKlifeless: It looks good, but is it possible to check in a test that it isn't going to generate a bong query for the general case?04:15
lifelessStevenK: if we could define the general case, perhaps04:17
StevenKPerson:+branches sounds like a good one04:17
lifelessits a special case04:17
lifelessthe schema is not optimised for querying04:18
StevenKlifeless: I'm just concerned that you're fixing a fix, and there is no tests to confirm it isn't noddy.04:18
lifelesswe're going to have to touch this again and again and against04:18
lifelessStevenK: I'm not sure that it isn't noddy04:18
StevenKlifeless: Okay, so your general plan is for you or someone to iterate over it?04:19
lifelessStevenK: without about 100GB of data, I can't prove it one way or another04:19
lifelessStevenK: thats what we've been doing for all timeout fixes so far; checking that query X is issued is easy, being sure that query X is what we need is hard04:19
StevenKlifeless: r=me04:19
lifelessin fact, I can go futher04:20
lifelessthe query here *will* be noddy, just less noddy than the one optimised for product/package scopes04:20
lifelessStevenK: thanks04:20
StevenKOh, sigh04:20
StevenKI voted on my own MP, not yours04:20
lifelessStevenK: -lol-04:21
lifelessStevenK: its still noddy because it unions two querie together that probably are faster done directly.04:21
lifelessStevenK: which speaks to the heart of why I don't like (having taken my time to think about this) the 'Collection' approach.04:21
lifelesswell, this part of the implementation04:22
lifelessI'm  not ready to critique the entire thing yet, just speaking out of frustration04:23
StevenKlifeless: Swap you: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/dsd-invalid-versions/+merge/5546104:24
StevenKIt's a little larger than yours, so not quite a fair swap :-)04:24
StevenKlifeless: Thank you for the review.04:37
jtvStevenK: which LP configs does cron.publish-ftpmaster run under?  dogfood, staging, qastaging, production, ftpmaster, ftpmaster-publish, …?  I need to add to those configs.04:40
jtvPossibly only to some.04:40
StevenKftpmaster and ppa04:40
StevenKI think04:40
StevenKjtv: lp-production-crontabs will help04:41
jtvAh, of course.  Thanks.04:41
StevenKjtv: But certainly dogfood, so that will need fixing too04:42
jtvStevenK: BTW you mean lp-crontabs, right?04:43
jtvOh, it _contains_ a dir lp-production-crontabs.04:44
jtvAh no, I am fatally confused.04:44
wgrantjtv: What do you need to add to those configs?04:44
jtvThe stuff I added in https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/db-bug-55798/+merge/5517404:44
wgrantjtv: Only ftpmaster runs cron.publish-ftpmaster. Although dogfood *can*, we mostly maintain its config locally.04:44
wgrantEr, ftpmaster-publish, not ftpmaster.04:45
jtvThen we may want to set up, configure, and maintain a pair of run-parts directories for publish-ftpmaster runs there.04:46
wgrantjtv: Those things really don't belong in the tree :/04:46
jtvThat's why it's configurable.04:47
wgrantWhy is one fo them publish-distro.d, and the other finalize.d?04:47
jtvBetter names welcome.04:47
jtvIt's just that I couldn't bring myself to call one pre-publication.d when it runs _after_ publish-distro.04:48
jtvIn fact I rather got the impression (also based on what you said) that that one might properly belong in the publish-distro script itself.04:48
wgrantAlso, PublishFTPMaster is terrible name, but I can't think of anything better since publish-distro is inappropriately taken.04:50
wgrantNo, too confusing until we fix publish-distro04:50
StevenKThePublisherOfDoomDeathAndDestruction is apt04:51
cody-somervillehahahahah, apt!04:51
jtvThis does explain why I had such trouble coming up with good names and docstrings, I think.04:51
jtvStevenK: do I sense a bit of "See I am become Death, the destroyer of Windows" there?04:51
wgrantjtv: You've a function in PublishFTPMaster to append -distscopy, but you don't seem to use it everywhere.04:52
StevenKNo, I was channeling something04:52
jtvwgrant: oh, thanks—I'll check04:52
jtvwgrant: I do see it used04:53
wgrantjtv: But not everywhere.04:53
jtvTrue.  Am fixing.04:53
jtvFound 1 place that neglected to use it.04:54
wgrantjtv: Also, ARCHIVE_SUFFIXES is surely duplicating something esle.04:54
jtvAgain, true.04:55
jtvpocketsuffix, I think.04:55
jtvAh, no, that's different of course.04:56
jtvBut highly similar.04:56
StevenKNow buildbot is failing like Jenkins is.05:21
StevenKDifference: True != False: memcached is live but should not be.05:21
wgrantAh, lucid_lp this time.05:21
wgrantIt's because the slave was killed badly when the master was restarted.05:21
wgrantspm: Hi, lucid_lp needs a memcached massacre.05:21
wgrantspm: Might as well bounce all the slave bits there.05:22
wgrantSince the build has failed.05:22
StevenKlifeless: I note you're up for QA05:35
wgrantStevenK: Could you review lamont's buildd changelog entry?05:36
StevenKAh, thanks05:36
StevenKwgrant: All done.05:37
wgrantlifeless/StevenK: Could one of you mentor https://code.launchpad.net/~huwshimi/launchpad/ajax-time/+merge/55257?05:38
pooliewgrant, re your recent post, did you ever see http://haml-lang.com/05:43
wgrantHuh, interesting.05:45
pooliehuwshimi, ?05:51
pooliei don't mean the ruby bit, just the syntax05:51
wgrantIt's an interesting idea.05:51
wgrantI'm not sure if it's good or not.05:51
spmwgrant: okidoki05:51
huwshimipoolie: Oh, I've just had fun times with haml in the past05:51
pooliefun or 'fun'? :)05:51
pooliei'm not sure either05:51
pooliegetting away from the specific syntax of xml may be good05:52
StevenKFrom The Register: MySQL.com hacked via... SQL injection vuln05:52
spivFrom the URL, I was hoping it would be a programming langauge that was a homage to Mark Hamill.05:52
wgrantStevenK: Stones, glass houses.05:52
spivSo I was already disappointed without trying it!05:52
spiv(Not sure how you'd make such a language, but if people can manage to put nearly 3000 toothpicks in their beard and post the video to the internet then surely anything is possible)05:53
huwshimipoolie: Yes, non-xml templating languages are good05:53
StevenKActually, this sounds useful: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/03/30/dynatrace_ajax_firefox4_ie/05:54
poolieit reminds me a bit of latte, which i used years ago05:54
jtvwgrant: had some network trouble earlier… I unified the ARCHIVE_SUFFIXES across two old modules that did it ad hoc (and removed it from mine which turned out not to need it any more).  Did you say anything after that?05:54
wgrantjtv: No, that was all I saw with a quick glance.05:54
huwshimipoolie: I think haml goes to far. It is actually really nice for writing HTML in, but I think it abstracts too far from HTML05:55
jtvAlso, it says "markup haiku."  Don't we normally like our formal languages to avoid the kind of linguistic ambiguity that's the whole point of haikus?05:58
wgrantIt's Ruby, what do you expect? :)05:58
pooliefor the real 60s retro flavour suggested by the theming it ought to be all caps :)05:59
spivjtv: it's poetry, so beauty is truth, truth beauty, etc.06:01
jtvI'll leave that to the test suite, thank you very much :)06:02
spmwgrant: the entire buildbot whatsit is stabbed. have deliberately not restarted the existing builds, so you'll need to force when ready.06:02
jtvI'm hungry for Japanese food now.06:02
=== jtv is now known as jtv-eat
wgrantspm: Both slaves are clean?06:04
spmin that I shut down everything that was running. yes. afaik, we don't do any cleaning beyond that?06:05
wgrantWell, there's non memcacheds or anything left on either slave?06:05
spmif we have to, that's a pretty awesome bug given the purpose.06:05
lifelessspm: you used to have a script for pqm06:09
lifelessspm: that would kill /every/ process running in a chroot06:09
lifelessspm: that would be the thing to run06:09
spmsure. either way, the processes are wiped and restarted.06:10
wgrantHopefully for the last time.06:13
wgrantStevenK: Hi.06:17
StevenKwgrant: Hm?06:17
wgranti-528A0905 needs killing for the same reason.06:18
wgrantIt was cursed by db-devel build 503.06:18
LPCIBotProject devel build #590: ABORTED in 3 hr 46 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/590/06:19
StevenKAnd slave killed.06:19
StevenKShall I request a build of devel, or something should come along soon?06:19
wgrantNothing will be around for at least 4 hours.06:20
wgrantPlease force.06:20
StevenKJust devel or both it and db-devel?06:20
lifelesswgrant: can you look at the soyuz ppa +subscribers on qastaging06:20
lifelessqa for 741092 - I don't admin any private ppas06:20
wgrantStevenK: I think db-devel is fine, so no need for a build there.06:21
StevenKlifeless: We have these people called losas, who can fix that for you06:21
lifelessStevenK: we we're also trying not to interrupt when we don't need to06:21
wgrantStevenK: Also these people called wgrant, though.06:21
wgrant38 queries/external actions issued in 0.43 seconds •06:21
StevenKwgrant: Okay, devel is waiting for Jenkins to start a build slave.06:21
lifelessStevenK: because they have a backlog longer than ours per-head06:21
wgrant38 queries/external actions issued in 0.30 seconds •06:21
wgrantStevenK: Thanks.06:21
lifelesswgrant: nifty06:21
wgrantlifeless: So, it is too fast.06:21
spmStevenK: that's a pack of lies. we are not people, and resent being so labelled.06:21
StevenKspm: How would you prefer to be addressed?06:22
* spm tears up another of wgrant's cake IOU's.06:23
wgrantStevenK: Could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/packageset-owner-preservation/+merge/55466?06:27
StevenKwgrant: r=me06:29
wgrantStevenK: Thanks.06:30
* StevenK glares at patch-2208-59-0.sql, mawson and lifeless06:31
lifelessStevenK: why?06:32
StevenKBecause it's taken seven minutes to apply so far06:32
wgrantIt might be a while.06:32
lifelessis it doing stuff06:32
wgrantAs well as breaking the build several times :P06:32
lifelessor is it deadlocked because you didn't shut everything down ?06:32
StevenKEverything ought to be stopped06:33
lifelessit has to rewrite 250MB06:38
lifelessso it should be pretty snappy06:38
lifelesscheck top, iotop, etc06:38
StevenKmawson can not be described as snappy06:38
StevenKIt's still running UPDATE06:39
lifelesswhich one06:40
StevenKI have no idea, I'm going by ps output06:40
lifelessselect current_query from pg_stat_activity;06:43
lifelessshould give you exactly 2 rows06:43
lifelessStevenK: speaking of qa -Revision 1268906:43
StevenKlifeless: There is only one UPDATE in -5906:45
lifelessStevenK: this will tell you if anything else is hanging around that could be blocking it06:45
StevenKlifeless: https://pastebin.canonical.com/45423/06:46
lifelessStevenK: cool06:47
StevenKSo I just have to wait?06:48
wgrantAnd wait.06:48
stubSo the BugTask.heat update is too slow for a standard rollout?06:53
StevenKstub: This is mawson, so the data means nothing06:54
* stub waits for the staging update06:54
lifelessstub: I missed a bit, then we've had continual buildbot fail06:54
lifelessand I mean continual06:54
wgrantI think four or five db-devel builds have died in various ways so far today.06:55
lifelessstub: should we try manually, expedite rollback if needed?06:55
lifelessstub: as in , ask for staging to be quiesced, and you pump it through slon?06:55
stubIf we do it manually, we need two losa interrupts (one to apply, one to rollback). If we do it with the standard update, we may need one (to rollback, if necessary)06:56
lifelessspm: ^ up for it?06:57
stubHmm.... what I *can* do is time how long it takes to do the UPDATE on a slave. I just need to roll it back before I commit and break replication.06:58
spmyes, but no. currently mid a security update on an LP service and hoping to get the u1 migrtaion actually started in the next hour before I EOD06:58
lifelessstub: can't do that with out the new column ?06:59
StevenK2011-03-30 05:25:26 INFO    Applying /srv/launchpad.net/codelines/trunk/database/schema/patch-2208-59-0.sql06:59
StevenK2011-03-30 05:58:54 DEBUG   Committing changes06:59
stublifeless: begin; add column; update; rollback06:59
StevenK2011-03-30 05:59:00 INFO    2208-59-0 applied just now in 0.0 seconds06:59
lifelessso, 25 minutes07:00
stubon mawson - should be ok.07:00
StevenKThe fail is the 'in 0.0 seconds'07:00
huwshimiDo we still have sparklines in Launchpad?07:01
lifelessI doubt it07:01
stubDunno why you would get 0.0 on mawson - that code was tricky. Might be an edge case with a single db patch on unreplicated env?07:01
stubWe pulled sparklines07:02
lifelesshuwshimi: ...why07:02
StevenKstub: Could be.07:02
huwshimilifeless: I just found a bug about them and was wondering if I should kill it07:03
huwshimilifeless: bug #38392407:03
_mup_Bug #383924: Sparklines displayed over row below in Opera <lp-code> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by thumper> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/383924 >07:03
lifelesskill it07:03
wgrantThey were pulled temporarily in July 2009 due to a bug.07:04
wgrantThey were to be returned within two months.07:04
spivwgrant: I guess no-one missed them then ;)07:05
huwshimilifeless: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugs?field.searchtext=sparkline&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_p07:05
huwshimilifeless: Kill them all?07:05
lifelessbug 284400 seems like a reasonable defect07:06
_mup_Bug #284400: "Package bugs" page has no indication of how numbers have changed <feature> <lp-bugs> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/284400 >07:06
lifelessthe others seem to be implementation bugs about the sparklines we had07:06
lifelesswe might want sparklines for 284400, but I doubt it, context doesn't really fir07:07
lifelesshuwshimi: did you end up getting the url?07:08
huwshimilifeless: Nope. I haven't landed the first lot yet07:09
lifelessplease file a bug or something if you need server side changes whipped up for you07:09
huwshimilifeless: It feels like getting the url from header is a big hack. I might ask around first07:10
wgrantIt is a big hack, but I don't think you have much choice.07:11
lifelesshuwshimi: we might already set Location07:12
lifelessthough that can be legitimately different07:13
lifelesshttp://forum.jquery.com/topic/jquery-ajax-response-url is relevant07:13
lifeless'If it was really important, you could do some voodoo with sending07:13
lifelessalong the current URL as a custom response header'07:13
huwshimilifeless: OK you win :)07:15
huwshimilifeless: What exactly do I need to ask to be done? Is it unhelpful if I just ask for a new header?07:19
lifelessthat would be fine07:19
lifelessyou need 'a sensible url to show in the ajax timeline put in the response sent to every ajax request'07:20
lifelessand we can probably sensibly say 'api requests on non api domains are ajax requests'07:20
lifelessthe submission url with parameters is probably sensible on all ajax requests07:21
wgrantstub: I see that you found zope.tal about as extensible as I did.07:24
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
stubwgrant: I don't remember. I had that part of my brain removed.07:25
stubNah nah nah can't hear you...07:25
wgrantI am glad there is precedent :)07:26
huwshimilifeless: Would this be low priority?07:31
wgrantIt's at least High, because it's hindering performance improvements.07:31
wgrantAnd it's easy.07:31
huwshimiwgrant: OK :)07:32
lifelesshuwshimi: I would say high07:32
wgrantHuh, that monkeypatch worked, and stuff doesn't even OOPS.07:32
lifelessand then suggest you bat your eyelids at wgrant :P07:32
wgrantlifeless: That was the plan.07:32
* wgrant declares structure obsolete.07:32
* huwshimi bats eyelids at wgrant07:33
* huwshimi is not sure if he's doing it right07:33
huwshimiOK people, how do I land a branch that has no bug it is addressing? "ec2: ERROR: Branch doesn't have linked bugs and doesn't have no-qa option set."07:37
wgranthuwshimi: File a bug, or --no-qa07:37
StevenKAdd --no-qa07:37
StevenKOr file a bug, as wgrant says07:37
wgrantDepending on how qa-worthy it is.07:37
lifelessif you want the ability to say 'oh fuck this broke things'07:38
lifelessfile a placeholder bug07:38
huwshimiok maybe I'll file a bug07:38
lifelessif you reckon it doesn't need checking on qastaging, use --no-qa07:38
huwshimiI don't really want to break things07:39
lifelesshuwshimi: breaking things is a little orthogonal :P07:39
lifelesssome folk really do get confused07:40
huwshimilifeless: Well this way I can make sure it doesn't go live if it does break things right? Or did I misunderstand?07:41
lifelesshuwshimi: it gives you another set in the process07:41
lifelesshuwshimi: the question is, will you notice something on qastaging that you wouldn't notice on your machine07:41
huwshimilifeless: I guess probably not.07:42
huwshimilifeless: But if that was the case then what's the point in qastaging?07:43
lifelesshuwshimi: its entirely up to you; we try hard to be able to rollthings back easily07:43
lifelesshuwshimi: many things will only show up on qastaging07:43
lifelesshuwshimi: for instance, db permissions; scaling; icing changes07:44
wgrantbuildbot seems to be happy this time.07:53
wgrantI guess there'll be a UPS failure in the DC soon.07:53
StevenKWho's a little ray of sunshine today.07:56
=== StevenK changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | https://code.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+activereviews
jelmerHas the timeout been tightened again? I can no longer view my code page, it now consistently times out.08:05
StevenKjelmer: Known regression.08:05
wgrantFix waiting for buildbot.08:05
jelmerStevenK: Ah - thanks.08:05
stubjtv: https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/launchpad/drop-branchrevision-id/+merge/55480 is where I got to. Unfortunately, after that patch I end up with a primary key on branchrevision that cannot be dropped because 'constraint does not exist', so I think there are some other links lurking in the schema we haven't tracked down yet.08:31
wgrantlifeless: Are you checking other callsites before you add preloading?08:32
lifelesswgrant: briefly yes08:32
wgrantp-r-f is broken because ProductSet.all_active is trying to access emailaddresses.08:32
lifelesswgrant: oh gawd08:32
lifelesswgrant: I didn't see that call site at all08:34
lifelesswgrant: is it not under lib/ ?08:34
wgrantlifeless: I bet it iterates over ProductSet.08:34
lifelesswgrant: OTOH the +all page loads snappily now08:34
wgrant        products = getUtility(IProductSet)08:35
wgrant        for product in products:08:35
lifelessi'm inclined to broaden its access08:35
lifelessit should08:35
lifelessit should be moved to an API client eventually anyway08:36
wgrantThat will make it load lots, though.08:36
wgrantSame issue as populate-arcdhive.08:36
lifelessthats true08:36
lifelessmove it off of __iter__ ?08:36
wgrantI think all this stuff needs looptunerising or deleting.08:37
lifelessI'm past EOD and TL meeting is at awful-am08:37
stublifeless: How should we handle logging with parallel garbo? I could buffer the output from each task, and emit it when the task is complete. Or I could log to individual log files rather than stdout. Or what?08:37
lifelessI can JFDI something raw08:37
lifelessor perhaps you could do it ?08:37
wgrantlifeless: It can be dead for a couple of days.08:37
wgrantI am mostly EODed and attempting to stick to it this week.08:37
wgrant(utterly failing, but attempting)08:38
lifelesswgrant: ah true; file a bug for me and I'll pay the piper tomorrow08:38
lifelesswgrant: welcome to canonical08:38
stubYou're at work until you shut down your IRC client :)08:38
lifelessstub: logging is threadsafe; I think using a sublogger with the loop class name will be sufficient08:38
stublifeless: I'm talking about making the output readable08:38
lifelesse.g. logger = somelogger.get(self.__class__.__name__)08:39
stubMaybe it will be readable with the output interleaved...08:39
lifelessstub: as long as there is a [prefix] blah goes here08:39
lifelessit should be tolerable08:39
wgrantlifeless: Bug #74551208:39
_mup_Bug #745512: product-release-finder broken <regression> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/745512 >08:39
lifelessonly matters when we actually read it after all08:39
lifelesswgrant: thanks08:39
wgrantAnd now I am gone for at least a while.08:39
stubHmm.... prefix could be a quick fix and good enough... yeah.08:39
lifelessstub: thats what I was suggesting :) - use an outputter that outputs the logger name, and tweak the logger name for the loop when we construct/access the logger08:40
lifelessstub: I failed to separate what and how though :P08:40
stubI followed and was rephrasing in my agreement08:41
lifelessstub: I totally broke code.l.n/~user/ yesterday08:41
lifelessstub: my clever optimisation for projects with lots of private branches + open merge proposals caused 2xseq scans on Branch for per-user counts08:42
stubeggs... omlettes...08:43
stubMmm.... omlettes....08:43
* stub drools08:43
adeuringgood morning08:54
jtvhi adeuring08:54
adeuringhi jtv!08:54
lifelessjml: ping08:59
jtvStevenK: your DSD diff invalidation card is still under Review on the board, but the the branch is merged.09:00
jtvThank you :)09:01
jtvIn fact the bug is marked Fix Released.09:01
lifelessjml: I'm wondering if we can set the hard timeout for pages feature squads are creating/changing to 5 seconds09:05
jtvwgrant: any other notes about my publish-ftpmaster branch by the way?09:07
wgrantjtv: I didn't end up having more than a glance through it. I will look at it in depth tomorrow.09:07
jtvThat'd be great, thanks.  I'm emotionally eager to move on to the next similar job, but I'd like to have confidence that my current branch is stable.09:08
wgrantIndeed. It looks mostly sensible.09:08
rvbaI'm having a strange failure in the test suite: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587260/09:09
rvbadoest it look like a known spurious error?09:09
jtvwgrant: Also, it seems like rather a lot of change to Q/A and deploy in one cycle.  But waiting won't help with that.09:09
jtvrvba: hang on, looking09:10
wgrantrvba: That's not a spurious failure.09:10
wgrantjtv: Yeah, but I'm not sure we can do much to avoid that :/09:11
jtvrvba: Did you use unittest.TestCase instead of lp.testing.TestCase maybe?09:11
jtvwgrant: exactly.09:11
rvbawgrant: DistroSeriesMissingPackagesFunctionalTestCase is indeed a new class so this looks like a genuine error but "./bin/test -cvv -t translationimportqueue.txt" passes09:11
wgrantrvba: Could you pastebin/push your changes?09:12
jtvDid you override setUp and neglect to call the super?09:12
wgrantTestCase is normally good at warning about that, IIRC.09:12
rvbajtv: no, just fixed that09:12
wgrantBut that would be the obvious thing.09:12
rvbawgrant: hang on09:12
wgrantMaybe only TestCaseWithFactory warns, though.09:12
lifelesswgrant: the warning is in testtools.TestCase09:13
jtvTrue, setUp warns about it.  rvba, I take it you didn't define an __init__ in the test case?09:13
stubjtv: https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/launchpad/drop-branchrevision-id/+merge/55480 is where I got to. Unfortunately, after that patch I end up with a primary key on branchrevision that cannot be dropped because 'constraint does not exist', so I think there are some other links lurking in the schema we haven't tracked down yet.09:13
rvbajtv: no09:13
jtvstub: I wonder if the transplant I worked out is perhaps needlessly complex.09:14
jtvInstead of using an existing unique index, I think it'd be simpler with an existing unique constraint.  Do we have one?09:14
stubYes - two. That was my next issue - I think we end up with a constraint that things it is both a UNIQUE constraint and a PRIMARY KEY constraint :)09:15
jtvrvba: I haven't used self.oopses in tests yet, personally; did you track through the code to see that it's really supposed to be created?09:15
stubSo if we can swap the revision__revision__branch__key UNIQUE constraint easier, that would be better.09:15
rvbajtv not sure what you mean ...09:15
jtvstub: or an index that thinks it belongs to both a PRIMARY KEY constraint and a UNIQUE constraint.09:16
stubyer. looks messier than I initially suspected anyway.09:16
rvbawgrant: modifs to tests http://paste.ubuntu.com/587267/09:17
rvbawgrant: the whole branch https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/launchpad/dds-add-missingpackages-page09:17
jtvstub: Yes.  I'd have to get back into the details but IIRC the transplant I documented ran into a dependency relationship that more or less needs to be inverted.  That's probably not the case if we use the unique constraint instead of the unique index.09:17
stubThat sounds promising. I haven't scoured the schema documentation yet, so I just followed your notes for the initial cut.09:18
jtvstub: I'm on feature rotation now… would it make sense for me to dive back into this after?09:18
stubjtv: Whoever gets to it first. I've got other things for today. But we are looking at some denormalization and adding a timestamp to BranchRevision, so pulling id and unnecessary indexes would be good to do at the same time so we don't have a disk space problem.09:19
jtvoverflow trap09:20
jtvstub: I am somewhat puzzled by the notion of piggybacking the addition of a timestamp column onto the urgent removal of an int column to save disk space.  :)09:23
stubIts not *that* urgent09:24
jmllifeless: sure, sounds good, but can we excuse translations & bug subscription for now?09:29
lifelessjml: yeahm wouldn't be fair to just dump it on existing work.09:33
jmllifeless: cool.09:33
lifelessjml: i'll mail the list09:33
jmllifeless: ta.09:33
jmlwow, we haven't had a successful test run since I stopped last night09:37
lifelessno, its been bad today09:38
wgrantWe're nearly there.09:38
rvbawgrant: did you by any chance pick up some obvious mistake in my code?09:45
wgrantrvba: Nothing obvious, sorry :/09:45
wgrantYay, 800/1800 structure keywords removed.09:45
rvbawgrant: that's allright, I'll keep on investigating :-)09:45
jtvrvba: did you say it failed intermittently?09:48
rvbajtv: it's more bizarre than this:09:49
lifelessnight all09:49
jtvnight lifeless!09:49
rvbait failed when I launched the whole testsuite on ec209:49
rvbait failed when I launched testr run --failing09:50
rvbabut ./bin/test -cvv -t translationimportqueue.txt passes09:50
jtvOh, I hate those.09:50
rvbasort of yes09:51
jtvAnd this is a custom oops reporting setup, which we've sort of abandoned now AFAIK.  There may easily be something wrong with it.09:53
jtvLayer setup or isolation issue maybe?09:53
jtvWhat layer is the test in?09:54
jtvHmm can't really be anything missing there then can there?09:54
rvbajtv: here is the diff for this test file http://paste.ubuntu.com/587267/09:55
jtv1rvba: have to go otp now10:02
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=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
henningeWhat's the easiest way to render some TAL into a string?10:29
jtvhenninge: don't you __call__ the view?10:31
jtvrvba: I'm back… my connection went awol after I asked: is there no cleanup for the "set_derived_series_ui_feature_flag"?10:32
jtvallenap: where do you retrieve the selection of packagesets that a derived distroseries is based on?10:33
rvbaI don't think so10:33
rvbaperhaps I know what's happening ... I'll relaunch the test suite ...10:34
bigjoolsjtv, henninge: call .render()10:36
wgrantbigjools: Is lp-buildd-76's commit message meant to be empty except for the tags?10:36
wgrantAh, just on the MP.... hm.10:37
wgrantLanded with a commit message.10:37
bigjoolswgrant: bug in lp-land :/10:37
henningebigjools, jtv: I was wondering if I could do without a view.10:41
henningebut maybe I can create a simple one for this purpose.10:42
bigjoolshenninge: no, templates need views to work10:42
henningeok, thanks10:42
bigjoolsin the same way they need a context10:43
henningewell, the view provides the context, doesn't it?10:45
bigjoolshenninge: grep dor create_view10:46
wgrantMm, you could probably grab a PageTemplate manually. But that is bordering on more evil than the problem deserves.10:46
henningeyes, I was coming to that next. Why is that evel?10:49
henningeevil, even10:49
wgrantI don't think it's exactly light-weight, and I'm not sure how well it will work to instantiate one manually.10:50
wgrantWhich bit of inline HTML are you replacing?10:51
henningeI got the same thing in at least four places10:51
henningearound line 49210:53
henningeIt's creating a <ul> of file names.10:53
wgrantUgh. We don't use templates for notifications anywhere else, but that just about deserves one :/10:54
wgrantCould you put them into the page's template?10:54
wgrantBecause they need to be in the session.10:54
henningeI know it is10:56
henningeAcutally, I wrote that code in another life ...10:56
jmlallenap: thanks! I didn't know that we had multiple security.py files.11:12
wgrantjml: Somebody is bound to come along and "s += untrusted_variable", and structured() won't stop that. MarkupSafe does, which is nice.11:16
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spivjml: so you're more secure than you thought!11:17
jmlwgrant: so it's more that it makes it what variables are being used less obvious11:17
wgrantjml: Right. And it won't work after next week if my plan goes as I hope.11:17
jmlwgrant: your plan... to use MarkupSafe?11:18
wgrantjml: Something like that.11:18
wgrantIt remains to be seen how well this is going to work out, but I fixed all the FormatterAPIs up this evening and it seems to be OK.11:20
jmlwgrant: cool.11:22
wgrantjml: MarkupSafe fixes that sort of thing by escaping any unsafe strings that are concatenated with it.11:23
wgrantSo Markup('<b>') + 'untrusted' + Markup('</b>') does the right thing, if you want to do things like that.11:23
jmlwgrant: as long as it's on the LHS of the operator, I guess.11:24
wgrantjml: Seems to work either way.11:25
jmlwgrant: I skeptate.11:25
wgrant>>> Markup('<foo>') + '<bar>'11:25
wgrant>>> '<bar>' + Markup('<foo>')11:25
jmlHuh. I wonder how that works.11:26
wgrantAs do I.11:26
jml(incidentally kids, that was the scientific method in action)11:26
wgrant(it's used by pylons and jinja2 and mako, so it seems to be a reasonable choice)11:28
jmlthat was a typo for 'huh'11:30
jmlI didn't know about __radd__11:31
wgrantI've not seen it used before :/11:31
wgrantThat wasn't meant to happen.11:32
jmlI'm on the conflict, btw.11:45
jmlgot distracted waiting for make compile so I could run tests on the resolved code11:45
jmlanyone around who's familiar with test_sharing_information?11:45
bigjoolswow, 3 separate conflicts11:50
jmlI guess we've done more work on db-devel recently.11:53
* jml famished11:53
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LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!11:57
LPCIBotProject devel build #591: FIXED in 5 hr 25 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/591/11:57
bigjoolsyeah mostly my squad I think12:00
deryckMorning, folks.12:01
bigjoolshowdy deryck12:01
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LPCIBotProject windmill build #121: STILL FAILING in 1 hr 10 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/windmill/121/13:22
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deryckadeuring, henninge, abentley -- I'll be 5 minutes late for standup, sorry.  Compiling notes from another conversation.14:00
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
abentleyderyck: okay, ping when ready.14:01
deryckabentley, adeuring, henninge -- ok, ready.  jumping into mumble now.14:05
benjigary_poster: I guess I'll move the "Get client branch reviewed" card back to one of the WIP spots... but I don't remember which one it was in, feature work 2?14:07
benjiI'll also add a card to move to the right channel.14:08
james_w        # Create the credentials with no Consumer, then set its .consumer14:14
james_w        # property directly.14:14
james_w        credentials = Credentials(None)14:14
james_w        credentials.consumer = consumer14:14
james_wthe comment should say why!14:14
deryckhenninge: http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/3/14:21
jmljames_w: +114:34
allenapdanilos: Hello dude, fancy reviewing a few hundred lines of javascript? https://code.launchpad.net/~allenap/launchpad/dd-initseries-bug-727105-form-submission/+merge/5551414:46
danilosallenap, why of course14:46
allenapdanilos: Thank you very much :)14:47
bigjoolswhy on earth does LP reject an email review to an MP with no subject line?14:47
danilosallenap, fwiw, there's a conflict in lib/lp/soyuz/scripts/tests/test_initialise_distroseries.py with devel (it's simple, but just fyi)14:58
jmldidn't that get fixed yesterday or something?15:01
jmlbigjools: don't know, actually.15:01
deryckhenninge: chat in 2?  Running late, as seems my habit lately. :-)15:02
henningederyck: ok15:02
danilosallenap, also, what's the +feature-rules line I need for this particular feature?15:02
allenapdanilos: Oops, looking...15:07
allenapdanilos: soyuz.derived-series-ui.enableddefault1true15:08
danilosallenap, thanks15:15
danilosallenap, FormActionsWidget looks pretty neat, is this not something that should be used in many of our other forms? do you have plans to factor it out?15:19
allenapdanilos: Yeah, there's a few bits and pieces in that module that could be quite reusable. They're not up to standard for lazr-js I don't think. I intend to refactor as I need them in future branches for the derived distributions feature.15:20
danilosallenap, sounds good, we've also been doing similar stuff with our feature development and could have benefited from the same work, so it'd be nice to share it on the mailing list as well :)15:21
allenapdanilos: Yeah, good idea. Okay, I'll write something.15:22
danilosallenap, danke schön :)15:22
danilosallenap, I wonder about Camel Case On Buttons, is that the recommended UI practice?15:28
allenapdanilos: I don't know, I just carried on merrily :)15:29
jmlit's not.15:32
jmlI think.15:32
jmlgah, I don't know any more15:32
allenapdanilos: Ah, you just mean the words on the button, visible in the UI?15:33
allenapSorry, I got mixed up there.15:33
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jmlthere must be a guide *somewhere*...15:33
jmlButtons and tabs should be Headline Case; the last word capitalized, and all other words capitalized except those three letters or fewer that are prepositions, articles, or conjunctions.15:33
allenapjml: Does Launchpad have tabs in the UI?15:35
allenapdanilos: So, I should change the button wording.15:35
jmlallenap: I guess not any more.15:35
jmlallenap: apart from the component tabs.15:35
allenapjml: Thanks for digging that page up.15:41
jmlallenap: np15:42
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allenapdanilos: Thanks for the review :)16:09
danilosallenap, you are welcome16:10
danilosallenap, yeah, jml is right, no need to change the button text it seems16:11
danilosallenap, anyway, all good I'd say, a very nice, nice branch :)16:11
allenapdanilos: Ah, I did change it, to "Initialize Series".16:12
danilosallenap, heh, fair enough :)16:13
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gmblosa ping16:27
mbarnettheya gmb16:29
gmbHey mbarnett. Can you run and paste the results of `SELECT * from BugWatch WHERE bug = '710652';` on production for me?16:29
adeuringabentley: could you have a lok at this mp: https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/launchpad/js-translation-2/+merge/55575 ?16:32
abentleyadeuring: sure.16:32
mbarnettgmb: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/587408/16:33
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
abentleyadeuring: Could you please use 'complete' rather than 'configured' in the ids, so that it matches the other entries?16:40
adeuringabentley: ah, right16:40
adeuringabentley: just noticed that i forgot a few tests, for the upstream sync link...16:46
abentleyadeuring: cool.16:46
jmlabentley: can you please review that?16:50
abentleyadeuring: in the tests, did you consider using canonical_url to generate the exact expected URLs, rather than using regexes to match?16:50
abentleyjml: sure, I'll look at that next.16:50
adeuringabentley: right, we can do that16:51
abentleyadeuring: did you consider writing the tests of translation_sync_link_configured etc as view tests rather than browser tests?16:56
abentleyadeuring: i.e. instead of getting the page and parsing it, you'd just inspect the return value of translation_sync_link_configured?16:56
adeuringabentley: well, that's possible. I don't have a real opinion there...16:57
abentleyadeuring: Well, testing the output HTML is more of an integration test and testing the view is more of a unit test.16:58
adeuringabentley: ok, i'll change them16:58
jmlabentley: thanks.16:59
abentleyadeuring: Cool.  When I ask questions like this, I'm not necessarily asking for a change, but I do want to understand whether there's a reason you went one way instead of another.17:02
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LPCIBotProject devel build #592: FAILURE in 5 hr 17 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/592/17:14
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benjiI'm getting NotFound exceptions on icon-sprites; does that ring any bells for anyone?19:04
james_wcould someone help diagnose bug 745801 as it's frustrating testing of one of our projects?19:09
_mup_Bug #745801: system-based authorization doesn't store useful credentials in gnome-keyring <amd64> <apport-bug> <natty> <launchpadlib :New> <python-launchpadlib (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/745801 >19:10
bacbenji: re: icon sprites, look at rev 1269719:22
benjibac: thanks19:23
benjibac: 12697 of devel or something else?19:23
bacbenji: https://code.launchpad.net/~huwshimi/launchpad/private-objects-298152/+merge/5319519:24
bacof note you'll see that branch removed icon-sprites.  :(19:24
benjioh!  I wasn't getting the connection between "Changed private bug notifications to be more obvious." and sprites.  So in other words "it's broke".19:25
lifelesssinzui: bug 745791 is deliberate, no?19:28
_mup_Bug #745791: participation links are all blue <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/745791 >19:28
sinzuilifeless: yes. We have not concluded what they should look like19:30
sinzuilifeless: I think the bug is legitimate. huwshimi needs to address it, or advice me19:31
lifelessbigjools: why does queue acceptance read from the librarian?19:31
bigjoolslifeless: because it publishes files19:31
bacbenji: yes.  broken.19:31
bacbenji: i copied icon-sprites from another branch and it is fine19:31
bigjoolslifeless: or are you not talking about process-accepted?19:31
bacbenji: i'll land a fix that restores them19:31
lifelessbigjools: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/74579919:31
_mup_Bug #745799: Timeout accepting packages <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/745799 >19:31
benjicool, as long as we know about it19:31
bigjoolslifeless: let me check19:32
lifelessbigjools: bottom of the summary, or look at the oops directly19:33
bigjoolslifeless: ah it's checking filenames and checksums19:36
bigjoolslifeless: see lib/lp/soyuz/model/queue.py, setAccepted()19:37
bigjoolslifeless: it's also showing packagediffs19:40
jcsackettanyone else chasing the merge conflicts pqm is nagging about?20:00
lifelessjcsackett: I don't think so20:02
jcsackettlifeless: dig. it's vexing me, so i'll kill it.20:04
lifelessjcsackett: btw, did you see the bug on merge proposal diff popups ?20:05
jcsackettlifeless: i saw it yes. not sure it's a regression, since technically we're still better than we have been since i started looking at the popup. :-)20:05
lifelessjcsackett: :)20:05
jcsacketti may pick that one up soon; depends how much i feel like cursing the javascript gods.20:06
lifelessjcsackett: no worries, I only mention cause you are now familiar with it :P20:08
jcsackettlifeless: for a very small value of "familiar" :-P20:08
jcsackettand i'm not going to be able to easily resolve those merge conflicts after all. this appears non-trivial.20:09
jcsackettsinzui: i just noticed it's slightly past three. mumble time still good?20:10
sinzuijcsackett: can we postpone to 4:00. I have to leave early today20:12
jcsackettsinzui: hm, any chance we can do 4:15?20:13
jcsackettsinzui: if not, 4 can work, 415 would just be easier.20:13
jcsackettfantastic. thanks. :-)20:14
bacsinzui: here are the changes i've made to the Makefile:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/587496/20:16
bacunfortunately, the dependency i added to sprite_images is not working and the file is rebuilt whether it exists or not20:16
baci thought removing it from .phony would be the trick20:16
bacmy makefile fu is atrophied20:16
lifeless.phony says 'do not look at disk timestamps', so its certainly a good first step20:19
sinzuiThat is tricky. We only want to use create-image when the position file or sprites.css.in has changed.20:19
lifelessits transitive20:19
lifelessif foo depends on bar20:19
baclifeless: right, that's why removing it made sense20:19
lifelessneither foo nor bar can be .phony20:19
bacthere are no phony dependencies20:19
baci expect 'make sprite_image' to create the file and the next 'make sprite_image' to report nothing to be done20:20
lifelesssinzui: db-devel conflicts20:26
lifelesssinzui: you may know; is reassign a new menu entry for distributions?20:26
lifelesssinzui: or one that was removed20:26
sinzuilifeless: I believe it is new. We never admitted it could be done in the past20:27
lifelessI think I have a resolution then20:27
lifeless^ can has sanity check20:28
lifeless\o/ on huw's ajax thingy20:29
lifelessderyck: ^ - btw the initial version is in devel so you can see what he's working towards with the need for url info20:30
derycklifeless: ah, ok.  I'll take a peak then.  Thanks20:30
lifelessderyck: its controlled by the visible_render_time flag20:30
lifelessso you can see it on https://bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/launchpad20:31
deryckthis is really nice20:31
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lifelessyeah, its pretty cool20:32
lifelessneeds the url to be /really/ useful20:32
lifelesssinzui: I'll land what I have, i think its no worse20:35
lifelesssinzui: ping20:40
baclifeless, sinzui: i got the makefile to work: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/587507/20:40
bacthe key is to separate the phony, easy-to-type target from the files20:40
lifelessbac: looks fine to me20:43
lifelesssinzui: is bug 162510 actually fix released ?20:46
_mup_Bug #162510: Person:+delete timeouts : Person merging needs to be done asynchronously <canonical-losa-lp> <chr> <feature> <lp-registry> <merge-deactivate> <qa-untestable> <tech-debt> <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released by allenap> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/162510 >20:46
lifelessah, bug 72847120:47
_mup_Bug #728471: Person:+delete timeouts : Add sanity checks to mergeAsync <merge-deactivate> <qa-ok> <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released by sinzui> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/728471 >20:47
jcsackettcan someone tell me if bug 151362 is something we care about? do we support/care about basic given oauth?20:50
_mup_Bug #151362: Error: Incorrect padding (base64 error) during authentication <lp-foundations> <oops> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/151362 >20:50
lifelesswe still support basic auth in dev mode20:51
lifelesswe should either nuke it entirely20:51
lifelessor have it robust20:51
lifeless(the test suite depends on this at the moment)20:52
jcsackettlifeless: dig.20:52
jcsackettfixing the error seems like the easier to take on in afternoon solution.20:52
jcsackettvs nuking and removing the need for it.20:52
lifelessI think we care, but its trivial to fix: catch and return auth required20:52
jcsackettlifeless: right on.20:53
sinzuilifeless: hell no. this is vesitigal from the merges of other branches20:53
lifelesssinzui: context?20:53
sinzuilifeless: I am pretty confident that bug will not be fixed this week20:53
lifelessjcsackett: also there are two bugs conflated there20:53
jcsackettsinzui: you're referring to the merge person stuff, right?20:54
lifelesssinzui: its marked fix released is all; a user reported a new incident; I haven't duped because I was unsure o fthe status20:54
lifelessjcsackett: the OOPS at the bottom of the bug you are looking at is for a different occurence of the same exception class20:54
jcsackettlifeless: ah, thanks.20:54
lifelessjcsackett: so I suggest you file a new bug for the OOPS (1188C1227)20:54
jcsackettwill do.20:55
sinzuilifeless: allenap ran out of time (and scope) when working on that bug. we are traking the timeout in another bug because he claimed that one was fixed. His branch provided infrastructure to fix the issue20:55
lifelesssinzui: yep. the other bug is also closed ;)20:55
jcsackettsinzui: if you still wanted to chat at 4, the conflict i thought i had has disappeared, so i'm available at your convenience.20:55
sinzuilifeless: bug 736421 i still open20:56
_mup_Bug #736421: Person:+delete timeouts : Connect the UI the merge jobs <merge-deactivate> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by sinzui> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/736421 >20:56
sinzuilifeless: I can finish that bug when I can return to bug 74055920:56
lifelesssinzui: ahh, its not tagged timeout20:56
_mup_Bug #740559: Update PersonNotification to support teams <merge-deactivate> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by sinzui> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/740559 >20:56
* lifeless tags it20:56
deryckLater on, everyone.21:18
lifeless-> allergy shot, BBIAB21:32
bacsinzui: you see any reason to keep icon-sprites.positioning in the tree if we have sufficient makefile support to generate it on demand?21:36
sinzuibac: I think removing that file will make our house of cards topple21:40
baci don't think so sinzui21:40
baci've removed it and updated the makefile rules and all seems well21:41
sinzuiicon-sprites.positionin + sprites.css.in = sprites.css21:41
bacright, and as long as create_css dependson i-s.pos then it'll rebuild21:41
sinzuibac: I stand down. you are correct21:42
bacsinzui: looky at http://paste.ubuntu.com/587535/21:42
bacsorry for the distracting boxes21:43
sinzuithat looks correct21:44
bacgreat, i'll piggyback it on my next branch21:47
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wallyworldthumper: morning. standup?22:03
thumperwallyworld: sure22:03
wallyworldthumper: i can hear you22:04
wallyworldthumper: my lips are red here22:05
wallyworldthumper: ffs. try skype?22:05
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-afk
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!22:22
LPCIBotProject devel build #593: FIXED in 5 hr 7 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/593/22:22
jcsackettapparently i have been disconnected for some time. hurrah.22:25
sinzuijcsackett: mumble?22:28
jcsackettsinzui: sure.22:31
huwshimiwgrant: Morning22:58
sinzuiwallyworld: thumper, mumble?23:01
thumpersinzui: I can't hear you :(23:03
huwshimithumper: we can hear you23:03
thumperdamn, same thing happened with wallyworld and me earlier23:03
* wgrant fixes the conflict.23:05
sinzuiwgrant: I neglected to mention that the mhonarc rt was closed. We are running the latest version now23:25
wgrantsinzui: Great!23:25
wallyworldsinzui: sorry i missed your ping. i had already had a call with tim after which i was dropping the kid to school and then having breakfast23:51

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