gmbdanilos: Are you OCRing today?12:09
danilosgmb, oh, indeed! :)12:10
gmbdanilos: An easy one to start with, then, if you could: https://code.launchpad.net/~gmb/launchpad/no-mute-for-non-subscribers-bug-741821/+merge/5551212:11
danilosgmb, and I added a card for me to remember it12:11
danilosgmb, that's like more than a hundred lines of diff, find someone else!12:11
danilosgmb, comment on lines 12-13 confuses me a bit: isMuted() is a subset of isSubscribed() in that isSubscribed() will be true if it's a NOTHING ("mute") subscription, right?12:14
danilosgmb, or, put more simply, whenever isMuted() is true, isSubscribed() is true as well?12:14
gmbdanilos: You're right.12:15
gmb(The second version is more succinct than my comment, so I'll change it)12:15
danilosgmb, heh, cool12:15
danilosgmb, also, if you are losing the facet/layer in configure.zcml change (indentation suggests you might :), I suppose that's intentional12:16
gmbdanilos: I'm not losing the facet, am I? The page definition is still within the <facet facet="bugs">...</facet> block.12:18
danilosgmb, ah, ok, thanks for checking so I don't have to :)12:22
gmbdanilos: Heh. I had to check because my ZCML changes are often done pretty much blind anyway :)12:22
danilosgmb, in general, I am pretty sure facet is not used anymore for anything, but just making sure if it's happening that you know you are doing it :)12:22
danilosgmb, anyway, looks good; I am assuming that "mute link" becomes "unmute link" when you have it already muted, since that has nothing to do with this branch :)12:24
danilosgmb, r=me12:24
gmbdanilos: Thanks.12:24
gary_posterjoy.  gmb, danilos, have either or both of you already investigated wgrant's email and reverting of our branch?13:04
gmbgary_poster: I saw the email but haven't investigated further yet.13:05
gary_postercool, just curious where we were13:06
danilosgary_poster, I haven't seen it so far13:11
gary_posterack danilos thanks13:11
danilosgary_poster, looking at it now, I am unsure what wgrant means so I'll have to ask for clarification13:11
gary_posteryeah.  His approach seems unhelpful and unnecessary to me, and his decree of inappropriate approaches seems heavy-handed at best.13:12
gary_posterapproach of roling back a feature-flag protected bit of code, I mean13:12
bacgary_poster: it turns out when a bug supervisor for ubuntu tries to subscribe one of his other teams there is a failure.  i don't think it is very noticeable, though:  http://people.canonical.com/~bac/subscription-boom.png13:17
bacWONTFIX for now?13:18
gary_posterno, can't see it at all13:18
danilosgary_poster, we have agreed very early on in our pre-imp that this was not the "right" way to do it, but that it was the only one we could afford to do13:18
gary_posterdanilos, yes, though what you have done was not inherently problematic either.13:18
gary_posterdanilos, I'm replying to your email taking responsibility for the pre-imp.13:19
gary_posterbac, is it going to be too annoying to fix?13:19
bacgary_poster: no, it should be easy13:19
bacsorry, i should've used my <sarcasm> tags.  :)13:20
gary_posteroh ok :-)13:20
danilosbac, sorry, they got escaped by our XSS fix :)13:20
danilosgary_poster, also, I wouldn't worry about the reply, it's not about the blame, it's about the approach13:21
danilosgary_poster, my main question would be "are we supposed to halt any AJAX feature development until we fix our AJAX infrastructure"13:21
gary_posterbac, ok...how about make a bug and a backlog card?13:22
gary_posterwe'll get to it if we get to it13:22
bacgary_poster: i already have a card13:22
bacit was my next task13:22
gary_posterbac, well, ok, file the bug, associate it with the card, and move the card to the backlog then.13:22
gary_posterbac, also I made cards for the issues you brought up before13:23
gary_posteras I suspect you saw13:23
gary_posterI'm not sure what you think we ought to do with them13:23
gary_posterbut I din't want them to be lost13:23
bacbug 74566013:27
_mup_Bug #745660: Attempt to subscribe unassociated team to distribution fails <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/745660 >13:27
gary_postercool thanks13:28
danilosgary_poster, call time? :)13:35
gary_posteroh meh, thank you13:35
gary_posterwas looking at email13:35
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb, mumble/kanban now-ish13:35
gary_posterbenji hi :-)14:13
gary_posteryeah, moving card is good14:13
gary_posterFW2 I guess14:13
gary_posterbut not really super important which one14:13
benjiI guess the first thing to do is to determine the actual merge state (whether the code is in devel or not)14:14
benjigary_poster: from the logs and your email I gather that the code is actually on stable... so my task is now to address the way html is constructed?14:54
gary_posterright, benji--or at least devel.  (We said that on the call--bac said that his branch had inadvertently put the code back on devel)14:55
gary_postersorry if that was not clear.  Should we have a pre-imp to make sure we are on the same page?14:56
benjioh, I was under the impression that we thought it might be back but weren't sure14:56
benjisure, mumble?14:56
benjidanilos: I don't want to undo or step on any changes you've made to HTML generation while reworking the HTML generation for structural subscription JS, is there a way for me to do that?15:38
bacfrom wgrant's email, what is the difference in15:42
bacstructured("<some>%(bar)s</literal>", bar='<untrusted>')  (Good)  vs15:42
bacstructured("<some>%s</literal>" % '<untrusted')  (Bad) ?15:42
bacother than the named interpolation?15:42
gary_posterbac, I assumed that the first uses the code in "structured" to makes the replacement15:43
gary_posterthe second uses Python15:43
bacah, right15:43
gary_posterbenji, fwiw and iirc, danilos said his changes were primarily in the drawing of the first, recipients part of the overlay.  In trunk, we decide when we first draw the overlay whether or not to draw the recipient selection or the recipient display.  Since he is adding the ability to add a subscription on the edit page, he had to make that choice happen later.15:57
gary_posterSo, that's at least the area of conflict15:57
gary_posterdepending on how far along he is, you might be able to merge his branch in and then work from it.15:58
danilosbenji, sorry, got myself immersed in a JS review16:08
benjidanilos: is there a branch I should work from instead of the trunk or particular areas I should stay away from?16:09
danilosbenji, my branch that reworks those bits is pretty simple: https://pastebin.canonical.com/45453/16:09
danilosbenji, I am pretty sure you can't stay away from this, but you can perhaps construct it in a similar way16:10
benjidanilos: when do you expect your branch to land?16:10
benjiI suppose I could apply that patch and work from there.  I /think/ that would keep things sane when we merge.16:11
benjiwhen do you expect to merge your branch?  I expect mine to be pretty soon.16:11
gary_posterif you apply the patch, someone will almost certainly still get conflicts, but they should hopefully be easier to resolve...maybe?16:12
danilosbenji, yeah, that should be fine16:12
danilosbenji, it's not a big change at all, so I don't mind redoing it as long as you don't go to the extra effort to make this harder :)16:12
danilosbenji, and I am sure it's only going to be easier with the changes you are doing anyway16:13
benjiIt's a good thing today's not Make Things Hard on Your Coworkers day in America.16:13
danilosbenji, btw, you don't need the lib/lp/bugs/templates/bugtarget-subscription-list.pt part of the patch16:14
danilosbenji, that's strictly my branch material16:14
benjik; I'll just use the JS stuff16:14
danilosbenji, excellent16:15
danilosgary_poster, I forgot to mention that I was OCR today as well :)16:15
gary_poster:-) heh, ok danilos, just let your clone handle that bit16:15
danilosdone for the day, haven't been able to finish the reversion branch either (it was supposed to be enough at lp:~danilo/launchpad/revert-xss-workaround, but I hit some weirdness in LP behaviour not generating sprites properly and such), but I've got to run16:32
gary_posterdanilos, ack.  we should take the reversion from you then16:33
gary_postercan you publish--do you have the time?16:33
gary_posteroh duh16:33
gary_posteryou just said the branch :-)16:33
gary_posterthanks ttyl16:33
benjioh the humanity! the windmill tests fail for me on virgin devel18:04
bacgmb: you around?19:34
gmbbac: Yes-ish. What's up?19:35
bacgmb: just curious, you reviewed huw's private bug marking branch.  in it he deleted icon-sprites.  any good reason for that?19:35
baclp is pretty ugly without them.  :(19:35
gmbbac: He did? I must've missed that bit.19:36
gmbI don't recall seeing that when I did the review.19:36
bacyeah, easy to overlook...until they are gone.19:36
baci'll put them back.19:36
bacbenji: do you have two seconds to review this makefile fix?  https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/launchpad/restore-sprites/+merge/5561921:01
benjibac: sure (perhaps it will distract me long enough to forget that JavaScript exists)21:01
bacbenji: it is really short21:02
bacperhaps this review plus a belt of scotch21:02
bacgary_poster: did you see the thread on trizpug yesterday?21:03
bacjosh asked for opinions of django vs pyramid and there were some very thoughtful replies...until cc chimed in21:04
gary_posterI just read the thread, bac.  I thought the Django one was interestingly...without experience of the other alternatives, but it still had some fair points.21:07
benjibac: done21:07
bacthanks benji.  what do you mean "tried to keep it from happening again?"21:08
bacIMO, the way to do that is to not check in derived files21:08
benjibac: something like a web page difference reporter for a long time, but with projects like http://www.phantomjs.org/ it might be reasonable to consider nowadays21:09
benjire. derrived files: absolutely; I was thinking slightly bigger in scope: keeping pages from chaning visually in ways that are otherwise hard to test21:10
bacbenji: ah, ok21:10
bacyour heads in the clouds and mine is in the gutter that are makefile rules21:10
bacgary_poster: i've finished my branch and pushed a MP to https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/launchpad/bug-745660/+merge/55636 .  if the elves don't review it overnight i'll get a yellow reviewer tomorrow22:42
* gary_poster looks22:42
bacgary_poster: most of it is drive by cruft from deleting a file22:42
bacgary_poster: and that really wasn't a passive-aggressive request for a review this late in the afternoon.  :)22:43
gary_poster:-) great bac.  That said, I will be happy to look at it tomorrow if the elves don't get it, as you say (or if anyone else doesn't beat me to it)22:44
* bac eods22:44

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