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bprhey i've written a really quick system to enable rating the song currently playing in banshee with a keystroke00:41
bprif anyone's interested in playing with it it's here: https://github.com/briprowe/RateSongs00:41
jameswfdear whoever knows, I cnt playback DVD's. Signed this guy. P.S.  I have run install-css.sh02:40
meganerdcawhat version of Ubuntu, what video player is in use, are there errors, what are the symptoms (beyond something is broken)02:42
jameswf11.04 Alpha 3 all updates run with default movie player02:42
jameswferror pops up regarding dvd is encrypted02:43
meganerdcanever heard of this install-css.sh02:44
meganerdcawhere did you get it from?02:44
* jameswf waits for someone else (no offense)02:45
meganerdcahey whatever, I watch pretty much everything on my Linux boxes (and have since before this was easy), if you want help from someone else thats fine02:49
meganerdcaFWIW, you probably want libdvdread4, this is not Debian.02:51
jameswfFWIW this is what install-css does thanks for playing02:55
Lars_GHey al.02:56
jameswfI have come for developer level help not newb tricks If it wwas something in the first 15 links on google I would not be here02:56
Lars_GI'm trying to upgrade to 11.04 and something has gone wrong... while instaling/configuring libpam, services where restarted including kdm, and my xorg session was restarted02:56
Lars_GNow I ps and I see python running a file in /tmp update manager, and that in turn is the parent of a dpkg stuck configuring libpam02:57
Lars_GI can't run dpkg (database locked) as root, and update manager fails saying the db is "corrupt"... is there any way I can recover the running update?02:57
Lars_Gor should I kill the processes and rerun?02:57
Lars_GNo tips?03:00
OmegaI would rerun, but see if snyone else has advice.03:04
meganerdcajameswf: hey, I have been watching DVDs since Debian Slink without that script, you wanna be a jackass about it that is fine with me.03:04
Lars_GSo kill the process first. yeah03:04
jameswfprotip Ubuntu is NOT Debian03:06
IdleOnemeganerdca: drop it please03:06
Lars_GHmm update manager kindly suggests apt-get install -f03:08
cpatrick08so go to terminal and type sudo apt-get install -f03:09
Lars_GYeah I'm doing it on a tty, to avoid troubles03:10
cpatrick08@Lars_G did the update work for you03:20
Lars_Gso far it seems it ended correctly, let me restart xorg and test03:22
lars_gOk one question... important one... where is the key for encrypted home dirs stored at?03:57
lars_gSigh ok I think I've not lost my cryptfs or key04:39
lars_gNow I just need to find out why the system wont even boot in rescue mode :)04:40
lars_gAnd if I mount my home, backup FIRST thing I do04:40
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IdleOneso flash is not working for me :/06:20
hifino problem06:21
IdleOnenot for you I guess06:21
hifiwas being sarcastic06:22
rwwswitch to gnash06:22
hifirww: speaking of gnash, does it run youtube at it's and youtube's current version?06:23
IdleOneremind me how06:23
rwwhifi: probably not06:23
IdleOneif it doesn't work for youtube what is the point06:24
IdleOneI am not content with this situation at all06:25
hifiyou shouldn't be running natty if you're not content with broken system06:26
IdleOneyoutube with html5 enabled works06:27
IdleOnegood enough06:27
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bullgard4Why does '~$ uname -a' produce 3 times in a row "i686"? 'Linux T42 2.6.38-7-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 25 19:38:02 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux'08:41
popeybullgard4: uname --help :)08:58
popeybullgard4: look at -m -p -i08:59
popeyits those three08:59
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bullgard4popey: Thank you.09:52
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bullgard4 /proc/sys/kernel/domainname  is empty. What programs use to fill this file?10:23
bullgard4enter a value here?10:24
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jmlhow can I get times from multiple zones displayed in the indicator menu in unity?11:54
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zniavrejml,  using dconf-editor ?12:26
jmlzniavre: how12:26
thofkeI am trying out Natty right now, but the unity desktop wouldn' t boot with my mobility radeon X300, so i put in nomodeset in grub. I boots now, but it uses the vesa driver. If I specify the radeon driver in xorg.conf, compiz-check says it is using the software rasterizer. Any more ideas to pursue?12:29
zniavrejml, http://i.imgur.com/5Qxbl.png   screenshot is more clear than my english12:30
penguin42thofke: When you say it wouldn't boot, how far did it get?12:33
Q-FUNKseems that a GAS error made a build fail.  cna it be re-attempted?12:43
smoseranyone ever had the unity launcher get stuck out ?12:53
smoserit wont hide for me.12:53
smoserits set to autohide. but it doesn't go away12:54
smoserit was working, then something made it stop12:54
smoserhmm... it seems to have issues with mumble12:54
Elephantmanhi :) I want to upgrade a maverick install to natty. I use 'update-manager -d', and after a long while waiting during the "evaluating changes" job, the upgrade is refused. What's the way around ?13:00
Elephantmanit says the cause could be "Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu" which is the case, but there surely is a way13:00
mvoElephantman: could you please file a bugreport with the logs in /var/log/dist-upgrade/* ?13:00
mvoElephantman: usually its some dependency that can not be resolved13:00
Elephantmanok, I'll do that13:01
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papagnoI'm having problems with unity and my external monitor. I can use it only if I disable the monitor of my laptop.13:24
papagnoIs it a known bug?13:25
papagnoanyone reading?13:35
Elephantmanfinally i've resolved the issue for myself :)13:44
Elephantmanthanks mvo, bye :)13:44
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BluesKajhi BUGabundo13:55
BUGabundoola BluesKaj13:56
BUGabundowhy does FF4 always opens new windows when I have it set to tabs???????14:06
bullgard4BUGabundo: 7 question marks in a row are 6 too many.14:15
cjohnstonIs it possible to find out why I have a couple lib packages that have been held back for more than a week now?14:16
BUGabundobullgard4: and too many opened windows too14:17
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bullgard4cjohnston: You can try to do that by using packages. ubuntu.com and finding out the dependencies.14:19
BUGa_jobIntervielaunchpad will be better at that14:19
papagnoI have a lot of packages in synaptic marked as "Installed (manual)". Is that normal?14:27
BluesKajpapagno, installed from the live-cd14:34
papagnoBluesKaj, Yes, I installed from the alpha3 cd14:34
papagnoBluesKaj, but I had the same problem after the upgrade from 10.1014:35
BluesKajyes papagno that's normal, it's not a problem afaik14:35
papagnoBluesKaj, ok, thank you14:36
BluesKajpapagno, np14:37
ryan_46Hi. I did a partial upgade and it downloaded all but about 10 files out of 500 plus. The rest are getting 404 and my upgrade stops. Any info?14:56
penguin42ryan_46: Do an update again14:57
penguin42ryan_46: There are probably newer versions of some of the files now14:57
ryan_46Well I have several times done it but it is just sticking to the same result.14:58
ryan_46I can paste the files.14:58
penguin42which files are 404ing - use pastebin14:58
ryan_46OK I pasted14:59
BluesKajryan_46, do you have any ppas still enabled from maverick , if so disable them and update agin15:00
ryan_46I don't know. Will check.15:00
penguin42ryan_46: There's a slightly newer version there now; do an apt-get update and then try again15:01
ryan_46penguin42: Will do. Thanks15:02
ryan_46Thanks all :)15:02
ceed^Hi, after some updates today on natty Flash doesn't work and I get this error when I try to reinstall: http://pastebin.com/bzZWHiXL  Any idea what may be wrong?15:04
undergrounDinosahey everyone15:09
undergrounDinosaprobably not the first to ask this15:09
undergrounDinosabut any suggestions on how to fix the flash issue?15:09
ceed^lol Just asked the sam question a few minutes ago15:10
undergrounDinosa64bit 11.04 is giving "no appropriate viewer found for /usr/lub/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so15:10
ceed^same even15:10
Mocis there a way to get the classic alt+tab with unity running ?15:10
ceed^undergrounDinosa: I get this http://pastebin.com/bzZWHiXL15:11
undergrounDinosait seems like some things were removed from ia32-libs... any way to roll back its version?15:11
undergrounDinosaforce version is grayed out in synaptic15:13
undergrounDinosaotherwise this would be trivial15:13
BluesKajundergrounDinosa, sudo install flashplugin-installer ..does it give errors too?15:14
BluesKajapt-get thatis15:14
undergrounDinosayes, like I said, it seems to be an issue caused by ia32-libs15:14
undergrounDinosaif I can roll that back to an older version, say from a day or two ago, I am confident it would fix the problem15:14
genii-aroundundergrounDinosa: You can always look in /var/cache/apt/archives for the previous .deb and use dpkg -i on it15:15
undergrounDinosaI will try that right now15:16
undergrounDinosasudo dpkg -i /var/vache/apt/archives/ia32-libs_20090808ubuntu9_amd64.deb FOLLOWED BY sudo apt-get -f install15:18
undergrounDinosaproblem fixed15:18
undergrounDinosathank you for the help genii-around15:19
Mocalt-tab in compiz is really annoying on multi-screen15:19
Fireboyhi :) I'm running natty, seems like nspluginwrapper is broken15:19
undergrounDinosasudo dpkg -i /var/vache/apt/archives/ia32-libs_20090808ubuntu9_amd64.deb FOLLOWED BY sudo apt-get -f install15:19
undergrounDinosafixes that problem15:19
undergrounDinosaif anyone can sticky this15:19
undergrounDinosayou will probably be getting a ton of these questions today15:20
Fireboywhere can I get the deb ?15:20
undergrounDinosashould be in that cache15:20
undergrounDinosavache = cache15:21
Fireboyoops lol15:21
genii-aroundUnless you've run sudo apt-get clean  ;)15:21
Fireboywas ubuntu10 in my case, and doesn't resolve the issue15:23
undergrounDinosagenii-around: thanks for your help15:23
undergrounDinosaright, the latest update was ubuntu1015:23
undergrounDinosabut you should have an ubuntu9 in your cache15:23
genii-aroundundergrounDinosa: You're welcome15:23
Fireboyok, no I did run an apt-get clean, I'll go and get that back15:24
undergrounDinosaFireboy: want me to put it in my dropbox so you can download it? or already have a place in mind?15:24
Fireboyyeah I can do with that, packages.ubuntu doesn't seem to show it up15:25
undergrounDinosak, give me a bit...15:26
Fireboygoogle seems more efficient than internal search, got the file15:26
ceed^You can get the older ia32 here if cache is empty: http://mirror.pnl.gov/ubuntu//pool/universe/i/ia32-libs/ia32-libs_20090808ubuntu9_amd64.deb15:26
undergrounDinosaawesome, even better15:27
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Fireboydoesn't seem to resolve the problem for me15:33
zniavrethere is already a bug about datetime-indicator calendar and evolution not installed, causes the indicator calendar is not working well ?15:33
ceed^You need to restart the browser15:34
undergrounDinosaceed^: it worked for you I take it?15:34
ceed^undergrounDinosa: Sure did15:35
undergrounDinosaceed^: awesome15:35
ceed^yay! :)15:35
Fireboyinstall of nspluginwrapper fails, so browser restart wont change much15:35
ceed^Fireboy: I used Synaptic to remove and reinstall Flash. I do not know if that makes a difference.15:37
Fireboyflash is already removed, that shouldn't affect the issue15:37
undergrounDinosa sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree?15:38
ryan_46Hi. My upgrade finished in terminal. Should I do apt-get clean before rebooting?15:38
Fireboydoes nothing, it's not there15:38
undergrounDinosawhat command did you run and what did it do?15:39
yofelflashplugin-nonfree is a transitional package, touching that won't do anything15:39
yofelflashplugin-installer is the right flash package15:39
Fireboynot there either, I used apt-get remove flash* just to be sure ;)15:40
undergrounDinosatry reinstalling nspluginwrapper then15:40
undergrounDinosawell, remove+purge then reinstall15:41
BluesKajthis strictly aprob on 64bit systems , correct?15:41
yofelBluesKaj: yes, as it seems to be a ia32-libs issue15:41
FireboyundergrounDinosa: no success15:42
yofelubuntu11 was just uploaded which is supposed to fix this15:42
undergrounDinosawho wants to try 11?15:42
FireboyI'll give it a go15:42
Fireboycant break it further :)15:42
undergrounDinosatrue, lol15:43
Fireboygot an url around ?15:43
BluesKajok thanks, yofel15:43
undergrounDinosaalt+f2, "update-manager -d" I imagine15:43
yofelFireboy: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ia32-libs/20090808ubuntu11/+buildjob/241729715:44
undergrounDinosaBluesKaj: 11 fixed it for you?15:44
BluesKaj i'm still running 32 bit here , undergrounDinosa15:45
undergrounDinosaah, ok15:45
* yofel doesn't use 32bit flash so can't test it15:45
BluesKajI mistakenly installed 32 bit on lucid and never bothered to change :)15:46
Fireboyyofel: nspluginwrapper still doesn't install15:46
yofelwhat's the exact error that you get?15:46
FireboySegmentation fault (core dumped)15:47
BluesKajonly 3G and 2G Ram pcs here, so I don't it really makes any performance diffs15:47
yofelFireboy: can you pastebin the whole apt-get install output?15:48
Fireboyyofel: what's the command to get the output in english again ?15:48
undergrounDinosaFireboy: did you try running sudo apt-get -f install?15:48
yofelFireboy: sudo LANG=C apt-get ... I think15:49
FireboyundergrounDinosa: I did, same error15:49
yofelhm, no idea why it would crash there...15:52
yofeldoes 'sudo nspluginwrapper -a -v -u' cash too?15:53
undergrounDinosahe needs to get rid of those directories15:53
* BluesKaj hates that pastebin.com site that uses flash , I can't zoom to read the text on thei slarge monitor15:53
undergrounDinosaand let the installers try to rebuild them15:53
BluesKajthis large monitor15:53
Fireboyyofel: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/362667/15:54
Fireboyseems ok15:54
undergrounDinosadestroy those directories15:54
undergrounDinosamake sure firefox is closed15:54
BluesKajhttp://pastebin.com/bzZWHiXL..like this one15:54
undergrounDinosauninstall flash15:54
undergrounDinosalaunch firefox, check about:plugins to make sure it is gone15:55
yofelFireboy: does 'dpkg --compare-versions "1.2.2-0ubuntu8" lt "1.2.2-0ubuntu5"' crash?15:55
undergrounDinosaclose firefox again15:55
undergrounDinosadestroy the directories15:55
undergrounDinosabe happy15:55
yofelundergrounDinosa: his issue has nothing to do with flash it seems15:55
Fireboyremoving the folder resolved the issue15:55
yofelreally o.O?15:55
undergrounDinosayofel: spoke too soon?15:55
* yofel gives up on understanding dpkg...15:56
Fireboyyeah, weird15:56
BluesKajactually I've been using chrome and I like it except for the crappy fonts on the bookmarkbar and tas15:56
Fireboyfixed now, flash working15:56
Sprechkaesehey, was there a change somewhere in the flash -plugin thing?15:56
undergrounDinosaI'm telling you15:56
undergrounDinosathis needs to get stickied15:56
Sprechkaeseno browser is capable of flash anymore since today, is there a fix?15:56
undergrounDinosago there15:57
undergrounDinosaI wrote out the instructions15:57
undergrounDinosaor full link: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/gepwu/for_those_of_you_running_1104_who_had_flash_stop/15:57
Sprechkaeseoha, thanks a lot!!!15:57
undergrounDinosano problem15:57
SprechkaeseundergrounDinosa: i dont have that ia32libs... and the downloadlink you posted seems not to work16:03
undergrounDinosaworks for me16:03
undergrounDinosajust clicked it16:03
undergrounDinosatry again?16:03
Sprechkaesehm.. opera did not want to do it =)16:04
undergrounDinosaah, ok16:04
Sprechkaesei can not install that file... I have a later version ("20090808ubuntu10_amd64.deb") installed...16:06
undergrounDinosasudo dpkg -i16:06
undergrounDinosaor hell16:07
undergrounDinosaput it where the instructions say16:07
undergrounDinosaand then you can run the exact code I mentioned16:07
bullgard4 /proc/sys/kernel/domainname has teh entry "(none)". What programs fill this file with a nontrivial entry?16:09
penguin42is it a xenism or some container thing?16:13
penguin42or is it actually dns?16:13
penguin42hmm maybe nis domain?16:14
SprechkaeseundergrounDinosa: after I did what you said  flash did still not work, I tried update+upgrade and the installed "20090808ubuntu9_amd64.deb"  was just replaced with the new "20090808ubuntu10_amd64.deb" one...16:15
undergrounDinosayou closed your browser before?16:15
undergrounDinosaor restarted your browser?16:15
genii-around11 is in the repo now16:15
undergrounDinosaalso ubuntu10 is the one that is the problem16:16
Sprechkaesey, closed and restarted...16:16
Sprechkaeseok, i will try the 11 one16:16
undergrounDinosacheck it in synaptic16:16
undergrounDinosasee if your mirror has 11 yet16:16
Sprechkaesenice and easy, the 11 version fixed it, 1000 thanks ;)=16:19
Tetsuo55i just ran a quick natty test (with the current daily live cd)17:30
Tetsuo55is it know that compiz is very crashy on gma videocards? i have a x4000 something17:31
Tetsuo55almost any menu interaction would cause it to crash (but i didnt have the required internet connection to report it, and apport doesnt support saving to file for later uploading17:32
Tetsuo55once compiz crashed i would lose the top bar with the clock on it17:32
IdleOneTetsuo55: you can file a bug against compiz at launchpad.net give as much info as you can on your hardware and such.17:41
IdleOnealso steps to reproduce the crash17:41
Tetsuo55steps are easy17:42
Tetsuo55click anywhere17:43
yofelTetsuo55: also, apport keeps all crashes in /var/crash, file them when you have the required connection17:48
Tetsuo55that wont workf for a live cd will it17:48
gnomefreaklooks like my connection is still really bad. the speed test link someone gave me yesterday i no longer have anyone know it by chance?17:49
yofelah no, unless you save them17:49
Tetsuo55saving is impossible once compiz crashes17:50
Tetsuo55so thats a bit hopeless17:50
Tetsuo55ill do more serious testing later and make sure i have a wireless connection available then17:50
gnomefreakthere is or at least was a bug on reporting crashes using the crash log in /var/crash. apport was crashing while trying. i filied a bug on it but i cant get a damn site to open17:50
gnomefreakand compiz is known to crash also bug on that17:51
gnomefreakthanks for the link yofel. once i get to my bug list ill give the bug numbers17:52
yofelheh, well, I filed my own bug on compiz crashing17:53
yofeland apport can't seem to retrace it -.-17:53
* gnomefreak getting the hint i need to call my isp17:56
gnomefreakwell it seems my compiz crashing bug 737667 is fixed18:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 737667 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz keeps crashing in Unity" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73766718:03
gnomefreakoops that was my fault since it hasnt happened18:04
Fireboybye :)18:14
gnomefreakok this is starting to piss me off now18:16
penguin42any particular thing?18:20
gnomefreakpenguin42: my connection is very slow and unstable as hell18:23
gnomefreaki think im back at least if i can manage to stop closing irssi18:31
gnomefreaki lost all the controls on term window. well i can close min and max but that is it nothing in upper panel other than file>close18:32
trismmaybe dbus died?18:34
Asad2005I have ubuntu 10.10 installed using gnome. What will happen if i upgrade to 11.4 when it is released ? Will gnome also be replaced to unity?19:08
trismAsad2005: classic gnome is still there even on a clean install of natty, you can select it on the login screen19:14
Asad2005trism: So it safe to upgrade and it will stay gnome and can be changed to unity if i wish19:26
PiciAsad2005: Its my understanding that legacy upgrades will use the desktop environment that they were using in the past.19:26
Asad2005ok thanks19:26
pmatulisupgrade to natty via 'do-release-upgrade -d' failed horribly.  just a dark purple screen upon reboot  :(20:15
penguin42pmatulis: Can you get into grub by holding shift down?20:31
* ceed^ is not going to ask why Flash doesn't work...:)20:32
coz_hey all20:52
zzillezzevening folks21:36
zzillezzeither my eyes are sharper or something has changed with the fonts (kubuntu natty) :)21:37
monkeyDhey guys, could you please help me to fix my geforce card21:44
monkeyDI have a geforce fx 520021:44
monkeyDI activated the driver that ubuntu offered me21:44
monkeyDeverything else of nvidia is deleted from the synapticmanager21:44
monkeyDglxgears work21:44
monkeyDthe desktopeffects dont work and the flash videos has a slow framrate21:45
levittaany way to preview the beta 1 release notes before tomorrow ?22:31
zzillezzlevitta: do it the hard way: install it, and experience it yourself ;-)22:41
levittawell, yeah, the point is I'd rather check the release notes and see if there's any major bug likely to render my computer unusable22:43
levittaI don't mind a few bugs here and there and I'm happy to help track them down and report them, but I don't have the time to debug a major bug / reinstall ubuntu22:43
zzillezzi've been running the alpha's and updating daily22:43
zzillezzno major problems here22:44
levittaalright, cool22:44
zzillezzi'm running the kubuntu flavour22:44
zzillezzubuntu might be a bit more tricky with the new shell22:44
levittathe synaptics stuff seems annoying22:44
levittayeah, I don't intend to use it. :)22:45
levittathe alpha 3 release notes mentioned that touchpads could have the wrong speed22:45
zzillezzdidn't have any problems with that on my laptop22:45
zzillezzon the desktop atm22:46
yofelkubuntu runs fine here too, unity gives me only a compiz crash, and synaptics has a bit odd two finger scrolling here, but works cool most of the time22:47
BUGabundoQ: How to generate a random string?22:47
BUGabundoA: Put a fresh student in front of vi and tell him to quit.22:47
levittanice one :]22:47
wolfik i teach in gymnasium and i have 18 computers i try use oneconf but it don't work in ubuntu 10.10 if this work just in 11.04?22:48
needhelp1is there a set time for beta 1 being released, like is it at 12.01 EST ?23:23
charlie-tcaNormally releases happen before 23:59 UTC on the scheduled release day23:23
needhelp1charlie-tca, lol well, ok23:34

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