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charlie-tcaDo we have anyone that can run a couple of tests? We need to test the screen-reader installs for t16:09
charlie-tcabeta1, and since I wrote the tests, it would be better to have someone else run them too16:10
AlanBellhi charlie-tca16:13
charlie-tcaHello, AlanBell 16:13
AlanBellyes, I can run some tests, and I can make a slot in our global jam for that too16:14
AlanBellI can test something today (if it can be done in a VM)16:14
charlie-tcatwo tests today are needed16:14
AlanBellthe jam is on Saturday16:14
AlanBellok, what tests?16:14
charlie-tcaAs long as you get sound, to test orca installations16:14
AlanBellyeah, I get sound16:15
AlanBelloh, I don't get unity until installing the virtualbox guest additions, but that shouldn't matter for the installer I think16:15
charlie-tcaCan you do 32 and 64 bit?16:15
charlie-tcaor just one?16:16
AlanBellyeah I can do both16:16
charlie-tcaI can run them on hardware to verify anything you question, okay?16:17
AlanBellwhat build do you want me to test?16:17
charlie-tcanot mac16:18
charlie-tcaI replaced my keyboard when my trackball wore out, got a qtronics ione 35 with trackball built in16:19
AlanBellzsyncing both of those16:22
charlie-tcaAwesome! Thanks very much16:22
AlanBelldoing the 64 bit install now21:10
AlanBellit has booted into classic gnome21:11
AlanBellproblem between step 6 and step 721:12
AlanBellalt+f1 takes you to the menu but that isn't where the installer is, the icon for that is on the desktop21:13
AlanBelloh, might work in Unity, don't know21:13
AlanBellwhen scrolling up and down the languages I wonder if espeak could switch languages as it goes21:15
charlie-tcaThere should be an is\21:15
AlanBellbecause it can't pronounce francais21:15
charlie-tcathere should be an installer icon as the first launcher in Unity on the dock21:15
AlanBellyeah, but I am in classic gnome21:16
charlie-tcaThe test case is designed specific to unity working. One of the issues yet with the "new" ubuntu21:16
AlanBellok, the test case should include that when it starts speaking it should tell you21:17
AlanBell"desktop environment is unity"21:17
charlie-tcaI don't think it does say that in unity21:17
charlie-tcaI will boot one and listen21:18
AlanBelland if it tells you desktop environment is classic gnome then different instructions are needed21:18
AlanBellit does21:18
charlie-tcaIf they decide which session a11y will use, it would be much easier, huh?21:18
AlanBellquite a lot of machines will boot to classic gnome21:18
charlie-tcaI will wrio21:19
charlie-tcaI will write another test then for classic, and put it down as you suggest. 21:19
charlie-tcaThat's why I needed someone besides me to try this21:19
UndiFineDI tried natty 6 days ago ... somewhat of a vista experiance21:20
UndiFineDunity seems unproductive, so I got annoyed with that, switched to classic, which killed my encrypted user home directory21:21
AlanBell"use underscore device" radio button lable is a bit crap21:22
AlanBellas is "custom underscore partitioning"21:22
charlie-tcaI agree. 21:23
AlanBellI think I might go through this again and make a video and audio recording of it21:24
charlie-tcaso, how bad is the test case?21:28
charlie-tcaOther than it was written for unity and we need to have one for classic21:28
charlie-tcaAlanBell: thank you for doing the tests. It really helps to know where the fails are now.21:31
charlie-tcaI ran it about 5 times, and did not catch some of that stuff21:31
AlanBellit is pretty shocking :)21:33
AlanBellI knew that already, but I am still shocked once more21:33
* UndiFineD hears "it's electrifying, go grease lightning"21:52
charlie-tcaWell, I guess that is one way to put it :-)21:53
* charlie-tca goes to write a new test for classic-gnome; that's what he started with, too21:54
charlie-tcaI will have to install the nvidia card to get it to fall 21:55
charlie-tcafallback properly21:55
UndiFineDI had no nvidia trouble on natty21:55
UndiFineDbut I upgraded ..21:56
charlie-tcaIf you don't install the hardware driver, unity don't work again21:57
charlie-tcait was working with one of the default drivers, but now it needs the hardware nvidia driver again21:57
UndiFineDah yes I have that21:58

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