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AaronMickI'm in the process of getting one of those Sylvania 7" netbooks that CVS sold on black friday. It has a 300mhz ARM processor, 128mb ram, 2gb HD. Has anyone had any luck with ubuntu on it?04:49
prpplagueAaronMick: its a via arm processor, or atleast the ones i got were04:51
prpplagueAaronMick: its pretty easy getting generic linux up an running, no clue about ubuntu04:52
AaronMickprpplague: I'm not sure what processor it really is, since I'm seeing a 1.2ghz arm processor, a 400mhz, and a 300mhz. I'll have to wait to find out.04:54
rsalvetiprpplague: what type of arm?04:54
rsalvetiprpplague: armv5?04:54
AaronMickprpplague: It's running Windows CE, and its said to be HORRIBLY slow. I'm hoping a juice-up with linux will help with the speed.04:54
AaronMickheres what I know about it:04:55
AaronMick* Processor Clock Speed: 300M MHz04:55
AaronMick* Processor/Manufacturer: WM04:55
AaronMick* Processor Model: VIA-ARM VT850004:55
prpplaguersalveti: via VT850004:55
prpplaguersalveti: ARM926EJ-S04:56
prpplaguei have about dozen variations of the sylvania unit04:57
rsalvetiyeah, maybe debian04:57
prpplagueAaronMick: you probably can run a nice variation of angstrom04:57
rsalvetiyeah, angstrom would fit fine04:57
prpplagueAaronMick: i mainly purchased them to remove the MB and replace with either a beagle or panda04:58
AaronMickI read on the ubuntu forums that there is no BIOS so installing a OS is difficult, if not impossible.04:58
prpplagueAaronMick: hehehehe05:00
prpplagueAaronMick: no not impossible, not even difficuly05:00
AaronMickHow would you go about doing it? I'm more familiar with PC's with BIOS's that you can boot and install from05:00
prpplagueAaronMick: i had linux booting on the sylvania in about 10 minutes05:00
prpplagueAaronMick: but if you aren't familiar with embedded linux, there is a learning curve05:01
AaronMickI'm up for a challenge.05:04
prpplagueAaronMick: but an augen instead if you can get one, and join the #didj channel, more support and co-development, via is pretty much dead to open source05:05
prpplagueAaronMick: techincally so is magic eyes, but there is more of a community05:06
prpplagueAaronMick: http://www.elinux.org/Augen_eGo:_OE-A730_to_OE-A73305:06
prpplagueAaronMick: http://computerpartsdirect.us/augen-ego-oea736-akarm-arm926ak7802-248mhz-64mb-2gb-7-netboo-p-18868.html?zenid=00b848a5384a821ec4848e2ab993b8a305:07
GrueMasterDamn.  Something is not right with the omap4 images.  http://members.dsl-only.net/~tdavis/panda-20110328.jpg is what it looks like on first boot.  No oem-config, mega-interlacing.05:54
GrueMasterReset seems to clear it up.  At first I thought it may be my sd card or image.  This is being too consistant.  3 different SD cards, two pandas, very weird.05:57
GrueMasterYea, we have banshee on panda.06:32
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ogra_hey hey13:05
ogra_good catch on the meta stuff13:05
ogra_(still no upload though)13:05
rsalvetiargh, why still not updated?13:20
rsalvetiprobably waiting rtg13:21
ogra_no idea, when i asked cooloney he had nothing ready yet and was waiting for tim13:21
rsalvetion a different topic, Amaranth got compiz running on panda with gles :-)13:21
rsalvetistill a lot to fix it seems, but good to see it worked13:22
ogra_geez !13:22
ogra_awesome news13:22
ogra_great, lets switch the default UI :P13:23
AmaranthThat's running unity-2d13:24
AmaranthOther than the Workspaces button it all seems to do the right thing13:24
ogra_bah, cheater !13:24
AmaranthBetter than unity itself actually, we actually get shadows on the top panel13:25
ogra_metacity with its own composite manager works pretty well here on non GL hardware13:25
Amaranthwith compiz it can get laggy sometimes13:26
ogra_i get a little banding in the dropped shadows but you dont feel any performance difference13:26
AmaranthIt'll be pretty smooth then suddenly pause for a moment13:26
ogra_for plain xfbdev thats pretty good imho13:26
AmaranthOh, you're running the metacity compositor with no XRender acceleration?13:27
AmaranthI guess you needed something to use that second core ;)13:27
ogra_well, its not that the cpu usage goes through the roof or so13:28
ogra_i really cant see a difference apart from added bling13:28
AmaranthAnd you're running at 1920x1080?13:28
ogra_heh, no, the ac100 only has a 1024x600 LCD13:29
Amaranthah, now that's a different story13:29
AmaranthAlthough with tegra 2 you're missing the pixman neon optimizations so I would still expect some noticeable cpu usage13:30
ogra_rsalveti, oh, btw, i dropped the dvi bits from the default cmdline on the weekend13:38
rsalvetiogra_: cool, was just going to ask you about that13:38
ogra_yeah, i saw it in the backlog13:39
lilsteviedoes anyone here know where upower reads the battery capacity from in the sysfs entry?14:06
hrwlilstevie: cd /sys/class/battery/ and take a look?14:11
lilsteviehrw: it is more that it doesnt read the capacity from there14:11
lilstevieer well I mean, I am trying to get it to correctly read the battery capacity14:12
hrwlilstevie: check /sys/class/power_supply/*/uevent14:12
hrwcapacity = POWER_SUPPLY_ENERGY_NOW / POWER_SUPPLY_VOLTAGE_NOW for my x86 laptop14:13
lilstevieshould have pastied that14:14
lilsteviethat is everything in uevent14:14
hrwso check upower source14:14
lilstevieusing upower -d14:16
lilstevieor what14:16
hrwapt-get source upower?14:17
lilstevieoh right14:17
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ppisatifrom which git tree did you generate this one: https://launchpad.net/~tiomap-dev/+archive/trunk/+buildjob/2114099?17:15
ppisatilinux-ti-omap4 2.6.35-980.1release917:15
ndecppisati: kernel-ubuntu on dev.omapzoom.org17:19
ppisatindec: k17:23
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prpplaguendec: ping20:04
prpplagueanyone know what git repo is being used for the kernel for the 11.04 release?20:04
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rsalvetiprpplague: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-natty.git;a=summary21:45
rsalvetiprpplague: ti-omap4 branch21:45
rsalvetiand work the same way as the maverick one21:45
prpplaguersalveti: thanks21:46
GrueMasteryea.  Banshee works on panda (no audio, but...)21:57
rsalvetitime to get some food, brb23:05

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