udayanhelp!!!!! wtf.....when i tried to upgrade to 10.10, it gave me an error00:17
udayanError during commit00:17
udayan'E:Couldn't configure pre-depend jre for openoffice.org-writer2latex, probably a dependency cycle.'00:17
udayanRestoring original system state00:17
udayani was online for more than 4 hours and it has resulted in.......00:17
udayancompletely nothing....!!!!!00:17
kevin4942941i don't know00:24
kevin4942941i can tell you what i would do00:24
kevin4942941dang, he didn't know about tab complete and i missed his message01:05
MrChrisDruifYou can't have them all kevin4942941 :)01:07
kevin4942941gotta' catch 'em all!01:07
MrChrisDruifThat made me laugh and cry at the same time :)01:10
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bluesmakerhello i need some help to setup a tv card, i'm a noob08:55
bluesmakeram i in the right place?08:55
xardas008bluesmaker, maybe you could also ask at #ubuntu, there are more people so the chances that someone is experienced with tv cards is even bigger than here (i don't have much experience though)08:59
bluesmakerok, but i dont think it is a complicated thing09:00
xardas008depends on the type of card09:00
bluesmakermy tv card is listed as card=63 is  em28xx09:01
xardas008dvb-t for example can be used in kaffeine, maybe you can try xawtv?09:01
bluesmakerbut i don't know how to make it card=63, it is now card=009:01
bluesmakerit says "You may try to use card=<n> insmod option to workaround that." but i don't know how to do that09:03
bluesmakerxardas008: ok thanks09:09
xardas008bluesmaker, np09:09
xardas008what's up Mao?09:22
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MaoDaYes , I know it ,but I am not that bad boy ever09:31
MaoDaI am a new comer09:31
aztekhi all11:04
aztekis it any program like macromedia in ubuntu?11:04
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duanedesignhello mr_nst11:35
duanedesignmr_nst: which macromedia program?11:35
xardas008there is a flashplugin available, alternativly you can use gnash11:38
xardas008but it's not as good as the flash plugin provided by adobe11:38
mr_nstwhat is the weakness?11:40
sagacinot fully functional11:40
xardas008on my dual core computer on full screen the videos jerk11:41
mr_nsthmm, other alternative?11:42
xardas008nothing on client side i think11:43
duanedesignmr_nst: the proprietary flash plugin for linux works pretty well11:48
mr_nstdualdesign: macromediaflas?11:48
duanedesignmr_nst: The first package i install on Ubuntu is ubuntu-restricted-extras11:49
duanedesignmr_nst:Adobe bought Macromedia11:49
duanedesignmr_nst: but yes11:49
mr_nsthow to install it?11:49
duanedesigntherre is an adobe flash plugin for linux11:49
duanedesignmr_nst: You can go to Software Add/Remove and search for ubuntu-restricted-extras. Or from the Terminal issue command :  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras11:50
duanedesignmr_nst: that package has Flash, Java, packages for MP3 and DVD playback11:52
mr_nstdualdesign: it can't be installed through terminal in my pc11:54
duanedesignmr_nst: it can not? What does it say?11:55
mr_nstE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)11:55
mr_nstE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?11:55
duanedesignmr_nst: ok, you have another package manager open11:56
duanedesignmr_nst: is Software Center open?11:56
duanedesignSynaptic Package Manager?11:56
duanedesignanother Terminal installing software?11:57
mr_nstmay be i need restart my pc11:57
duanedesignmr_nst: have you installed any software recently?11:59
duanedesignmr_nst: how did you install it?12:01
duanedesignthe terminal or software center12:01
mr_nstsudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras12:02
mr_nst*in terminal12:02
duanedesignThat error happens when Software Center or another package update / installation application is already running.12:04
mr_nstok, amn going to restarting my pc. i will back soon..12:05
duanedesignmr_nst: you can try and kill12:05
duanedesignwb aztek12:24
duanedesignaztek: can you run install the package now?12:25
aztekbut need long time...12:29
aztek duanedesign: my internes is very slow...12:53
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KummHi! I've just installed Ubuntu and am having problems with playing sounds.15:14
KummI can play sounds for about half a minute or so and then it mutes.15:14
KummAs soon as I unmute it, it mutes itself again.15:14
KummIt doesn't matter whether I use Rhythmbox or VLC.15:14
KummIt works perfectly on my Windows 7 install.15:16
KummHowever, YouTube appears to be working.15:20
KummNope, there it muted, just took longer than usual.15:22
xardas008is it possible to run ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 beside on the same hard drive?16:18
charlie-tcayes, as long as you don't want to run them at the exact same time16:20
charlie-tcayou can install one, then do a guided re-size to install the other one16:20
xardas008guided resize?16:20
charlie-tcayup, automatically resizes the partition and creates a new one.16:21
charlie-tcaYou can also partition manually to create two partitions for the two installs16:22
xardas008ok wish me luck that everything will work without data loss xD (made a backup before so not so bad if it breaks my system)16:31
charlie-tcaGood luck16:32
xardas008what the hell is jockey-backend?16:54
xardas008hm ok program exited so update manager can reload sources xD16:54
xardas008installation worked fine, everything works (ubuntu 10.10 as well as 11.04)16:55
charlie-tcaIt is the thing that installs the hardware drivers16:56
xardas008ah ok16:56
charlie-tcaGreat job! glad it all worked16:56
xardas008the installer is really nice, he found out that ubuntu 10.10 was already installed and made the proposition to do a side by side installation16:58
xardas008everything i needed to do was clicking on next16:58
xardas008and answering some dialogs as usual16:58
johnny77Will any window Manager run without a DE?16:59
xardas008de = desktop environment?17:00
charlie-tcawindows manager requires gui, in most cases17:01
charlie-tcaDE = GUI17:01
johnny77charlie-tca: I know Openbox and fluxbox can be ran without desktop environments. If I wanted to look for other similar Window Managers, how would I know if the WM required a Desktop Environment?17:06
charlie-tcatry it, I guess. Maybe they will work. Xubuntu uses xfwm4, which should work, but probably requires a lot of effort17:08
charlie-tcagnome uses something, that I don't think does wir17:08
charlie-tcawork without the de17:08
xardas008where can i open a request for a special package?17:27
bdfhjkWhat special package? :-)17:30
johnny77I've just encountered another prime opportunity to learn <- That means I screwed up. :)17:31
xardas008latest stable is version 3.6.2, version in natty is 3.5.217:31
bdfhjklatest from debian?17:32
bdfhjkI think You should ask at #ubuntu-devel17:32
johnny77I installed a Command Line Interface and install fluxbox. I just now installed Openbox, but when I run startx, what used to get me into Fluxbox now jut gives me a blank screen with a cursor.17:32
xardas008ok version in debian is also 3.5.217:34
bdfhjkmaybe this is a package problem17:34
xardas008hm i don't know17:34
bdfhjkbut I don't know too17:34
johnny77Ok, silly me. Openbox is the blank screen. But now that I have fluxbox and openbox how do I choose between the two?17:36
okuth0ris there anyone here who can help with a install?17:43
okuth0ri have a machine with SLi setup and am having trouble installing ubuntu17:46
johnny77okuth0r: Sorry, but I can't help. I'm pretty new myself. I recommend hanging around for a bit. There are a lot of very smart people that hang here. Also you can try #ubuntu.17:54
johnny77Is there a way to install a session manager without a login manager?18:03
bioterrorwhat's session manager?18:05
johnny77bioterror: maybe I'm using the wrong words. I've installed a CLI and installed Openbox, Fluxbox, but don't have a way to choose which to load when I run startx.18:07
johnny77I like the command line login, but want a way to choose which to WM to load.18:08
xardas008johnny77, you start with startx?18:09
johnny77xardas008: Yes, maybe that is wrong way. Like I said I install a Command Line Interface from the Alternative CD. After installing that I installed fluxbox. Startx just loaded Fluxbox. But now I have other options.18:11
xardas008in fluxbox?18:12
johnny77No, when I boot my computer it loads into a command line. Then from that command line (terminal) I run startx to load fluxbox.18:13
xardas008and now you want to use an other one?18:13
johnny77I want to be able to choose which one I want to load.18:14
xardas008you can do it manually with the ~/.xinitrc18:14
xardas008and interactiv way maybe only if you write a script18:15
johnny77xardas008: I know on my other computer, I can choose from the graphical Login manager. I was hoping there was something I could install that would give me the choose without having to install a graphical login manager.18:17
bioterrorecho "exec fluxbox" > .xinitrc && startx18:23
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johnny77is there a way to not load the login manager when booting?20:45
yofelsure, disable the init service20:49
yofelsudo mv /etc/init/gdm.conf /etc/init/gdm.conf.disabled20:49
yofelif you're using gdm20:49
yofelnatty will have a saner way to do that...20:49
johnny77yofel: well, my problem is I was trying to configure my login manager and I guess I messed it up. Now it says Login failed whenever I try.20:51
yofelcan't help there I fear...20:51
yofelmaybe purging and reinstalling gdm could help20:51
johnny77but I can't get to a command line to do anythign.20:52
yofelctrl+alt+f2 doesn't get you a terminal?20:52
johnny77thank you. didn't know I could do that!!20:54
johnny77that is exactly what I needed!20:54
yofelah, there are always 6 TTYs started on F1-F6 in case you need them20:55
xardas008+ f7 for the desktop environment21:08
xardas008so you have 7 ttys21:08
kristian-aalborgI'd like to have a text file which displays all of my figlet fonts and their name - how do I do that?21:49
kristian-aalborglol, I found it21:49
wolfik i teach in gymnasium and i have 18 computers i try use oneconf but it don't work in ubuntu 10.10 if this work just in 11.04?22:53
holsteinwolfik: looks like a cool project22:55
holsteinwolfik: what are your goals for using oneconf?22:56
holsteinwhat do you mean by 'didnt work' ?22:56
holsteindidnt install?22:56
holsteinwhat failed?22:56
wolfiki want quick synchronize all programs on all computer in lab22:58
wolfiki install one conf and mark share computer and and show inventories but only one computer show synchronize at 7:00 pm22:59
wolfikbut no program are installed23:00
holsteinwolfik: thats going to be challenging to sort out23:00
holsteinive never used it23:00
holsteinand havent heard anyone talking about it here23:00
holsteinhang out and see if someone comes along23:00
holsteinbut, does the project itself have an IRC channel?23:00
holsteinor mailinglist?23:00
wolfiki don't check :(23:01
wolfikubuntuone is i try this23:02
wolfikdid anybody know any programs to synchronize aplication to many computers in this same network?23:02
holsteinive only ever done it manually in synaptic23:03
holsteinwith a couple machines23:03
holstein*im sure theres a way though23:03
wolfikcouple machines??23:05
holsteinlike 2 installs23:05
holsteinmaybe 323:05
holsteinnot the large deployment you are going for23:05
MrChrisDruifholstein: what about LandScape? Wasn't that for situations like this?23:06
* holstein shrugs23:06
ubot2Landscape makes the management and monitoring of Ubuntu systems simple and effective by combining world-class support with easy to use online management tools. https://landscape.canonical.com/23:06
holsteinMrChrisDruif: is that a server thing?23:06
holsteinanyways, give that a look wolfik ^23:06
wolfikok i think oneconf is the best because ubuntu peoples made it but maybe its wrong :)23:07
MrChrisDruifholstein: I don't know if it is operable from server (CLI) but I guess it should be possible :)23:07
MrChrisDruifwolfik: So is landscape if I'm not mistaken :)23:07
wolfiklandscape isn't free ??23:14
holsteinin what way?23:14
wolfiki read that is commercial product that right?23:16
MrChrisDruifwolfik: Isn't it a one buy program? No licenses right?23:17
MrChrisDruifYou can try it for free I see...and maybe the link from holstein might give free results23:18
wolfikmy school is very poor, free program is oneconf but don't work :)23:18
MrChrisDruifPuppet is mentioned in the link from holstein23:18
wolfikbut it doesn't work on Ubuntu << :(23:19
MrChrisDruifI've never heard of it thou23:19
holsteinwolfik: did you try it with lucid?23:20
holsteini usually prefer going with the LTS's in those cases23:20
wolfikno maverick 10.1023:21
dennemehello all, I'm getting an error saying that the disk drive for /home is not ready yet or not present. therefore i can not login to my desktop23:26
dennemei have an lvm setup with encrypted /home partition23:27
dennemechecked the /etc/fstab everythings look normal23:27
dennemeany idea why this is happening?23:27

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