pleia2doctormo: I love your little use non-free flash but support gnash with money badge :)01:55
doctormothanks pleia2, it's a really hard message to get out there you know.01:55
pleia2once it's a true statement for me I'll be sure to add it to my blog01:56
pleia2(out of $$$ at the moment for donations, but maybe next month!)01:56
doctormopleia2: That's great news :-) the plan is to complete the flash vm, which is the missing piece of flash 10 support that allows most of the animations and tricky swf executions.02:01
doctormoI believe one of the other flash projects is working on it too, but I'm not sure how good the ability to merge it all together will be.02:01
pleia2ah, cool02:01
pleia2I met Rob at the last UDS (we were on the same plane over the atlantic) but I have to admit not knowing a whole lot about the project02:02
pleia2err, the last UDS I was at :)02:02
pleia210.10, brussels02:02
doctormopleia2: I actually think I might try my hand at doing some Fedora development for GC, I think it needs to go git and perhaps incorporate gnome projects. But I'm still pondering it.02:06
doctormoBut that rules out future UDS's02:06
doctormopleia2: sorry, ground control. the development tool.02:11
pleia2oh yes :)02:12
nigelbgood morning04:09
dholbachgood morning07:49
popeyYes! It is!07:49
* popey goes back to sleep07:49
* dholbach hugs popey :)07:49
dholbachTechnoviking, thanks a lot08:10
dpmgood morning all08:33
dholbachhey dpm08:34
dpmhey dholbach!08:34
kim0dpm: dholbach morning folks09:06
dpmhey kim0, good morning!09:07
dholbachhey kim009:31
czajkowskihow are we all doing today ?09:55
nigelbmorning folks09:56
kim0We're doing great :)09:58
* kim0 enjoying golden sun rays09:58
kim0czajkowski: Morning o/09:58
kim0nigelb: hey man09:58
nigelbkim0: golden sun rays here too09:59
nigelbMy work day is done today.09:59
* nigelb shutting own to go watch the cricket match09:59
kim0awesome hehe09:59
czajkowskikim0: ohhh nice10:00
czajkowskino sunshine here today, bit cloudy, but at least it's not raining10:00
popeynigelb: my indian co-workers are now happy because I have setup a proxy through which they can watch cricket :)10:01
nigelbpopey: they'll all bow down and worship you today :p10:01
popeyhe's "quite happy"10:02
popeyhe has a ticket for some cricket match at the weekend10:02
popeycost him £20010:02
popeyapparently they're going for 100x that10:02
popeyhe's flying out, watching then flying back10:02
nigelbWait, weekend?10:02
nigelbpopey: That IS the final!10:02
popeySri lanka vs who ever wins this one10:03
popey(not a cricket expert)10:03
nigelbI like your indifference, 'he got  tickets for some cricket matach at the weekend'10:03
czajkowskiok the ducks outside on the canal are loud this morning !10:04
popeyi dont really follow any sport10:05
popeycan you tell? :D10:05
nigelbI don't much.10:05
nigelbBut india vs Pakistan, any sport is awesome to wwatch.10:05
czajkowskisociable sport to watch even if you don't follow any10:06
nigelbRugby is like taking the red and yellow card rules out of football (at least in my head)10:06
nigelbbah, twitter stream has got every bit of the match several times over. Now I know who types faster.10:08
popeyhaha, /6410:12
huatsmorning everyone10:15
huatsnigelb, don't say that with czajkowski or me around :)10:15
huats(I mean for the rugby rules)10:18
nigelbhuats: hehe10:22
jussimeh, rugby is just a poor mans aussie rules :P10:29
czajkowskiyeah we have hurling :)10:29
czajkowskiclash of the ash :D10:29
=== daker_ is now known as daker
dakernigelb, India Vs PK semi final Worldcup Oh!!10:49
nigelbdaker: yup :D10:52
dakerso PK will win e_e10:53
nigelbgrr :p10:55
JanCtalking about variations on football (soccer for US'ians), the craziest football game I ever saw was in the Landaise region in France, where the yearly summer festivities included playing football in an area where also a bull was running around  :P11:15
JFo:-/ football(soccer) is tough enough(I used to play) without a bull also skipping about.11:16
JanCJFo: it was more for fun than anything else of course, they also did other stuff with (a) bull(s) in the arena11:18
JanClike they made some sort of pool, filled it with water and trouts, and you could take home all the trouts you could take out of the pool and then out of the arena11:19
JanCof course the bulls didn't just let you take them without running after you...11:20
JanCwe stayed safely on our seats outside of the arena BTW  :P11:20
JanCI guess most of the people in the arena were local farm boys, used to work with cattle...11:21
JanCJFo: some football teams could learn team play by participating in such an event though, as running around on your own without others to distract the bull isn't going to work...  :-)11:25
JFogood point11:27
popey"bull" "skipping"11:27
popeythis is an image I had not had before11:28
popeybut now I do11:28
popeythank you JFo11:28
JFoyou can thank bugs bunny for my having it11:28
JFoJanC, I'd have been with you 'observing'11:28
JFopopey, you are welcome11:28
popeyMy coworker keeps cheering11:28
popeyhe has his headphones on11:29
popey(indian co-worker)11:29
popeyIn other news. We (UUPC) are doing a silly little quiz in some episodes, just for fun, between the people presenting the show...11:29
popeyWe're doing "Family Fortunes" (Family Feud in the USA?) and need more people to answer some questions we have set11:30
popeyHowever I am not allowed to see them because I am playing...11:30
popey^^^ please click that and answer questions as best you can11:30
popeypls don't google or tell me anything about the questions, thanks :D11:30
czajkowski*grin* it's better this way11:31
czajkowskiI'm going to enjoy listening to this show :)11:31
popeytwo of the guys at work have filled it in11:31
duanedesignmorning all11:36
nigelbpopey: We're doing alright so far :D11:43
nigelboffice watching twitter + live stream11:43
popeyTwo guys here.. they have one pair of headphones stretched between them, one ear each. Reminds me of 12 year old girls on the bus listening to a shared ipod :)11:45
* popey takes a pic without them noticing11:47
nigelbpopey: twitpic?11:52
popeynah :)11:53
=== daker_ is now known as daker
akgranerczajkowski, I'm caught up with AW now...and yes that is pretty close to the way it is...15:28
czajkowskiakgraner: :(15:29
czajkowskiakgraner: that was a really sad episode15:29
akgranerit's sad anytime that happens...and did you notice the mom got the flag...Pete was getting ready to deploy and I was like no way you deploy with us being married...I want the flag...:-)15:30
czajkowskiakgraner: right so daft question time15:31
czajkowskiakgraner: why is there a flag handed over?15:31
czajkowskiwhat are you expected to do with it ?15:31
akgranerno daft questions...15:31
* JFo remembers doing caisson detail15:31
czajkowskiJFo: caisson ?15:31
akgranerits a gift from a grateful nation in honor15:32
czajkowskiah ok15:32
JFosorry, wrong word actually, but I am having trouble finding it15:33
JFoczajkowski, it is where a military unit is deployed to do burial honors15:34
JFothe 21 gun salute15:34
JFoflag folding, etc.15:34
czajkowskiJFo: ah ok, thanks15:34
JFosorry about the confusion15:34
czajkowskiakgraner: it's a really good show though.15:34
czajkowskiJFo: dont be, I just watch the show and then army questions get fielded to akgraner usually to explain15:34
JFoworks for me :)15:35
czajkowskiakgraner: kind gutted they killed him off tbh :(15:35
JFohmmm, apparently it is the right word, the definition I found for it was wrong15:35
dholbachhey jono16:00
JFohave I toooold you latelyyy that I looooove you?16:01
jcastrooh do we have a call?16:01
* JFo sings poorly16:01
JFoI blame the coffee16:01
dpmoh, thanks JFo, I feel touched :)16:01
JFodpm :-D16:02
* nigelb hugs JFo 16:02
JFome hugs nigelb :)16:02
JFoslash fail16:02
jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro, kim0 ok logging on now16:03
kim0aye aye16:03
akgranerjono, can you add call/conversation with me to your today list today or tomorrow? please and thank you..:-D16:07
jonoakgraner, sure, let me check my schedule16:09
akgranerjfo I'm setting up the presonus mic and mixing board today can you possibly to a test call tonight or tomorrow before I leave for texas friday? would you have time?16:10
akgranerjono, thanks!16:10
JFoakgraner, absolutely16:10
JFojust let me know when16:10
nigelbakgraner / JFo: When do we get next episode?16:11
JFonigelb, you mean the first episode? It is called "Failure to Communicate" after all ;-P16:11
akgranernigelb, that's what we are working on...16:11
nigelbJFo: lol16:14
popeynow more people are awake here....16:30
popey11:30:29 < popey> http://tinyurl.com/uupcfortunes16:30
popey11:30:37 < popey> ^^^ please click that and answer questions as best you can16:30
paultagpopey: are we going for mainstream or hipster?17:11
vishmaybe also need to mention: <popey> pls don't google or tell me anything about the questions, thanks :D17:11
paultagpopey: done :P17:13
dpmok, everyone, time to call it a day17:14
dpmhave a great rest of the day and see you tomorrow!17:14
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 17:28
czajkowskiclassic naming :D YAY!17:28
dholbachok my friends - calling it a day - see you all tomorrow17:40
* dholbach hugs you all17:40
* nigelb does happy dance18:19
nigelbSuddenly there's a whole lot of firecrackers and cheering crowd in my street :)18:20
JFofrom that I deduce that one of two things is happening... 1) your government is being overthrown or 2) you guys won the cricket game. :-)18:23
nigelbWe won :D18:24
JFoheh, I figured :-P18:24
nigelbIts like some festival out in the street \o.18:24
JFome and my bad comedy :)18:25
pleia2overthrowing governments is so In18:25
JFoeverybody is doing it18:25
JFo<peer pressure>18:25
macoJFo: i saw graffiti in DC that said "revolt like an egyptian"  .. i think it was a DC Statehood thing18:27
JFooh that is a great slogan18:28
* JFo sees a remix of Walk Like an Egyptian18:28
JFoin the future18:28
nigelbthe street is full of people dancing \o/18:29
nigelbor rather ~0~18:29
macoyeah, it was a DC Statehood thing18:29
macoi took a pic and it says "Statehood Now" under the "revolt like an egyptian"18:30
akgranerjono which is the official facebook page for ubuntu?18:38
jonoakgraner, fb.com/ubuntulinux18:38
akgranerand does ubuntu have an official twitter/identi.ca accounf18:38
nigelbubuntudev does I think18:38
akgranerthanks...last minute details I need to add to this chapter..18:39
nigelbakgraner: there's also ubuntutranslations.. something18:39
akgranerhmmm I'll use ubuntudev - that's the one where we announce important stuff right?18:40
nigelbIts like one with dholbach, one with dpm, and one with kim0 :)18:41
duanedesigni am so happy i got gwibber working again. it had been awhile since I was in the world of tweets and dents18:41
nigelbduanedesign: there's new secret twitter client18:41
nigelbduanedesign: I can tell you about it, but AlanBell and I will have to kill you :p18:42
duanedesignnigelb: alans?18:42
nigelbIt uses streaming API18:42
nigelbSo its blazing fast18:42
duanedesigni saw a bug for gwibber to have that streaming API18:42
* duanedesign wonders does diaspora have an API?18:43
duanedesignguess i could look instead of just wondering :P18:44
duanedesignnigelb: what gwibber client do you use on KDE?18:46
* duanedesign just tried to tab complete gwibber18:46
duanedesignhave i gotten so attached to the app I think it is a person...18:47
nigelbduanedesign: I have an app on the plasma thingy18:48
nigelbduanedesign: any more people you know with cool app ideas?18:49
nigelbduanedesign: I'm looking for more help with lightning talks18:49
duanedesignhmm. I do not think nuBoon2age is still working on Wifix..18:50
duanedesignactually i might. Fellow who helped me a bit on CLI COmpanion is working on a new app. https://launchpad.net/as18:52
nigelbduanedesign: awesome, thanks :)18:52
duanedesignwe have a ton of new folks jjoining the beginners Team interested in development18:54
duanedesignI am organizing a group who all want to be MOTU. As much as it is possible have them work through the process together.18:56
kim0nigelb: what's that twitter client thingie18:56
duanedesignhello kim018:57
nigelbkim0: A twitter client that's blazing fast!18:57
nigelbkim0: let me try to get the link alan pasted here a few days back18:57
duanedesignnigelb: i did not see it on his launchpad page18:57
duanedesignkim0: did you go to Uni in egypt?18:57
kim0duanedesign: howdy18:58
kim0duanedesign: yeah sure thing  .. what do you wanna know18:58
kim0nigelb: thanks man18:58
duanedesignkim0: i was just listening to the reports about the protests calling for the resignation of some of the Deans18:58
kim0duanedesign: yeah that's happening18:58
duanedesignkim0: i guess Mubarik being gone is one thing. Getting rid of the sytems and people he put in place is another18:59
kim0duanedesign: you see, all deans had to get state security approval first to ensure they were loyal to the old regime (sic)18:59
kim0duanedesign: yes, you're reading that right ..18:59
duanedesignkim0: ahhh18:59
nigelbkim0: http://blip.tv/file/4904015?filename=Alanbell-CircleOfFriendsTheTwitterClient799.ogv18:59
kim0duanedesign: we're taking them down one by one19:00
kim0long road ahead indeed ;)19:00
duanedesignkim0: it was on NPR this morning.19:00
kim0nigelb: thanks man!19:00
nigelbkim0: np :)19:00
MeanEYEanyone know alternative way of watching ustream?19:02
nigelbMeanEYE: are you working on any apps lately?19:02
duanedesignoff for lunch have a good afternoon friends o/19:02
MeanEYEMany :)19:03
nigelbMeanEYE: w00t, can I PM you?19:03
MeanEYEGah, Flash really did it this time. I think I'll remove it one and for all.19:05
=== daker is now known as daker_
akgranerDo the membership boards have mailing lists?19:12
akgranerand if so I must be blind b/c I don't see them on the wiki19:12
akgranernigelb, do you know what they are for each board...or do you have a link to them...I don't think I am seeing the forest for the trees today...you if it was a snake it would have bit ya kinda thing...19:13
nigelbakgraner: yep, lookin :)19:14
pleia2ubuntu-membership-board-americas ubuntu-membership-board-asia-oceania ubuntu-membership-board-emea@lists.ubuntu.com19:14
akgranerI'm looking here - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/Americas19:14
pleia2we should add them to the wiki pages though19:14
nigelbthere you go19:14
akgranerahh thanks pleia2 but where is that listed?19:14
nigelbI had to ask someone for those and had those in my email ID :p19:14
nigelbakgraner: It isn't.  anywhere.19:14
pleia2they aren't listed19:14
akgranerwhew - I thought I was losing my mind19:14
* nigelb hugs akgraner 19:15
* pleia2 adds to todo list19:15
pleia2akgraner: your book is making my todo list long! ;)19:15
pleia2(actually I'm happy about this, all these things really need to be documented better)19:16
pleia2oh and developer-membership-board19:16
akgranerI took your suggestion pleia2 and added something about all councils and boards19:17
pleia2great :)19:17
akgranernigelb, ubuntu user day wiki page?  do you have the link handy19:22
nigelbakgraner: ^^19:23
akgranerahh no Ubuntu in front of it :-)19:23
nigelbnope :D19:24
MeanEYEOh, I love how my name looks on Ubuntu Wiki. Must be something with those colors. :) Thanks nigelb <319:32
nigelbYeah, I didn't link you to anything :)19:32
MeanEYEHm, well you can if you wish. To a launchpad or google profile. :)19:33
nigelbGive me you lauchpad profile then, so its all uniform :)19:34
MeanEYELet me get it :D19:34
jcastro<--- out to lunch19:35
MeanEYE:) have a good one jcastro19:36
nigelbMeanEYE: done19:36
MeanEYEMy refresh-fu is good. Saw it already. Thank you!19:36
MeanEYEDoes Ubuntu work on kernel patches?19:39
nigelbJFo: ^^ He's all yours :P19:40
MeanEYEDo those patches end upstream? Since I saw some stats and Canonical was no where to be found.19:40
MeanEYESo either the number of patches is not that great to get you in that list or none of them are sent upstream.19:40
JFonigelb, :-)19:40
JFoMeanEYE, they do.19:41
MeanEYEOh, ok. :)19:41
JFothe difficulty is that in a lot of cases upstream only counts them as individual contributions19:41
JFothere are other politics at play too though :)19:42
MeanEYEOh ok.19:42
JFoMeanEYE, for more detail, you can probably ask in #ubuntu-kernel19:45
MeanEYENaah, no need. It's just the thing that ticled my mind. Last night I watched a video from 2007 (I think) where Greg Kroah Hartman talked about some kernel development. And he mentioned Ubuntu being #300 on the list of contributors. But that's an old video I guess.19:48
nigelboff to bed, laters all.19:58
MeanEYEHave fuN!19:59
AlanBellkim0: it now works for user tweets20:07
AlanBellby which I mean it follows all the people you follow20:08
kim0AlanBell: awesome .. I've seen the vid .. interesting :)20:08
AlanBellit is amazingly responsive20:08
AlanBellI had the twitter web client on one monitor and the circleoffriends app on the laptop screen next to the monitor, I tweeted something using the web app and by the time my eyes moved to the laptop screen the tweet was there!20:09
kim0AlanBell: great job!20:12
MeanEYEAlanBell: In what language is that software made?20:14
MeanEYEwith GTK?20:15
AlanBellusing the quickly framework20:15
AlanBelland the tweepy library (which was broken and I unbroke it today)20:15
MeanEYEOh, ok. Can you point me to some screen shots :) or something?20:16
AlanBellI need to unbreak tweepy in a less hackish way then I will put it on Launchpad20:16
MeanEYEOh ok.20:16
AlanBellat the moment it won't run on any machine but mine20:16
macoMeanEYE: when i submitted a kernel patch, i sent it to upstream before anyone on the kernel team got a chance to roll up things-that-should-go-upstream. assuming that happens quite a bit...thatd do something to stats20:17
MeanEYEmaco: Yeah, my guess would be they make stats by looking at hosts in your email. So if you didn't send from Ubuntu email then that didng get into Ubuntu count.20:19
macoMeanEYE: if you dont have a corporate email address, greg emails and asks who you work for20:19
MeanEYEYes, I know that.20:19
MeanEYEI don't know, just found it strange that ubuntu is most popular distro and it ended on #300.20:20
macoi have no idea if i mentioned in my reply to him that it was originally a patch in ubuntu20:20
mhall119MeanEYE: I think it's more a matter of Ubuntu not messing around with the kernel all that much20:26
mhall119companies focused on teh datacenter, like RedHat, will end up doing more kernel-level development than user-focused distros like Ubuntu20:28
mhall119likewise, hardware makers like Intel will be doing a significant amount in the kernel20:28
MeanEYEIf I remember correctly. Canonical has server versions as well, and tech support also.20:28
akgranerwell Red Hat does employ upstream kernel developers as well...20:28
mhall119yes, but they're still ramping up Ubuntu Server, and they're not building huge datacenters and supporting exotic hardware that I know of20:29
macoMeanEYE: what's more popular? RHEL or Ubuntu Server?20:29
MeanEYEI don't think the amount of contribution can be measured just in patch numbers but it would be great to see Canoical up there in the list.20:29
mhall119if anything, Ubuntu's kernel contributions are more likely going to come from it's ARM focus20:29
macothats a fair point mhall11920:29
jcastroand those will show up as linaro. :)20:29
macoooh yeah20:30
mhall119jcastro: I was just typing that ;)20:30
akgranerI think they will come from the hardware enablement team...20:31
akgranerbut that's just my two cents20:31
mhall119I wonder if patches from the Dell/Ubuntu partnership count as coming from Dell or Canonical20:33
MeanEYEWell, they arange stats according to email domains.20:33
MeanEYESo that depends I guess.20:34
mhall119bottom line is that the number of lines of code you submit you the kernel isn't a measure of anything more than the number of lines of code you've submitted to the kernel20:35
mhall119anything else is just people reading into it what they want to read into it20:35
MeanEYEAccording to Gregs statistics in 2008 Canonical has 6 patches in total. :/20:35
MeanEYEMicrosoft has more kernel patches than that. It's a shame.20:36
mhall119why is it a shame?20:36
mhall119should Canonical be making massive amounts of changes to the kernel?20:36
akgraneroh this conversation seems trollish20:36
MeanEYEIt's not about massive changes but if you base your business on something it makes sense to work on that thing to make it better.20:37
MeanEYEAm not trolling, just saying it would be nice to see Canonical up there in contributors list.20:37
mhall119MeanEYE: what if it's the base of your business because it already does what you need it to do?20:37
MeanEYEThat's one way of looking at it.20:37
mhall119that's like saying if your building is good for your business, you should be constantly renovating it20:37
MeanEYEAnd that's true as well. :)20:38
pgranerMeanEYE, thats exactly the way we look at it, we CHOOSE to invest in the desktop and other areas, the kernel works well enough for our current needs20:38
mhall119if Canonical doesn't _need_ any changes made to the kernel, then why _should_ they be making any?20:38
MeanEYEIsn't that then being selfish. Just taking and using without contributing back? Isn't that the whole meaning of Ubuntu?20:39
mhall119MeanEYE: open source isn't about being self-sacrificing20:39
MeanEYEI never said that. Please don't put words in my mouth.20:39
mhall119MeanEYE: how many patches do you have in the kernel? Is that you being selfish?20:39
mhall119no, of course not20:40
pgranerMeanEYE, there are more way to contribute than just writing kernel code, Ubuntu tests more kernel code, and exposes it to more users than any disto, that is a HUGE contribution20:40
MeanEYEpgraner: and if you read one of the lines I wrote I said just that: you can't measure contribution by the number of patches. I also said it would be nice to see Canonical in contributors list.20:41
MeanEYEAm not blaming anything on anyone, but aparently we are starting to behave a bit fanatical about subjects.20:41
pgranerMeanEYE, have you run a gitlog and counted the ubuntu/canonical patches since Greg was ranting?20:41
pgranerMeanEYE, no you are starting to troll20:41
MeanEYEI didn't. Might be a good idea.20:41
AlanBellthis is a conversation that would be better off on identi.ca20:42
mhall119MeanEYE: while you're at it, compare quality of the code, usefulness of the code, the number of people it will benefit, etc.20:42
MeanEYEIt's not my attention to troll. Might look like it, but I don't feel like trolling. Asked a simple question, it was answered and then ppl picked it up.20:42
pgranerMeanEYE, you will see a steady uptick in the no of patches submitted, that is right now over 300% from when greg bitched the first time20:42
pgranerMeanEYE, and thats year over year figures, while I would love my team to write nothing but upstream code that is not where we best server ubuntu users, we spend most of our time bringing in open source drivers that upstream won't touch like select /staging drivers and make them available so things "just work"20:44
MeanEYEIs there a reason they won't touch drivers you write?20:45
pgranerMeanEYE, we don't write them, they are very immature or poorly written drivers that are in the /staging directory of the kernel tree20:45
MeanEYEOh, sorry, I misunderstood.20:46
pgranerMeanEYE, we stabilize them so hardware will work, all changes we make go back upstream at the end of the dev cycle20:46
MeanEYEGreat. :)20:46
pgranerMeanEYE, you really need to check your facts about contribution before you say "ubuntu kernel does not contribute", because its way more than writing code20:47
maco(that we recognise non-code contributions as valuable is one of the very nice things about ubuntu)20:47
mhall119+1 maco20:47
MeanEYEI didn't really say that. I said Greg said that in video from 2007-2008.20:47
pgranerMeanEYE, what year is it?20:48
pgranerMeanEYE, like today?20:48
* pgraner thinks 201120:48
* maco fetches the TARDIS20:48
MeanEYEWhy are you blaming me? Can you please read logs?20:48
mhall119MeanEYE: when you repeat something someone else says, it's effectively you saying it too20:48
MeanEYENo it's not. And go read the logs, I said I've read some stats and canonical is not there then I asked if patches end upstream.20:49
MeanEYEAnd please stop putting the damn words in my mounth and read what I've siad!20:49
Pici'Canonical' doesn't represent the enture Ubuntu developer community.20:50
mhall119"14:41 < MeanEYE> So either the number of patches is not that great to get you in that list or  none of them are sent upstream.20:50
MeanEYEAnd before that?20:51
PiciI think JFo answered your question just fine after that.20:51
MeanEYEYes, he did. But mhall119 doesn't want to drop it.20:52
mhall119consider it dropped then20:52
MeanEYEGood. Thank you.20:52
MeanEYEAnyone got the chance to test 2.6.38? Is it really faster?20:55
pgranerMeanEYE, you should be asking in #ubuntu-kernel you'll get better answers there20:56
MeanEYEJust making small talk. But yeah I guess this is not the place for it.20:56
JFoMeanEYE, I should mention also (in case it wasn't mentioned before) pgraner is the kernel team manager.20:57
JFomeant to add that but was away looking at bugs20:57
MeanEYEOk. Thanks :)20:58
jcastrojono: can you accept one of my blueprints so I can start testing summit right away?21:04
jcastrojono: I only need one approved21:04
jonojcastro, give me one to approve21:04
jcastrocommunity-o-debian-healthcheck looks low risk21:04
Technovikingjussi: ping...21:05
jcastrojono: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-o-debian-healthcheck21:05
jussiTechnoviking: yessir?21:05
pleia2Technoviking: when you have a chance, can you reply to the "Nominees for Asia/Oceania & EMEA" thread for the EMEA board addition? we're still pretty far from quorum :(21:06
mhall119jcastro: anything specific you want accomplish during Friday's SummitJam?21:06
Technovikingjussi: thought the IRC council should see this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/587523/21:06
jcastromhall119: hmmm? summitjam?21:06
mhall119jcastro: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/729/detail/21:07
jonojcastro, it says it is already approved for the sprint21:07
mhall119jcastro: my list so far: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam/SummitJam21:07
jcastrojono: shows up as "Direction: Needs approval" to me21:08
jcastromhall119: oh dude yes, I have some21:08
mhall119jcastro: put them on the list21:08
jcastromhall119: but I don't have time to file bugs with uds stuff, mind if I just add stuff and then desert you?21:08
mhall119also, it's going to be a mix of in-person and remote participation21:08
Technovikingpleia2: will do21:09
mhall119jcastro: sure, just put them on the wiki21:09
mhall119we'll make bugs as we need them21:09
jonojcastro, oh you mean approve it for the cycle?21:16
jonojcastro, why do you want me to do that, we don't do that for BP's proposed for UDS21:16
jonojcastro, we approve them for the sprint and then they appear in summit21:16
jcastroI don't think they do, but I'll check21:17
jcastromhall119: there, that outta keep you busy, heh21:21
mhall119jcastro: would you be able to dump the database to fixtures for us?21:22
jcastroI don't have access to anything21:22
jcastroDaviey does though21:22
mhall119I thought you did21:22
mhall119ah, Daviey21:23
jcastroany help spreading the fact that Daviey maintains summit would be most welcome21:23
mhall119Daviey: can you dump the summit data to fixtures for us to use during Friday's summit jam?21:23
mhall119jcastro: lol21:23
jcastroyou might need an RT for this21:23
* mhall119 wants ssh access21:23
jcastromhall119: on the one request about the slots21:24
jcastrothere's this SQL Daviey runs on the server21:25
jcastrowhich basically "sets up" UDS21:25
jcastrobasically we have the "flexibility" to make slots be anything21:25
jcastroso I have to manually make a slot for each time slot for each day21:25
jussiI swear we should have a cli app that prints the schedule, either for a certain track, or whats on "now"21:25
mhall119yeah, been there done that21:25
jcastroit's basically the worst idea ever and makes me want to kill Keybuk21:25
jcastrojussi: there's going to be a mobile app this time21:26
mhall119jussi: we have an ical feed, surely there's something that'll print that21:26
mhall119jussi: besides, the schedule changes on almost an hourly basis, a printout would be obsolete before the first session21:26
mhall119or did you mean a terminal printout?21:27
mhall119hmmm, that's a fun idea actually21:27
jussimhall119: I just mean its so much easier to call a cli app then navigate to a web page21:27
jcastrois that a joke?21:27
jcastrooh, QR codes, I added a new item21:28
jcastrothat'll make it awesome21:28
jcastrowalk by the big monitor, whip out phone, snap .... walk away.21:29
mhall119jcastro: +121:29
jcastrobut make that lowish, as printing out a few huge QR codes and taping them at strategic spots around the venue is cheap and easy too21:30
mhall119jcastro: of course, since the QR code won't ever change, we can put that in the printouts too21:30
jussiooh qr codes21:30
jcastromhall119: whenever you figure out what the URL is, please mail the code to marianna and/or msm so they can put it in the booklet too21:31
jcastromhall119: oh dude, I got it.21:31
jcastromhall119: make a canonical url in summit for the schedule and whatever is important21:31
jcastroso that we can just reuse the same codes over and over21:31
jcastrosummit.ubuntu.com/schedule or whatever21:32
jussibut houw about a cli app that is like: "udssched -n" which returns a list of the next sessions + the rooms they are in. (taken from the net)21:32
jcastroand then have uds-o point to it21:32
jcastrobut future proof it21:32
jcastroso like uds-z will also go that URL21:32
mhall119jcastro: you mean like summit.ubuntu.com/today ?21:32
jcastrothat way we have the same QR code for the schedule forever21:32
jcastroand then when we have the code, we'll put it on the TSHIRT!21:33
jcastroright on the sleeve, I've seen this done at conferences21:33
jcastroor on stickers, etc.21:33
mhall119jcastro: nigelb already wrote it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/summit/+bug/66853221:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 668532 in summit "/today page to display current day's schedule" [Undecided,In progress]21:33
mhall119or something close it it anywya21:34
mhall119does the wiki ever *not* error out when saving a page?21:35
jcastroit's our lot in life21:35
jussimhall119: only when the moon is blue21:35
Technovikingjcastro: can I get those unity screenshots21:37
mhall119speaking of things failing consistently, are we using Gobby again this UDS?21:37
jcastroTechnoviking: ah right, what did you need again? everything?21:37
Technovikingjust send me some go example, I will write the article around them21:38
jcastroheh sure21:38
Technovikingmhall119: I was hopeing to switch to something realible amd more modern, like smoke signals:)21:39
jussigiven that gdocs allows anonymous editing now...21:41
akgranerI <3 etherpad :-)21:41
jussiakgraner: did you get over your writers block?  :P21:42
mhall119is "writer's block" what we're calling 25" monitors now?21:42
akgranerI wish...nothing meaningful is flowing today...21:42
akgranerjust boring stuff21:42
akgranermhall119, hahaha21:43
jussiakgraner: just play games on that 25" monitor - Ill play tremulous with you :P21:44
akgranerjcastro, how to register a blueprint seems more exciting that what I am trying to write today21:44
jussi"it brings out the creative side"21:44
akgranerwhat is tremulous?21:44
jussi!info tremulous21:45
akgranerI'm not much of a gamer21:45
jussiubot2: lazy bot21:45
ubot2Factoid 'lazy bot' not found21:45
jussi[23:45:39] <jussi> !info tremulous21:45
jussi[23:45:43] <ubottu> tremulous (source: tremulous): Aliens vs Humans, team based FPS game with elements of an RTS. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.0-5 (maverick), package size 656 kB, installed size 1560 kB21:45
jussiwell no play then :P21:47
jussiIm off  :)21:47
jcastroTechnoviking: sec I'm just reseting everything stock21:49
Technovikingjcastro: thanks21:52
JFogah, what did I miss? :-)21:55
jcastroTechnoviking: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5720/mike.tar.gz22:03
Technovikingjcastro: many many thanks22:28
mhall119akgraner: who do you work for again?22:31
akgranermhall119, are you being sarcastic b/c I said I wasn't a geek?22:32
mhall119then I was going to ask where you were going this weekend22:33
akgranergotta run - becca is performing tonight...woot woot22:33
mhall119also, the fact that you're available on IRC at 5:30 on a Wednesday22:34
mhall119hope she has a good show22:34
JFomhall119, nice :-)22:46
JFoshe needs that all of the time22:48
* JFo heads out22:48

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