czajkowskiThe folks on @uupc are running a Ubuntu UK Fortunes - tinyurl.com/uupcfortunes this will be done in two weeks time, fill it in :D10:03
czajkowskidavem: ping11:47
czajkowskigot a quick pm ?11:49
czajkowskitime ?11:49
czajkowskiNasa Open source summit http://www.slideshare.net/ckleclerc14:03
airurandoanyone going to UH Dublin tonight?15:02
ebelbut for around 7:30 -> 8pm15:06
* ebel is going swimming first15:06
ebelso whenever we get out of there15:06
slashtomyep, swimming with ebel15:19
airurandoI should be there from 7 anyway.15:33
czajkowskiI brought my boss there last week and my sister15:34
czajkowskiboth were amazed at the place15:34
slashtomreally, that didn't ask where the beer was?15:34
czajkowskiit was the free wifi we needed and a break from travelling15:35
ebelamazed at trinity capital hotel?15:35
slashtomthe amount of travelling must have been gruelling15:35
czajkowskiwe were pretty wrecked15:36
czajkowskiwent to salmanca first for dinner after the meetings15:36
slashtomat least my TV-B-Gone works on the TV15:38
slashtomi think it was a soccer game i turned off, at the last ubuntu hour15:39
ebeltwas funny15:39
slashtomhard not to laugh15:40
slashtomalthough the menu has changed... no pizza for tom :(15:48

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