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^AndreA^Hi everyone00:07
^AndreA^sometimes (when I transfer big files) my Ubuntu freezes...00:08
^AndreA^just before doing that it logs some errors in the messages and kern.log logs (that's why I'm here) :-)00:09
beata|lemurFreezes *hard* or just turns into molasses? I'm just a user these days, I'm afraid.00:09
^AndreA^it simply stops responding...00:10
^AndreA^and needs to be turned off manually....00:11
^AndreA^I was wondering if anyone could help me "translating" those messages to English... LOL00:11
^AndreA^something like:00:11
^AndreA^ata8.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED00:11
^AndreA^ata8.00: status: { DRDY }00:12
^AndreA^ata8: hard resetting link00:12
^AndreA^ata8: SATA link up 3.0 Gbps (SStatus 123 SControl 300)00:12
^AndreA^etc etc...00:12
^AndreA^any idea anyone?00:13
^AndreA^if i limit the transfer (eg: rsync --bwlimit=xyz) the computer works fine...00:15
^AndreA^maybe if I'm in the wrong chat someone could also direct me to the right one...00:17
beata|lemurI'm unsure myself, but it sounds more of a hardware issue than a driver one.00:19
^AndreA^for SMART the disk seems to be fine...00:19
^AndreA^this error says "host bus error"00:20
^AndreA^res 40/00:04:49:21:3d/00:00:01:00:00/40 Emask 0x32 (host bus error)00:21
^AndreA^I've also thought it might be the SATA cable...00:23
^AndreA^even though that one should always work or not...00:24
^AndreA^it shouldn't be something random...00:24
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rsalvetican someone help updating the natty meta package for ti-omap4?07:24
rsalvetilatest kernel available is 2.6.38-1207.10, that was published at march 26, but meta still needs an update07:25
rsalvetimeta is using Ubuntu-
rsalveticooloney: ^07:25
rsalvetiapw: ^ :-)07:25
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cooloneyrsalveti: ok, i will take a look at it07:28
rsalveticooloney: thanks!07:28
cooloneyrsalveti: or let apw and rtg know that07:28
cooloneyrsalveti: np, man07:29
cooloneyrsalveti: it's time for you to go to sleep07:29
rsalveticooloney: yeah, going afk now :-)07:29
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ogra_apw, is anyone working on the meta update for omap4 ?10:39
* ogra_ sees you were pinged above for it 10:39
cooloneyogra_: i'm working on that. 10:48
smbogra_, That apw is only virtual (bip)10:48
smbThe real one is on holiday. :)10:48
cooloneyogra_: will try to ping rtg to update 10:48
cooloneysmb: hehe, yeah, long time no chat, man10:49
cooloneyhow's going10:49
smbcooloney, Not too bad. :) Beside all the winching about xen. :-P10:49
smbcooloney, Are you doing well?10:49
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cooloneysmb: cool, so you do like the word "virtual" now10:53
cooloneysmb: i'm very good, thx. 10:53
* cooloney gonna out for an early dinner. 10:53
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ogra_smb, cooloney-afk, ahh, thanks !10:57
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ogra_tgardner, !13:36
tgardnerogra_, dude13:37
ogra_we are in the pretty urgent need of an omap4 meta for the beta images 13:37
ogra_would you mind uploading one ? :)13:37
tgardnerogra_, checking. I thought I had.13:38
tgardnerogra_, indeed, you're right.13:38
tgardnerogra_, [ubuntu/natty] linux-meta-ti-omap4 (Waiting forapproval)13:46
ogra_i'll care for the rest13:47
ogasawarasweet, 2.6.39-rc1.  /me gets ready to open the O tree13:54
tgardnerogasawara, did you get a chance to use bjf's create-cve-tracker tool?14:11
ogasawaratgardner: I did when I was previously working some cve's14:11
ogasawaratgardner: has it changed recently?14:11
tgardnerogasawara, no, but its had many improvements since I last used it. its pretty handy.14:12
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dokoogasawara: please could you have a look at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/67694047/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-i386.linphone_3.3.2-3ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:51
dokolinux/videodev.h not found15:51
dokoI did see something similiar in xine-lib and just disabled something in the build. but is this really expected?15:52
ogasawaradoko: looks correct, linux/videodev.h doesn't exist.  I suspect it should be linux/videodev2.h15:53
Sarvattdoko: http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-media@vger.kernel.org/msg27519.html15:54
dokoSarvatt: could you care about this build failure?15:54
cooloney-afktgardner: hey tim, could you please update the natty meta package to use our latest 1207.10 ti-omap4 release?15:56
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tgardnercooloney-afk, it was upload a couple of hours ago. release (main) 1 hour 50 minutes ago15:57
cooloneytgardner: ah, great, thx. i'm just back to home and forget to ping about that before i left for dinner15:58
tgardnercooloney, ogra_ is trying to build some release iamges from it as we speak15:58
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cooloneytgardner: actually i tried to update meta package myself before you are online, but not sure about how to do that16:00
tgardnercooloney, it takes a special kind of magic.16:00
cooloneytgardner: so for this mapping, need i just an entry at debian/changelog file?16:00
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tgardnercooloney, yep. I use 'dch -i' to start the entry.16:00
cooloneytgardner: yeah, it is, because i just saw an entry in every git commit log16:01
tgardnercooloney, the meta packages don't have as much infrastructure in the rules file as the rest of the kernel packages. its much simpler16:02
cooloneytgardner: interesting, how does the system know the kernel mapping? just get that info from the changelog file? 16:02
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tgardnercooloney, the binary packages are constructed using the ABI which is extracted from the changelog.16:03
cooloneytgardner: so just adding an entry in changelog is enough, right? magic to me16:07
cooloneyand it looks like this:16:07
cooloneylinux-meta-ti-omap4 ( natty; urgency=low16:07
cooloney+  * linux-ti-omap4 2.6.38-1206.716:07
cooloney+ -- Tim Gardner <tim.gardner@canonical.com>  Thu, 24 Mar 2011 06:33:55 -060016:07
cooloneytgardner: oh, i think you didn't update the natty-meta tree in our git server16:08
tgardnercooloney, you're right. lemme check whats there 'cause its clashing when I push16:09
cooloneytgardner: no worries, as long as ogra_ got what he want, -:)16:09
tgardnercooloney, well, I do have to get the repo consistent16:10
tgardnercooloney, uh, it helps if I push the right branch. all up to date now.16:12
cooloneytgardner: great, i got updates now, thx16:30
* cooloney is going to sleep.16:30
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JFo<-need food17:26
kristian-aalborgjjohansen: hey17:54
jjohansenki kristian-aalborg17:54
kristian-aalborgI was thinking of something... would you perhaps be interested in putting together a tutorial for the procedure I'm trying to do? 17:55
kristian-aalborgI'm planning to start a website about using old laptops for this and that ;)17:56
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jjohansenkristian-aalborg: hrmm, I'm not sure what there is to add on the current procedures, but if they aren't sufficient then I will definitely do some updating18:02
kristian-aalborgI'd say the whole "build from (tweaked) old config" guide is missing18:03
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* bjf -> lunch19:57
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jjohansen-> lunch20:03
bekksI'm here cause I'm supporting a "case" in #ubuntu-de - someone has a SAS attached LTO4 tape drive, which doesnt show up neither in lsscsi, nor in /dev/*mt*, BUT has an entry in /dev/sg*20:08
bekksUbuntu version is 10.10 32bit, using the .35-28 kernel.20:09
bekksAny suggestions on how to debug this further?20:09
bekksIf needed, I have his dmesg and lspci outputs handy on nopaste.20:10
tgardnerbekks, start a bug report from the affected machine using 'ubuntu-bug linux'. that way we can capture some dmesg info20:10
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JFoyou just did beat me to it tgardner-server- 20:10
bekksdmesg is this one: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/362851/20:11
bekkslspci is this one: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/362856/20:11
bekksStill needing the ubuntu-bug?20:11
BenCmptsas...never a good start to a bug report20:13
bekksThats what I feared...20:14
bekksAh, there he is. Hi northalpha 20:18
northalphahi all20:18
bekksnorthalpha: You're already on working out the "ubuntu-bug linux"20:19
northalphaworking, bu unsure which catergory20:19
bekksNot having it handy - I guess something like "hardware" would be ok.20:20
northalphaChoices:   1: Audio   2: Filesystem   3: Graphics   4: Kernel Config   5: Networking   6: Hibernate/Resume   7: Suspend/Resume   8: Other   9: I don't know   C: Cancel 20:20
bekksI'd choose 4 then.20:20
* BenC wonders why "storage" isn't a choice20:20
bekksor 9.20:20
northalphadont want to fill in a bug report wrong20:21
northalphaA bug is considered a regression if the issue did not exist on a previous kernel.  Is this a regression?20:21
northalphayes or no20:21
bekksSince we dont know that for sure.20:22
northalpha  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug/0929f4fc-5b03-11e0-9b98-002481e7f48a? 20:22
bekksJFo: done :)20:22
northalphahopefully i did niot mess it up20:23
northalpha=) my first bug report20:23
northalphaif it s a bug20:23
JFobekks, got a bug number?20:23
bekksJust one moment - I'm completing the report.20:23
northalphathanks m820:24
JFoah, ok :)20:24
bekksnorthalpha: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/745981 please read the comment I created and do as you are told there :)20:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 745981 in linux "Quantum Ultrium LTO4 tape drive not recognized" [Undecided,New]20:26
northalphaok will add files20:28
northalphahave to create an account?20:28
bekksI guess so, yes.20:29
bekksNo, it's free, and you won't get a fridge delivered.20:29
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bekksnorthalpha: After you created an account, please give me your launchpad nick, so I can ask for changing the owneship onto your account.20:34
northalphaok guys, no fridge, its ok ;) files uploaded20:35
northalphabekks: <--20:35
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bekksperfectly :)20:36
bekksI guess, now you can just follow the progess of that bug.20:37
northalphaok thanks if you need something, i will try to help20:38
northalphabut i am far away from pro20:38
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JFobrb, need to take an eye break20:57
MeanEYEDid someone test 2.6.38? Does it really bring that many improvements from users point of view?21:00
bekksI did, yes it did. :)21:00
bekksIt eliminated some asymc I/O bugs regarding ext4/xfs, it supports automatic cgroup scheduling.21:01
MeanEYECan I just download it, compile and use it? Or is there a drawback to that. :)21:01
tgardnerMeanEYE, subscribe to https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa and get the backport.21:02
MeanEYEWhoa, thanks. :) <321:03
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MeanEYEHm, am using Maverick, can I install that? 21:06
tgardnerMeanEYE, yeah, it'll install just fine.21:07
MeanEYECan you tell me which package to install?!21:08
tgardnersudo apt-get install linux-image-server-lts-backport-natty21:08
tgardneror generic, whatever you prefer21:08
MeanEYEOk thanks.21:08
MeanEYENope, no such package. Nvm, I'll just wait for Natty. Thanks anyway.21:09
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keeswhere is /usr3 on tangerine go?21:58
Sarvattkees: I still see it?22:00
sforsheekees, are you in a chroot ?22:00
keessforshee: yeah, durr. thanks22:00
SarvattI do that at least once a week :P22:00
sforsheeI've started doing all my clones from /home/usr3 so I can do pulls from inside chroots22:01
keesah-ha, smart. I'll have to switch to that.22:01
Sarvattwell try to scp kernels from tangerine onto zinc from inside a chroot22:02
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slangasekogasawara: hi, I see that at least one bug has been fix-committed for the kernel in natty; is there a post-beta upload schedule for the kernel packages?22:49
slangasekI'd be interested to see if we could get linux-libc-dev made multiarch-safe before release, since this needs to be fixed before any other work on multiarch cross-compilation can go forward22:50
slangasek(I would request a separate FFe for this)22:51
kristian-aalborgwhat would the minimum requirements be for running screen + ncmpcpp?22:51
kristian-aalborgI'm getting a machine with 96 MB of ram tomorrow22:52
brycehhey what was the outcome of all the hybernate support discussions?  Do we still support it or should we be wontfix'ing hibernate graphics bugs now?22:54
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