mhall119cjohnston: the plan for Friday is to meet at the coffee shop00:14
cjohnstonok mhall119 01:18
nigelbcjohnston: I'd appreciate a text on friday when you're set to start :D04:00
nigelb1930, hrm, I should be home by then.04:08
YoBoYgood morning06:54
nigelbYoBoY: enjoyed the classroom session? :)07:01
YoBoYyes :) good experience07:01
YoBoYit was hard for me to do that in english ^^"07:06
nigelbYoBoY: if you want to do an event in french, like french user days, we don't mind :D07:13
YoBoYyes... it's not I don't want to, it's just I don't have time to organize that, already too much busy :]07:14
YoBoYi'll try to find someone07:14
NillaHi, Room07:19
YoBoYhi Nilla 07:19
NillaHow are you Yoboyh07:19
NillaSo, im new to Ubuntu07:19
YoBoYfine thanks and you ?07:19
Nillagood, and thanks im good as well07:20
Nillaanyone here do web and graphic design?07:20
YoBoYdon't know ^^" perhaps...07:20
Nillayoboy where you from?07:21
YoBoYFrance, near Paris07:21
Nillaim from wisconsin07:22
Nillaso you dont do any web or graphic design at all?07:22
YoBoYgone ...07:28
dholbachgood morning07:49
Ronniemorning dholbach07:50
dholbachhi Ronnie07:52
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dholbachdaker, Ronnie, mhall119: do you guys know where to best look for ubuntu-website css theming?11:11
dholbachwe want to rebrand http://daniel.holba.ch/temp/guide/11:11
dholbachit's automatically generated documented whose theming can be overridden11:11
RawChiddholbach, you can look here: https://launchpad.net/django-ubuntu-template11:15
RawChidOh, that is Ubuntu LoCo theming...11:15
dholbachif anyone could add more info to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-packaging-guide/+bug/740044 that'd be nice11:22
ubot4`Launchpad bug 740044 in ubuntu-packaging-guide "Adopt ubuntu.com styling (affects: 1) (heat: 5)" [Undecided,New]11:22
Ronniedholbach: how many control do you have on the HTML output?11:27
dholbachRonnie, I didn't check yet11:28
Ronniewithout HTML control it will be very difficult11:29
Ronniealtought colors can be changed easily, but that no way near the "Ubuntu Style". Thats also about placing and margins11:30
* dholbach nods11:31
dholbachlet me check11:31
dholbachhttp://sphinx.pocoo.org/theming.html is all I found for now11:32
Ronniedholbach: that looks a lot like django template styling :D11:35
YoBoYthat seem very customizable11:36
dholbachRonnie, do you think it's possible to reuse the Ubuntu css?11:39
Ronniereuse django-light-theme11:39
dholbachhow hard or easy do you think it is?11:41
RawChidI've used the django css in my static HTML pages11:46
Ronniedholbach: depends on the code of sphinx thats available in the template11:47
* dholbach was just invited to participate in the UGJ in Herat :)11:49
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mhall119dholbach: morning12:56
mhall119lp:ubuntu-community-webthemes is where the themes are now, IIRC12:57
mhall119also, how's it going?12:58
dholbachgood good - how are you?13:11
mhall119good, enjoying life13:24
dakermhall119, what's your new job ?13:51
nigelbdaker: Canonical ISD :)13:52
dakerWaoooh so LD deployement will take a few minutes ?13:53
nigelblawl, ISD != IS13:53
nigelb(I think)13:53
dakerno ISD = IS13:54
RawChidWhat is ISD?13:54
nigelbInfraStructure Development?13:54
dakersomething like that13:54
RawChidic :)13:54
dakerand what's IS ?13:54
nigelbarg, confused IS with sysadmins13:55
nigelbthat was supposed to be ISD != sysadmin :)13:55
dakersysadmin are part of ISD i think13:56
dakerISD means  Infrastructure Systems Development13:56
BigWhaleOh... Disappointment.13:56
BigWhaleI thought it was InterStellar Deparment13:56
mhall119daker: no, I don't have access to deploy LD :(13:59
mhall119daker: one of the first things I checked ;)14:00
dakermaybe it's easy for you now to have an access since your part the team (IS)14:00
mhall119not quite the same team14:01
dakerah ok14:01
mhall119but I am learning ways to make deployments even easier for IS14:01
dakermhall119, can i know your job exactly ?14:05
dakernigelb, you too in canonical ?14:08
cjohnstonnigel works for me14:09
daker:D really!!14:10
cjohnstonI don't pay him though14:11
mhall119daker: I'm on the ISD web team, which means I'll be working on several *.ubuntu.com and *.canonical.com sites14:13
nigelbdaker: nah, I'm going to work for an Indian startup though :)14:20
nigelbmhall119: did I show you a very attractive Indian job site?14:20
nigelbmhall119: http://jobs.hasgeek.in just awesome for their design (now the content is awesome too)14:21
mhall119nigelb: that is nice14:23
nigelbmhall119: thought I do wish this came up before I changed jobs (More exciting jobs on this one :p)14:24
mhall119heh, you haven't actually changed jobs yet though14:24
nigelbNo. Stop reminding me.14:25
nigelbI'm not going to work next week though.14:25
mhall119can't you start at the new place in your after-hours?14:26
nigelbDon't want to14:27
nigelbI'd go crazy because the new place is waaaay to exciting and I won't go to old place at all.14:27
mhall119I'm not seeing the down-side14:29
nigelbI'm not either. But I want to end it.14:31
nigelbOh, I like the in-house incubator idea http://slacy.com/blog/2011/03/what-larry-page-really-needs-to-do-to-return-google-to-its-startup-roots/14:31
mhall119paultag: you missed an opportunity to reference 80's rap, I'm disappointed15:30
nigelbwhen? what? where?15:31
mhall119hmmm, 90's it would appear15:31
mhall119nigelb: on akgraner's facebook 15:31
nigelbmhall119: oh lol15:32
nigelbakgraner: when do we get episode two from Becca? :)15:33
akgranerhey all - so I am giving a talk about marketing your project this weekend - anyone have marketing questions I can answer for you in my talk?15:33
mhall119paultag: I fixed it for ya15:34
akgranershe is performing tonight...maybe I can get some video15:34
mhall119akgraner: promoting on a budget, how to market for free?15:34
akgranermhall119, ok I'll work that in...15:34
nigelbmhall119: how to reach out to the other side of a chasm? :)15:34
akgranernotes and slides will be made available on monday when I get back15:35
mhall119we need a Florida Linux Fest just so akgraner will come visit15:35
akgranerha...I am planning on actually taking some time off this summer15:36
akgranerand we can drive there...but now that I have a new house - I am sticking close to home :-)15:36
mhall119akgraner: we're planning on taking time off this supper and driving north, lol15:36
mhall119not supper15:37
mhall119why is my mind on food already?15:37
nigelbIts not eeven afternoon!15:38
nigelbNote to Michelle -> Mike needs bigger breakfast.15:38
czajkowskimhall119: you live with michelle she cooks great food 15:39
mhall119czajkowski: oh yeah, that would do it15:40
czajkowskigive her a hug from me 15:40
czajkowskihope all is well over there wiht the family 15:40
mhall119she made some breakfast risotto last night, I had one bowl already, thinking about a 2nd15:40
mhall119czajkowski: so far all is well15:40
czajkowskibreakfast risotto ?15:41
paultagmhall119: haha15:42
akgranerany other questions mhall119 or anyone else?15:43
paultagmhall119: well done :)15:43
paultagakgraner: why are you so fantastic?15:43
czajkowskioh wow 15:43
akgranerha that's not about marketing and you should have your head examined or reset to reality...:-P15:43
nigelbmhall119: You ahve that for breakfast?15:44
* nigelb drools :p15:44
mhall119nigelb: today I did15:44
paultagnigelb: a well made risotto has the same consistancy as grits15:44
mhall119she made it specifically for the kids, but I got some too15:44
mhall119paultag: depends on how you like your grits15:44
paultagI made one the other day, but with a nice beer and not wine15:45
mhall119some crazy people like them runny15:45
paultagmhall119: truth. I've only had them a few times15:45
mhall119heh, no alcohol in breakfast risotto15:45
paultagmhall119: how can you make a risotto without wine?!15:45
paultagfor shame! :)15:45
mhall119paultag: for breakfast, fruit juice and cream15:46
paultagoh interesting15:46
mhall119it comes out kind of like oatmeal, only more flavorful15:46
paultagI could imagine that -- but I think I'd put some cheese in there to restore a bite that the wine being replaced with juce gets rid of15:47
nigelbAlcohol in breakfast... hrm, that'd do wonders for mhall119's productivity15:47
mhall119she puts in granny smith apples15:47
mhall119nigelb: gotta hit that Balmer peak ;)15:48
dakerRonnie, student ?17:29
Ronnielol yea, some old code...17:29
Ronniedaker: your referring to the chat code ?17:29
Ronnieoh ...17:29
dakermaybe you can work on this one http://code.djangoproject.com/wiki/SummerOfCode2011#Javascripttestframework17:30
dakeror this one http://code.djangoproject.com/wiki/SummerOfCode2011#IPv6support17:30
Ronniemaybe next year. this year got my vacations etc planned17:32
Ronniebut thx anyway17:33
Ronniedaker, if you want to look in the chat code. you better wait a bit. im moving from irclib to telepathy, which support multiple protocols (Jabber for example)17:33
Ronnieso the chatapp should support Jabber too :D17:34
nigelbdaker: WE WON! WE WON!18:19
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dakerczajkowski, what's your pixie username ?22:37
dakerRonnie, testing my pixie jQuery plugin22:49
Ronniedaker: great is the code already online?22:49
dakernot yet22:50
dakerRonnie,the plugin is working great but  how can i be sure that the code is clean and does not contain errors ?22:56
Ronniedaker ill have a look with jslint22:56
Ronnieor you can play around yourself if you want22:57
RonnieWARNING: JSLint will hurt your feelings.22:57
Ronnieon the bottom of that page (options), ill usually check all the boxed on the left side except "use strict"22:57
dakerok :D22:57
Ronnieand some in the middle section22:58
Ronnie(browser and console,alert)22:58
Ronniepredefined i fill with jQuery22:58
RonnieWARNING: JSLint will hurt your feelings.22:58
Ronniedaker, did you receive my last messages?23:08
Ronniepredefined i fill with jQuery ?23:08
daker<Ronnie> and some in the middle section23:08
Ronniemiddle section:  (browser and console,alert)23:08
Ronniein the predefined box: i fill in "jQuery"23:09
dakerRonnie, Problem at line 35 character 33: Expected 'src' at column 25, not column 33.23:10
dakersrc: rPhoto.sizes[1].url,23:10
Ronniedaker, tab-problem probably23:10
dakerRonnie, can you pls look http://paste.ubuntu.com/587576/23:19
Ronniedaker: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587577/ not more errors. ill have a look at the code now23:24
Ronniedaker, jquery 'requires' to return a list... eg return $(this).each(function(a, b){ ..... });23:25
dakerah it's because of the ;23:25
Ronniein case of multiple selected items23:25
Ronnieah lol23:26
Ronniemy bad23:26
Ronnieyou return itself23:26
Ronnieshould me good too23:26
dakerRonnie, here is how to test it :23:27
daker$('#pixie').pixie({ key: "1dcc8233-a6da-46b0-acb0-4e29aa612b30", id: "czajkowski", amount: perPage });23:27
Ronniedaker, the code looks good. i have no time to test it, but i think its raedy for merge request23:28

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