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komsashello godbyk12:24
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komsassomeone know how to generate print version of this manual?12:51
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komsasping godbyk20:39
godbykHey, komsas.20:47
komsasI just send you email, can you check it?20:48
godbykAh, font size.  Good question.20:49
godbykLet me play with it a bit later tonight and see what I can come up with for you.20:49
godbykWe could create a large print edition that has larger text size.20:49
komsasokay, thank you, now I'm going to rest, can you write solution to my email or create commit and ask for pull in github?20:51
komsasthank you! bye20:52
godbykGood night.20:52

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