karorasnail: I saw a simple book digitisation device last year that was using relatively cheap digital cameras, much smaller than the bookdrive but a similar concept.00:20
snailkarora: there are a number of very, very cheap designs out there. five years ago when we bought ours it was considered very, very cheap too, but things have moved on.00:39
karoraCertainly seems like the right general approach to the job.00:40
snailthe main trick is that if you can about colour reproducibility you need eliminate secondary sources of light and let your bulbs warm up before you start00:42
karoraThe enhancements in the 'pro' version would seem well worthwhile for a professional environment, but I'd find it hard to see why you would not do the basic job with DSLRs.00:42
snailkarora: most of the 'pro' versions use DSLRs too. they're just so cheap, reliable and interchangeable.00:43
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snailmorning all19:41
snailsometimes i really wish nautilus didn't copy USB drives by first building an in-memory list of every file on the drive...19:44
snailmy copy is still going from last night19:44
snailand taking up so much memory that my PC is almost unusable for anything but IRC19:45
snaildoes someone know of a nice scriptable commandline tool for putting metadata into PDFs?21:22
Aginorisn't there a really good pdf library for python?21:26
Aginorit isn't exactly command line, but it is very scriptable21:26
ojwbsnail: pdftk?21:33
snailojwb: thanks, looking into pdftk now21:34
ojwbdon't think i've used it to set metadata but I have for other stuff21:35
ojwbsays it can do it anyway21:36
snaillooks like perl's Image::ExifTool is the perfect storm for editing PDF (and other image formats) metadata22:03
hadsAnyone think I should sell these; http://www.fit-pc.com/web/23:15
ajmitchhads: they look like they could be good, what sort of price though?23:17
chiltshads: I got one a few years ago, they're nice ... but I had nice problems getting the video card working with my old monitor23:19
chiltsit was weird23:19
chiltsbut they are nice machines23:19
hadsThey would be around $600 for the base model I think, so not super cheap.23:23
hadschilts: Weird, what type of problems?23:23
hadsGot offered the NZ distribution but wondering whether it's worth commiting $10k to it.23:23
ajmitchthat's quite a cost23:24
chiltsit just took a while and someone else poking it to work ... I wasn't sure what they did in the end23:26
chiltsI'm happy to send you it for evaluation, remembering that this is an older model23:26
hadsThanks, I think they are going to send an eval model anyway23:27
hadsajmitch: The $600 or the $10k23:28
ojwblooks a neat box23:28
ajmitchhads: $10k :)23:28
hadsYeah, that bit is :)23:28
ajmitchyou'd need to sell a few to get that back23:28
ojwb$600 doesn't seem too bad by NZ prices23:29
hadsJust from the minimum distributor order23:29
ojwbto that's $10K of stock rather than buy the rights?23:29
ajmitchok, not so bad23:29
ajmitch$10K up front just to buy the distribution rights would be too steep23:29
hadsIndeed, I don't buy rights.23:30
hadsYeah, just a gamble on how these type of things sell.23:30
ojwbso it's a case of can you sell a few dozen in a reasonable time I guess23:30
hadsThe thing that attracted me was that they come OS-less or with Linux Mint which is nice.23:32
ojwbi'm not in the market for something like that (currently anyway), but if I was, it looks a good option23:34
hadsThanks, it's helpful to get feedback23:37
ibeardsleehmmm I could think of a number of uses for things like that .. although the budget disagrees23:41
ibeardsleemore CPU and RAM than my existing home server23:42
hadsA big draw for me is the <10W power usage.23:44
ajmitchyeah, that & being fanless is what I like23:44
ajmitchI was looking at the pc engines kit as an option for an AP & router, something like this could probably do a similar job & have power to do other stuff23:45
hadsYeah, the atom CPU has plenty of power for lots of things.23:46
ajmitchnot really a gaming box though :)23:46
hadsNot enough power for plenty of things too :)23:47

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