Logan_can an op please kick culb from #ubuntu for that Google script?  I have asked him to turn it off multiple times.00:11
PiciLogan_: oh, you have?00:12
* Pici does so00:12
PiciLogan_: thanks for letting me know.00:13
Logan_Pici: no problem, thanks00:13
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (r34ct)00:22
PiciLjL: I'm only halfway here00:25
PerfMAwwwwwwh  yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh00:39
PerfMnow unban me from ubuntu-offtopic please00:39
KB1JWQI don't predict that ending well. :-/00:44
PerfMDoes anyone in here feel like money?01:15
rwwI feel like human.01:15
PerfMLike a bro human?01:16
jribI feel like a jrib01:16
jribthat's all I know how to feel like :(01:16
rwwPerfM: no01:17
PerfMNOT A BRO?!01:17
rwwPerfM: no01:17
PerfMRww: no waaayyy!01:17
jribin any case PerfM, what can we do for you today?01:17
PerfMAnd just when I thought the world couldnt get any worse01:17
PerfMjrib: un ban me from ubuntu-offtopic? :)01:17
rwwPerfM: no01:17
jribeasy.  Next question?01:17
PerfMHaha what!01:18
PerfMIdleOne told me to come back in 2 days, and ops would reconsider, so here I am.01:18
IdleOneand rww I reconsidered01:18
PerfMIdleOne! Not fair!01:18
rwwOh, I was supposed to reconsider? One sec.01:18
PerfMjerkfaces, all of you lol01:19
IdleOnePerfM: we aren't trying to be jerks01:19
IdleOnebut you don't instill confidence01:19
PerfMdefine instill01:19
rwwI'm trying to consider the bantracker. It's being a slow jerk :(01:19
IdleOnegive us cause to believe01:19
PerfMTerrriible people these days01:21
PerfMI'm still trying to get over the fact that rww doesn't wanna be a bro and now you wont let me back on ubuntu-offtopic01:21
PerfMwhat's next? gonna kill my dog or something?01:22
rwwPerfM: I got done reconsidering. No.01:22
PerfMrww: I dont care what you think, you're not a bro.01:23
IdleOnePerfM: I suggest another 48 hour wait.01:24
rwwPerfM: I suggest ##defocus.01:24
PerfMIdleOne: I hate you.01:24
IdleOneyou're not the first01:24
PerfMOh lovely!01:25
rwwPerfM: If this banlog is anything to go by, you didn't like approximately 1.5 people in the current discussion anyway.01:25
PerfMI like everyone01:25
PerfMbut IdleOne01:25
IdleOnetrying to make me feel special won't help you01:25
PerfMOh no? Well shucks.01:25
PerfMIdleOne: I was gonna invite you into my bro pack and everything, but now this happened and well....invitation out the window!01:27
rwwIs that like a wolf pack with faily comments instead of teeth?01:27
rwwAnyway, time to go to work again. o701:28
PerfMIT IS LIKE A WOLF PACK.....but with bros instead of hairy dogs, btw faily comments would be the case if you were in it :)01:32
ubottuLogan_ called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:45
IdleOnePerfM: Please son't idle in here.01:51
PerfMI would never do that01:51
IdleOneCould you please part the channel now.01:52
IdleOnePerfM: your complying with my small request could help get the ban removed in 48 hours01:54
PerfMI'm so fucking depressed atm I dont give a shit kid01:56
KB1JWQThat guy...01:59
h00k20:11 ::: netjoin/#ubuntu ccdos (~root@
h00kroot@ :(02:14
IdleOnethat made you sad?02:15
h00krunning as root02:17
tsimpsonmaybe they just set their IRC client to use "root"02:17
tsimpsonone can only hope02:17
h00krww: what was that one?03:31
rwwh00k: ban-evasion. see BT ;P03:31
h00krww: I was trying to avoid that...but okay.03:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:32
rwwh00k: ah, yeah, it's pretty slow. they're banned by cloak already.03:32
rwwI guess they didn't log in and thus got aroundit.03:32
h00kfound it.03:34
mrmistsindyie appears to be spamming users on join to #ubuntu10:40
Tm_Tmrmist: I'll take a look, thanks10:42
mrmistTm_T: It's been sorted now, but thanks10:43
Tm_Tthat's even better (:10:43
* Tm_T has their brain lagging badly10:44
ikonia13:26 < Christoper> anyone else in here on 32Gig of ram?13:26
ikoniajust doubled his ram from 16gb in -offtopic to 32, I smell a troll13:26
PiciNo, he said that he had to half it to 16 earlier.13:26
ikoniaplus the administrator ident is known13:26
ikoniaoh, I thought he said he halved it to 813:27
PiciAdministrator is a common ident for windows computers.13:27
ikoniahe did say 16gb of ram13:27
ikoniajust checked13:27
ikonia13:18 < Christoper> im on 16Gigs, Ubuntu 32 wont boot and Ubuntu x64 crashes13:27
Pici08:20:36 <?Christoper> if I half my ram to 16G Ubuntu works fine13:27
ikoniawhat the hell is he on about then13:28
* Pici shrugs13:28
LjLhe's a bit of a troll, but i don't think he's even generally so wrong in what he says :P13:28
PiciJust the way he says it?13:28
LjLalso, it's easy for people to start counter-trolling (like Gulfstream did yesterday) when someone is so adamant about Windows being good...13:29
ikoniathat's why I didn't want the whole "why is everyone against windows" crap13:29
ikoniawindows is fine, no-one was saying windows is bad13:29
* Pici waits for the whining in #ubuntu-offtopic13:40
ikoniadon't care, had enough, that seemed to be his intention all along13:40
PiciThats only twice in binary.13:42
ikonia3:42 <Christoper> you are a motherfucking homosexual piece of dogshit13:43
ikonia13:42 <Christoper> I hope you die in hell13:43
ikoniamissed the 1 off the rongf13:43
LjLand you didn't even ban him :o13:43
PiciHow pleasant.13:44
mneptokwait ... dog poop can have a sexual identity? does that mean that wearing gloves to pick up fecal matter somehow makes me homophobic? or heterophobic?15:24
* mneptok is confused!15:25
IdleOnemakes you weird15:25
mneptok... er. FTFY.15:26
mneptokIdleOne: while on the topic, it's dog poop season in .qc!15:26
* mneptok does not miss 7 months of frozen canine fecal matter all thawing during the same 2 week period.15:27
mneptokSt-Henri got ... "ripe"15:27
IdleOneyeah but the tulips in Montreal are amazing15:28
IdleOnethey grow like trees15:28
mneptokyeah. i just don;t like when someone tells them that people are poisoning tulips in Laval, and the tulip-ents go to war.15:30
mneptokHROOM HOM15:30
IdleOneI am not sure what that means15:30
IdleOneLavalois are uptight, so who cares what they say15:31
PiciSadly, I think I do.15:31
mneptokPici: gabba gabba. one of us.15:32
Picimeh, I'm taking a break17:47
oCeanhi, just noticed g105b's quitmessage..20:05
oCeanit does not have a / but still..20:06
oCeanI'll leave it your capable hands :)20:07
PiciThere are so many things wrong with that sentence that I don't know where to start.20:34
Pici<?roeland> loshki: the reason i did 775 and then 777 to /etc folder was to allow me to adjust etc files from my windows machine through the share i set up via samba20:38
genii-aroundAaaaah OK20:38

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