skaetcjwatson, had them disabled while waiting for the images to build, since no one had started them.   Have gone in and re-enabled.00:01
skaetI have to go out for a couple of hours, but will be back on line later tonight.00:01
cjwatsonok, though upgrade tests are basically unrelated to image builds :)00:01
cjwatsonI'm off for a while too.00:02
skaetI'll check and see if the images have emerged when I get back.00:02
* skaet figures cjwatson is overdue to sleep, actually. ;)00:02
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cjwatsonkubuntu dvd posted01:09
GrueMastercjwatson: Have the kubuntu arm desktop & mobile images been spun up?  I've been asked to test the omap4 images after I finish our normal images.01:50
=== jjohansen is now known as jj-afk
cjwatsonno, about to do that after the current build finishes (which shouldn't be long)02:01
GrueMasterCurrent build?02:01
cjwatsoncdimage has been building stuff solid for a good seven hours.02:04
cjwatsonand Kubuntu armel wasn't ready when I kicked all that off02:05
cjwatsonEdubuntu DVD posted02:05
GrueMasterI thought they all ran in parallel.02:06
cjwatsonkubuntu armel building now, followed by kubuntu-mobile armel02:07
cjwatsonthere are some potential parallelisation improvements, and I do occasionally do stuff in parallel deliberately, but running *everything* in parallel isn't likely to be one of them02:07
cjwatsonthat'd be a good way to kill the livefs buildds02:08
cjwatsonKubuntu desktop armel failed02:23
cjwatsonKubuntu mobile armel not looking happy eitherbso far02:24
cjwatson*so far either02:24
GrueMasterWhat's the issue?  Package missing?02:25
cjwatsonoh, it's because kdebase-workspace/armel STILL hasn't built02:25
cjwatson... yes it has, must just not quite have published02:25
cjwatsonok, that suggests I can retry shortly02:26
cjwatsonjust over a 10-hour build, that ...02:26
cjwatsonI didn't even think to check02:26
GrueMasterWhere are the build logs?  I am not seeng anything for kubuntu armel on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/natty/02:28
GrueMasterNot even logs for last week's images that I have.02:29
cjwatsonthere seems to be something wrong with the mirror job02:29
cjwatsonI'm having some trouble seeing what; maybe now isn't the time to investigate02:30
GrueMasterNot critical to me.  I was just curious.02:31
cjwatson'w3m http://acorn.buildd/~buildd/LiveCD/' and 'w3m http://sycamore.buildd/~buildd/LiveCD/' from a login on people.c.c will get you them, though02:31
cjwatson(which is not ideal because it's internal-only)02:31
cjwatsonkubuntu-mobile-omap4 seems to be getting somewhere02:32
cjwatsonso you may at least get that in the not horribly distant future02:32
GrueMasterOnly so long as it completely interrupts my evening.  :P02:47
cjwatsondude, it's 2:50am here, don't talk to me about evenings.02:51
GrueMasterI've been there.  More often than I care to remember.02:51
ScottK^^^ was another syncpackage upload.  I mailed the uploader asking them to file a sync request.04:10
ScottK(and rejected that one)04:10
cjwatsonGrueMaster: Kubuntu mobile armel+omap4 posted04:30
cjwatsonI'm having another go at building Kubuntu desktop armel+{omap,omap4} and Kubuntu mobile armel+omap.  Please can somebody else check in a while whether they've built and post them if so; I need some sleep.04:32
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skaet_cjwatson, am back on now.   if you're still up,  go sleep.    I'll stay up until pitti gets on.05:07
skaet_kubuntu mobile armel+omap is available - 20110330 image05:21
ScottKGrueMaster: ^^^05:23
GrueMasterScottK: Yep, got them pulling now.05:44
skaet_ GrueMaster,  ScottK,  kubuntu desktop armel + {omap, omap4} has come off the builds.06:03
GrueMasterThanks.  Pulling now.06:03
skaet_jibel, Gruemaster,   we're missing an ISO tracker entry for Kubuntu Desktop armel omap4 - but the image is there.06:03
skaet_GrueMaster, ^^06:04
GrueMasterI'm going to pull them now and just do a spot test.  I'll do more tomorrow if they boot.  If not, I'll let everyone know immediately.06:07
* GrueMaster hates getting old. Can no longer do 20 hour work days.06:08
* skaet_ understands exactly what GrueMaster means... :P 06:09
skaet_Thanks GrueMaster.   I'll stay on until I hear the results of the spot tests.06:09
GrueMasterskaet_: I am looking at an ugly screen that may have appeared in the ubuntu-netbook omap4 images over the weekend (no daily images for most of last week).06:18
GrueMasterDoesn't look like a critical respin issue, but is an ugly mark.06:18
GrueMasterIt can be worked around with a manual reboot in the preimage config process, easily documentable.06:19
GrueMasterNot sure how it will affect the kubuntu images.06:19
skaet_thanks Gruemaster..06:20
GrueMaster.http://members.dsl-only.net/~tdavis/panda-20110328.jpg is what it looks like.  Reset will come up clean and launch oem-config properly.  Doesn't reappear after that.06:20
* GrueMaster hates these types of issues.06:21
GrueMasterDoesn't affect omap images nor headless.  Very odd that it only is hit once during first boot.06:22
skaet_yeah, that definitely will need its workaround documented.06:22
GrueMasterI'm more worried about finding the cause and filing a bug.06:23
skaet_hopefully ogra_ may have some insight, and see if they can figure it out.06:23
skaet_post the bug number here when you've got it filed please.   suspect that when pitti comes on line, he will be interested as well.06:25
GrueMasterThankfully I keep a running history of daily images between releases so I can backtrack.06:25
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pittiGood morning07:04
skaet_heya pitti,  good morning.07:13
skaet_All images that were kicked off by cjwatson have been put in the tester.07:13
GrueMasterSo far, I am seeing bad screen corruption on the Ubuntu-netbook and Kubuntu-desktop images on omap4.  It appears to be resolution related.07:14
pittiskaet_: any catastrophes so far?07:14
skaet_pitti,  arm and/or kubuntu is problematic based on the rebuilds. and what Gruemaster is finding out on the arm side.07:15
pittiskaet_: the bits on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/natty_probs.html, or more recent regressions?07:15
GrueMasterI'm leaning heavily towards a kernel issue.  This is a new kernel since Saturday (i.e. no real testing) and is the first .38 kernel for omap4 that reenables HDMI.07:16
GrueMasterAt least with the omap4 images.07:16
pittiargh, fglrx is on the DVDs; I'd love to accept it now, so that people actually can get a working driver right after an upgrade, does that sound ok?07:17
pittiskaet_: ^07:17
skaet_pitti,  I'm sympathetic.  /me thinking about implications07:18
pittiskaet_: it's just in ship, not in the live session07:18
rsalvetiGrueMaster: did you remove the old dvi arguments?07:19
pittibut it's rather useless on the DVD right now, as it's uninstallable (i386) and breaking your system (amd64)07:19
rsalvetidon't know if ogra_ already removed it07:19
pittiso I'd rather have a working versino in the archive, in case people try it07:19
skaet_pitti,  if the dvds haven't started testing yet, mark them for rebuild and go ahead.07:19
pittiit's disabled in jockey, but still, people could install it manually07:19
GrueMasterrsalveti: I'll check, but they don't work with the dvi port anymore.07:19
rsalvetiGrueMaster: I tested this kernel and it worked fine with my monitor, but not during installer07:19
pittiskaet_: I don't want to rebuild DVDs actually07:19
rsalvetiGrueMaster: hm, it should work07:19
rsalvetiGrueMaster: can you check the package version?07:20
GrueMasterrsalveti: Same here with a 20110321 upgraded image.07:20
rsalveticould happen that the meta package is not updated07:20
GrueMasterrsalveti: linux-image-2.6.38-1206-omap4 2.6.38-1206.907:20
rsalvetinot the latest07:20
GrueMasterFrom the manifest.07:20
GrueMasterThere is a new one in the pool since 3 hours ago?07:21
pittiskaet_: DVDs were fully tested already, I don't think this is important enough to drop that; people can install fglrx from the archive instead of from the DVD07:21
rsalvetiGrueMaster: 2.6.38-1207.10 was published at 2607:21
skaet_pitti,  yup,  go ahead and accept.07:21
pittiskaet_: ack07:21
rsalvetiGrueMaster: could be lack of meta update07:22
* skaet_ read the backscroll, and put 2+2 together as you explained. 07:22
pittiskaet_: FYI, need to disappear for ~ 30 min for a vaccination, bbl07:22
GrueMasterOk, get it updated so we can reroll armel images and start over in the morning.07:22
rsalvetibeagle one seems fine here, at least I could install and open the unity-2d interface07:22
GrueMasteromap images are running fine.07:23
GrueMasterOnly omap4 images have issues (headless works fine also).07:23
slangasek^^ wanted for kubuntu upgrades to beta; without it, users get a nasty shock when kdm restarts and destroys their running session07:23
slangaseknothing in there that needs to be on the ISOs though07:23
rsalvetiGrueMaster: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-natty-meta.git;a=commit;h=55b7429412381840311673838dedf7b6f8afc10407:24
rsalvetiGrueMaster: yup, meta needs update07:24
* GrueMaster is getting really tired of these last minute rerolls for armel during release week.07:25
skaet_pitti, ^^ can you help with the rerolling the armel images when bits are ready.07:25
* skaet_ needs to go zzz now07:26
GrueMasterI need to call it a night.  I can only go 16 hours between beauty sleep.  Night skaet_.07:26
skaet_Thanks GrueMaster,  night07:26
=== skaet_ is now known as skaet_afk
rsalvetiyeah, also going afk, asked at #ubuntu-kernel for meta update07:27
rsalvetihopefully someone can update it soon07:27
GrueMasterI'll look for new images in the morning.07:28
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pittiskaet_afk: sure08:28
pittihm, which bits are needed for the armel images?08:29
pittiah, omap meta package, sure, will look08:31
pittithere's no upload, though08:32
ogra_hmm, the kernel team seems dead today10:40
ogra_pitti, i just uploaded a fix for flash-kernel, since we will have to re-roll for linux-meta anyway, that can as well go in10:57
ogra_(fixes bug 744862)10:58
ubot4`Launchpad bug 744862 in libdebian-installer (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "/proc/cpuinfo strings for OMAP4 devices changed with 2.6.38 kernels (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74486210:58
pittiogra_: do you know if someone is on linux-meta?11:02
pittiomap-meta, I think?11:02
ogra_cooloney is11:02
ogra_but he cant upload and seems to wait for tim11:03
pittiyou or I cannot sponsor this?11:03
pittiogra_: flash-kernel accepted11:03
ogra_i'm not sure how the pocesses in the kernel team are, probably he waits for a review of a team mate or something11:04
ogra_he went for dinner now, so i cant ask him11:04
cjwatsonogra_: which rerolls are we talking about heree?11:06
cjwatsonI missed some scrollback due to going over my ISP's usage cap this month11:06
ogra_cjwatson, armel omap4 at least11:25
ogra_cjwatson, new linux paxkage was uploaded but no new meta, so the display is broken11:26
ogra_(the new kernel fixes it)11:26
cjwatsonwhich armel omap4?  there are >111:32
ogra_all that use graphics (but for consistencys i would also re-roll headless)11:33
cjwatsonok, please let me know when rerolls should start11:38
ogra_will do, still waiting for the kernel team11:39
dokocjwatson: please could you accept one more g*-4.4 package? the buildds are free13:01
cjwatsonwhich one?13:01
dokosay, gcj-4.4, shortest build time13:02
dokothen gnat-4.4, then gcc-4.413:02
cjwatsonare the dependencies such that this will not cause any uninstallability if architectures are out of sync?13:03
cjwatsonwe still have at least a couple of respins to come13:03
dokogdc-4.4 was a ftbfs, gcj-4.4 needs the update for multiarch13:06
mvois there going to be a respin of ubuntu desktop ? I have a software-center upload that switches from reviews.taging.ubuntu.com to production (the production instance is there now finally!)13:15
mvonot critical as we can just redirect from staging -> production for a while but would be nice to have (if we respin anyway)13:15
cjwatsonnot planned at the moment13:25
mvook, thanks13:26
cjwatsonsoftware-center is arch: all, though, so it's safe to accept in case we do respin - done13:27
ogra_pitti, omap4 meta should hit the archive in a minute, please approve13:47
pittiogra_: done; let's hope it builds before the publisher run13:48
ogra_shouldnt take long though13:49
* tgardner wishes all his packages went that fast.13:50
ScottKAny objections of I go ahead and accept ia32-libs?13:51
pittiScottK: oh, I just did so, as it isn't on any image13:52
ScottKpitti: OK.  That would be a good reason for me not to do it.13:52
pittiScottK: hoping it'll unbreak flash :) (yesterday's update broke it)13:52
ScottKMy view has been if you care about flash working you ought to be on i386 (until multiarch gets done).13:53
pittiScottK: right, but when looking at how much discussion bug 723831 caused, I'd rather see that working :)13:54
ubot4`Launchpad bug 723831 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Installer – The option to 'install third-party software' when installing Ubuntu should be selected by default (aka "make Youtube work") (affects: 6) (heat: 54)" [Wishlist,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72383113:54
pittiogra_: in accepted, good14:01
ogra_pitti, awesome, so we can re-roll ?14:02
pittiogra_: no, needs publishding first14:02
ogra_ah, right14:03
pitti^ don't worry, this was a reject (I reuploaded because there was another patch to sponsor)14:15
ogra_http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/pool/main/l/linux-meta-ti-omap4/ doesnt look like we made the last publisher run :(15:05
ogra_cjwatson, omap4 rebuilds can be started, linux-image-omap4 just hit the archive15:44
cjwatsonogra_: right15:45
NCommandercjwatson: please build headless first15:45
ogra_NCommander, ?15:45
NCommanderIt takes a lot less time, and if it fails to build, we know the other ones will15:46
=== skaet_afk is now known as skaet_
NCommander^- ogra_15:46
ogra_that can go last15:46
cjwatsontoo late.15:46
NCommanderogra_: it can go first15:46
cjwatsonlamont: can you kill whatever's running on acorn+sycamore, please?15:46
cjwatsonlivefs jobs15:46
ogra_NCommander, we try to fix a graphics bug15:46
ogra_how will headless help here ?15:46
cjwatsonI c&ped too much by accident15:46
NCommanderogra_: I just talked to GrueMaster about it, he can test headless while the others are building. Headless takes ~30m, desktop takes at least 2h lsat time I built them by hand15:46
ogra_NCommander, nothing will fail to build, we replaced two packages15:47
ogra_desktop takes pretty exactly 90min on antimony15:47
ogra_+/- 2-3min15:47
GrueMasterogra_: Headless can be testing while the others are downloading.15:47
GrueMasterIt is small and fast.15:48
* ogra_ sighs and goes afk15:48
cjwatsonthis is all moot unless lamont comes back15:48
GrueMasterthank you.15:48
ogra_feel free to take over from ´me now15:48
NCommanderogra_: it takes longer than that cause we also have to do compression step which takes a good 30 minutes15:48
cjwatsonsince I accidentally started a netbook build15:48
cjwatson(and ctrl-c'ed it again accidentally, so it's running unsupervised)15:48
NCommandercjwatson: ugh :-(. We really need a kill image script on antimony15:48
ogra_GrueMaster, did you notice that the package removal bits in oem-config change teh debconf ui color to unreadable in headless ?15:51
ogra_do we have a bug for that ?15:52
slangasekpitti, ScottK: you mean you aren't all using my ppa and *have* flash working with multiarch?! ;)15:52
GrueMasterI did not notice.  I was too consumed with trying to figure out the graphics issues.15:52
pittislangasek: I of course have run your PPA for the last five years! I'm exclusively worried about our users here, of course :)15:53
ScottKslangasek: No.  I use i386 on desktops.15:53
pittislangasek: jokes aside, it actually works for you now? awesome15:53
slangasekScottK: ah, heh15:54
slangasekpitti: yes, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/586924/15:54
slangasekbut you can't upgrade libglx-mesa-dri from that ppa or it wants to remove your x server ;)15:55
pittislangasek: you mean you aren't already running wayland? :-)15:55
Riddellcjwatson: the kubuntu mobile images from yesterday still have kdm and plasma-desktop on them, but kubuntu-mobile is no longer a Task of those packages, maybe they were rebuilt too soon, could we get new images if you agree?17:25
cjwatsonRiddell: is that arm?17:32
dokocjwatson: I think gcc-4.4 can be approved (arm is still busy, but ...)17:32
slangasekdoko: hi, so what happened that required a gcc-4.4 reupload?17:34
slangasekor do you mean gdc-4.4 here?17:34
dokoslangasek: merging of hrw's cross changes, and serving as a basis for the gdc-4.4 (FTBFS), gcj-4.4 (wasn't multiarch ready) and gnat-4.417:37
Riddellcjwatson: i386 in my case17:42
GrueMasterRiddell: we are respinning the omap4 images anyways (kernel issue).17:42
cjwatsonRiddell: do you think it's beta-critical?17:43
Riddellcjwatson: for kubuntu mobile it is, it's not our most important flavour but I don't think we lose anything by rebuilding now17:44
skaet_GrueMaster, Ubuntu ARM Preinstalled (omap3+omap4) are the 20110329 images - are they the ones being rebuilt right now?17:45
skaet_cjwatson, ^^ ?17:45
GrueMasterI hope so.  The kernel meta landed only a few hours ago.17:45
cjwatsonskaet_: I'm in the middle of posting17:45
cjwatsonubuntu arm preinstalled omap4 posted17:45
GrueMasterThanks.  Pulling.17:46
skaet_cjwatson,  awesome.  :)17:46
cjwatsonI accidentally rebuilt omap3 as well, but you can ignore that17:46
cjwatsonwe can just publish the old one if it's already been tested?17:46
cjwatsonthe request was just to respin omap417:46
skaet_cjwatson,  it doesn't have any test results beside it, so may as well put both up.17:46
GrueMasterAs long as there are no other package changes, I'm good.17:46
cjwatsonI have no idea whether there are other package changes :-)17:46
GrueMasterskaet_: I hadn't posted results yet (waiting for tracker issues to get resolved).17:47
GrueMastercjwatson: I can check.17:47
skaet_ahh,  ok GrueMaster17:47
GrueMasterThe only package changes I can see that may be relevant are pam and software-center.  Need to find out why they were updated post-freeze.17:52
cjwatsonI approved software-center17:52
cjwatsonit switches to using a production server rather than staging17:52
GrueMasterAh.  Not a big deal for armel I would think.17:52
GrueMaster(not sure how it works).17:52
cjwatsonanyway, if you've already tested omap3, there's no point in revving for the sake of it, I think17:53
GrueMasterBut for the limited user base, I'm not sure it is a major concern for beta.17:53
cjwatsonyou have enough to do17:53
GrueMasterHeh.  Yes I do.  :P17:53
skaet_cjwatson, Gruemaster - agreed.  If testing already done, its lower priority to retest with new image.17:55
GrueMastercjwatson: While I pull the netbook image down, can you start respin of headless, kubuntu, and kubuntu-mobile for omap4?17:55
cjwatsonalready did17:56
cjwatsonheadless is building right now17:56
cjwatsonand the others are queued in that order after iti17:56
cjwatsonin parallel, kubuntu-mobile/i386 is building as Riddell requested17:56
=== bjf is now known as bjf[afk]
cjwatsonI'm going out for a while and would appreciate it if people would post those as they complete18:02
cjwatsonagain, no need to post omap318:02
skaet_cjwatson,  will keep an eye on it.18:03
* skaet_ and won't post omap3 ;)18:03
dokoslangasek: hmm, did you run your script on the old test rebuild?18:06
slangasekdoko: no, I ran it against test-rebuild-20110329-arm + test-rebuild-20110329 + the main archive; so anything that's ftbfs in natty also got a bug filed18:07
lamontcjwatson: are acorn/sycamore still an issue? (covered tab, sorry)18:15
cjwatsonlamont: nope, thanks18:15
cjwatsondon't kill what's there now :)18:15
lamonthence the question18:15
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
doko*cough* perl ftbfs with multiarch18:21
* slangasek mumbles18:22
slangasekassign me a bug? :)18:22
highvoltageoh crap I didn't quite finish all the Edubuntu ubiquity slideshow slide pictures (not that it's particularly noticable)18:25
highvoltage(I guess I'll just try to get an exception for them after beta release)18:26
dokoslangasek: done. still fighting with nfs-utils ...18:28
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skaet_kubuntu mobile i386 20110330 posted19:04
skaet_Riddell, ^^19:04
skaet_Gruemaster, cjwatson,   headless armel omap4 posted.19:39
=== tgardner-lunch is now known as tgardner
GrueMasterok.  Sorry, had a phone call.19:51
GrueMasterI'll pull it now.19:51
=== bjf is now known as bjf[afk]
=== tgardner is now known as tgardner-server-
skaet_GrueMaster, Riddell, ScottK,  kubuntu desktop omap4 20110330.1 posted20:26
=== skaet_ is now known as skaet_otp
skaet_otpcjwatson, slangasek,  I think that the only one left to emerge now is kubuntu mobile armel omap4.   Anything else that may have been overlooked?20:32
=== tgardner-server- is now known as tgardner
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
dokoslangasek: please accept python*-stdlib-extensions, afaics, not on any CD's21:22
=== skaet_otp is now known as skaet
cjwatsonkubuntu-mobile armel+omap4 posted21:31
highvoltagethere. edubuntu is all tested (shew).21:36
highvoltage(with very few and small bugs this time, at least)21:36
skaethighvoltage.  :)21:45
skaethighvoltage,  thank you - that sort of nice news is always most welcome.  :)21:46
highvoltageskaet: only a pleasure!21:48
highvoltageskaet: there's 3 low-risk fixes that, if we apply them when the archive opens again, we'll have 0 edubuntu-specific bugs for the 2nd beta if nothing changes (that would be kind of nice)21:50
matttbeI'm part of the Cairo-Dock team and I want to update Cairo-Dock packages on Ubuntu. I've opened two bug reports (cairo-dock and its plug-ins) one month ago (before the FF) with two linked branches: https://code.launchpad.net/bugs/723994 & https://code.launchpad.net/bugs/72399521:54
ubot4`Launchpad bug 723994 in cairo-dock (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "FFe: Please update Cairo-Dock to 2.3.0~0rc1 version (affects: 2) (heat: 16)" [Wishlist,New]21:54
matttbeI've contacted a few people on IRC but now I really don't know what can I do...21:54
skaetmatttbe, this is a good place to bring it up,  however right now we're in last stages of getting beta images ready.22:01
matttbeskaet: yes I know but what do I have to do?22:02
skaetmatttbe, if you could bring it up again on Friday or next monday,  if it hasn't been taken care of before then,  that would be much appreciated.22:02
skaethas the ubuntu-release team been subscribed to the bugs?22:02
matttbeskaet: ok thank you!22:02
skaetcool,  it should be in the queue then, and as soon as the load lightens it should get assessed.22:03
matttbeskaet: and it seems that my sponsor has subscribed you :)22:04
skaetmatttbe,  thanks for flagging it.   I had noticed cairo dock has been on the bug list, but hadn't had the bandwidth to dig in yet.22:04
matttbeskaet: no problem but I hope that these packages will be updated before the beta2 :)22:05
cjwatsonreposting a few desktop images to relabel them and avoid a Wubi bug22:06
=== skaet is now known as skaet_afk
slangasektesting a fix for the perl multiarch ftbfs now; have the package building, want to see if it also fixes the ftbfs of perl revdeps22:39
slangasekcool, libuuid-perl fixed with a fixed perl22:41
slangasekuploading perl22:41
dokocan't approve22:44
slangasekthat's ok, someone will get it eventually :)22:44
slangasekdoko: have the buildds finished the rebuild for main on x86, or is there still more coming?22:46
dokoslangasek: same answer as to robbiew (which he didn't like =) https://launchpad.net/builders/  i386 at s, amd64 at p for main, universe not yet started22:50
robbiewslangasek: that means "no"22:50
dokosorry, couldn't resist ;)22:51
slangasekdoesn't bother me any :)22:51
slangasekthbbt, why does reportbug not let me set usertags for multiple users22:52
dokohad to convince soyuz to get populate-archive from 10h+ to 2h22:52
slangasekdoko: aside from perl ftbfs being scary (but now fixed), are there any other multiarch pain points that you're aware of currently?22:55
slangasekthe desktop stuff seems to be getting sorted (or already is)22:55
slangasekbind9 is multiarch, I bet postfix is also22:55
cjwatsonpython-apt breakage makes it painful to use on the desktop, so I turned it off22:56
cjwatson(bug 740072)22:56
ubot4`Launchpad bug 740072 in python-apt (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "apt.Cache.__iter__ breaks when multiarch is enabled (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 16)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74007222:56
cjwatson(ah, you knew about that)22:56
slangaseksadly I don't foresee us getting that fixed in time for natty22:56
slangasekand I have 10 libs in ppa that are needed before you can actually install any useful packages with it on the desktop (flashplugin)22:57
dokoslangasek: fixed the python stuff22:57
dokonow seeing seabios22:57
slangasekand I don't think you guys want me to transition mesa post-beta ;)22:57
dokoslangasek: I don't care if you provide .so links in the expected location22:58
slangaseksure; that's better for backwards-compatibility, but it also makes the packaging more complex and error-prone22:58
slangasekso I'd rather not, as much as I would've liked to have it in22:58
dokoI know, but it might be worth having such a thing for debian multiarch22:59
slangasekanyway, flashplugin without nspluginwrapper is also not the most useful thing - so I'm planning to draw the line here and close out the FFe bug23:00
slangasekdoko: I think debian multiarch is going to go even further in the first iteration, and have multiarch -dev packages early - and those definitely can't have compat symlinks in /usr/lib23:00
slangasek(this, after all, is what addresses the cross-compiling use case, which is what Linaro and Emdebian folks are both primarily after)23:01
* doko is happy to blame debian for multiarch23:03
slangaseks/blame/credit/ ;)23:03
dokouploaded fixed gcc-4.423:03
slangasekthanks, will review23:03
dokoI'm still bad with politics, sorry23:03
=== skaet_afk is now known as skaet

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