nucc1Click talking about hard drives :)00:00
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Bell] Ubuntu-UK Virtual Jam - http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2011/03/29/ubuntu-uk-virtual-jam/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ubuntu-uk-virtual-jam00:22
* penguin42 doubts you can spread virtual jam on toast; or perhaps you need virtual toast00:35
penguin42has anyone got a Maverick box in front of them they can try something quick with?00:50
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AzelphurI feel like I'm in an adventure game lol05:29
AzelphurThe lock on my door broke, so I'm locked in05:29
Azelphur"Using the tools you have, break out of the room xD"05:29
MartijnVdSAzelphur: http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/household-safety/security/lock-picking.htm05:30
AzelphurI don't think picking it will work, something snapped inside the lock05:30
Azelphurand now I can turn the key 36005:30
AzelphurMartijnVdS: I asked in #hardware, seems like the best approach is to take the door off the hinges haha05:31
gingAzelphur: do you have beer and food?05:40
AzelphurI have food, no beer :(05:40
gingwhat sort of food05:41
Azelphuruhh, jaffa cakes, kitcates, chocolate fingers, some crisps, toffee crisps, mars bar05:41
MartijnVdSnext best approach is "kick the door"05:49
MartijnVdSor "use a window"05:49
Azelphuruse the window has been suggested, however I'm not suicidal right now :p05:49
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you're not on ground level?05:50
Azelphurnope, third story.05:50
MartijnVdS♫ Spider-Azelphur, Spider-Azelphur.. ;)05:50
AzelphurI think I have it now, with the power of internets05:50
MartijnVdScan't you VOIP-call a locksmith? :)05:50
AzelphurI have a real phone :P05:51
MartijnVdSno problem then05:51
Azelphurin fact I have 2 real phones and a VOIP phone, and a toolkit05:51
Azelphurindeed :D05:51
Azelphurbut it's much quicker to just ask the internet, it's already solved in theory05:51
AzelphurI can just remove the pins from the hinges and take the door out05:51
AzelphurI'll do it at like 9am when everyone is awake05:52
MartijnVdSWhat if you have to pee?06:02
Azelphurthen I'll have to hold it :D06:02
MartijnVdSthat might be easy at first..06:02
Azelphurjust had another cool idea to make it even earlier than 9am06:03
AzelphurI can just xmessage the TV06:03
Azelphurhaving a linux powered tv: priceless06:03
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HazRPG..... xD06:34
* HazRPG 's notes to self: Always keep toolbox handy06:35
* HazRPG and a linux box in each room06:35
Azelphurgonna ping my mums laptop too actually06:36
* HazRPG all else fails, pretend to be in an action movie and KICK THE MOFO DOOR DOWN :D06:36
Azelphurshould let me know one way or another when she's awake xD06:36
HazRPGguessing your in your room06:36
HazRPG...hang on mum? Still with the parents? (that must suck :()06:36
Azelphurhehe yea, I'm in my room06:37
HazRPGI say, kick the door down ;)06:37
Azelphurhaha, I'm not there yet06:37
HazRPGare the hinges actually on your side of the door?06:38
HazRPG(notices how the hinges on the door in the room he's currently in are on the other side of the door)06:38
HazRPGhang on, you lock your door?06:38
Azelphuryea, my hinges are on the inside06:39
Azelphurand yea I do06:39
HazRPG... my mother never even closes the door when she goes to the bathroom!06:39
HazRPGnevermind locking any doors06:39
Azelphurmy dad isn't exactly trustworthy06:39
Azelphurand we have lodgers too06:39
Azelphuralthough I trust the lodgers more than I trust my dad XD06:39
HazRPGsee that I can understand06:39
HazRPGI use to lock my room whenever I wasn't in it06:40
HazRPGjust because my dad would suddenly decide "room looks a tip, lets chuck it all out"06:40
HazRPGheh, wow really?06:40
AzelphurI do both, when I'm in the room nobody has any respect and just walks straight in without knocking usually making me jump out of my skin because I have headphones on :p06:41
Azelphuror my mum had a nice habbit of walking in while I was in bed and leaving the door wide open, usually when we had guests06:41
Azelphurand when I'm not in the room my dad/brother like to come in and help themselves, and when it's my dad it's never to be seen again06:41
HazRPGI can relate to that06:42
Azelphurdoubt it, my dads had a pc, 3 laptops, countless toys and random artifacts off me over the years06:42
HazRPGI can still relate ;)06:47
HazRPGnot really :P06:47
HazRPGmissing stuff = bad :P06:48
Azelphurnot so much missing when you know where it is though :)06:48
HazRPGyeah, but you "miss" having it... sorta the same thing06:48
Azelphurspose xD06:48
HazRPGczajkowski: howdy :)06:52
HazRPGczajkowski: and good morning06:52
HazRPGoh wow, just realised it was 30th of march!06:53
HazRPGargh! I'm chairing tomorrow >_<06:54
* HazRPG enters minor panic mode06:54
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shaunohow do they ship something from the UK and give me an estimated delivery for the 6th.  They could swim here faster than that!07:08
AzelphurI think I grumbled about a company about that once07:09
AzelphurI Worked out that at average walking speed I could walk there and pick it up faster than they could deliver it07:09
shaunogoogle maps says it'd take me 8 hours to drive or 3 days, 4 hrs to walk07:13
shaunostill .. ugh.07:14
shaunoI want new toys :o(07:15
HazRPGshauno: mornin dude07:32
HazRPGcompanies suck lol07:33
HazRPGyou'd think they'd want to get it out fast, that way they have more space for other stuff07:33
HazRPGeither that or they're tight, and want to wait until they can pump out everything in one shipment07:33
shaunonah it's out, I just don't get why ups want a week to get it here07:34
AlanBellmorning all07:53
HazRPGshauno: could be customs?07:58
HazRPGAlanBell: morning :)07:59
HazRPGhmm, interesting question for ya... does radvd always dish the same IP to the same machines?08:03
shaunoif it's doing stateless discovery, sort of.  they're done by mac address, so the same network interface will always get the same address08:04
kaushalwhen i run dmidecode i get Type: Unknown Speed: Unknown in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/587238/08:04
kaushalAny clue ?08:05
HazRPGshauno: ah sweet08:06
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AzelphurHazRPG: I'm on my way to freedom... http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/Photos/March%202011/IMG_20110330_083108.jpg08:34
shaunoI'm not gonna ask =x08:35
Azelphurshauno: my door lock broke, I've been trapped in my room for the past 4 hours08:35
shaunobroke in what way?08:36
HazRPGhehe, wow... you totally hacked that door?08:36
AzelphurI turned the key, something snapped, and now I can just turn the key 360 and nothing happens08:36
HazRPGshauno: key could twist 360 in the key hole :P08:36
Azelphurpeople are saying I broke the pins08:36
HazRPGAzelphur: have you actually just been sat bashing on the door to get to the lock?08:37
HazRPGtold ya would have been easier to just kick it in :P08:37
shaunothat doesn't sound right.  the key can rotate past the pins normally08:37
AzelphurI've been crowbaring the wood with a hammer08:37
HazRPGshauno: I agree08:38
Azelphurwell I don't know fuck all about locks08:38
Azelphurall I know is I put the key in, something snapped, and now the key rotates 360 and doesn't unlock the door08:38
HazRPGAzelphur: if anything sounds like your missing a pin on the inside08:38
HazRPGlock picking it would have been easier personally08:39
AzelphurI assumed I couldn't pick it baring in mind the key wouldn't unlock it08:39
HazRPGmy friend tried to teach me how to lock-pick one time on this padlock he'd been practising for months with08:39
HazRPG...took me 5 mins and I was in, dead easy08:39
HazRPGnever done it before, but was really really easy08:39
HazRPGesp. since I already knew the general concept behind a lock08:40
shaunolockpicking is disturbingly easy, in most cases08:40
Azelphurbut yea I doubt you can pick a lock if the key won't unlock it08:40
HazRPGI'm sure you can08:40
HazRPGyou just need to be pressing the right bits08:41
AzelphurHazRPG: It doesn't make logical sense to me, if you can't use a key to unlock a door, then you can't use a lockpicking kit to emulate a key to unlock a door08:41
shaunopressing the right bits lets you rotate the key far enough to actuate the next part of the mechanism08:41
shaunoif the key can spin freely, that actuator is gone / stuck08:41
AlanBellmaybe broke or jammed some of the springs that push the pins in08:42
AlanBellso yeah, unpickable08:42
AlanBelland in any case you have gone past the point of no return with that door08:42
shaunoheh, yeah, it's a bit late for subtle solutions there :p08:43
HazRPGyeah kinda :P08:44
HazRPGAzelphur: erm... also, lock picking set not needed (makes it easier but not necessary). Two paper clips is all you need08:44
AlanBellum Azelphur don't make me tell you off for language08:45
HazRPGAzelphur: pics or it didn't happen :P08:45
AlanBellbut well done for getting out :)08:45
HazRPGAzelphur: also, gratz :D08:45
HazRPGI remember getting locked into the bathroom for hours... wasn't fun :/08:47
AzelphurHazRPG: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/Photos/March%202011/IMG_20110330_084254.jpg xD08:48
HazRPGalso the reason I ripped out the internal lock part out completely08:48
Azelphuralso my door now has a bathroom-style slider lock.08:48
HazRPGand instilled the "if its shut and/or lights are on... someone's in there" etc08:48
HazRPGAzelphur: \o/08:49
shaunomy missus has a habit of not shutting the door.  or turning the light on.  it can be a bit startling in the small hours08:49
HazRPGI've never seen anyone other than my mum do that08:50
TheOpenSourcererZOMG! This is one scary video of the tsunami in Japan.. http://theweek.com/article/index/213658/japan-the-most-horrifying-tsunami-video-yet08:50
HazRPGactually wait, my gran does that too :/08:50
shaunothankfully I do use the light, so the full nightmare scenario has never transpired08:50
HazRPGnothing worse then being a kid... and running to the toilet for a nasty surprise!08:51
popeymy 7 year old is the only person who shuts the loo door in our house08:52
HazRPGTheOpenSourcerer: I'm pretty sure that's an old video..08:52
popeydefine $OLD08:55
popeyI saw it about a week ago08:55
popeybut hey ho, tragedy etc08:55
TheOpenSourcererWhat amazed me was how high the water level rose. The bloke with the camera must have been making a mess in his underpants08:56
shaunoalmost related, this kinda thing bugs me in news articles: "Photo: YouTube   See all 27 photos"08:56
shaunoI don't think citing 'youtube' is proper attribution, and giving us a slideshow of screengrabs instead of linking to the youtube video, so you can't find out who the proper attribution actually is ..08:57
HazRPGshauno: click the photo link of those... and citation of the poster is included08:58
HazRPGhowever I agree08:58
MartijnVdSHazRPG: how's v6 treating you? :)08:58
HazRPGI think mainly because some people may be reading this, and may have youtube blocked08:58
shaunoah, the rest aren't screengrabs, just the one they attributed to 'youtube'09:00
HazRPGMartijnVdS: like a dream <309:00
MooDoohello all09:00
HazRPGMooDoo: howdy squire :)09:00
HazRPGMartijnVdS: currently just back tracing it so that I can post about it :)09:01
danfishbrowsing through the natty iso's I see that a powerpc version is back on the cards. A bit of a surprise.09:01
shaunore earthquake tho, I did find this interesting; https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/InsideSystemStorage/entry/ibm_japan_mailbag_of_interesting_reactions709:02
shaunolesson: leave some slack in the cables :)09:02
HazRPGshauno: ironically I always so xD09:02
HazRPGdanfish: hmm, interesting?09:03
HazRPGdanfish: wonder why that is...09:03
shaunoI didn't think the ppc version actually went away?  just became a community port rather than a supported release09:03
HazRPGare there still many powerpc's on the go? I mean I know ps3's use it, and older Apple products...09:04
HazRPGmaybe they've just recently hired someone to maintain it again :P09:05
MartijnVdSHazRPG: The most common radiation-hardened CPU (for space use) is a RAD750 (basically a PowerPC 750)09:05
MartijnVdSHazRPG: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAD75009:05
MartijnVdSonly $200k, or 2p09:06
shaunoppc still seem to figure a lot in supercomputers .. they're just disappearing from desktops at fast rate09:07
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danfishit was just odd how 'official' support vanished and now has come back. Time to dust off the old G4 ibook :)09:13
HazRPGMartijnVdS: http://ipv6.he.net/certification/scoresheet.php?pass_name=hazrpg \o/09:13
shaunoyou sure it's official?  that'd seem like a very odd move09:14
HazRPGerm, I don't think its actually official09:14
danfishby official, I mean listed on the page at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/09:15
HazRPGI just have a feeling the alpha/beta servers that compile the code and convert to iso still have ppc as one of the options09:15
HazRPGI'm pretty sure the others had alpha/betas of ppc09:15
danfishHazRPG: not happened in previous releases IIRC09:15
AlanBellhttp://www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/content/government-ict-strategy interesting stuff in there09:17
danfishAlanBell: good to see some mention of SME's09:18
MartijnVdSHazRPG: woohoo! :)09:18
AlanBellvery much so09:18
TheOpenSourcererI like the section on Governance. They do seem to want to actually see it implemented this time too.09:19
AlanBelland that open source advisory panel sounds interesting09:19
* AlanBell jumps up and down shouting "pick me, pick me" like donkey in shrek09:20
TheOpenSourcererIndeed - I can think of several people who would be very good on that.09:20
popeyAlanBell: added a new page about teh wiki to the global jam pad09:20
popeyto make the audit easier09:21
* danfish nominates the alans for the OS advisory board ;)09:22
gordif anyone wants to triage unity bugs at a global jam, i will make you so much cake. we get compiz bugs filed against us and indicator bugs and appmenu bugs and gah - more bugs come in than we can triage most days09:22
danfishAlanBell: d'ya think that'll work?09:22
TheOpenSourcerer39. The Government believes that citizens should be able to read  government documents with the standardised document format reader of  their choice. The first wave of compulsory open standards will  determine, through open consultation, the relevant open standard for all  government documents.09:22
gordmostly dupes and things filed against the wrong project thankfully09:22
TheOpenSourcererOn DFD too :-)09:22
AlanBellgord: pick a time slot09:22
AlanBellgord: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/globaljam201109:23
popeybe nice to have some simple docs or links to existing docs about what to do with unity/compiz bugs09:23
JGJonesTheOpenSourcerer, That should apply to video codecs then (they make sign language videos) as well as audio transcripts for the blind.09:24
AlanBell"mandatory open standards" wow, they said they wouldn't use the M word09:25
TheOpenSourcererit is available in ODF: http://www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/sites/default/files/resources/uk-government-ict-strategy-2011_0.odt09:25
AlanBelldocument properties title: "Cabinet Office word template - 2009"09:26
popeyyou l33t hax0r09:27
AlanBelloh come on, does anyone not go to file-properties first before reading a document?09:28
oimonAlanBell: yep, i always do!09:28
diploCan't say I ever do09:29
TheOpenSourcererIt's critical when exporting to PDF from OOo. Else the properties title is what you get in the header.09:29
AlanBellthere are so often juicy leftovers in there09:30
JGJonesit would seem that I can't use libavcodec in ubuntu main to compile for h263/h263+ support09:30
JGJonesI just get an error09:30
MartijnVdSprobably because of patents09:30
AlanBellJGJones: codecs have been mentioned as things that should be included in the scope of government using open standards09:31
TheOpenSourcererThey formed a section in the questionnaire I completed recently.09:31
JGJonesMartijnVdS, yeah I figured...excuse me if I'm getting this wrong, but aren't libavcodec-DEV in source code? Patents don't cover source code I believe (as it's freedom of speech)09:32
MartijnVdSJGJones: -dev are just development headers, used to link your program to libavcodec09:32
AlanBellJGJones: http://www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/content/uk-government-open-standards-survey09:32
AlanBellpatents do cover source code, where they are valid09:33
AlanBellpatents restrict ideas09:33
AlanBellcopyright restricts the expression of ideas09:34
bigcalmMorning kids09:34
AlanBelland copyleft is full of win09:34
JGJonesMartijnVdS, so...that would mean I need a libavcodec-dev that does include the codecs - would I be able to install these debian packages on Ubuntu 10.10 - http://www.debian-multimedia.org/dists/testing/main/binary-i386/09:34
MartijnVdSJGJones: I'd go with the Medibuntu versions myself09:35
AlanBell!info libavcodec-dev09:35
lubotu3libavcodec-dev (source: ffmpeg): development files for libavcodec. In component main, is optional. Version 4:0.6-2ubuntu6 (maverick), package size 2595 kB, installed size 6460 kB09:35
AlanBell!info libavcodec09:35
lubotu3Package libavcodec does not exist in maverick09:35
JGJonesMartijnVdS, There's no libavcodec-dev in Medibuntu09:36
AlanBellJGJones: what are you trying to do?09:36
JGJonesI'm compiling libopal files for Ekiga so that I can enable h263/h263+/h26409:36
HazRPGooo I got replies from the CumbriaLUG!09:38
HazRPG... a fair number of replies too!09:38
HazRPGAlthough, I can see why its pretty much dead... seems most of them have moved away for better jobs09:38
JGJonesAs I would like a video softphone based on either SIP/H323 so that I can make calls to a video relay service in development - but I need something better than a h261 video codec (h263/h264 are supported only)09:39
MartijnVdSJGJones: there is..09:39
MartijnVdSor there used to be anyway09:39
MartijnVdSit might be in multiverse now09:39
AzelphurMartijnVdS: did you hear that I'm free now09:40
JGJonesMartijnVdS, http://packages.medibuntu.org/maverick/index.html - no -dev packages there and I do have universe and multiverse enabled.09:40
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you escaped your prison?09:40
AzelphurMartijnVdS: indeed, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/Photos/March%202011/IMG_20110330_084254.jpg09:40
MartijnVdSAzelphur: hardcore :)09:41
MartijnVdSJGJones: no idea then, sorry.09:41
JGJonesMartijnVdS, No problem, thanks anyway :-)09:42
JGJonesI'll try with the Debian Multimedia packages then.09:43
JGJonesAll this would have been much easier if Ekiga supported gstreamer09:43
AzelphurMartijnVdS: so now that I need a new door, I was thinking I should do something cool with it xD09:49
Azelphurlike bluetooth unlocking or something09:49
MartijnVdSAzelphur: http://www.howtogeek.com/news/super-secret-door-top-stash-hides-your-flash-drive-and-cash-diy/3877/09:54
Azelphurthat'd be cool for leaving in the house after you move so somebody will randomly find it09:54
Azelphurbut I want something so that I don't have to carry a stupid chunk of metal09:55
bigcalmSome evil genious thought that it would be good to put #123 html codes into some file names. Now rsync can't stat the files09:55
MartijnVdSAzelphur: oh it's your front door, not the door to a room?09:56
Azelphurit's the door to a room09:56
popeyreplace (the now broken) lock with a smaller one?09:57
popeyand put the key on the same keyring as your house key09:57
MartijnVdSpopey: it's not just the lock that's broken09:57
Azelphurpopey: did you see what I did to the door to get out lol09:57
Azelphurpopey: the problem wasn't that I forgot the key, the lock brock09:58
Azelphurand I was trapped inside :p09:58
popeyi didnt say it was09:58
popeyi know09:58
popey09:55:01 < Azelphur> but I want something so that I don't have to carry a stupid chunk of metal09:58
popeyI was addressing that specific point09:58
Azelphurah :p09:58
Azelphurthat's still carying a chunk of metal though :(09:58
MartijnVdSyou could make it a lock-free door09:59
popeymost other people are capable of doing that quite happily and get on with their lives09:59
MartijnVdSas in.. just like normal "inside" doors09:59
popeyobsessing about a key is possibly over obsessing09:59
Azelphurhaha I'm not obsessing, I just think it'd be cool to do something else with it given the opportunity.09:59
popeylondon hackspace have a nice rfid tag based thing09:59
popeycould do sommat like that?09:59
AzelphurMartijnVdS: true but that would involve random pillaging of my stuff and room entering while I'm asleep :)09:59
Azelphurpopey: sounds cool :D10:00
MartijnVdSAzelphur: that happens? :)10:00
AzelphurMartijnVdS: more than you might think back before I didn't lock it.10:00
MartijnVdSAh, the blessings of living alone :P10:00
popeys/alone/with normal people/10:01
MartijnVdSpopey: not in my case10:01
popeyi was citing my case10:01
MartijnVdS"normal" people :P10:01
czajkowskiMORNING my dears!10:01
popeylast night sophie wandered into my bedroom and slept in my bed10:01
MartijnVdS\o czajkowski10:01
popeyso i slept downstairs10:01
popeycouldn't move her10:01
Azelphurindeed, living with normal people sounds good \o/10:02
oimonAzelphur: do you live with family or random housemates?10:02
MartijnVdSpopey: too tired after writing Python code all night? :)10:02
Azelphuroimon: family lol10:02
shaunoAzelphur: I wouldn't worry about nerding up the door for now.  just get it working.  most fun solutions go in the door frame, not the door itself10:02
* oimon wonders what you have to hide :P10:02
czajkowskiThe folks on @uupc are running a Ubuntu UK Fortunes - tinyurl.com/uupcfortunes this will be done in two weeks time, fill it in :D10:02
shaunoAzelphur: once you get to nerding it up, the google-fu you want is "electric door strike"  :D10:03
Azelphuroimon: here's a short list off the top of my head of some of the things my dad has stolen off me: 3 laptops, a PC, an Amiga, around 500 games for said amiga, a playstation, a sega saturn, a sega megadrive, at least 15 toolkits of various types, at least 3 USB cables, at least 5 ethernet cables10:03
popey\o/ family fortunes10:03
AzelphurI got bored, I could go on.10:03
oimonAzelphur: i think you need a safe.10:04
Azelphuroimon: or a door lock :D10:04
MartijnVdSshauno: Install a coil of wire in the door frame (like in Cryptonomicon) :))10:04
Azelphurbut yea rfid locks using electronic door strikes look interesting :D10:04
oimonAzelphur: are you the one with broadband usage issues cos ur dad won't get another ISP?10:05
AzelphurI found one that has a key too in case of power outage10:05
Azelphuroimon: yup10:05
MartijnVdSAzelphur: Open the door with your Oyster card ;)10:05
Azelphurhaha, oyster cards :D10:05
AzelphurI'm not in London, we don't have them out here10:05
shaunoAzelphur: how it tends to work is that the door stays "locked", but the strike (the metal plate the lock latches into in the frame" has a moving part that'll "give" at 12 volts.10:06
AzelphurI see, so if I have the rfid on me and I walk near the door, it'll unlock?10:06
oimonmy door at work uses a keypass but unlocks in case of fire10:07
shaunoso to open it, you either unlock the door to open it as normal, or feed 12v into the strike so that the lock doesn't matter.  the regular lock in the door is always the failsafe10:07
diploBetter solution Azelphur10:07
diplomove in to your own place ?10:07
Azelphurshauno: yea that's what I read made sense :)10:08
Azelphurdiplo: sometime I probably will :)10:08
shaunothey're pretty cheap too.  20 quid or so10:08
shaunothe fun bit is under what conditions you present that 12v :o)10:09
diploGlad I moved out when I did, gave me a good start10:09
diploRaining... :(10:10
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Azelphurin other news I'm thinking of picking up a inspiron mini duo :D10:10
twagerWife wants me to install Ubuntu to her win7 laptop.Hope to use wubi but should I use netbook od desktop  edition ?also how do I install the win7 boot if all goes wrong ?10:11
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Azelphurtwager: I'd go for a proper install rather than wubi if you can. Netbook or desktop is a pretty null decision as they both merge next month10:12
oimonalthough netbook version of maverick sucked10:12
twagerAzelphur: Do not want to do a proper install as it means a repartition of the drive and I am not used to wofking with Windows products10:14
czajkowskitwager: do you need windows on it?10:15
Azelphurtwager: the Ubuntu installer handles it all automatically, it's extremely easy10:15
Azelphuralthough I recommend you take a backup before doing it incase of power failure / crash / ninjas10:15
twagerczajkowski: I do not but  wife does10:15
AzelphurI find that wubi installs can be a bit tempremental10:15
twagerAzelphur: This is what bothers me..If I need to reload the boot to the mbr how do I do it ?10:16
Azelphurtwager: if you want Windows to take the MBR back? I think there's a command like fixmbr or something in windows10:17
Azelphurtwager: but the easy route is to just take a dd image of the drive, that's what I always do when I'm messing with it10:17
Azelphurthen you can do whatever you want and take all the risks you like, if it goes bad you just restore the image10:18
Azelphurdd image and then there's no worries :)10:18
twagerAzelphur: Thanks..Will give it a whirl later...10:19
Azelphurtwager: know how to do a dd image? :)10:20
twagerAzelphur: Used it many years ago whe Slackwre first came out and often dd an .img file to cd but never donw a complete drive and help appreciated10:21
Azelphurtwager: I assume you know how to find out the device name of the drive (eg /dev/sda) right?10:22
twagerAzelphur: Yes10:22
Azelphurdd if=/dev/sdx | gzip > image.gz10:23
Azelphurand to restore gzid -dc image.gz | dd of=/dev/sdx10:23
Azelphurgzip rather, not gzid10:23
Azelphurhey cool, apparently you can backup the MBR too10:24
Azelphurtwager: http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/ddcommand.htm interesting information :)10:24
twagerAzelphur: but the lappy boots into win7 ?10:24
Azelphurtwager: yea so use a Ubuntu Live CD/USB and backup the drive10:25
Azelphurthen do stuff :)10:25
Azelphurhaving a backup is a good thing anyway.10:25
twagerAzelphur: Great..Ta very much...10:26
Azelphurtwager: yw :)10:26
kazadegah, bloody clients!...10:26
* kazade has had a particularly complaint today10:26
Azelphurtwager: that's my usual procedure when I do dual boots, I do a dd because sometimes bad stuff happens (You get power failures, or crashes because of dodgy CD drives) and then I dual boot it up :)10:27
* kazade has had a particularly *dumb* complaint today (sigh)10:27
dauberskazade: ?10:27
kazadedaubers, it's a long story10:29
dauberskazade: How goes the job hunt?10:29
kazadenot great :/10:29
kazadehaven't heard back from anything yet10:29
daubersNo? Bit rubbish.10:30
daubersI've got a few people I want to drop an email back to just to give a negative response to.10:30
kazadeI did join LinkedIn...10:30
kazadedunno if that's gonna help :p10:30
daubersHeh :)10:30
kazadein fairness, I'm being a bit fussy about who I apply to10:31
kazadeif I don't hear anything by next week I'll start dealing with agencies :/10:31
daubersAgencies suck10:31
czajkowskikazade: I'd try online and just send it everywhere and then take it from there10:31
czajkowskiit's the only way tbh10:31
czajkowskikazade: what kind of work are you looking for ?10:32
kazadeczajkowski, Python/C++ in London10:32
czajkowskisurely there are tons of those jobs out there, at least in Python10:32
dauberskazade: If it wasn't for the last part of that I'd offer you an interview straight off :)10:32
kazadedaubers, :)10:32
kazadeczajkowski, there are.. I'm just being fussy10:33
czajkowskibe less fussy so :)10:33
kazadeapplied to Canonical, Google, last.fm and ... Microsoft10:33
czajkowskiCanonical ----------------> Microsoft10:33
czajkowskiand you're fussy you say10:33
kazadewell, I'm going for BIG companies :)10:33
kazadeI'm the sole employee where I work now, I want to work somewhere with lots of people :)10:33
oimontry a bank10:34
kazadeoimon, that's a good idea10:34
popeypharma companies10:34
popeyGSK, AZ10:34
kazadeGSK isn't too far from here actually10:34
oimonmind you..nig =boring10:34
daubers\o/ we're trying to buy the unit next door to us as we've run out of physical space. My research workshop is full of stock at the moment :(10:34
oimonmedium sized companies are more flexible10:34
kazadepopey, although, ultimate evil10:34
popeykazade: who?10:35
kazade*pharma companies10:35
popeyyou have got to be kidding?10:35
popeyyou have _microsoft_ on your list and you paint drug companies as evil10:35
kazadefair point ;)10:35
popeyalso, yes, Oracle10:35
popeySAP :)10:35
kazadeI've checked IBM10:36
daubersAre oracle london basd? Thought their office where in reading10:36
popey(Because you're worth it)10:36
oimonpeople actually choose to work for oracle?10:36
popeyI have a friend who works there10:36
popeythrough aquisition of Sun10:36
popeyhe really doesn't like it there10:36
oimonnot surprised10:36
dauberspopey: heard a couple of people say that10:37
oimonkazade: have you tried jobsite.co.uk?10:37
dauberscwjobs is a good one as well10:37
popeyI'd use jobserve.com over jobsite10:37
oimonif i was looking i'd use them all10:37
kazadeoimon, last time I signed up to a job site..10:38
oimonrather than trying indivual companies10:38
kazademy phone started ringing 2 minutes later10:38
kazadeI couldn't turn it on for 3 days!10:38
popeywell, some are somewhat unscrupulous so I wouldnt use all10:38
oimonkazade: you can go direct to a decent agency10:38
kazadehehe, there are decent agencies?10:38
popeyyeah, a few10:39
willy_1977I've had some people contact me from those to offer me jobs at the company I'm working for... at least read the first page of my cv for goodness sake!10:39
kazadeI've signed up to Client Server who seem to suck10:39
X3Npopey: does nagios know not to fail on the standard ssh port?10:39
daubersI've spoken to 13 agencies in the past 2 weeks, all of them are _far_ too expensive and none of them understand any of the questions I threw at them, so I don't believe they could filter a pond10:40
oimonkazade: when yo release the gwibber-killer then they will be beating down your door :P10:40
kazadehehe, in fairness oimon... a gwibber-killer doesn't need to be good ;)10:40
dauberskazade: when dealing with agencies, rememver they're probably being paid 12+% of your _annual_ salary as a fee, so don't take any nonsense10:40
oimonso long as it kills gwibber, it doesn't even need to work10:40
kazadedaubers, k :)10:41
oimondaubers: in the past for hiring, i used prospects.co.uk and filtered myself. except a lot of rubbish came through, including a 9yr old girl from pakistan10:41
MartijnVdS(crontab -l ; echo "* * * * * killall gwibber") | crontab -10:41
daubersoimon: For what the agencies want to charge me, I'm considering hiring a temp for 3 months who could filter those, send responses and what not under my guidance10:41
daubersoimon: At least that way I can give someone a job who might need it!10:42
BigRedSI've never really felt the need to not just use the web interface for twitter10:42
oimonjust don't promise to respond to all applicants - only shortlisted ones :P10:42
oimonBigRedS: i like to see permanent searches alongside the timeline e.g. #ubuntu in a separate stream10:43
daubersoimon: Well, yes. But they might as well make themselve useful :)10:43
kazadeso, who are the best agencies?10:43
dauberskazade: forest seemed ok (wouldn't take any of them on as an employer mind you, don't believe what they charge is indicative of the work they do)10:45
daubersHowever, if you want to work for a big firm.... their probably the only way you'll get an in10:45
oimondaubers: as an employer, does a RHCE gain any advantage for candidates in your opinion?10:45
kazadek thanks daubers10:46
daubersoimon: In the roll I'm currently filling... probably. However, if someone had OSS projects on their CV that would be a bigger advantage (as I could go examine their code first)10:46
BigRedSoimon: Ah, I suspect I'd probably like that too had I thought of having it..10:47
brobostigongoodmorning everyone.10:48
DJonesdaubers: 12% for an agency sounds a bit low, the ones we deal with (admittely in a different industry) upp'd their fee's to 15% minimum over the last 12 months10:48
brobostigonmorning DJones10:48
DJonesHi brobostigon10:48
oimonmakes me laugh when employers want an expert genius and only offering 20k10:49
brobostigonmorning diplo10:49
daubersDJones: 12% was the cheapest I've spoken too10:49
* Laney wibbles10:49
daubersDJones: I've told them all to go away as I don't believe they'll do £5k plus worth of work10:50
daubersDJones: I'd seriously rather hire a temp for a couple of months to deal with it10:50
kazadeoimon, I love the fact that employers want their developers to have in depth knowledge about an entire industry before they start (e.g. finance, risk management, etc.)10:50
oimonyou can get a refund if you sack the guy within 3 months because they are useless. i had a ruthless employer who would do that regularly10:50
=== Newbie is now known as Guest6300
kazadeoimon, that and agencies love adding languages to the job spec. (e.g C, C++, Java, Python, FORTRAN, ADA, C#, .NET, Perl, Ruby, Bash)10:51
daubersoimon: Problem is I'm then wasting my time in training them in the role. Which is ar more valuable to the company10:51
oimoni would rather get a good guy in the first place10:51
daubersI'd rather spend a couple of extra weeks getting the right candidate10:51
daubersWhen agencies say that to me they don't like me asking them why that offer that, and if it's because they generally don't get the right candidate for the role10:52
oimoni try to avoid alan sugar type managers10:52
daubersI've yet to have an agency successfully justify their fees to me10:52
JGJonesAs a job seeker - how does one deal with an agency?10:52
popeykazade: http://python.org/community/jobs/10:52
daubersGenerally get the statement "But you have to understand the value proposition we bring to the table" at which point, I hang up10:52
kazadeta popey10:53
JGJonesMy biggest problem with agencies is that as soon as they find out I'm deaf (usually by asking for my number)...they're very very quiet afterward10:53
daubersJGJones: As a candidate, you ave to keep pressing them. They won't get paid if they don't fill a role, so they generally won't tell you to stop calling them.10:54
JGJonesdaubers, yeah, I would prefer to deal via email.10:54
JGJonesthey would prefer to deal via telephone.10:54
JGJonesat least in my experience that's the case.10:55
daubersJGJones: Problem is that email is far too easy to ignore10:55
daubersJGJones: Go knock on their door :)10:55
brobostigonJGJones: i would agree, they like their telephones.10:55
JGJonesI know :(10:55
czajkowskiJGJones: it's unfortunate as daubers said emaik is easy to ingore and picking up the phone is fast10:55
JGJonesdaubers, I'm not exactly that great at lipreading10:55
oimoni prefer to avoid agencies altogether, but sometimes (particualrly in the city) they are a necessary evil10:56
JGJonesI'm dealing with agencies because I'm still looking for a job.10:56
JGJonesNEED one.10:56
oimonJGJones: what area?10:56
daubersJGJones: Where abouts and what kind of job?10:56
brobostigon22h29m uptime no gpu lockup or hang. :)10:56
JGJonesI live just outside of Leeds10:56
JGJonesand working in sysadmin job (last job was it/is manager10:57
daubersah, can't help with that :(10:57
oimonJGJones: i assume you have tried jobs.ac.uk? my employer (ac.uk) told me that if somebody with a disability meets all of the criteria, they MUST shortlist them for interview10:57
* daubers _needs_ an employee :(10:57
oimonprivate sector tend to ignore the law10:58
* brobostigon needs an empoloyer.10:58
JGJonesoimon, yup I know far too bloody well10:58
JGJonesI often get asked in interviews - so...how do you deal with telephones? Meetings etc. I give them solutions.10:58
czajkowskiwe've hired a blind person so I beg to differ about the private sector.10:58
JGJonesczajkowski, Nah, it happens. Yes private sector do hire, but they're not as good as public sector. Speaking from experience.10:59
daubersUrgh, another day of teaching resellers how to do their job10:59
czajkowskipublic sector tend to be civil servant so employed techincally by the gov at least back at home., so ther are a lot more options avilable.11:00
* daubers disappears for a day of frustration and trying not to shout at people11:00
JGJonesMy worst was with McAfee - I pretty much lost my job in the end with zilch support, mind you, that was years ago before I knew about DDA or Access to Work.11:00
oimonJGJones: durham uni are hiring sysadmin types11:02
DJonesdaubers: Thats true about the £5K of work, we've found they spend maybe 5 minutes emailing random cv's through, 30 minutes ringing prospective employee's and 48 hours ringing asking for payment of their invoice11:03
oimonestate agents and recruitment agents fall into similar categories of contempt11:04
* AlanBell waves JGJones in the direction of the other window . . .11:04
DJonesoimon: I'm not sure whether recruitment agent or estate agents would be nearer the bottom of the list11:05
oimonalso soloictors...the reason people don't make wills is fear of getting ripped off11:06
BigRedSoooh. Gwibber calls itself 'ubuntu' to Twitter11:10
=== Guest99821 is now known as LjL-Temp
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest16024
DJonesBigRedS: Yes, its done that for a while11:12
bigcalmWhile http://yfrog.com/gy7njgicj is being serviced, I get http://yfrog.com/h3qamtjj - what happened to like for like?11:13
* bigcalm has a sad11:13
dogmatic69bigcalm: they both French cars ;)11:13
DJonesIt looks pretty similar, wheel at corner etc11:13
bigcalmdogmatic69: all of the cars I've owned have been french11:14
bigcalmI can confirm that the 107 is a PoS though.11:14
bigcalmand then 3 Peugots: 406 406 40711:16
* bigcalm ponders thraping the loan car for fun11:17
DJonesI've got a 53 plate picasso, wife has a C3, I've probably had cars made in most countries except Germany for some reason11:18
gordseriously. why are government websites the worst developed ones in the world?11:19
gord"your password contained invalid characters, your password may only contain numbers and letters"11:19
dogmatic69bigcalm: ive seen that 107 is a c1 is toyota something11:20
bigcalmgord: because web dev contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder11:20
dogmatic69guy at work has the c1 and says its nice o.o11:20
gordbigcalm, but i don't even understand the logic there11:20
bigcalmdogmatic69: yes11:20
bigcalmgord: wed dev was having a bad week?11:20
gordwhy would you block non alphanumeric characters from a password?11:20
gordthats *extra* work for less security11:20
DJonesBloke where I used to work went from a peugeot 405 to a 107 because his daughter was learning to drive, only trouble was he had to go on a diet to be able to sit comfortably in it11:21
bigcalmMy fiancee is a tiny lady and drives a hyundai matrix. If I have to move her car, I have to move the seat from the 1st notch to the last notch and even then it feels cramped.11:23
bigcalmOops, I meant to say petite :)11:23
willy_1977bigcalm: a friend (20st rugby prop) always get's a nissan micra as his "courtesy" car... :)11:23
DJonesgord its a security thing, the less characters available to use for a password, the easier it is for the security service to break the password11:24
willy_1977it's like those clowns getting out of the little car sometimes...11:24
* bigcalm coughs and goes to make a brew11:24
* oimon wonders what the number of files and folders in the home directory should be for optimum productivity11:25
popeyzero unhidden files, about 12 folders ;)11:26
oimoncurrently after 30 mins of tidying, am at 74 folders, 80 files..11:27
Laneyapparently the human brain can only scan 5/6 objects at once11:27
Laneyafter that you have to look at them individually11:27
popeyso lots of hierarchy then Laney ?11:27
oimontab completion :P11:27
gordsomething on my desk beeped. unfortunately it was a beep i have never heard before. so i will never ever know what that beep was for or what of many useless devices it was :(11:27
=== tim_ is now known as mistertim
oimoni have seen some ridiculously hierarchical trees that make things worse, rather than better11:28
Laneybut maybe with alphabetically sorted items you know where to begin looking11:28
oimonalso, tools like tracker search help a lot11:29
oimoni have a question that's bugged me for ages - how do you add to gnome panel when it is full of icons and applications? no blank space11:29
davmor2morning all11:42
brobostigongood morning davmor211:43
gordoimon, you don't unless you make space11:43
davmor2czajkowski: morning, did you like your late night reminder I was still online :D11:44
* czajkowski kicks davmor2 11:45
davmor2czajkowski: what?11:45
gordhrm, trying to think of a use for a space 2gb sd card, but hard to think of any uses for that11:46
oimongord: i use things like that for encrypted doc storage11:47
gordalready have a wii sd card11:48
gordthis is from the nintendo 3ds, you get a free 2gb one but i put in a space 16 gb one i found when cleaning up11:48
oimonyou can also use 2gb card for booting live usb11:48
* oimon wishes he found spare 16gb card when cleaning up11:49
oimongave my missis a new 2gb usb stick..she was overjoyed...it broke a few days later11:49
popeygord: put a keylogger on it and leave it in the street11:50
gordi don't like using sd cards for live installs, usbs are more convenient and they seem faster11:50
gordwindows disabled autorun now though didn't they?11:51
popeyrename it to farmville.exe11:51
willy_1977popey: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo11:52
gordgeez, the destruction you could cause with something renamed to farmville.exe11:53
oimonugh why are cashbacks becoming more popular with IT purchases?11:53
directhexoimon, because on;ly about 15% of people ever use cashbacks or rebates11:53
oimonand it's virtualy impossible to arrange when doing a corporate purcahse :(11:54
directhexyep, that's the idea11:55
oimonanyone used a dell latitude 13? thinking of getting one for a colleague11:56
directhexi used to have a latitude e430011:57
directhexin my yoof11:57
oimoncheeky dell now started autoselecting 15 months of antivirus by default.12:00
DJonesoimon: What sepc are the latitude 13's, I'm looking at laptops myself12:10
* popey sends a massive mail to the list12:10
popeybased on http://xkcd.com/38612:10
MartijnVdSpopey: uh oh :)12:10
oimonDJones: faster processor is Intel® Core™ 2 Duo SU7300(1.3GHz,800MHz,3MB12:11
oimon http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/latitude-13/pd12:11
DJonesoimon: Right, I'm looking for an i3/i512:11
oimonthe 14 inch e5410 has that i think. plus the latitude 14r is out in the states..not sure when coming here12:12
DJonesJust managed to persuade the interweb to let me access that page12:12
MartijnVdSpopey: it's only massive because of the file listing12:12
=== Guest16024 is now known as LjL-Temp
DJonesoimon: I'm stuggling to find something, ideal laptop will be 15-17" screen, 1366*768 or 1600*900, i3/i5, dedicated graphics and at a reasonable price12:14
popeyMacBook Pro12:15
popeyoh, you said reasonable price ;)12:15
popeymine was 900+VAT which is comparable with others of the same/similar spec12:15
oimonDJones: did i recommend deal outlet store to you or someone else the other day?12:15
DJonesoimon: Yes, dell outlet12:15
AlanBellpopey: awesome email :)12:16
oimonlenovo is popular with geeks too though i hear12:16
* oimon waits for mailman to do it's archiving..12:17
oimonah it's there already12:18
DJonesI looked at lenovo, but they were either too expensive or screen size too small, I found an acer that met everything except dedicated graphics, its just got intel hd graphics which from what I've read isn't liked by minecraft12:18
DJonesAlthough this looks a reasonable deal12:20
oimonhttp://uk.insight.com/en-gb/productinfo/laptops/LENYANVLGQ << look cheap12:20
DJonesJust have to forget about the dedicated graphics12:20
oimoni am averse to nvidia cards in laptops after seeing so many fry.12:22
* Daviey bought a non-ibm lenavo last year.. absolute rubbish bit of kit.12:22
oimonDaviey: which one?12:23
DJonesHmmh, just looking at that asus a52f, blurb about it says "17.3" widescreen LCD display with sparkling 1600 x 900 resolution" but description says "1366 x 768"12:23
oimonwhere in the world...PC world!12:23
Davieyoimon, i'll have to check, it's been behind the sofa for the last >6 months untouched.12:24
DJonesShould Intel GMA HD graphics have a problem with ubuntu?12:24
DJonesoimon: Its not just pcworld with that info, pixmania use exactly the same wording12:25
penguin42DJones: No, it should be fine - it's known to have a few bugs however12:25
DJonespenguin42: What sort of bugs, I guess as long as compiz runs, that would be fine for me, at the end of the day, I'm not a gamer, so its day to day use, browsing, email, irc, multimedia etc12:26
brobostigonlol, my mp tony baldry, just got cut off by the speaker. :)12:27
brobostigonbanbury's mp*12:27
penguin42DJones: Yeh compiz should run fine; it's more just occasional crashes or not liking certain setups12:27
oimonbrobostigon: are you watching the parliament channel ?12:27
shaunothey don't serve drinks after lunchtime?12:27
brobostigonoimon: daily politics, bbc2.12:27
oimonok lol12:28
brobostigonand the PM, didnt even give him a decent answer either, so the question was a total waste.12:29
brobostigoni dont think the PM is used to give decent answers, me reckons.12:31
oimoni've become rather detached from politics in recent years12:35
oimonnot reading a newspaper probably contributes to that12:35
DJonesoimon: I might hav found a laptop candidate http://www.comet.co.uk/p/Laptops/buy-PACKARD-BELL-TJ75-JN-070-Laptop/689203#fulldetails i3/4Gb/ATI Radeon HD 5470 512Mb, although I need to look at teh graphics compatibility12:50
oimonDJones: makes me nervous that 3yrs warranty is £200...similar warranty on lenovo of similar price is £8012:51
DJonesI don't normally bother with warranties12:52
popeyewww packard bell12:53
DJonesGraphics looks like its supported OTB12:53
DJonespopey: I used to think that about them, but a few people I know have bought them in the last couple of years and they've been rock solid12:53
brobostigonoimon: it caught my interest again, as i started to read private eye again.12:54
popeyi watch bbc news in bed as I go to sleep12:54
popeysends me off nicely :)12:54
* popey hugs ipad12:54
MartijnVdSpopey: you like nightmares? :)12:54
issyl0matti: I'm alive! :-)12:57
MartijnVdSissyl0: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zxaZDsOuqE ?12:58
issyl0MartijnVdS: Err. :P13:00
MartijnVdSissyl0: Not like that? :)13:02
issyl0Not like that...13:02
* oimon has home-made pot noodle for lunch13:06
brobostigongood afternoon smittix13:10
willy_1977oimon: where did you get all the chemicals for that from? I bet you're on some govt watch list for ordering all of them :p13:11
brobostigonsmittix: not bad, could be better, and you?13:11
oimonwilly_1977: home made pot noodle includes real chicken :)13:11
smittixbrobostigon: Not bad ta :)13:11
brobostigonsmittix: :)13:11
oimonsomehow managed to reproduce a kind of pot noodley taste though13:12
willy_1977:o without the chemicals my word golden wonder have been saying that's impossible! nice work, chicken and noodles and stuff me likey!13:12
oimonstill working on colonel saunders recipe though..i think the secret blend is just MSG13:13
willy_1977and hydrogenated fat...13:13
DJonesoimon: I remember watching hugh fernley-whittingham making home made pot noodles a few months back13:13
popeyi think it was someone else, not hugh13:14
oimonpopey: for april fools day will you be installing elementary OS on your macbook?13:14
oimonthe bald dude13:14
popeya guy in a barn?13:14
DJonespopey: There were 2 of them making them hugh & somebody else & then taste testing them13:14
oimonheston blumenthal?13:14
willy_1977DJones: aye I seem to recall that too...13:15
popeythe one I saw was a guy explaining what goes into food13:15
popeyhe made lots of things like sausages, ice cream.. noodles13:15
willy_1977popey: ah that was good too, now who was that... errr....13:15
oimonpot noodles use medium noodles rather than thin noodles :P13:16
popeyhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/food/programmes cant see it here13:16
willy_1977Jimmys food factory wasn't it?13:16
brobostigonwilly_1977: that it is, :)13:17
popeyyeah thats it13:17
willy_1977put me off for a few minutes...13:17
willy_1977said zebedee?13:18
brobostigondixons group , sales have dipped 10% since christmas.13:19
oimoni would expect a lot of retailers to have the same problem. petrol prices and electricity, combined with food inflation is killing my wage packet13:22
directhexbrobostigon, good.13:22
brobostigondirecthex: elaborate.13:23
DJonesIts not just that, sales start earlier and earlier, so people buy in the sales around christmas which boosts sales then, so afterwards they have further to fall13:23
directhexdsg is institutionally evil.13:23
brobostigondirecthex: ?13:23
oimonthey regularly sell crippled laptops  with insufficient RAM to poor unsuspecting technophobes13:24
directhexi spent a few months working at pc world, in my yoof13:24
brobostigoni shouldpoint out, i have never bought anything from them.13:24
brobostigonoimon: ouch,13:24
directhexdid you know they have a shrink wrapping machine in the warehouse, so they can re-sell used goods as new?13:24
brobostigondirecthex: oh dear, :(13:25
oimonthey also pushed the hard sell on my mum when buying a laptop to get some online storage 50gb thing, and a pricey MS office package13:25
oimonunfortunately i was not with her at the time and she succumbed13:25
brobostigonthats not good to hear,13:26
oimonfriends don't let friends go to DSG :)13:26
DJonesPCworld is ok as long as you know what you're going for and have specific models in mind13:27
brobostigonthe cloest i have been to either, is the maplins, which is next door.13:27
oimoni was also mocked in pc world for asking where the eee pc without windows was13:27
brobostigonoimon: :(13:28
directhexoimon, yeah, i got that when i bought an acer there13:28
brobostigonoimon: that is justdamnleck of eduction and FUD.13:28
directhexbrobostigon, they don't hire people who know about technology13:28
directhexthey hire confident liars. sales is confidence trickery13:28
brobostigondirecthex: that explains it.13:28
directhexjust sound certain, and people will buy13:29
oimonyeah, and 16yr old eejits who think they are the nuts13:29
willy_1977they are nuts13:29
brobostigondirecthex: that is truly sad.13:29
oimonbrobostigon: you sound surprised13:30
directhexi got 2 formal complains on my record when i worked there for 3 months13:30
DJonesdirecthex: I was just about to say the same thing, they're salespeople, mainly selling to people who don't know what they're buying & rely on the salesperson to say you can do this, this and this13:30
directhexboth for helping customers13:30
brobostigonoimon: not really, but i am at the same time, as i have never beem near the place.13:30
oimonanyone been to bestbuy? i hear they are starting up over here13:30
brobostigonoimon: i havent,no.13:30
brobostigondirecthex: ouch, :(13:31
oimontbh i am a make do and mend kind of guy. i tend not to buy much gear13:31
directhexoimon, 3 branches iirc13:31
willy_1977DJones: it appears you have been helpful whilst serving this customer we have no choice but to start a formal complaint proceedings...13:31
directhexbrobostigon, one for correcting a salesman in front of the customer, when he was selling a PS/2 keyboard for use on a mac13:31
brobostigondirecthex: well, agreed, that isnt possible, so you was right.13:32
oimonmy mum also got fleeced in DSG for a super duper gold scart cable for the DVD player13:32
DJonesdirecthex: That black mark wouldn't have been for helping the customer, it'd have been for making the salesman look like an idiot13:32
directhexbrobostigon, the other for selling a high-end pc with extended warranty when asked for help by a customer, because the salesmen were all hanging around the all-in-one printers chatting about how one would be on Ibiza Uncovered talking about some fat bird he'd slept with13:32
oimoncost £30 or something. my dad took it back13:32
directhexDJones, bingo13:32
brobostigondirecthex: oh dear,13:33
DJonesdirecthex: What was your job their?13:33
directhexDJones, merchansider. which is fancy talk for "guy who attempts to make sure the shelf displays are correct"13:34
directhexwhich isn't the same as "shelf stacker", before anyone starts13:34
brobostigondirecthex: so shelf continuity,13:34
DJonesI worked in asda back in the days it was a corner shop, we had merchendiser's who'd come in from manufacturers to check/adjust their own displays13:35
ali1234it's the guy who makes sure the thing you want is as hard to find as possible so you have to ask for help and/or spend ages looking around the shop13:35
directhexali1234, the key is to make sure the end-cap promotions are up to date and valid, since they're paid spots13:35
directhexali1234, any item on an end-cap in dsgi paid to be there13:36
directhexoh, btw, staff will lie about commission13:36
DJonesali1234: Thats management, we hide the stuff you want & need so you have to ask & we can say its over there next to the tat you don't want or need but is prominently displayed and looks good13:36
oimonyeah, like hard drives13:36
oimonyou have to ask for them13:36
directhexthey *are* on commission, but they lie and say they aren't because it's not *called* commission13:36
oimonsales incentive13:37
ali1234why would you even ask them if they are on commision?13:37
directhexor "CABS" for spot payments13:37
ali1234for that matter why would you even talk to the staff in any of these shops?13:37
directhexe.g. "sell this model of epson, earn 5 quid. sell that model, earn a tenner"13:37
directhexali1234, you or i wouldn't. we're not their target customer13:37
directhexoh, the other fun thing is admin terminals can display the margin on an item13:38
ali1234i thought it was more like "sell more of this freezer than anyone else, get a stereo"13:38
directhexyou know those overpriced belkin cables?13:38
oimonone guy in comet/curry's i forget which, told me i would be sent a latter when the warranty expired so i could send back unused warranty and get a refund, (that was a popular trick in those days)13:38
directhexthey're only about 50% proft13:38
oimonof course i never got the letter and was outside the 30 days notice period :(13:38
directhexbut the pc world cables, which are a quid cheaper, are about 95% profit13:38
directhexthey pay 50p wholesale, and charge £1413:39
brobostigonthe worst i have seen upto now, was in a maplins, and i asked for some linear potentionmeters, and the guy behind the desk, and had the biggest clueless gaze i have ever seen.13:39
oimoni would give you the same gaze13:39
oimonand then search on the computer13:39
brobostigonso i had to explain to him what one was, and what one looked like, nd after a few tries he got close,13:40
brobostigonafter i gave up, and pointed to what i wanted inside their catalogue.13:41
ali1234there's a reason why everything has order codes you know13:41
brobostigonali1234: i didnt have the code at the time, i just knew what i wanted, however, yes , i agree.13:42
oimonwith maplins i tend to print out the page from teh website and hand it over to the components dude13:43
oimonthey are usually quite helpful13:43
ali1234just write down the order code geez13:43
ali1234it's only 5 digits13:43
oimonbut it has a picture too :)13:43
oimonand the price :)13:43
brobostigonali1234: that is what i have done since, i found the component guy here in banbury. was so clueless.13:44
bigcalmMartijnVdS: amusing13:45
brobostigons-fox: good afternoon.13:45
s-foxHello brobostigon . How are you?13:45
* brobostigon goes and installs mumble.13:46
brobostigons-fox: not bad, could be better, nd you?13:46
s-foxI am okay thank you, though a little sore.13:46
brobostigons-fox: ok, :)13:47
brobostigoninstalling mumble, ready for saturday.13:47
* willy_1977 still needs to do that and get a headset... :/13:47
brobostigonwilly_1977: i have a spare here.13:48
oimoni have a bluetooth phone headset - would that would too?13:51
willy_1977hmmm very interesting...13:53
brobostigonoimon: that would work, yes.13:53
oimoncool. i got it free for turning up to a trade show...haven't got round to using it with skype or anything  yet13:54
oimonlook forward to trying it13:54
DJonesgord: After you asked about government websites and passwords, here's something just as good, new government website infected with malware http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-1290458513:54
brobostigonoimon: pulseaudio should pick it up fine, as a source,13:54
oimonthis guy is having issues: http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2010/05/26/using-mumble-with-a-bluetooth-headset/13:54
oimonargh meetings for the next 2 hrs13:56
directhexoh, maplins are extra special14:00
directhexprint out the web page, as suggested14:00
directhexthey have a proxy on the computers in the store, with a fake version of the maplin website, with higher prices on it14:00
* popey chuckles at oimon "this guy"14:01
directhexso if you check prices in-store, they're higher than from home14:01
popeywhere "this guy" is the CTO of Canonical :)14:01
czajkowskiNasa Open source summit http://www.slideshare.net/ckleclerc14:02
directhexczajkowski, getting into AMES is fun :/14:04
DJonesHad to google then for CTO, I was guessing chief treausry officer, but I see its technical14:04
shaunothat's usually cfo  (financial) :)14:05
DJonesshauno: I've seen both, treasury seems to be used a fair bit overseas14:06
davmor2oimon: also that issue was the 26/5/201014:06
brobostigonwhere do i tell pulseaudio to use a different microphone input again?14:11
willy_1977brobostigon: is that not in system settings / sounds ?14:14
czajkowskiwhat is NIH in the blog post which martin krafft says14:14
davmor2czajkowski: prod, just cause you need it to remember your alive14:15
* czajkowski sends davmor2 to the naughty step. 14:16
davmor2brobostigon: sound settings14:16
davmor2brobostigon: in fact sound preferences, input tab14:16
popeyczajkowski: "Not Invented Here"14:16
willy_1977czajkowski: hummm is it Not Invented Here?14:16
czajkowskipopey: willy_1977 thanks14:17
popeyczajkowski: url?14:17
brobostigonthankyou willy_1977 and davmor214:18
davmor2brobostigon: Happy to help when I can :D14:19
willy_1977^^^^ that ;)14:19
czajkowskipopey: it's in the blog post from Mat 1st commend from madduck14:19
popeyyeah, I was asking for a url :)14:21
davmor2czajkowski: ^ I think that one was aimed at you :D14:22
mattiiceflatline: ;]14:23
mattiissyl0: ;]14:23
czajkowskipopey: 13:54 < oimon> this guy is having issues: http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2010/05/26/using-mumble-with-a-bluetooth-headset/14:28
czajkowskipopey: sorry having a blonde moment day14:28
iceflatlinematti: yes?14:28
MooDoodavmor2: naughty step lol14:29
mattiiceflatline: Bad tab, sorry ;]14:29
mattiiceflatline: I wanted to stalk the young lady there --> issyl0 ;]14:29
brobostigondavmor2: :)14:29
davmor2MooDoo: Yeah I know,  I brought my bolster and lump hammer with me this time I'm gonna get rid of the step once and for all :D14:30
MooDoodavmor2: czajkowski well and truly told you off :) and i've not annoyed her once today :p14:32
davmor2MooDoo: 514:32
davmor2MooDoo: 414:32
davmor2MooDoo: 314:32
* czajkowski glares at MooDoo and davmor2 14:34
czajkowskiseperate ye two, no messing!14:34
MooDooczajkowski: ner ner ner ner ner can't catch me14:35
MooDoook so i've turned 314:35
davmor2MooDoo: you missed at least one "ner" for that sentence to make any sense what so ever :D14:36
MooDoodavmor2: phooey14:36
davmor2absolute 80's playing axel F woohoo!14:37
MooDoodavmor2: awesome, get some paul hardcastle going too14:37
davmor2no frog ruining it14:37
brobostigoni think i have mumble setup properly now.14:38
davmor2MooDoo: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnninteen?14:38
MooDooyay o/14:38
* AlanBell logs on to mumble14:40
AlanBellanyone else want to join in?14:40
popey:( cant14:41
popeyat work behind proxy14:41
popeyand no headset14:41
popeywill do tonight though :)14:41
* MooDoo might figure out how to login but has no mic14:41
popeyis there a command line only mumble client?14:42
shaunowas gonna give it a shot, but can't find my soundcard atm :/14:42
MooDoopopey: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/3rd_Party_Applications#Commandline-Interfaces14:43
willy_1977shauno: are you sure it's plugged in?14:43
shaunowilly_1977: if it was plugged in, I'd be able to find it :)   think it may be in a bag somewhere14:43
davmor2shauno: that's easy see the speacker port the sound card is attached to it :D14:43
willy_1977shauno: turn it off and back on again I'm sure it'll be fine...14:43
davmor2AlanBell: what server you using I'll see if mumble will let me log into 2 at the same time14:44
shaunoheh, it's a little usb dongle.  when I lose it I literally, physically can't find it14:45
brobostigonthat worked fairly well.14:45
AlanBellit did14:45
AlanBellI think headset microphones are by far the best for that kind of thing though14:45
willy_1977shauno: that explains it then... you need a soundblaster 16 pci state of the art my man...14:45
shaunomy laptop doesn't have any spare pci slots :p14:46
willy_1977bring me solutions not problems... for forty years!14:46
davmor2AlanBell: by the look of it it's going to try and over rule my canonical one I might have a play tonight.14:47
* AlanBell enjoys overruling canonical14:48
popeythanks MooDoo14:50
popeyalthough the box i was going to use, now i recall, does actually have a GUI14:51
czajkowskihttp://www.independent.ie/business/technology/google-to-build-profiles-of-gmail-users-for-advertisers-2601436.html  hmmmm14:53
MartijnVdSGoogle said Gmail users who do not want their emails to be profiled for behavioural targeting will be able to opt out of the system when it is enabled on their account.14:54
willy_1977not good... if truthful...14:54
willy_1977ok... slightly better...14:54
MartijnVdSIt's not like they made it a secret they were going to do this..14:55
willy_1977fair point...14:55
hamitronso what happens if people send you loads of email with adult jokes?14:55
popeychange your friends14:55
hamitron"people" ;)14:55
MartijnVdSuse facebook14:56
willy_1977go on farcebook... and get some new ones...14:56
hamitronno noes, not the facebook again :/14:56
MartijnVdShamitron: okcupid then?14:56
hamitronnow ya talking willy \o/14:56
hamitronerm, will14:57
shaunonifty.  mumble doesn't mind me using two soundcards :o)14:57
willy_1977hamitron: is that will or willy?14:58
hamitron"now ya talking will" sounds better I think14:58
willy_1977yes... quite14:58
willy_1977especially given the subject... apparently... that site exists too :o14:59
hamitronor nowyatalkingwilly.com15:00
willy_1977I'm at work.15:00
willy_1977I'll have a look later... oops15:00
shaunoI'm at home, and I'm still not gonna click =x15:00
hamitronme neither ;/15:01
* davmor2 finishes demolishing the naughty step and goes back to annoying czajkowski :P15:01
DJonesIf people want a really dodgy website to look at, how about microsoft.com15:01
hamitronDJones: that is going too far!15:01
* hamitron crosses arms15:01
popey /kickban DJones15:01
hamitron3pm, cup of tea time \o/15:03
hamitronand cakes15:03
davmor2popey: I thought you only got banned for suggesting apple.com or oracle.com15:04
shaunoI had to try very hard not to mention apple.com/getamac when someone was laptop shopping earlier.  the only reason I didn't is that it appears they've ditched the TV ads, so that page goes somewhere even more boring now15:04
shauno(and not just to be a pest; new ones came out a month ago, so now's the right time to hit the refurbs page)15:05
popeyyeah, they only advertise iPhone, iPod and iPad now15:06
popeyit seems15:06
shaunoya.  figures, but I sadly enjoyed how completely cheesy those ads were15:06
shaunoand some of the spoofs made the whole thing worth it :)15:07
* brobostigon returns, with headset.15:08
* AlanBell sees various people connecting to the mumble server15:09
MartijnVdSthere's a mumble server?15:09
MartijnVdSI can't try now (at work), will try tonight15:09
gordmumble is wonderful, the easiest thing to "setup" ever15:10
AlanBellMartijnVdS: using it for the global jam on saturday and the quiz in a few weeks time15:10
MartijnVdSAlanBell: yeah, I had guessed the quiz bit :)15:10
popeywhat port does mumble use?15:11
MartijnVdShttp://mumble.sourceforge.net/FAQ/English#What_is_the_default_server_port_for_Murmur.3F ;)15:11
MartijnVdSThe default server port for Murmur is UDP and TCP 64738.15:11
shauno64738 apparently15:11
AlanBellRemote host mumble.libertus.co.uk (port 64738)15:12
czajkowskihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/744325  following on from uupc last night and unity. this is one annoying bug15:17
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 744325 in unity (Ubuntu Natty) "Unity Launcher stops autohiding and is not responsive" [High,Triaged]15:17
bigcalmA wee nap in a darkened bedroom works wonders for persistant headaches15:20
davmor2czajkowski: work around, make the app the normal size move it over to the app launcher then maximise it15:20
czajkowskidavmor2: no more work arounds15:20
czajkowskijust work normally15:20
davmor2czajkowski: it does now for me15:20
popeyAlanBell: connected15:21
popeycant hear anyone15:21
popeyi cant talk15:21
bigcalmI can't dance15:21
* hamitron offers popey lessons15:21
bigcalmThe only thing about me is the way that I walk15:21
czajkowskidavmor2: it comes and goes15:21
brobostigonmumble is really sucking cpu, its using over 50%15:22
MartijnVdSon your 386? :P15:22
brobostigonMartijnVdS: yes.15:23
Myrttithis cough :-( argghh*coughcough*hhhhh15:23
* hamitron excited about his 200mhz cpu arriving15:23
MartijnVdSMyrtti: quit smoking ;)15:23
JGJonesI'm still getting annoyed with trying to compile libopal...15:23
JGJonesUsing instructions here - http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Compiling_Ekiga - I've compile ffmpeg and x264. I'm now attempting to configure/make/make install opal15:24
davmor2czajkowski: ask gord if it's not his team he'll know who to pick on I'm sure :D15:24
MyrttiI've never even tried smoking... :-(15:25
JGJonesin configure for opal, it tells me that it can do h263, h264, but then I do a make, it fails with an error which I don't understand yet15:25
czajkowskidavmor2: bug has a lot of comments on it already, hoping it'll be picked up and worked on15:25
gordeh i thought we had fixed that15:27
JGJoneshope someone can help :S15:28
czajkowskigord: FIX Please15:30
=== DJones is now known as djones
bigcalmIs there anything that <blockquote> can't wrap?15:33
davmor2AlanBell: I can see people but if I try a log in it screws up mumble one channel a time it appear15:35
shaunoI just noticed lubotu3 is clever enough to not give you the url again if you paste a bug's url.  subtle but clever :)15:37
BigRedSHeh. Everyt time I scroll I get fragments of fish all over my screen15:38
brobostigonok everyone, dont use pulseaudio in mumble, use alsa insted, pulseaudio kills you cpu.15:44
davmor2brobostigon: it doesn't here 8-9 % on both I use it all day15:46
brobostigondavmor2: you seem to be lucky, :)15:46
AlanBellDaviey: pingaling15:47
davmor2BigRedS: don't eat fishrolls at you computer15:47
AlanBellDaviey: can you point mumble.ubuntu-uk.org at please15:48
BigRedSHah, no, I freed the fish the other day15:50
BigRedSit's getting less and less smooth with time15:50
BigRedSOooh, is this a mumble room to go with IRC?15:50
AlanBellBigRedS: yeah, for events where that makes sense15:51
AlanBellglobal jam on saturday and the quiz night15:51
BigRedSAh, I was just thinking of suggesting it be used for the jam thingywotsit15:52
BigRedSWhich reminds me, are there dates for OggCamp yet? @_15:52
popeywell, yes15:53
popeybut not confimed15:53
BigRedSAh, fair enough15:53
BigRedSI've a really good record of missing the announcement by too much to then be able to go. This year I'm mildly determined to actually be able to turn up15:54
* brobostigon will try and attend, depending on where it is.15:54
popeyIt will be within 12 miles of GU1415:54
brobostigonwhere is GU14?15:55
czajkowskigord: my dear! you about ?15:55
danfishbrobostigon: popey's house ;)15:55
danfishat a guess15:55
brobostigoni see.15:55
gordczajkowski, mmhmm, whats up?15:56
BigRedSGuildford, just south of London15:56
danfishBigRedS: there's something to the north of London?15:56
czajkowskigord: you running natty15:56
shaunogooglemaps really needs an option to show trainlines instead of roads15:56
gordczajkowski, of course15:56
czajkowskigord: what happens when you launch tomboy ?15:56
brobostigoni wonder how easy, and cost and time, it would be to get there,?15:57
gordczajkowski, erm tomboy launches15:57
czajkowskiand click a new note15:57
hamitronshauno: I am surprised it hasn't been sponsered to do so15:57
czajkowskigord: mine when I click launch goes up near the indicator bar, clicking a new note, opens it, but I can get anything to write into it, I cna alt f4 it and close it15:57
shaunohamitron: that'd be funny.  seeing the shattered remains of british rail trying to cough up enough cash to get google out of bed?15:57
hamitronall they'd have to do is arrange to use google maps on a central site for when ordering tickets15:58
gordczajkowski, not sure whats going on there, works fine here. make sure to test in the classic desktop before filing a bug incase its just tomboy being weird15:59
hamitronthen "powered by google maps" would be enough15:59
shaunoI think it actually works in london? you click on a tube station and it shows you the rest of the line.   just not with the rest of the network :/16:00
hamitronnothing obviously exists outside london ;)16:00
* brobostigon has alook on national railenquiries.16:01
shaunojust far too used to google being nifty.  worked in paris too16:03
brobostigonroughly takes 2hrs, and £19 return/offpeak, £30 return, anytime.16:04
brobostigonso not bad.16:04
brobostigoni might be able to do it then.16:04
BigRedSdanfish: yeah, Watford. I think Scotland's that way, too.16:05
czajkowskigord: feck :( how do I log a bug agains tomboy16:06
gordczajkowski, ubuntu-bug tomboy16:07
davmor2czajkowski: the way you report a bug against anything else,  ubuntu-bug <name of app>16:08
popeyczajkowski: hang on16:08
popeyczajkowski: open a terminal16:08
popeysee if tomboy is already running, if it is, close it16:08
popeyopen it with tomboy --debug16:08
popeythat's useful to attach to the mail16:08
popeyczajkowski: also have you tried in classic gnome?16:09
czajkowskipopey: aye works fine in that16:09
popeyso its not tomboy then16:09
popeyhaving seen your laptop I'd not expect this to be a tomboy issue but a compiz/unity one16:09
czajkowskiah ok16:10
czajkowskibrb need to reboot16:10
gordgood to test in classic + compiz too16:10
davmor2gord: a tip for the future if czajkowski adds the word dear to a sentence RUN FOR THE HILLS!16:15
* davmor2 blames czajkowski's inability to upgrade without breaking everything under the sun16:16
davmor2czajkowski: be aware that it might be an Ubuntu One issue if you're syncing notes16:16
bigcalm\n (unix) \r\n (windows) \r\r (mac?)16:29
shaunomac's just been \n for the last 10 years.  before that (macos, but not macosx) it was just \r16:33
brobostigoninteresting, mumble for android.16:35
BigRedSoooh. I'd never thought of that16:35
BigRedSwhich, come to think of it, is a bit dumb16:35
willy_1977chr(10)chr(13)  isn't it?16:36
shaunojust 10 on unix :)  but yes16:37
penguin42brobostigon: Hmm that could be useful16:37
bigcalmI'll drop the \r\r option then16:37
bigcalmTa :)16:37
brobostigonpenguin42: yes, i agree.16:38
penguin42brobostigon: If it works; I find the normal one quite touchy16:38
brobostigonpenguin42: it works, just tried it, but it sucks ram.16:39
* oimon is back from 2 1/2 hours of meetings...sounds like i missed a load of mumbling about mumble16:41
* brobostigon gets oimon a beer.16:42
oimonswaps it for a ginger one ..not yet 5pm16:43
czajkowskimy laptop seems to be dead16:43
oimondoes mumble work with pidgin?16:43
brobostigonoimon: no idea, in truth. maybe there is a plugin.16:44
davmor2brobostigon: it doesn't work properly iirc16:45
brobostigondavmor2: ok, it fired up, and didnt give an errors, so i presumed, ok, sorry.16:45
davmor2brobostigon: it might for an open setup I'm used to canonical's though where it didn't work16:46
brobostigondavmor2: are we talking about the linux version, or android ?16:46
shaunosince I haven't seen this mentioned yet, http://youtu.be/9vIsQ25Krq8  :D16:47
brobostigonah. ok, thats what i was tlaking about awell.16:47
djoneshttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-12905303 Head of Whitehall IT efficiency drive says Apple products should be used more in government16:49
davmor2shauno: I'm not a big fan of the new doctor16:49
czajkowskiturns out rebooting my laptop just may have killed it16:49
oimondr who is so much better now that russell davies is gone16:49
directhexrussel t davies! \o/16:50
davmor2czajkowski: girl you need to learn to install from fresh you kill everything with upgrades :P16:50
czajkowskihaving to boot from a live cd16:50
czajkowskibut so far it's not going well16:50
czajkowskitried to boot into recovery mode16:50
czajkowskiand different kernels16:50
djonesIf Dr Who had been on ITV, I wonder if the last series would have been sponsored by Polyfilla to get that crack sorted out16:51
davmor2djones: nice16:51
czajkowskidavmor2: can I have your laptop please16:55
danfishczajkowski: what error are you getting?16:56
czajkowskiit's not booting up. it hangs on start up16:58
danfishnothing at all?16:58
davmor2czajkowski: Nope you'll break it and I need it :P16:59
czajkowskidavmor2: trying live cd now17:00
czajkowskiand booting into that and see if that kicks it into life17:00
davmor2czajkowski: you don't need to tell me that you are trying to kill you computer honest.17:01
djonesI'm amazed that computer hasn't been put on the naughty step17:03
daubersLondon is much like Mos Eisley space port17:03
davmor2djones: her computer is the naughty step I demolished the real one earlier17:03
daubersnever will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy17:03
directhexdaubers, that's cambridge17:04
davmor2daubers: harsh17:04
davmor2directhex: I think you'll find it's any university lowering it to just Cambridge isn't fair :P17:05
daubersdirecthex: Easier to deal with cambridge, same as oxford. People on push bikes bounce off your bonnet easier17:05
JGJonesHey, does Empathy's SIP account do video calls? And what video codecs can it support? I assume it would be anything that's supported via GStreamer?17:08
czajkowskiok in order to get back online17:12
czajkowskiboot to recover mode17:12
czajkowskiboot to different kernel fail17:12
czajkowskiboot to live cd17:13
czajkowskimount /home17:13
czajkowskiyes all there and working17:13
czajkowskiand boot to recovery mode and we;re back17:13
gordonly two post-it notes attached to my monitor now, today has been productive :)17:14
czajkowskigord: I can give you a lot more if you want17:14
BigRedSI've just been awed by PHP's json functions17:15
gordczajkowski, launchpad bugs don't get post-its, you people are good enough reminders ;)17:15
czajkowskigord: we love you too!17:15
BigRedSthis might be the beginning of a slippery slope17:15
willy_1977see you around later folks, have a good day/evening/whatever if I don't see you.17:21
davmor2JGJones: yes it does.17:44
* czajkowski prods and gags davmor2 17:50
davmor2czajkowski: hummmffffle, hrrmmmumrrrm rummarm17:52
czajkowskidavmor2: gone past the naughy step, nose in the corner! thank you17:53
davmor2czajkowski: :P17:54
davmor2czajkowski: Shan't :P :P :P :P17:54
=== JamesMc is now known as JamesMc_
=== JamesMc_ is now known as JamesMc
KrimZondoes anyone else notice new tabs just appearing without having been requested, in firefox 4?18:12
KrimZonI'm getting it with images, possibly part of the content of sites I'm looking at like addons.mozilla.org, or possibly stuff I tried to open ages ago but it wasn't loading so I closed the tab18:13
gordheh, i printed off A4 version's of the AR cards you get with the 3ds, ended up with mii's half the size of me running around my living room :D18:23
gordtechnology is amazing18:24
directhexgord, seen the 15m one?18:25
gorddirecthex, yup, of course18:25
gordnot going to that length ;)18:25
directhexnot too interested in the 3ds18:25
davmor2czajkowski: you broken anything else?18:48
davmor2czajkowski: how was the live cd?18:48
brobostigonmumble is freezing after i connect, totally. :(19:09
davmor2brobostigon: on what android or linux?19:11
brobostigondavmor2: ubuntu natty.19:11
brobostigonhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mumble/+bug/567636 that is it.19:12
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 567636 in mumble (Ubuntu) "mumble stops responding when try to connect to server" [Undecided,Expired]19:12
oimonhey guys, seen this one? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-1290530319:22
oimon"He insisted the government was committed to using more "open source"  software to save cash - but had to balance this with concerns about how  easily it could be "hacked"."19:23
ali1234yeah, i think the gov should run all their sites off drupal19:25
ali1234that definitely won't get hacked19:25
oimoni think he's got things back to front.. maybe MS have been feeding him FUD19:26
ali1234he's an apple user19:27
oimonyeah, that will save money LOL19:29
* MartijnVdS just had a brilliant (?) plan: "dishwasher safe" -- build a safe into a dishwasher (to confuse people looking for valuables)19:45
ali1234that's actually a quite good idea19:47
Azelphuruntil the thief goes looking for your silverware :p19:48
ali1234of course, you could just get a normal safe19:48
ali1234since they are pretty hard to steal anyway19:48
hamitronshotgun would work also, and give you a feeling of payback19:48
=== dave is now known as Guest7772
MartijnVdSali1234: Sure, but if you hid it in your dishwasher as well!19:49
MartijnVdSali1234: think of the possibilities!19:49
MartijnVdShamitron: except when you're out of town :)19:49
* hamitron just has visions of the seal breaking and all that cash getting wet19:49
MartijnVdShamitron: money laundering19:50
hamitronhow so?19:50
MartijnVdShamitron: like laundry19:50
hamitronus geeks are supposed to wash?19:51
MartijnVdSI even iron my shirts these days19:51
MartijnVdS(shock, horror)19:51
hamitronI do my best to get someonee else to do them19:51
oimonshirts iron themselves don't they?19:52
MartijnVdSoimon: t-shirts.. yes :)19:52
hamitront-shirts need ironing :/19:52
MartijnVdSno they don't :)19:52
hamitronyes they do you set of slobs19:52
oimoni just hang them up and the creases drop out19:53
oimonthen i wear stuff over the top anyway19:53
MartijnVdSoimon: you must live in a very humid place19:53
hamitronI need a different brand of t-shirt :/19:53
oimonmy work shirts are non-iron..they do OK19:53
hamitronpolo shirts are better... but i still prefer to iron19:53
oimoni'm not a salesman or anything, i don't need crisp starchy collars or anything19:53
MartijnVdSneither am I19:54
MartijnVdSbut my green (yes, grass green) shirt really needs an iron every once in a while :)19:54
oimoni would iron them if i had time, but if i had time i would probably do other things instead19:55
oimoni'm watching cleveland show right now - what an excellent programme19:55
hamitronI've found dressing to work really hard19:55
hamitronyou need trousers and shirts to be smart, but jeans so you can do the work without burning holes in ya knees19:56
oimoni'm the smartest IT dude around19:56
oimona lot of others wear tshirts with holes and sandals :P19:57
oimonin my current environment19:57
hamitrondunno what it is with the sandals :s19:58
hamitronway as well wear a straw hat while ya at it19:58
hamitronbut there again, I should be careful, there are probably a lot of sandal wearers here? ;)20:01
* mgdm looks at RMS standing in the corner20:01
hamitronI actually tried to get a company to move to linux, and they asked me about him20:02
MartijnVdSmgdm: he wears sandals so he can eat stuff off his feet easier20:03
hamitronthey though it was dodgy just because they'd come across a webpage with a picture of him on20:03
mgdmMartijnVdS: *boke*20:05
MartijnVdShttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vIsQ25Krq8 \o/ (Dr Who trailer for the new season)20:05
hamitronI enabled youtube on my comp last night too \o/20:05
oimonshould be at a stag do tonight but i'm looking after baby instead :(20:05
brobostigonoimon: :(20:06
* brobostigon gets oimon a beer.20:06
oimonoh well..that's the way it goes20:06
MartijnVdSdon't have babies then :P20:07
mgdmHindsight is 20/20, and all that20:08
oimonthe baby is worth it :)20:10
sirgadhey. Anyone can advise how to modify settings on a LiveCD to add certain default settings?  Using UCK but the info I need relates to how to use the Terminal to make gconf changes.20:35
popeyAlanBell: http://www.bcs.org/category/8401 is that the BCS venue?20:36
MartijnVdSit shuold be possible to change gconf defaults20:36
MartijnVdSdon't know how though..20:36
MartijnVdShttp://lwn.net/Articles/436012/ -- real or early April Fools?20:36
AzelphurI wonder if android x86 would perform well in virtualbox on a netbook20:36
sirgadHey MartijnVdS. Thanks. Yeah, it's the knowing how and which ones thats my issue too.20:37
Azelphurwould be interesting to get a inspiron mini duo, and have it bring up the android VM when you put it in tablet mode20:37
popeyAlanBell: you know the answer really :)20:37
AlanBellpopey: it is the corridor at the BCS20:37
MartijnVdSsirgad: running gconf-editor as root should allow browsing + changing defaults20:37
AlanBellthe rooms are to the left of that photo20:37
popeyWould it be appropriate to link to that in the podcast show notes?20:38
gordAzelphur, poorly :)20:38
Azelphuraww :(20:38
AlanBellpopey: yup20:38
Azelphurmy other idea was to chroot it20:38
sirgadMartijnVdS: ok, i'll give that a shot.  thanks.20:39
sirgadshould the defaults i want to change be easy enough to find?  I mean, are the labels pretty descriptive on the whole?20:39
MartijnVdSusually, yes20:40
sirgadok, i'll dive in… :)20:41
oimoni've just taken over 30 mins to transfer some money into my nationwide e-isa - what a joke20:42
sirgadI use nationwide. what was the issue?20:42
oimonthey make it really tedious to transfer money around20:43
oimonafter logging in with card+pin, from e-savings you have to transfer to flexaccount then to the e-isa20:43
oimonbut it's really slow and regularly times out too20:44
sirgadhmm, can't go savings>isa?  weird.20:44
oimoni also notice they reduced the rates on their e-savings to 0.45% and now go to e-savings-plus for 2% rate20:44
sirgadat least you have the otp security.  they won't upgrade me to that :(20:44
oimonmrs oimon has that, i don't20:44
oimonit's not very secure, cos i have to write it all down20:45
oimonthe halifax account is so much easier20:45
sirgadlol quel coincidence! I bank with hbos too. they ARE easier, especially afcter the upgrade.20:45
oimonthey advertise a members ISA bond a few years ago with great rates, then you have to transfer it to the e-isa to get semi decent rates20:46
oimoni hate this chasing game - it's just a con on the customers20:46
sirgadooc have you read the nationwide online banking fraud protection conditions?  highly recommended if you use linux.20:46
sirgadyou may not be covered.20:46
sirgadvery specific.20:47
oimondo u have a link?20:47
sirgadjust discovered recently. hang on...20:47
brobostigongood evening daubers20:47
daubersanyone else having adsl fun in/around slough this evening?20:48
sirgadpretty sure this is it:20:48
sirgadbut not loading for me just now.20:48
oimonloads for me...slow site innit?20:48
oimonThis browser/version (Firefox 3.6) is supported on other operating systems, but not on the operating system you are currently running20:49
sirgadaha, so you're not covered?20:50
oimoni would never ever use windows to access my bank20:50
sirgaddamn straight. i'm in the middle of creating a LiveUSB without persistence for all my secure banking needs.20:51
* popey wonders why his mumble doent work20:51
oimonif i was desperate and at someone's house i would use one of the 4 usb sticks in my pocket20:51
oimongood luck to someone getting into my nationwide account- i struggle to get in most of the time20:52
sirgadOk, i'm in gconf-editor in UCK modifying a LiveCD of Ub10.04x64.   Which values do I edit to disable the startup items?20:56
AlanBellanyone want to play on mumble?21:00
oimonsirgad: u might wanna ping MartijnVdS on that one, he might not have noticed your question21:01
sirgadThanks oimon. i don't think he's an expert in this area anyway, from what he says.  Just asking anyone really :)21:02
brobostigonAlanBell: maybe, let me see if i cant find somewhere quiet, and out of the way.21:03
AlanBellanyone else thinking of joining the Ubuntu Global Jam on saturday?21:05
oimoni'm liking jcastro's unity blogposts on omgubuntu21:07
oimonhow can i discover if my trackpad supports multitouch?21:10
MartijnVdSoimon: when it shows a "two-finger" option in the "MOuse" preferences (touchpad tab)21:11
oimonboo :(21:11
MartijnVdSit un-greyed in natty for me21:13
MartijnVdSso it might be buggy in 10.1021:13
oimoni'm in 10.0421:15
* oimon fishes around for natty usb stick21:15
popeytop - 20:20:08 up 35 days,  2:45,  6 users,  load average: 39.59, 39.92, 19.1221:20
* popey stabs apache21:20
Jibadeehakill -9 apache21:20
MartijnVdSkill --with-fire21:20
mgdmpopey: before you stab it can you strace -p it for a bit to see what it's up to?21:21
mgdmpopey: unless it's already gone too far...21:21
popeyI give up21:22
popeylots of apache processes21:22
popeythis is not good21:22
mgdmwhat's your MaxSpareServers set to?21:23
mgdmand MaxClients, for that matter21:23
popeyright, we're using prefork21:24
popey    StartServers          521:24
popey    MinSpareServers       521:24
popey    MaxSpareServers      1021:24
popey    MaxClients          15021:24
popey    MaxRequestsPerChild   021:24
mgdmmaybe set your MaxRequestPerChild to something like 2000 or so - that way if you are hitting a memory leak, the children will die before it has too much effect21:25
popeythanks, will try that21:25
mgdmis it Wordpress you're running?21:26
popeyapache2ctl graceful will take that new config into account21:26
mgdmGot any static caching stuff set up?21:26
mgdmAh! If you can, do that21:26
mgdmI'm afraid I don't do a lot of WP so I have no recommendations for plugins, but I am aware that there are some21:27
TheOpenSourcererpopey: I've been using this for ages on TheOpenSourcerer WP blog - no issues with it whatsoever: http://ocaoimh.ie/wp-super-cache/21:29
popeyi have had that installed for a while actually21:29
TheOpenSourcereralanl@www:~$ uptime21:29
TheOpenSourcerer 21:29:10 up 103 days, 23:24,  1 user,  load average: 0.53, 0.30, 0.2721:29
popeynot enabled tho :)21:29
mgdmNo point in doing work you dont' need to :)21:29
popeyright, added21:31
popeythanks chaps!21:31
mgdmHope it works :)21:33
TheOpenSourcererI'm whacked. Been doing OpenERP, Joomla! _and_ vtiger stuff all day. Time to go to bed with a scotch and a good book.21:34
AzelphurAnyone here got a netvertible? :)21:35
ali1234a what now?21:37
MartijnVdSthat one got lost in the marketingspeak filter21:38
Azelphurali1234: ^21:38
mattiTheOpenSourcerer: ;-)21:38
ali1234yeah ive got one of those21:38
popeythere's loads of different devices there21:38
MartijnVdSI'd call it a lap-pad21:38
popeyand yeah, I have one too21:38
Azelphurcool, which ones did you both get? :)21:38
popeymine is a toshiba m40021:39
MartijnVdSpopey: that ancient one you had in Sevilla?21:39
popeyit's now a minecraft server :D21:39
ali1234got a lenovo s10-3t courtesy intel and nokia21:39
Azelphurhaha :D21:39
Azelphurali1234: that's fancy :p21:40
ali1234i think the dell one is nicer tbh21:40
Azelphurali1234: you get so much free stuff :(21:40
Azelphuryea, I'm liking the dell one myself21:40
ali1234the ideapad hinge isn't great21:40
AzelphurMy brother knows a dell outlet guy who should cut me a good deal21:40
ali1234the dell flip around thing is rock solid21:40
ali1234ideapad screen wobbles a bit when you touch it21:41
Azelphuryea, I always worried about the hinge design on most netvertibles21:41
ali1234i took apart the ideapad and the hinge is kind of crappy inside too, it's just some cable21:41
mgdmCan I just suggest that we kill that "netvertible" word21:41
mgdmIt's *horrible*21:41
ali1234yeah me too21:41
Azelphurwhat should we call them21:41
mgdmuntil "netvertible" came along they were called tablet PCs21:42
AzelphurI thought tablet PC applied to devices that are just tablets21:42
ali1234no, those are just tablets21:42
mgdmwhich is not brilliant but it doesn't sound like a marketer after 4 pints and a litre of red bull21:42
Azelphurfair enough, tablet pc it is :P21:43
Azelphurali1234: I had an interesting idea, dunno how possible it would be21:43
ali1234well my verdict is they are too heavy to use like a tablet21:43
ali1234so if you want to use it that way get a tablet instead21:43
ali1234but the touchscreen is a lot nicer to use than a touchpad21:43
ali1234not really no21:44
ali1234since they are glossy21:44
ali1234i'm wondering what genius decided that the menus on unity would hide until you mouse over them21:45
ali1234makes unity as rubbish for touchscreen devices as it is for multiheaded desktop21:45
ali1234which pretty much means it won't work on any of my machines21:45
MartijnVdS♥ classic gnome21:45
Azelphurali1234: On android you can chroot to debian/ubuntu, I wonder how difficult it'd be to do the opposite (On Ubuntu chroot to android) for tablet PCs? :P21:46
ali1234and hildon desktop for the lenovo21:46
ali1234Azelphur: been done21:46
popeyali1234: Mark Shuttleworth21:46
ali1234it's called the android sdk21:46
popey21:45:10 < ali1234> i'm wondering what genius decided that the menus on unity would hide until you mouse over them21:46
MartijnVdSthey should fire that guy 8-)21:46
ali1234popey: intel learned the hard way this is a bad idea with the meego netbook interface, which has bits that hide until you mouse over them21:47
popeycheck the google doc linked there21:47
ali1234popey: and now they are busy writing the whole UI from scratch for tablets21:47
popeylook at the home directory in the screenshots :)21:47
Azelphurali1234: the android sdk emulator is native/full speed?21:47
ali1234Azelphur: what is "full speed"?21:48
Azelphurwell, a speed that doesn't suck :D21:48
Myrtti♥ XFCE21:48
ali1234you won;t get android market though21:48
Azelphurali1234: is there not hacks for that?21:48
ali1234but then you wo't get that without buying an android device21:48
ali1234probably, i wouldn't know about that kind of thing21:48
popeyi am sure I have had the market in my sdk21:49
popeyit's just a tickbox away21:49
Azelphurcool :D21:49
Azelphurwhen I get my tablet PC I'm definitely gonna be trying to pull that off21:49
popeyits not quick21:49
Azelphurandroid in tablet mode, Ubuntu in laptop mode would be awesome21:49
ali1234i think the sdk uses qemu21:50
ali1234so not full speed21:50
ali1234i think there is a hack somewhere that runs native android in a window though21:50
ali1234i dunno why you would want this though21:50
popeyanyone here on natty?21:50
Azelphurpopey: me21:50
popeyCTRL+ALT+T used to open a terminal for me21:50
ali1234on the test machine sure21:50
popeyit does, but only one, it doesn't open subsequent ones21:51
ali1234works for me (clasic gnome)21:51
popeyhmm, keyboard shortcut has changed21:51
ali1234multiple terminals21:51
* popey changes it back21:51
MonsterKillerhello. im having some problems with rc.local not being run on boot. I can execute the rc.local files manually and they work fine but they dont seem to do anything when the system starts21:52
MonsterKillerthere is a /etc/init.d/rc.local http://paste.monsterprojects.org/mpbjhwhbjzhbjrr and i have an /etc/rc.local http://paste.monsterprojects.org/mpbjhwhbkkkhwez21:52
ali1234what an odd set of things to put in rc.local21:53
MonsterKillerthe /etc/init.d/rc.local was already created i did nothing to it21:53
MonsterKillerwell, it works21:54
MonsterKillerif i do it manually21:54
popeyah, i did a unity --reset which probably undid my keyboard shortcuts21:54
MonsterKillerlike: /etc/rc.local and everything would run fine21:55
MonsterKilleranyone have any ideas? been trying to work it out for days now. forgot to mention, using Ubuntu server 10.1022:00
* willy_1977 has just realised that shortcut keys in mumble apply throughout the desk top :p22:07
* popey pokes AlanBell 22:08
willy_1977popey: it's done on the mumble server I *think*22:09
willy_1977would answer there but have fluffed up my ptt setting at the minute :)22:09
* willy_1977 is mumbling22:12
willy_1977yeah popey the mumble server has the concept of a super user who can fiddle with settings on the root node etc. add channels and the like.22:16
* popey goes looking for a bluetooth headset22:18
* daubers can't mumble because f the 3g interwebs22:21
ubuntuuk-planet[Ubuntu UK Podcast] S04E03  Lightning Strikes Twice - http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2011/03/30/s04e03-lightning-strikes-twice/22:22
bigcalmhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1PtpMs6pn4 # titter22:27
Azelphurbigcalm: lol22:29
AlanBellpopey: willy_1977 restarting the server22:44
popeyi like that it sits there trying to reconnect22:45
willy_1977yeah, and there's no way to stop it re-trying at all (well I didn't find one... )22:45
willy_1977"It appears your mumble server is down, mumble client panic..."22:46
AlanBellmight be back up now22:47
brobostigonit is, :)22:47
Azelphuranyone know how to get the ADSL info out of the current gen sky routers? :p22:54
willy_1977bringing back bad memories I have a perfectly good router sat here that has skys firmware on and I'm not with sky anymore...22:54
willy_1977have you tried the skyusers forums?22:55
willy_1977hang on I'll try and find a url22:55
willy_1977are the latest ones the sagem ones?22:56
Azelphurwilly_1977: dunno, hasn't arrived yet22:56
Azelphurapril 4th :P22:56
Azelphurif it comes to it I'll just plug my router into the sky router and use it as a modem xD22:57
willy_1977Azelphur: try http://www.skyuser.co.uk/ and do some digging when you know what sort - there has been some talk on there about having to flash them22:59
willy_1977and then someone came up with the idea of just enabling telnet on them...22:59
ali1234why april 4th?22:59
Azelphurali1234: because that's when they deliver the stuff23:00
willy_1977anyhow long story short sky shutdown some of these loopholes and I can't seem to get at my router anyway so I now have a black net gear door stop :)23:00
Azelphur(In theory, I'm kind of not holding my breath)23:00
ali1234can't you just carry on using the old stuff?23:00
Azelphurali1234: they give you a preconfigured router and no easy way to get your user/pass23:00
* willy_1977 can't connect to mumble... client problems... :/23:00
Azelphurbut on the other hand, unlimited no fup :323:01
willy_1977I saw a page that would generate it for you but I can't find it now...23:01
Azelphurhehe, I'm sure I'll figure it out23:01
willy_1977ha... got it... but it'll only allow 3 tries from a single ip daily... just so you know... https://www.cm9.net/skypass/23:03
willy_1977it depends if they've changed the routers again I guess.23:03
Azelphurwilly_1977: nice ty :D23:05
Azelphurnice to not have to hack up the sky router, then I can just put it in a cupboard and get it out if I need to call sky because stuff is brokedt23:05
willy_1977Azelphur: no problem - hope you have more luck than me...23:06
AzelphurI have no doubt I'll pull it off :)23:06
Azelphur"It is entirely possible for Sky to detect not only the MAC address of the router you are using, but also the make and model number,"23:06
Azelphurnote to self: forge this information :p23:06
willy_1977right catch you laters said I was having an early night tonight... hmmmm23:10
AlanBellyay, broke into my own mumble server at last23:11
AlanBellpopey: still no DNS joy23:12
AlanBellbut I am off to put the chickens to bed now, maybe it will all sort itself out in the morning23:12
AlanBellbut I have at least made a permanent channel and I can do admin stuff like muting and kicking people23:12
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.23:14
brobostigongood night popey, sleep well.23:15
Nafallopopey: I'm not getting triggered for uupc, and have poked Daviey. I just kicked off a manual sync though, so I should be up-to-date and ready to serve if you want to put me back in the listings.23:16
popeyNafallo: yay23:20
popeyNafallo: enabled :D23:21
popeythank you!23:21
popeyNafallo: the new sync script only pokes servers that are enabled23:21
bigcalmpopey: Fri & Mon time off aquired :)23:22
Nafallopopey: heh23:24
Nafallopopey: there. now the sync script should exit 0 as well.23:27
bigcalmpopey: 45 mins into the podcast and you're doing battle with middle clicking on laptops. I find that clicking both left and right at the same time issues a middle click. Lets see if it's mentioned in the rest of the podcast23:27
popeyis it?23:28
Nafalloclash with paths and rsync being unhappy about not being able to set permissions on /var/www/23:28
popeyon mine, two fingers = right click, three = middle23:28
bigcalmpopey: on the buttons or on the pad?23:28
bigcalmTry the buttons :)23:28
popeyi have no buttons :D23:29
bigcalmSilly boi :P23:29
hamitronmissing features.....23:29
hamitroncheap, but not cheap23:29
bigcalmFor those of us who still enjoy physical interaction, clicking the left and right _buttons_ at the same time will issue a middle click ;)23:29
popeyi was amused that laura was sat next to me with a thinkpad23:30
popeywhich actually _has_ a middle button23:30
hamitronso Mac have gone from 1 button to 0?23:31
gordyou can use middle click on all laptops someway right? i was assured that all laptops have some way of doing middle click23:31
popeyi dont know of a laptop you cant do it on23:32
popeyi own 5 laptops and can do it on all of them23:32
bigcalmPersonally I tend not to tap on the pad for buttons clicks23:33
mgdmit's a bit of a faff on the Aspire One, but perfectly doable23:33
bigcalmSo I'm sure there are other users like me23:33
gordnote to self, buy more laptops. popey is winning.23:33
bigcalmBut then I know of people who disable the physical buttons23:34
popeyi tend to use a mouse these days23:34
popeyespecially as touchpad support on the mbp is linux is _awful_23:34
bigcalmI always use a mouse if I can23:34
hamitronpopey: and it has no buttons?23:34
popeyit has one giant button23:35
gordwhat about people who have mice, but the mouse only has two buttons?23:35
hamitrona very sensitive one too23:35
popeypress both23:35
gordcool cool23:35
popeyno, the button isnt sensitive23:35
popeythe touchpad is23:35
popeyseparate things23:35
Nafalloso THAT'S how I rightclick...23:36
Nafallothanks popey! :-D23:36
popeynp :)23:36
hamitronwell, putting aside how functional the mbp is, at least it looks good23:36
* Nafallo goes to sort out his empathy contacts23:36
gordi think this app that detects your heart rate is the app i use most on my phone... its fascinating23:37
hamitronshould I?23:38
hamitronbeen asking myself for 4 hours23:38
Nafallogord: does it tweet the results? ;-)23:38
hamitronand auto reply if your heart stops23:39
bigcalmhamitron: tesco had those for ages23:39
bigcalmhamitron: do you need it?23:39
hamitronbigcalm: any good?23:39
* hamitron shrugs23:39
bigcalmNo idea23:39
gordhamitron, just based on the fact that the favicon for that site animates, i say no23:39
bigcalmI don't need one so haven't bought one23:39
hamitronuse an ngage atm23:39
popeynot the same thing AT ALL23:40
bigcalmSomebody is holding the camera?23:40
hamitronit appears to have a graphical equaliser on the display in the pic23:40
Nafallopopey: so... how quickly does mirrors get disabled these days? I haven't done my file tweaks to this guest yet, so performance is not as good as it could be :-P23:41
Nafalloah. so don't disable ent without poking me then ;-)23:42
Nafallothat guest does ONLY uupc, so I wont notice unless poked ;-)23:45
Nafallooh man... I've missed right click! :-)23:45
hamitronoh noes23:49
hamitronI forgot to backup my saved game on civilization when i formated :/23:49
popey\o/ steam23:51
hamitronsaved games are non-local on steam?23:52
popeythey sync to the cloud23:52
hamitronthat is kinda cool23:52
popeydead handy if you have more than one computer23:52
popeyi start games on one, finish on another23:52
Nafallohaha. the cloud is the new matrix.23:52
hamitronjust don't annoy any steam employee, or the saved game you've spent month on "gets it"23:53
Azelphurhamitron: lol, reminds me of all the kids I get on my server23:53
Azelphurwhen they don't get what they want they announce they work at valve and will report me / shut my server down / ban my steam account23:54
Azelphurhappens surprisingly often23:54
Azelphurthe best one I ever had was some guy reconnect after changing his name to "Steam server inspector"23:54
ali1234i'd be suprised if you couldn't report them for impersonating valve employee23:54
Azelphurand telling me my server was going to be shut down unless I met his demands xD23:55
popeyhttp://weirdcorner.com/?p=2082 cute23:55
hamitronyeh, report them as ali said23:55
Azelphurlol valve don't care about it :P23:55
Azelphurthey only use VAC and that's about it23:55
ali1234popey that better not be a screamer23:56
popey"optical illusion"23:56
Azelphurpopey: that's cool :o23:57
Azelphur3d animation on paper, haha23:57
* Nafallo srsly considers getting a roomba or equivalent23:57
ali1234it's not 3d23:57
ali1234you can do it with video or anything really23:57
Azelphurali1234: what?23:58
Azelphurhow's a spinning cube not 3d o.O23:58
hamitronhow is it "cute"?23:58
ali1234it's not giving different images to each eye23:58
Azelphurali1234: I meant 3d in terms of glxgears is a 3d application :p23:59
Azelphur3d images rendered in 2d23:59

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