az7awwwwww yeah!03:22
kwadrokeit's time03:34
az7its always time03:35
Ahmuck_hi Douc04:01
Ahmuck_auto complete didn't work04:01
az7hey hey04:02
kwadrokeso anything new in the world of ubuntu?04:06
az7when are we doing wayland?04:12
DoubleBI think wayland is maybe 2 more releases out?04:13
kwadrokeI think it needs to mature a little before going into Ubuntu04:14
az7probably true04:16
DoubleBanyone using Firefox 4 tonight?04:16
az7like a boss04:16
DoubleBI am glad they stepped up their game04:17
az7they're supposed to step up their release cycle too04:18
DoubleBnothing like a little chrome to cpmpete against :P04:18
az7anybody use firefox mobile?04:19
DoubleByeah i have been messing with it.04:20
DoubleBa little bit of a memory hog04:21
az7i'll have to give a shot04:21
DoubleBit is a step in a good direction. the java script engine kicks ass04:23
az7i think lifehacker? had some benchmarks.. looked pretty speedy in that department04:25
DoubleBHi organica04:27
organicaHowdy folks.04:27
organicaI'm up in NWA.04:27
az7cool, same hereish04:28
organicaAnybody here on the NWALUG google groups?04:28
organicaGood deal - it's a shame we can't get organized.  I just had a small meeting with the new-ish UALUG  (University of Arkansas Fayetteville LUG).  We're talking about having a install fest for Natty.04:30
DoubleBthat is awesome04:30
az7that'd be pretty sweet, have you talked to the freegeek guys?04:30
organicaNot sure when, but likely during the day on campus.  No i haven;t talked to them yet.  We just spawned the idea today.04:31
organicaI can fire of the suggestion to NWALUG04:31
organicaI'd like to see openSUSE, Fedora, and Mandriva there too.04:31
organicaBut focus on Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04 of course04:32
DoubleBwe had one at neacug. we installed one for an older gentleman. but we had fun and he learned a lot.04:33
organicaThat sounds pretty fun DoubleB.04:33
kwadrokeorganica: I'm on the NWA Mailing list04:33
organicaHi kwadroke, you're in LR right?04:33
organicaI remember seeing your website sometime back - openSUSE user correct?04:34
kwadrokeConway. Don't use openSuse04:35
kwadrokeI use Ubuntu mostly04:35
organicaSorry for the mistake.04:35
organicaHas anybody had experience ordering install fest materials from Canonical?  Do they provide that kind of material?04:36
DoubleBthere is a website where materials are available but I can't remeber the url04:38
kwadrokeas far as I know they just send discs04:39
organicaLooks like GA Tech got some stuff from Canonical for their install fest.  I'll see if I can email someone there about that.04:40

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