KB1JWQiheartubuntu: Yeah, I've had issues getting 11.04 to behave in an OpenVZ container, I've had to tweak the heck out of my build scripts thus far.00:06
nhainesiheartubuntu: if  you're going to do something like that, may as well do it in a foreign country anyway.  :)00:11
kevin4942941what happens in some other city than your own, stays in some other city than your own...unless you feel like talking about it00:25
nhainesI like this one.  http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?currency=USD&products_id=82800:45
akkubuntu uses pantone colors? 8-|00:46
nhainesakk: well, the branding guidelines and brandmarks do specify Pantone colors.00:46
kevin4942941anybody want to try the game i programmed?02:04
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kevin6567767i'm not sure why i'm a guest on freenode but not on undernet02:30
Guest460372huh, i think it's fixed02:33
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iheartubuntudo the numbers signify anything?02:37
iheartubuntuhow to open a potato chip bag in the library very quietly? :)02:38
pleia2iheartubuntu: just do it quickly :)02:44
iheartubuntuyes, i would have to buy the bag made out of kevlar02:46
iheartubuntufirst photo of mercury from orbit http://www.space.com/11254-nasa-photos-mercury-orbit-messenger-spacecraft.html02:48
iheartubuntui wonder how long it took to send the image02:50
iheartubuntuAn interesting read on being "Happy or Right." http://mhall119.com/2011/03/happy-vs-right/02:53
iheartubuntuakk, did you see: first photo of mercury from orbit http://www.space.com/11254-nasa-photos-mercury-orbit-messenger-spacecraft.html02:53
akkI did! Very good resolution already!02:54
iheartubuntuany idea how long it took to beam the images?02:54
akkNo, don't know (good question, though). I know spacecraft links are usually pretty slow -- might be an hour or several.02:55
akkhttp://spaceflightnow.com/news/n1103/17messenger/ has some good details02:58
akkSeveral powerpc processors, data rates between 104kbps and 9.9bps (right, no k in there) depending on distance.02:59
akkThey're nearly at opposition (as close as they get) now, so data rate should be near the top of that range.03:00
kevin5949173iheartubuntu: cool link on "happy vs right"03:08
akkI'm with mhall on that.03:11
kevin5949173oh, he had an opinion?03:11
akkI thought the article was pretty clear on that. You didn't?03:11
kevin5949173oh yeah, "if i'm wrong point it out if i'm factually or provably wrong"03:12
akk"I came to the conclusion that I’d rather be right than happy." That seems very clear.03:12
akkI've known people who lived in fantasy worlds ... I wouldn't want to be them, and in the end they didn't end up happy because too many things clashed.03:13
kevin5949173yeah, but then he says "if i'm wrong, tell me"03:13
kevin5949173i think that threw me off...that is neither right or happy03:14
kevin5949173it could be argued everyone lives in a fantasy world03:14
kevin5949173death for example03:14
akk"If I'm wrong, tell me" means if you're discussing something with him (not necessarily that topic) and he's wrong, he wants to be corrected03:14
kevin5949173but i see your point...too much fantasy is bad...but fantasy keep it interesting03:14
akkbecause he won't be happy staying wrong.03:14
akkHe wants to be shown the details that show he's wrong, if he is.03:15
kevin5949173if he is capable of being happy, sure, i would agree03:15
kevin5949173i mean, there are probably some terrible things one could be told, and upon hearing them, only a deluded fool would stay happy03:16
akkYes, it's true. There are occasionally things one is better off not knowing.03:16
kevin5949173unless they would find out anyway, it may be better to know asap03:17
kevin5949173but then it's like predestination...or is the future changeable03:17
kevin5949173anyway, yeah, i agree with him03:17
akkI'm not sure I necessarily need to be told every true-but-depressing fact in the world03:18
kevin5949173i do, i want to see things as they are...maybe there's something that can be done03:18
akkbut if I'm spouting information that's provably wrong, I definitely want to be corrected (hopefully politely).03:18
akkTwo different issues.03:18
kevin5949173they are interconnected03:19
kevin5949173like everything03:19
akksure, but that doesn't mean the answer is necessarily the same for both.03:19
kevin5949173i am not following you on the different issues, i thought you were talking about "something being done (hope)" and "seeing things as they are"03:19
akkProbably time to drop this. We're way off topic, and I don't think I could be any clearer on my position anyway (and I thought mhall was very clear too).03:20
kevin5949173hehe okay03:21
kevin5949173why did you laugh, moron?03:27
kevin5949173i don't know!  i just typed whatever!03:27
* kevin5949173 sings a lullaby03:28
* kdub does battle with graphics stack04:35
pleia2slick666: hey!05:26
slick666how goes it05:26
pleia2good :) in town soon?05:26
slick666well I'm in Cali right now but down in SoCal05:26
slick666I'll be in your nexk of the woods about a week from now05:27
slick666I was hoping there would be a Global Jam event happening down here in LA but it doesn't look like there is anything going on05:27
slick666you guys have plans up there in the bay area?05:27
pleia2yeah, jono is doing one near his place on friday, jdeslip and I are hosting one in berkeley on sunday05:28
slick666you planning on going to any?05:29
pleia2just the one in berkeley, have to work on friday05:29
pleia2we'll be doing xubuntu iso testing!05:29
* pleia2 picked up a couple usb sticks today05:30
slick666cool, what did you get for USB drives?05:30
pleia2just a couple 4G sticks to do live iso testing on netbooks05:30
slick666your doing Xubuntu testing with them?05:31
pleia2also, we're doing it at a pizzeria, yay pizza!05:32
slick666lol, nice05:34
slick666have you guys been looking at Lubuntu?05:34
pleia2I haven't tried it yet05:35
slick666its been a few months since I've looked05:35
slick666it claims to be smaller that xubuntu after it's been de-ubuntu-ified05:35
pleia2yeah, xubuntu these days tends to be almost as heavy as gnome out of the box05:36
pleia2it's far more customizable though, so that's the major reason I use it05:37
slick666I've been a big fan05:41
slick666but I tend to lighten it up after I get it going05:41
pleia2yeah, same05:41
pleia2http://princessleia.com/images/MyImages/screen/xubuntu_desktop_03202011.jpg is my netbook05:42
pleia2desktop is similar05:42
pleia2all deubuntuified ;)05:42
slick666I've been trying the GLX dock05:44
pleia2I've been quite happy with the panel05:45
slick666I'll shoot you a e-mail when I get to town05:47
pleia2sounds good :)05:47
slick666good luck with the xubuntu testing05:47
slick666I'll let you know if I find anything in LA05:47
pleia2hope you have a nice time in socal05:47
slick666the weather is way better than KC so I call it a sucess :D05:48
slick666later liz05:48
pleia2later :)05:49
kevin5949173hmmm, nothing in so cal, i'd do something, even if it was just at a local coffee shop, but that weekend isn't good for me.  friend's birthday, potential girlfriend06:13
kevin5949173http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9exdLBS6Y7A&feature=player_embedded video on the tipitaka06:16
kevin5949173"mind more reliable than a book if used properly"06:18
slick666yea I understand that06:25
slick666I'll be hanging out in Santa Monica this weekend06:26
slick666so maybe I'll shot this question to the mailing list06:26
kevin5949173oh, dang it, sorry, that video was for another channel06:27
slick666I was wondering how it related to the prevous conversation06:29
kevin5949173again, my apologies06:32
kdubi like squeeze's installer19:29
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pleia2kdub: gui or cli?19:41
pleia2I haven't tried the gui one19:42
nhainesOoh, when did Debian get a graphical installer?19:42
pleia2I don't know if they changed it at all for squeeze, I never used it for lenny either :)19:43
kdubpleia2: ncurses is the only real way :D19:44
kdubi just liked the rocketship picture on the selection menu19:45
pleia2I'm not really a fan, I have to give this installer to customers, it looks a bit cutesy :\19:46
pleia2I mean, personally - woo cute! but professionally, not so much19:47
pleia2although, the other day I was able to identify whether they had to right iso (they had a bunch of old burned isos around) by asking if there was a spaceship on the screen :)19:48
iheartubuntuFor those that placed an Ubuntu Store order with me recently, I was just alerted that the package was delivered, so all items will go out tomorrow and Friday.20:02
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nhaineskdub: just read your announcement.  That's next month!20:25
* kdub is always anxious for the 1st so my budget rolls over and i can buy new things. wishful thinking20:49
nhainesMy budget theoretically works that way, too.  :)20:59
iheartubuntuWOW - the Ubuntu Mouse is visually delicious :)21:38
gmendozagood afternoon22:22
kdubiheartubuntu: i read that as "ubuntu moose"...22:35
iheartubuntuwhat about Ubuntu Mousse22:35
iheartubuntuWAIT... arent there moose in MI?22:35
kdubthe upper peninsula has them23:29

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