rick_h_I HATE MYSQL!02:18
rick_h_boom, mysql kiss my ass02:39
jcastrorick and me hanging out04:30
jcastrowith our worthless phones04:30
rick_h_jcastro: heh yea, fortunately rooting + cyanogen gets me 2.3 so feels a bit newer12:24
rick_h_but sad it's only been a year since the thing came out and I feel 2 gen behind12:25
rick_h_great texts to get in the morning: " Great the car smells like poop...thank you Michael"13:10
rick_h_glad the wife took the boy into day care this morning I guess :)13:10
rick_h_so am I allowed to reply lol?13:10
wolfgerYes. You're absolutely allowed.13:28
wolfgerLet us know how that goes. :-)13:28
_stink_hah, ours did the same thing13:36
ColonelPanic001My cat does that.13:42
* ColonelPanic001 contributes13:42
rick_h_nice, in the car?13:43
ColonelPanic001in the cat carrier in the car, yeah13:43
rick_h_maybe I should crate the baby13:43
snap-lBetter learn him while they're young13:51
rick_h_help, I think I'm about to order another keyboard13:56
wolfgerI don't think there's any helping that.13:58
ColonelPanic001give me some old ones13:59
rick_h_hmmm, so "NO STOCK13:59
rick_h_** Pre-Order **13:59
rick_h_Ships End of March:13:59
ColonelPanic001that will help clear up some space13:59
rick_h_heh, I've got a few I could sell off :P13:59
ColonelPanic001_stink_: pay the man13:59
rick_h_time to find out how great these cherry mx switches are14:02
rick_h_vs the model M springs14:02
rick_h_wish I could try these topre ones without blowing $300 ugh14:02
ColonelPanic001I should bring in my keyboard from home. I type more here, now, anyway14:03
rick_h_yea, one nice thing about a lot of nice keyboards is that the work one is a decent clicky model as well14:03
ColonelPanic001I just have the default one they supplied. Plain old dell thing14:04
* rick_h_ shudders14:04
ColonelPanic001nothing *wrong* with it, but it's not my MS Natural at home14:04
rick_h_I've got 3 naturals, sell you one for $20 :)14:05
rick_h_one is a dell branded one with usb ports I think as well14:05
rick_h_nope, dell one is at work I think14:05
rick_h_the ones I have are ps2 though14:06
ColonelPanic001the horror14:06
ColonelPanic001I don't even know if this desktop has ps2 ports14:06
rick_h_well, when you work on a laptop, ps2 is a bit harder to deal with, but they make adapers14:06
rick_h_well, if looking for a spare let me know. the naturals were my fav for a while until I got into the actual switches14:07
ColonelPanic001sure, thanks14:07
rick_h_used to have one on laptop, desktop, and work14:07
rick_h_reminder time all, CHC tonight, early edition 7pm14:23
rick_h_snap-l: Blazeix widox waldo323 _stink_ ^14:23
snap-ltx, on my radar14:25
tjagodaJust saved $13,896 per year on cell phone costs14:26
tjagodaI am the best IT guy evar14:26
tjagodait gets better14:26
tjagodaThat's only 2 cell phones14:26
snap-lblackberry makes a smart can-string phone?14:27
tjagodashush your trolling14:27
rick_h_snap-l: they were going to, but R&D was a bit rich for their blood14:27
snap-lrick_h_: totally14:27
snap-ltjagoda: Hey, they can have 2 CEOs and 3 COOs, so anything is possible14:27
rick_h_ooh, new tagline? "We've got more bosses your you have!"14:28
rick_h_we thought so :P14:29
tjagoda" IDC predicts 2015 will bring: Android 45.4%, WP7 & WinMobile 20.9%, iOS 15.3%, RIM 13.7%, Symbian 0.2%, and 'Others' 4.6%."14:31
tjagodaWinMo > iPhone?14:31
ColonelPanic001lolz iphone14:32
tjagodaAnd look at RIM14:32
tjagodastill holding on by their teeth14:32
ColonelPanic001I do know that here at WSU, they're projecting Android hits overtaking iPhone anytime now. Might already have happened, haven't seen/heard stats lately14:32
tjagodaCRAZY SAUCE14:33
rick_h_US wide android is #1 in ad and in sales14:33
ColonelPanic001so much nicer to work with, too14:33
rick_h_because life is good if you have your iBalls connected to your iSack and you stream your iSphincter, 'it just works'14:33
ColonelPanic001iphone is a pain in the ass14:34
tjagodaRIM makes developers get notarized to prove identity =(14:34
tjagodaThey're supposedly doing away with that as part of their barrier-reducing program though14:35
greg-grick_h_: wow, were you channeling snap-l there?14:35
greg-gtjagoda: are you serious?14:35
tjagoda's why AppWorld is so comparatively small14:36
tjagodaThe profit margins in it are superior to all other mobile markets14:36
rick_h_sure, nothijng to do with the awful dev tools :P14:36
tjagodabut the barrier to developer entry with all the hoops is huge14:36
rick_h_declining user base, oh and that it's big in corporate which is more likely to lock the app purchases than others14:36
tjagodawhen you're done asshatting14:37
tjagodayou'll see the numbers give developers great margins in AppWorld14:37
tjagodaand that they're by far the most profitable software sales14:37
rick_h_margins * sales == $$, margins != $$14:37
rick_h_so when you want to learn math correctly, we can continue :)14:38
rick_h_and dev time == part of costs which also come into play14:38
ColonelPanic001I was told there would be no math14:38
rick_h_which is why BB is usually the 3rd player for most big apps out there, not first14:38
tjagodaI refuse to argue with Android zealots whom openly admit their zealotry! =P14:39
rick_h_never said the "A" word in any of this14:39
snap-lI think Symbian would get an app sooner than BB14:40
tjagodaIBM is 100?14:40
tjagodaWhat did they do before computers?14:40
snap-ltypewriters, calculators14:41
tjagoda+1 for snap-l for answering without making me read wikipedia14:42
snap-ltjagoda: You're just cranky that you can't marry your Blackberry at the mass ceremony at Penguicon14:44
snap-lCoup Fourre14:44
tjagodaHarr harr harr =P14:44
rick_h_because they're already married? :P14:45
wolfgerWow. I haven't heard "coup fourre" in years, and never outside of a game of Mille Bournes14:54
rick_h_http://blog.nacode.com/2011/03/03/php-built-in-web-server/ missed this14:57
rick_h_so now all the poorly written apps won't even be put on real web servers any more14:57
rick_h_love that the wiki is down for maint now as well14:58
snap-lPlease tell me this web server is written in PHP15:21
snap-lthat would be so awesome15:22
rick_h_based on the linked gist seems to be c: https://gist.github.com/83569815:23
ColonelPanic001listening to the lococast about the music store stuff15:30
rick_h_heh, that goes on for a few of those15:31
ColonelPanic001snap-l: re: your twitter post - o'reilly sale?15:33
snap-lLong story15:34
ColonelPanic001heh, k15:34
snap-lMade a comment to JoDee about Groupon catering to women who didn't think before they purchased15:34
snap-land got called out on the internet. :)15:34
snap-lJoDee is not like that, but still took offense15:35
snap-l"They have $40 of Bath and Bodyworks stuff for $10, but I already have enough soaps and such"15:35
ColonelPanic001I haven't read anything technical in a long time, need to pick up something from O'reilly or something15:36
ColonelPanic001"Beautiful Data" is ~$18 for the ebook, but I'm not quite ready for ebooks yet.15:40
rick_h_yea, and that book is only 1/3 good15:40
ColonelPanic001ah, you've read it? It sounded interesting, maybe. Worth reading?15:41
rick_h_there's a few good chapters, but the rest was meh15:42
ColonelPanic001noted. Thanks for mentioning it15:42
rick_h_it's in that style of each chapter is a different person/story15:42
jrwrenanyone know of any program that will weave two log files and order them by date?16:06
jrwrene.g. my apahce access log and my python application log so I can see them interleaved by date.16:07
ColonelPanic001I think I did that with multiple apache logs before, but it was some perl script I wrote16:08
rick_h_jrwren: yea sec, I just was working on that the other day16:08
rick_h_it's in the awstats package I think16:08
brouschi did something like that with a python script16:08
rick_h_logresolvemerge.pl is in the awstats stuff16:09
rick_h_jrwren: see: http://wpstorm.net/2011/01/awstats-amazon-s3-cloudfront/16:09
rick_h_not finished setting it up yet, but that's where I'm headed16:10
jrwrenrick_h_: is the man.16:11
rick_h_jrwren: what logs are you pulling?16:11
rick_h_ah, nvm, I see it, apache and app16:11
rick_h_the app log is apache format?16:11
jrwrenapache combined access and then some pylons output log16:11
rick_h_ah, I think that merger will just interleave apache log files together16:12
jrwrenno, the pylons output is really more like a console log16:12
rick_h_so I suck :(16:12
jrwrenbut with interleaved single line web style logs.16:12
jrwrenso if it supports multiline log messages it should be great.16:12
jrwrenif not, we will write something.16:12
jrwrenquestion about git: can you really not push to a nonbare tree?16:13
jrwrenwith HG/BZR I push to nonbare all the time and all is well.16:13
rick_h_hmm, haven't tried, I think you'd have to pull16:14
jrwrenthat is what I experienced.16:14
jrwreni'm just very surprised.16:14
rick_h_because if there was a conflict you'd push that over to them?16:14
jrwrenmake the non-github workflow kind of shitty. you need a "server" somewhere that is bare.16:14
rick_h_or they could be working on it/etc16:15
rick_h_yea, we run a gitosis instance for it16:15
rick_h_pretty slick16:15
jrwrensure, THEN you can get an error and bzr/hg will give you that error, but if it is safe, it should be possible.16:15
jrwrenbut git just fails at this.16:15
rick_h_but yea, non-server you'd want the other repo to pull your stuff16:15
rick_h_right, but if they're mid-work/etc it seems strange16:15
jrwrencool, thanks rick_h_16:15
ColonelPanic001I hate when I accidently do ctrl+w + h to try and go to a window on the screen to the left.16:16
jrwrenso how does heroku actually work then?16:16
rick_h_I think it comes down to Hg/bzr doing a diff dir per branch vs the stacked setup in git16:16
jrwrenI always figured when you push to them you were pushing to the deployed tree.16:16
jrwrenheroku must have a bare tree and have triggers that pull form that tree when you push to hte bare?16:16
rick_h_jrwren: I bet you push to a bare repo and it causes a post-push hook to fire to update the app16:16
rick_h_we use that to fire jenkins builds and such from the server16:17
jrwrenrick_h_: high five!16:17
snap-lJust had a little power dip16:25
snap-land thankfully my computer is now on a new UPS battery, so it was able to handle it.16:25
binbrainhttp://tinyurl.com/4vytobo interesting part about google culture beginning to discourage open source. why does this always seem to happen. 1) leverage open source 2) get big 3) enterprisy solutions replace open source 4) settle into corporate mediocrity16:36
rick_h_it's too much work to do OSS16:37
jrwrenbut in google's case (3) happened inside out instead of outside in.16:37
brouschno matter how much you open source the freetards whine its not enough. i assume you evenutally get tired of it16:38
jrwreni want to make a living writing software.16:38
jrwrenits easier to do that by selling it v. supporting it.16:38
brouschyou can't live on donated beer?16:38
jrwrenI think part of the problem is the abusers and consumers of open source.16:39
jrwrenthose jerks who want to take stuff don't give back to upstream.16:39
rick_h_well, it's always a scale16:40
jrwrenopensource v. opencore too.16:40
rick_h_there's 100x more 'uses' than 'contrib' people16:40
jrwrenopennms founders have written about it a lot and very good opinions on the matter.16:40
binbrainjrwren: I have no problem with "jerks that take stuff and don't give back upstream". The more places the source makes it to the better16:41
jrwrenwhy is more places better?16:42
binbrainso I realize that sometimes open source doesn't make sense for your business model, but abandoning open source which was a big part of helped make you successful, in favor of "robust" enterprise solutions seems to always be the bad move in my experience16:43
wolfgerjrwren: what ColonelPanic001 said. :-)16:45
wolfgerand what brousch said too.16:45
binbrainjrwren: why more places, because even if they don't contribute directly, they do indirectly, even if by accident, whether it be the extra mind share familiar with the source that decides to make a contrib 5 years later, or tells someone about this cool project, the more places the better16:46
jrwrenwolfger: i don't see anything that ColonelPanic001 said in this conversation16:48
jrwrenbinbrain: i guess I just disagree with the more places the better.  e.g. my mom and dad are never going to contribute to chrome or firefox.16:49
binbrainhuh, my Dad did16:49
rick_h_wow, boss just had me help get a quad extra large EC2 windows instance app up for something we're running that needs more than 64gb of ram :/16:50
wolfgerjrwren: [11:08] <ColonelPanic001> I think I did that with multiple apache logs before, but it was some perl script I wrote16:50
snap-lI think part of the problem is when you let the MBAs into a company16:50
snap-lMBAs don't understand OSS16:50
rick_h_8 core 68gb machine wow16:50
wolfgerpossibly you were completely done with that conversation. I was in scrollback16:50
jrwrenMBAs don't understand much of anything.16:50
jrwrenif we are going to generalize :)16:51
snap-ljrwren: I'm being charitable here16:51
snap-lI don't want an engineer doing my books16:51
binbrainjrwren: I don't mean directly obviously, but indirectly, when he calls for support, they tech has to know firefox now, which is more exposure, even if its a small little thing16:51
snap-land I don't want an MBA doing my server room16:51
jrwreni don't want a server room, period.16:51
snap-lalso, I'm reading this "Discourage of OSS" as dogfooding16:52
binbrainsnap-l: ding ding ding, I blame the MBAs as well16:52
snap-lsince they are google products, right?16:52
rick_h_it's the eternal debate, get devs on a common system to provide consistancy, reuse16:53
rick_h_or let people do best tool for the job16:53
snap-ljrwren: Everyone wants a server room16:53
snap-lthey just want someone else to manage it16:54
snap-lmy dear departed grandma wanted a server room, even though she didn't know anything about computers. :)16:54
binbrainanyhow, point not about oss vs proprietary, but about abandoning oss that made you successful in favor of closed enterprisy solutions, and snap-l nailed it, its those damn MBAs16:55
rick_h_well, it's not like hadoop was out there pre-google16:55
rick_h_I mean, it used google's freaking paper to come into the world16:55
rick_h_so it's not 100% fair, and open sourcing stuff you use it complicated and time consuming16:55
brouschi agree17:10
brouschi want it all in the cloud17:10
jrwrenso when you say its the MBAs are you really saying its capitalism?  its not a sustainable business model?17:11
wolfgerand the cloud is not a server room, how?17:11
jrwrenits not MY server rom.17:11
jrwreni want my shit in someone elses server room.17:11
jrwreni want it in google, msft, or amazons super efficient server room.17:11
_stink_that all caps line from jrwren should be /topiced.17:11
wolfgerit is a server room. Somebody else manages it. Exactly what snap-l said.17:11
jrwrenwith their centralized AC/DC power conversion and DC servers and fanlesss evaporative cooling that runs at 95% efficiency17:12
wolfgerYou want it and you don't even know it.17:12
jrwreni don't want snap-l's weak ass 10% efficient server room.17:12
wolfgernobody said you did, that I noticed17:12
jrwrenwolfger: you have a poor understanding of hte english language.17:12
jrwreni do not want it.17:12
jrwreni do not want someone else to manage it.17:13
binbrainjrwren: holy jump to conclusions mat. what does capitalism have to do with it. I think its as simple as the things they are taught in the MBA program, that complicated process is king for one17:13
jrwreni want my shit running somewehre.17:13
jrwrenbinbrain: so you are saying that a business run without MBA trained people but with good business sense would not make the same decisions?17:13
jrwreni want my shit running somewehre. I do not want it to be my server room.17:14
jrwrenif someone wants a server room, they want to posess it.17:14
jrwreni don't want to posess a server room whether I manage it or not.  I just want a place to run my shit and hold my shit. and yes, my softwares and data are shitty.17:14
binbrainjrwren:  I favor KISS in almost all cases, but would a business run with out MBA come to the same conclusions, maybe, I don't know, I just know that MBAs are often taught complicated processes are NEEDED to make the wheels turn, let's take a look at ITIL for example http://www.service-culture.eu/bilder/chart-itil-v3-v1.9.jpg wtf is that17:16
jrwrenthat is like syaing that "software engineers are the problem because of SDLC or SEMA"17:18
jrwrenwhen I was in college I learned dumb ass shitty SDLC stuff and UML bullshit. I'm not stupid and so I don't practice it now. I am sure that are MBAs in the world that are not stupid too.17:19
* krondor looks at his ITIL certification on the wall and sighs...17:21
binbrainahah, krondor, how did the ITIL stuff go for you?17:21
krondorit was boring and the exam was odd due to mostly the UK english they use.  It's like a complicated framework to tell people common sense things like you should have a help desk and the help desk should be customer focused not IT focused... etc..17:22
binbrainjrwren: of course there are good MBAs, I think one diff might be that MBAs often get hired specifically to muck with process, where as devs are less likely to17:23
jrwrenless likely to much with business process or dev process or both?17:23
binbrainwell, a dev isn't going to muck with business process, a MBA is typically charged to muck with every process17:23
krondorwithout things like ITIL what would the PHBs do if left to their own devices?  At least a framework lets them manage something and let the geeks go to work again.17:24
jrwrenthe more i dwell on it the more i am disgusted by the blame on MBAs when there is no evidence.17:25
jrwrenpoor bastards are just your punching bags.17:25
binbrainwhat would suffice as evidence besides experience and sentiment often shared amongst devs?17:26
jrwrensentiment is not evidence.17:27
jrwrenpoint to a person and say 'this person decided this'17:27
jrwrencorporations are surprisingly transparent. I'll bet you could find hte person in google who made the decision17:27
binbrainI'm sure that could be done in a some cases, and in others not, its not black and white17:28
jrwrenblaming people without evidence is pretty black and white.17:28
binbrainI don't know if I blame the people here, I blamed "MBA" which is a degree had by people17:30
binbraina subtle difference17:30
jrwrenyou blame the existence of a degree program for companies not continuing to embrace open source?17:31
binbrainthis isn't an open source debate, its about abandoning open source that is apart of what made you successful just because its not enterprisy17:32
binbrain"existence" of the program? I don't think I said that either17:33
binbrainlet's take out "open source'" from the talking point and lets just make it "abandoning what made you successful because it wasn't enterprisy"17:34
binbrainI'd say its less about the "existence" of the program, and more about what often seems to be the content of the program, you could certainly argue, and did, that the content of a CS program is mucked up in any cases as well17:38
jrwrenyou've lost me.17:39
jrwrenanytime you quit doing something that makes you successful its pretty stupid.17:39
* wolfger leaps in to Godwin the conversation....17:41
wolfgerHitler was successful, but he definitely should have changed what he was doing. :-p17:41
wolfgerbut generally speaking, yes.17:42
jrwrenhitler WAS successful... and then he wasn't, right?17:49
jrwrenhe should have changed what he was doing when he stopped succeeding.17:50
jrwrenbut he didn't, at least not soon enough, and then he killed himself.17:50
wolfgerNo. He should have changed what he was doing before then.17:50
jrwreni don't expect sergie and brin to kill themselves.17:50
jrwrenshould he?17:50
jrwrenhe united a fractured germany17:50
wolfgerChange before you become unsuccessful, to remain successful.17:50
snap-lUm, he blamed the Jews for all of the problems that the Germans had17:51
wolfgerthe point is, the key to continued success is knowing when to change.17:52
binbrainwhen in actuality, he should of blamed the MBAs ;) j/k17:53
wolfgerbinbrain ftw \o/17:53
jrwren*sigh* :)17:54
snap-lAll I have to say is we've hit Hitler twice tday17:54
snap-lI think that's an achievement.17:54
rick_h_geeze, you guys have been busy17:55
wolfgersnap-l: good post!17:56
snap-lwolfger: Thank you. :)17:56
jrwrenI'm not sure why google is getting grief from this anyway. they have always been a fair weather OSS company. Much of what they do has never been open source.18:10
rick_h_jrwren: they win over the free as in beer folks a lot18:11
rick_h_plus they do at least try to force some standards/etc18:12
jrwrenyes, some.18:12
jrwrenand others they just own :)18:12
jrwrenbut I'm a MSFT friendly person, so I can't knock google for that.18:12
binbrainsummer of code18:12
jrwrenI just think a lot of OSS people have a misperception of google18:12
rick_h_yea, they have some wins, but they do more credit than they deserve just on the 'free' part I think18:12
jrwrenrick_h_: high five!18:13
rick_h_and let's face it, of all the companies out there, they've built a rep as the hacker/dev super genius types18:13
rick_h_which more of us relate/aspire to18:13
binbrainthe article I posted the dude was saying that recently open source usage internally was being discouraged just because it was open source18:14
rick_h_well, that article read more like "OSS is discouraged because it's not Google-way, Google's approved list of super scalable tools"18:15
rick_h_"hadoop, mongo isn't google scale, so don't bother starting there, go read up on bigtable"18:15
snap-lrick_h_: That's what I read as well18:15
snap-lNot that it was discouraged, just that Google had tools that they deemed superior18:15
jrwrenwhich makes sense.18:16
jrwrengoogle has huge proprietary infrastructure already built.18:17
jrwrenwhy would you build on hadoop or mongo?18:17
snap-lWell, I think the poster's problem was that these were summarily discounted, even before they were considered18:18
rick_h_because it's a lower barrier to entry, more friendly to quick testing/innovating, and more easily put in the hands of users since anyone can fire up a mongo db with 5 shards on EC2 in minutes vs provisioning google services over the course of days/weeks/justification checks18:18
snap-lI could see someone saying that they needed rabbitmq for something, and make a case for it, rather than have someone else say "no rabbitmq, nohow no-way"18:18
jrwrengoogle has ALWAYS sucked that way.18:18
jrwrenif you work at google you can write in ONLY C/C++, Python, Java and javascript.18:19
rick_h_right, but the google way is a barrier to entry for new ideas in a fast paced tech circle18:19
snap-lIt's like places that say "we will not deploy using [language] because someone had a bad experience with it at some point"18:19
jrwrenwant to use LISP or Ruby for something... too bad.18:19
rick_h_thus the brain drain to faster moving start ups18:19
jrwrenhave a place couchdb would work... too bad, that lang not allowed.18:19
snap-lThough I say that PHP should be actively discouraged. ;)18:19
snap-land Java outright abolished. ;)18:19
jrwrengoogle doesn't use PHP, period.18:20
jrwrenum... java?18:20
jrwrengoogle loves java.18:20
snap-ljrwren: No, I mean in general18:20
jrwrengoogle is the biggest user of java in teh world.18:20
snap-lI think Sun might take with that assessment. ;)18:20
snap-lor IBM18:20
jrwreni don't.18:20
jrwrenI still don't.18:20
binbrainI thought memory was the biggest user18:20
binbrainbah, I'm done, back to work18:21
snap-lOh, right, Sun was the biggest loser of Java, and IBM was the biggest abuser of Java.18:21
snap-lmy mistake.18:21
snap-lcarry on.18:21
wolfgerToday's free song on Amazon MP3 is by Whitesnake.18:48
wolfgerAre they still around?18:48
snap-lYes, yes they are19:01
wolfgerHmph. They must be hanging out with Rush. ;-)19:07
krondorso why is everyone freaking out about Amazon Music Sync for Desktop and Android?  Hasn't Ubuntu One Music been doing that already?19:08
wolfgerkrondor: define "everyone"19:10
krondoreveryone being news sites and record labels.19:10
wolfgerah, then the answer is simple19:10
wolfgerEveryone knows all about Amazon, and nothing at all about Ubuntu One Music19:10
krondorI suppose, but even Dropbox has let you do that on Android and Desktop already (though I guess it isn't music specific).  I guess I don't see how it's different then what's already been done.  Maybe it's the free 5 GB and cheap yearly (20 a year for 20 GB?).19:11
wolfgerI think it's more "iTunes and Google have been trying to reach licensing agreements with the labels, and Amazon said 'we don't need no stinking licenses'"19:13
rick_h_price, performance, multi-os (desktop at least), with web, and big name19:13
wolfgerat least, those are the stories I'm reading today.19:13
krondoryeah but how has dropbox asked for licensing agreements?  I guess they're not really advertising; "This storage is for music".  Amazon is cheap though.  There's a promo too for free 20 GB / year with purchase of an album.  There's albums for 5 bucks.19:14
rick_h_amazon is letting you hit 'buy' and putting your files right over to your locker, and not counting it against your locker caps19:15
rick_h_dropbox isn't selling the music19:15
krondorrick_h_:  good point19:15
rick_h_and do they have a player, with playlist support, mobile streaming, etc?19:15
krondorubuntu one music yes, dropbox no.19:16
rick_h_right, so forget the dropbox comparison then, and we can stick with "U1 has been doing this"19:17
rick_h_but only for ubuntu users, using rhythmbox, etc19:17
krondorI guess it is all about being known, Ubuntu wasn't known enough to cause the stir?  Or they didn't have a free mobile plan so no hype?  Maybe they dodged a lawsuit best case I suppose...19:17
rick_h_and priced a bit more for the mobile aspect/etc19:17
rick_h_well, also depends on the deals that 7digital has/etc19:17
rick_h_but yea, I think we've all seen the little guys get away with it, until they get too much attentino19:18
krondornapster being the best example maybe19:18
wolfgerU1 Music is Aunt Mildred to Amazon's Paris Hilton19:19
wolfgerwhatever your Aunt Mildred does, it will not make the news, but if Paris Hilton does the same thing: BAM! Instant headline.19:20
brouschubuntu is like 1% of desktop computers, and a fraction of them use U1. amazon is everywhere19:21
krondoryou don't have to have Ubuntu to use Ubuntu Music of course19:25
krondorbut still mindshare, pricing, etc.. point to amazon19:25
snap-lHonestly, I don't see the big probem19:26
snap-lif I upload my mp3 collection onto a website, and use a player that only I have access to, then who is harmed?19:27
snap-lArtist? Nope. Label? Nope.19:27
snap-lNobody gets access to the music outside of me19:27
snap-lIf I made a tape of an album to leave in my car, did the artist lose a sale? Nope.19:27
krondorI'm done trying to figure out why the RIAA hates their customers19:28
snap-lJust means I don't have to figure out how to get my record player to work in my car.19:28
snap-lkrondor: Because they're having a shit time of it19:28
snap-lRecord sales are down19:28
snap-lAnd the biggest reason? Inflation of CD prices19:29
wolfgersnap-l: Pirate!!!!!19:29
snap-l< $10 is impulse buy territory, >$15 is ask the wife for permission19:29
wolfgerYou should buy a tape *and* an album if you want to listen in your car and at home19:29
wolfgeralso, you're dating yourself with the entire concept of taping an album :-p19:30
snap-lwolfger: Right, the buggy whip corporations would like a word with you19:30
snap-lAlso, has anyone wonered why SACD hasn't taken off like gangbusters?19:30
snap-lhint: it's not the quality that counts19:30
wolfgerwtf is SACD?19:30
snap-lhint: You can't easily rip a SACD.19:30
snap-lwolfger: And you've made my point. ;)19:31
krondorportability > fidelity19:31
snap-lSACD is 5.1 audio with 96Kbps resolution19:31
snap-l24 bit encoding19:31
snap-lIt's akin to DVD-Audio, but includes a CD layer for backward compatibility.19:31
wolfger...and the point is?19:32
snap-lproblem is the SACD layer is unreadable with current computer tech19:32
snap-lat least unreadable without some major hacking19:32
wolfgertriple that question, in that case19:32
krondorsnap-l:  also probably hasn't caught on because Sony was involved in the format :P19:32
snap-lkrondor: Sony was involved witht eh original CD19:32
snap-lso I don't buy that argument much19:32
wolfgerThat's unfair, Krondor19:33
wolfgerBlu-Ray won, after all19:33
snap-lIn my perfect world, they'd just give you a disc with FLAC files on it19:33
snap-lwolfger: And we see how bluray is just leaping off of the shelves19:33
wolfgersnap-l: but it beat HD-DVD out of the marketplace19:33
snap-lbut the other point I have is that it's cheaper to buy the DVD of a concert than it is to buy the CD of the concert19:33
krondorsnap-l:  but how many recording studios are even recording in good 24 bit and not just 16 bit even (I have no clue maybe they are, honest question)19:34
snap-lwolfger: That wasn't too harrd.19:34
wolfgerit will catch on, eventually19:34
snap-lkrondor: It's more prevalent than you might think19:34
snap-lall studios are using 48KHz, 96Kbps, 24 bit recordings19:34
snap-lthey have to mix down to CD format19:34
jrwrenbecause amazon is far more big than ubuntu.19:34
wolfger<insert snarky comment about jrwren's coming to he conversation late here>19:35
snap-lLets just say that this is a fight that I'm confident Amazon will win19:35
jrwrenwolfger: you didn't hear about my Aunt Mildred's sex tape?19:35
snap-land if they don't, the RIAA can chew a bucket of cocks19:36
snap-ljrwren actually reads backlog.19:36
snap-lI'm impressed19:36
snap-lwhich means that in 10 minutes, he'll make a snarky comment to me. ;)19:36
wolfgerWoooo. I just "qualified" for a free subscription to eWeek magazine. <mark-as-spam>19:37
snap-lInformation Week here19:37
snap-lI swear, they could just chain together the blatherings of babies, and still call it eWeek19:37
wolfgerthey don't?19:38
snap-lI think they still have freelancers19:38
snap-lbut I think the freelancers employ their kids to bang on the keyboard.19:38
krondorparody site idea; eWeak.com  One domain camper away from reality.19:38
wolfgercheck it. It might already exist.19:39
snap-l"something something cloud something google something"19:39
krondorit does w/ a domain camper, expire dec 27. 201119:39
greg-gman, chatty cathys today19:39
jrwrenthe problem with being an addict is that i can't tell if hte headache is from overdosing or withdrawl19:39
greg-gjrwren++ I hate that uncertainty!19:39
wolfgerjrwren: You need tiger blood.19:40
wolfgerWow. That killed the conversation.19:42
wolfgerIs Charlie Sheen the new Hitler? We've discussed Hitler multiple times today without killing the convo.19:43
wolfgerQuick! Amend Godwin's law.19:43
snap-lSeriously, just put a bullet in eWeek19:48
rick_h_google at it again19:50
snap-lfuckin' hell19:51
rick_h_no, dare you to block google at the firewall like facebook :P19:52
snap-lI can see this getting totally abused19:52
* krondor Krondor +1'd This!19:57
greg-gwow, +120:06
greg-g(that was meant to be in reference to +1, not actually a +1 of +1, heh)20:34
greg-gI sure effing hope that was their test object to +1, the +120:34
greg-gI mean, if I were on the team, that'd be my only requirement20:35
brouschgreg-g: how's the rsvps for global jam looking? i have me and one other so far20:35
greg-gbrousch: in your car? cool!20:36
greg-glooks like 11 confirmed with 8 maybes, awesome20:36
greg-gthere will be extras i'm sure, so that's a good turn out!20:37
* greg-g is excited!20:37
brouschok, i'm going to pick up a few good beers tonight20:37
greg-gyay, good beer!20:38
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greg-gwhoa, alienseer was here?20:46
greg-gnever seen him here anymore20:46
n0pnever see me anymore either, phew21:13
greg-gn0p: there you are!21:14
greg-gcome to the UGJ at SRT on Sunday!21:14
n0phmm, will be downtown with the kids for festivfools21:15
n0pwhat time is the UGJ21:15
greg-germ, I'm sorry, 12pm - ???21:16
greg-gand at the ??? time we'll be going out for drinks, most likely21:16
n0pcool, well, as mentioned, family time, but perhaps i can at least come by and say hey21:17
greg-gyeah, definitely. Enjoy festifools craziness.21:18
n0poh, and ice skating at yost from noon-2 with kids, sheesh, busy schedule21:18
snap-lhey n0p, long time no see21:26
n0pyeah, i gotta make a CHC someday again21:27
n0pbeen pretty busy still, but feels like i'm getting on track21:30
n0psnap-l: are you BronxZoosCobra ;-)21:32
n0poh, you havent heard the snake story?21:54
n0psome cobra is missing from the Bronx zoo21:54
n0psomeone created a twitter account and has been tweeting, it's pretty funny21:55
n0pmade me think of you actually21:55
snap-lNot sure whether to be flattered or what. ;)21:57
n0pwell, not the snake aspect, just the wit ;-)21:58
greg-gwait! Is that why White Snake was the free Amazon mp3 for today?22:02
n0phaha, perhaps22:02
* greg-g puts various parts of IRC log in his head and creates connections where there shouldn't be22:02
snap-lbrb, power out22:05
snap-lHopefully this will take care of the power outages overnight22:51
snap-lIf not, out come the big guns. :)22:51
binbrainI'm not a fan of js, but these guys are nuts23:01
Blazeixhm, that @source isn't a bad idea though23:05
binbrainopps, need to update a small innocent looking latex package, 1G and 125 new deps later...23:17
_stink_latex is great for that.23:39
greg-gbinbrain: well, its mattl, who is a tad crazy23:40
greg-gre: NoJavaScript23:40
wolfgerYo, snap-l. Awesome instrumentalcast. Finally getting around to listening to it.23:44
snap-lThank you. :)23:44
snap-lI'm uploading another episode, an industrial episode.23:45
snap-lShould be out Friday.23:45
rick_h_binbrain: heh, oh well, don't like my app don't use it23:46
binbraingreg-g: what's a tad crazy exactly :) it's not horrible to hope js DIAF, but the effort to eradicate it 1 js disable at a time, hmmm23:46
binbrainrick_h_: huh, what's your app?23:46
rick_h_binbrain: sorry, any of my apps23:47
rick_h_though my app will be bookie23:48
rick_h_no real js yet though23:48
binbrainbetter hope your apps don't end up as the next target for libreplanet rick_h_23:48
wolfgerok, wtf is this track? Sound more like Gary Wright than metal23:48
rick_h_ok CHC people get here to help hold space pls23:50
rick_h_getting busy here tonight all of a sudden, ugh23:50
snap-lI'm on my way.23:51

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