canthus13Neat.  I'm happy enough with mine. :)03:13
Unit193I like the last line03:26
Unit193I would even take 300+KByte/s03:27
* canthus13 gets ~3.6MByte/sec max.03:41
Unit193Curse you...03:43
canthus13Unit193: I only pay 15 bucks a month for it, too. :)03:45
canthus13As punishment, I have to support the general public for internet issues.03:46
rrittenhouseI think it seems a little irresponsible to give someone that much bandwidth (referring to google article)03:46
canthus13rrittenhouse: Most people couldn't bring to bear enough firepower to actually utilize all that bandwidth...03:47
rrittenhouseRogue software on their machine would say otherwise haha03:47
canthus13paultag: guess what?04:55
odapaultag, "ITT: post your desk" http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5019/5573424496_3dca529973_b.jpg05:20
canthus13the game05:21
canthus13Why do you have a bottle of olive oil on your desk?05:22
odacanthus13, good for skin and food05:22
odacanthus13, I eat constantly and have bad skin.05:22
canthus13Meh. I cook with it.. I wouldn't keep it on my desk.05:22
odacanthus13, make sure if you take a bath with it that you wipe out the tub05:24
odacanthus13, "7:30am  *adlklsd;dddj*  OH SHIT *thud*"05:25
Unit193oda: I take it you have done that?05:25
odaUnit193, yes05:26
Unit193oda: Your desktop is very clear05:30
odaUnit193, what do you mean?05:31
Unit193oda: There doesn't seem to be really anything on it!05:31
odaUnit193, Everything is kept on an external HDD and in folders05:32
odaUnit193, Ubuntu isn't my primary OS either, using it instead of XP which is totally ****** up until I can get an optical drive to install win705:34
Unit193oda: Technically, I don't use Ubuntu, I use Lubuntu and Xubuntu (and when 11.04 hits final, I'll add a Kubuntu dual-boot to that mix)05:37
odaUnit193, Lubuntu? that term is new to me05:47
Unit193oda: LXDE makes it more lightweight then Xubuntu (but I do like Xubuntu better)05:48
* oda will look into this05:50
Unit193oda: Do you really need it? (I have it for a really old HP)05:51
odaUnit193, I have a netbook, so close enough05:52
odausing it as a primary system, only cost $150 and does pretty much everything but GPU intensive gaming05:53
paultagcanthus13: let's hear it :)12:13
canthus13paultag: the game.12:39
paultagoh FUCK12:46
paultaggoddamnit. and now i'm off to classe12:46

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