JonathanDcampsite booked.14:44
waltmanalong with the bears?15:34
JonathanDJust got off the phone with the zoo15:35
waltmanWhat kind did you get?15:35
andrewWhich kid are they accepting?15:35
teddy-dbearif someone wants to pick me up you will at least have a teddy bear :-D15:41
ChinnoDogJonathanD: You are sending your kids to the zoo?15:46
andrewHe'll tell them it's like a summer camp15:50
ChinnoDogLike summer camp but doesn't smell as good.15:54
waltmanBut with more snakes15:55
InHisNamedepending on the kid, snakes might be the BIG draw (appeal) to the zoo.16:09
waltmanIf the kid's a Slytherin, for example.16:12
InHisNameGreat one, waltman !16:16
InHisNameMy 8y/o daughter likes to 'rescue' worms drowning in the street by picking them up and tossing them back into the grass.   Most girls go ICCH, I'll never touch a worm.16:19
IdleOneI can say with 100% certainty that I have never and will never touch a worm16:35
IdleOneI also don't go fishing16:35
IdleOnelast I checked I am not a girl16:35
ChinnoDogI want to go fishing16:39
ChinnoDogI have not done that in many years16:39
waltmanWe dissected worms in high school biology class.16:44
waltmanThere's not much inside a worm.16:44
waltmanPretty much, yeah16:52
InHisNameI dissected quite a few things, a flat worm, eath worm, some bug, frog.   Never go to the pig though.17:48
waltmanI remember doing worms, grasshoppers, and frogs. I'm thinking there must have been one or two more, though.18:25
pleia2InHisName: my younger sister used to build bug houses, and I once horrified my family by going out with my cousin into the woods and collecting about 50 slugs :)18:26
pleia2stereotypes need not apply18:27
InHisNamepretty impressive, 50 slugs isn't an easy collection to gather.18:27
pleia2we spent all afternoon on it18:29
InHisNameStill have that collection ?18:29
pleia2haha, no18:29
InHisNameDid your mom go,  thanks for grubbin' for dinner ?18:30
InHisNameJust add a little salt .......18:30
pleia2no she went "EWWWW!!!"18:30
pleia2my cousin asked for salt18:31
InHisNametoo bad . ..18:31
pleia2my aunt refused :)18:31
pleia2not sure how I felt about turning them inside out anyway18:31
InHisNamedissecting ?18:31
pleia2bugs are animals and I like animals18:31
pleia2I still don't kill bugs when I see them unless there is a compelling need (mosquitos sucking my blood don't have much of a chance, random bugs in my house are safely released)18:32
InHisNameright, rocks less interesting at dissecting...     Unless you bump into a geode.18:32
pleia2we had to dissect a frog at school, it was not an easy experience18:33
InHisNameI try to convince my kids that spiders are good for eating all the ants etc. around.18:33
pleia2http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/5569825138/ spider!18:34
PennBotTitle: img_8656.jpg | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (at www.flickr.com)18:34
pleia2that one was at a science academy18:35
pleia2http://princessleia.com/images/journalpics/spider_in_shower.jpg is pretty good18:35
InHisNameMy frog was rubberized (latex injected) color coded and hardly seemed like it was ever alive.  Kinda disappointing since I was loaded up with lots of fear and trepadtion.18:35
pleia2I got in to take a shower, it was there, I was all "I'll just deal with it when I get out"18:35
pleia2yeah, ours were too, they came in a big sealed bag and smelled funny18:36
InHisNamethat first one I've see lotta times in Fla in the woods.  Harmless just JARRING when you nearly run into them with your face on a trail.18:37
InHisNameI had a friend who was at NASA in the early 60's (cape canaveral fla) on contract.   His motel had no AC and screen doors.18:39
InHisName He killed this big 2.5" spider in bathroom that lived behind the vanity mirror.18:40
InHisNameThen the next morning was a walking mound of mosquito bites.  Complained to office.18:40
InHisNameThey asked if the spider was acting sickly. ?18:40
pleia2oh dear :)18:42
InHisNamepleia2: are you too far west for scorpions ?   Not real fond of those at all.18:43
pleia2I don't know, I've never seen one outside a zoo18:43
InHisNameBet you're glad about that.18:44
PennBotTitle: The Scorpions of California (at sparkless.net)18:44
pleia2but none in my county apparently (my county is san francisco, so not surprising)18:44
InHisNameis it the tinyest square in the middle on the coast ?18:45
InHisNameeven sacramento has NO records.  They 're in the middle of the state NOT on shore.  Amazing.18:47
pleia2I just found this site by googling, I have no idea about accuracy :)18:47
InHisNameLos Angles, San Diego  - gobs and gobs of records.   Nevada county - none.    May be a southern insect.18:48
InHisNameMaybe not, there is paper called "Scorpions of the Northern Californian coast ranges"18:50
pleia2yeah, the tv tells me they like heat and dry places18:50
InHisNamereferenced in San Luis Obispo co.18:50
InHisNameIs that a southern county ? or north of you ?18:50
InHisNameMaybe they are relative to "Baja California" when they say Northern California.18:52
pleia2I don't actually know :)18:52
* pleia2 would have to look at a map18:52
waltmanIn 1986 I camped just outside of Oakland (I think it was Redwood Regional Park) and we found a scorpion under our tent.19:18
waltmanIt's the only one I've ever seen in the wild19:18
waltmanWe also saw a rattlesnake on that trip.  I think it was at Yosemite.19:19
waltmanSo anyway, yes, they have scorpions in the Bay Area19:21
PennBotTitle: Happy Trails Bay Nature (at baynature.org)19:24
rhpot1991spiders are good for you, I don't kill them when I find them in my house19:30
waltmanI kind of like them too, mostly19:43
* waltman opted for green tea this afternoon instead of usual americano from the department kitchen19:44
waltmans/usual/his usual/19:44
InHisNameI opted for rice pudding.  The closest drink I had since b'fast.19:46
waltmanI got some peanut m&m's, too19:50
InHisNameHrrrrm, peanut butter and choc.chips, yum.   BRB20:13
ChinnoDoglamalex: Do you know if there is a way to write Android apps in VB .NET?21:26
ssweenybut then you have two problems21:27
MutantTurkeygobble gobble21:27
MutantTurkeythat is disgusting, vb net is almost as bad as droid D:21:27
lamalexyeah, i don't know why anyone would /want/ to be writing anything in vb.net21:28
ChinnoDogmono-android.net/FAQ indicates VB isn't supported21:29
ChinnoDogIt only seems to support C#21:29
lamalexok then21:31
lamalexthere's your answer21:31
lamalexlucky for you21:31
ChinnoDoglamalex: not lucky. There doesn't seem to be a way to do it21:38
ssweenythat's to protect people from using VB21:44
lamalexyeah really, who cares that you can't write vb.net on android21:46
lamalexyou're better off21:46
lamalexeveryone is better off21:46
bts3685|vpslamalex: back up your shiz on g.rainwreck.com, i'm gonna do a dist-upgrade sometime next week or so21:47
lamalexoh bts3685|vps by they way hey dude i miss you21:48
bts3685|vpsi miss you too! i hear you're in maine these days21:51
lamalexbut not for long21:56
lamalexmay -> back to philly / july -> rio negro, argentina21:56
bts3685|vpssheeit! what's in argentina? (i'm moving to orlando aprial/may-ish)21:59
ChinnoDogYou are moving to Orlando?22:11
ChinnoDogI finally am going to Nola and you won't even be there.22:24
bts3685|vpsi know!22:26
bts3685|vpsi might bring the girlfriend there on a roadtrip though...22:26
bts3685|vpshell, i might still be here. i don't know when i can afford to move22:27
ChinnoDogI know how you feel. :\ Not moving to DC yet...22:28
ChinnoDogWhat is in Orlando?22:28
bts3685|vpsbetter weather22:31
bts3685|vpsbetter chance of jobs, lower cost of living, lower car insurance22:32
bts3685|vps(louisiana has the highest rates of car insurance.)22:32
ChinnoDogWhy is the gf in Orlando?22:33
bts3685|vpsi currently pay $220/mo for a lowest possible rate, as in just-state-legal. it sucks.22:34
bts3685|vpsoh, she lives there. grew up there22:34
bts3685|vpsi'm the "long distance"-er22:34
bts3685|vpslong_distance-- +122:36
ChinnoDogBeen there, done that, would not care to repeat it.22:36

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