vychunewhats up02:27
wrstnot much vychune02:33
vychunesame here watching detective conan again02:33
techMileshey guys02:57
chibihogoshinoaaa  peace and quiet ..03:06
chibihogoshinovychune: you should join #timeofeve03:07
wrsthey techMiles, chibihogoshino03:08
chibihogoshinohi wrst03:08
chibihogoshinoi made some onigari today.. turned out quite nice03:11
vychunewhy is that chibi03:15
chibihogoshinotalk anime03:15
vychuneoh ok03:17
vychunespeaking of that03:17
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techMiles anybody have, or know someone who does have, a car for sale03:44
cyberangerchibihogoshino: peace and quiet on IRC, NEVER!03:52
cyberangerwrst: we had one day a few months ago, entire day was silent03:53
cyberangerthis is actually better than some others too, afternoon message03:53
cyberangerusually it's evening till morning03:54
XpistosHey did anybody know that zareason is selling ubuntu and tux case badges?14:39
wrstXpistos: didn't they used to do those for free?15:04
Xpistosat system 76 they did15:06
wrstahh those are the aluminum ones15:06
Xpistosbut you could only get like 415:06
wrstyeah that's right Xpistos i got some of the system 76 ones they were not that great15:06
Xpistosthey are aluminu ubuntu and tux15:06
Xpistosyou don't have to send a sase15:07
wrstyes cool might have to consider that :)15:07
* wrst thinks he is missing something15:09
Xpistosself addressed stamped envelope15:18
wrstahhh :)15:28
wrstwell crud for 1$ that's just as cheap :)15:29
wrstXpistos: i'm lusting after one of these: http://www.system76.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=11415:29
XpistosI need a 17 inch15:30
wrstreally? i'm not a real fan of 17" laptops, i mean they are great to sit on desk tables etc but for a lap not so much15:31
XpistosThis is my next purchase15:32
XpistosWell I don't use a desktop15:33
XpistosI use the server and then connect with the desktop15:33
Xpistosso my laptop is my "desktop" computer15:33
Xpistosand my g-tablet is my laptop15:33
Xpistosand of course my Droid x will be my netbook when I get it tomorrow15:34
Xpistosso I guess the server is techically my 2nd purchase15:34
wrstha ha Xpistos, i have been using my phone for a netbook too :)15:40
wrstthat's a beast Xpistos15:41
Xpistosthat will take care of all my home server needs with space to expand15:41
XpistosI am upset cause I bought a 2 tb drive for my Dimension 4400 "Server"15:42
XpistosIt only has pata connections so I added a PCI-SATA controller card15:42
wrsti reckon... my goodness i'm just running a little atom machine and it takes care of all of my needs :)15:42
Xpistosit cannot recognize drives over 750 gbx15:43
wrstwhat can't recognize drives?15:57
wrstover 75015:57
Xpistosmy PCI-Sata Controller card16:16
wrstohhh gotcha16:17
XpistosWhen my 2 tb drive is in the RAID BIOS stalls and the computer won't boot16:17
wrstohh Xpistos i was missing some reading up above :)16:17
XpistosI am considering buying a new card without the limitation16:17
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