androidbruceseattlegaucho, hey bro you around 18:51
seattlegauchome here18:52
androidbruceever used nginx?18:52
seattlegauchodo you have a URL (in case it's an old dog with different collar -- bad translation of a Spanish expression)18:57
androidbruceits an alternative to apache18:58
seattlegauchowow! it's an impressive concept, but if you're looking for just the http service, try "lighty" -> lighttpd ... it's 100% Apache compatible with a fraction of the overhead19:00
seattlegauchoI've use the latter to get access to simple stuff on servers where apache would've been too heavy19:01
androidbruceyeah, work is trying to move to ngnix19:02
androidbruceso i'm trying to learn it 19:02
androidbruceright now my issue is that after i install it. when i browse to a folder that i've created in /var/www/ it just tries to download the .php instead of displaying it 19:03
seattlegauchoyou might be missing a flag somewhere ... what I've done in the past was to embed the PHP on a HTML file to work around it19:05
seattlegauchobut that is as far as my expertise on http servers go :/19:06
androidbruceyeah gotcha 19:18
androidbrucethanks 19:18

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