h00krake db:migrate02:36
h00k...wrong terminal02:37
watertonianrmdir /media/sda1/windows --ignore-fail-on-non-empty02:40
douglasawhrmdir /media/sda1/windows --ignore-h00k02:40
h00kyou hate me :(02:40
h00kignore the muffled screams in the corner02:41
douglasawhgood thing my sound is muted02:41
* h00k pipes his pulseaudio to douglasawh's pulseaudio and cranks the volume02:41
h00kenjoy some...02:42
h00kPowerman 5000.02:42
h00kBrought to you by Rdio02:42
douglasawhif pulseaudio worked half as well as it would need to for that to work, we'd have a pretty good sound stack02:43
douglasawhalso, a ridiculously awesome hacking tool02:43
watertonianinterestingly enough, I just hosed my audio crap trying to redirect sound output to a file with Jack...02:44
h00kwell done02:47
watertonianyeah, a log out and in fixed it...02:48
watertonianNow I can hear the annoying beeps pidgin makes again.02:48
watertonian_UAEyay. now I can talk to myself.02:54
watertonianDCC stuff to an emulator via irc... Thinking a shared folder would be easier.02:55
h00kDCC like direct...client?chat? transfer? thing?03:04
watertonianyeah. like the transfer thing blocked by 99% of firewalls in existance...03:09
h00kYeah...usually shared folders, Ubuntu One, NFS, sshfs, samba, dropbox are easier ;03:13
h00kIt was returning true way too early, that's why it wouldn't save the second person if they were a guest03:15
h00knext: data validation.03:16
douglasawhI thought it was DC++03:24
douglasawhmaybe that was just like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day or something03:24
h00kOh, DC++ was another file transfer local network thing03:24
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mikeputnamgreppy: hello there14:46
greppymikeputnam: ello :)14:46
lostsonnow this is kinda slick http://goo.gl/Gc0T915:17

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