cndbryceh, there's no upstream status for them00:01
cndbecause the support is built on top of the multitouch work00:01
cndwhich doesn't exist in upstream synaptics yet :)00:01
cndI can note this if you'd like00:02
cndtbh, I'm not sure what to do with upstream x synaptics either, because they will need to resolve the issue without multitouch support00:02
cndwhich will be rather difficult00:02
cndbryceh, btw, in case you get any questions about input coordinate transformation (swap axes, rotate, etc.): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/InputCoordinateTransformation00:04
brycehok, yeah just indicate they're dependent on ubuntu's MT framework or something, that should be enough00:05
brycehcnd, excellent thanks00:05
brycehcnd, I've read through the patches and roughly follow the changes, no comment on them since I'm not super familiar with this stuff but looks sane00:05
cndbryceh, ok, cool00:07
cndthey're in our ppa so I hope they are getting some testing by a handful of people00:08
brycehcnd, and yeah it's too late for beta1 but go ahead and push into -synaptics git packaging tree00:08
brycehin the meanwhile I'll load it on my laptops and netbook to dog food it a bit00:08
cndI'd like to get them pushed as soon as beta 1 is released so we get as much exposure early on as possible :)00:08
brycehsounds good00:09
cndit actually makes my trackpad soooo much better00:09
cndthat gave me a bit of a kick in my step today :)00:09
ScottKbryceh: So I'm in Natty on may main laptop now and finding in much better for Intel 945 than Maverick.00:09
brycehScottK, good to hear00:12
brycehScottK, in terms of stability, performance, ...?00:12
ScottKActually mostly performance and quality of the display.00:12
ScottKI didn't have a lot of stability trouble since just after maverick release.00:13
ScottKI just upgraded today, so it'll be a few days before I have a solid opinion on stability.00:13
tjaaltonthe spurious mouse button release/clicks turned out to be due to the microswitch. cleaned it up and can't reproduce it anymore :)12:22
alkisgIs there a proprietary nvidia driver that supports Vanta? (1999)13:13
alkisgI believe I'd need nvidia-71, but I can't find it in the archives. Should I try this? http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_71.86.13.html13:16
alkisgOr should I try the one from debian sid? http://packages.debian.org/sid/nvidia-glx-legacy-71xx13:20
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
jcristauyou won't be able to use that with a halfway recent xserver.13:21
tjaaltonthere probably is no blob that supports both your card and current(ish) xserver13:21
Sarvattalkisg: I think ~2.6.18 is the latest kernel that supports too13:22
alkisgAh :( That's on a chroot, to be served on netbooted clients (LTSP). I can build a hardy chroot, if needed.13:22
alkisgI saw a -glx-71 package for hardy, would that do?13:22
tjaaltonthe nvidia page shows that it should work, so.. maybe13:26
alkisgThank you guys, I'll give that a try13:27
cndbryceh, didrocks said you might know somethign/be able to help about the new fglrx not working with unity from the daily build ppa19:59
tjaaltoncnd: Sarvatt said it'd need a newer compiz?20:04
Sarvattthat was tseliot20:04
tjaaltonah, sorry20:05
cndtjaalton, yeah, I've got the new compiz20:06
cndcompiz seems to be running fine20:06
cndit's the panel and the launcher that seem broken20:06
Sarvatt+    // Avoid detection of the compiz program by the fglrx driver.20:10
Sarvatt+    // Change program name to work around app detection in fglrx,20:10
Sarvatt+    // which is needed for older versions of compiz but breaks this20:10
Sarvatt+    // version of compiz.20:10
Sarvattgot my ati box doing another set of upgrades, lets see if I have the same problem..20:11
brycehSarvatt, yeah20:11
brycehSarvatt, I take it you weren't cc'd on that massive internal thread we had about that?20:11
Sarvattwhich one? was on one a few weeks ago when we set up the PPA20:12
brycehafter that one X-)20:12
Sarvattwoohoo, yeah I missed out :)20:12
brycehgotta love working on proprietary drivers :-/20:12
SarvattI'm going to get those fugly scrollbars forced on me if I use the unity PPA aren't I? :P20:14
brycehI think they're cute (but haven't tried using them yet)20:15
brycehman I'm getting sick of -intel gpu lockup bugs20:19
Sarvattwant to just turn them off? they're firing when the system recovers fine now too20:20
brycehstill?  thought apw fixed that20:21
Sarvattvblank_mode=0 glxgears on a sandybridge system is a good example20:21
brycehno, we should leave them on, there's still some legit problems20:21
Sarvattdmesg flooded with hangcheck timer messages, crash report every 2-3 seconds in /var/crash/20:21
Sarvattonly visible problem is a stutter while it does the dump20:21
brycehany idea what causes it?20:22
brycehjust inconsistent vblanking or something?20:22
Sarvattnope, apparently ickle can't reproduce it20:22
Sarvattcompiz + sandybridge + vblank_mode=0 glxgears always triggers it here20:22
brycehwell, you know we still gotta update the apport hook to stop using intel_gpu_dump20:23
Sarvattok without adding the unity PPA choosing a Ubuntu session launches a classic session, adding the PPA now20:25
Sarvatterr, classic desktop picking the ubuntu session with it too..20:30
Sarvattunity works with fglrx if i start it manually, of course I can't get rid of gnome-panel thats over top of it20:34
Sarvattdon't know whats up with that, unity was working fine without fglrx20:35
Sarvattof course i did the weekly 600mb upgrade before rebooting too20:36
Sarvattremoved fglrx and unity session works again, very odd20:37
Sarvattlessee what .xsession-errors has to say, maybe it bails out of unity for some reason20:38
Sarvattout of all my systems, the one using r600g by far has the best experience in unity20:40
Sarvattthats strange, compiz doesn't even try to load with fglrx installed20:41
Sarvatthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/587508/  http://paste.ubuntu.com/587509/20:42
Sarvattcnd: I don't know what bug you're actually having after discussing my fglrx/unity problem in #ubuntu-desktop..21:13
Sarvattcnd: have you been dist-upgrading that machine? is it possible you dont have gnome-panel installed?21:13
Sarvattit tried to remove it a few times in the past month or two here21:14
Sarvattthe unity session falls back to the classic gnome session because of a screwed up exit status after running /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p21:14
Sarvattjust with fglrx21:14
cndSarvatt, I still have the panel in unity 2d21:15
Sarvattcnd: but do you have the gnome-panel package installed? I dunno if unity-2d uses that21:15
cndI'll check21:15
cndunity_support_test -p says everything looks good21:15
cndbut unity_support_test alone returns 23421:16
cndinstead of 021:16
Sarvattdo a echo $? after running it21:16
Sarvattyeah thats what I get21:16
cndI still have gnome-panel installed21:16
cndso to test out unity, I have to hack up /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/ubuntu.session21:17
Sarvattmaybe if I install unity-2d the panels will be screwed too, lets see :)21:17
cndand replace the IsRunnableHelper with /bin/true21:17
Sarvattdidrocks said the unity_support_test will be fixed in tomorrows build21:18
Sarvattah yea i see it tries to do a unity-2d session as the fallback first if its installed, thats probably where things are getting screwed up21:20
cndoh, so if you uninstall unity-2d things work?21:20
Sarvatti just installed it to see if the panels are screwed21:20
Sarvatthasnt come up yet21:20
Sarvattthe classic session fallback for sure works here21:21
Sarvattnope unity-2d works fine21:21
cndyes, but does unity 3d still work after installing unity-2d?21:21
cndunity 2d works fine here too21:21
cndjust not unity 3d21:21
Sarvatti mean choosing a ubuntu session which should start unity after unity-2d is installed to see if the fallback to unity-2d works does work so that theory is out the window21:22
Sarvattyeesh confusing myself21:22
Sarvattwas hoping the ubuntu session fallback to unity-2d might be where the panels were getting lost for you but it works here :)21:23
AmaranthOk, now I think my computer is just screwing with me22:04
AmaranthLatest updates from edgers resulted in some king of GPU hang when starting compiz so I did a ppa-purge and now with stock natty stuff GLES is working again22:04
Sarvattyep latest update borked sandybridge here too22:05
Sarvattit was 5 days of updates in one though since libdrm was busted22:05
AmaranthSarvatt: That part isn't surprising, the surprising part is GLES stuff randomly working again22:06
AmaranthAlthough I still can't run compiz due to "symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/egl/egl_dri2.so: undefined symbol: _glapi_get_proc_address" but oh well22:08
SarvattAmaranth: check out https://launchpad.net/~sarvatt/+archive/vanhoof if you want mesa speeds not to suck22:09
Sarvatthttps://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32677 ?22:09
ubot4`Freedesktop bug 32677 in Other "egl_dri.so depends on _glapi_get_proc_address" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]22:09
AmaranthSarvatt: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3447622:10
ubot4`Freedesktop bug 34476 in Mesa core "/usr/lib/egl/egl_dri2.so needs libGL but not link to it" [Normal,New]22:10
AmaranthBut they look like the same bug22:10
AmaranthAlthough I'm not sure why this only hits compiz22:10
AmaranthOh, because core doens't link to libGL or libGLES, we dlopen our libopengl.so plugin22:11
Sarvattso you're hitting a bug where gles isn't working over egl_dri2 in 7.11, and missing that other bug because of libglapi, and hitting that other bug in 7.10.. ugh22:12
Sarvattlibglapi-mesa was the fix for the _glapi_get_proc_address problem22:14
AmaranthYeah, but that's only in 7.11 which breaks GLES, like you said :)22:16
AmaranthI suppose I can just patch compiz to work around this for now, I guess22:19
Sarvatti'm not seeing any obvious reason why gles is broken over dri, wonder if the shared dricore has anything to do with it22:21
* Sarvatt squints at --enable-shared-glapi22:26
SarvattAmaranth: is es2_info showing you softpipe results on 7.10?22:31
Sarvattit is here22:31
AmaranthSarvatt: If I don't define EGL_DRIVER, yes22:31
Sarvattthats the same as EGL_DRIVER=egl_gallium es2_info on 7.1122:31
Sarvattoh ok22:31
Sarvattyep egl_dri2 is actually working here too on stock natty22:32
AmaranthI've just stuck export EGL_DRIVER=egl_dri2 in my ~/.bashrc22:32
AmaranthYeah, for me as well22:32
Sarvatti dont see -DHAVE_SHARED_GLAPI in the build and looking at the egl_dri2 source i'm thinking it needs it22:33
Sarvattgoing to try building edgers mesa with --enable-shared-glapi22:34
AmaranthDon't you already do that for edgers mesa?22:34
AmaranthRAOF pointed me to it because you build with that :)22:34
SarvattI thought it was enabled by default, I'm not forcing it enabled or anything but it looks like egl_dri2 compiles differently if you do force it enabled..22:35
RAOFUm, yeah.  Why aren't you building with --enable-shared-glapi? :)22:36
Sarvattit's building a shared glapi lib without it22:37
RAOFThe more you know™22:38
Sarvattonly ifeq ($(SHARED_GLAPI),1) isn't returning true so its not building egl_dri2 with it enabled?22:38
* Sarvatt is confused22:38
AmaranthOk, so let's try a build with --enable-shared-glapi :)22:40
Sarvattstarted off a build, lets see how it goes22:40
AmaranthAlthough since something else is killing SNB in general right now I'm not sure I'll be able to test it for you22:40
Sarvattah hell yer right, i shoulda used the 0325 checkout22:41
Sarvattglad i still have the source handy22:41
Sarvattso much for taking off early because I had to be up at 7 for a call :P22:44
Sarvattwill know in about 20 minutes, this i7-2620M isnt very fast22:45
AmaranthSarvatt: Is that by any chance a fruit product? :)22:46
AmaranthAlso how can you say that's not fast? Compared to what?22:46
Sarvattgot a i7-2820qm in another laptop thats tons faster, nope its not it's a dell :)22:46
Sarvattand 2500k and 2600k in the desktops blow them all away but i got discrete gpu's in those at the moment testing fglrx and nvidia..22:47
Amaranth2820M will only be faster for compiles22:48
Sarvattthe 2620 is a dual core, mesa loves the quads22:48
AmaranthWhich is what you're doing so yeah22:48
bjsniderSarvatt, how fast is the sandybridge graphics in natty?22:48
bjsnidercompared to previous intl stuff22:48
Amaranthphoronix had a benchmark, it's like 20% of the windows driver22:49
Sarvattpretty crappy until the new mesa gets uploaded, unity is slow as heck22:49
AmaranthI haven't noticed unity being slow22:49
bjsniderthat sucks22:49
SarvattAmaranth: do you not use the search to find apps?22:49
Sarvatttyping in that is a lagfest22:50
Amaranthoh god22:50
SarvattAmaranth: compare it to https://launchpad.net/~sarvatt/+archive/vanhoof, it'll blow your mind22:50
AmaranthYeah, I made my dock 32px so I should shove 10 apps on there so I don't use the dash much22:50
AmaranthYeah, 7.11 already has that patch so I've seen the difference22:51
Sarvattin windows its basically the same as a hd5470m discrete GPU, about the same as a 9600 on the nvidia side22:52
AmaranthIt makes low end discrete GPUs a waste of money :)22:53
Sarvattfunny story about that, an OEM was gonna ship a discrete model and had to change the discrete GPU at the last minute because the sandybridge side was faster :P22:54
bjsniderdoesn't sound much different than a gma450022:54
Sarvattoh it blows that away, at least 10x faster22:54
Sarvattyay debs building now, didnt have to screw with .symbols22:55
AmaranthOk so I changed compiz's call to dlopen from RTLD_LAZY to RTLD_LAZY|RTLD_GLOBAL as a temporary hack and now my desktop can run GLES builds of compiz too22:56
brycehhey do we still support hibernate?  bug 745304 says he sees graphics corruption and wondering if I should wontfix it22:57
ubot4`Launchpad bug 745304 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Graphics corruption after hibernate with Intel GMA 3150 chipset (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74530422:57
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Sarvattyeah its still offered (unless you have an encrypted /home apparently)22:59
Amaranthafter a week of messing with different library versions and getting an ARM development board up and running so I can test this stuff I make a one-line change and it works just fine on my desktop22:59
Sarvatt --enable-shared-glapi made no difference23:00
AmaranthSarvatt: Does it not set the define or does the define not help?23:01
Sarvattyeah it sets the define right23:01
Sarvattwill make that change in edgers regardless23:01
jhammonsHi all. Should I expect hardware accelerated video for my crappy graphics card using the PPA? I have "Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)" It worked in 10.04, but after upgrading to 10.10 I've had no such luck. :(23:06
RAOFjhammons: That should be well supported by basically every release of Ubuntu ever.23:08
jhammonsThat's what I thought.23:08
RAOFAlthough if you've upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 without disabling the xorg-edgers PPA (as it says to ☺) then it's quite possible you've broken stuff.23:08
jhammonsI wasn't using this PPA with 10.0423:09
RAOFWhich PPA are you thinking of specifically, and why are you using it?23:12
jhammonsRAOF: I tried ubuntu-x-swat thinking newer xserver-xorg-video-intel would help.23:14
jhammonsRAOF: Have any troubleshooting advice?23:15
jhammonsExcept this: kernel: [   24.608957] [Firmware Bug]: Duplicate ACPI video bus devices for the same VGA controller, please try module parameter "video.allow_duplicates=1"if the current driver doesn't work.23:15
jhammonsWill try that.23:15
RAOFjhammons: The contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log in a pastebin is often useful.23:16
jhammonsRAOF: Okay. Thanks.23:16
RAOFAlso, dmesg.23:16
brycehthe type of improvements you're probably after aren't to be had from xserver-xorg-video-intel23:17
jhammonsbryceh: Indeed. :)23:17
brycehthat X driver is really pretty limited these days23:17
jhammonsI see..23:17
RAOFIt can screw things up, but it's not really involved in much that you care about.23:18
brycehprobably where you should be looking for bleeding edge intel stuff are the drm-intel-next kernel daily builds23:18
brycehbeware sometimes those have new bugs.  Work backwards from current until you find a kernel you like23:19
brycehalso, those are raw upstream kernels, without any of the normal ubuntu enhancements23:19
jhammonsI see.23:21
brycehat the moment there probably aren't huge differences between stock natty and upstream stuff in any case, but enough for it to be worth testing23:21
jhammonsI'm going to try the suggestion I found in dmesg output (see above). Here's my Xorg log. I'll be back in a minute. If it doesn't work, a quick gander at that would be appreciated: http://pastebin.com/UCwVaFQG23:22
jhammonsI think what it is referring to is my stupid dock for the laptop.23:23
RAOF[    29.354] (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)23:24
RAOFLess binary nvidia driver, please :)23:24
jhammonsI'll be right back (hopefully). Thanks RAOF, bryceh.23:28
jhammonsThanks for catching that RAOF! Works like a dream now. :)23:31
jhammonsIf you kind folks ever have any issues with an Atlassian tool, hit me up: jhammons@atlassian.com -- thanks again!23:31

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