superflyheya sakhi07:52
superflymorning maiatoday07:52
tr4xhey folks08:53
superflymorning tr4x09:03
inetprogood morning09:27
inetprosuperfly: have you loaded Firefox on your N900 yet?09:27
inetproif you haven't just go to http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/m09:28
superflyinetpro: I have the RC09:28
superflybut it's very slow09:29
inetprocool, how do you like it so far?09:29
* inetpro has helped a friend install it on his Galaxy Tab and he's extremely happy with it09:29
superflyI like the interface, it's cool09:29
superflybut VERY slow09:29
superflypainful to use09:30
inetprohmm... ok09:30
inetprointeresting review: http://www.androidza.co.za/firefox-for-android-quick-review/09:31
tumbleweedsuperfly: feel like designing a theme for the ubuntu packaging guide? :P11:15
superflytumbleweed: I'm afraid I'm *really* busy at the moment, don't think I'll have the time11:16
* tumbleweed guessed as much :)11:16
superflytumbleweed: you talking about this? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-packaging-guide11:18
tumbleweede.g. daniel.holba.ch/temp/guide/11:18
superflyah, using Sphinx11:19
superflytumbleweed: something like this? http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/3876/ubuntupackagingguide.png11:34
tumbleweedI can't view that11:35
superflytumbleweed: ^^ better?11:35
tumbleweedmind if I paste that in #ubuntu-motu?11:36
tumbleweedhave I successufully hooked you?: P11:36
superflyyeah, I'll give it ago this evening11:36
superflyyou're welcome to post it in #ubuntu-motu11:36
* superfly didn't do much, just changed a few colours11:36
tumbleweedaah. I think they are considering re-using bits from ubuntu-website11:40
tumbleweed(it's on launchpad)11:40
superflyyeah, that would be a good idea (that's what I was thinking)11:40
tumbleweedchat to dholbach if you are still hooked :)11:41
tumbleweedsuperfly: can you propose a bzr merge of that?11:45
superflytumbleweed: can do12:00
tumbleweedsuperfly: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-packaging-guide/+bug/740044 btw12:00
Symmetriathere needs to be some huge bush fire between capetown and azerfontein16:39
Symmetria:P so that people stop getting pissy when you wanna dig up their flowers to lay fiber16:39
Symmetriano one gives a fuck about feinbos :P gimme fiber :P16:41
drubinSymmetria: language16:42
Symmetriadrubin sorry, I dont know of polite language for eco freaks :P16:42
drubinSymmetria: I don't mind what you call them just not in here16:43
Tonberrytree huggers16:43
drubinSymmetria: this is supposed to be family friendly16:43
* inetpro agrees with drubin16:47
drubininetpro: ^516:48
superflyDitto here16:49
inetprogood evening?18:53
inetprodrubin: what ssh client would you recommend on an android device?18:55
inetprodrubin: android device like the Galaxy Tab*18:55
inetproor anybody else for that matter18:57
|3o|3what did I used to use...19:07
froztbyteconnectbot is the one I hear a lot of people use19:09
|3o|3Yeah inetpro, I think I used that before19:09
inetprofroztbyte: thanks19:09
inetprois there something like rdesktop on android?19:10
|3o|3there's gmote19:11
|3o|3but it doesn't relay your screen19:11
|3o|3Yeah, connectbot is the app...19:12
drubininetpro: connectbot is the defecto standard and only one ;)19:32
drubininetpro: You got a Galaxy Tab? what are your thoughts?19:32
inetprodrubin: thanks19:32
inetprodrubin: no but a colleague has and I would love to have one19:32
inetproit's a great device19:33
drubinit is average19:33
|3o|3drubin: you're average19:33
drubin|3o|3: s/above average/average ;)19:33
inetprodrubin: so what would you rate as better than the galaxy tab?19:39
inetprodrubin: what hand held device*19:40
Vhataan iPad219:40
inetproVhata: no ways19:40
drubininetpro: I agree with Vhata 19:40
drubineven the Ipad one is better then the Galexy19:41
|3o|3Have you seen the new tablet Amazon is selling?19:44
|3o|3Android 319:44
|3o|3Motorola XOOM19:44
inetprothe ipad is genuinely to big IMHO19:48
inetproand very heavy19:48
inetproI don't like what google is doing with android 3 but I bet that it's only a temporary move19:49
inetpro|3o|3: is the XOOM available yet?19:50
|3o|3Perhaps not in SA... :/19:50
|3o|3But it is on the Amazon.com site.19:50
* inetpro wonders what all the apple fanboys are still doing on #ubuntu-za 19:53
Vhatainetpro: so simply appreciating a device for being well manufactured and usable and enjoyable == "fanboy" now?20:19
Vhataliking anything that isn't the Official Thing That We Like is wrong now?20:19
* inetpro is just wondering20:23
inetpromy gut feel says that apple is doing it wrong while ubuntu is trying to uphold FLOSS freedom20:24
inetprobut maybe I'm wrong?20:25
|3o|3Apple makes pretty good hardware20:55
|3o|3and software actually...20:55
|3o|3I personally would never touch any of it, (unless it was given to me ;)20:56
|3o|3but its still pretty good20:56
inetpro|3o|3: that I can agree with21:01
nuvolarii'll take the hardware21:11
nuvolariand install ubuntu21:11
superflytalking of hardware, any way to revive what seems to be a dead motherboard?21:12
nuvolariproviding support to users on support is a tough job :/ very frustrating21:12
nuvolarisuperfly: other than buying a new one... not much, I think :-/21:13
superflynuvolari: yeah, so I figured21:15
nuvolariIt's pretty sad actually. I look here at my tower that's been quiet for about a year now. Pretty good hardware, but the Mobo is toast21:16

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