gordonjcpjackd is totally broken in 10.0400:00
gordonjcpwhy is it trying to pull in Qt4?00:00
royale1223Achylles_: when i sudo it, it says "wrong instance"00:00
gordonjcpoh, this is ridiculous, that's the most retarded thing I've ever seen00:01
gordonjcpjackd depends on qjackctl00:01
ruggeroroyale1234, my fstab is simple, just the usual cdrom  and floppy mounts, plus the swap and ext4 HD mount00:01
SarcasMo2Where can i find the downloads from Ubuntu software center?00:01
NewWorldSarcasMo2:  There are plenty of public mirrors00:01
royale1223what partition do you have as home ruggero ?00:01
raido_alex86: also see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52083500:02
zvacetSarcasMo2:  everything you downloaded with ubuntu software center,synaptic,apt-get  is in /var/cache/apt/archives00:02
alex86raido_ thnx00:02
ruggeroroyale1223, I have nothing referring to my home in fstab. I moved my home using command line.00:02
zvacetSarcasMo2: select faster or closer mirror to you00:03
Achylles_royale1223, do you have a command called service?00:03
ruggeroroyale1223, copied files from old home using cp -a00:03
WeThePeopleis BS-Player available for linux00:03
royale1223Achylles_: command called service? whats that? i dont think so.00:03
SarcasMo2zvacet: thx00:03
ruggeroroyale1223, this is my fstab HD mount: UUID=0cc68ffb-0d2f-491a-90f3-71bf1b58dbc6 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       100:04
royale1223ruggero: okay00:04
Achylles_royale1223, because if you have you can just do:    sudo service gdm restart00:04
royale1223Achylles_: restart: Unknown instance:00:05
AsadNewWorld: Yes. But I don't really know what kind of a command is used to toggle display in ubuntu .. that was my main question00:05
SarcasMo2is there a faster way to switch desktops? (keyboard combo)00:05
royale1223ruggero: give me output of "sudo fdisk -l"00:06
XuMuKroyale1223: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart00:06
ruggeroroyale1223, now logging in seems to work as usual and almost all functions are OK with the new home folder. However, some settings configurations were not OK, I checked and my new home folder is completely owned by root:root, not me. I tried all methods to restore it back, but did not work00:06
ruggeroroyale1223, ok just a sec00:06
NewWorldAsad:  try 'xset dpms force off'00:06
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NewWorldSarcasMo2:  Faster how?00:06
Achylles_royale1223, so you have to hit ctrl + alt + backspace to restart the X Server > which means logout > login.00:07
naomi__What program can I use thats like teamviewer? Where my friend (using windows) can connect to me and use my desktop?00:07
royale1223XuMuK: that did it, thanks00:07
Gump-how is freenode connected to reddit?00:07
NewWorldGump-:  Haha why don't you ask them00:07
ruggeroroyale1223, it is few lines, should just paste-and-copy it or there is a better way ?00:07
NewWorldnaomi__:  Look for 'VNC' apps00:07
SarcasMo2im now selecting them with my mouse00:08
SarcasMo2NewWorld: Im now selecting them with my mouse00:08
Gump-NewWorld, ask who?00:08
SarcasMo2NewWorld: I want to use my keyboard00:08
royale1223paste it in paste.ubuntu.com00:08
NewWorldGump-:  #reddit00:08
Gump-it just seems like all the official reddit channels are on freenodes, so im wondering00:08
Gump-oh, k. guess i could ask them00:08
* Gump- herrrr derrrrrr00:08
ruggeroroyale1223,    Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System00:08
ruggero/dev/sda1   *           1       25265   202940906    7  HPFS/NTFS00:08
ruggero/dev/sda2           25266       60801   285442593+   5  Extended00:08
ruggero/dev/sda5           30418       46279   127411483+  83  Linux00:08
ruggero/dev/sda6           60046       60801     6072538+  82  Linux swap / Solaris00:08
FloodBot3ruggero: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:08
ruggero/dev/sda7           46280       53170    55351926   83  Linux00:08
royale1223ruggero: paste it in paste.ubuntu.com00:08
NewWorldSarcasMo2:  You can set the shortcuts in the Metacity configurator... I forgot what it's called00:09
zvacetWeThePeople:  it look you are out of luck but you can try vlc or smplayer00:09
naomi__where will i look for VNC's? software center?00:09
royale1223ruggero: pasting it here is against rules00:09
princej88Jordan_U: Here it is: http://pastebin.com/EM0j4C8X00:09
NewWorldnaomi__:  You could Google :P00:10
gordonjcpgetting sound working in Ubuntu is such an exercise in frustration00:10
ruggeroroyale1223, http://paste.ubuntu.com/587112/00:10
SarcasMo2NewWorld: lol just found them in keyboard shortcuts00:10
Pici!google | NewWorld00:10
ubottuNewWorld: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.00:10
culbResults for | NewWorld on Google:00:10
royale1223ruggero: which one is your home part?00:11
NewWorldculb:  She asked. Would it be better to ignore her?00:11
gsfaii am currently 100% confused00:11
ruggeroroyale1223, it is a folder inside /dev/sda1100:11
gsfaiHow the hell can my system have no device file for the sound output and for the microphone input?00:12
gordonjcpgsfai: I'm coming to the conclusion that Ubuntu just doesn't do sound00:12
gsfaii mean it is starting to get annoying00:12
royale1223ruggero: a folder inside sda11? which folder?00:12
NewWorldgsfai:  You have no /dev/dsp00:12
gordonjcpgsfai: except for obnoxiously loud startup sounds that wake up the entire village00:12
naomi__Ermm, is Terminal Server Client the same as Teamviewer? Like I dont just want to screenshare, i want him to be able to do things on my laptop00:12
gordonjcpbecause of course there's no way to stop it blasting out its startup sound and if you forget that the PC is plugged into the mixer...00:13
NewWorldruggero:  sda11 is in /dev ... those are device files. You won't find folders in there00:13
ruggeroroyale1223, a folder with my name: /myname. There are other folders there.00:13
NewWorldgordonjcp:  Worst time is when it does this during lectures xD00:13
gsfaicat: /dev/dsp: No such file or directory00:14
NewWorldgsfai:  You are massively fucked xD00:14
royale1223ruggero: d u see a folder home in your root?00:14
IdleOne!language | NewWorld00:14
ubottuNewWorld: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:14
gordonjcpNewWorld: doing it at 23:40 was quite bad00:14
gsfaiNewWorld: it doesnt even make sense, 90% of the programs can play music, and record stuff... i just seem to be unable to do it myself or with the remaining 10%00:15
princej88Jordan_U: let me know what you think.00:15
gsfaii think im going in the process of 'HOW DO I PLAYED MUSIC'00:15
NewWorldgsfai:  What is your sound daemon?00:15
gsfaiNewWorld: lsmod?00:15
ruggeroroyale1223, this is my prompt. http://paste.ubuntu.com/587120/00:15
Achylles_naomi__, So you can use ssh depending on what you want to be done in your laptop00:16
NewWorldgsfai:  PulseAudio, Alsa, JACK?00:16
royale1223ruggero: do "ls -la" and pastebin00:16
gsfaii am afraid i have all of the 3 :d00:17
Rehanguys is it ok if i install without a swap partition?00:17
ruggeroroyale1223, yes I see a home folder in my root.00:17
ruggeroroyale1223, ok00:17
naomi__he wants to get ubuntu. and he just wants to be able to connect to my laptop and just look around, yknow? i have no idea what program to get or where to install it.00:17
NewWorldgsfai:  Maybe they are conflicting with each other :S why do you need them all?00:17
gsfaiNewWorld: well i dont know, i just remember being able to work with all of them00:17
NewWorldRehan:  Yes, but kinda depends how much RAM you have00:17
gsfaiits probably pulseaudio though00:18
royale1223naomi__: have you installed ubuntu yet?00:18
Picinaomi__: I don't have a gui in front of me, but there is a remote desktop setting under your System menu. That will allow someone with VNC to connect to your computer.00:18
ruggeroroyale1223, ls -la from which folder? I paste from root now00:18
RehanNewWorld: 6GB. Would that work?00:18
naomi__Yeah royale.00:18
Achylles_naomi__, ssh00:18
NewWorldRehan:  Yep more than enough. I have 2GB and no swap00:18
royale1223ruggero: do it from /media/disk52/ruggero_home00:18
naomi__K i'll try that00:18
NewWorldgsfai:  What are you trying to play sound in and it's not working?00:19
RehanNewWorld: ok great. The other question I have is when I choose the mount folder for the partition, what folder should I select? / or /home?00:19
royale1223naomi__: or just use ssh00:19
ruggeroroyale1223, http://paste.ubuntu.com/587121/00:19
NewWorldRehan:  'mount folder'?00:19
ruggeroroyale1223, do it again00:19
gsfaiNewWorld: sound from tuxguitar, but the basic problem, is that i NEED a device file to record from!00:19
zvacetRehan: are you installing ubuntu00:19
RehanNewWorld: it asks for where the partition should be mounted or something similar when i create the partition to install ubuntu00:19
NewWorldroyale1223:  naomi__ : I think she wants a GUI something; she doesn't sound like she's up for setting up and using SSH00:19
Rehanzvacet: yeah00:20
naomi__idk what ssh is lol. or how to connect the two.. like on teamviewer you just have an id and password you enter.00:20
gsfaiarecord does fine, but where in heaven does it take its data from?00:20
zvacetRehan: if you do you can make two partitions root / about 10 GB and home /home for resr of space00:20
Achylles_NewWorld, ssh can open GUI as well00:20
ruggeroroyale1223, http://paste.ubuntu.com/587122/00:20
Rehanzvacet: ok what do you recommend if i only have one partition?00:21
alex86raido_: what i have done. I have installed IDE and interpreter of version 3.1 and not I can work in envirnment with python3. btw it lanches python3 from terminal in response to command python300:21
zvacetRehan: having separate home is good when it comes to reinstall fresh install00:21
zvacetRehan: you must have root and format it as ext400:21
royale1223ruggero: do "cd /home && ls -la"00:21
pp7really need help!! my gnome session quits everytime i use a QT app00:22
ruggero<royale1223> ok00:22
pp7please help!!00:22
Rehanzvacet: ok, got it. And I should select the partition to be a logical partition or a primary one?00:22
r34ctsomeone invite me to #c00:22
royale1223pp7 | help00:22
raido_alex86: dis you change the environment variable PYTHONPATH00:22
Jordan_Uprincej88: I'm not sure what exactly is happening. Could you ask in #grub, including a link to that boot info script in your qestion?00:22
LjL!language | r34ct00:22
ubottur34ct: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:22
NewWorldRehan:  do you have any other OS's installed?00:22
r34ctblow me00:22
LjL!ops | r34ct00:22
ubottur34ct: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!00:22
r34ctis that better?00:22
zvacetRehan: it could be both but put it as primary00:23
RehanRehan: yep, win700:23
LjLPici: sorry00:23
PiciLjL: its okay00:23
royale1223!help | pp700:23
ubottupp7: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:23
alex86raido_: no, i didn`t make any changes to PYTHONPATH00:23
ruggeroroyale1223, http://paste.ubuntu.com/587123/00:23
Rehanoops, NewWorld , yep, win700:23
Picir34ct: you need to register to join ##c00:23
Pici!register | r34ct00:23
ubottur34ct: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:23
r34cthow so00:23
princej88Jordan_U: no prob. thanks. will do00:23
Jordan_Uprincej88: Also, please run "cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg" at the grub prompt and confirm that there are no errors and it seems to match the contents of your grub.cfg?00:23
r34cti see00:23
raido_alex86: you need to do that00:23
pp7that was the question00:23
r34ctwell, aren't i an idiot00:23
zvacetRehan: it still can be primary,because you can have 4 partitions00:23
alex86raido_: but why?00:23
NewWorldRehan:  It's best to install on Logical... or else you might have problems with MBR and boot flags and what not. These problems are fixable but just time-consuming to fix00:23
pp7does anyone know why my gnome session will quit/crash (back to login gdm) whenever I use a QT app00:24
raido_alex86: because you want to use 3 and the path is now set to 2.*00:24
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ndxtgdoes anyone know what command line to check whether a CD/DVD exists in the Drive?00:24
ruggeroroyale1223, "nancy" is my wife name. "ruggero" is mine. I moved my home folder to another disk, because I use much more space and root disk is smaller.00:24
RehanNewWorld: ok cool, thanks.00:24
Rehanwell i'm off to go install this bad boy00:24
Rehanwill be back with more questions soon :)00:25
NewWorldpp7:  Why don't you run the app from terminal... but run it through 'tee' and log the error messages. Then re-login and read that err msg file00:25
udayanwhen i tried to upgrade to 10.10 from 8.10 it showed me an error msg help!!!!! wtf.....when i tried to upgrade to 10.10, it gave Error during commit 'E:Couldn't configure pre-depend jre for openoffice.org-writer2latex, probably a dependency cycle, Restoring original system state. pls hlp00:25
NewWorldRehan:  gl))00:25
RehanNewWorld: thanks!00:25
xanguaudayan: you don't upgrade to 10.10 from 8.1000:25
pp7NewWorld: hmmm i'll try that00:25
raido_ruggero: what filesystem type did you move it to?00:26
zvacetudayan: you can not skip versions when you upgrade00:26
ruggeroroyale1223, I think ext4, wait I verify00:26
udayani did not do anythng manually. jst used upgrade manager..then...00:26
zvacetudayan: it should be 8.10>9.04>9.10>10.04>10.1000:27
royale1223ruggero: do "cp -R /home /media/disk52/"00:27
NewWorldgsfai:  Maybe the file is /dev/audio ? Have you looked through /dev/ thouroughly?00:27
Achylles_ndxtg, lshw|grep cd00:27
alex86raido_: ok, how then i can the file path there i have installed python 3.1?00:27
SarcasMo2is there an equivalent to the board game risk in the Ubuntu software center?00:27
udayanzvacet: i did not do anythng manually. jst used upgrade manager..then..00:28
raido_alex86: what?00:28
gsfaiNewWorld: yeap00:28
gsfaibut its nowhere to be found00:28
zvacetudayan: 8.10 is not supported any more that is source of your problem00:28
NewWorldgsfai:  Why don't you pastebin 'ls -al /dev'00:28
alex86raido_: how can i find where i have installed python3?00:28
neil_NewWorld: no output in the log file00:29
ruggeroroyale1223, /media/disk52 is a ntfs file system. It contained a window partition.00:29
udayanzvacet: so wat do i do now!!00:29
ndxtgAchylles_: thanks for that but it doesn't tell about CD/DVD presents, it just tells the dvd drive presents00:29
raido_alex86: $which python300:29
gsfaiNewWorld: im going to sleep, ill do it tomorrow!00:29
ScarabDrownerI have a Dell laptop with an internal Sprint wireless broadband card with GPS. I no longer use the broadband card, but I would like to be able to access the GPS. Is there a way I can do this on 10.10?00:29
NewWorldgsfai:  qtconfig. OK good night00:29
zvacetudayan: is it uregen to upgrade if not wait until next month and then do fresh install of 11.0400:29
royale1223ruggero: please backup everything in that partition and format it to ext4.00:30
alex86raido_: terminal just switches to python3 interpreter00:31
udayanzvacet: ummm yes. cuz i also need to take a backup of my hd...00:31
ruggeroroyale1223, you are very kind.00:31
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raido_alex86: type "which python3"00:31
royale1223ruggero: haha okay00:31
ruggeroroyale1223, I have to think if I can do that.00:31
alex86raido_:thanks, that works00:32
Nolhola amigos00:32
ubottuNol: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:32
royale1223do you have files othe than from your "home" in disk52 ruggero ?00:32
zvacetudayan: if you want to upgrade read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Intrepid and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Jaunty00:33
NewWorldXuMuK:  AHAHAHA XD00:33
XuMuKNewWorld: what?)00:33
hdpbWill synaptic/Software Center in 64 bit only show 64 bit apps? If not, how can I tell which are/aren't?00:33
NewWorldXuMuK:  I don't think he was actually hispanic, it's just a way of saying hello XD00:34
zvacethdpb: yes00:34
Achylles_ndxtg, So, mount, umount, eject will tell you if there is a cd in the drive00:34
Ph0n7r1cWho ever Believes that Jesus is there savior turn back to the lord now for there is no more time for the people of the world the son of man will come for its people any moment now00:34
udayanzvacet: thanks wil c wat cn b done....00:34
raido_ruggero: Ive been watching your discussion, what exactly doesnt work?00:34
ruggeroroyale1223, yes, I am verifying, I have many files, because it is a working windows installation00:34
XuMuKNewWorld: and I think that "hola amigos" means "hello frends" xD00:34
XuMuKin spanish)00:34
* royale1223 listening to gazal00:34
ndxtgAchylles_: ok thank you, never mind I found cdrdao tool :)00:35
zvacetzvacet: thanks wil c wat cn b done....00:35
zvacetzvacet: thanks wil c wat cn b done....00:35
zvacetzvacet: thanks wil c wat cn b done....00:35
zvacetzvacet: thanks wil c wat cn b done....00:35
zvacetzvacet: thanks wil c wat cn b done....00:35
zvacetzvacet: thanks wil c wat cn b done....00:35
FloodBot3zvacet: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:35
hdpbzvacet: Thank you. Been running 32 since Lucid, and thought I'd try 64 for Natty.00:35
Ph0n7r1cIt is try there is a hell and it is not a place for any of Goods people or any one of the world it was created for the demons and the devil00:35
zvacetsorry for flood my mistake00:35
royale1223ruggero: whoa.. you cant do that.. you need a empty partition for /home00:36
alex86raido_, the problem is that in the dir there are my python3 files are python2.6 files as well.00:36
ruggeroraido, everything seems to work well. Only some settings -for example audio volume control- and others are grayed and do not work. I googled around and discovered that these do not work if ownership is not yours. I discovered that all my home folder files are root:root and not myname:myname. So I used chown command to fix it, but it gives no error, but no change...00:37
NewWorldalex86:  Why is that a problem?00:37
raido_ruggero: and you are sure that the partition you moved your home to is a linux partition type?00:37
NewWorldruggero:  What are the permissions like? Like rwx?00:38
ScarabDrownerIn 10.10, I have a keyboard layout indicator by the clock, and 5 different workspaces through Compiz. When I select one keyboard layout on one workspace, it changes back to the default keyboard layout when I switch to a different workspace. Also, my "hotkey" for switching layouts only works one-way. It'll switch to the second layout, but not back to the original. How do I fix these problems?00:38
alex86NewWorld: i though that python3 is separate folder, so i can select append it to PYTHONPATH00:38
mikehj316Okay, so I still have the same problem I did earlier today00:38
mikehj316I am where I can begin to work on it00:38
royale1223raido_: he actually copied files from /home/ruggero to s subfolder an ntfs partion.00:38
NewWorldalex86:  That doesn't sound like a problem to me :S00:39
mikehj316Can someone help me reconfigure Ubuntu 10.10 to read my windows files?00:39
alex86NewWorld: actually i don`t get there i can find this PYTHONPATH?00:39
azizLIGHTSffmpeg package doesnt come with mp3 encoding?00:39
royale1223raido_: no wonder he is having permission problems.00:39
mikehj316I am using them on the same computer, alongside windows00:39
raido_royale1223: He need to have home in a linux partition if the permissions and ownerships are to work correctly, also he will need to usermod to change the path to his home dir00:40
NewWorldalex86:  'echo $PYTHONPATH'   it doesn't show anything for me though that is a real variable00:40
ruggeroraido,NewWorld,royale1223, http://paste.ubuntu.com/587130/00:40
ruggeroraido, sorry for Japanese characters00:40
NewWorldScarabDrowner:  You can use 'setxkbmap [gb,us,es, etc.]' to set the keyb layout00:40
royale1223raido_: yeah. but he cant make linux partion, no space i think00:41
raido_ruggero: that does not show the partition type, what is the partition type00:41
mikehj316is anyone able to help me?00:41
NewWorldmikehj316:  Have you installed that ntfs-3g?00:41
alex86NewWorld: well to me as well00:41
NewWorldalex86:  So what do you want?00:41
mikehj316NewWorld: what is that?00:41
ruggeroraido, it is a ntfs partition00:41
NewWorldruggero:  I meant in the /dev folder. Like this: 'ls -la /dev'00:41
royale1223ruggero: you need to copy those files back.00:42
alex86NewWorld: change python path so, i can work with python3 by default, not with python2.600:42
NewWorldmikehj316:  It's a program you can run from your terminal to switch keyb layout00:42
raido_ruggero: you need not to have home in a partition type other that linux, i.e. ext, xfs, jfs etc00:42
mikehj316NewWorld: Where can I find it?00:42
ScarabDrownerNewWorld: the reason I set up a hotkey to switch layouts was so I didn't have to go and do setxkbmap every time I needed to switch back and forth00:42
jdolan_that was awesome.00:43
ruggeroraido, ok... so I have to redo all procedure. Strange that all else seems to work00:43
jdolan_i have all of my email on an IMAP server arranged in folders.00:43
jdolan_i just tried using evolution for the first time.00:43
NewWorldalex86:  running 'python' should default to python3. To run the python2 interpreter there is a seperate bin called 'python2', do you have both?00:43
NewWorldmikehj316:  You know the terminal?00:43
jdolan_it took it upon itself to filter ALL OF MY EXISTING FOLDERS and moved half of my sorted messages into Junk.00:43
jdolan_WHAT THE F00:43
mikehj316NewWorld: yes00:43
raido_ruggero: yes, the files will work but the linux kernel does not respect or understand the permission and ownership flags on other FS types00:43
alex86NewWorld: yes. i have both, but python 2 is by default.00:44
jdolan_what a complete pos Evolution is.  wow.00:44
raido_ruggero: sou you will have those issues00:44
NewWorldScarabDrowner:  You can assign a keyboard shortcut to a setxkbmap command. That's my solution for you lol :P more like workaround00:44
jdolan_can not believe Ubuntu doesn't ship with Thunderbird as default.00:44
alex86NewWorld: but i want to work only with python300:44
NewWorldScarabDrowner:  I can give you my script that cycles through keyboard layouts :)00:44
ruggeroraido, I see... that's maybe why chown just ignore my commands00:44
raido_ruggero: correct00:44
NewWorldalex86:  So when you type 'python' in terminal, it goes into the 2.7 interpreter?00:45
NewWorldmikehj316:  Search for NTFS in software centre, it could be there. Otherwise search for it in synaptic00:45
alex86NewWorld: yeah, 2.600:45
ScarabDrownerNewWorld: is that the aliases to switch to qwerty if you type aeou and to dvorak if you type asdf?00:45
ruggeroOk, I will try again with another disk. Or format everything like royale1223 said. Thank to you all...!00:45
ruggeroraido, royale1223, Ok, I will try again with another disk. Or format everything like royale1223 said. Thank to you all...!00:46
NewWorldalex86:  What does it show when you do 'ls -al /usr/bin | grep python' ?00:46
raido_alex86: if you didnt set your variable yet, your wasting time00:46
NewWorldScarabDrowner:  Yes actually haha, and one for Russian you can easily remove :)00:46
KramBHow do I install a new Docky Theme?00:46
Kamakaziso, there are like a million tutorials out there on how to make bootable usb drives with ubuntu on them from windows, can't find very many that go the other way around00:46
royale1223ruggero: remember that you have to copy all contents ohf /home to the root of the new partition. not just your files.00:47
mikehj316NewWorld:I am using an HP and I found the devices, but only certain files are visible. Do I need to go into Windows and copy some of those files into that folder?00:47
ruggeroraido, royale1223, bytheway I am in Yokohama, Japan. No problems here. Let's hope they fix these nuclear plants... we are on all TVs all over the world. Bad publicity for us !00:47
neil_anyone know why loading any QT app will cause gnome to crash?  I tried looking at logfiles but not interesting output00:47
NewWorldKamakazi:  How to make Windows from bootable USB drives?00:47
neil_please help!!00:47
raido_alex86: Prayers.00:47
NewWorldmikehj316:  Is the Windows partition mounted? and what files are not visible?00:48
KramBHow can I install new Docky Themes?00:48
NewWorldneil_:  There was another person with that problem half an hour ago. Play around with 'qtconfig'? Change the theme maybe00:48
alex86NewWorld: it shows a lot of stuff. i guess this are rights to read or write files, near them are root, the size and date00:49
neil_NewWorld: it happens when playing with qtconfig too :(00:49
alex86raido_: i can`t find PYTHONPATH00:49
naomi__What program can I use Krfb with?00:50
NewWorldalex86:  If you want to set PYTHONPATH, you do 'PYTHONPATH=/some/directory/to/python && export PYTHONPATH' . Hope it helps00:50
mikehj316NewWorld: My regular Documents and Settings for W7, Windows files are missing. It does not show the C drive as mounted, but there are others that are. the files that show are backup files that are part of HP00:50
astropiratefsk you fafsa.org!!! won't let me use it on Linux00:50
NewWorldalex86:  If it doesn't, paste the output of the ls -al cmd I sent you00:50
NewWorldmikehj316:  Install ntfs-3g with synaptic... if those windows partitions are using NTFS (most likely)00:51
ruggeroroyale1223, ok thanks. I think I can do that. I think I messed up because I didn't know ntfs was not functional for linux... thanks a lot00:52
Aaron_Can anyone receive this?00:52
mikehj316NewWorld: how do I find it online? Its not in the store00:52
NewWorldAaron_:  yeah00:52
milamberneil_: what is your graphics card?00:52
neil_[GeForce GT 330M]00:52
NewWorldmikehj316:  Under System > Administration is there no Synaptic Package Manager?00:53
Jef91Anyone know what package provides fftw3f in Ubuntu? Trying to build something from source and it is looking for it00:53
neil_on a macbook pro00:53
milamberbug 650539 | neil_ maybe?00:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 650539 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Maverick) "SRU: Launching a Qt app crashes X when using Xinerama" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65053900:53
mikehj316NewWorld: yes, I found it00:53
neil_hmm not using xinerama00:53
NewWorldJef91:  What is it?00:53
Jef91rosegarden is the package I am building, it is asking for that as a dep but I can't find anything related to it in the *buntu repo00:54
mikehj316NewWorld: I only found the package manager. What now?00:54
Jef91use apt-cache search fftw3f but it didn't yield anyreults00:54
milamberneil_: do you have multiple monitors?00:54
NewWorldmikehj316:  Search for package 'ntfs-3g' in that package manager00:54
union131im on my toshiba tecra 800000:55
mikehj316NewWorld: found that file. I am ready for the next step00:55
NewWorldmikehj316:  Okay right click and install it :)00:55
Jef91nvm found it00:56
mikehj316NewWorld: it says its installed lol!00:56
quant!hi | union13100:56
union131can anyone help me with something on my laptop00:56
NewWorldmikehj316:  In terminal do 'fdisk -l' , identify the partitions you would like to use in Ubuntu00:57
NewWorld!hi| union13100:57
NewWorld!hi|\ union13100:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:57
mikehj316NewWorld: what would the partition be called as default for windows? C00:58
union131can anyone help me with somethin on my laptop00:58
union131i want to download the game called alliance of valaint arms00:58
milamberneil_: can you try uninstalling xfs?00:58
neil_what is that?00:59
milamber!info xfs00:59
ubottuxfs (source: xfs): X font server. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0.8-6 (maverick), package size 78 kB, installed size 340 kB00:59
KramBHow can I get Administrative Privileges?  I need it to create a Directory for my Docky Themes...00:59
union131YO LISTEN UP00:59
NewWorldmikehj316:  They have names like '/dev/sda1' . If you have gparted installed, run it, it will be much easier to id partitions with it00:59
neil_what will uninstalling xfs break?00:59
union131me neil?00:59
mikehj316NewWorld: okay thanks. If I randomly log off I did something wrong :P00:59
alex86NewWorld: i guess it didn`t help. i have showed the directory to there python 3 is. but python2 is by default00:59
milamberneil_: it's optional so it shouldn't break anything.01:00
CaffeineHi people, I have rebooted and then my wired network didn't work anymore. Any idea?01:00
NewWorldalex86:  Can you pastebin 'ls -al /usr/bin | grep python'?01:00
neil_hmm ok01:00
jribalex86: umm, what do you mean by "python2 is by default"?  Surely you aren't trying to change the default python used, right?01:00
neil_i'll give that a try01:00
milamberneil_: you can check for it by: dpkg -l | grep sfx01:00
NewWorldjrib:  He is. Python 3 should be the default now01:00
union131YO LISTEN UP< I NEED HELP01:00
alex86jrib: i want change PYTHONPATH01:01
KB1JWQ!caps | union13101:01
mikehj316NewWorld: it says it cannot open01:01
ubottuunion131: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.01:01
neil_milamber: ok i just did a sudo apt-get remove xfs01:01
jribNewWorld, alex86: python2 is what python should point to by default and that's how you should leave it.  Changing it will likely cause issues as many system programs are written in python and expect python to point to python201:01
union131then respond01:01
neil_milamber: ok lemme try01:01
NewWorldmikehj316:  Run 'cfdisk' in terminal. It'll show it nicely01:02
ScarabDrownerunion131: be patient, if someone knows how to help you, they will. Sometimes there's nobody around who can help.01:02
KB1JWQunion131: People here are volunteers; please remember that. :-)01:02
union131can anyone help me download something01:02
=== Belial`` is now known as Belial`
naomi__union i have no idea how to get games.01:02
jribunion131: ask a specific, detailed question on a single line.  Otherwise we can't help you!01:02
mikehj316NewWorld: FATAL ERROR01:02
neil_milamber: OMG it worked!!! :)01:02
union131i need help downloading alliance of valiant arms01:02
mikehj316lol neil01:02
neil_milamber <---- life saver!! :)01:03
NewWorldmikehj316:  You'll have to identify with 'fdisk -l' then lol. You can tell by the size for example. It's not the 'ext' ones, those are linux ones01:03
milamberneil_: glad you got it worked out.01:03
alex86jrib: i have installed python3 and IDE for 3rd versio, but raido_ insists that i should modify pythonpath. well, i just first day with ubuntu01:03
mikehj316NewWorld: okay let me try again01:03
KB1JWQunion131: Looks like a Windows game, may have to run it in WINE.01:03
naomi__Anyone know what program I use with Krfb?01:03
neil_milamber: thanks alot!!!01:03
KramBHow can I activate Administrative privileges?01:03
jribalex86: I don't see why you would want to modify PYTHONPATH01:04
jribKramB: what exactly do you want to accomplish?01:04
NewWorldalex86: pastebin the output bro, I think it might be to do with BASH aliases01:04
alex86NewWorld: here it is http://pastebin.com/prR58LP001:04
jribalex86: just use python3 in the shebang line if you want your script to be interpreted by python3, that's all01:04
ScarabDrownerunion131: it says you need Windows to play AVA01:05
union131i love that game, it amazing i need it on here01:05
mikehj316NewWorld: would it be the /host?01:05
KramBjrib: I need it to install my Docky Themes...I try to create a new directory and it says Access Denied.01:05
alex86jrib: shebang, sorry what`s that?01:05
KB1JWQunion131: Yeah, looks like WINE doesn't like it.01:05
jribalex86: #!/usr/bin/env python3   that you put on the first line of your scripts01:05
KB1JWQunion131: Time to spin up Vbox or Vmware workstation. :-)01:06
jribKramB: can't you install them in your HOME?01:06
jribKramB: google suggests to me: ~/.local/share/docky/themes01:06
alex86jrib: oh, yes, i got it01:06
KramBjrib: Not sure what that means...:/  Only been on Linux for about..a month.01:06
KramBjrib: Okay I will try.01:06
NewWorldalex86:  'rm /usr/bin/python && ln -s python3 python' ... but yeah doesn't sonud like too good idea. Just put python3 at top of scripts01:06
jribKramB: ~ means your /home/username01:06
jribalex86: do not do what NewWorld suggests01:07
union131im going to get windows instead of linux, linux sucks01:07
NewWorldalex86:  'rm /usr/bin/python && ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python'01:07
ScarabDrownerunion131: part of the Ubuntu experience for now, lot of the games we like don't work yet on linux01:07
jribNewWorld: please stop recommending that.  That's not a good idea01:07
alex86jrib: why?01:07
NewWorldjrib:  He wanted it. And it's completely reversible01:07
ScarabDrownerunion131: it's not a fault of linux, it's a fault of the game makers who don't make them to run on linux01:07
KramBjrib: Thank you. :)01:07
NewWorldalex86:  Some python programs aren't yet compatible with python301:08
alex86NewWorld: what this command will do rm /usr/bin/python && ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python??01:08
jribalex86: because there are system scripts written in python and they expect python to point to python2.  That command is going to break these scripts.01:08
NewWorldalex86:  ln makes shortcuts01:08
KamakaziI'm still surprised Valve doesn't have Steam on Linux01:08
naomi__How do I get a "eurpoean keyboard".01:08
NewWorldjrib:  System scripts are written in ... Python?!?01:08
NewWorldnaomi__:  Which keyboard layout?01:09
jribNewWorld: sure, some are01:09
jribespecially in ubuntu land01:09
meuuijgaanyone know how to underclock an nvidia card in ubuntu?01:09
naomi__I can't do the euro sign or ctrl+alt my vowels to give accents on them?01:09
ScarabDrownernaomi__: System>Preferences>Keyboard01:09
mikehj316NeWorld: did I get a response?01:09
alex86jrib: ok, i won`t bother anymore with it. thanks for advice01:09
alex86NewWorld: thanks bro01:09
naomi__It says it's UNited Kingdom but it still won't let me ctrl+alt a vowel or anything?01:10
NewWorldmikehj316:  Sorry dude, I forgot. Why don't you pastebin 'fdisk -l' and we'll find out. But really, the best way is to go into Windows, note down the sizes of each partition, and identify it that way01:10
=== derp is now known as Snooki
NewWorldnaomi__:  Do you have an 'Alt gr' key?01:10
naomi__Use that instead?01:10
alex86NewWorld: ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/bin/python': Permission denied01:10
epzishi everyone,i own a ZTE K 3805-z  internet key which id like to set up working on ubuntu , problem is that lights turn on (blue one) network manager lets me create a connection but never lets me connect, saying that gsm is not available, i tried changing apn and such operator things but still doesnt work, anyone could hint me with some ideas? on usb_modeswitch site it says its compatible so is there any way to get it up?01:11
* jrib sighs01:11
union131scarabdwoner your right but still linux sucks01:11
mikehj316NewWorld: hmm... I dont know how to do that...01:11
NewWorldalex86:  Use sudo , /usr/bin has root permissions01:11
alex86NewWorld: doesn`t help01:11
=== meisth0th is now known as meisth0th_zzz
milamberjrib: you tried :)01:11
mikehj316NewWorld: well the windows thing anyway. can you give me those instructions to write down?01:11
jribalex86: you are going to break your system by running that command.01:11
jrib!away > meisth0th_zzz01:12
ubottumeisth0th_zzz, please see my private message01:12
NewWorldmikehj316:  Instructions for what? just write down how big each partition is in GBs01:12
union131Does anyone know wher i can get windows 7 OS for free01:12
azizLIGHTShelp im trying to install ffmpeg with mp3 encode and i get error. i did "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-52" as per http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1117283 but im getting "Package libavcodec-extra-52 is not available, but is referred to by another package."01:12
naomi__lmao union.01:12
NewWorldalex86:  Did you remove /usr/bin/python   . You can't make a shortcut called that, until the other file is gone01:12
weezunion131, are you a student?01:12
pac1how do i set up the repositories on desktop 10.10 to use mythbuntu's mythv-updates?01:12
alex86jrib: but it gonna make shortcut, isn`t it NewWorld? or you are playing bloody jokes with me man?!01:13
NewWorld union131 : The Pirate Bay lol01:13
=== Gunni^ is now known as Gunni
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o01:13
jribalex86: you already have a shortcut.  It's called "python3"01:13
epzishi everyone, i need help setting up a K 3805-z internet key which doesnt seem to work with network manager ,anyone could help me?01:13
NewWorldalex86:  Yes shortcut. /usr/bin/python points to /usr/bin/python2.601:13
union131no im not a student im just 15 though, whats piratebay01:13
KramBHow do I get rid of my "taskbar" at the bottom of my screen so I can use Docky isntead?01:13
NewWorld union131 : use google for everything01:13
eigbaKramB: just right click and delete bar01:14
mikehj316NewWorld: hey i g2g lol i will deal with this later. thanks for your help!01:14
NewWorldmikehj316:  No problem, bye)))01:14
weezpac1, you can edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file or click system>administration>software sources01:14
KramBeigba: And if I wanted to restore it back?01:14
azizLIGHTSplz anyone help01:15
=== armand is now known as Guest98505
jrib!helpme | azizLIGHTS01:15
ubottuazizLIGHTS: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude01:15
Evan1Hi, Is it possible to have a different theme for a specific application?  I would like to have my Ambiance theme, but I would like to run Open Office with the Human theme.01:15
NewWorldalex86:  It's actually not a good idea though. You should run scripts with python3 , or put #!/usr/bin/python3 at top of scripts01:15
alex86NewWorld: removing /usr/bin/python will make python stop working. besides there is python2.601:15
pac1weez, thanks, I know that, but what do I enter there?01:15
jribalex86: what is it exactly that you want to accomplish?01:16
NewWorldalex86:  You're replacing one shortcut with another one. A shortcut to 2.6 replaced with 3.101:16
alex86NewWorld: jrib already told me this :)01:16
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Clex19I need help installing Ubuntu from my USB drive. When I reboot my computer, it just says "Boot error."01:16
epzishi , does anyone know sakis3g?01:16
NewWorldClex19:  What does it say when you don't put USB drive in?01:16
axisysi installed latest lucid 10.04.2 on my refurbised ibm box and I am only getting bug soft lockup cpu#0 stuck for 61s! on the screen a reboot after the fresh install.. any suggestion of workaround ?01:16
Clex19@NewWorld It just reboots Windows XP like normal.01:17
NewWorldClex19:  You should try UNetbootin to make the USB01:17
Clex19@ NewWorld I did.01:17
weezpac1, the myth-tv site is very helpful here. looks like they have a nice package to do it all for you: http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds01:18
=== Snooki is now known as ________________
chipminki need a program to allow a serial to eth port converter serve internet  to another computer01:18
NewWorldClex19:  There's not really that much to go on with that error, try the CD version?01:18
azizLIGHTShelp im trying to install ffmpeg with mp3 encode and i get error. i did "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-52" as per http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1117283 but im getting "Package libavcodec-extra-52 is not available, but is referred to by another package."01:18
union131im googling free windows 7 download, LINUX SUCKS01:19
weezDoes anyone know how the best way to share a folder between 2 ubuntu machines on the same network?01:19
rwwunion131: Okay. Have fun!01:19
Clex19@NewWorld I guess I could try the CD, but I don't have one around atm.01:19
union131i will01:19
jribazizLIGHTS: what ubuntu version?01:20
jribazizLIGHTS: have you enabled the multiverse repository?01:21
azizLIGHTSi dont think so01:21
jribazizLIGHTS: do that in System → Administration → Software Sources01:21
azizLIGHTSim on cli, no desktop01:22
alex86union131: when you will be studying on software engineering or similar stuff, you won`t say so ;)01:22
azizLIGHTS10.04 lts server01:22
NewWorldweez:  FTP server? SSH server?01:22
weezDoes anyone know how the best way to share a folder between 2 ubuntu machines on the same network?01:23
union131i am studying software engineering and computers now alex8601:23
jribazizLIGHTS: then edit your /etc/apt/sources.list (if you need help let me know)01:23
alex86union131: which year?01:24
sancaswhen i use gksudo with any program my theme lose what can i do?01:24
weezNewWorld, I would like for a folder on one machine to have rwx permissions on both. Is there a way to do that with FTP or SSH?01:24
union131im in high school but im taking college courses plus my sisters husband works for the government computers01:24
azizLIGHTSjrib: what do i add/remove/edit01:24
union131SO SUCK IT01:24
pac1weez,The page wasn't real clear on how to use the upgrade, but I stumble through it and it's installing, doing a partial upgrade01:25
alex86union131: and what is the problem?01:25
jribunion131: that's not appropriate.  Now please keep the conversation in #ubuntu related to ubuntu support only01:25
azizLIGHTSyour sisters husband works for a computer?01:25
azizLIGHTSa govt computer?01:25
jribazizLIGHTS: pastebin your current sources.list01:25
union131I can hack and i have built my own PC01:25
jrib!pastebinit | azizLIGHTS01:25
ubottuazizLIGHTS: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com01:25
weezpac1, great. hope you get your myth box running soon.01:25
NewWorldazizLIGHTS:  It's HAL. I knew it!01:25
azizLIGHTSjrib: http://aziz.pwnz.org/~ubuntu/paste/1301444763_stdout.txt01:26
=== naomi is now known as Guest11271
pac1weez, its running, but 0.23.  about to reboot. bbl.01:26
azizLIGHTSNewWorld: maybe skynet??01:26
jribazizLIGHTS: if you just want to add multiverse, then add " multiverse" to the end of each of those lines and run « sudo apt-get update »01:26
azizLIGHTSok ty jrib01:27
weezNewWorld, do you know any way to share a folder that is similar smb, but native to unix?01:28
chaorainhey all, Anyone know some novel or structured note taking programs? I haven't found anything realy good and I don't like the way wikidpad works. Any suggestions?01:28
azizLIGHTSweez: if u dont mind having two copies of the dir (1 on each ubuntu), then dropbox01:29
NewWorldweez:  Sorry, I'm not sure about preserving permissions :S01:29
zelrikI am having problems remounting my dvd01:29
NewWorldazizLIGHTS:  Woludn't dropbox require uploading TO dropbox as well?01:29
ScarabDrownerIs it possible to access GPS information from an internal wireless broadband card if the card is no longer being used for internet?01:29
azizLIGHTSweez: sorry scratch that, you want only LAN01:29
reivanenis natty daily test builds ready for normal testing use, or mainly for virtual machines?01:29
jribreivanen: #ubuntu+1 for that01:29
azizLIGHTSNewWorld: oure right. my bad01:30
cobe571I tried in every way ... gnome-bluetooth, bluemon, bludevil, etc.. There is a way to send files from cell to pc via bluetooth?  from pc to cell works, but not the other way...01:30
NewWorldzelrik:  What's the problem01:30
zelrikNewWorld: sudo mount -o remount,unhide /dev/cdrom doesnt work01:30
weezazizLIGHTS, The files I want to share are much too large for that. I have been using samba, but it's been acting up on me01:30
NewWorldzelrik:  Test if your fstab will do it: sudo mount /dev/cdrom01:30
zelrikNewWorld: mount: can't find /dev/cdrom in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab01:31
weezNewWorld, In the end, I only need a folder on one computer ot be accessible on the network. Do you know if NFS is easy to configure for this purpose?01:31
cobe571There is a way to send files from cell to pc via bluetooth?  from pc to cell works, but not the other way...01:32
NewWorldzelrik:  Try /dev/sr0 instead. Or check whatever it says in the fstab01:32
NewWorldweez:  I don't, sorry. Maybe rsync?01:32
zelrikNewWorld: oh I see, I ll check01:33
weezNewWorld, I guess I could try rsync. I was really hoping for a more elegant solution than running rsync regularly01:33
RxDxwhat are the correct parameters to do this function works: fp=fopen(var_with_filename".txt", "r+")01:33
RxDxwhat are the correct parameters to do this function works: fp=fopen("%s.txt"var_with_filename, "r+")01:34
azizLIGHTSweez: theres also sshfs but im not sure if thats good for big files01:34
NewWorldRxDx:  what language is that?01:34
RxDxNewWorld, C01:34
weezazizLIGHTS, I have never heard of that. Ill go look into it now01:34
NewWorldRxDx:  Take it to #c bro01:34
PiciRxDx: Thats out of scope for #ubuntu, try ##C01:34
RxDxsorry and thanks01:35
c-fern|Campinghey does anyone know how to ssh into ubuntu from an ipod touch over usb?01:35
zelrikNewWorld: /dev/fd0 ?01:35
zelrikis that it?01:35
NewWorldzelrik:  Try mounting that01:35
zelrikNewWorld: mount: you must specify the filesystem type01:36
azizLIGHTSweez: ou can use it to mount remote filesystem over ssh01:36
azizLIGHTSweez: its relatively simple01:37
NewWorldzelrik:  mount -t iso9660 -o ro01:37
G8trBaitNot sure if there is a better chan, but total newb here, how would one go about uninstalling phpmyadmin from a ubuntu CLI?01:37
mylistoare there any macro programs for ubuntu? ie a program that I can record myself doing various actions on a browser and just rinse wash n repeat?01:37
weezazizLIGHTS, that's neat, but I think its beyond what I need. essentially, I just want a way to watch videos that exist on one computer on another machine.01:38
c-fern|Camping[20:35] <c-fern|Camping> hey does anyone know how to ssh into ubuntu from an ipod touch over usb?01:38
=== manca_ is now known as nafisa
NewWorldG8trBait:  apt-get uninstall phpmyadmin ?01:39
azizLIGHTSweez: maybe you want some media server type of thing like upnp with mediatomb01:39
G8trBaitthats prob. what I am looking for, also a *nix newb, so that sounds logical01:39
WeThePeoplei am not able to mount my other file systems...'not authorized' i dont know why01:39
azizLIGHTSweez: i think vlc also does streaming01:39
zelrikNewWorld: I am confused01:40
NewWorldWeThePeople:  Use sudo01:40
Logan_G8trBait: fwiw, there is a #phpmyadmin channel01:40
NewWorldzelrik:  mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /where/you/want/to/mount/to01:40
G8trBaitSorry, Logan_ you are right.01:40
azizLIGHTStouch public_html/index.html01:41
zelrikmount: special device /dev/cdrom does not exist01:41
NewWorldzelrik:  try /dev/sr0 and then /dev/fd001:41
weezazizLIGHTS, maybe upnp will work. When I get home I will try to set that up.01:41
kavurtdownloadhelper extension for firefox fails to complete conversion lately. what's the problem?01:43
zelrikNewWorld: I am confused about what the device and what the mount point in my case01:43
NewWorldzelrik:  mount point can be anywwhere, usually in /media . Try sr0 and fd0 for device01:44
miguehttp://www.bandadels13.com/ descarga nuestra musica gratis01:45
NewWorld!es | migue01:45
ubottumigue: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:45
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zelrikit almost worked01:45
zelrikI need to unmount first01:45
zelrikmount: /dev/sr0 already mounted or /media/floppy0 busy01:45
miguemy group music free download http://www.bandadels13.com/01:45
semitoneswhy would floodbot do that to ubottu01:45
Logan_thanks Jordan_U01:46
Jordan_Umigue: This channel is not for advertising.01:46
zelrikNewWorld: how to unmount my cddrive01:47
NewWorldzelrik:  sudo eject /path/to/cd01:48
invisiblekfrom my experiences, u shouldnt even need the path in most cases01:48
NewWorldinvisiblek:  You can eject stuff like iPods as well, so how would it know?01:49
invisibleknot sure tbh01:49
invisibleki type: eject and it pops open my drive01:49
royale1223i cant restore the default ubuntu splashscreen01:49
invisibleki think the "eject" of ipods and such is not the same01:49
azizLIGHTSwhat program can show me a video file (either avi, mp4, or flv) information like resolution, bitrate, length, codec01:49
zelrikError mounting: mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only01:50
NewWorldzelrik:  well it still mounted it, so all is cool. But it shouldn't've said that if you specified '-o ro'01:50
invisiblekis /dev/sr0 your cd/dvd drive? if so then thats normal when you are mounting it01:50
zelrikNewWorld: I did specify -o ro01:51
NewWorldzelrik:  so it works?01:51
royale1223i cant restore the default ubuntu splashscreen01:51
invisiblek!repeat | royale122301:51
ubotturoyale1223: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:51
NewWorldroyale1223:  Is it a big deal?01:52
mylistoare there any macro programs for ubuntu? ie a program that I can record myself doing various actions on a browser and just rinse wash n repeat?01:52
zelrikNewWorld: not sure it did mount it properly even01:52
mylistoazizlights: I think handbrake can do that01:52
mylistobut I could be wrong01:52
NewWorldzelrik:  check dude01:52
zelrikNewWorld: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sr0 is the error I got also01:52
Logan_!splash | royale122301:52
ubotturoyale1223: To change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.01:52
Logan_!info gnome-splashscreen-manager | royale122301:52
ubotturoyale1223: gnome-splashscreen-manager (source: gnome-art): manage your GNOME splash screen images. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-12 (maverick), package size 15 kB, installed size 152 kB01:53
royale1223Logan_: thanks01:53
Logan_royale1223: you're welcome01:54
NewWorldzelrik:  I think I know what's wrong, iso9660 is fs type for CD. But you wanted a DVD right?01:54
zarbulaubuntu, am I thinking correctly.  Everytime I build a Xen-kernel for maverick the system becomes very unstable or just won't boot.  Could it be because Xen compiles on the 2.6.32 kernel apposed to 10.1001:54
zarbula10.10's 2.6.35 I mean.01:54
royale1223Logan_: instaled it, but doesnt show any splascreens01:54
NewWorldzelrik:  Not sure what it is, try '-t auto' otherwise, it's one of the ones in 'man fstab' Gtg sleep, see ya01:55
Logan_royale1223: hmm, not sure\01:56
WeThePeoplehow would i mount 'sda1' its a NTFS. i have to use sudo in command01:57
royale1223Logan_: i'm talking about ubuntu in violet at startup01:57
johnaI have a Toshiba tecra S2 that I would like to get ubuntu running on. The install seems to work quite well, including downloading all the latest updates during install. HOWEVER, once the install finished and I reboot I cannot get any part of the networking to work. What am I doing wrong?01:59
pooltablehelp installed fire fo 4 ?01:59
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox02:00
pooltablei have it 4.0 running in wine02:02
ubottuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.02:03
earthmeLonToday I noticed my dual monitor setup would no longer detect the secondary monitor.  More information: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171722802:03
tjiggi_fojohna, you probably just need to configure it02:03
zelrikwine: /home/zelrik/.wine is not owned by you <<< what the hell02:04
bin_bashHi. I'm trying to move a directory but mv says the directory doesnt exist02:04
axisyshow do I change the linux line in grub2 on the fly? i like to add acpi=off and boot..02:04
pooltableis there any way to make nds emu run faster ?02:04
Jordan_Uaxisys: press 'e' to edit the entry.02:06
axisysJordan_U: once i edit .. just hit ctrl-x ?02:06
Jordan_Uaxisys: Yes.02:06
axisysJordan_U: ok.. thanks02:06
Aaron_What is the best way to get information on a hardware specific question?02:06
Jordan_Uaxisys: You're welcome.02:07
Qujican someone help me ? http://img806.imageshack.us/i/16350431.png/ and nothing after this02:07
pooltableyes same looking for news on AM3+02:07
tjiggi_fojohna, are you talking about wireless ot ethernet?02:07
zelrik wine: /home/zelrik/.wine is not owned by you02:08
zelrikhelp me please02:08
pooltableok on fire fox just installed 4.0 but it show as 3.6 where is 4.0?02:08
zelrikchown doesnt work02:08
pooltableok on fire fox just installed 4.0 but it show as 3.6 where is 4.0?02:10
Toiletbowlcheck in defrent folder02:11
j5hey, how do i turn off the ubuntu pidgin notifications02:11
pooltableok what is the location of the flder?02:11
Toiletbowlmost probably in /bin02:12
zelrikcan somebody help me with chmod?02:14
pooltablei c one fire fox with out today date?02:15
raido_zelrik: you need chown not chmod02:15
Big_Brotheris there a new root password in by default (in a liveCD) ?02:15
zelrikraido_: oops yeah, but chown doesnt work02:15
forrestvBig_Brother, i don't think so. do 'sudo passwd'02:16
pooltablewhen is 11.4 out ?02:16
zelrikdrwxr-xr-x  4 zelrik zelrik    4096 2011-03-29 21:06 .wine02:16
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords02:16
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zelrikyet I dont own it..02:16
raido_zelrik: chown -R zelrik:zelrik /home/zelrik/.wine02:17
zelrikwine: /home/zelrik/.wine is not owned by you02:17
zelriknot working02:18
raido_zelrik: sorry, use sudo02:18
zelrikraido_: I did02:18
raido_what user is trying to run wine02:18
royale1223!info mktemp02:18
ubottumktemp (source: coreutils): coreutils mktemp transitional package. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.5-1ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 14 kB, installed size 44 kB02:19
zelrikraido_: sudo wine /media/floppy0/Installer.exe02:19
pooltablei c 28 apr 1102:19
raido_zelrik: dont use sudo for that02:19
zelrikraido_: I cant excecute the installer without sudo02:19
=== Boy is now known as Guest74293
raido_zelrik: chown the exe02:20
royale1223!info super-os02:20
ubottuPackage super-os does not exist in maverick02:20
=== guitar431_ is now known as guitar431
royale1223!info uck02:21
ubottuuck (source: uck): Tool to customize official Ubuntu Live CDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.1-0ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 194 kB, installed size 672 kB02:21
pooltableok i like to do a fresh clean installog 11.4 is thee a way to have a list of tiem i have now installed so i can install them all or not in 11.04???02:22
reivanenis ati or nvidia preferable from linux point of view? i see ati makes efforts to support opensource developers, where nvidia does not in any way02:22
raido_reivanen: you have it backwards02:22
reivanenon the other hand ati is famous for their failing opengl implemntation02:22
reivanendo i?02:23
zelrikraido_: ok now I have other issues, but I think they are wine related02:23
reivanenAs such, the Nouveau driver has not been maturing as quickly as the open-source ATI Radeon driver stack that has more active developers along with official support from AMD.02:23
raido_reivanen: nvdia is much better supported02:23
raido_zelrik: now that ati is owned by amd it has gotten better, but the stability and function of the nvidia drivers has been better for many years02:25
raido_zelrik: good luck02:25
zelrikraido_: I cant run the installer, I used to be able to from su, but it seems like I broke something02:25
rahdukehi, my sound recently went out for no apparent reason, ive checked the alsa mixer, made sure i had the correct hardware and output setup in sound menu, made sure everything is connected properly, checked my logs (to the best of my ability) and have found no issues. PLease keep in mind I've had sound working on this machine since i built it, and dont remember updating anything related to sound, and I hadn't changed kernels for a while until 02:26
raido_zelrik: im useless with wine, never use it, sorry02:26
rahdukelil help?02:28
folornanyone know how to delete a bunch of directories in a game in root like all together instead of haveing to do it 1 at a time02:31
pooltableis ti ctrl and shift ?02:32
rahdukehi, my sound recently went out for no apparent reason, ive checked the alsa mixer, made sure i had the correct hardware and output setup in sound menu, made sure everything is connected properly, checked my logs (to the best of my ability) and have found no issues. PLease keep in mind I've had sound working on this machine since i built it, and dont remember updating anything related to sound, and I hadn't changed kernels for a while until 02:35
arunscan someone recommend a decent password manager? i find a lot of them on synaptic and i'm not sure which to use02:36
rahdukethis room is horrible right now02:39
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Nisstyrerahduke, right now?02:39
raido_rahduke: plugged in?02:39
rahdukelol  yup02:40
Nisstyrerahduke, alsa?02:40
rahdukeNisstyre: what about it?02:40
Nisstyrerahduke, is there anything running that might be taking up the hardware interrupts but not outputting any real sound?02:40
Nisstyrelike flash?02:40
Nisstyrebecause alsa can only play sound from one app at a time02:41
wasutton3i just synced my iphone with rhythmbox and it actually transferred songs and finished up the sync, rhythmbox shows the music on the phone, but the phone has no idea whats going on, does anyone else have that problem?02:41
=== phil is now known as ptn107
rahdukeNisstyre: na, ive reset over and over02:41
Nisstyrerahduke, that has nothing to do with what I'm suggesting02:41
Nisstyreby reset do you mean reboot?02:41
Nisstyreokay, so it must be something else02:41
raido_Nisstyre: thats not true?02:41
Nisstyreraido_, yes it is02:41
Nisstyrerahduke, what happens when you try and play a music file with aplay ?02:42
sancashow can i now what is my conky version?02:42
Nisstyrecat /dev/urandom | aplay02:42
Nisstyredoes that make any noise?02:42
rahdukewhats aplay?02:42
Nisstyreit plays sounds02:42
Nisstyreman aplay02:42
Nisstyreshould be installed?02:43
Nisstyreok, what about mplayer?02:43
rahdukeits playing02:43
Nisstyreso you hear stuff?02:43
rahdukebut theres just no sound02:43
rahdukemplayer doesnt work either02:43
rahdukeit defies all logic02:44
mickster04rahduke: error messages02:44
Guest58229Kay i pressed ctrl+alt+backspace i think it was.. and my cairo dock has disapeared. Help!02:44
rahdukenone that i can find in the logs02:44
=== Guest58229 is now known as naomi__
Nisstyreokay, paste the output of 'lsmod|grep '^snd' | column -t' on a pastebin site02:44
mickster04Gump-: why did you do that?02:44
rahdukeNisstyre: http://pastebin.com/FFnRvzC902:45
raido_Nisstyre: alsa can indeed play from simultaneous sources, i do it often02:46
Nisstyrerahduke, okay, it looks like the right kernel modules are loaded02:46
Nisstyreraido_, it can't play from two different sources at the same time02:46
Nisstyreit can't mix sound02:47
toffhow to set up free radius02:47
Nisstyreyour soundcard might be able to02:47
Nisstyrebut not alsa02:47
ceoam can't used my desktop effect on ubuntu 10.10 what i do ?02:47
toffhow to set up free radius02:47
toffhow to set up free radius02:47
mickster04Gump-: ignreo tath, wrong nick02:47
specialmooseHave a weird problem. My printer is connected to comp (10.10) and I have it set up as a network printer. In VM, XP as the guest, I can print just fine. However, in Ubuntu, takes forever. What gives?02:47
raido_Nisstyre: yes it can, througn dmix02:47
mickster04Gump-: igore that, wrong nick AND a keyboard fail02:47
Nisstyreraido_, that's not alsa02:48
rahdukeNisstyre: should i just install the latest version of alsa? I think i found a site with a ppa the other day02:48
Nisstyrerahduke, I would only install it through the ubuntu repos...02:48
raido_its an alsa plugin02:48
Nisstyretry downgrading if possible02:48
ceoam can't used my desktop effect on ubuntu 10.10 what i do ?02:48
specialmooseI just dont understand how printing from VM (in XP) via network printing is faster than in the host os (10.10).02:49
Nisstyrerahduke, before you do that though, paste the output of aplay -l02:49
raido_Nisstyre: and its built into alsa02:50
Nisstyreraido_, maybe the ubuntu version02:50
Nisstyrenot all versions02:51
naomi__Anyone? I pressed ctrl+alt+backspace and my Cairo dock has disappeared. How do i get it back?02:51
Nisstyrerahduke, so which one of those is your soundcard that you have stuff plugged into?02:51
Nisstyrethe Intel one or the nVidia?02:51
raido_Nisstyre: all alsa above ver 1.0.902:51
=== kev is now known as Guest60459
rahdukeeverything is on analog, it seems to default to the nvidia hdmi for some reason, but even after switching back to internal audio in sound preferences it still doesnt work02:52
Nisstyrerahduke, I figured that was the problem02:52
Suckyallo h che h mature qc r-s02:52
rahdukeeverying is running thru my analog outputs02:53
Nisstyrerahduke, so can you confirm that it plays sound when you use a different output?02:54
rahdukeunfortunately i cannot02:54
ceoam can't used my desktop effect on ubuntu 10.10 what i do ?02:54
rahdukenot without a mega pain in the ***02:54
Nisstyrerahduke, it doesn't make sense because the analog card is set to card 002:55
Nisstyrewhich should be the default output for all sound02:55
rahdukei noticed that02:55
Successok guys igive up02:55
rahdukeyea its vexing02:55
rahdukei dont get it02:55
specialmoosei dont get how printing in VM guest using the host printer prints faster and better than printing in the host os02:55
davidI need wireless help!02:56
linux_is_my_herowhat does it mean when i get funky lines all up and down my screen after a fresh install of 9.10 followed by an upgrade to 10.4.1?02:56
=== david is now known as Guest55684
rahdukelinux_is_my_hero: are they pinkish? and does it cover your whole screen?02:56
Guest55684Can someone help me get my wireless card to scan for networks?02:56
rahdukeNisstyre: no ideas?02:56
linux_is_my_heroGuest55684: do you have a desktop or a laptop?02:57
linux_is_my_herorahduke: hold on lemme abort the install of 10.1002:57
Success~/.warzone2100-2.3/ <- whats ~ i cant find it02:57
rahdukeSuccess: hit control+H in your home folder02:57
rahdukeull find it02:57
linux_is_my_heroGuest55684: do you have any wifi switches with a light or a keyboard shortcut with a light to tell you if your wifi card is on or off?02:58
raido_Success: a symbol for the current user home dir02:58
Successahh ty i got it now02:58
rehanhi guys, i just installed 10.10 on my sony laptop. My display resolution was messed up and then Ubuntu prompted me to install proprietary nvidia drivers. After restarting after install, I only see a purple ubuntu splash screen and the computer never gets past that. Any recommendation on what I can do? Thank you.02:58
Guest55684The wifi card is on I just can't figure out how to scan for networks.02:58
Nisstyrerahduke, I don't know, you can try some of the stuff listed here https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Alsa02:59
NisstyreI'm not sure if it all applies directly to ubuntu02:59
ejvdid you click the top right button with the wireless icon?02:59
Nisstyresome of it obviously doesn't02:59
Guest55684Yes and no networks show up.02:59
linux_is_my_herorahduke: even an attempt at installing 10.10 does the same d**n thing.02:59
rahdukeis it like what i described?03:00
linux_is_my_herookay, the only version that will boot properly on a fresh install out of the box is 9.10 but id like to run something newer.03:00
linux_is_my_herorahduke: its different every time i boot.03:00
=== moondoggie is now known as moondog
Nisstyrerahduke, well, it covers the problem of "no sound"03:00
Suckyh qc -r-s 33 ch h mature pour lui faire plaisir03:00
=== ________________ is now known as derp
Nisstyrethe Gentoo wiki might be helpful as well03:00
Nisstyreif all else fails, OSS03:00
Guest55684Any ideas Linux Hero?03:01
Nisstyreor downgrade03:01
rahdukelinux_is_my_hero: then i dont know the problem your having03:01
linux_is_my_heroGuest55684: do you get a little wireless logo on the top bar?03:01
linux_is_my_herorahduke: oh well, at least 9.10 works.03:01
rahdukeNisstyre: i think imma upgrade to the latest possible alsa then go OSS03:01
rehanhi guys, i just installed 10.10 on my sony laptop. My display resolution was messed up and then Ubuntu prompted me to install proprietary nvidia drivers. After restarting after install, I only see a purple ubuntu splash screen and the computer never gets past that. Any recommendation on what I can do? Thank you.03:01
Nisstyrerahduke, can't hurt I guess03:01
Guest55684Just the network icon and when I click on it it says wireless networks and just has disconnected greyed out under it.03:02
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Nisstyrerahduke, are you going to compile it from source then?03:02
linux_is_my_heroah, do you have a way to connect to the internet on that computer using ethernet?03:03
MarconMhow i delete persistente rules03:03
rahdukeNisstyre: would you reccomend this guide on quick swithcing to OSS in 10.10?  ( http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:biX9yGvE6DIJ:www.webupd8.org/2010/03/how-to-switch-to-alsa-or-oss-instead-of.html+switch+from+ALSA+to+OSS+10.10&hl=en&client=ubuntu&gl=us&strip=1 )03:03
Guest55684Yep that is how I have it connected right now and everything is working fine03:03
linux_is_my_heroguest55684: ah, do you have a way to connect to the internet on that computer using ethernet?03:03
spacenavihelp with installing python3 in 10.10. Q. it still says 2.6 in terminal even thought python 3.X is installed. 3.x works fine through the IDLE.03:03
paintchiphey does anyone know the default MTA in ubuntu 10.10? I am having trouble getting an anwser03:03
Nisstyrerahduke, I can't recommend something I haven't used03:04
linux_is_my_heroguest55684: okay, go to system-->admin-->additional drivers03:04
thauriswulfa1paintchip:whats mta03:04
arandMarconM: "persistente rules"? In what context?03:04
paintchipmail transfer agent03:04
Nisstyrerahduke, that seems pretty ubuntu/gnome specific03:04
Guest55684I am running Xubuntu and under system there is no Admin03:04
paintchiplike sendmail exim403:04
ceoam can't used my desktop effect on ubuntu 10.10 what i do ?03:04
ceoam can't used my desktop effect on ubuntu 10.10 what i do ?03:04
rehanhi guys, i just installed 10.10 on my sony laptop. My display resolution was messed up and then Ubuntu prompted me to install proprietary nvidia drivers. After restarting after install, I only see a purple ubuntu splash screen and the computer never gets past that. Any recommendation on what I can do? Thank you.03:04
rahdukewell im using ubuntu (gnome included) so that sounds good03:05
mickster04ceo: TELL US ABOUT YOUR PC03:05
mickster04ceo: sorry for the caps03:05
linux_is_my_heroGuest55684: ah, my bad. go to the chatroom called #xubuntu for xubuntu-specific help03:05
MarconMarand: coz ... i did clone my instalation on vbox03:05
ceomean mickster0403:05
Successwhats the ubuntu ( no prefix) specific onw03:05
MarconMarand: the new instalations dont workś03:05
nit-witrehan, do you know how to edit the kernel at the grub menu03:05
ceomy display or my desktop driver not detcet03:05
Successalrighttheres a game in fullscreen03:06
rehannit-wit, no but i can follow commands really well03:06
Successhow do i switch to another appwhile in the game?03:06
spacenavihelp! how do you get python 3.x to show in the terminal instead of 2.603:06
MarconMarand: and cd into /etc/udev/rules.d03:06
rehannit-wit, i did find my way into the recovery mode and can remove the nvidia proprietary driver if that will help03:06
mickster04ceo: tell us the spec of your pc03:06
paintchipanyone know the default mail transfer agent in ubuntu? I just have to know where to send the output o my perl script so I can email files with it03:06
ceoma used lenovo g46003:07
Guest55684No one is in that room but I will just keep trying to get help thanks though!03:07
nit-witrehan, at the grub menu hit e-edit use the arrow keys to get to no splash and change it to nomodeset this sg=should get you in with low graphics03:07
SimonPHOENIXin my apache2 i can not use rewrite mod, is already enabled but doesnt work, i havent any error, proxy mod also i have enabled03:07
rehannit-wit, but i'm just not sure what drivers i should use then, since without the nvidia ones installed i don't see the entire screen03:07
rehannit-wit, oh i'm already in low graphics mode03:07
mickster04ceo: chances are that the graphics card won't do it. it's intel integrated03:07
rehannit-wit, i got in, found xchat, installed it, and am talking on here with the entire screen in huge fonts haha03:08
naomi__I pressed ctrl+alt+backspace and it logged me off, now my Cairo dock is gone. Anyone know how to get it back?03:08
ceoso what the solution of it mickster0403:08
alyxThe default colour for gnome-terminal's terminal in, iirc, Ubuntu Karmic and higher. Does anyone know what it is?03:08
Successguys i installed ubuntu 10.10right, then i installed the kde(or w.e it isforkubuntu) packso i can log into that, too if i wanted, normally i use ubuntu(gnome,gtk+) though but when i boot up it shows the kde(i think) load screen how do i make it do the gnome one again03:09
ceomickster04, any ide for i to used my grafict couse am have and ever install it, but not remmber that.03:09
rehannit-wi?t, any idea on what i should do next03:09
rehannit-wit, any idea on what I should do next?03:09
tjiggi_fopaintchip, evolution, but you can set it in Preferred Applications in Preferences.03:10
Successyea mycomputer is like half gnome-half kde now its weird03:10
Successi want gnome back03:10
paintchiptjiggi isn't that the MUA which passes the mail to a MTA?03:11
tjiggi_fopaintchip, no idea, you're way ahead of me - sorry03:11
paintchiplol np03:12
neil_how do i remove the ugly gnome panel seperator on the left of the notification area?03:12
naomi__i've been thinking that too neil. ¬_¬03:12
SikSo: trying to install Ubuntu from the LiveCD. First time, it fails mid-install because of "I/O error" (probably failed to read something, most likely would have worked if it had retried, but it didn't even give me the option to clean the CD and retry!).03:12
SikSecond time, it copies everything, then it fails when configuring something, and the error message isn't helpful (besides no giving me any real information, it sends me straight to the LiveCD install in hope that I can "research about it").03:12
SikAnd now I think that it also screwed up the ext4 partition it made, because now the installer is completely unable to recognise the partitions on the hard disk and the only options it gives me are to wipe it!03:13
FloodBot2Sik: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:13
SikUgh >_>03:13
FloodBot2Success: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:14
Successsendmsg #ubuntu: ok03:15
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henry2quien habla estañol03:15
istokno hablo espanol, hablas ingles por favor, o /join #ubuntu-es03:16
henry2quien habla estañol03:16
henry2quien habla estañol03:16
henry2quien habla estañol03:16
FloodBot2henry2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:16
neil_how do i remove the ugly gnome panel seperator on the left of the notification area?03:17
specialmooseanyone recommend a good printer company? Brother drivers blow and so do Canon's =/03:17
Nisstyrespecialmoose, not HP03:17
specialmooseNisstyre, who else makes printers =/03:17
NisstyreGonna have to get back to you on that one03:18
SikLexmark, Epson... It depends on what you think is good enough03:18
SikThe one I have is Epson, but my mum broke it by opening it :/03:18
rehanhi guys, i did a fresh install of ubuntu 10.10 and the right side of my screen is not showing up completely. I can't see the power down button. Could anyone help me please?03:18
alex86i have a problem with software center, it doesn`t launch. to comamd in terminal software-center, it gives me bash: /usr/bin/software-center: /usr/bin/python: bad interpreter: No such file or directory03:19
specialmooseboth my brother mfc 8460 and canon ip4820 linux support is a joke03:19
d``I'm using 10.04 LTS 64bit. I'm trying to burn a video DVD with Brasero, every time I click burn it kicks out the dvd03:19
BlueBomber7I've (only) had good experience with Brother and HP, and only with those two.03:19
specialmoosemy brother printer takes 10minutes to print anything bigger than 1meg and does it in lowest res =/03:20
BlueBomber7I have a network brother all-in-one with full support (via cups)03:20
BlueBomber7Nope ;). They have the drivers right there on their site. All works, print/scan/copy. Oh I also have a Samsung ML-1740 which was automatically recognized and works fine.03:21
rehancould anyone help me with my driver issue please?03:21
BlueBomber7(lol - I know what you mean, though, specialmoose)03:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:22
specialmooseBlueBomber7, well my brother all in one works, kinda. slow printing unless its a doc and options do not exist03:22
specialmooseBlueBomber7, i grabbed the drivers off brothers site too03:22
xzhehey guys, is there any way to change wine's(not ubuntus) mac address? (ubuntu 10.10)03:22
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.03:22
BlueBomber7I don't print in color much, but the last few times I did I don't recall it taking unreasonably long.03:22
specialmooseBlueBomber7, whats the model number?03:23
d``xzhe: I don't think that's possible03:23
zee313tell me any compiler for programming C language.03:23
=== Guest29401 is now known as _syrinx_
d``xzhe: WINE is not a VM environment and all the packets are sent to that MAC03:23
rehanI have an nvidia graphics card on my sony laptop. I'm completely new to ubuntu and just installed 10.10. After I install the nvidia additional drivers that ubuntu prompts me to install and restart, my computer never makes it past the purple splash screen. I've removed the additional drivers but now my resolution isn't correct and the right side of my screen is clipped off. Can anyone help please? Thank you.03:23
d``zee313: gcc03:23
d``rehan: which nvidia graphics card do you have?03:24
xzhed' ' : thanks03:24
OsmodivsWhy can't I hear my PC internal speaker? the command beep is not working03:24
rehand``, nvida 330gt03:24
specialmooseBlueBomber7, damn it, jealous of  your full support03:24
d``rehan: is that one that you can turn on and off?03:25
OsmodivsDoes anyone knows if this command needs to be tweaked before use?03:25
moonheadi just installed 10.10 on my laptop.  for some reason the contents my /home/user/ are displayed on the desktop.  does anyone know how i can get rid of the icons?03:25
neil_rehan: try uninstalling everything nvidia and then reinstalling: sudo apt-get remove nvidia*03:25
rehand``, nope i dont have any switchable graphics option03:25
BlueBomber7Take it up with Brother. And I genuinely mean that. Send 'em an email.03:25
d``rehan: that blows away my theory, sorry03:25
zee313what means by gcc i couldn't understand03:26
specialmoosethey probably tell me to go buy a new printer03:26
rehanneil_, thanks neil, i just did that. how do i re-install? should i do it via the GUI in additional drivers?03:26
Sikzee313: gcc is the name of a well-known C compiler03:26
d``zee313: open a terminal window and type in aptitude info gcc03:27
d``or man gcc03:27
BabyGirlis there a way to change app priority like mozilla for example03:27
BabyGirlthat start with that priority aleays03:27
d``BabyGirl: what do you mean priority?03:27
rahdukeNisstyre: are you still around?03:27
neil_rehan: erm...03:28
scottjanyone know any games that are inherently ~20s of game followed by ~1 minute of waiting and don't require much thinking? (like a newb playing counter-strike)03:28
neil_rehan: do u have the binary driver or deb?03:28
rehanneil_, no, i just have ubuntu prompting me to install proprietary additional drivers from nvidia03:28
BabyGirlwell d i cant make ur name so sottu for that,,,i mean change priority,,try left click on anything on system monitor  prosseses and see a prioriry option03:29
neil_rehan: if u have binary you may also have to blacklist nouveuo and some other stuff03:29
neil_ah well do that03:29
neil_rehan: follow the prompt03:29
BabyGirlu can change to very high to a minimun priority03:29
rehanneil_, ok, let me try it again. This is what got me into the mess the first time, but maybe it will be diff this time :)03:29
BabyGirlmozilla works exelent with high priority for me03:30
rahdukeNisstyre: tried the latest alsa that was a bust, went back to kernel .25, that didnt work, now i've noticed that it defaults to the hdmi input in sound preferences when i boot, hence I've disabled the HDMI output hardware. It still defaults to the hDMI output even though its off. Can i set my default audio output hardware somwhere?03:30
rehanneil_, ok just installed, gonna restart03:30
neil_rehan: if not then install the binary driver by going to your tty (ctrl+f1) then sudo pkill -9 gdm xorg X and run the binary as root03:31
Sdw195any life?03:31
Nisstyrerahduke, you should be able to set it in kernel mode03:31
Nisstyrerahduke, not sure how you do that under Ubuntu though03:32
Nisstyretry rmmod03:32
Sik[try #2] So: trying to install Ubuntu from the LiveCD. First time, it fails mid-install because of "I/O error" (probably failed to read something, most likely would have worked if it had retried, but it didn't even give me the option to clean the CD and retry!). Second time, it copies everything, then it fails when configuring something, and the error message isn't helpful (besides no giving me any real information, it sends me straight to the LiveCD install03:33
milamberSik: did you check the cd? there are *lots* of problems with the cd not being md5'd and verified03:34
SikBe more specific, also it sucks that I don't even have spare CDs :| Also how would that explain the Ubuntu installer now not even detecting the partitions in the hard disk?03:35
Sdw195why would my head phone jack not work when my headphones are pluged in?03:35
SikI'm trying to avoid wiping the hard disk (I don't care if the Windows install has to go away though).03:35
Rehan_neil_, ok got the black screen again and had to login via recovery and low graphics mode03:36
Rehan_neil_, should i remove the nvidia driver or should i do some ninja stuff in terminal like you were suggesting before?03:36
Jordan_USik: If you press any key during the first 5 seconds of booting the liveCD you will get to a grub menu where you can run an integrity test. Please try this test to be sure the CD burned / is being read correctly.03:37
TBotNik1All having problem with bacula.  On 9.04 on this box, (one of 10) using WebMin with bacula, got the config working now, but getting job errors and totally ?????.  Can anyone help?  Post on forum @ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10616413#post1061641303:37
zetheroohow do you start the VPN service form the terminal?03:37
=== Rehan_ is now known as Rehan
kristianpaulHi room03:38
specialmooseif i have a network printer connected to my router, dumb question do i need drivers on whatever machine im trying to print from?03:38
RehanJordan_U, ubuntu looks awesome, but i'm having troubles seeing my entire screen03:38
SikJordan_U: :o I'll check that then03:38
kristianpaulCan somebody point me documentation about installing Ubuntu Netbook o a Samsung n25003:38
Jordan_URehan: Was that really intended for me?03:39
TBotNik1Rehan: What is your resolution?03:39
RehanTBotNik, native resolution is 1920x108003:39
xanguakristianpaul: ubuntu.com03:40
RehanJordan_U, sorry, you were providing lots of useful help earlier, thought maybe you had an idea on what I could do03:40
Sdw195can someone help me with my head phone jack not woking?03:40
d``I'm using 10.04 LTS 64bit. I'm trying to burn a video DVD with Brasero, every time I click burn it kicks out the dvd03:40
Jordan_UTBotNik1: Ubuntu 9.04 is no longer supported.03:41
Jordan_U!eol | TBotNik103:41
ubottuTBotNik1: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:41
TBotNik1Rehan: But is that what you have?03:41
RehanTBotNik, no, before i had the nvidia drivers installed, it was close to that but not exactly. I'm not sure what it was but a part of the right side of my screen was not showing up.03:42
kristianpaulxangua: ...but we couldn't find what you were looking for.03:42
RehanTBotNik, i couldn't see the power down menu on the status bar03:42
TBotNik1Jordan_U: Yeah already downloaded 10.04 today, but have not upgrade yet.  Thought it was option in Snaptic, but could not find it.03:42
kristianpaulxangua: can you be more specific?03:42
xanguakristianpaul: ubuntu.com>download ubuntu03:42
kristianpauli did some googling, so due the lack of clear documentation i came here03:43
xanguait's All there03:43
TBotNik1Rehan: Is it hidden?03:43
kristianpaulyes, but how i can be sure this laptop will work?03:43
canthus13kristianpaul: try it.03:43
kristianpaulI dont have it with me03:43
RehanTBotNik, no if i move my mouse off screen, i can still shut down if i click in the right spot03:43
canthus13kristianpaul: It's the only way to be sure.03:43
kristianpauli not going t buy it and try..03:43
kristianpaulwell, yes03:43
canthus13kristianpaul: Google for that particular laptop model.03:43
mzuverinkcan someone point me in the right direction for a #channel that will help me figure out how to stream music, like through VLC or Icecast.  I know this is not the forum for this discussion but I figured someone in this channel does this and point me the best way.  Thank you much fellow ubuntuians! I am definitely not sold on just those two apps, just looking for a push in the right direction03:44
canthus13kristianpaul: What brand/model is it?03:44
gaelfxmzuverink: #vlc ?03:44
kristianpaulcanthus13: n250 samsung03:44
naomi__I pressed ctrl+alt+backspace, it logged me off and now my cairo dock is gone. anyone know how to get it back..?03:44
canthus13kristianpaul: Seems to have some wireless issues.  http://www.voria.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=358&start=24003:45
xanguanaomi__: run cairo dock¿¿03:45
naomi__i've tried. nothing happens.D:03:45
Repentiumkristianpaul: you might try:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR03:45
mzuverinkgaelfx, im gonna give that a try, Id really like to stream shout or icecast, thanks03:45
gaelfxmzuverink: I thought vlc could handle icecast?03:46
xangua!paste | naomi__: run the command in a terminal and paste the message03:46
ubottunaomi__: run the command in a terminal and paste the message: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:46
kannan_is there a precompiled gcc 4.6 available?03:46
zee313Sik please tell me how to install that compiler in my ubuntu. As I am novice in C and as well as in ubuntu.03:46
kannan_i am on ubuntu 10.0403:46
TBotNik1Jordan_U: What is manual command line for upgrade, as not available in Snaptic?03:46
naomi__what exactly should i type into terminal?03:46
Jordan_U!eol | TBotNik103:47
ubottuTBotNik1: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:47
gaelfxTBotNik sudo apt-get update03:47
mzuverinkgaelfx, it may, im RTFM now!03:47
xangua!hardware | kristianpaul Repentium03:47
ubottukristianpaul Repentium: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:47
Rehanguys if i downloaded a new nvidia driver with a file suffix of .run , how can i install that in ubuntu? I'm completely new to this.03:48
milamber!info gcc03:49
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.93ubuntu2)): The GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.4-1ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 4 kB, installed size 64 kB03:49
kristianpaulbye bye03:49
kannan_Rehan, do sh the_file_ending_with.run03:49
kannan_from a terminal prompt03:49
Rehankannan_, thank you03:49
kannan_Rehan, the .run file is a shell executable script03:49
ceoam need install my driver grafig on my lenovo g460 am so need it03:50
Jordan_URehan: That is not the proper way to install nvidia drivers in Ubuntu.03:50
zee313ubottu: plz tell me how to install gcc on my ubuntu.?03:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:50
RehanJordan_U, oh ok, how should I do it?03:50
zarbulaubuntu, am I thinking correctly.  Everytime I build a Xen-kernel for maverick the system becomes very unstable or just won't boot.  Could it be because Xen compiles on the 2.6.32 kernel apposed to 10.10's 2.6.32?  Does anyone know?03:50
Jordan_URehan: System > Administration > Additional Drivers03:51
ceoam need install my driver grafig on my lenovo g460 am so need it03:51
ceoam need install my driver grafig on my lenovo g460 am so need it\03:51
zee313I m novice and don't know how to find and install that.03:51
kannan_hi, is gcc 4.6 available through synaptic repository?03:51
grnisWops, sorry.03:51
TBotNik1Jordan_U: All that is nice but no instruction on HOWTO upgrade from 9.04 to 10.04 and especially not using already downloaded .iso.  Do I need to burn the CD and go that way? or is there an easier way?03:51
bonjoyeekannan_: try apt-cache show gcc03:51
gaelfxkannan_: run a search for gcc in Synaptic, if it isn't there, you'll need a ppa03:51
milamber!info gcc | kannan_03:52
ubottukannan_: gcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.93ubuntu2)): The GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.4-1ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 4 kB, installed size 64 kB03:52
RehanJordan_U, when i install those additional drivers, i only get a black screen after rebooting and i have to come back in via recovery mode in low-graphics mode03:52
milamberkannan_: that is the supported version, you can check ppas for other options.03:52
BlueDudehttp://pastebin.com/CPLMCxw0 Oh my god what is this and how do I fix it03:52
Jordan_UTBotNik1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades has exact instructions for upgrading from 9.04 (and was included in the comment from ubottu).03:53
kannan_bonjoyee: thanks. i am on ubuntu 10.10 and have gcc 4.4. i want to know if there is a prepackaged gcc 4.6 that is available for side by side installation03:53
Jordan_UTBotNik1: You can't upgrade from the CD, though you can re-install preserving your current /home (even if it's not on a separate partition).03:54
Roasted_Does anybody know a way I can auto mount a specific Windows share to the Documents folder in a user's home directory EVERY time ANYBODY logs in via domain accounts?03:54
xanguakannan_: maybe there is a ppa, who knows, or upgrade to karmic03:54
xanguakannan_: or compile it yorself03:54
bonjoyeekannan_: dont think so...ubuntu sticks with the version for entire eol....only provides security/bug fixes...03:54
TBotNik1Jordan_U: That link does not have any instructions on 9.04 to 10.04, I read it twice03:55
xanguabonjoyee: lucid is not eol03:55
kannan_xangua: thanks. i was looking exactly for some ppa. i wanted to check that out before i started building myself.03:55
RehanJordan_U, sorry to keep bothering you, but do you have any other suggestions? thank you03:55
xanguaTBotNik1 install lucid from scratch03:55
gaelfxkannan_: as a warning, PPAs don't usually do side-by-side03:56
Jordan_UTBotNik1: You didn't read it carefully enough then. You can't skip releases (as stated clearly in the link) and it has instructions for upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 then from 9.10 to 10.04.03:56
Jordan_URehan: No, sorry.03:56
broodwichI can't access my mouse at /dev/input/mouse1 I have tried finding a 'call' to it in the xorg.conf, where i expected to find it, but to my dismay xorg.conf did not exist. subsequently i tried stop gdm and then Xorg -configure to force a .conf file but that ended in failed, any ideas? it's a usb Logitech keyboard with a touchpad. cat /dev/input/mouse1 shows that it is functioning but the GUI does not utilize it. i'm on PowerPC, also 03:56
bonjoyeexangua: i did not say that...but gcc wont go from 4.4 to 4.6 in lucid...as far as i know...you'll only get 4.4.1x, 4.4.2x etc...03:56
TBotNik1Jordan_U: It only covers 8.10 to 9.04 and stops there.  Nothing on anything from 9.04 is on that page.  READ it!03:57
sdijsduhaiuI'd like some help using my xbox 360 wired controller's right thumb stick as a mouse03:57
xanguaTBotNik1 make a clean install of lucid for good03:57
xanguaor maverick, the one you want03:58
Jordan_UTBotNik1: I have read it, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#8.10%20to%209.10%20(Intrepid%20to%20Karmic)03:58
broodwichsdijsduhaiu: You just reminded me that i want to look into using my sixaxis as a mouse03:58
naomi__xangua: what do i type into terminal to run the cairo thing?03:58
lars_gOk one question... important one... where is the key for encrypted home dirs stored at?03:58
xanguanaomi__: the cairo comand, i do not know it, don't use it03:59
sdijsduhaiuHeh. I used a seperate program for that but it was on windows.03:59
xanguatype cairo , hit tab and see what you get naomi__03:59
broodwichlars_g: i do not know but i would guess in /etc/passwd03:59
naomi__nothing at all.03:59
sdijsduhaiuSan andreas for pc won't recognise the right thumbstick as something to move the camera, but it will recognise the mouse03:59
sdijsduhaiuSo if I use the right thumbstick as a mouse, It'll work04:00
johnatjiggi:_fo, sorry had to do something else for a wahile. in anser to your question both wireless and wired04:00
broodwichHow can I access the usb mouse in Ubuntu?04:01
barfI need to configure a link net, anyone? is iproute2 still in use? Or are there better ways by now?04:01
gaelfxbroodwich: there should be no problem doing it, have you tried removing it and reinserting it?04:01
bonjoyeebroodwich: it should be plug n play...04:02
naomi__and on any digichat i use, java platform. the windows won't close via the X. pm conversations won't close at all, anyone know why or how to fix this?04:02
bonjoyeebroodwich: unless its not detected...04:02
TBotNik1Jordan_U: Yes "Jaunty 9.04 to Karmic 9.10" is there, but nothing on 9.10 to 10.04, so why do you keep pointing me to an incomplete document set, or is there nothing newer?04:02
gaelfxsorry folks, #chromium is crickets, how do you change the handling of clicking email addresses in chromium? I want it to open compose in gmail within chromium?04:03
gaelfxbroodwich: might be a good idea to pastebin lsusb with the mouse plugged in04:03
xanguaTBotNik1 what you need to do is to cleant install a newer and supported versión04:03
broodwichbonjoyee: it is a touchpad integrated into a usb keyboard, the keyboard works but the touchpad isn't seen04:03
Jordan_UTBotNik1: 9.10 is still (just barely) supported, so isn't covered by that page. As stated on that page, "For upgrading supported releases please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Upgrades".04:04
gaelfxbroodwich: is there a button on the laptop to enable/disable the touchpad?04:04
broodwichi use to be able to nano xorg.conf and put a call to it at /dev/input/mouse1 but the xorg.conf is gone04:04
broodwichgaelfx: no it is just integrated04:04
Znerkyany1 here who can help me with a problem regarding linux with an ati card?04:05
Jordan_UTBotNik1: I actually *have* read the entire page, despite your accusations. I suggest that you do as well before asking further questions.04:05
bonjoyeebroodwich: you can still create one yourself04:05
gaelfxbroodwich: and it shows up on lsusb?04:05
TBotNik1Jordan_U: Dude, 11.04 will be out next month and support is over a year behind?04:05
snkcldanyone have any experience with getting "DWL-650" pcmcia card to work??04:05
Jordan_UTBotNik1: What do you mean?04:05
broodwichbonjoyee:  i attempted to stop gdm and -configure but that failed04:05
mjshi all....looking for a simple gui ftp server...any suggestions?04:06
TBotNik1Jordan_U: New releases come ever April and October.  Next month is April and 11.04 will be released.04:06
xangua!ftp | mjs04:06
Znerkylooking for help about ati card related issues04:06
broodwichgaelfx: lsub brb i'll check, i have to use the same keyboard for both systems--so annoying, can't even find bitchx in the apt-get, using my half functioning windows 7 laptop right now to talk04:06
bonjoyeebroodwich: did you try sudo Xorg -configure?04:07
Jordan_UTBotNik1: I know that. What is your point?04:07
ubottumjs: FTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd04:07
broodwichbonjoyee: sudo Xorg -configure failed04:07
gaelfx!info gftp | mjs04:07
ubottumjs: gftp (source: gftp): X/GTK+ and console FTP client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.19-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 53 kB, installed size 84 kB04:07
TBotNik1Jordan_U: The only version that is supposed to be under fixes is 10.10 and of course 11.04 as it is still beta.04:07
bonjoyeebroodwich: why?04:07
zaeryIf I were to make a youtube video of me playing a video game while skyping with a friend, what would be the best programs to use, for recording and editing, etc.?04:08
broodwichbonjoyee: when i switch over i will get that info, brb, i should have writen it down04:08
Znerkyany1 that know how to slow down your cpu fan speed?04:08
BabyGirlis there a GUI app to set priority to aplications04:08
TBotNik1Jordan_U: Fix team has 90 days to fix the bugs.04:08
gaelfxZnerky: I think the only way you can do that is in BIOS, assuming your BIOS supports such restrictions04:09
=== Boy_33 is now known as Alone_33
mjsthank you all for the response...some of these are clients? looking for server only..04:09
prime@seek god's war04:09
Jordan_UTBotNik1: 9.10, 10.04, and 10.10 are all still supported. 10.04 will be supported untill 2013.04:09
TBotNik1Jordan_U: OK have the upgrade to 9.10 underway, now back to the bacula Q.04:09
gaelfxmjs: if you search synaptic for ftp, you should be able to find something04:09
StarminnWhat happened to the shut down/user status combo applet? Now my shut down options are in the System menu?04:10
Znerkygaelfx im looking for a program much like speedfan. i have read my self to that i can be done. my bios supports it tho. but it can't slow it down enough. still running with around 2000 rpm when i can with speedfan get it to 120004:10
broodwichgaelfx: lsub--command not found04:10
TBotNik1Jordan_U: Did you read my post?04:10
BabyGirlsudo nice -n -20 firefox ,,this is a example,,but i want it to be no password app04:10
broodwichbonjoyee: sudo Xorg -configure--No devices to configure. Configuration failed.04:11
BabyGirli want to run it normally but with a nice priority04:11
bonjoyeebroodwich: its: lsusb04:11
Jordan_UTBotNik1: No.04:11
Guest92645How to hide the login & logout info04:11
TBotNik1Repost to All: Having problem with bacula.  On 9.04 on this box, (upgrade to 9.10 in process now) using WebMin with bacula, got the config working now, but getting job errors and totally ?????.  Can anyone help?  Post on forum @ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10616413#post1061641304:11
NoSpinwhat happened to Cedega, did they get bought out?04:12
broodwichi don't know if anyone is messaging me externally but i can't get the messages--using webchat freenode04:12
sdijsduhaiuCan anyone help me use my xbox 360 controller as a mouse?04:12
Znerkyarent there any1 who have experience in fan speed control in linux?04:12
mjsgaelfx, these all look like clients too..04:12
uofm49426question about ubuntu win installer04:12
mjsgaelfx, thank you though..04:12
TBotNik1Jordan_U: The upgrade is removing 28 packages.  How do I track these so I can restore if they are needed?04:12
Jordan_UTBotNik1: You should be able to just copy and paste the list somewhere.04:13
uofm49426can you use a sdhc as the space and run it in ntfs04:13
TBotNik1Jordan_U: Is there a log file that shows these?04:13
SikMe again. I ran both the CD check and the RAM check (just in case), and both pass... yet Ubuntu's installer still is unable to detect the hard disk partitions :/04:13
TBotNik1All: BRB, refreshment time!04:13
Jordan_UTBotNik1: /var/log/dist-upgrade/ and /var/log/dpkg.log04:13
TBotNik1Jordan_U: THNX!04:14
Jordan_USik: Can you pastebint the output of "sudo parted -l"?04:14
Jordan_UTBotNik1: You're welcome.04:14
broodwichgaelfx: lsusb returnbed the Bus 001 Device 006 as Logitech, Inc04:14
SikJordan_U: ...brb will boot the LiveCD >_> (went back to the Windows install here)04:14
V01Hey, am planning to setup a home file/web server ( web server for localhost only ) better to have ubuntu or xubuntu or debian?04:14
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:15
Jordan_U!cn | wzq04:15
ubottuwzq: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk04:15
mzuverinkDoes anyone know the channel for VLC, the one I found has 5 members in it an is in no way related to VLC04:15
_syrinx_V01: they're all good04:15
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V01that file server won't have a screen attached once the setup is done.04:15
uofm49426i run both windows my laptop for school dont have hardware to run in virualbox04:15
_syrinx_V01: personally, I use ubuntu for that04:16
uofm49426and ubuntu04:16
mjshi all...i think i was unclear....was looking for server only...i found a link referring to gproftpd, an alleged gui frontend for proftpd,  which i found in the repos, but gproftpd isn't there..?04:16
axisysmzuverink: i think #vlan04:16
polymorphDoes anyone know how to hide the login & logout prompt of other people?04:16
V01_syrinx_, how much is it different from xubuntu?04:16
NoSpinIf i want to play a windows game, and wine isn't cutting it, what are my options other then vmware?04:16
mzuverinkaxisys, make sense, thanks you hoopy frood04:17
Jordan_UV01: Ubuntu server (or debian, but that's offtopic here). It doesn't make much sense to install Ubuntu or XUbuntu which contain Desktop Environments by default when all you want is a server.04:17
DiamondciteNoSpin: VirtualBox is vmware like, there is also Xen(needs newer CPUs)04:17
g15ubuntu keep freezing  my mouse click doesn't response. only the keyboard04:17
NoSpinDiamondcite: the vm products don't seem to work well.. i keep getting paging issues04:17
_syrinx_V01: if its just a server, none really04:17
g15and my mouse works it moves around the screen but can't click04:17
NoSpinDiamondcite: i remember cedga was a good option, but it looks like they are gone. is there a replacement for them?04:17
DiamondciteNoSpin: Assuming you have a Virtualization Capable CPU, and enough ram of course, it should work better?04:18
V01Jordan_U, as i said its gnna be a home server and would be accessed later via a web interface probably from other system if needed.04:18
g15how i restart ubuntu and not the wwhole comptuer04:18
_syrinx_V01: kubuntu is just kde04:18
DiamondciteNoSpin: Wine(Original), Cedega(branch), Codeweavers Crossover(Branch) are all the same..04:18
mjspolymorph, not sure if this is the question you're asking, but administration > login settings > uncheck "show list of users"04:18
Jordan_Ug15: What is your end goal?04:18
NoSpinDiamondcite: well i have virtualbox, but it crashes. vmware i can't seem to get setup correctly04:18
Theoreticianwhat is the best way to watch netflix?04:19
broodwichg15: sudo service gdm stop04:19
Jordan_U!sysrq | g1504:19
NoSpinDiamondcite: so if wine doesn't work, you don't think cedga would?04:19
ubottug15: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key04:19
mjsNoSpin, vm used to work fine for me, but since then, have gone to VirtualBox04:19
DiamondciteNoSpin: Not too likely, unless it has something to do with Licensing, Cedega used to be quite nice, currently I don't know. AppDB generally has people commenting if it happens to work on other versions.04:19
linux_is_my_heroi need help with my nvidea drivers, i can install anything past 9.10 without getting a messy screen04:20
mzuverinkaxisys, same unnaturally small crowd no the right channel, google will know, it knows everything.04:20
RussellAlanwhere do i go to allow unkown sources in ubunut?04:20
V01_syrinx_, some windows system on the network would be accessing the server very often, does having ubuntu or xubuntu matter in tht case?04:20
cool_coasterhey, can someone help  me with all the errors i am getting in  http://paste.ubuntu.com/587173/04:20
mjsk. so nogo on the gui ftp server...how about an easy to configure cli ftp server?04:20
polymorphmjs, I only want to hide the info that printed into the chat pool04:20
NoSpini guess i need to get vmware configured correctly. I just tried rebooting to my windows partition only to find out vmware trashed it04:20
V01_syrinx_, i have 2 other windows systems + 1 iOS device + 2 android devices which would be connected to the network04:21
mjspolymorph, oh, sorry...04:21
Theoreticiancool_coaster: have you updated your repositories?04:21
broodwichRussellAlan: sudo nano -w /etc/apt/sources.list04:21
_syrinx_V01: doesn't really matter04:21
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gaelfxhow can I change chromium's behavior when I click on an email address? I would like it to open up compose in gmail within chromium04:22
polymorphmjs, the info will be printed on every user's login, it's kind of annoying.04:22
cool_coasterTheoretician:  yes04:22
cool_coaster a lot04:22
RussellAlanthanks broodwich04:22
broodwichRussellAlan: np04:22
mzuverinkaxisys, its #videolan for future reference(thought maybe having in in your melon migh help some day) Thanks again, keep that towel close!04:23
Theoreticiancol_coaster: maybe look at your repository list? (its under /etc)04:23
rogeriodo everbody here speak only english?04:23
RussellAlanbroodwich, what do i edit?04:23
V01Jordan_U, you really recommend a Ubuntu Server for a home server? never tried that it though. Easy to setup?04:23
broodwichRussellAlan: uncomment the #'s next to the URLs04:23
TheoreticianV01: My home server is Ubuntu, its pretty simple04:24
tjiggi_forogerio, yes, what language you looking for?04:24
gaelfxrogerio: yes, this is an English-only channel. there are others available, what language would you like?04:24
rogeriomay be in portuguese..04:24
broodwichRussellAlan: aside from that you can also access repositories via System in the GUI04:24
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.04:24
_sagiCan anyone guide me how to 'copy' the template from wiki04:25
rogeriook! thanks...04:25
V01Theoretician, wait I am confused, is Ubuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Server?04:25
Theoreticiancool_coaster: if your repository list is gone, that i bad04:25
cool_coasterTheoretician: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587192/04:25
broodwichRussellAlan: and always after modifying the sources sudo apt-get update04:25
TheoreticianV01: Ubuntu server04:25
_syrinx_V01: server doesn't have X04:25
Jordan_UV01: If you're familiar with the terminal and the services you want to use (i.e. Apache), it is.04:25
Theoreticiancool_coaster: looks fine, try installing the missing dependencies manually04:26
broodwichUbuntu Server might as well be called Ununtu We Deleted Some Stuff From Desktop04:27
cool_coasterTheoretician: i have, it kept saying that it couldn't find them04:27
V01Theoretician, _syrinx_ Jordan_U brilliant. Thanks for now! :) Would come back soon asking a few things :D04:27
RussellAlanbroodwich,  it wants cdrom in drive04:27
Jordan_UV01: You're welcom.04:28
RussellAlani only have pendrive04:28
broodwichRussellAlan: are you using a Live CD?04:28
RussellAlanno, but i installed form Pendrive04:28
Theoreticiancool_coaster: I'm not entirely sure, sorry04:28
broodwichRussellAlan: i did not know that was possible04:29
TheoreticianWhat is the best way to register my nickname?04:29
RussellAlandownload img, then use the img to pendrive utility04:29
RussellAlanrun live ubuntu from pendrive.04:29
soreau! register | Theoretician04:29
broodwich./msg NickServ Register password email04:29
ubottuTheoretician: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode04:29
gaelfxRussellAlan: it also works with .iso04:29
cool_coasterTheoretician:  thanks anyway04:30
Theoreticiansoreau: ty04:30
RussellAlanright .iso04:30
linux_is_my_heroi tried to install 10.10 and i get a bunch of vertical lines on my screen04:30
gaelfxbroodwich: you can use unetbootin to make almost any linux iso bootable from a USB04:30
linux_is_my_herosomeone please help me04:30
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: When does this happen? In the live session?04:30
ceohai am need install display grfic card on my lenovo g46004:31
linux_is_my_herowhen i put in the cd and boot from it, it starts to load, then it stops when i get black and white vertical bars on my screen :-(04:31
broodwichiso butyl propanoic phenolic acid?04:31
ceoam can't used the ubuntu desktop effect what the solustion04:31
linux_is_my_herosoreau:when i put in the cd and boot from it, it starts to load, then it stops when i get black and white vertical bars on my screen :-(04:31
linux_is_my_herosoreau: when i put in the cd and boot from it, it starts to load, then it stops when i get black and white vertical bars on my screen :-(04:31
broodwichisogeneic transplantation?04:31
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: What graphics card is it?04:31
jisarehi everyone. can anybody recommend a good mplayer frontend?04:31
TBotNik1All: Back now!  Anyone look at my bacula problem?04:32
mickster04ceo: there isn't one, your graphics chip cannot handle the effects04:32
gaelfxlinux_is_my_hero: usually if you retry it enough, it should work. another option might be to try a liveusb instead of a livecd04:32
scottjjisare: not sure if it's cross platform,but smplayer is nice04:32
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: Can you try booting with nouveau.modeset=0 as a kernel parameter?04:32
mickster04ceo: you could add it to the list of accepted graphics chips but it is horrible, really not worth it04:32
linux_is_my_herogaelfx: how would i go about doing that?04:33
Theoreticianlinux_is_my_hero: Have you tried a differet cd? the image/cd could be corrupt04:33
linux_is_my_herosoreau: you lost me. :-(04:33
linux_is_my_heroTheoretician: also an excellent idea :-)04:33
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: When you first boot the live session, you can press esc and go into the menu, press 'e' to edit and type nouveau.modeset=0 at the end of the kernel line..04:33
Sik_Gah, took me a while to join, apparently FreeNode doesn't have their webclient address listed on their page (ugh). Whatever, Jordan_U, what command did you tell me to type? sudo parted something04:33
g15alt + prt scr  = nothing happen?04:33
ceomickster04, please give me step by step for do you ide,?04:34
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: Or as part of boot options04:34
jisarescottj: smplayer has a tiny problem. When I use jump forward, the picture motion will be choppy for a few seconds.04:34
ceoany body can help me for the good ide04:34
lashaguys does anyone know anything about Huffman coding if yes PM me please04:34
scottjjisare: bummer, I can't help I don't use a frontend04:34
broodwichisomer, anisotropy. iso freaking thirsty04:34
Theoreticianlinux_is_my_hero: (I would download  completely new .iso file)04:34
jisarescottj: totem is fine04:35
jisarescottj: if nogui, can you do a jump forward?04:35
linux_is_my_heroTheoretician: sounds good :-)04:35
scottjjisare: I think there are several keys for that, I use right arrow I think04:35
linux_is_my_herosoreau: when you say "first boot the live session," do you mean when it first reads the cd, when it says "boot from cd..."?04:35
Znerkywhats the command to delete a file in terminal?04:35
jisarescottj: configurable for mplayer-nogui?04:36
gaelfxZnerky: rm04:36
cool_coasterTheoretician:  all the dependencies  are installed04:36
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: There is a little man at the bottom, looks like he's running. That's when you hit Esc04:36
aron__ Znerky: sudo rm04:36
ceoall, am have install wine, and am not fine app, on main menu? can you give me some idea, for make me up on main menu.04:36
broodwichZnerky: sudo rm04:36
icedteaanyone here try compiling a kernel in ubuntu before?04:36
scottjjisare: no clue, there's right left 10s each, up/down 1min each, pguppgdown 10min each04:37
Theoreticiancool_coaster: So is it working now?04:37
jisarescottj: that's cool, thanks04:37
broodwichicedtea: i have not04:37
student-22idont now04:38
aron__what bittorrent client are you using guys?04:38
FloodBot2student-22: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:38
Theoreticiancool_coaster: still no idea, sorry04:38
cool_coasterTheoretician:  i entered all the dependencies   manualy in to a sudo apt-get -f install and it says that they are all installed04:38
scottjanyone know any games that are inherently ~20s of game followed by ~1 minute of waiting and don't require much thinking? I find I can interleave counter-strike with reading quite well but looking for other games to do it with.04:38
broodwicharon__:  i don't use Linux much but if it is available i am going to use utorrent04:38
Znerkyokay i just followed a guide. on making a file executable.. but after i ran chmod -x filename it aint executable anymore..04:39
FloodBot2student-9: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:39
Znerkyit was executable before i ran chmod04:39
FloodBot2student-22: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:39
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FloodBot2student-22: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:39
Theoreticiancool_coaster: oh, try the initial process again?04:39
cool_coasterTheoretician:  same error04:40
aron__broodwich: can't find utorrent for linux though.04:40
cool_coasterbut it worked on my other ubuntu a few months back04:40
broodwichZnerky: what are you trying to execute? lots of times you can ./filename to run a file04:40
linux_is_my_herosoreau: i want to do a clean install of 10.10 without getting vertical lines when i try to install.04:41
linux_is_my_herowhat do i need to do/type?04:41
Theoreticiancool_coaster: have you upgraded? (sudo apt-get upgrade04:41
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linux_is_my_herosoreau: what do i need to do/type?04:42
cool_coasterTheoretician:  only java and flash04:42
cool_coasterneed upgrading04:42
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: I suspect that the nouveau module is being loaded and it's causing the problem. So you need to tell linux not to load it, or load it without modesetting (which may work)04:42
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: But I don't have a live session in front of me so I can't tell you exactly how, sorry04:43
lixinfishhello, I typed "sudo chsh" command and accidentally input 'bash' in. Then I fall into problems.04:43
lixinfish  I typed 'sudo chsh' again to reset it but get "chsh: PAM authentication failed" error.04:43
Sik_Hey, does anybody here think that this could be the cause of Ubuntu's installer not recognising my hard disk partitions? http://pzt.me/8soi o_O04:43
lixinfish And when I try to 'sudo su', I get "Cannot execute bash: No such file or directory" error.04:43
Theoreticiancool_coaster: yeah, try the upgrade, when was the last time you upgraded your system?04:43
broodwicharon__:  second choice would probably be transmission--only becuse i see this a lot, but i'd stay away from Vuze--it's a resource whore. check this out http://alinuxblog.wordpress.com/2010/09/14/top-10-torrent-clients-for-linux/04:43
lixinfishHow can I solve that? I googled but get nothing useful04:43
linux_is_my_herosoreau: i pressed escape then it went to the command line then i pressed escape again and went to the livecd menu04:43
cool_coasterTheoretician:  well i installed ubuntu 4 days ago and updated then04:44
IdleOnelixinfish: use sudo -i04:44
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: Yes, then highlight the entry try ubuntu without making changes, and press 'e'04:44
raido_lixinfish: just exit those terminals and start again, but why dis you use sudo in the first place?04:44
Theoreticiancool_coaster: ubuntu 4? The current stable version is 10.0404:45
cool_coasterTheoretician ubuntu 10.10  4 days ago04:45
apnlixinfish, type whereis sudo and post the results04:45
Znerkyhow do i aquire permissions to run files from /etc04:45
Theoreticiancool_coaster: that makes more sense04:45
Znerkyi get permission denied04:45
Znerkyusing su04:46
apnZnerky, chmod +x nameofhefile04:46
linux_is_my_herosoreau: nothing happens04:46
Theoreticiancool_coaster: so did you run sudo apt-get upgrade ?04:46
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: Hmm.. does it have an option to get to the boot options or anything like that?04:46
linux_is_my_herobut if i press f6 i can turn things on an off, including nomodeset04:46
cool_coasterTheoretician:  its doing it now04:46
Znerkynow it worked.04:46
linux_is_my_herosoreau: but if i press f6 i can turn things on and off, including nomodeset04:47
Znerky.. i think i just turned my cpu fan off04:47
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: Yes, try nomodeset and see what happens04:47
broodwichZnerky: try chmod 777704:47
Theoreticiancool_coaster: I would try again after that, if it still doesn't work, er, I'm not sure. (when did you burn you ubuntu cd?)04:47
lixinfishapn: whereis sudo => sudo: /usr/bin/sudo /usr/lib/sudo /usr/lib64/sudo /usr/share/man/man8/sudo.8.gz04:47
broodwichZnerky: try chmod -rwxrwxrwx04:47
linux_is_my_herosoreau: try installing ubuntu 10.10 without nomodeset?04:47
lixinfishraido_: I have reboot the machine, problem still exist04:47
cool_coasterTheoretician:  umm about 3 months ago04:48
linux_is_my_herosoreau: im gunna do it, but just so i know, what is "nomodeset"?04:48
lixinfishIdleOne: sudo -i worked, but I still wondering why chsh not working?04:48
cool_coasteri needed it to fix grub on me other pc04:48
Theoreticiancool_coaster: yeah, if it is that old, I would assume that it is because of the lack of upgrades04:48
apnlixinfish, type " /usr/bin/sudo su"04:48
=== |||||||||||||||| is now known as derp
Theoreticiancool_coaster: I may be wrong however04:48
broodwichman i hate freenode webchat a little, it does not filter out all the system gobbledygook04:49
cool_coasterwell 5~ months ago i ran the same line on an unupdated brand new install and it worked04:49
cool_coasterand  it still works on that one04:50
Theoreticiancool_coaster: yeah, but with all the upgrades that come out, I wouldn't be surprised if your system is just out of date04:50
TBotNik1Jordan_U: Well under 5 mins on the upgrade to 9.1004:51
Znerkywhats the max celcius a cpu can withstand?04:51
icedteaZnerky: depends on the cpu04:51
Znerkyintel core 2 duo 2.13 ghz?04:51
icedteaZnerky: intel has documentation on the website about that04:52
TBotNik1All:  BRB, checking another machine!04:52
lixinfishapn: the same error, "Cannot execute bash: No such file or directory". but sudo -i worked.04:52
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: There are two ways to do mode setting for your monitor with the graphics hardware. You have user mode setting which means the code that makes it happen is in user space, and you have kernel mode setting (kms) where the code happens in the kernel to set your monitors resolutions, refresh etc.04:52
Theoreticiancool_coaster: well, its late where I am, I have to sleep sometime. Good luck with the install.04:52
lixinfishapn: I thought this is still the chsh's problem, how can I reset that?04:52
cool_coasternight Theoretician04:52
Znerkyis there any command or program in linux which can give me the name on the cpu?04:53
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: Since the driver is directly responsible for setting the mode for the output device (your monitor), it would make since to try a different code path or just not load nouveau module all together04:53
icedteaZnerky: look at "dmesg" output04:53
linux_is_my_herowell i tried loading with "nomodeset" selected (or deselected, not sure which) and it works just fine04:53
apnlixinfish, try "/usr/bin/sudo -i /usr/bin/chsh"04:54
linux_is_my_herothen if i install the right nvidea drivers after install it should be fine, right?04:54
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: The only way you can do this from a live session is to use kernel parameters (aka boot options)04:54
Znerkyim still new to linux04:54
broodwichZnerky: sometimes machines have a BIOS setting to auto-shutdown at a certain temp04:54
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: In theory, yes because nvidia module would be loaded instead of nouveau04:54
apnlixinfish, if i am understanding correctly, you are changing shell for root. is that right?04:54
ceoDesktop effects could not be enabled on lenovo G460 why?04:54
AnggaDj98Znerky: go to terminal and type dmesg04:54
linux_is_my_herosoreau: what is an indirect register access?04:55
AnggaDj98Znerky: then put it in pastebin and share the link04:55
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: What's that got to do with ubuntu? (and how should I know? :) )04:55
icedteaZnerky: actually, you could do "less /proc/cpuinfo"04:55
Znerkythe terminal couldn't show all of it04:55
linux_is_my_herosoreau: if gave me an error, but its loading 10.10 installer04:55
linux_is_my_heronomodeset is slower, but it works04:56
AnggaDj98icedtea: thanks for calling that out I almost forgot that :)04:56
linux_is_my_herosoreau: don't i have to do something with drivers after my first boot to prevent the vertical lines again?04:56
Znerkythx icedtea about that last part think i can identify it now04:56
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: Well a graphics card has registers and with kms, the kernel is talking directly to the card but with ums, the driver in user space has to talk to the kernel, indirectly setting the registers to program the hardware04:56
broodwichalmost forgot why i came here04:57
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: No, every time you reboot, it resets everything that happened in the live session04:57
AnggaDj98broodwich: to say that you hate freenode04:57
broodwichDoes anyone know what to do about a missing xorg.conf file and a failed Xorg -configure command?04:57
broodwichAnggaDj98: i hate 'webchat'04:57
draven_soli want to make logical volumes across disks. should i partition the disks to only have logical partitions or does it not matter if they are primary/logical partitions?04:58
AnggaDj98broodwich: ok04:58
soreaubroodwich: You don't need xorg.conf unless you're trying to use a proprietary driver04:58
linux_is_my_herosoreau: so does that mean nomodeset was selected just for the livecd session so it can go and install (which includes downloading drivers)?04:59
broodwichsoreau: then how can i get it to see my mouse at /dev/input/mouse1?04:59
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: yes and no04:59
soreaubroodwich: Just create xorg.conf with only an InputDevice section, or whatever it's called05:00
soreaubroodwich: It should still respect the options for just an individual section05:00
yawmhey i wanted to as, does anyone know how to check how much time is taken for an application to start?05:00
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: If you can manage to get past the lines and install it, you should be able to fix it easier since whatever you do from the hard disk installation will remain persistent (so you don't have to keep starting over)05:01
broodwichsoreau: so if i build it it will utilize? seems kind of ify to me that xorg would fail to create one for me but then use one if i merely supply a text file. but if you say so05:01
linux_is_my_heroremind me again, how do i change the name of the computer (which others see on local networks)?05:01
linux_is_my_herosoreau: remind me again, how do i change the name of the computer (which others see on local networks)?05:01
hanasakiwhat program opens png by default in ubuntu gnome?05:02
broodwichlinux_is_my_hero: hostname?05:02
apnhanasaki, eog05:02
linux_is_my_herohostname what05:02
broodwichlinux_is_my_hero: /etc/hosts?05:02
linux_is_my_heroat the tty?05:02
soreaubroodwich: Just make sure it's Section BlahBlah with a matching EndSection, and check /var/log/Xorg.0.log if it used the entry or discarded it05:02
Znerkythink i got it right.05:02
hanasakiI have "feh" installed but its not an option in nautilus for "photo view" that says "no programs:"05:02
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: In ubuntu?05:02
pumeustdoes anyone know the command for accessing locked files on extended drives?05:02
Znerkyim the only one having problems with the dns in 10.10?05:02
broodwichsoreau: excellent05:02
linux_is_my_herosoreau: yes, in 10.1005:03
AnggaDj98linux_is_my_hero: hostname <hostname>05:03
apnhanasaki, go to properties -> open with -> pick from the list05:03
ceoDesktop effects could not be enabled on lenovo G460 why?05:03
linux_is_my_heroAnngaDj98: at the TTY?05:03
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: I have no idea :)05:03
AnggaDj98linux_is_my_hero: also edit /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname05:03
broodwichZnerky: probably not05:03
soreauoh yes05:03
J4HG0V3Gohkay, i cant figure this out. i am having problems with Ubuntu stalling when i go for a shutdown/poweroff.05:03
Znerkyanyone who know how to set the same dns server after a reboot? so it dosent change05:03
AnggaDj98linux_is_my_hero: after a reboot the tty hostname will change05:03
apnceo, make sure you have hardware rendering on.05:03
J4HG0V3Gbut heres the kicker05:03
ceoapn, how i do it05:04
J4HG0V3Gi doont have this problem in ubuntu studio 10.10 or kubuntu 10.1005:04
hanasakiapn:  I did.. lol it still comes up in xine!05:04
ceoapn, how i do it05:04
ceoapn, how i do it05:04
J4HG0V3Gi cant find any info online05:04
apnhanasaki, there is an option to open in the application every time.05:04
apnceo, what is your graphic card?05:05
soreauceo: Did you install the driver in sys>admin>additional drivers ?05:05
hanasakiapn:  looking...05:05
broodwichZnerky: i believe that too is a hosts problem05:05
ceomaybe intelgrafic am used notebook lenovo g46005:05
soreauceo: What is the output of 'lspci|grep VGA'?05:06
apnZnerky, configure your network connection with manual dns address.05:06
raido_Znerky: add the nameserver to your /etc/resolv.conf file05:06
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: hmm05:06
Znerkyhow do i automatic change resolv.conf or add 2 lines when i reboot?05:06
=== Gump- is now known as Gump
Znerkyyeah but it changes each time i reboot05:06
ComputerChicHi all :)05:06
soreauraido_: I think networkmanager is resetting it05:06
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: so what did it do?05:06
ComputerChic Is anyone interested in being Mods on a forum?05:06
ceo00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)05:06
broodwichor resolv.conf i dunno05:06
AnggaDj98hey uh05:06
AnggaDj98no ads here ComputerChic05:06
ceosoreau,  00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)05:06
ceosoreau,  00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)05:06
AnggaDj98!ot | ComputerChic05:07
ubottuComputerChic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:07
soreauZnerky: I just 'chmod -x $(which NetworkManager)' to kill it and setup my network manually with scripts ran from /etc/rc.local05:07
ComputerChicAnggaDj98: I asked a question I did not post an ad.05:07
Znerkysoreau i dont know wich network manager there is doing this05:07
Tongpowis there a easy way to change login themes in 10.10 , Tweak only lets me change the icon and background05:07
soreauZnerky: You could try just installing a sane resolv.conf somewhere, then in rc.local, put 'cp /etc/resolv.bak /etc/resolv.conf'05:08
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98, sorry i was looking online05:08
ceosoreau,  00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)05:08
Znerkywill try that05:08
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98, umm what do you mean?05:08
soreauceo: Alright, what does 'sudo apt-get install mesa-utils && glxinfo|grep renderer' say?05:08
raido_Znerky: System>preferences>Network Connections...chose you connectuon select edit, change to DHCH addresses only, then below that add the servers you want05:09
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: what did it do while stalling05:09
Abhijithi guys05:09
apnceo, can you execute compiz-check?05:09
=== guido is now known as Guest69197
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: did it checks for disk errors or something like that, or its just matter of time to shut it down (like it takes longer to shutdown)05:09
soreauapn: compiz-check is useless05:09
Abhijitin this blog they told to install some software called rtmpdump http://www.unixmen.com/linux-commands/1602-watch-al-jazeera-live-with-one-command but i dont have it my lucid repo!!!05:10
soreauapn: The actual output of compiz is the only thing that matters05:10
FloodBot2Abhijit: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:10
Znerkywhere is the rc.local located?05:10
celerymanjust upgraded to 10.10 from 10.04 and can not get wireless card to turn on, its atheros card  thanks in advance05:10
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98, well it stalls. lol. umm it seems to close everything and shows just the wallpaper no taskbar or windows just the wallpaper like it's about to terminate X then well it does nothing and no it's not time i waited lol05:10
Abhijit!rc | Znerky05:10
soreauZnerky: /etc/rc.local05:10
heptileHello, can I get hadoop help here?05:10
ceoapn, how do i execute compiz-check05:10
soreauceo: Don't use compiz-check, it's useless05:10
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98, like i said it doesnt do that with Studio or KDE . no clue why with gnome05:10
J4HG0V3Goh and im runing an HP DV605:11
Abhijithow to install rtmpdump in lucid? help?05:11
soreauceo: Show the output of 'sudo apt-get install mesa-utils && glxinfo|grep renderer'05:11
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: never been there before05:11
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: I'll try googling for a sec05:11
yawmhey i wanted to as, does anyone know how to check how much time is taken for an application to start?05:12
draven_soli want my swap partition on a lvm, in partitioning do i set up the drive for swap or for lvm first?05:12
ceoXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".05:12
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98, well at the least it's annoying when i install an update like a driver that needs restarting it will install after a hard reboot. lol it will tell me to reboot so i reboot and it stalls after litterally 4 secs then i hold power and when i turn back on it's installed05:12
ceosoreau, Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".05:12
yawmfor example i wanted to see the load time for fx, chrome, etc05:12
soreauyawm: That's a subjective question. When you start an application, it starts immediately. But, the window may not be visible or usable until everything is loaded05:13
AnggaDj98!lol > J4HG0V3G05:13
ubottuJ4HG0V3G, please see my private message05:13
soreauceo: Pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file to paste.ubuntu.com05:13
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: wait a sec05:13
yawmsoreau: is there a way to check time for everything in the app to load?05:13
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: and no "lol"s please :)05:13
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98,  : |05:13
Znerkyhow do i edit rc.local and save it that location?05:13
Znerkygedit wont do it05:14
TBotNik1Jordan_U: OK upgrade complete!05:14
soreauyawm: I guess the cpu would flare up while it's loading? probably not a reliable check though05:14
soreauyawm: Try asking in #3linux05:14
soreauyawm: Try asking in ##linux, rather05:14
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: looks like someone posted it to launchpad bugs already05:14
J4HG0V3Gso i guess for now i wait. yay!05:14
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/21085905:14
soreauZnerky: gksu gedit /etc/rc.local05:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 210859 in gdm (Ubuntu) "gnome shutdown/logout hangs (dup-of: 186713)" [Undecided,New]05:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 186713 in keytouch (Ubuntu) "[hardy] keytouch blocks logout" [High,Fix released]05:15
danielcg25How do I add an IRC server that's not in the list of servers in xChat?05:15
yawmsoreau: ok, thanks :)05:15
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: the problem is at the gdm05:15
AnggaDj98gnome display manager i suppose?05:15
Znerkythat gave me errors soreau05:15
soreaudanielcg25: Xchat>Network List>Add05:15
soreauZnerky: What errors?05:15
ceosoreau, http://paste.ubuntu.com/587200/05:15
raido_Znerky: did you try what I suggested yet?05:15
=== ubuntu is now known as OUTOFLUKS
soreauceo: You have an intel graphics card but nvidia glx module installed05:16
celerymanhow long should i wait before reasking my question05:16
soreauceo: You need to apt-get remove *nvidia*05:16
broodwichcreating xorg.conf and putting in InputDevice<enter>/dev/input/mouse1 caused gdm not to open05:16
J4HG0V3Gwell thanks AnggaDj9805:16
J4HG0V3Gsee ya later i guess i must wait! lol05:16
OUTOFLUKShello ubuntu05:17
J4HG0V3Gdidnt mean to say the dreaded three letter05:17
pumeustdoes anyone know the command to get full access to extended drives?05:17
soreauceo: Can you pastebin the output of 'dpkg -l|grep nvidia|grep ii'?05:17
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: anyway does it solve the case?05:17
Znerkyraido: i didn't see what you wrote before trying your way05:17
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: if it does, then your welcome :D05:17
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98, what?05:17
OUTOFLUKSis there anyone here with experience with accessing an encrypted root directory?05:17
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: the stalling case?05:17
broodwichsoreau: purge removes more of a packages endtrails05:17
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98, you mean ctrl alt backspace?05:17
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: yep trying to kill the X05:17
AnggaDj98if it does then your welcome05:18
J4HG0V3Gwait a sec let me try i'll be back AnggaDj98 ha ha05:18
AnggaDj98laughing out loud05:18
* J4HG0V3G proceeds to lol but dares not to type it05:18
OUTOFLUKSI'm having issues with luksOpen - it doesn't prompt for password as detailed in guides on forums05:18
OUTOFLUKSI'm using an ubuntu 10.6 livecd with dm-crypt loaded05:19
ceosoreau, http://paste.ubuntu.com/587201/05:19
broodwichOUTOFLUKS: trucrypt does encryption05:19
soreaubroodwich: sure, I wasn't giving a politically correct command, though it actually should work for the purposes of getting his drivers working05:19
Znerky1raido_: it did a reboot of the connection after i inputed the dns servers, so now if i reboot it should use those dns servers automatic right?05:19
broodwichsoreau: easy big fella05:19
raido_Znerky1: it should05:19
OUTOFLUKSbroodwich: will it allow me to access a luks encrypted drive?05:19
soreauceo: sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-current nvidia-settings && sudo reboot05:19
broodwichno need to get, sore05:20
soreaubroodwich: There, there's your --purge05:20
Znerky1thanks for the help :)05:20
lixinfishapn: just eating lunch. I tried that but still get a chsh: PAM authentication failed error..       I useradd a new account and it logged in to /bin/sh. so I used 'chsh' to try to change it to /bin/bash. and wrongly input "bash", then error happens..05:20
ceooke  i will try, if have some probelm what i can do for login on my ubutu05:20
jiltdilif my system is connected in a LAN network is there any way to find the ip's of all connected system via termainl using some command?05:20
Znerky1just wondering if there is others with ati cards that are experiencing bad fps in games and such under linux?05:20
ceosoreau, oke  i will try, if have some probelm what i can do for login on my ubutu05:20
AnggaDj98oke: nederlands?05:21
apnlixinfish, so it is PAM authentication...05:21
broodwichOUTOFLUKS: i've never tried either, sorry05:21
OUTOFLUKSbroodwich: thanks anyway. :305:21
soreauceo: If X doesn't start, you can personally blame me ;)05:21
arieDOANKi kill you05:21
apnlixinfish, don't worry, that's easy05:21
broodwichhe kills you05:22
jiltdilif my system is connected in a LAN network is there any way to find the ip's of all connected system via termainl using some command?05:22
apnlixinfish, try "sudo -i vi /etc/passwd"05:22
apnlixinfish, find root (should be 1st line) and at the end change it back to /bin/bash05:23
gaelfxjiltdil: I'm guessing that would depend heavily on what software the router your using has installed05:23
OUTOFLUKSis there anyone else here that could provide guidance for accessing a luks encrypted directory? I'm using these instructions (http://pastebin.com/HVtGjTTq) from ubuntuforum, but I'm not getting a passphrase prompt as described in step two05:23
soreauapn: why interactive mode?05:23
gaelfxjiltdil: if it's ddwrt or something like that, there probably is, if it's proprietary, I kinda doubt it05:23
joseahAnggaDj98, well you tried ha ha05:24
lixinfishapn: It works! Thank you so much! :)05:24
joseahAnggaDj98, thats more than i can say for some people05:24
Abhijithow to install rtmpdump in lucid? help?05:25
AnggaDj98joseah: wa?05:26
joseah<joseah> AnggaDj98, well you tried ha ha05:26
joseah<joseah> AnggaDj98, thats more than i can say for some people05:26
AnggaDj98i mean05:26
AnggaDj98joseah: what do you mean?05:26
joseahAnggaDj98: i mean it no work05:26
AnggaDj98what did i try?05:26
joseahto help me05:27
jiltdilgaelfx:but ddwrt not works05:27
Loshkijiltdil: try 'arp -a' ?05:27
AnggaDj98oh you are J4 something05:27
AnggaDj98l o l05:27
jiltdilloshki;ok thanx05:27
joseahAnggaDj98,  oh yeah05:27
=== joseah is now known as J4HG0V3G
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98, sorry just installed ubuntu 10.1005:27
AnggaDj98yeah well05:27
J4HG0V3GAnggaDj98, still havent set up irc yet05:27
AnggaDj98ah ok05:28
=== airtonix_ is now known as airtonix
OUTOFLUKScould anyone advise if there is a better room for getting support with encryption issues?05:28
OUTOFLUKSit _is_ on an ubuntu system05:28
J4HG0V3Gwell thanks anyways AnggaDj9805:28
AnggaDj98J4HG0V3G: yes your welcome though i didn't do anything :s05:28
ceosoreau, thanks alot , am have done, for fix may desktop, can i get the log convertion on xchat, am need documentation you tutorial05:28
gaelfxjiltdil: ddwrt is a firmware, open source, for some routers, so it's a lot more friendly to the kind of task you're talking about05:29
J4HG0V3Gi know its called courteousy AnggaDj98. lol05:29
soreauceo: Now, can you show the output of 'glxinfo|grep renderer'?05:29
J4HG0V3Gha ha05:29
Sik_Typing sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda gives me this: http://pzt.me/8soi -- The Ubuntu installer doesn't recognise any partitions though =|05:29
danielcg25Ubuntu is awesome! Just installed it, it's twice as fast as Windows 705:29
jiltdilgaelfx:ddwrt   i have to install it?05:29
OUTOFLUKScould anyone advise if there is a better room for getting support with encryption issues?05:30
gaelfxjiltdil: yeah, you can google their homepage05:30
OUTOFLUKSis there anyone else here that could provide guidance for accessing a luks encrypted directory? I'm using these instructions (http://pastebin.com/HVtGjTTq) from ubuntuforum, but I'm not getting a passphrase prompt as described in step two05:30
ceosoreau, OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ironlake Mobile GEM 20100330 DEVELOPMENT x86/MMX/SSE205:30
AnggaDj98danielcg25: thats why we're here05:30
soreauceo: Cool. Compiz should work then, if your chip isn't blacklisted05:30
AnggaDj98danielcg25: btw its up to 20x faster than Vista i used to have05:30
ceosoreau, thanks, am need documetation that tutorial, can you give me some tutorial05:31
soreauceo: I don't know how the nvidia driver got installed but this might not be the problem every time. Intel drivers work out of the box05:31
AnggaDj98soreau: why would a chip could be blacklisted?05:31
jiltdilgaelfx:thanx a ton05:31
ceosoreau, thanks, am need documetation that tutorial, can you give me some tutorial05:31
soreauAnggaDj98: Some intel cards are too poor for the new kms driver to even make them work for 3D properly05:31
ceosoreau, am need see log chat on xchat can i do ?05:32
AnggaDj98soreau: what does that have to do with getting blacklisted?05:32
ceosoreau, you tutorial that mush i make some documentation for step05:32
soreauceo: Look in ~/.xchat2/scrollback/FreeNode05:32
soreauceo: It's not a tutorial, it's just that the nvidia driver got installed somehow by mistake. This can happen if you did a dist upgrade from 10.04 to 10.1005:33
hvnsweetinghi all, I've ínstall Netbean on my Ubuntu, but when i go to File > New Project > I dont' just see C and C++, how to i get the Java Project? thanks05:33
soreauAnggaDj98: Because when you try start start compiz, it may have any unpredictable results. And even if it did run, it would be very poor performance to even use05:34
Znerky1now im searching the net thin on a way to increase my framerate in heroes of newerth on linux. and some stated this. what does that mean?05:34
Znerky1running HoN with higher priority (`ps -e` to find HoN PID, then use `renice -10 <pid>`).05:34
hvnsweetinghi all, I've ínstall Netbean on my Ubuntu, but when i go to File > New Project > I just see C and C++, how to i get the Java Project? thanks05:34
ceo~/.xchat2/scrollback/FreeNode < how i see05:34
soreauAnggaDj98: So they just blacklisted the older less capable cards05:34
OUTOFLUKSis there anyone kicking around that knows about cryptsetup and luks encryption? I can't boot into my box and I'm trying to access my root partition but it's encrypted.05:34
soreauceo: gedit ~/.xchat2/scrollback/FreeNode/#ubuntu.txt05:34
AnggaDj98soreau: ok thanks05:35
soreauAnggaDj98: no problem05:35
AnggaDj98ceo: go to terminal or open a gedit window05:35
AnggaDj98anyone here ever set up a LAMP server?05:36
ceoem.. soreau and AnggaDj98 that just see my chat today how see the pass05:36
gaelfxjiltdil: no problem, was that something you had been looking for for a while?05:36
apnAnggaDj98, yes05:36
jiltdilgaelfx:yes dd-wrt web05:37
AnggaDj98apn: which do you think is better perl or PHP05:37
gaelfxjiltdil: enjoy :D05:37
soreauceo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587210/05:37
AnggaDj98i want to improvise my server and i would like to show it for a contest :)05:37
jiltdilgaelfx:thanx it is very helpful05:37
Abhijitis it possible or anyone has success to watch discovery,national geographic, travel and living, bbc or al jazeera live free on linux using mythtv?05:37
AnggaDj98Abhijit: do you mean using Mythbuntu?05:38
ceosoreau, nice thanks05:38
AbhijitAnggaDj98, mythbuntu is ubuntu with mythtv preconfigured05:38
soreauceo: You're welcome05:38
AnggaDj98Abhijit: hmm yeah thats true05:38
jiltdili listen song via earphone but when i want to record my voice using audacity my earphone doesnot responds also while on voice chat the voice of the person comes to me but my voice doesnot goes to him?05:39
AnggaDj98jiltdil: check if the microphone is muted at gnome-volume-control05:40
Znerky1how do i run a program in high priority?05:40
AnggaDj98jiltdil: its muted by default05:40
=== g2noob_ is now known as help
ubottu'Nice' is a property of a process that determines how willing it is to give CPU time to other processes.  A higher value makes it more likely to give away time.  A negative value makes it less likely. Values are from -19 to 19, with 0 being the default.  For more information, type 'man nice' at a terminal.05:40
=== help is now known as g2noob
ruanZnerky1: see above05:41
soreaujiltdil: Check your settings in sys>prefs>sound05:41
Gump_hey, #ubuntu. is it possible to run fsck from windows on a linux partition?05:41
jiltdilAnggaDj98:ok  m checking05:41
Znerky1okay thx will try that05:41
Gump_i can't boot into linux and don't have a boot cd on me05:41
OUTOFLUKSis there anyone kicking around that knows about cryptsetup and luks encryption? I can't boot into my box and I'm trying to access my root partition but it's encrypted.05:41
ruanZnerky1: a negative value will give it a high priority05:41
AnggaDj98Znerky1: run gnome-system-monitor05:41
soreauGump_: Why not just use a live session?05:41
gaelfxGump_: you could make a liveusb of gparted or something like that?05:41
jiltdilsoreau:AnggaDj98:i didnot find the microphone option05:42
Znerky1ruan: what value would i set for a game ? -10?05:42
AnggaDj98Znerky1: goto Processes tab, click on the process you want the priority to change05:42
ruanjiltdil: under input05:42
AnggaDj98jiltdil: go to Input tabs05:42
AnggaDj98jiltdil: go to Input tab*05:42
ruanZnerky1: yeah, -10 is a good one05:42
AnggaDj98Znerky1: change it into -2005:42
Gump_soreau, i don't have a livecd and no way to make one here. like i said. i need a way to do it without one05:42
jiltdilAnggaDj98:ruan:soreau:ok thanx i got it05:42
AnggaDj98Znerky1: yeah maybe -10 is good enough05:42
soreauGump_: Well I guess you'd better head over to #windows then05:42
AnggaDj98jiltdil: np05:43
Znerky1so i want to set it so it does that every time i launch that perticular game05:43
soreaujiltdil: cool05:43
ruan!usb | Gump_05:43
Gump_lol #windows won't know the first thing about fixing linux issues. however linux users might know how to fix linux issues from windows05:43
ubottuGump_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:43
jiltdilAnggaDj98:how much should i to increase input volume05:43
Gump_no usb drive either damnit. i've made a live usb drive before i know how05:43
AnggaDj98jiltdil: about 100 is enough to catch a voice, but it depends on your microphone type05:43
ruannet install?05:43
kruxhey when i do a ps -ef i get like 20 lines with this flush-1.0 << number changes what is that ?..05:44
Znerky1how would i set the game up so it runs in high priority each time i dobbleclick on the shortcut for it?05:45
Znerky1i can't seem to understand "nice"05:45
jiltdilAnggaDj98:ok i give it to the 100 but still my voice is not recorded in audacity05:45
clu3is there any software that allows you to select a portion of the screen and capture it?05:45
jiltdilclu3:video or snaps05:45
ruanZnerky1: there could be a command. i'll check05:46
jiltdilclu3:for video Desktop recorder05:46
AnggaDj98jiltdil: well, try using another software, like ardour maybe? coz i got that same problem with my audacity05:46
clu3jiltdil, just image capture05:47
maurer_Hey, I'm trying to use connection sharing from network manager, but when I plug the cable in, the host machine keeps flipping from connected to disconnected every half second or so.05:47
jericomIs there a good applet that shows network traffic in Ubuntu?05:47
ruanjericom: yep05:47
soreaujericom: gnome-system-monitor05:47
jrtaylorivjericom, Wireshark05:47
flowbee___ahow do i play a .mkv on ubuntu 10.0405:47
maurer_I know the cable's good, as about a week ago I set this up manually with routing tables and masquerading, but would rather not do that frequently05:47
maurer_Any ideas on how to fix this?05:47
jiltdilclu3:application-s->accessories-->take screenshot05:48
ruanjericom: system monitor applet, and right click preferences, check network, uncheck cpu05:48
clu3jiltdil, thanks a lot, found it :005:48
AnggaDj98Znerky1: sudo nice -n -10 <program_name>05:48
=== david is now known as Guest17690
OUTOFLUKSis there anyone kicking around that knows about cryptsetup and luks encryption? I can't boot into my box and I'm trying to access my root partition but it's encrypted.05:48
soreaumaurer_: I've never had success with connection sharing with networkmanager. I usually just end up setting it up all manually after making sure networkmanager does not interfere05:49
Znerky1anggadj98: so i just add that into the shotcut?05:49
Guest17690Has anyone delt with installing drivers for Prism 2.5 wavelan wireless card? I have tried everything and can't get it to work.05:49
AnggaDj98Znerky1: make that the shortcut05:49
jericomruan: is there another that you know of?05:49
maurer_soreau: :/ I had it work about 6 months ago, so it does work sometimes. I guess I'll just set it up manually. Do you know a way to get networkmangler to release an individual interface, i.e. to allow it to manage my wireless interface, but not my wired?05:50
AnggaDj98Znerky1: so make a shortcut with the command: gksu nice -n -10 <program_name>05:50
soreaumaurer_: nope05:50
Znerky1the command in properties is /home/user/HON/hon.sh shall i just replace that?05:50
Abhijithow to install rtmpdump in lucid? help?05:51
jericomIs there another applet to monitor network traffic besides "system monitor"?05:51
AnggaDj98Znerky1: maybe no05:51
Chipper351are there any good programs for identifying bad blocks on a hard drive and fixing/removing them?05:51
Abhijitjericom, do you want to monitor how much bandwidh you used? that mesn what size of software you downloaded etc?05:51
AnggaDj98Znerky1: just add those lines in your script05:51
AnggaDj98Chipper351: isn't it checked at boot?05:52
Chipper351its a USB drive05:52
ceoall ame need make my ubuntu 10.01 like this link :http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/unity-364-brings-resizable-launcher-alt.html05:52
py9371hi what is the best froo ISO05:52
Znerky1"/home/user/HON/hon.sh" gksudo nice -n -10 ?05:52
py9371i want to read ISO for free05:52
AnggaDj98Chipper351: plug it in before the boot starts05:52
ruanpy9371: it can be read without installing anything05:52
py9371My balls Are too big what should I do?!05:52
ruanpy9371: open it with archive manager05:52
soreaupy9371: You mean you want to mount an iso image?05:52
AnggaDj98Chipper351: but of course, theres a program that can be run manually05:53
py9371no i mean my balls are like 5 " each05:53
Chipper351what program? any idea?05:53
jericomAbhijit: Basically the activity of the network card, at what speed is downloading, total data downloaded, etc.05:53
AnggaDj98Znerky1: no, open /home/user/HON/hon.sh, then add the gksudo nice -n -10 <program_name>05:53
soreauJordan_U: What was he asking?05:53
py9371like my balls are too big05:54
Abhijitjericom, for total data downloded today, this week, last month, this year etc you can use vnstat.05:54
AnggaDj98!language | py937105:54
ubottupy9371: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:54
AnggaDj98please kick him05:54
Jordan_Upy9371: That is not apropriate for this channel. This is your last warning.05:54
Jordan_U!guidelines | py937105:54
ubottupy9371: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:54
py9371my skateboard cut open my ball sack05:54
Abhijitjericom, sudo apt-get install vnstat. then for firt time you need to do sudo vnstat to crete database. and second time onwardd you can directly run vnstat05:54
AnggaDj98Chipper351: googling05:55
StarminnWhat is the thing called that you can turn off your computer/change your IM status in the Panel?05:55
jericomAbhijit: Ok perfect, but is there an applet that has that information?05:55
AnggaDj98indicator applet05:55
=== pvoccio is now known as pvo
AnggaDj98Starminn: indicator applet session05:55
Abhijitjericom, ammm there can be. no idea. you look database of screenlet and awn and cairdo dock plugins05:55
StarminnAnggaDj98: No, the other one.05:56
AnggaDj98Starminn: you said the ones to turn it off and use the Me Menu?05:57
StarminnAnggaDj98: Yes. The Indicator Applet is for sound/mail.05:57
AnggaDj98Starminn: the indicator applet is the ones with Chat, Broadcast, Evolution Mail, Sound, and etc. menus and the indicaotr applet session is for shutdown and Me Menu05:57
gaelfxhow can I change how chrome handles email addresses? I don't want it to open an external app05:58
AnggaDj98gaelfx: use desktop-webmail05:58
introsp3ctiveanyone here listen to electronic music?05:58
introsp3ctivetechno, dubstep, etc05:58
StarminnAnggaDj98: Then I'm afraid I don't have that applet anymore. Instead, the power controls are in the System menu05:58
AnggaDj98introsp3ctive: Kalimba from Windows 7 :D05:58
ruanintrosp3ctive: i listen to dubstep, but that's offtopic05:59
gaelfxAnggaDj98: perhaps I phrased that poorly, I meant that I don't want it to open another application, I want it to open gmail compose in the browser05:59
Starminnintrosp3ctive: That's off-topic. Please relocate this conversation in #ubuntu-offtopic05:59
TBotNik1All:  BRB system restarting after upgrade!05:59
AnggaDj98no, the desktop-webmail controls the way your default browser handles mailto: protocol05:59
AnggaDj98gaelfx: no, the desktop-webmail controls the way your default browser handles mailto: protocol05:59
vishal_iitki have ubuntu installed on a pc, some other users also have it installed...we have our separate partitions....how can i stop others from accessing the drive in which i have installed ubuntu? I have searched for it on the internet05:59
ruanvishal_iitk: use permissions06:00
AnggaDj98vishal_iitk: encrypt your partition06:00
gaelfxAnggaDj98: is there any way to make it open compose in gmail?06:00
elijahHow do I flush GRUB to only have latest 2/3 kernels?06:00
ruanelijah: delete the older kernels06:01
AnggaDj98gaelfx: so... when a mailto protocol came up and you click the link it will automatically open GMail's compose?06:01
ruanelijah: sudo apt-get delete linux-image-older-version-06:01
jericomAbhijit: Ok I found one its called netspeed06:01
AnggaDj98ruan: isn't it sudo apt-get remove?06:01
Abhijitjericom, ok06:01
gaelfxAnggaDj98: yeah06:01
ruanremove, yes06:01
ruanstill waking up06:01
StarminnAnggaDj98: Any idea how to obtain it? I had to reinstall gnome-panel earlier today because KDE wiped it.06:02
AnggaDj98gaelfx: I think no, sorry06:02
ruanelijah: this can be done from synaptic too, just search06:02
ameriserfjoin #philosophy06:02
AnggaDj98Starminn: so, it depends on what DE you want now06:02
gaelfxAnggaDj98: that's ok, not your fault. thanks for thinking!06:03
AnggaDj98gaelfx: haha your welcome06:03
Viking667'llo all. Still trying to troubleshoot my sound... primary sound card's a NVidia ALC1200, secondary sound card is an ES1371. I'm trying to use the primary card with Skype, but though the speakers work fine, the microphone sounds like it's been mixed with another frequency, making me sound like Igor Brovinskya (3 octaves lower than normal).06:03
AnggaDj98gaelfx: and sorry I can't answer that06:03
Viking667I'm _not_ using pulseaudio, or i'm trying damn hard not to (shot it on sight)06:03
AnggaDj98Starminn: now, do you want a KDE or a GNOME06:03
ceoall am hve install phpmyadmin with user and password (admin124) if am login with localhost/phpmyadmin and am can't used my username and password06:03
StarminnAnggaDj98: I'm faithful to Gnome. I was just trying out KDE and it's made a mess of my computer. Fonts are all screwed up,  it's got processess running half of my CPU in the background, it uninstalled gnome-panel, and now I don't have that applet.06:03
soreauViking667: that's pretty funny06:03
ceoall ame need make my ubuntu 10.01 like this link :http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/unity-364-brings-resizable-launcher-alt.html06:03
StarminnAnggaDj98: So, one at a time, I'm fixing Gnome.06:03
ceoall am hve install phpmyadmin with user and password (admin124) if am login with localhost/phpmyadmin and am can't used my username and password06:04
ceoall am hve install phpmyadmin with user and password (admin124) if am login with localhost/phpmyadmin and am can't used my username and password06:04
AnggaDj98Starminn: you have to choose one coz this 2 desktop environments don't work together well06:04
soreau! repeat | ceo06:04
ubottuceo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:04
Viking667So, what do I need to do to make me sound more ... normal? I've fiddled with things using console mixer program (alsamixer), but I suspect I'm missing something primary.06:04
StarminnAnggaDj98: Oh. Is there a particular reason for that? They really can't just work in harmony together?06:04
AnggaDj98Starminn: yes they don't06:05
TBotNikAll: Back upgrade successful I think?06:05
AnggaDj98juzzy_: gday my Australian friend :D06:05
StarminnAnggaDj98: Well then, I'm going to have to remain faithful to my good friend GNOME.06:05
AnggaDj98Starminn: oh and BTW KDE needs a lot of dependencies06:06
StarminnAnggaDj98: I know.06:06
AnggaDj98Starminn: and it needs a lot of memory to use them, so dont use KDE unless you want glitches in your desktop06:06
joeb_hi all .. does anyone use firewall ?06:07
joeb_also what is a good firewall ? i just installed firewall06:07
StarminnAnggaDj98: I've been gradually discovering that. I *want* to like it because it's so gosh darn pretty, but every time I try it vomits all over itself, and sometimes GNOME which I don't appreciate much06:07
=== zorroleroli is now known as zorrolero
ayeceejoeb_: ufw06:07
AnggaDj98Starminn: but I'm still using KDE for testing my Qt4 programs, although it remains living unharmonically with GNOME06:07
Danielcg25Why doesnt Ubuntu see my brand new SDHC card and my camera does?06:07
AnggaDj98joeb_: maybe ufw?06:07
StarminnAnggaDj98: It uninstalled itself a few days ago. So anyway, what steps do I need to take? Just delete all KDE stuff, etc., but how do I get the MeMenu back?06:07
joeb_ayecee: is it command line ?06:08
=== LjL-Temp` is now known as LjL-Temp
AnggaDj98ayecee: bump06:08
Viking667bah. Looks like I'm going to have to reboot to sodding Vista to fix this... blech.06:08
AnggaDj98joeb_: yes it is06:08
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest17328
gaelfxViking667: have you tried the alsa backports?06:08
Starminn!firewall > joeb_06:08
ubottujoeb_, please see my private message06:08
AnggaDj98Starminn: install indicator-applet-complete06:08
tass_Does HDMI audio output work in ubuntu with latest nvidia drivers?06:09
Viking667haven't tried those, no.06:09
gaelfxViking667: sorry, I was looking at old chat06:09
TBotNikAll: Did anyone look at my bacula job problem?06:09
Viking667's weird effect, hearing myself three octaves lower than normal.06:09
Viking667still, sounds better than donald duck, I suppose.06:09
AnggaDj98Starminn: it includes memenu, session and application06:09
gaelfxtass_: in my experience, they work with smplayer, but they won't work in general unless you have an spdif passthrough cable06:09
StarminnAnggaDj98: I need to restart X?06:09
gaelfxViking667: Leonard Cohen>Donald Duck06:10
AnggaDj98Starminn: maybe you dont have to06:10
tass_the cable works in W7 for aduio xD06:10
gaelfxtass_: well, then, you probably don't have that.  You have to remember to select the nvidia audio device in pulse, and you will get sound, but there's a good chance it's low quality06:10
StarminnAnggaDj98: It's not there. :( I'll try restarting X06:10
Danielcg25Does Ubuntu support SDHC?06:11
Danielcg25(Secure Digital High Capacity)06:11
TBotNikRepost to All: Having problem with bacula.  On 9.04 on this box, (upgrade to 9.10 in process now) using WebMin with bacula, got the config working now, but getting job errors and totally ?????.  Can anyone help?  Post on forum @ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10616413#post1061641306:11
gaelfxDanielcg25:  should do06:11
joeb_ayecee: AnggaDj98 i have ports open i need closed .. do i stop the service or just run the firewall ?06:11
AnggaDj98gaelfx: Hey you still there? I got this command line program e2fsck to check the file systems for bad blocks06:11
TBotNikAll: Correction now on 9.10 after upgrade.06:11
Danielcg25gaelfx: Well nothing happens when I plug my new card in :(06:11
Danielcg25But my camera works fine with it06:11
gaelfxAnggaDj98: still here06:12
AnggaDj98joeb_: looking for the command wait a sec06:12
Viking667I'm using the snd_hda_intel module, or so it seems06:12
tass_HDMI audio dosn't work?06:12
AnggaDj98gaelfx: e2fsck see the manual page06:12
gaelfxDanielcg25: well, it's possible that your card reader doesn't support it, but I've never had a problem with mine06:12
XChatsgood day!06:12
Danielcg25hmm.. Probably the reader :(06:12
ayeceejoeb_: stop the service, of course.06:12
Danielcg25I'll have to buy a new one06:12
StarminnAnggaDj98: http://imagebin.org/14565806:13
gaelfxAnggaDj98: wait, why am I shecking e2fsck?06:13
AnggaDj98gaelfx: to scan bad blocks in your USB drive06:13
TBotNikAll: Error seems to be coming from the "/nonexistant/path/to/file/archive/dir", which I'm guessing is in a config file and needs changing to an actual existing directory.  Am I right?06:13
gaelfxDanielcg25: is there another reader you can try?06:13
StarminnAnggaDj98: Although complete is now there, I didn't want them together. I separate mine.06:13
gaelfxAnggaDj98: I think you've got me confused with someone else ;)06:13
Danielcg25gaelfx: Not on this computer :/06:14
XChatsis their a twitter apps for the command line06:14
AnggaDj98Starminn: hmm, so you want it to separate and that dialog box showed up?06:14
Danielcg25(My laptop has a SD slot, not sure if it works with SDHC)06:14
AnggaDj98XChats: goto #ubuntu-bots and talk to BestBot to see the best twitter app in command line06:14
gaelfxDanielcg25: hang on, I'll try to look into SDHC stuff06:15
StarminnAnggaDj98: Dialog showed up on start of Gnome the last two times (before installing complete), and yes, I don't want complete, I just want the power+MeMenu. Not everything together.06:15
Danielcg25K thanks :)06:15
AnggaDj98Starminn: then install it one by one06:15
XChatsAnggaDj98: thanks06:15
joeb_like if i wanted to see all the services running wouldn't i do a sudo service --status-all |grep '+' ?06:15
StarminnAnggaDj98: Yes, I need to know the package name is what I'm trying to get.06:15
AnggaDj98Starminn: indicator-applet-session06:16
daniel__hey gus how do i install firefox back on ?06:16
Starminn!ffr | daniel__06:16
AnggaDj98Starminn: or indicator-me and indicator-session separately06:16
Starminn!ff4 | daniel__06:17
icedteaanyone know how to reinstall or reconfigure a package?06:17
ubottudaniel__: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox06:17
_syrinx_ daniel__ sudo apt-get install firefox06:17
AnggaDj98icedtea: sudo apt-get reinstall <package>06:17
daniel__how do i delete a program via terminal06:17
Starminndaniel__ apt-get remove <package>06:18
AnggaDj98daniel__: use sudo apt-get remove <package>06:18
gaelfxDanielcg25: yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the reader, how old is the computer?06:18
joeb_ayecee: how do i konw the service that is running .. i did a nmap and tried to stop the service but no go06:18
sancashow can i close conver of empathy when i press esc???06:18
AnggaDj98oh my God I'm so tired supporting people which I'm failing in :(06:19
joeb_sudo service ipp stop ?06:19
gaelfxDanielcg25: if it's for a phone, could you plug the card into the phone and the phone into the computer and set it up for mass storage and see if that works?06:19
Danielcg25It's for my camera, it's a 8GB SD(HC) Card06:19
futkajoin #gdku2706:20
Danielcg25SD is 4GB and under06:20
ayeceejoeb_: if the port is open, the service is running. what port is that?06:20
joeb_ippt ayecee port 63106:21
rwwfutka: stop that.06:21
StarminnAnggaDj98: That did it, thanks.06:21
Danielcg25gaelfx: That's a good idea, my camera has a USB let me see if it works06:21
joeb_ipp             631/tcp                         # Internet Printing Protocol06:21
gaelfxDanielcg25: can you plug the camera into the computer?06:21
tass_i have a 8gb sd card on ubuntu right now and i just installed so it's prolly your card reader06:21
gaelfxDanielcg25: okie doke06:21
=== _syrinx_ is now known as syrinx_
dsnydersDanielcg25, SD cards for cameras are typically formatted using FAT, so there should be no problem accessing the data... if the computer can recognize the card in the first place.06:21
ayeceejoeb_: netstat -anp will show you the process that has the port open06:22
=== josh__ is now known as Gump_
=== syrinx_ is now known as Guest96615
joeb_ayecee: thanks its cups06:22
Danielcg25dsnyders: Yes, it's formatted FAT3206:23
joeb_ayecee: if i do a service cups stop when i reboot will it come back .. how do i stop it from autobooting06:23
Danielcg25I plugged the camera's USB cord in, its working now06:23
Danielcg25Card reader probably only supports SD cards and not SDHC cards :/06:23
dsnydersDanielcg25, do you have a plain SD card to test the reader?06:24
ray24Hi, anyone know how to get gmail notifier to work on my ubuntu?06:24
Danielcg25dsnyders: Yes, I just copied photos off a regular SD about 10 minutes ago =P06:25
dsnydersDanielcg25, Sounds like your diagnosis about SD but not SDHC is spot on then.  Sorry.06:25
=== Guest96615 is now known as _syrinx_
Danielcg25dsnyders: I'll have to "invest" $20 in a new card reader =P06:27
weezHi. Does anyone know which config file I need to edit to run a script at startup?06:27
belakWhat's the package for gtk headers?06:27
delinquentme_i did a sudo -i .. how do i exit out of super user now?06:27
XChatsweez: try the crontab -e06:27
DaPenguindelinquentme_, exit06:27
belakdelinquentme_: logout or exit06:27
dsnydersdelinquentme_, just type exit06:27
rwwweez: /etc/rc.local06:27
weezrww: thanks06:28
dsnydersDanielcg25, I presume this is a laptop?  There may be a bios upgrade available from the manufacturer.06:29
TBotNikAll: Looks like I was right.  Found the /nonexistant/path/to/file/archive/dir in the bacula-dir.conf and also the WebMin interface and changed to /data/bacula <my created dir> and now is off working, I think.  At least it did not blow right through and error like before and is off processing something.  I'm monitoring to see if the backup is actually created.06:31
jiltdilwhen i am clicking to my places button and wants to go in home the vlc starts to play? i am confused help me06:31
jiltdilclicking anything undrep places opens vlc06:32
jiltdilwhy it is happening help me?06:32
Danielcg25dsnyders: It's my desktop06:33
Danielcg25I could try updating the driver, but I just installed Ubuntu 2 days ago wouldn't they be up-to-date?06:33
N8Wulf1g'morning...less techy question. I've got a project to introduce Ubuntu to Government.Got a bunch of PIII's donated to setup as Workstations. Q: is there an Ubuntu,even very old one that will work on a PIII with 32Mb Ram?06:34
jiltdilhelp please clicking to home folder,desktop,music,pictures etc under places opens vlc  how should i recover it help please06:34
zarbulaubuntu dudes, I switched to tty2, and switched back to tty1 how do I get back into xserver?06:35
Kimmenzarbula: tty706:35
jiltdilany solution to my problem06:35
XChatsjiltdil: have you try logging out? then login06:35
jiltdilXchats:no but why the problem arises06:35
XChatszarbula try f806:36
zarbulaKimmen: Thanks! Was reading Man trying to find an awnser :)06:36
stojkofacoDA VI EBU MAMU06:37
jiltdilany one tell me why this problem happens automatically?06:37
XChatsjiltdil: honestyly i dont know but sometimes  it wiwill back to its normal setup06:37
Danielcg25Is there Xcode for Linux (Ubuntu)?06:37
Danielcg25(XCode is the programming suite from Apple)06:37
XChatszarbula try ctrl +f806:37
stojkofacoFUCK YOU!06:37
IdleOne!language | stojkofaco06:38
ubottustojkofaco: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:38
zarbulaXchats: switching to tty7 worked :) what does ctrl f8 do insted?06:38
dsnydersDanielcg25, laptop hardware can sometimes be... different.  Sometimes upgrading the Bios can cause it to report different hardware to the OS.  This isn't usually the case with desktops unless the hardware is built into the motherboard.06:39
Roger__please dont mind stojkofaceee he's   just an idiot nextdoor06:39
stojkofacoHEHE MARIO KE TE ZGAZU06:39
dsnydersDanielcg25, You're probably stuck having to spend the $20 on an upgrade.06:39
rwwRoger__: Get your class or whatever it is to stop abusing this channel or you'll all be removed from it.06:39
Roger__btw,  how can i get all rights  on ubuntu06:40
N8Wulf1sudo su06:40
IdleOnesudo -i06:40
dsnydersRoger__, become root06:40
Danielcg25stojkofaco: sudo fdisk06:40
Roger__thats all?06:40
Roger__it asks me for password06:40
Roger__i dont know it06:41
Danielcg25Enter your user password06:41
Danielcg25Are you at school?06:41
IdleOnethen your professor has done their job right06:41
Roger__something like that06:41
AndChat|N8Wulf1: if you are in the admin group you have all the power you can ever need06:42
Kimmenand first created user usually is06:42
N8Wulf1pls,my Q again: any idea if Ubuntu can run on a Noah's calculator? or should I opt for xPud or the likes rather?06:42
Roger__yes im in admin group06:42
=== AndChat| is now known as ActionPar
Roger__im like system keeper in my school06:43
Roger__but i dont have all the premision06:43
=== ActionPar is now known as ActionParsnip
IdleOneRoger__: and you don't know your user password?06:43
N8Wulf1ActionPar: I'm sorted with user rights, I answered to Roger's Q06:43
Roger__yes i know my acc pass06:43
Roger__but not root pass06:43
IdleOneRoger__: that is the pass you need to enter06:43
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.06:43
IdleOnethere is no root password06:43
N8Wulf1but your acc pw might not have Admin rights06:43
rwwugh, wrong one.06:44
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:44
Roger__it has all06:44
=== syrinx__ is now known as syrinx_
Roger__now   how can i download vncviewer06:44
IdleOneRoger__: a good sys admin would tell the other users in his class to knock it off and follow the rules06:44
Roger__ok i will06:45
N8Wulf1ubuntu 6 work on a Pentium 3?06:45
tass_do i need a certain package for codecs to play dvd's06:45
dsnyders01:45 here folks.  Way past bedtime. G'night all!06:46
ActionParsnipN8Wulf1: the first account you make will definitely be in the admin group, you can add additional users to the admin group if you want to grant them power06:46
ohsixtass_: run sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh in a terminal06:46
rehanhey guys06:46
ActionParsnipN8Wulf1: yes06:46
ActionParsnip!dvd | tass06:47
ubottutass: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:47
rehani've disabled the regular nouveau drivers for nvidia that came with 10.10 and am instead using nvidia's drivers. Now anytime I try to go to a tty screen, my monitor turns off. I'm a complete ubuntu noob and am wondering if that is a big problem?06:47
N8Wulf1oh, I see, someone tried to use my Nick...06:48
MeanEYEIs there a way to turn on/off letters in keybaord indicator?06:48
tass_how do you change the audio out on mplayer or can you just change it in sound properties>06:48
N8Wulf1anybody see my posts?06:49
Roger__hey how about that vncviewer download tip06:49
pp7_hi rehan06:49
Jordan_UN8Wulf1: No.06:49
rehanpp7_, hello06:49
pp7_rehan: i had this problem too :P06:49
IdleOneRoger__: in Software Center, seach for it and install06:49
Jordan_UN8Wulf1: The someone trying to use your nick was you. You were disconnected and your client reconnected before your old connection timed out.06:49
rehanpp7_, oh nice,  know of a fix??06:49
ActionParsniprehan: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/06:49
N8Wulf1oh... lol06:50
N8Wulf1ok,I don't have any Admin or user questions06:50
tass_how do you stop xserver?06:50
N8Wulf1I'm asking pls about a Legacy edition Ubuntu06:50
Roger__ohh problems whole buntu is in my home language i cant  find it06:51
pp7_rehan: see http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/how-to-get-plymouth-working-with-nvidia.html#comment-4103767106:51
ActionParsnipN8Wulf1: if it's EOL then it's offtopic dude06:51
N8Wulf1but it seems nobody needs to use Legacy anymore06:51
Jordan_UN8Wulf1: This channel doesn't support releases of Ubuntu that are no longer supported.06:51
ActionParsnipN8Wulf1: if you have low end hardware, try Lubuntu06:52
N8Wulf1ah, thank you06:52
pp7_rehan: you may need to do this: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.conf, comment out "blacklist vesafb" and add "blacklist vga16fb"06:52
pp7_rehan: in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules, add fbcon and vesafb06:52
ActionParsnipN8Wulf1: or xpud or puppy :-)06:52
pp7_rehanL add "vga=795" to line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=..."06:53
N8Wulf1thanx,will do so06:53
pp7_then: sudo initramfs-update -u    and    sudo update-grub06:53
blackguard-anyone can help explain what dev and nodev means with simple english on the fstab file?06:55
blackguard-i am reading on net for 3 days now and i really cant understand what this 2 options are06:55
rehanpp7_, i don't have blacklist vga16fb, only blacklist vesafb06:55
=== Logan_ is now known as nick
pp7_rehan: did u read what i said properly?06:56
=== nick is now known as Logan_
rehanpp7_, sorry06:57
pp7_rehan: :P06:57
tass_anyone know how to get HDMI audio out to work or should I just go back to windows? xD06:57
pp7_tass: dont go back to windows :P06:58
tass_I can't get it to work xD06:58
Kimmentass_: it differs depending on your video card06:58
tass_geforce 9600MS06:58
Kimmentass_: run aply -l06:58
Kimmenaplay -l *06:58
daniel__hola como estan06:59
rehanpp7_, if i have 'quiet splash' already in GRUB_CMDLINE06:59
rehando i keep it?06:59
blackguard-anyone can explain in simple english what dev/nodev options in the fstab file does?06:59
pp7_rehan: hmm lemme check mine...06:59
Kimmentass_: "aplay -l" tells you which cards are available for playback06:59
tass_how do I switch the playback then?06:59
DaPenguinrehan, that's just personal preference :)06:59
rehanDaPenguin, what is?07:00
Kimmentass_: are you running lucid or maverick? 10.04 or 10.10?07:00
AnggaDj98!es | daniel__07:00
ubottudaniel__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.07:00
DaPenguinrehan, the quiet and splsh lines07:00
pp7_rehan: yea mine still has "quiet splash"07:00
Kimmentass_: run "alsamixer" press F6 and choose the nvidia card07:00
rehanDaPenguin, oh ok, what do those do?07:00
Kimmentass_: then make sure that the ouput isn't muted07:00
rehanpp7_, so is it "quiet splash vga=795"07:00
pp7_rehan: yep07:01
DaPenguinquiet hides most of the bootup messages and splash shows the splash screen07:01
rehanpp7_, or is there a comma or anything else in between?07:01
tass_dosn't show up in alsa?07:01
pp7_GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash vga=795"07:01
pp7_that's mine07:01
rehanpp7_, thanks :)07:01
pp7_rehan: does it work?07:02
Kimmentass_: when you run alsamixer in cli and then press F6, which cards can you choose from?07:02
rehanpp7_, sudo initramfs-update -u gives me command not found07:02
tass_on aplay -l it has 3 lists07:03
tass_when I press F6 it has 207:03
Kimmentass_: which 2?07:04
blackguard-Someone can explain what dev and nodev options does on the fstab file?07:05
pp7_rehan: hmm07:06
rehanpp7_, perhaps i did something wrong?07:06
pp7_rehan: no07:06
=== Guest17328 is now known as LjL-Temp
pp7_rehan: install initranfs through synaptic07:08
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest22990
pp7_rehan: *initramfs-tools07:08
rehanpp7_, ok i got update manager going, i'll do it as soon as it finishes07:08
pratheep_now i will upgrad my ubuntu... and waite for long..07:10
sancasim installed the lyrics screenlet07:10
sancasbut this close for moments07:10
sancasand what can i dot for it start when i login to my user??07:11
rehanok pp7_ , should i mark it for reinstallation? apparently its already installed07:12
pp7_rehan: it should work if its installed07:12
pp7_rehan: yea reinstall it07:12
rehanpp7_, ok so i type "sudo initramfs-update -u"07:14
rehanpp7_, and it gives command not found07:14
DaPenguinit's actuall sudo update-initramfs07:15
pp7_rehan: ok just do sudo update-grub07:15
CheBuzzThere is a Cannon MX310 that I am trying to print to.  I used to have a file /etc/cups/ppd/Canon-MX310-series.ppd that got deleted when the printer was removed.  Googling doesn't help much.  Anybody know where I can find that file again?07:15
rehanpp7_, ok do i need to reboot?07:15
Pete_Hello i have to folders with pad locks on them i can not delete these folders any suggestions?07:16
rehanpp7_, i did the sudo update-initramfs -u also, it worked07:16
tass_what's the best movie watching software for ubuntu? =]07:16
rehanpp7_, but now if i do ctrl-alt-F1 i get a black screen at first, then it turns into a big white shape and starts getting smaller slowly07:17
DaPenguintass_, vlc, hands down imho07:17
weeztass_: i like vlc07:17
blackguard-tass: vls is one of the best software, got alot of codecs07:17
weezPete_: You probably dont have permission to delete them. Do you know the root password on the machine?07:17
pp7_rehan: not sure if initramfs-update is needed anyway07:18
pp7_rehan: i'm assuming u did all the other stuff in that guide07:18
tass_lol that's what i thought just wanted to make sure ubuntu didn't have some secret badass movie player =]07:18
Pete_when i log in to root sudo su and try to rm the file it say's i can not delete a directory07:18
weezPete_: open up a terminal and type 'sudo nautilus'07:18
pp7_rehan: wow07:18
weeztry rm -r07:18
weezi mean rm -rf07:18
rehanpp7_, oops, i just did all the changes you told me to. I didn't actually do anything from the link you sent.07:18
pp7_rehan: did u reboot?07:19
rehannot yet07:19
pp7_tass_: xbmc undoubtably :)07:19
=== v__v is now known as V01
weezPete_: when you rm the directory in the terminal try using the -r and -f flags (recursive and force)07:19
pp7_rehan: yep u need to do all of that then reboot07:19
Pete_ahh  ok07:19
=== Milos|Laptop is now known as Milos
=== sean is now known as Guest78191
rehanpp7_, ok just to be clear, the stuff you told me to do, is that in addition to stuff in the link you sent or is it the same thing?07:20
weezPete_: be VERY careful when using those flags.07:20
linuxuz3rwhats a good pdf reader that supports annotation highlighting and commenting?07:20
_marx_knowledge is power07:20
pp7_rehan: yep07:21
pp7_rehan: to get the virtual terminals working07:21
rehanpp7_, did you have me do the same thing as the link you sent?07:21
ubottupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/okular/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)07:22
pratheep_i'm leanrning to use python. Have a python chennel.07:22
Logan_pratheep_: /join #python07:22
pratheep_thank you..07:23
rehanpp7_, i'm not sure where the instructions are in the link that you sent...07:25
V01Need some basic IRC help07:25
TBotNikAll: Bacula is still working, but do not see anything the directory yet.  Not sure what this means.  Any clues?07:25
Pete_commands rm -r -f worked great thankx for the help guy's07:25
V01my other nick is registered and connected to the channel07:26
V01and I just reconnected07:26
V01how do i get on that nick?07:26
pp7_rehan: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/how-to-get-plymouth-working-with-nvidia.html#comment-4103767107:26
mkquist_V01: register07:26
pp7_rehan: at the top07:26
pp7_rehan: scroll up07:26
V01mkquist_ alright thanks07:26
blaenkhey if I have a screen 'socket' open: 11213.something (22/01/10 05:03:14) (Attached), how do I get rid of it?07:27
icedteais there a core dump of some kind when the linux kernel barfs on boot up? it just reboots with no message or anything07:27
pp7_rehan: looks like there's a script that does it: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/script-to-fix-ubuntu-plymouth-for.html07:27
pp7_rehan: but you're probably better off using the other link at this point07:28
rehanpp7_, ok cool07:28
rehanpp7_, i'm gonna reboot and see if it changes anything07:28
benzaldehydeI still can't figure out how to set the mouse in xorg.conf, what am I missing? I 'know' the mouse is in /dev/input/mouse1 but every edit to xorg.conf produces ero results07:29
TBotNikAll: Checking out, ZZZZ time!!!07:30
rehanpp7_, hmm no change :(07:32
rehanpp7_, screen goes black07:32
LorgonJortleHow would one go about reading gmon.out?07:32
LorgonJortleGedit and nano give me a ton of gumblygook.07:32
LorgonJortleWell, Gedit doesn't open it. nano gives gumblygook.07:33
benzaldehydeWhat am I doing wrong http://pastebin.com/3BP9drPk07:34
pp7_rehan: u still have GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash vga=795" in your /etc/default/grub?07:35
=== apc is now known as Peddy
rehanpp7_, yep, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet vga=795"07:36
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
pp7_rehan: did u do this?: in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules, add fbcon and vesafb07:37
Peddyis there a good way to set up 2 wallpapers for dual monitors yet?07:37
rehanpp7_, yep, checked it too07:37
Peddyrehan, I just joined - can you please explain your problem to me? I might have just solved something similar myself07:37
pratheep_hi who know program use like diskDefragement in window..07:38
rehanPeddy, if i hit ctrl-alt-f1 my display doesn't show anything. I installed nvidia proprietary drivers and blacklisted nouveau. If I remove nouveau from blacklist then the tty screen works for me but I can't load into ubuntu, just get a black screen on that.07:39
=== s is now known as Guest26196
Peddyrehan, that's cool - could you please post your /etc/default/grub file on pastebin for me?07:40
pp7_and u did sudo initramfs-update -u then sudo update-grub then rebooted?07:40
Peddyrehan, does ctrl-alt-f2 etc do the same?07:40
=== pratheep_ is now known as pratheep
rehanPeddy, http://pastebin.com/P3LTNkJk07:41
rehanpp7_, yep, i did sudo update-initramfs -u and also did sudo update-grub, and rebooted07:41
Peddyrehan, your monitor resolution?07:41
rehanPeddy, 1920x108007:41
ndxtgDoes anyone here know much about "xset dpms on|off|standby|suspend" ? I need to turn the screen of the server off, but also need to let the processes run in the background, which option is the correct one?07:42
ndxtg(man page does not help)07:42
pp7_rehan: why is GRUB_GFXMODE="640x480" commented out??!?07:42
rehanpp7_, no idea, should i uncomment it?07:42
Peddyrehan, replace it with this, run update-grub, and please report to me: http://pastebin.com/i3Cmh6uu07:43
Lewerrr can anyone help me07:44
Peddyrehan, additionally, add "sleep 2" without quotes to the end of /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/framebuffer  and run update-initramfs -u07:44
Lewpeddy can you help me?07:45
DaPenguin!ask | Lew07:45
ubottuLew: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:45
Lewwoops sorry07:46
jubei-zaWhen i try to boot up lubuntu with my plasma tv set to RGB mode to use it as secondary monitor, for some strange reason all the fonts are TINY, ive tried to change the font sizes but not luck, ive tried to use this link(http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=636446) but there is no xorg.conf in /etc/X11/ -im using lxde so not even sure if xorg.conf is used and not sure if there is an equivalent .conf for lxde - could someone point me in th07:46
jubei-zae right direction?07:46
jiltdilwhen i open desktop,documents.downloads etc under places suddenly vlc opens i restarted my system but also it dosnot works,please help me?07:46
Lew'ok so when I boot up ubuntu, the screen goes black and stays black07:46
Gorshipis wine able to run cs5? id like to use ubuntu for my web editing for the extra performance07:47
rehanPeddy, ok i did that, should i reboot?07:47
DaPenguinLew, try bringing it up in recovery mode07:47
Lewerr how?07:48
* BajK had a really freaking nightmare o.O afk. Backing up my hard drives07:48
rehanPeddy, ok, i'm going to reboot and be back, see if it changes anything, Thank you!07:48
jiltdil when i open desktop,documents.downloads etc under places suddenly vlc opens i restarted my system but also it dosnot works,please help me?07:48
DaPenguinLew, you should see multiple kernel options on grub bootup, anyhting with a (recovery) tag07:48
DaPenguinLew, if that boots (which it probably will) the issue is either with GDM (the graphical login manager) or with X in general07:49
ranjanjiltdil, i have the solution for you. :) thats happening becuase of the default file association problem07:50
jiltdilranjan:how to solve this as it happend automatically07:50
=== strider24 is now known as striding
ranjanjiltdil, there is a file in the home folder which lists the default file association. i dont remember the exact file, i am searching for it. just 2 minutes07:51
stridingHey guys, I accidently deleted my /var/mail/username file, how do I restore it?07:51
jiltdilranjana:ok thanx07:51
Lew_when I do recovery mode it just goes to a lighter black07:51
DaPenguinLew, try ctrl alt f1 and see if that brings up a command line07:52
rehanPeddy, still doesn't work after rebooting, but the grub2 menu is in higher resolution now07:52
Lew_penguin, in what screen?07:53
DaPenguinLew_, the one that's black07:53
cl3tUsHi everyone!  I need help making a VM using VBox with a WIM file.07:54
cl3tUsany pointers?07:55
Lew_penguin, na no command line07:55
Lew_it was working earlier.... havnt done anything07:56
rehanPeddy, still around?07:56
StavaI rebooted my router but my ubuntu server wont get online, should i just wait or reset the server?07:56
=== DrHouse|Aribeth_ is now known as DrHouse|Aribeth
Lew_any idea penguin07:57
ranjanamit_, what happened?07:57
DaPenguinLew_, hmm07:58
=== jim is now known as Guest25312
ranjanjiltdil, hi07:58
Lew_@penguin I went thru boot manager, and it said stuff about no init found, try passing init= bootarg07:59
Lew_dunno if that helps07:59
ranjanjiltdil, here is your solution. chech whether this file exist in your machine. ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list07:59
ranjanis it there.08:00
Peddyrehan, i'm here - sorry, had dinner08:00
DaPenguinLew_, so it can't find the kernel image08:00
rehanPeddy, oh no worries. Thank you for sticking with me so far08:01
jiltdilranjan:ye it is08:01
Peddyrehan, did you modify the initram thing and initramfs-update?08:01
ranjanopen it and see08:01
ranjanjiltdil, open it and see08:01
rehanPeddy, yep, did all the directions you gave me. Rebooted. Saw high-res grub menu, but tty is still not showing anything08:01
Lew_Penguin, I dont know... What should I do?08:02
jiltdilranjam:it opens but it is blank08:02
ranjanjiltdil, inode/directory=vlc like something.08:02
Peddyrehan, that menu was pretty sexy though, right? ^^ okay. At least that's progress. What graphics card do you have?08:02
Lew_it has 4 boot options, the 2 unbuntu versions and recoverys versions, all of them lead to black screen08:02
jiltdilranjan:yes it is seen08:02
rehanPeddy, haha yea it looked very nice. I have an nvidia 330GT mobile08:02
DaPenguin!grub | Lew_  >> try this08:02
pp7_rehan: here's the instructions i recorded for myself: http://pastebin.com/SUYmn57S08:02
DaPenguin!grub | Lew_08:03
ubottuLew_: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.08:03
cl3tUsany pointers?08:03
ranjanjiltdil, remove that line08:03
cl3tUsHi everyone!  I need help making a VM using VBox with a WIM file.08:03
=== jimn_ is now known as jim-n
ranjanjiltdil, remove that line08:03
Lew_how could I loose GRUB when it woked thismorning08:03
ranjanjiltdil, thats all08:03
rehanPeddy, pp7_ thank you for that08:03
Peddyrehan, let's keep trying - i just got it working on my nvidia card.08:04
jiltdilranjan:ok i removed but why it is happening08:04
Lew_at the top it says08:04
DaPenguinLew_, probably an issue witha kernel update would be my guess08:04
VanessaEcan someone here help me with a dual-screen XRandR issue?08:04
Peddyrehan, do you have fbset installed? "sudo apt-get install fbset"08:04
jiltdilranjan: and how it atomaticaaly added08:04
Lew_GNU GRUB version 1.9808:04
rehanPeddy, sure, I'm on board as long as you are :)08:04
rehanPeddy, ok, just installed fbset08:04
DaPenguinLew_, so you have grub2. follow the recovery instructions for that. should (hopefully) correct the problem08:05
ranjanjiltdil, sorry, not sure about the root cause.08:05
Peddyrehan, ok, good. Next, we will reinstall everything related to grub2. This actually fixed my problem for the first time. Can you open synaptic? (gksu synaptic)08:05
jiltdilranjan:ok thanxalot08:05
ranjanjiltdil, thank the community08:05
nick_namehello all!08:06
Peddyrehan, please note that you should definitely not restart your laptop without grub installed, this will lead to a lot of hassle08:06
rehanok Peddy i'm in synaptic08:06
jiltdilranjan: especially you :)08:06
jiltdilok any one tell me why it is automatically happend?08:07
Lew_penguin, I dont have disks :(08:07
VanessaEI would like to keep my two monitors "linked" when I change to a lower resolution, such that together they act as a single screen that can pan around a large virtual screen, instead of each screen having its own independent panning region.08:07
Peddyrehan, okay - search "grub". tick "grub-pc" and "grub-common" and select "mark for complete removal", then hit apply. DO NOT REBOOT08:08
ranjanjiltdil, PM?08:08
BajKif I copy a folder, the hidden folders (starting with a dot) inside it are copied as well?08:08
VanessaEXRandR can supposedly do this, but I can't make heads nor tails of the stuff I find on the web when I search.08:08
jiltdilranjan;PM means08:08
=== Guest22990 is now known as LjL-Temp
rehanPeddy, ok, what about regular grub ?08:08
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest82081
Peddyrehan, that should be uninstalled too (just for cleanliness' sake). You can also do that to "grub2", which isn't actually anything08:09
rehanPeddy, done.08:09
=== scott_ is now known as Guest31106
DaPenguinLew_, ugh, well, if you can't get the machine to even boot you're going to need one...08:10
Peddyrehan, okay, open up a terminal. type "cd /etc" then "sudo mv grub.d ~/grub.d.backup"08:10
rehanPeddy, done08:11
=== D_N_X is now known as DNX
Peddyrehan, good. Now, can you see if "cat /etc/default/grub" produces any output at all? does that file still exist?08:12
Lew_Penguin, /dev on /root/dev failed : No such file or directory08:12
pratheepi want to use cx-freeze teach me please....,08:12
rehanPeddy, nope, no such file or directory08:12
ranjanjiltdil, Private Message:)08:12
Lew_mounting sys on /root/sys failed08:12
Lew_etc etc08:12
nerdshellwhen I list permissions for /dev/null, I get crw_rw_rw what does the c mean ?08:13
Lew_target filesystem dosnt have requested /sbin/init08:13
Roger_what about vncviewer (i might be boring but my teacher says that we need it) i need how to install try console. exm sudo apt-get vncviewer but it asks me for version08:13
Peddyrehan, great. Now, in synaptic, install "grub-pc" and "grub-common" (although the latter should be selected automatically when you pick the former)08:13
ohsixnerdshell: character device08:13
nerdshellohsix: which means ?08:14
atpa8awhy would i get no console (display goes to sleep) *after* kernel is loaded?08:14
ohsixthere are block and character device nodes, block devices can be mmap'd, character devices just have ioctls and read/write08:14
Lew_hey ohsix can u help me?08:14
linuxuz3rwhats a good pdf reader that supports annotation highlighting and commenting?08:14
rehanPeddy, it wants to know where to install grub, on /dev/sda or /dev/sda5 or both08:15
Peddyrehan, /dev/sda is fine08:15
rehanPeddy, done.08:15
Peddyrehan, now, open /etc/default/grub again in gedit (sudo gedit /etc/default/grub)08:16
Roger_what about vncviewer (i might be boring but my teacher says that we need it) i need how to install try console. exm sudo apt-get vncviewer but it asks me for version08:16
jasonabcdo ubuntu is slow than xubuntu?08:16
rehanPeddy, done08:16
icerootjasonabc: gnome and xfce4 are equal, if you want a light desktop, use lubuntu-desktop (lxde)08:16
rehanPeddy, http://pastebin.com/TWPmnYFx08:17
icerootRoger_: can you post the complete message from apt-get?08:17
Roger_just a sec08:17
iceroot!paste | Roger_08:17
ubottuRoger_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:17
Peddyrehan, okay, in terminal, do "sudo apt-get install hwinfo && sudo sudo hwinfo --framebuffer"08:18
Peddyrehan, only one sudo in the second part*08:18
Lew_My screen goes black when I selected ubuntu to boot. In Boot manager it says mounting /dev on /root/dev failed :no such file or directory08:18
Lew_and /sys /root/sys failed08:18
Lew_'etc etc08:18
DachoGuys can anyone give me link to the vnc viewer compatible for the edubuntu08:19
rehanPeddy, unable to lock the administration directory (var/lib/dpkg), is another process using it?08:19
Lew_Target file system does not have requested /sbin/init08:19
DachoGuys can anyone give me link to the vnc viewer compatible for the edubuntu08:19
Roger_!Reading package lists... Done08:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:19
DachoGuys can anyone give me link to the vnc viewer compatible for the edubuntu08:19
Roger_Building dependency tree08:19
Roger_Reading state information... Done08:19
Roger_Package vncviewer is a virtual package provided by:08:19
Roger_  xtightvncviewer 1.2.9-2108:19
Roger_  svncviewer 1:0.1.1-808:19
FloodBot1Roger_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:19
Peddyrehan, close synaptic then press "up" on your keyboard to enter it again08:19
icerootDacho: apt-cache search vnc viewer08:19
rehanPeddy, done08:19
Peddyrehan, output of hwinfo?08:19
Lew_It was working thismorning!08:20
VanessaE(it ain't often that I see someone get K-lined that quickly.  things sure have changed)08:20
rehanPeddy, http://pastebin.com/5S3kZ0Pc08:20
Lew_o well08:21
Peddyrehan, is gedit still open with the "grub" file? okay, this hwinfo contains very good news08:21
VanessaEanyone see my xrandr question?08:21
rehanPeddy, yes its open08:21
FaffelHey, I'm having some issues with ipv6... a long time ago I tried to set up an ipv6 tunnel, failed, and thought I deleted everything referencing IPv6 - however, I can't connect to anything IPv6 related and some stuff defaults to trying to connect to ipv6. For instance, using XChat to join Freenode doesn't work because it tries to join using an IPv6 IP that doesn't work08:22
FaffelI don't have an /etc/networking/interface file to edit, so there's obviously no connection info in there08:22
FaffelNo IPv6 info in my ethernet settings either08:22
FaffelI also can't get onto HE.net because it tries to connect through IPv6 ;/08:23
Lew_lol this is hopeless08:23
Peddyrehan, just a second08:23
rehanPeddy, sure, thank you08:23
Lew_pedddy can you have a go at my problem next08:24
sling-shotIs there any commandline option to get a list of partitions with their lables08:25
Peddyrehan, replace the contents with this: http://pastebin.com/RFsWYWGG     and then run sudo update-grub, then reboot08:25
fairuzsling-shot: df -h08:26
fairuzi think it will give you the info you need08:26
rehanPeddy, ok, about to reboot08:26
Peddyrehan, ok, good luck ;)08:26
Lew_tell me what you think of this okay?08:27
pylixis there a command for encrypting files?08:27
PeddyLew_, I'm not sure about how to fix your problem. Try asking your problem again (but not too often!) and someone with knowledge might help you.08:28
fairuzpylix: gpg command08:28
Lew_When I boot ubuntu, screen goies black.. recovery mode does the same thing.08:28
fairuzpylix:  i think it's something like gpg -c filename08:28
Lew_boot manager says file system is missing required init08:28
Lew_try botting init= bootarg08:29
Lew_try passing init=bootarg*08:29
sling-shotfairuz: Thanks. It lists the mount points.08:29
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:30
fairuzsling-shot: or if you want to list down all partitions, cat /proc/partitions08:32
osxfr33kAsus Laptop G51jx I7 Nvidia graphics Ubuntu 10.10 is not working!!!!!!    I get a checkerboard screen and the boot up is slow as malasys.  8GB ram.  So what is the issue with release?08:32
fairuzbut they just give you the dev names08:32
rehanPeddy, i rebooted and it ended up on tty1 asking for my login, if i hit ctrl-alt-F7 all it showed was "checking battery" and showing parts of the boot up process, but nothing more. Now i'm in recovery mode08:32
osxfr33kLighthouse Pup runs flawlessly08:33
Peddyrehan, do you have a GUI?08:33
rehanPeddy, yeah, i loaded in low graphics settings08:34
rehanPeddy, everything is huge but its working08:34
osxfr33kI am thinking the checkerboard desktop is due to a Graphics issue which 10.10 obviously cannot resolve.  So my question is when will there be a new release for Ubuntu Desktop with hopefully the fixes to these issues08:34
Peddyrehan, that's alright - edit /etc/default/grub and replace the two lines "1280x1024" with "1920x1080" both times08:34
Peddyrehan, then run update-grub. If this doesn't work, we'll try a different approach08:35
ashmew2osxfr33k: are u getting funny bars ?08:35
ashmew2was happening to me as well , on a dell laptop with intel graphic built in08:35
osxfr33kI think the nvidia card is a 48008:35
ashmew2post a screen if possible08:36
osxfr33kI am seeing funny bard and feel like I am in a funny farm or twilight zone.  I dunno if thats good or bad?08:36
benzaldehydehttp://pastebin.com/3BP9drPk help?08:36
ashmew2read my last to last msg08:36
benzaldehydepenultimate mesage?08:37
osxfr33kcould that be a good thing?08:37
ashmew2benzaldehyde : ??08:37
benzaldehydenext to last, penultimate08:37
ashmew2.. lool08:37
benzaldehydeewe a tongue :308:38
ashmew2whats ur problem C6H5COOH08:38
benzaldehydethat's c6h5cho08:38
ashmew2hmmm u know ur chem :D08:38
rehanPeddy, ok, did that. should i reboot and see if i can get out of recovery mode?08:38
benzaldehydeas do you08:38
Peddyrehan, yep - sudo reboot is enough. Sorry if you know all this already08:38
KillGutaIs there any way to customize the live CD on Windows?08:38
rams_panduhow to set up a 64 bit chroot environment in ubuntu10,0408:38
rehanPeddy, haha no, i don't know anything. You telling me in layman terms is a HUGE help. Will reboot, brb.08:39
benzaldehydeoh, my problem is that i can't use the mouse. i know where the device resides but all attempts at pointing to it in xorg.conf have thus not been abated08:40
osxfr33kDoes anyone have a solution for the asus G51jx Notebook and Ubuntu Desktop Lice CD 10.10 Twilight Zone Bars?08:40
ashmew2are u using Maverick ?08:40
benzaldehydeall attempts have been ablated08:40
benzaldehydekarmic koala08:41
LewocoIn aptitude, how do I permanently prevent a package from being removed or upgraded?08:41
benzaldehydebit of an odd binomial nomenclature if i do say so myself chip chip cheerio Lol08:41
=== a is now known as Guest85511
mrdebis there improved sound drivers in 38 kernel? it seemslike it08:42
rehanPeddy, still just takes me to tty1, asks for login. So i rebooted again and am back in recovery mode.08:42
ashmew2benzldehyde , ur mouse being detected ?08:43
rehanPeddy, i'm not sure if there's some command i'm supposed to enter at tty1 after logging in that will load the GUI08:43
rehanPeddy, so i just reboot, and login via recovery mode, then load it in basic low graphics mode08:43
Peddyrehan, bizarre. Sorry about all this fussery. Could you verify that /etc/grub.d/ exists by typing "cd /etc/grub.d" then "ls"?08:44
benzaldehydeit's a wireless usb keyboard with a touchpad integrated. lsusb shoes it as something like device 001 Logitech, Inc.08:44
rehanpeddy, 00_header        10_linux      30_os-prober  41_custom08:44
rehan05_debian_theme  20_linux_xen  40_custom     README08:44
KillGutaHow do I integrate a wireless driver into an Ubuntu Live CD?08:44
benzaldehydebut i know for a fact that event2 and mouse1 interact with the touchpad because i can 'cat' the device and it reacts08:44
ashmew2by mouse u meant the touchpad of ur wireless logitech keyboard ?08:44
Peddyrehan, that seems to be fine. Could you pastebin /etc/default/grub please?08:45
rehanPeddy, yes, one sec. thank you.08:45
benzaldehydewell yes, that is what i am calling it08:45
LorgonJortleHey everyone.08:45
sling-shotfairuz: Thanks for another new command :)08:45
rehanPeddy, http://pastebin.com/YUTw0sxW08:46
LorgonJortleMy OpenGL app crashes (seg fault at the first OpenGL call) when being debugged with GDB or profiled with Valgrind. It runs perfectly when I execute it normally. Ideas?08:46
rehanPeddy, i'm not sure if you know but pp7 had me do some file changes also in terms of blacklisting some stuff, that may be messing up what you're doing?08:46
StarminnI can't seem to resume my GUI workspace. After using virtual terminals, F7 gets stuck on "Checking battery state..." (I'm on a desktop)08:47
LorgonJortleI've read that it may be my driver... but I've no idea.08:47
Peddyrehan, as long as you didn't blacklist the standard nvidia driver, it should be good. OK, can you comment out those 2 lines, Grub_gfxmode, by putting # in front of both of them? Then update-grub and reboot another time08:47
Peddyrehan, I just want to get a normal boot working so we can proceed with the next step - using binary drivers from nvidia08:48
rehanPeddy, i added fbcon and vesafb to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules08:48
pistolenedjeirc chat through a commandline.. THIS brings back good old memories!08:48
Peddyrehan, that won't do any harm, afaik. Did you blacklist anything?08:48
rehanPeddy, ok. I should tell you i downloaded the driver for my card from nvidia earlier and installed it via tty1. but i may not have done it properly, but after that i was able to get into my GUI at the proper resolution08:49
=== rug is now known as Rug
novitololohow can I know from which date a process has been running? when doing ps -aux, I just see the hour08:49
Peddyrehan, excellent - so the "official" driver is already installed?08:50
RugWhat app do most of you use to rip/encode dvd's?  Handbrake?08:50
rehanPeddy, i blacklisted nouvea by typing "blacklist nouveau and 'options nouveau modeset=0'08:50
rehanPeddy, yep08:50
ashmew2novitololo :  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6134/how-do-you-find-the-age-of-a-long-running-linux-process08:50
Peddyrehan, that's fine. OK, did you remember to uninstall the ubuntu-provided nvidia drivers first (if you installed them in the first place?)08:50
Peddyrehan, prior to my helping you, was the normal GUI etc working okay? just ttys that weren't08:51
rehanPeddy, yep, exactly08:51
Maniac`veronika kisa :D08:51
benzaldehydeashmew2: it is this http://www.gearxs.com/gearxs/images/920-000129-REF.jpg08:51
rehanPeddy, i had uninstalled the nvidia drivers by doing sudo apt-get remove nvidia*08:52
Peddyrehan, great. Okay, remove those two lines from grub file (remember how to do that?) and update-grub, then reboot08:52
barfIs there a channel about network and routing?08:52
ashmew2benzaldehyde: sexy , but wheres the numpad :P08:52
LorgonJortleMy OpenGL app crashes (seg fault at the first OpenGL call) when being debugged with GDB or profiled with Valgrind. It runs perfectly when I execute it normally. Ideas?08:52
rehanok peddy, did that, about to reboot. If it ends up at tty1 again, is there any command that i can type to load the GUI or should i just go into recovery again like i've been doing? thank you.08:53
thevishymy java applet doesnt load 7/10 times  - what could be the reason08:53
Peddyrehan, you could try "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start" or "startx"08:53
rehanPeddy, ok cool. brb!08:53
thevishyi just keep on refreshing08:53
StarminnI can't seem to resume my GUI workspace. After using virtual terminals, F7 gets stuck on "Checking battery state..." (I'm on a desktop)08:54
HiPotOkCan anyone tell me if I need to have my ubuntu 10.10 server acting at my networks router to have pptpd to work properly?08:54
ashmew2benzaldehyde : have a look : http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1357926.html08:55
benzaldehydeashmew2: that is why i have this http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41JAyfOoUPL._SL500_AA300_.jpg no logarithm though08:55
mehdiguys how can i have ubuntu source and change it to my own ?08:56
novitololoif I've a simlink to a .sh that I start using ./script.sh start, how do I start it from the symlink ??08:56
rehanPeddy, tried doing startx when i got to tty1 again. said nvidia kernel can't load08:56
Peddyrehan, bizarre. That's actually really weird, since we haven't changed anything besides the bootloader. Can you install the nvidia-supplied driver again?08:57
Peddyrehan, it will just overwrite08:57
benzaldehydeashmew2: this is great. my exact problem, reading.08:58
rehanPeddy, ok, is there a way to quit X? I remember before when i was doing it i kept having a hard time installing it because it kept telling me X is still running08:58
jatthi, I just compiled a new kernel I want to add the grub entry for it, I think there is a command to do this automatically?08:58
jattthe command looks up what is in /boot and then adds the pertinent entries08:59
Peddyrehan, logout then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop". Or, you could actually do it in recovery mode (drop to root shell) and then do "init 3" and then install it from there.08:59
ohsixupdate-initramfs -c -k <version you installed> then update-grub08:59
jattdo you know the name of this command?08:59
rehanPeddy, ok, brb :)08:59
jattohsix: thanks this is working08:59
BabyGirlnautilus wild up on me just now when i start my pc look = http://imagebin.org/14567208:59
BabyGirlcpu was sky high and for a long time of period09:00
V01BabyGirl, vow what happened there?09:01
devkorcvinceBabyGirl: just kill it may be it got mad :)09:01
BabyGirlV01:) i dont know,,the last move i make was bleach bit , does that had to do,,mabe ?09:02
SarcasMoIs there a Python console for Ubuntu 10.10?09:02
BabyGirland then reboot09:02
icerootSarcasMo: python09:02
StarminnSarcasMo: You mean the interactive console thing? Sure. Just type in "python"09:03
PoisonfibreI need a Port Analyzer that Possibly Runs in terminal, Any program out there able to Perform Something like that ?09:03
BabyGirlhe cant be mad at me i treat it nice09:03
V01lol not really09:03
RugPoisonfibre: nmap09:03
icerootPoisonfibre: nmap, netstat09:03
SarcasMoStarminn: thx i think I found it09:04
StarminnSarcasMo: Awesome. :)09:04
BabyGirlis there any option in bleachbit that could probably cause nautilus to wild up on me :(09:04
rehanPeddy, ok, i'm back, loaded up fine w/o recovery now after reinstalling the drivers. But tty1 still gives me black screen.09:04
Dazzled1does anyone know of a unqiue property I could try to read in my program, to verify it's running on the right machine?09:05
Peddyrehan, ok. Erm, I have no idea where to go from here :/ does tty give blank screen even at low resolutions? My problem was that it gave a blank screen at high resolutions only09:05
Dazzled1eg a HDD serial number or something09:05
icerootDazzled1: hdparm is giving you that serial09:05
rams_panduhow to set up a 64 bit chroot environment in ubuntu10,0409:05
icerootDazzled1: or use the hash of a ssh-key09:05
icerootrams_pandu: the same as a 32bit environment09:06
pehdenis there a cron editor like the way webmins module is09:06
icerootpehden: crontab09:06
Dazzled1iceroot: the ssh key I could retrieve programmatically (from within a C++ application), but the hdparm requires sudo as well I guess?09:06
rehanPeddy, yep, i just changed my resolution to 800x600 and tried, still a black screen09:06
Peddypehden, I know of a local version (not webserver-based)?09:06
Peddyrehan, are you running 32 or 64 bit linux?09:07
rams_panduiceroot, can I follow the instructions given at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot#References%20and%20further%20information?09:07
pehdeni need a local09:07
rams_panduiceroot, I am running a 32 bit ubuntu10.0409:07
Peddypehden, try gnome-schedule09:07
bluesmakerhi i'm a noob trying to get a usb tv card running. went to linuxtv wiki and followed the instructions for my card and i got a problem i don't know how to resolve09:07
SarcasMoStarminn: I download Kate now09:07
benzaldehydeashmew2: E: Couldn't find package Xserver-Xorg-Input-Synaptics09:07
rehanPeddy, 6409:07
pehdenpeddy i like the way addin and viewing a job was in webmin but i dont want to install that local just for cron09:08
arifhelp me09:08
pehdenpeddy ok09:08
Peddypehden, gnome-schedule is a small GUI program that lets you edit cron jobs09:08
pehdenpeddy ill check it out09:08
twagerAnyone tell me ..If I install wubi to my wifes win7 lappy and something goes wrong how do I reinstall win7 boot to the mbr ?09:09
Peddyrehan, hm... bizarre that the framebuffer works in recovery mode (i assume you get all the text) but not normal mode09:09
pehdeni cant wait for 11.0409:09
=== Guest82081 is now known as LjL-Temp
Peddyrehan, do you want to try editing /etc/default/grub, now that we have the driver working? change it to 1280x1024, since your card doesn't support your monitor's native resolution (as we found out in hwinfo)09:09
StarminnSarcasMo: Why?09:10
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest6512
SarcasMohow can you remove games in Ubuntu 10.1009:10
Starminn!natty > pehden09:10
ubottupehden, please see my private message09:10
rehanPeddy, ok, the GRUB_GFXMODE=1280x1024 ?09:10
Peddyrehan, that's right, and the payload one - do you still have that there?09:10
shomonSarcasMo, I think go to applications -> software centre09:10
StarminnSarcasMo: Applications->Ubuntu Software Center, pick the game, hit "Remove"09:10
rehanPeddy, yep, will do that too09:10
novitololoI've a symlink that points to a bash script.  How can I start/stop that script using the symlink?09:10
pehdenlol wtf09:11
linuxuz3rwhats a good pdf reader that supports annotation highlighting and commenting?09:11
rehanPeddy, ok, i did update-grub09:11
shomonI'm writing a script that is really resource intensive. How do I kill it after a set number of seconds?09:11
shomonit's sh, or could be bash...09:11
Peddyrehan, it's super unlikely that this will cause your driver to stop working again. I don't know what happened last time09:11
Peddyrehan, reboot away!09:11
rehanPeddy, thanks!09:11
ferengeenovitololo, just as jou would a normal script09:11
shomonhttp://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/068 I'm using this page to figure it out, but I wasn't sure what ubuntu has by way of "timeout" equivalent?09:12
bluesmakermy card is listed in the em28xx as card=63, but i dont know how to actually get it to be card 63, in dmesg comes as card=009:12
pehdenpeddy where did it install to?09:13
pehdenpedddy nvm09:13
Peddypehden, applications>system tools>scheduled tasks09:13
LewMy laptop wont boot, it just goes to black screen when I choose to boot ubuntu on GNU GRUB 1.9809:13
bluesmakerit says "You may try to use card=<n> insmod option to workaround that." but i don't know how to do that09:13
novitololoferengee: I've tried doing ./symlink_to_sh and is not working, even though doing ./script, works.09:14
rehanPeddy, loaded fine, but still no tty :-/09:14
V01linuxuz3r, i guess pdfstudio  should sort off your issues09:14
madmnis there a safe way to install ubuntu on a windows 7 machine as a shared thing09:14
madmnso i can use both09:14
fairuzmadmn: you can use virtual box09:14
Peddyrehan, try changing this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="video=LVDS-1:d"09:15
Peddyrehan, it's up the top09:15
madmndo you know where i can get virtual box from09:15
V01linuxuz3r, try pdfedit  too if  you want09:15
LewMy laptop wont boot, it just goes to black screen when I choose to boot ubuntu on GNU GRUB 1.98 -  Mount: Mounting /dev on /root/dev failed: No such file or directory Mount: mounting /sys on /root/sys failed Mount: mounting /proc on /root/proc failed Target file system doesnt have requested /sbin/init. No init found. try passing init= bootarg.09:15
fairuzmadmm: search in google for that09:15
LewLast part is from boot manager09:15
fairuzyou just need to install the virtual box. Get ubuntu iso then install it from there in the virtual box09:15
ferengeenovitololo, check with ls -la if your symlink is valid for your current path09:16
ferengeenovitololo, you could be using a relative link09:16
novitololoit's a symlink from init.d09:16
rehanPeddy, ok, update-grub and reboot?09:16
bluesmakerhello, i need some help on setting up a tv card, allmost got it but got stuck09:16
mreowharro :309:17
ferengeenovitololo,  init.d or /etc/init.d09:17
novitololosorry, /etc/init.d09:17
mreowi just installed ubuntu! it's magical :D09:17
BabyGirlhey guys,,when i start my pc nautilus take about 200 MB and cpu 98%09:17
BabyGirlis on now09:17
fairuzmreow: good :D09:17
mreowwindows takes 5 mins to restart09:17
mreowubuntu did it in 10 seconds09:17
Peddyrehan, yep! you're learning. (;09:18
novitololoferengee: I'm thinking about using insserv symlinkID, to make sure it's enabled.09:18
mreowi can't believe they're on the same computer D:09:18
mreowwell, on to business :]09:18
Lewno oen can help?09:18
mreowcan anyone point me to a direction which i can start learning command lines and basic server skills for unix systems?09:18
bluesmakerubuntu starts in 10sec. it is amazing i feel like i'm starting a calculator, switch boom desktop09:18
=== localadmin is now known as et_
fairuzmreow: you can find a lot of it in google. but for practical commands, look at this http://www.pixelbeat.org/cmdline.html09:19
mreowyeah, i know blues! :D09:19
mreowthank you, fairuz! :D09:19
bluesmakerit rocks09:19
lixinfishhello, I try to create a raid1 on 2 disk. and I want to raid entire 2 disk ,can I use command as "sudo mdadm --create /dev/md0 --bitmap=internal --level=mirror --raid-devices=2 /dev/sda /dev/sdb" without /dev/sd[ab]1 ?09:19
et_is there anyway I can disable the window resize action when the title bar is dragged down??09:19
Lewcan u help me?09:20
BabyGirlis there a way to restore nautilus settings to defaults ??09:20
fairuzLew: with?09:20
soreauet_: You mean a maximized window?09:20
Lewwhen I boot unbuntu from boot list, screen goes black'09:20
rehanPeddy, no change :-(09:20
BabyGirlis wilding on me at star up09:20
Lewrecovery mode does the same09:20
ferengeenovitololo, i use insserv insserv only for rearanging the init links using the overrides. I have no experience with  symlinkID09:20
et_soreau: yes09:20
soreauet_: If you use compiz, then yes09:20
Lewthis is what u see in boot manager  Mount: Mounting /dev on /root/dev failed: No such file or directory Mount: mounting /sys on /root/sys failed Mount: mounting /proc on /root/proc failed Target file system doesnt have requested /sbin/init. No init found. try passing init= bootarg.09:20
bluesmakerany1 knows something about tv cards?09:20
soreauet_: Disable snapoff maximized windows in ccsm>move window09:21
linuxuz3rbluesmaker, i do09:21
et_soreau: No but I am trying to create  a kiosk with ff running09:21
et_soreau: so i installed server version and installed gdm and ff on it09:21
fairuzLew: Do you have init in your /sbin folder?09:21
YankDownUnderBabyGirl, You can always delete the ~/.nautilus directory (or rename it) and try again.09:21
Peddyrehan, have you ever tried the ubuntu-provided nvidia drivers? how did they work for you?09:21
et_soreau: I'm guessing I don't have compiz installed.09:21
soreauet_: I guess you are running metaicty then09:21
soreauet_: There might be a gconf option, lets see..09:21
bluesmakerlinuxuz3r:  wet to linuxtv followed instructions and got to a point i don't understand09:22
rehanPeddy, they kept cutting off the right side of my screen somewhat to the point where I couldn't see the power down icon or its menu in the status bar09:22
linuxuz3rbluesmaker, not on linux09:22
et_soreau: Gconf is what I'm looking for. /apps/metacity/...09:22
BabyGirlYankDownUnder:)  ok i try,,,is that at home and  Ctrl-H09:22
et_soreau: I see nothing there yet..09:22
bluesmakerlinuxuz3r:  :) ok09:22
YankDownUnderTo force compiz => (ALT+F2) => compiz --replace09:22
YankDownUnderBabyGirl, It's best to do so from a terminal09:23
LewFair, it worked this morning'09:23
Peddyrehan, your laptop brand/model?09:23
Lewand all of the sudden I cant boot09:23
BabyGirlYankDownUnder:) well gor you buddy09:23
bluesmakerlinuxuz3r: then i'm a bit like u:P09:23
rehanPeddy, Sony Vaio , model VPCF115FM09:23
et_soreau: oops. It does not unmaximise when I drag it. The window simply moves09:23
Danielcg25Sony Vaio = Fail.09:23
Peddyrehan, do you have an external monitor you can connect handy?09:24
et_soreau: it'd be great if there was an option of locking the position and keeping the window maximised..09:24
Danielcg25I've had many Sony products and they all are piles of fail,09:24
rehanPeddy, just my TV, via HDMI09:24
ferengeenovitololo, but never the less, if your script is +x and your symlink is an absolute path to the script. the script should be executable. even if the link exists on a noexec mounted directory09:24
bluesmakerany one knows how to use insmod comand?09:24
soreauet_: You can do all of that with compiz move plugin09:24
Peddyrehan, might as well give that a try. Apparently there is a problem with some Vaios' LCD not functioning09:24
Lewany ideas fair'09:25
YankDownUnderbluesmaker, You don't have to anymore - just use modprobe instead.09:25
et_soreau: metacity?09:25
Peddyrehan, could you try one thing before that?09:25
soreauet_: compiz09:25
fairuzLew: I think you screwed up your filesystem. Try to repair it with fsck09:25
Peddyrehan, what is the CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line right now?09:25
fairuzor something similar :D09:25
BabyGirlYankDownUnder:) tha las move i made was use bleachbit and when reboot it star taking CPU like crazy look = http://imagebin.org/14567709:25
bluesmakerYankDownUnder: ok, but i don't know how to09:26
soreau! fsck | Lew09:26
ubottuLew: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot09:26
rehanPeddy, video=LVDS-1:d09:26
et_soreau: Any idea how expensive will installing compiz be in terms of space occupied on hard disk?09:26
YankDownUnderBabyGirl, Um...really no reason to use Bleachbit...ya might want to get rid of it (always just trouble with that ya know - and this ain't MS Windows)09:26
YankDownUnderbluesmaker, In a terminal, type "sudo modprobe name-of-module-you-want-to-insert"09:27
soreauet_: Its more a concern of getting 3D working. What is the output of glxinfo|grep renderer? (after installing mesa-utils)09:27
fairuzLew: Or you can just use a Live CD to boot09:27
Peddyrehan, change that to nomodeselect09:27
bluesmakerYankDownUnder: i need to modify the em28xx driver to read my card as 63 instead o 0,09:27
fairuzLew: then mount your disk. Then copy init file from live cd to your /sbin/09:27
Lewdo I do that command from boot manager cmd09:27
fairuzDo you have Live CD?09:27
rehanPeddy, ok, will reboot09:27
soreauPeddy: Dont you mean nomodeset ?09:27
LewNa, no CD09:28
trickhow do i transfer files into my virtual box windows installation ?09:28
rehanooh should i change it peddy?09:28
YankDownUnderbluesmaker, If that's the case, then you should look into your /etc/modprobe.d/ directory, check the .conf files for the driver and how it's loading. Heaps of info on that in the forums.09:28
Peddyrehan, o.o yes, soreau is correct. Remember to update-grub09:28
Peddy thanks soreau :309:28
rehanPeddy, ok updated grub, rebooting09:28
soreauPeddy: No problem :)09:28
fairuzboot a working ubuntu from Live CD. Then Mount your disk (that have current filesystem). Then copy init from Live CD to /sbin/init of corrupted system09:28
et_soreau: I am trying to keep it as minimal as I can :)09:28
fairuzLew: Download it then :D09:28
soreauet_: You can make compiz as heavy or as light as you want. Compiz itself doesnt pull in much09:29
trickhow do i transfer files into my virtual box windows installation ?09:29
et_soreau: Ok. Then, I'll try installing compiz and see if I can pull this off09:29
fairuztrick: Make a share folder09:29
soreauet_: What is the output of glxinfo|grep renderer ?09:29
Lewhow big is it09:29
trickfairuz: only if you take my ugly sister out on a date09:29
bluesmakerYankDownUnder:  ok i'll check the forum man thanks09:30
et_soreau: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 915G GEM 20091221 2009Q4 x86/MMX/SSE209:30
soreautrick: Thats not really appropriate for this channel09:30
fairuztrick: ? :D09:30
soreauet_: Cool then you are all set09:30
tricksoreau: ok sorry LOL LOL09:30
YankDownUnderbluesmaker, Peace mon.09:30
et_soreau: What does the output mean?09:30
rehan_Peddy, no luck :-/09:30
soreauet_: Just apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-extra09:30
fairuzLew: maybe 600MB?09:30
Lewfairuz, link to LiveCD?09:30
soreauet_: It means you have working 3D with intel drivers09:30
Lewwill that command fix it too?09:31
trickfairuz: how do i create a shared folder09:31
Peddyrehan_, damn it :/ it seems to be a common problem with vaios, as well as nvidia mobile chipsets >.>09:31
et_soreau: Oh. Ok cool. I'll give it a shot..09:31
et_soreau: Thank you so much ! :009:31
fairuzLew: I think your problem is just a missing init from /sbin09:31
fairuzTry what I suggest and see what happens09:31
rehan_Peddy, yea, people have been able to get it fixed but i'm not sure how. How big of a problem is it if this does not work for me? Is the tty screen used much in ubuntu?09:31
Lewonly way to fix is the CD?09:31
osxfr33kAh for my Extreme Tech Support Question:  IS the Dell 1505N Wireless Mini PCI-e card supported in LHP 5.03G?  I was unable to find a driver from the list09:32
bluesmakerYankDownUnder: i think i know what the problem is!! the file doesn't have the .comf extention how can i rename it?09:32
fairuztrick: take a look at your virtual box options, and see if there is such option09:32
SarcasMohow can i delete stuff on Ubuntu 10.1009:32
Peddyrehan_, it won't be absolutely necessary if you still have access to recovery console - it's more of a power-user thing. Althought it would be nice to have09:32
fairuzLew: maybe it's not the only way, but it's the way that I would go09:32
YankDownUnderbluesmaker, Can you tell me what you're looking at?09:32
icerootSarcasMo: delete what?09:32
jiltdilhow to port scan with nmap vai terminal?09:32
SarcasMogames for instance09:32
icerootjiltdil: nmap hostname09:32
rehan_Peddy, if i get rid of my disable-nouveau.conf file, then tty works...is there any way to keep nouveau for tty and nvidia for the gui?09:32
jiltdiliceroot:any switches09:33
YankDownUnderjiltdil, man nmap09:33
icerootjiltdil: nmap -p portnumber hostanme for a specific port09:33
Peddyrehan_, are you saying that noveau loads when you remove it from the blacklist?09:33
jiltdiliceroor: i want to port can of a certian up09:33
jiltdilsorry ip09:33
jiltdiliceroot: i want to port scan of a  ip09:34
rehan_Peddy, let me check, i will get rid of my disable noveau file09:34
rehan_will reboot and brb.09:34
bluesmakerYankDownUnder: im in  etc/modprobe.d looking at a file named em28xx   it doesn't have the .conf extension and that's the warning i get when i try to use modprobe "WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/em28xx, it will be ignored in a future release."09:34
YankDownUnderbluesmaker, You could do: cp em28xx em28xx.conf09:35
tucentyou know what it is09:35
Lew@fairuz, will I loose my files and stuff if I use LiveCD09:35
bluesmakerYankDownUnder: thanks i'll try that09:35
meuuijga@lew no09:36
fairuzLew: Of course not! I'm not asking you to reinstall Ubuntu09:36
fairuzLew: Don't reinstall Ubuntu09:36
fairuzLew: just boot from the CD09:36
SarcasMowhere can i find programms i installed through Ubuntu software center?09:37
fairuzthen you will have a working ubuntu from the CD09:37
SarcasMoI just installed kate and i want to use it09:37
SarcasMobut i cant find it09:37
fairuzthen just mount your old ubuntu and put init from CD to your old ubuntu /sbin09:37
YankDownUnderSarcasMo, It'll be in your menus....however, sometimes you'll have to refresh the menus by logging out and logging in again.09:37
fairuzthen throw the CD away and boot your system09:37
Dannydhi where can i find help to use my HTC wildfire?..it runs android eclair09:37
meuuijgais there anyone here with anyyy video card overclocking experience?09:38
SarcasMoYankDownUnder: ty ill try09:38
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PeddyDannyd, try #android09:38
Dannydhow do i register?09:38
Dannyd Peddy:09:38
rehanPeddy, after I change /etc/modprobe.d/disable-nouveau.conf , do i need to run anything like sudo update-grub for those changes to take effect?09:38
LunatykoOh, it was a long time away from irc09:39
LunatykoGood to see people in it again09:39
AdvoWorkhi. got a bit of a query regarding a theme problem.latest version of ubuntu, and using the default theme, initially the clock didnt count/change at all. Changed this to ambiance theme(time then updates) but today turned on the PC, time was missing completely and the username is discared a little. I change to the clearlooks/default theme and right away back to the ambiance one and all is ok again. Any ideas please?09:39
Peddyrehan, I'm not sure :/ I doubt it, but you could try update-initramfs -u09:39
Peddyrehan, could you pastebin the contents of /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer please?09:40
shomonhow do I get somethign to stop after x amount of seconds?09:40
rehanPeddy, sure09:40
meuuijgamore specifically, does anyone use nvclock or CoolBits for overclocking nvidia cards?09:40
rehanPeddy, http://pastebin.com/ktDavjsu09:41
Peddymeuuijga, I have had success with coolbits in the past09:41
meuuijgahey peddy, thanks. whenever i try to change the settings and click apply, the sliders go back to the default settings. ever happened to you?09:41
fisixhey, is conky supposed to cover your icons?09:41
rehanPeddy, thank you for sticking with me for so long.09:41
Peddyrehan, we may be onto something - comment out (put # in front of) "blacklist vesafb" please?09:42
SarcasMoit worked09:42
KillGutaI'm stuck at the installation, I can't type anything at the login info part09:42
Dazzled1hmm, I don't think my program has sufficient permissions to read out the HDD serial09:42
rehanPeddy, it already has a # in front of it09:42
Peddyrehan, not a problem - the success will be worth it.09:42
KillGutaActually, I can't click pretty much anything besides selecing some text09:42
Peddyrehan, that's fine. Does anything else have # in front of it/09:42
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rehanPeddy, no but i added blacklist vga16fb myself09:43
Peddyrehan, okay. Could you open /etc/initramfs-tools/modules? is there anything uncommented?09:43
Dazzled1are there other options I could pursue? like, giving a program root access, or would this be a capital sin?09:43
rehanPeddy, fbcon and vesafb are in there on separate lines, uncommented09:44
SarcasMoby coincidence, does anyone know wich plugin to install for Kate if i want a python interpreter09:47
Peddyrehan, bizarre. I'm researching some more :/ out of interest, could you add "splash" after "quiet" in your grub file, then update-grub and reboot? separate splash and quiet with a single space.09:47
rehanPeddy, ok09:48
Peddyrehan, additionally, comment out both GFX lines with a #09:48
Lewthanks fairuz and peddy for your time09:48
rehanPeddy, ok09:48
Dazzled1can anyone tell me how "bad" it would be to call sudo from within c++ and providing its password by echo?09:48
rehanPeddy, should i keep nomodeset ?09:48
PeddyLew, hope you get your problem sorted out sometime.09:48
Peddyrehan, you can get rid of it now09:49
rehanPeddy, ok rebooting, brb09:49
NET||abusehi guys. i'm trying to mirror a page on a site, it's http://www.todayfm.com/Shows.aspx  -> how to turn this into html and have the design work?09:51
NET||abusewget -r -l 1  isn't getting it right for me09:51
YankDownUnderNET||abuse, Um...right channel to ask that?09:52
NET||abusenot sure,09:52
NET||abuseit's a linux tool in general. :)09:52
YankDownUnderMmmm...yeah...true this...09:52
YankDownUnderNET||abuse, I'll then safely assume that you've read the man pages on wget?09:52
NET||abuseyes, as much as i can fit in my brain at one time.09:53
NET||abuseit's quite extensive09:53
YankDownUnderIt should be simply: wget http://www.todayfm.com/Shows.aspx09:53
meuuijgaPeddy, was that a no then?09:54
YankDownUnderNET||abuse, I just downloaded it...simply...09:54
meuuijgasorry i know you're busy09:54
rcconfdoes CPU frequency scaling work in ubuntu?09:54
NET||abuseYankDownUnder, what command?09:54
Peddymeuuijga, excuse me?09:54
davidI need help with Prism 2.5 wireless driver!09:55
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YankDownUnderNET||abuse, Quite simply this: wget http://www.todayfm.com/Shows.aspx => that downloads the file...09:55
Peddymeuuijga, sorry, I missed your chat. Try running nvidia-settings as root. alt-f2 then "gksu nvidia-settings"09:55
NET||abuseYankDownUnder, then try visit that local file on your webbrowser09:55
NET||abuseYankDownUnder, i want to mirror the page and it's assets.09:56
rehanPeddy, no luck :(09:56
YankDownUnderNET||abuse, THAT, my friend, is something that you'll have to work out - using either a script or otherwise...like a script running as a cron job...09:56
meuuijgaPeddy, all i said was when i try to hit "apply" using coolbits, the slider bars won't stay and go back to the default settings. wondered if you had any experience with that.09:56
katmandoudouHi, has anyone here already installed JBoss AS 6 as service on Ubuntu ?09:56
ejvhi all, ordered new 2TB drives, that use the 4K format, how do I partition them correctly for optimal performance?09:57
Peddymeuuijga, sorry, I missed your chat. Try running nvidia-settings as root. alt-f2 then "gksu nvidia-settings" then setting it - does it save?09:57
Lewpeddy, if I put ubuntu ISO on USB, I can boot it from that right?09:57
katmandoudouI get exceptions when I run sudo service jboss stop09:57
PeddyLew, you can't just stick the iso there - you have to use unetbootin or another tool to "extract" it to the USB09:57
meuuijgagive me just a minute, it's on my other box. i'll try it :)09:57
Peddyrehan, darn! how important is tty access to you? I know it's nice to have working, but it's becoming very hacky to get working09:57
ohsixejv: the tools that can do partitioning have all pretty much been updated for proper alignment, use gparted and you should be ok09:58
Lewpeddy, is that simple enough?09:58
Peddyrehan, did the Ubuntu logo appear?09:58
Guest67789Please help me with my Prism 2.5 wirels!ess driver. I need wireles09:58
PeddyLew, it's a very simple task. What OS does the computer you're on right now have? ubuntu?09:58
ejvohsix: gparted is gui based, does parted work?09:58
ohsixejv: i presume so, they use the same backend09:58
LewYeah ubuntu09:58
Lewoh right now09:58
rehanPeddy, yes it did09:58
Lewwindows XP09:59
rehanPeddy, i don't know anything about ubuntu so its not even really important to me. I was just hoping if i could find a fix i wouldn't be stuck later on if it was needed for something09:59
et_I need all windows on Ubuntu to start in maximized mode. Can this be done using gconf?10:00
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SarcasMohow can i delete programs with the terminal?10:00
rcconfSarcasMo: sudo apt-get remove <program>10:00
Peddyrehan, to tell the truth, it's rarely used - recovery mode provides everything you need. I use TTYs mainly for restarting or killing programs when they become unresponsive. With the coming 11.04 update, your problem may well be fixed in a new version of X.10:00
Jordan_ULew: Follow the directions at http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download .10:00
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rcconfSarcasMo: you can also purge other packages and configs with apt-get purge <program>10:01
ohsixet_: it can be done with maximus, or devilspie10:01
SarcasMorcconf: can i do that from root?10:01
rcconfSarcasMo: if you are root you dont need "sudo"10:01
rehanPeddy, i see. Hmm well you know, maybe I will do a fresh install since i haven't installed anything yet, download the nvidia drivers again and give it another shot.10:01
et_ohsix: But my objective is to create a very minimal system with only FF running in maximized mode. A kiosk in essence.10:01
rcconfSarcasMo: it's dangerous to run as sudo10:01
SarcasMorcconf: oops10:02
Lewoh thanks jordan, should have seen that10:02
PeddyLew, System>administration>startup disk creator10:02
ohsixet_: then don't run a window manager and pass -geometry to firefox10:02
rcconfSarcasMo: not sudo root10:02
Jordan_ULew: You're welcome.10:02
rehanPeddy, thank you for all of your help. I do have one last question if you don't mind.10:02
SarcasMorcconf: it cannot find Kate (the program i want to delete)10:02
et_ohsix: Any pointers to a tutorial on that geometry param?10:02
LewWait, which way? Peddys or yours?10:02
Peddyrehan, fresh install would be a great idea. I'm doing so myself. I would recommend the ubuntu-supported drivers, once they're available10:02
Lost1anyone know why ubuntu is erasing my media files? .... it downloads to the directory fine, then a few days later I go to see the files, and they are gone....10:02
SarcasMorehan: E: Unable to locate package Kate10:02
rcconfSarcasMo: apt-cache search kate10:02
soreauet_: Yea, if you have no wm, and manage to get the window positioned correctly (and you do not need any other windows at all) then you might be able to get away with that10:03
Peddyrehan, shoot! haha, any question will be easy compared to getting ttys to work (;10:03
soreauet_: Did you try compiz?10:03
candybanrcconf, (not that I recommend running anything as root to a novice, but ....) what is wrong with sudo -i (or sudo root)10:03
et_ohsix: Can that be done to any window? For e.g. Citrix ICA Client?10:03
rcconfSarcasMo: it's kate not "Kate"10:03
ohsixet_: if it's an X program, yes ;]10:03
et_ohsix: Thanks10:03
rehanPeddy, how can I change where my home directories link to? I like the icons and pictures on the home folders (docs,pics,videos,music,etc) but just want them to open up a different directory when i click on them10:03
rcconfcandyban: nothing if he knows what hes doing10:03
PeddyLew, those directions point to my method10:03
et_soreau: not yet. No..10:04
SarcasMorcconf:  it says : E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?10:04
rcconfSarcasMo: close synaptic manager or software center10:04
* benzaldehyde passionately embraces ashmew2. you magnificent nerd pile :) it worked! hurray!10:04
candybanrcconf, running as root or putting sudo in front of your command are identically dangerous ...10:04
rcconfcandyban: yes10:04
rcconfcandyban: you are right10:04
Peddyrehan, could you give me an example? Like, you want "pictures" to link to a folder titled "Images" instead?10:04
rehanPeddy, could i have those directories link to my "My Docs" or "My Pics" folders on my win7 ntfs partition if i use ntfs-3G10:04
Lewalright many thanks10:04
candybanbtw. What is ubuntu the default password for root? (like the password it asks when it finds inconsistencies in the root partition)10:05
et_soreau: I tried doing that in another system. Gconf -> /apps/compiz/plugins/move/allscreens/options/snapoff_maximized --> helps !! :)10:05
rehanPeddy, i was thinking i'd have my ntfs partition auto-mount on startup, and then have those directories link to their windows counterpart folders10:05
SarcasMorcconf: how do you close synaptic manager? or software center. there both not in my desktop10:05
meuuijgaPeddy, hm that's interesting. it's saying my password for root is wrong, but really one was never set up10:05
ohsixcandyban: the default is random10:05
YankDownUndercandyban, Ain't one. You have to make one, if you REALLY need to...10:05
pumeustif i use photorec to recover data from 'whole disk',  that means i already got all the data and dont need to bother with searching partitions, right?10:05
ohsix!root | candyban10:05
ubottucandyban: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:05
soreauet_: Thats just a more complicated way to do it, as opposed to the more friendly ccsm way10:06
Peddymeuuijga, you enter your normal user password10:06
Peddyrehan, just a sec (:10:06
rehanPeddy, thanks10:06
meuuijgaPeddy, tried that =\10:06
et_soreau: I realized.10:06
rcconfSarcasMo: some program related with package managing is running..10:06
Peddymeuuijga, bizarre. Try "sudo nvidia-settings" from a terminal10:06
candybanohsix, how does sudo help when the system cannot boot and asks for the root password (or Ctrl-D to continue ... which it can't since the root partition has issues)10:06
Peddyrehan, I know how to do it, but keeping the icons is different. So i'm experimenting10:06
et_soreau: But without compiz, the window just *moves* rather than snap off and unmaximize.. !!10:07
rehanPeddy, sweet. yeah i know its silly but i like those icons :-P10:07
ohsixcandyban: it doesn't, hurr10:07
Peddyrehan, I know, I'm the same (: do "gedit ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs "10:07
Peddyrehan, there you can type in the paths of your ntfs hdd. Do you know how to find the paths of the respective folders//10:07
meuuijgaPeddy,  ok, did that, GUI popped up. i'm able to change the fan settings but not the clock speed10:08
ohsixi must have missed something, single user mode doesn't ask for a password; you can also use init=/bin/bash on the kernel commandline10:08
candybanohsix, so so why did you let the bot believe me that sudo isthe answer10:08
soreauet_: compiz can do everything you are wanting10:08
ohsixcandyban: dogma10:08
ejvohsix:  1      2048s  3907028991s  3907026944s               primary10:08
Peddymeuuijga, bizarre. This is coolbits, correct? how did you enable coolbit?10:08
basil_kurian_I have one strange problem when nginx is used as a reverse proxy for apache. Nginx sometimes give "bad gateway error"10:08
candybanIs there another way to get into single user mode (like when I said it fsck cannot correct the problem automatically)10:08
pumeustif i recover data from 'whole disk', am i finished or could there still be data in hidden partitions?10:08
ejvohsix: looks like the first sector is on 2048s, which i believe is proper alignment10:08
ohsixejv: i thought it was 1024 or 1m or whatever,  but yea; that works10:09
SarcasMorcconf: i cant find the prgrams that are running10:09
meuuijgaPeddy, Yep sure is. I edited xorg.conf and added Options "CoolBits" "5" in tthe device section10:09
et_soreau: Yes!10:09
candybanOr is the preferred method to boot from a live cd and fix it that way?10:09
ejvohsix: well i gave it a start position of 1MB, is that too much?10:09
SarcasMorcconf: i just checked system monitor but i dont see anything related (or i overlook it)10:09
ohsixejv: shrug, you could put it at 0 and it'd still align it10:09
ejvohsix: basically: `mkpart primary xfs 1 -1`10:10
ejvk i'll try10:10
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ejvohsix: nope doesn't like starting on zero: "Warning: The resulting partition is not properly aligned for best performance."10:10
Peddymeuuijga, is overclocking greyed-out? I'd try nvclock10:10
rcconfSarcasMo: maybe another user10:10
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ohsixejv: maybe because the way you're doing it assumes the operator knows what they're doing :D10:11
ohsixat least it tells you10:11
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest99821
ejvhmm perhaps :D10:11
SarcasMorcconf: is that possible when another user never logged on?10:11
ohsixiirc gparted will just do it10:11
StepNjumphi guys, all my files show an x and a lock icon on them so I cannot open them. Of course if I gksudo nautilus, they will open fine but how can I tell those files that I am now their new owner?10:11
=== aqcoder is now known as aqaqs
meuuijgaPeddy> that's what i tried at first(nvclock) enable overclocking is uncchecked but i am able to cccheck it, then adjuust the sliders. but then like i said it goes bback to defautlt settings. sorry for typos this laptop keyboard sucks10:11
Peddymeuuijga, try running nvclock with "sudo" in front of it!10:12
Peddyrehan, we tried our best (;10:12
iqpimeuuijga: be careful with nvclock, you can damage your vga10:12
rehanPeddy, so awesome. Thank you! So once i get ntfs-3g setup and can do automounting, i could just put in the directory via /media/[ntfs drive name]/folder?10:13
SarcasMorcconf: its not another user10:13
Peddyrehan, that'll do the trick. You'll have to log in and out. Note that spaces in your folder name "eg My Document" may have to be preceded by an escape character - eg "My\ Documents"10:13
meuuijgaiqpi> lol yep. justt had to reboot. funny thing is i'm trying to UNDERclock my card10:13
rehanPeddy, awesome.10:14
basil_kurian_I have one strange problem when nginx is used as a reverse proxy for apache. Nginx sometimes give "bad gateway error"10:14
iqpii used nvclock and i do not remember i had to do anything to aply changes.10:14
Peddyrehan, I'm glad you're trying out ubuntu - hopefully your experiences will only improve from here. You already have the perfectionist mentality, as linux users do (;10:14
rehanPeddy, about logging in, what would that require? right now i am able to browse there via the GUI and it doesn't ask for a password10:15
rehanPeddy, haha thanks10:15
Peddyrehan, I mean, logging in and out after changing the paths in the text file10:15
rehanPeddy, oh ok, cool. perfect10:15
rehanPeddy, well i am off to do a clean install. I shall see you around in here Peddy. Thank you so much again.10:16
meuuijgaPeddy> one odd thing to me, whenever i restart my session, the terminals i'd closed are back aggain . could that be pointing at another problem which is causing the nvclock/coolbits issue?10:17
meuuijgaiqpi> same question10:17
Peddymeuuijga, when I used coolbits/nvclock, i had to re-do it every time i log in. it's not saved10:17
meuuijgaPeddy> oh yeah from what i read i was expecting that much. but not  being able to change it in the first place is my prob10:18
meuuijgaor the pain in the rear rather10:18
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Peddymeuuijga, can you describe again what happens with coolbits?10:19
soreauPeddy: They are only the coolest bits around, duh ;)10:20
Peddysoreau, -1 and -0! so cool they're negative.10:20
meuuijgaPeddy> alright. i log in   to my desktop(KDE) , go in to nvidia system settings. i've enabled the fan control and the gpu/memory clock adjustments. whether i run as normal or su i am able to change the fan speed, but  whenever i click apply for the gpu/memory settings , it resets to default values10:21
NotesI have a lost ubuntu 10.04 32bit partition with some files on my hardrive, can I rescue it with an ubuntu 64bit 10.04 cd?10:22
Peddymeuuijga, are you aiming to change fan speeds, or clock speed? or both?10:23
meuuijgaPeddy> both, my goal is to get my  card underclocked to run cooler10:23
meuuijgaPeddy> thanks to nvidia's  faulty drivers, my card exploded, so i need to get it running cooler or else it becomes unstable and crashes the system10:23
Peddymeuuijga, are you on a laptop?10:23
meuuijgaPeddy> i'm able to get the system stable in windows via Rivatuner, but no such luch in linux10:24
meuuijgai'm on a laptop atm talking to you. but the system in trouble is my desktop10:24
jwtiyarin places when i clikc to for example on Documents it open it with movie player how to fix it?10:24
Peddymeuuijga,  graphics card in the machine you're underclocking?10:25
meuuijgaPeddy> yep10:25
Peddywhat model is it? XD10:25
meuuijgaPeddy> oh hah geforce 9600 GT10:25
Peddymeuuijga, I have the 9800GT so I'm actually going to get coolbits working on my system, then report to you.10:26
Peddymeuuijga, what was the line you added to xorg.conf?10:26
meuuijgaPeddy> dammit lol. anway  it is Option   "CoolBits" "5"10:27
=== D_N_X is now known as DNX
bullgard4 /proc/sys/kernel/domainname  is empty. What programs use to fill this file/ enter a value here?10:28
Peddyunder "device"10:28
zykes-anyone know of a guide to build a custom kernel ? I want multicore support in raid45610:28
[twisti]i downloaded ubuntu from http://virtualboxes.org/images/ubuntu/10:30
[twisti]but its in some weird language10:30
[twisti]could someone help me change the language to english ?10:30
[twisti]i dont know what any of the things to click on say and i never used ubuntu before10:30
Peddymeuuijga, it seems to be working for me. What was wrong with your settings again? did they revert?10:30
soreau! download | [twisti]10:31
ubottu[twisti]: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Maverick, and help keeping the servers' load low!10:31
[twisti]soreau: thanks, but im not looking for an installation cd10:31
meuuijgaPeddy> yes that's the problem. every time i try to click Apply. they go right back to what they were before10:31
meuuijgaPeddy> I've seen others have the same issue from forums i've found, but noone seems to have found a solution10:32
Peddymeuuijga, so as soon as you hit apply, it goes back to the default?10:32
KillGutaI have a key that's stuck and want to disable it. I tried xmodmap, but it doesn't work.10:32
Peddymeuuijga, have you tried "auto detect"?10:32
=== amgarching is now known as amgarchIn9
Peddymeuuijga, out of interest, does overclocking it work at all?10:32
Peddyas opposed to underclocking10:33
meuuijgaPeddy> tried overclocking as well. any sort of adjustment simply doesn't stick10:33
soreau[twisti]: You probably should be :)10:33
meuuijgai'll try autodetect quickly10:33
fairuzzykes-: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev10:33
Peddymeuuijga, did you manage to get it running as root?10:33
fairuzzykes-: maybe you want to try #ubuntu-kernel or ##kernel10:34
[twisti]well, im not. all i want is some help changing the language to english, which im pretty sure shouldnt be all that hard10:34
Peddymeuuijga, have you tried using coolbits "1" , instead of 5?10:34
meuuijgaPeddy> using su nvidia-seettings?10:34
_ikke_I'm trying to create a python script which writes to the /usr/bin/ directory. I have chown'd it to root, and applied the setuid bit (4755). But when I execute the script, I still get access denied. But when I use sudo, it just runs. Is there anything i'm doing wrong?10:35
Peddymeuuijga,  yes10:35
meuuijgaPeddy> just switched back to one. then ran sudo nvidia-settings. same issue =\10:36
Peddymeuuijga, did you ever manage to get it running with "sudo nvidia-settings"?10:36
meuuijgathat's how i have it running atm10:37
fairuz_ikke_: because you write to a "root" folder?10:37
=== meisth0th_zzz is now known as meisth0th
Peddymeuuijga, I wish I could help you further, but I lack the knowledge. Try asking here again, and try #nvidia10:37
Peddynight! best of luck10:38
_ikke_fairuz: Even with the script being owned by root and setuid?10:38
meuuijgaPeddy> Thanks a lot for whatyou  did10:38
_ikke_fairuz: Or doesn't setuid work that way?10:38
fairuz_ikke_: if it's owned by root, then only sudo can execute it10:38
Pumpkin-_ikke_: for a bunch of security reasons that I', not sure I agree with, setuid "scripts" don't actually run setuid.10:38
dubeyI am using Ubuntu 10.10 and trying to install mysql-server, But getting error : http://pastebin.com/4stsAqMz10:38
Pumpkin-sorry, bunch of security reasons I don't totally agree with10:38
Pumpkin-you can write a very simple wrapper C program though, that just invokes your python script10:39
_ikke_Pumpkin-: Hmm, right10:39
karmic-koalahi all I know this is not strictly a ubuntu question, more on the lines of version control but any ideas appreciated :) I have folder called X21 in a svn repository. A second team who work with same files also have copies of same file. I deleted folder X21 (svn delete) and added a folder by the same name (svn add) and then committed the transaction. When the second team try to svn update their working copy they get svn: Failed to add direc10:40
karmic-koalatory 'X21': an unversioned directory ofthe same name already exists. Any ideas?10:40
thevishy!\anyolne having problem with GNU java?10:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:40
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.10:40
dubeyi am trying to run mysqldump but getting this error : mysqldump: Got error: 1033: Incorrect information in file: './joomla/jos_ak_profiles.frm' when using LOCK TABLES10:40
soreaukarmic-koala: ask in #svn ?10:41
V01dubey, that usually happens when any of ur file is corrupted10:43
dubeyV01: ubuntu files ?10:43
thevishyanyone has a problem of GNU java not loading appropriately ?10:43
V01dubey, no i meant the definition files10:44
V01dubey, had you made any changes in your ini file?10:45
dubeyV01: No10:45
V01dubey, try repairing the db while logged in as admin user10:46
=== phoque_uni is now known as phoque
dubeyV01: Syntex ?10:47
austiniumwhats the command  to delete a directory name ~???10:47
Lewis peddy here?10:47
phoqueaustinium, rm -r <name>10:47
dydhi all10:47
andrea_ciao a tutti!10:47
austiniumphoque ever tried rm -r ~?10:47
phoqueand I don't want to10:47
dydin dos i had tracert command, is there a relative in ubuntu?10:47
austiniumthats the point10:48
ohsixaustinium: quote it and it's not expanded10:48
phoquewhy would you want to do that?10:48
phoqueooh, right10:48
phoquegot it10:48
austiniumrm -rf "~" ???10:48
Lewhey guys, when im using ubuntu disk to fix missing files10:48
austiniumohsix: thanks :)10:48
ohsixtry echo ~ and echo '~' in a terminal10:48
Lewdo I boot from first harddisk10:48
phoquesorry austinium, didn't get your question at first10:48
Lewor install10:48
ohsixer, austinium: " works too, but $ is still expanded in "10:48
fairuzLew: so you are now on CD?10:49
V01dubey, -auto-repair i guess10:49
austiniumohsix: thanks again10:49
V01dubey, -auto-repair db-u-p10:49
fairuzCan you boot from CD?10:49
V01dubey, -r should do it if u ssh in10:50
=== fairuz is now known as fairuz-lunch
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ShapeShifterIPODHow do I register more than one user name to one irc account here in freenode?10:51
dubeyV01: I am on the db server10:52
ShapeShifterIPODI know it's possible I just don't know the command10:52
Lew_sorry fairuz10:52
spaceninjahi, does anyone know a good alternative to cheese cam recorder?10:52
Lew_so what do I do10:52
perlmonkeyhi, can anyone advise me on how to switch languages in Ubuntu? I'm aware of the language support utility but whenever I start it up, it just disappears off the screen.. does anyone know the name of it to start from a shell, or perhaps another way of changing language?10:52
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brontosaurusrex_i've made a script ntpdate in /etc/cron.dailiy (ubuntu server 9.10), that has: ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com <- in it, however it appears that the command needs sudo, how to fix that?10:54
dfsbrontosaurusrex_: did you do that as root or your regular user?10:54
brontosaurusrex_dfs, as root10:55
=== ShapeShifter499 is now known as ShapeShifterIPOD
thevishymaybe the script shud run as a sudo then ?10:55
brontosaurusrex_all the scripts in there are root:root10:55
dubeyV01: got it : http://pastebin.com/6aBkK8NH10:55
ShapeShifterIPODCan anyone help?10:55
brontosaurusrex_and with -rwxr-xr-x 1 permissions10:56
ortsvorsteherbrontosaurusrex_ did you try this link before you setup ntp? https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html10:56
ShapeShifterIPODNever mind got support in the #freenode channel10:57
brontosaurusrex_ortsvorsteher, yes10:57
=== ShapeShifterIPOD is now known as ShapeShifter499
brontosaurusrex_ortsvorsteher, those were the instructions i was following10:59
ortsvorsteherbrontosaurusrex_ i never tried to setup ubuntu server with ntpd. so now i tried on my computer but i have not more ideas for you at the moment.11:00
=== ShapeShifter499 is now known as ShapeShifterIPOD
brontosaurusrex_ortsvorsteher, i didnt try ntpd, just the 1st part of updating clock once per day seems to be enough11:01
jwtiyarall folder in laces open with movile player11:01
soidexewhat to do if kill -9 <pid> doesn't kill a process?11:02
ortsvorsteherbrontosaurusrex_, i think it would be good for a server to setup ntpd.11:02
bullgard4 /proc/sys/kernel/hostname is empty. What programs use to fill this file and what programs use to read this file?11:02
Da|Mummyspeaking of which, how do i kill a process, vlc player in this case?11:02
cellardoorbullgard4: you want to know what kernel version you are running?11:02
erUSULDa|Mummy: pkill vlc11:02
brontosaurusrex_ortsvorsteher, why?11:02
bullgard4cellardoor:   /proc/sys/kernel/hostname is empty. What programs use to fill this file and what programs use to read this file?11:03
icerootbullgard4: what you expect in that file?11:03
Da|Mummythx erUSUL11:03
cellardoorbullgard4: yeah I get it, but what are you using this file for?11:03
spidernethi ubuntu i need this tool flasm i type in the terminal apt-get install flasm but no results11:03
bullgard4iceroot: A value.11:03
ortsvorsteherbrontosaurusrex_, because this is the service which will help your server to correct the time automatically11:03
soidexehey there, what do I do if kill -9 <pid> doesn't kill a process?11:03
icerootbullgard4: ... can you give usefull infos?11:04
spidernethi ubuntu i need this tool flasm i type in the terminal apt-get install flasm but no results11:04
cellardoorbullgard4: type 'uname -a' into a terminal and enter it, perhaps that output is what you want?11:04
Lew_im using ubuntu Disk to fix missing files, what do I choose in disk menu11:04
spidernethi ubuntu i need this tool flasm i type in the terminal "apt-get install flasm" but no results11:04
erUSUL!hostname | bullgard411:04
ubottubullgard4: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.11:04
bullgard4iceroot: Please give a reasonable answer and stop trolling.11:04
icerootbullgard4: i asked you what value you expect. hostname of the system, kernel version and so on11:05
icerootbullgard4: so its up to you to fill this discussion with usefull infos11:05
BenwaHi, my /home partition is crypted. Can i change my user password ? Last time i did that, it was a total mess ...11:05
Lew_fairuz u thereee :(?11:06
spidernethow i can have a free domain .com for free11:06
erUSULsoidexe: if the process ignores sigkill ( -9 ) it may be a zombie process or stuck in D state.11:06
spidernethelp ubuntunians11:06
SarcasModoes anyone know how to register your name?11:06
iceroot!register | SarcasMo11:06
ubottuSarcasMo: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:06
ioriahi, does anyone use a SD reader not USB , but integrated ? thanks11:06
erUSULsoidexe: in those situations the only theng you can do is reboot althought sometimes killing the parent process works11:07
Lew_eruSUL, im using ubuntu disk to fix missing files required for boot... What option do I pick?11:07
SarcasMo!SarcasMo | Sarcaso11:07
soidexeerUSUL: it's gnome-panel hanged11:07
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benzaldehydewhat is the best IRC client for Linux?11:07
SarcasMo!register | SarcasMo11:07
ubottuSarcasMo, please see my private message11:07
erUSULLew_: livecd ?11:07
soidexeerUSUL: ok I'll try to restart X11:07
iceroot!best > benzaldehyde11:07
ubottubenzaldehyde, please see my private message11:07
Lew_the CD from ubuntu site11:07
icerootbenzaldehyde: but of course its irssi11:07
SarcasMoiceroot: I meant registerin on IRC11:08
erUSULLew_: choose; try ubuntu without affecting hard disk or something like that11:08
=== adamb is now known as themysteriousx
icerootSarcasMo: yes and ubottu told you the way11:08
Lew_yeah I did, then turned off and on and it still wouldnt boot?11:08
ioriahi, does anyone use a SD reader not USB , but integrated ? thanks11:08
SarcasMoiceroot:  i see ty11:08
phonex01im using virtualbox how can i bridge wlano on the virtual machine to see it as wireless11:09
icerootioria: if i am correct they are all connected through usb11:09
XeliHello, what's the proper way of preventing a service/daemon from starting up at boot? removing it's entry in /etc/init.d doesn't really seems nice11:09
phonex01because when i bridge a wireless interface the virtual machiene see it as ethernet and not as wireless11:09
ioriano, i have an old Toshiba Tecra with an integrated reader11:10
icerootphonex01: because vbox doesnt bring a wifi-modul just some eth-interfaces11:10
ortsvorsteher!boot | Xeli11:10
ubottuXeli: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:10
icerootioria: and the integrated are connected through the usb11:10
ioriareally ???11:10
icerootioria: you will the it in dmesg that the card-reader is a usb-device11:10
Xeliah, thanks alot ortsvorsteher :)11:11
ioriabut cannot work11:11
ortsvorsteherXeli, yw :)11:11
icerootioria: if you put a card inside, is dmesg showing that action?11:11
=== Guest99821 is now known as LjL-Temp
ioriano, the led is out11:12
erUSULXeli: if it is still managed by /etc/init.d/ then use update-rc.d11:12
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest16024
icerootioria: and the hardware is ok?11:12
ioriai think so11:12
ioriai tried the lspci ... but i cannot find it11:14
icerootioria: enabled in the bios?11:14
ioriai don't know how to enter a linux bios :-(11:14
ioriain winXp  i pressed F1...11:16
icerootioria: linux and windows dont have a bios, the bios is part of the hardware11:16
benzaldehydeBIOS, i don't think has anything to do with one or the other11:17
ioriai tried the lspci ... but i cannot find it11:18
benzaldehydewhat are you trying to do by going into BIOS?11:18
iorialooking for a SD card reader11:18
benzaldehyderemind me again what SD is11:19
iorialike cellphone card11:19
ioriabut inserted in a bigger card11:19
benzaldehydeokay, texas instruments makes the software for my laptop regarging the little cards11:19
kekWhy is my chromium-browser using Droid Sans as the font on Wikipedia? I don't think I've set that anywhere...11:20
benzaldehydewhat type of device do you have?11:20
[twisti]hi, i downloaded ubuntu from http://virtualboxes.org/images/ubuntu/ , but its in some weird language, could someone help me change the language to english ? i dont know what any of the things to click on say and i never used ubuntu before11:20
benzaldehydetoshiba, asus, dell etc11:21
ioriait's and integrated sd card reader on a toshiba tecra t910011:21
ioria0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 82845 845 [Brookdale] Chipset Host Bridge (rev 04)11:21
ioria00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82845 845 [Brookdale] Chipset AGP Bridge (rev 04)11:21
ioria00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801CA/CAM USB Controller #1 (rev 02)11:21
ioria00:1d.1 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801CA/CAM USB Controller #2 (rev 02)11:21
ioria00:1d.2 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801CA/CAM USB Controller #3 (rev 02)11:21
ioria00:1e.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82801 Mobile PCI Bridge (rev 42)11:21
FloodBot1ioria: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:21
benzaldehydeyou should google toshiba drivers11:22
benzaldehydethen choose your model from a list, see what is available11:22
rayleehi does anyone know what PUA HTML infected webpage 2 means11:22
keyUpI have changed ISP and now I can't connect my laptop to internet11:25
keyUpmodem is fine connected is signaling also I got ip address but i don't have internet11:25
NET||abusehmm, has anyone else noticed a strange behaviour,, when you set a window as ontop,, it suddenly looses the ability to be clicked on if any other non-ontop window is bhind it.11:26
NET||abusei'm finding this on ubuntu 10.0411:26
NET||abusenot getting it on ubuntu 10.10 on my netbook11:27
benzaldehydeioria: there is an update for the BIOS for tecra 9100 circa 2005 http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/modelContent.jsp?ct=DL&os=&category=&moid=160275&rpn=PT910U&modelFilter=&selCategory=2756709&selFamily=1073768664#11:27
sarujiHello, I am have a question.  Attempting to install ubuntu 10.10 on top of win7, however ubuntu installer only see's my 2nd hard drive (D: in windows)  I partitioned my first drive in windows (C:) to have free unpartitioned space, however it does not show up in the ubuntu installer.  Any ideas?  Thanks for any input11:28
red2kicNET||abuse: Maybe you're using a theme that have little or no feedbacks? Also, if you're not getting it on 10.10 -- the bug got fixed, perhaps.11:28
keyUpI am using wireless right now from my neighbour11:28
keyUpI can't even logon to the modem page11:28
keyUponce i managed to open 1/3 of it11:28
YankDownUndersaruji, You might want to try using the "manual" partitioning instead - that allows you to specify your target(s)...11:29
ioriai try11:29
keyUpsry i have droped11:29
keyUp I have changed ISP and now I can't connect my laptop to internet11:29
sarujiYankDownUnder I go through the manual partitioning instead, however the drive does not appear there?  Is it possible that win7 wrote MBR to the 2nd drive and install itself on the 1st?11:30
keyUpI am using wireless right now from my neighbour I can't even logon to the modem page11:30
sacarlsonkeyUp: can you ping ?11:30
keyUpwhen i ping google.com from terminal it said 58 ms11:30
keyUpsomething like that11:30
jattyou have the wrong dns servers11:30
keyUp8.8.8.8 was google dns right?11:31
jattadjust /etc/resolv.conf11:31
sacarlsonkeyUp: yes11:31
sacarlsonkeyUp: can you ping
keyUpnow I have wireless on11:31
keyUpif i plug it of and try to ping i will lose irc11:31
keyUpsec i will login again11:31
sarujiYankDownUnder I go through the manual partitioning instead, however the drive does not appear there?  Is it possible that win7 wrote MBR to the 2nd drive and install itself on the 1st?11:32
jwtiyarhow to enable the universe component?11:33
jatthow can I make an external usb bootable?11:34
perlmonkeydoes anyone know how to fix broken language support?11:34
jattI already installed ubuntu on it and I can mount the partitions and run programs from the usb with chroot11:34
sarujijatt goto administrator and choose create startup ....11:34
sacarlsonYankDownUnder: are you using wubi to install or a liveboot cd?11:34
jattsaruji: I tried that some weeks ago and it recreated my partitions!11:34
jattsaruji: I lost all my data11:34
jattsaruji: is there a way to do it with the command line?11:34
ioriathe drivers are only for windows :-(((11:35
sarujijatt, right but it was bootable11:35
jattsaruji: the partition /dev/sdb2 is marked with * when I do fdisk -l11:35
sarujijatt you asked, how do I make an external usb drive bootable11:35
jattsaruji: so it's bootable in principle, the bios also tries to boot from the usb, but it fails11:35
sarujijatt ah, so the computer does not boot to the usb drive?11:36
guampajatt: you need to install a bootloader in the usb drive11:36
jattguampa: you mean grub?11:36
perlmonkeydoes anyone know where the language locale config files are to edit manually?11:36
guampayes grub, syslinux, grub4dos etc11:36
guampaperlmonkey: theres a gui tool in the administration menu to manage language settings11:37
perlmonkeyguampa yes it seems to be broken or have a long standing bug issue11:37
jattguampa: will try that, I also try to follow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromUSB11:37
jattguampa: however it seemed to me very complicated, I will try to just install grub and see what happens11:37
jattdoes it make a difference if I install grub in the usb when I access my usb with a chroot?11:38
guampajatt: no, its not necessary to chroot to install it11:38
[twisti]isnt there anyone here who will help me with my language issue ? i cant imagine this would take more than like 60 seconds11:39
jattguampa: how can I do it without chroot? I chroot to it and then run apt-get or gnome-session to run graphical programs there11:39
erUSUL!anyone | [twisti]11:39
ubottu[twisti]: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:39
guampajatt: i think the instructions in that page are grub1, its easier now with grub211:39
[twisti]erUSUL: already done, nobody replied11:39
jattguampa: I see11:39
guampalemme check, i was messing with all this a month ago11:39
jattguampa: will try with grub2, but you mean apt-get install grub from the chroot is not the way to go isn't it?11:40
erUSUL[twisti]: checked System>Admin...>Language Support ?11:40
StuckMojowhere can i look for info on unattended installs?11:40
StuckMojowe've got a colo box we want to move from centos to ubuntu, but no KVM access11:40
erUSUL!automate | StuckMojo11:40
ubottuStuckMojo: Ways to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning11:40
[twisti]erUSUL: sure. where do i find system, admin and language support ? its in another language, remember ? :(11:40
StuckMojoso it would be nice to ...11:40
[twisti]thats why i came here11:41
Lewu there?11:41
guampajatt: it isn't but for other reasons, "apt-get install grub" installs the grub software package in your system, its not for arbitrarily installing grub to some device11:41
[twisti]i was hoping someone could be like "right click, 2nd option from the top, then 3rd option, then 1st button"11:41
perlmonkeythis language bug is driving me crazy11:41
keyUpI don't know what i s the problem11:41
keyUpi got this when pinged
keyUp18 packets transmitted, 5 received, 72% packet loss, time 17054ms11:41
keyUpwhen I am connected to lan i don't have interet at all even I am conected wan now i pluged of lan11:41
jattguampa: I see, thanks!11:41
keyUpits strange11:42
ioriatry the ip of your router11:42
guampajatt: found the grub2 command line to install to usb11:42
erUSUL[twisti]: press " alt + f2 " type in the box " gnome-language-selector " press enter11:42
keyUpshould I put mac address of the router in network connection settings or that is optional?11:42
Lewanyone can help me with LiveCD11:42
keyUpbut really I wonder how I cant open motoral router page11:42
jattguampa: great, can you share it with me :)?11:43
LewI am missing files and cannot boot im running thw trial ubuntu, what do I do now11:43
jattguampa: I just found with google http://www.pendrivelinux.com/install-grub2-on-usb-from-ubuntu-linux/11:43
jattguampa: is grub-install?11:43
ioriathe router page requires a user and password11:43
keyUpit isnt openning at all11:43
guampajatt: that's the one :)11:43
ioriathe adress is wrong, maybe11:43
LewerUSUL, I am on the trial ubuntu thing11:43
[twisti]erUSUL: it started and i set everything to english, but the buttons are still all italian (i think). do i need to reboot ? if so, how ?11:43
keyUponce i opened it 1/311:44
keyUptomorow technicians will come11:44
jattguampa: ok, I will try it tonight at home11:44
Lewwhat do I do so it fixes original partition11:44
jwtiyarhow to enable the universe component?11:45
erUSUL[twisti]: there should be a power button in the panel the reboot is the second to last in the menu that appears when you click on it11:45
erUSULjwtiyar: should be already enabled.11:45
[twisti]it doesnt seem to have worked11:45
[twisti]i mean, it rebooted, but its still in that weird language11:45
erUSULjwtiyar: check in ubuntu software center Edit>Software Sources11:45
perlmonkeylanguage support is badly mangled in Ubuntu *still* this bug has existed for at least 4 successive distro updates11:45
LewUSUL, what do I do from here?11:46
LewIm on trial ubuntu thing.... How does it fix original parition11:46
erUSULLew: i do nor know what your problem originally was.11:46
LewThe booting problem11:46
ioriakeyUp... check the wi-fi channel11:47
[twisti]i think i got it11:47
Lewnow I got the disk, and am trying to fix missing boot files11:47
erUSULLew: you can use gparted ( system>admin...>partition editor ) to check partitions11:47
[twisti]uninstalled the language (it was italian) alltogether11:47
Lewand do what from there11:47
[twisti]yes! thank you, erUSUL11:47
erUSULLew: right click on the problematic partition and choose verify it11:47
erUSUL[twisti]: no problem11:48
iorialshw -C network as sudo11:48
Lewtheres no verify?11:49
WitchsongDoes anyone know if it's possible to use the Firefox button look from the Windows version in the Ubuntu version?11:49
StuckMojo"The apache2 configtest failed, so we are trying to kill it manually." <- anyone know how to run this yourself?11:49
jwtiyarerUSUL, thanks solved11:49
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?11:50
LewUSUL, Check and repair file system?11:50
bullgard4erUSUL: Thank you for your help.11:50
erUSULLew: yes11:50
erUSULbullgard4: no problem :)11:51
Lewit says  I may loose data11:51
zoufengHow to use GNOME 3?11:51
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?11:51
guampaStuckMojo: if you want to test the apache config you can try starting it manually with -t, ie sudo apache2 -t11:52
perlmonkeyok I solved the language bug in Ubuntu11:52
shomonStuckMojo, try going into #apache although you may get flamed in there...11:52
shomonI did a couple of times anyway...11:52
perlmonkeyeasy fix, if anyone wants to know..just edit your bash profile and add/remove the language support pack export line11:52
=== fairuz-lunch is now known as fairuz
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?11:53
LewUSUL, it failed11:53
fairuzLew: any luck with ubuntu CD?11:53
Lewah hey fiaruz11:53
Lewlol not much11:54
fairuzYou get the CD booted?11:54
Lewim in trial ubuntu what now?11:54
fairuzCan you mount the disk that have your old Ubuntu11:54
fairuzsudo mount /dev/xxxx11:55
fairuzsudo mount /dev/xxxx /tmp11:55
fairuzwhere xxx is your Ubuntu partition11:55
Lewwhere i do thisa11:55
fairuzin a terminal? where else? :D11:56
Lew       /dev/sda111:56
fairuzLew: Yes11:57
=== ps is now known as Guest32511
Lewdidnt work11:57
fairuzwhat it says?11:57
Lewcant find /dev/sda1 in /etc/fstab11:58
faizulgatal baru pelir wehh11:58
Lewor /etc/mtab11:58
fairuzfaizul: jaga bahasa11:58
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?11:59
faizulfairuz, ?11:59
fairuzLew: Do you know where your filesystem is mounted?12:00
faizulfairuz, what is jaga bahasa ?12:00
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Lew_fairuz make a private chat agm12:02
Spamiclesis there such thing as a book/guide for "using linux like a pro"? ive used ubuntu and other flavors a little over the years for technical/scientific stuff, but my lack of knowledge of all the parts of the operating system and how they work (like useful bash scripts) make me forever-a-newbie12:06
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?12:07
Straldjash XaKeP-i da nqma tuka e ?12:07
guampaSpamicles: "using linux like a pro"?? what do you need to know?12:09
Spamiclesguampa, i dont know. when im putzing around or trying to figure something out (which i usually end up coming on here to do if i get stuck). i just feel like im lacking an understanding of how everything works. someone once recommended linux from scratch.12:10
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?12:11
=== Guest16024 is now known as LjL-Temp
guampaSpamicles: LFS is a good way to learn how stuff works, yeah you can try that...it could qualify as a "pro" guide12:13
ohsixmore like pro bably a waste of time12:14
guampawhatever that means12:14
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=== jbache is now known as bachewii
Spamiclesohsix, you wouldnt recommend it?12:15
guampaSpamicles: how long you've been using linux?12:16
CMatomico que se passa com forum ubuntu pr12:17
CMatomico que se passa com forum ubuntu pt12:17
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:17
Lewfairuz msg me12:17
Spamiclesguampa, few years on and off. im in grad school in a science field so it is occasionally required. have some basic programming/scripting experience too. i can ssh around and do basic things but beyond that (especially troubleshooting or building stuff that doesnt come as a package and has dependencies) im lost12:18
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?12:18
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?12:18
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?12:18
FloodBot1jwtiyar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:18
jwtiyarall places open with movie player how to fix?12:18
erUSUL!repeat | jwtiyar12:19
ubottujwtiyar: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:19
thevishyhas anyone tried etoile here ?12:19
sunitI am trying to run slon sql90_cluster "dbname=openbravo3rc4" and slon sql90_cluster "dbname=healthopenstagingdb" in ubuntu 9.10 as deamon so that it will start in boot time. Shall I add this file to /etc/rc.local file ?12:20
ohsixerUSUL: theres a factoid on ubottu about fixing the mime type for folders i just don't remember it, if you know how to find it that'd be helpful12:20
guampaSpamicles: use it as your main OS for a couple of years and you're set12:20
erUSUL!search places12:20
ubottuFound: grue, ftp, metalink, lost+found12:20
=== Straldja is now known as Bulgari
erUSUL!search mime12:20
erUSUL!search player12:20
ubottuFound: winamp, music players, pronounce, totem, teg, realplayer, mplayer-fonts, audio players, rhythmbox, amarok and 24 more, see http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=player12:20
ohsix!search folder12:21
ubottuFound: fusesmb-#xubuntu12:21
ohsix!search nautilus12:21
ubottuFound: ftp, icons, default, burners, thunar, noicons12:21
erUSULjwtiyar: http://www.muktware.com/news/24/2010/39712:22
manselI'm willing to make a linux machine name public to a windows 2003 domain, in order to let people reach my jboss server with something like http://mansel-desktop:8088. Is there any easy way to accomplish this with ubuntu?12:22
guampamansel: that should be done from the windows domain DNS server12:23
jwtiyarerUSUL, so y u didnt answer before ?? thanksss alot mr12:23
manselguampa: do you mean with a DNS entry?12:23
edwinkcwis empathy able to block people?12:24
[twisti]jwtiyar: nice way to show your gratitude towards someone who spent their time helping you in a way that you could have easily done yourself12:25
manselguampa: the problem is that we use DHCP for ips, so computer doesn't have a static one.12:25
WeThePeoplewhat does the clip board manager do12:25
ohsixerUSUL: found the online search and i can't find it :D someone must have pasted it from somewhere12:25
manselguampa: I mean the linux box.12:25
Lew_yo fair msg me12:25
guampamansel: that's something to solve in ##windows i guess12:25
jwtiyar[twisti], ,i didnt u understand12:25
manselguampa: thanks anyway mate.12:25
sunitI am trying to run slon sql90_cluster "dbname=openbravo3rc4" and slon sql90_cluster "dbname=healthopenstagingdb" in ubuntu 9.10 as deamon so that it will start in boot time. Shall I add this file to /etc/rc.local file ?12:26
ManDayHello #ubuntu, I got a problem :)12:26
edwinkcwdoes empathy support file transfer? I find this is diabled in the menu12:28
ljsoftnethow can i let xfapplet save my current prefences of gnome system monitor applet?12:28
ManDayI downloaded the amd64 desktop edition, copied it onto an USB thumbdrive and set up grub1 on it to match the grub2 config that ships with the image (meaning kernel-args such as boot=casper etc.). But when I boot, at some point I get "Begin: Running /scripts/casper-premount ... done. done. stdin: error 0 /init: line 7: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found"12:28
DevDzhow about krunner12:29
ohsixManDay: it means theres no disk in your drive, and it's looking for one12:29
syn3rgyHow do I see if there is a new Git out then the one I already pulled? Git status ? Git diff?12:29
ManDayohsix: hm? what drive? why is it looking for one? how do I tell it to look at the right place?12:29
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit12:29
ManDayis that another kernel opt?12:30
syn3rgyHow do I see if there is a new Git out then the one I already pulled? Git status ? Git diff? I am writing a bash script but there is no reason to pull a new Git if the master one has not changed.12:31
Fogelanyone experienced in nss_ldap here? i have issues with it and dbus12:33
kodezgood day everyone. how do i solve a problem of usb not mounting?12:34
ManDayI downloaded the amd64 desktop edition, copied it onto an USB thumbdrive and set up grub1 on it to match the grub2 config that ships with the image (meaning kernel-args such as boot=casper etc.). But when I boot, at some point I get "Begin: Running /scripts/casper-premount ... done. done. stdin: error 0 /init: line 7: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found" How can I solve that?12:34
tuxx-kodez: depens on what the problem is. Check out the command 'dmesg' and see if you can get any errors out of that ;p12:35
jribManDay: hmm, I don't know.   But it might help to tell us why you are replacing grub2 with grub112:35
jribkodez: can you mount it manually on the command line?12:36
ManDayjrib: 1) i dont like grub2 2) I'm creating this disk from a gentoo system where i only have grub1 installed12:36
kodez i can't even see it when is ls /dev/disk/by-id12:36
ManDayi dont think grub is to blame here12:36
benzaldehydei have ubuntu on PS3, is there a way to use a different resolution where i could manage or adjust the black bars on the sides and top of the screen? when i switch to a 480i mode the screen is off-centered and i can't see the prompt12:37
jribManDay: what is your intent?  To install ubuntu from the usb drive?12:37
syn3rgykodez what do you see when you try fdisk -l12:37
ohsixbenzaldehyde: usually those are tv adjustments12:38
ManDayjrib: just have a live pen drive12:38
kodezsyn3rgy: unfortunately the person who has that problem is not with me to check that12:38
jribManDay: persistent?12:39
pratheep why i can't format flashdrive to fat cryp....., linux .12:39
syn3rgykodez sry names going by so fast ...12:39
brian1hi i have installed xubuntu along with windowsXP,an and i have recently updated my xubuntu to kernel version 2.6.35-28 and how when i choose to boot windowsXP in grub, winXP boots without any problems until i get to see my Desktop for 5 seconds and then all of the sudden the system restarts/resets and I land in the grub bootmenu12:39
Hardinpratheep: Details please12:40
ManDayjrib: no12:40
Hardinpratheep: For example, what tool are you using to format12:40
ManDaynothing special12:40
ManDayjrib: just what unetbootin would usually do12:41
sakshamhow to reinstall a software? I'm not sure if it installed correctly12:41
jribManDay: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick and verify it actually works with unetbootin and/or usb-disk-creator12:41
ManDayit works with unetbootin12:41
ManDayi can confirm that12:41
jribsaksham: what software?  How did you install it?12:41
brian1hi i have installed xubuntu along with windowsXP,an and i have recently updated my xubuntu to kernel version 2.6.35-28 and how when i choose to boot windowsXP in grub, winXP boots without any problems until i get to see my Desktop for 5 seconds and then all of the sudden the system restarts/resets and I land in the grub bootmenu12:41
jribbrian1: if win xp starts booting it's a windows issue12:43
ohsixbrian1: that sounds like a windows problem12:43
guampabrian1: if you can see your desktop, grub is working fine. at that point it has long finished its job12:43
benzaldehydehow can i disable parts and joins and quits in irssi?12:43
ohsixbenzaldehyde: /window level -parts -quits iirc; theres online /help though if i'm wrong12:44
brian1ok good to know12:44
sakshami installed octave (on opensuse), and while installation, I ignored an error shown about a missing library12:44
sakshamlater i installed the library12:44
DJones!quietirssi | benzaldehyde12:44
ubottubenzaldehyde: To ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS12:44
jribsaksham: but this is #ubuntu for ubuntu support12:44
jribManDay: I don't know of the specifics but doesn't unetbootin do more than what you described? Involving syslinux?12:45
ohsixbenzaldehyde: /window level -joins -parts -quits12:45
sakshamyes..but I figured there won't be much difference..12:45
benzaldehydethat just said window level is now NONE??12:45
jribsaksham: please ask in the channel for your distribution12:46
thevishyhas anyone tried etoile desktop environment here ?12:46
ManDayjrib: i'm not sure. i thought unetbootin simply usesy syslinux instead of grub12:47
ManDayi thought they are interchangable12:47
ManDayafter all it sorta works12:47
antantHey guys. Can anyone tell me how to install old kernels? They don't seem to be in synaptic12:47
ManDayits just that error half they way through the boot12:47
jribManDay: hmm, don't know enough to help you12:47
ManDayno prob. thanks for the hints jrib12:47
jwtiyarmy 10.4 does not support my huawei modem12:47
manselAnother little question, I can just access my jboss server (that is isntalled in same machine) using or the computer name. Is there anyway to do that when someone points to my IP (intranet) he  could be able to access the jboss server? (if it would be at it would work). Sorry if question is not concise.12:47
guampaManDay: the way i understand it, as long as you can specify an initrd and kernel params, you can use grub1/2/grub4dos/syslinux12:48
ManDayguampa: what will that do12:48
ManDaywhat is that path you mentioned?12:49
ManDayoh, lol12:49
guampaManDay: ...12:49
ManDayits not meant to be a path i see12:49
ManDayyes, i thought so too12:49
guampano just the options12:49
ManDayis it maybe related to specifying file=/cdrom/... as a kernel arg?12:49
ManDayi think the problem really is that the kernel assumes that it finds itsself and its data on the cdrom /dev/sr0 where actually its on the usb12:50
ManDay(or so)12:50
guampahmm what are you trying to boot? an ubuntu?12:50
ohsixthe kernel doesn't do it, the scripts in the initrd do12:50
ManDayyes 64b desktop12:50
DND /join #wordpress12:50
ManDayohsix: yeah or that12:50
groovewhere i can find the spanish channel12:51
benzaldehydedoes not receiving migraines correlate to lack of intelligence?12:51
ManDaysorry your vocab is too fancy for us migraine-plaqued linux users to understand12:53
guampaManDay: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/4696/install-ubuntu-10-10-server-from-usb-with-grub4dos12:53
ManDayguampa: grub4dos ... why that... well ill take a look thanks12:53
guampathe second answer has a working entry for 10.10 64 in grub12:53
KicchiriHi. I'm a newcomer to Ubuntu (and mostly Linux as well) -- Anything I have to know when trying to set up a secure system?12:54
KicchiriAlso, what's a good choice for browser & IRC Client?12:54
ohsixyou could just like,  install it; it's a fully mountable fs and you can chroot to it and run the installer12:54
Blizarhi ! Is there a command to know what is the file pointed by a symbolic link?12:56
guampaKicchiri: you can start securing by setting up a firewall12:56
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.12:57
ohsixBlizar: ls -l12:57
ohsixguampa: theres not much running by default, and stopping those is advisable before just firewalling everything12:57
jribBlizar: also readlink.  « readlink -f » will keep following symlinks recursively12:58
guampafirewalling is always a good thing anyway12:58
KicchiriHm. Thanks. I will require some open ports though... what's the primary source of insecurity on not-firewalled ports?12:58
benzaldehydetony does not rule12:58
Blizarreally interesting jrib  thx12:58
jribbenzaldehyde: please keep the discussion in this channel about ubuntu support only12:58
guampanot really interested in arguing, so be that as you like12:59
ohsixKicchiri: the primary source is unknowable!11 it's really scarry ;]12:59
benzaldehydetony does not rule ubuntu software12:59
jribbenzaldehyde: ok funny, but seriously stop:)12:59
AsadIs there a software in ubuntu to adjust software-based contrast/brightness/gamma etc. (like in windows)..12:59
ohsixguampa: firewalls can be messed with, it's the software and the exposure surface that's a problem, firewalling can be part of that12:59
benzaldehydealright :312:59
ohsixAsad: for video outputs or for everything?12:59
Asadohsix: ... uhh... for my laptop LCD monitor. That's video output yeah.13:00
ohsixAsad: video as in things that use a video port, not the display itself13:00
DP_ProphetHi all, I have a question concerning broken packages after an update13:01
AsadI can adjust gamma using xgamma but I wanted to adjust contrast/brightness too..13:01
ohsixAsad: xvattr changes the xvideo port properties, and video players occasionally support it directly, as for the rest it'd be driver specific afaik13:01
pratheepubuntu play game??13:02
Asadoh ok ohsix .. so i guess it would only be available for non-free nvidia/ati drivers ? what is used for intel hd displays in core i5 ... ?13:02
DP_ProphetI keep getting the following: unable to install (supposed) new info file `/var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/md5sums': Is a directory13:02
DP_Prophetfound no solutions online13:03
ohsixAsad: i do not know13:03
jribDP_Prophet: well... is it a directory?13:03
DP_Prophetno, it doesn't even exist13:03
Zulohi, one question! in bash how to can save the symbol & in a variable?13:03
jribDP_Prophet: what are you installing?13:03
DP_Prophetjust an update13:04
jribZulo: foo='&'13:04
ohsixAsad: i lied, xrandr has gamma controls for individual channels13:04
DP_Prophetjrib: tried uninstalling, --purge13:04
Zulothanks jrib :)13:04
DP_Prophetapt-get install -f13:04
Asadlol cool ohsix ...13:04
benzaldehydexrandr where do i know that word from13:04
DP_Prophetbut nothing13:04
jribDP_Prophet: can you pastebin full output with the error (and the command you ran)13:05
DP_Prophetsure, sec13:05
Asadi currently use xrandr to switch from and to internal/external display ... somehow ubuntu doesn't support fn + f4 on my laptop13:05
ohsixAsad: you should report a bug about that13:05
tim167hello, how do i find out which device is mounted to /media/32rewrewrewr... ?13:05
ohsixAsad: but theres also the monitor applet which uses xrandr and applies your prefs at boot13:05
jribtim167: type « mount »13:06
tim167jrib: thanks :)13:06
sunitI am trying to run slon sql90_cluster "dbname=openbravo3rc4" and slon sql90_cluster "dbname=healthopenstagingdb" in ubuntu 9.10 as deamon so that it will start in boot time. Shall I add this file to /etc/rc.local file ?13:06
resmoI installed ubuntu on a server I marked "automated security updates" how can I change this?13:06
jribresmo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates mayhaps13:07
DP_Prophetjrib: http://pastebin.com/G198XN7z13:07
benzaldehydeAsad:  i don't use a laptop but i can tell you that alt plus a numbered F key will take you between shells and when in GUI alt+ctrl plus F keys will do the same. usually the GUI is on F713:08
Ja23I pressed Ctrl+C in terminal and it interrupted (as it's supposed to) but I'd like to uninterrrupt, can i do this?13:08
resmojrib, this seems not the way ubuntu made this13:08
jribresmo: hmm, how come?13:08
=== adrien_ is now known as Guest36045
benzaldehydeCtrl+C should be Copy, are you thinking of Control+Break?13:09
resmojrib, I mean in the installer, you can checkmark automated updates, and I want this to be undone13:09
ohsixJa23: you can't uninterrupt it, that kills it; you probably wanted ctrl+z13:09
Asadbenzaldehyde: uhh.. alt + ctrl + f4 for toggle display?13:09
jribresmo: yes, you verified that it's done using one of the two packages mentioned on that wiki page?  Can you check if they are installed?13:09
ohsixJa23: then you use job control stuff to work with it, fg, bg, jobs; it's part of your shell13:10
benzaldehydein GUI it that should take you to a shell13:10
antantHey guys. Can anyone tell me how to install old kernels? They don't seem to be in synaptic13:10
Ja23ohsix: So i should press ctrl+Z13:10
resmojrib, yep, also check cron.d and cron.daily nothing found13:10
ohsixJa23: that will interrupt a running program and give you an opportunity to continue it in the background or the foreground; instead of killing it completely13:11
Ja23ohsix: I was in the middle of working on installing a ppa of gnome, and it was asking me a question, and I went to copy and paste the q into google13:11
ohsixJa23: if you wanted to copy things from a terminal when theres a dialogue on it, hold shift so it doesn't send mouse clicks to it13:11
jribresmo: are you sure the updates are enabled?13:12
Ja23ohsix: yeah, I found that out the hard way, haha13:12
Ja23ohsix: So, is there a way to take a step back?13:12
Guest36045howdy, i've a rather serious problem. I removed my inscription files n' I can't find their. I tried with photorec and other programs but it don't work. I must send these files before this friday :13:12
kz3can anyone teach me how to install a tar.gz file?13:12
PiciJa23: in a terminal, ctrl-c is break. to copy, either select the text with your cursor and use middle-mouse to paste. or use shift-ctrl-c or ctrl-ins to copy13:13
jribkz3: you avoid doing so and just use apt13:13
jrib!compile > kz313:13
ubottukz3, please see my private message13:13
ohsixJa23: you'll have to start again; chances are since you interrupted it, it will say packages are broken and to use dpkg-reconfigure or something, then it will re-ask you the question13:13
kz3how to compile?13:13
resmojrib, I ask this myself :). hmm I am installing again in a vm, to see the difference... thx13:13
ikoniakz3: compile what13:13
Guest36045\nick Morgoth13:13
alkisgIs there a proprietary nvidia driver that supports Vanta? (1999)13:14
Ja23ohsix: so, i was "building" something, do I just reenter the last command I had entered to start building GNOME?13:14
kz3compile a tar.gz file13:14
resmohi papagno13:14
ikoniakz3: what is the software you want to compile13:14
papagnoanyone having problems with external monitor and natty?13:14
kz3i wanna install utorrent on my PC and i had to download a tar.gz file and i am not able to install it13:14
Picipapagno : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Natty/11.04 support/discussion.13:14
Guest36045howdy, i've a rather serious problem. I removed my inscription files n' I can't find their. I tried with photorec and other programs but it don't work. I must send these files before this friday :13:14
solvikhi. i'm search a solution in order to close a session instead of lock it when there is a certain amount of inactivity. i've searched but didn't find any solution13:14
SpitfireWPkz3, tar.gz is a archive.13:15
jribDP_Prophet: check /var/lib/dpkg/info/libdbus-1-dev.md5sums13:15
ikonia!info utorrent13:15
kz3so how to install it?13:15
benzaldehydeMorgoth: try /nick Morgoth not \nick13:15
ubottuPackage utorrent does not exist in maverick13:15
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P13:15
jrib!recover | Guest3604513:15
ubottuGuest36045: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel13:15
ikoniakz3: check out those links13:15
ikonia!torrent > kz313:15
ubottukz3, please see my private message13:15
DP_Prophetjrib: that is a directory indeed13:16
SpitfireWPtar xvfz file.tar.gz            <- kz313:16
DP_Prophettotal 64413:16
DP_Prophetdrwxrwxrwt 4 root  root    4096 2011-02-25 13:36 .13:16
DP_Prophetdrwxr-xr-x 3 root  root  491520 2011-03-30 14:02 ..13:16
DP_Prophet-rw------- 1 root  root       0 2011-02-25 15:28 filehPxiAh13:16
FloodBot3DP_Prophet: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:16
DP_Prophetdrwxrwxrwt 2 root  root    4096 2011-02-25 15:28 .ICE-unix13:16
DP_Prophet-rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 139120 2011-02-25 15:28 #sql_588_0.MYD13:16
kz3thanks SpitfireWP13:16
jribDP_Prophet: you should be able to just delete (or move somewhere safe if you prefer) /var/lib/dpkg/info/libdbus-1-dev*13:16
Guest36045jrib : thank you13:16
Lew_when im formatting my HDD what options do I do13:16
Lew_master boot record?13:16
ikoniaLew_: what do you mean, what options ?13:17
benzaldehydeLew_: well that is ultimately up to you, do you mean how to slice it?13:17
ohsixLew_: unless you know you need gpt, yes; use mbr if it's an x8613:17
ohsixLew_: linux can read all sorts of types of partitions, but it's up to your computer's bios to boot them; so if it's a boot volume it's important to use mbr13:18
benzaldehydeoh gparted13:18
Lew_im doing it because my HDD is pretty much missing13:18
solvikhi. i'm searching a solution in order to close a session instead of lock it when there is a certain amount of inactivity. i've searched but didn't find any solution13:18
Lew_and it had the orgiginal ubuntu on it13:18
benzaldehydegparted is great13:18
kz3SpitfireWP please see my PM13:18
ohsixsolvik: forcibly closing things can lead to data loss13:18
benzaldehydedoing what13:18
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:18
solvikohsix: well, i know. but i still *need* to do that13:19
ohsixsolvik: if it really is inactive stuff will get swapped out for things that are actually running13:19
Ja23Question (double check):  I accidently pressed Ctrl+C while building GNOME, it was paused, telling me I had a phase build error, and asking me a question, is there any possible way to undo my Ctrl+C13:19
ohsixsolvik: then rig up something to kill their session ;]13:19
Lew_Al;right so13:19
jjpsolvik: often you will have to work with gconf-editor to tweak this13:19
ohsixJa23: are you using jhbuild or something? it should ask you what to do if it's interrupted13:19
Lew_Everything to do with myHDD I get this error "Daemon is inhibited"13:20
Ja23ohsix: yeah I was using jhbuild13:20
solvikohsix: the real problem is there i have several pc with a session system (nis). but when somebody is loggued on more than 1 pc he can't run firefox/chrome (the .config/chromium/SingletonLock etc..)13:20
solvikand it's very annoying13:20
solvikso when there is no activity, the session close itself13:20
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jjpsolvik: try /apps/gnome-screensaver/logout_enable and logout_delay13:21
benzaldehydeJa23: i don't know but why not purge and start over13:21
ohsixsolvik: you can't set up your authentication to not let people on more than once?13:21
Lew_anyone know?13:21
Ja23benzaldehyde: It was dling stuff for a few hours and my gf just got here and yada yada13:21
Lew_Everything to do with my HDD, I get "daemon is inhibited"13:21
benzaldehydeLew_: what are you trying to do?13:21
Lew_Benz: format the HDD13:22
jjpLew_: by everything, do u mean automount ?13:22
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Ja23benzaldehyde: I was also worried that if I quit (does that mean purge?) that it would be messed up13:22
solvikohsix: i don't think it's possible with nis :)13:22
Lew_its a boot13:22
ohsixLew_: do you have gparted open? those disk tools inhibit udisks while they're running13:22
Lew_No I dont ohsix13:22
benzaldehydeJa23: sir this is a nerd channel kindly take your having a girlfriend and friends and a life elsewhere :)13:22
benzaldehydei'm kidding13:23
Ja23benzaldehyde: =P13:23
Lew_Anything to do with my HDD I get that error13:23
Lew_"Daemon is inhibited"13:23
ohsixLew_: find out whats inhibiting udisks13:23
Ja23benzaldehyde: so, it's OK if I just close the terminal and try it again before going to bed?13:23
Lew_even in uparted13:23
Lew_theres nothing open13:24
DP_Prophetjrib, thx, that helped somewhat! Now there is the following however: http://pastebin.com/XgWam47u13:24
benzaldehydeLew_: purge removes a package and its 'remnant' files13:24
jjpLew_: what is, technically speaking, this HDD ? Classical SATA or USB stuff ?13:24
jribDP_Prophet: did you recently have some hardware issues?  Run fsck?13:24
Lew_Its a boot HDD13:24
ohsixLew_: well, something is13:24
benzaldehydeJa23: purge removes a package and its 'remnant' files13:25
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antantHow do I upgrade to a kernel that's not the most recent?13:25
Lew_Thisarvo I came home and my screen just goes black when I try boot ubuntu13:25