karnidue to heavy cough, my voice is so low I could work as a voice over man00:53
karnigood night everyone01:22
vadi2How can I add my own music onto U1, to be available as purchased music is?02:18
beunovadi2, to stream it?02:34
vadi2and sync between computers as well02:35
beunovadi2, just make sure the folder where the music lives is being synced02:35
vadi2I don't know where U1 put the purchased music though, I'd like to use the same one02:36
beunovadi2, ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One/02:40
faganmorning all07:55
faganmandel: im going to start an hour later to get more time with ralsina later07:56
faganso ill be starting in an hour rather than now07:56
mandelfagan: sure, np08:17
mandelfagan: but remember that he wants you do seom exercises before he arrives08:17
faganmandel: yeah loads of time id say08:18
faganok so mandel what is my task :)09:02
mandelfagan: give me a second and I'll find it for you, one sec09:03
mandelor min :P09:03
fagansure its cool09:03
* fagan makes tea09:05
mandelfagan: ther you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587264/09:11
faganmandel: ok09:16
mandelfagan: it would also be nice if you try to use a more advance editor than gedit to do it like vim/emacs09:24
faganmandel: well I did orignally but then always settled on gedit09:26
faganbut ill give it a go09:26
mandelfagan: it takes time to get used to one of them, but ti is an advence tool, and once you get used to it, you will work a lot better09:27
faganmandel: sure09:27
mandelfagan: I use vim and I can give you a hand setting it up, I have no clue about emacs, but I know thisfred and vds can help you to set ip up for python devel very quickly09:28
mandelyou can even add a pylint/pyflakes plug in to help you with the pep8 things etc..09:28
vdsfagan, hello! ping me if I can be of any help.09:29
mandelvds: you are great :)09:29
faganvds: cool thanks09:29
faganmandel: just installing09:29
vdsmandel, I'm just big... :P09:29
mandelvds: hehehe :)09:30
* fagan was just scanning down synaptic for vim stuff to try out 09:30
faganYeah I think I realised what I never got into using vim09:40
mandelfagan: there is a nice tutorial tht you can run within vim to start using it, should be a good start09:44
mandelfagan: but do take a look at emacs too, some people find it hard to get their head around vim due to the way it works09:44
faganmandel: yeah I remembered that I couldnt figure how to save a file back in the day when i tried first but I got it now09:45
faganthe esc bit was what I never did09:46
faganmandel: oh there is only 1 think id like now and that is undo09:47
faganmandel: :u ?09:47
mandelredo: ctrl+r09:48
faganoh its just ctrl u09:48
mandelfagan: when you are not in edit mode09:48
mandelis just u09:48
mandelwhere edit mode is i09:48
faganthats interesting because everywhere else its ctrl+z09:48
mandelin vim you want to be in edit mode as little as possible09:48
mandelso that you can use dw, dd, etc.. ithout having to do esc all the time09:49
mandelthats why I say, try also emacs, so that you see which one fits you better09:49
faganah ok09:49
faganill give vim a go today and give emacs tomorrow and see which I like09:50
ChipacaI'd say a week each09:52
faganChipaca: well I pick up on stuff pretty easy so a day would be good enough to get the flavor09:53
faganBut I could go a week and see anyway09:53
Chipacaalso: if you have somebody close to you who uses one of them, use that -- having somebody point you at productivity tips kills anything the software might give you (in this case, i mean, where they're pretty much the same, if completely different)09:53
mandelI think we have people on both sides of the fence, so without starting yet another editor war, I think we have enough people to give you a hand :)09:55
faganreligious battle on!!09:55
faganThe winner gets me09:55
faganmandel: I think I can do this task in the lowest amount of code09:59
mandelfagan: cool, when done ping me if you want so I can take a look10:00
mandelif ralsina is not here, I think he wanted to do that10:00
faganmandel: well its still early there10:01
mandelfagan: if he says he will be up early , generally he is10:04
faganyeah I know10:04
faganI presumed early would be like now or in an hour I suppose10:04
mandelI'd not be surprise if he is here in an hour or earlier :)10:04
faganmandel: oh 1 more question whats the binding for pasting?10:05
fagan(ctrl+v in most other editors)10:05
mandelfagan: here is how it goes, there are diff ways to copy in vim10:06
mandelfor example yw il copy the word you are on10:06
mandeland p will paste it10:06
mandelyy will copy the entire line10:06
mandeland p will paste it10:06
mandelofcourse if you want to copy more than one word, for example 3 you can do:10:07
mandeland if you want to paste something more than once you can do10:07
mandelx is cut :)10:07
mandeld == delete10:08
mandeldw == delete word10:08
mandeldd == delete line10:08
mandeland ofcourse the use of number to repeat actions, 3dw, 3dd10:08
faganI trigged code completion there accidently10:09
mandelhaha :)10:10
faganill get the hang of it10:10
mandelfagan: one thing I find very useful are the :split and :vsplit to have more than one buffer open in the same terminal10:10
mandelso :vsplit /pat/to/file will open a vertical bufffer with the new file10:10
mandelctrl+w allows you to move around the buffers10:11
faganOh that sounds like it would be useful10:11
mandelall this in terminal vim, and dont know how it works in gvim :)10:11
faganwell I was presuming if I wanted to have more than 1 "window" id have to make some screens10:12
fagan\o/ I crashed the pep8 checker10:17
faganmandel: yep10:20
faganmandel: do I have do handle decimal places in this example10:32
mandelfagan: what do you mean exactly?10:35
faganmandel: 13.9% rate $1321.42 dollars10:35
faganI dont exactly know how to do that10:36
faganThe good news is im almost done10:38
mandelwhat do you mean you dont know? the formula is:10:38
mandelamount = principal * ((1 + (rate / 100.0)) ** years)10:38
mandelso, you just get the values from the ui, calculate and return it10:39
faganmandel: I have it displaying the decimal places fine but for the spinboxes and stuff10:39
fagando I need to have them allowing decimal places10:39
mandeldid you look at the image http://twitpic.com/4ew55l?10:40
faganso it should but I dont know how to do it10:40
mandelfagan: I'm very tempted to give you the straight answer….10:43
mandelbut instead, as I'm a bastard, I'll give you this: http://www.opendocs.net/pyqt/pyqt4/html/qspinbox.html10:43
mandelis not directly the answer, but somewhere in there it tells you how to do it10:44
mandelfagan: can you find it?10:48
faganmandel: nope :)10:49
mandelwell, if I were you and I was reading docs in a webbrowser and wantd to know that, I'd do a search for double or floating10:50
mandelright, since 2.3 is a double, but they are represented as a floating point :P10:50
mandelfound it already?10:52
faganso there is a double spin box10:52
mandelyes :)10:52
faganHmmm self.sender.objectName() doesnt work10:56
mandelwhy do you need self.sender.objectName() ?10:58
faganOh I can get around it10:58
faganmandel: well I wanted to get the name so I knew what was sending the signal10:58
faganand then use a bool to check what has been edited10:58
faganBut maybe I could have do that another way10:58
mandelfagan: I dont think you are doing the logic correctly, no matter which spinbox sends the signal, you have to recalculate the value, so the slot use for any of the signals is the same10:59
mandelQObject.connect(self.ui.spin1, SIGNAL('valueChanged(double)'), self.recalculate)11:00
faganmandel: ah so I dont need to conditionally check if its been edited and then go do the work11:00
faganmandel: i was handling that event anyway11:01
mandelfagan: if you get the signals, is that the value changed, right?11:01
mandelI mean, the signal is called valueChanged :)11:01
faganmandel: well I was thinking that id have to check if all 3 were edited first11:02
faganbut that doesnt really make much sense I suppose11:02
mandelno, it does not, the formula uses the 3 of them, ergo one of the out od date == wrong value for the user11:03
faganok im almost done then11:06
karnihi everyone11:11
faganhey karni11:12
* karni waves at fagan \o11:12
faganDONE \o11:21
faganand pushed11:22
* fagan dances till ralsina comes to judge 11:22
ralsinahi fagan, stop that! ;-)11:23
ralsinagood morning everyone11:23
* fagan cleans the code up a bit anyway 11:23
faganralsina: internet any better?11:24
ralsinabut I've only been using it 2 minutes ;-)11:25
ralsinaanyway, one small thing to consider: the value of loose coupling11:25
ralsinaI saw you wanted to check the sender of a signal. 99% of the time, don't do that.11:25
faganOh forgot I have to sort something with payroll real quick11:26
ralsinaUsually, requiring to know who triggered the callback is a sign of poor design, and means your callback does too much11:26
faganralsina: yeah I stopped that as soon as I realised that was bad11:26
ralsinafagan: cool. It's a code smell when you are doing Qt11:26
ralsinago ahead with payroll11:27
faganill push the code first11:27
faganralsina: lp:~shanepatrickfagan/+junk/compound_interest11:28
faganmorning rye11:32
ralsinafagan: wakeup son time, but I will be taking a look and get back to you  in about... 75 minutes11:33
faganralsina: cool11:33
faganit'll probably take me that long to email about payroll11:34
duanedesignmorning all11:36
karnifagan: I never cared much about payroll. You jumping around and talking about it makes me stressed I'm missing something ;d11:36
karnihi duanedesign !11:36
fagankarni: ha I have to submit an invoice to get paid so its takes a bit of effort the first time11:37
faganhey duanedesign11:37
karnifagan: ah! right, that's what I did once as well.11:37
fagankarni: so I have to find my bank details and then get all the info right11:38
faganso its a bit of a pain since I dont have it at hand11:38
karnifagan: yes, now I get it. I went through that as well.11:38
karniI have called my bank back then for the details.11:38
fagankarni: well its in my sent mail for my email so its not that hard11:39
ryeso, people, is there anybody using maverick now?11:39
* fagan participated in a pyramid scheme 11:39
duanedesignfagan: i finally found a solution to running history command w/ python: subprocess.Popen(bash -i -c "history -r; history", shell=True, stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT)11:39
mandelrye: I have a vm, is that of any use11:40
karnifagan: o_O you went for that?11:40
ryeIs there anybody whose gnome-settings-daemon crashes with the newest ubuntuone-client ?11:40
faganrye: I havent been using maverick since alpha 111:40
ryemandel, i also have a vm, but it is not crashing11:40
ryefagan, ah, no, it is in maverick-updates, something is bad with bug #74438311:41
ubot4`Launchpad bug 744383 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_str_hash() (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74438311:41
faganduanedesign: thats nice11:41
ralsinafagan: a few quick observations.11:43
faganralsina: shoot11:43
faganits just a first run through though11:43
ralsinafagan: when you are doing a layout that is a column of "label:" widget  things? Use a form layout11:43
faganralsina: ah ok11:43
ralsinaThat makes it look "right" because each platform has different conventions about alignment and such11:44
faganyeah thats ok11:44
ralsinaalso, you are missing a label11:44
faganI just did a qwidget I think11:44
ralsinait doesn't matter if it's a qwidget or not11:44
faganralsina: which one?11:44
ralsinaQFormLayout is a form of layout, like a grid or a vertical layout or horizontal.11:44
faganah ok11:44
duanedesignfagan: it started to become a challenge rather then a practical solution :P11:45
faganduanedesign: yeah it sounded like a pain11:45
ralsinafagan: since part of the exercise is "make it look like this", attention to detail and *making it look like that* are very important. Remember we are working with wireframes provided by designers.11:45
ralsinafagan: so, iterate, and I'll take another look when I come back.11:45
ralsinafagan: also note, I have not even looked at the code ;-)11:46
faganyeah and the css isnt needed there at all I just left it from the old example11:46
ralsinayes, remove the CSS11:46
faganralsina: yeah the code is ok ish but isnt up to standard in terms of style11:46
ralsinaoh, and if you use compiled resources, provide a way to create them, even if it's just a file with the commands written on it11:46
ralsinafagan: I really have not looked, so fix all you want and I will not check the commit history ;)11:47
faganralsina: yeah I was going to create a setup.py to make it easier to test11:47
ralsinafagan: that may be overkill for these exercises, but it's ok if you want11:47
faganwell it wouldnt be hard to make an sh then instead11:48
ralsinabasically "pyrcc4 whatever.rc -o whatever.py" and so on11:48
ralsinaalso, check the IRC log, check what you have discussed with mandel, and try to follow his advice. If you decide not to, have an explanation handy.11:49
faganralsina: yeah im using vim now and all11:49
faganand the other stuff I did too11:49
ralsinafagan: cool ;)11:50
ralsinafagan: you are going to think I am nitpicking your little example app to death. That is correct, because that's what doing UI work is, a constant series of nitpicks. Have fun ;)11:53
faganralsina: well thats the joys of an evolutionary approach to learning11:53
ralsinayep. Get cranking as soon as you are done with payroll11:54
faganralsina: email just sent11:54
faganralsina: the amount label is there ?11:55
faganoh and i was wrong I made that as a mainwindow11:55
ralsinafagan: check the image you were given, please. Put them both side by side.11:55
ralsinaBut you are right, you do have an amount label ;)11:56
faganoh I just renamed it11:56
ralsinacheck the number of rows on both.11:59
ralsinaand the number of columns on each row11:59
ralsinaso, no more feedback, iterate and come back with another version.12:00
faganralsina: just about to push a new version12:00
ralsinatake your time. This one was rushed. Check, run the tools I gave you, fix what they tell you to fix, I am not in a hurry.12:01
faganyay I went from a -214.23/10 to 7.08/10 on pylint12:20
* mandel walking dog12:33
beunoralsina, have you by any chance chased the "tomboy is pointing to edge" thing?12:52
* fagan lunch13:02
faganStandup in the 45 yeah?13:14
ralsinafagan: yes13:22
ralsinabeuno: nope13:22
ralsinabeuno: noone has touched anything in tomboy, why is it pointing to edge now?13:22
ralsinafagan: feel free to push a branch whenever you have something to show me13:23
faganralsina: branch already pushed13:28
ralsinafagan: cool, I'll take a look right now13:28
beunoralsina, the api13:34
beunois pointing to the edge servers13:34
ralsinabeuno: ok, I'll take care of it13:35
ralsinafagan: it doesn't seem to actually work13:36
faganralsina: whats the output?13:37
faganralsina: did you run python main.py or ./main.py13:37
ralsinabecause: AttributeError: 'MainWindow' object has no attribute 'ui'13:37
faganoh my bad13:37
ralsinafagan: should be the same thing one way or the other13:37
faganill fix it after standup I was trying to pass pylint13:38
faganthere was some name issue13:38
faganits something small13:38
ralsinafagan: passing pylint is not useful if it doesn't work ;)13:39
faganralsina: yeah I know I just changed a name and thought I tested it13:39
ralsinafagan: every branch you do here will have to pass reviews (2). If you don't check things carefully, you waste the time of 2 other developers.13:39
faganyeah I know13:39
ralsinafagan: ok, I'll wait for the next iteration then.13:40
ralsinafagan: you may want to read about "new style" connects in PyQt. let me find that doc...13:40
faganyeah its just a 1 minute fix13:40
ralsinafagan: read this, it will make your code cleaner: http://pysnippet.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-style-pyqt-signals-and-slots.html13:41
fagancool will look at it after break13:42
thisfreddoes anyone know if it's impossible/bad form to pass command line arguments to the executable when using dbus activation?13:44
faganralsina: actually im not doing anything at the moment anyway now so ill come off break now and fix it13:44
ralsinafagan: no need, but feel free!13:45
faganralsina: working and pushed now13:48
ralsinacool, will check13:48
fagancould you explain what the 2 errors pylint is outputting?13:49
alecuthisfred, perhaps there's some way to do it from the .service file.13:49
alecuthisfred, but I don't think that makes much sense.13:49
faganralsina: Ill go fix the style now too13:49
thisfredalecu: When I google it, it seems that it's possible, but of course nowhere is it documented13:49
thisfredalecu: yeah, then you13:50
thisfred're still locked into a single set of values13:50
ralsinafagan: there must be something wrong with the formula because $100 at compound interest for 0 years should not give you $0, but that's neither here nor there13:50
thisfredand you might as well make them the defaults13:50
alecuthisfred, right13:50
thisfredalecu: maybe I need to split the service activation and the calling of the method, but I don't know how to do that without creating timing issues13:51
* fagan googles compound interest13:52
thisfredalecu: actually, it seems calling the method should just work, I don't know why it doesn't13:52
faganoh I screwed a little bit of the logic up13:53
* mandel back13:53
alecuthisfred, right. The only thing you do from the outside is calling the method; the activation happens automatically if the process is not running yet.13:54
mandeldid I miss the stand up?13:54
alecumandel, it's in 5' I believe.13:54
mandelcool :)13:54
thisfredalecu: yeah, so when I call the method, the service is started, but it looks like the method is not called, i.e. the panel does not switch13:54
thisfredprobably a bug somewhere still13:54
thisfredI know13:55
thisfredthe service file does not point to my branch. Doh13:55
ralsinafagan: if you check the object inspector in designer, you will notice there is a problem with the layout13:56
faganralsina: will do13:56
ralsinaalso, the names you give to the objects are instance names, so they should be like object_name, not ObjectName13:56
faganralsina: ok ill fix it. Thats me going back to my college's naming conventions13:57
ralsinaalso, the app starts with the objects initialised wrong13:57
ralsinaas in, the "output" label is showing the wrong value.13:58
ralsinaAnd, last one: look in your IRC client log for QDoubleSpinBox13:58
faganralsina: the output label should be blank by default I thought?13:58
ralsinafagan: why?13:58
ralsinafagan: the inputs are not blank13:58
ralsinathe output should always match the expected result for theinputs13:59
faganralsina: Ok I didnt and I did have it as a QDoubleSpinBox but something dumb happend and I forgot to change it back13:59
faganill fix it now14:00
ralsinadon't rush it, compare it to what we asked for before pushing.14:00
ralsinaalecu dobey mandel thisfred remember the new standup schedule? Well, it's now ;-)14:01
ralsinanessita is not here but I have her report, so "me as nessita"14:02
faganso go?14:02
ralsinago fagan go!14:03
fagan* Did more python/pyqt polishing: - Did a compound interest converter (which passes pep8 and almost passes pylint)14:03
fagan* Got payroll sorted14:03
fagan* More pyqt stuff14:03
fagan* harsh reviews from ralsina14:03
fagan* try out vim and emacs and choose which one I like better14:03
fagan* nope14:03
faganmandel: go14:03
* ralsina is not harsh14:03
* ralsina is a freaking teddy bear14:03
mandelDONE: Fixed branch issue in the windows code of sso which I requested to review to ralsina and nessita. Added extra test to the sso ui on windows so that if the .ui files change we can ensure that everything will work. Added root object to start the qt ui on windows with sso which means that everything is in place to use it on windows.14:04
mandelTODO: propose merges, package sso as a .exe to be executed at boot time. Talk with clarita about certain parts of the user journey in sso on windows.14:04
mandelBLOCKED: no14:04
mandelralsina: go go go14:04
thisfred* DONE get ubuntuone-couch into natty [3/3]14:04
thisfred - [X] 0.2.0  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-couch/release-0.2.0/+merge/5331714:04
thisfred - [X] ubuntuone-couch FFE http://pad.lv/72911714:04
thisfred - [X] wait for the package to get through the upload queue14:04
thisfred* DONE review https://code.launchpad.net/~pedronis/ubuntuone-servers/couchdb-migration-cleanup-retry-n-fixes/+merge/5552014:04
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:04
thisfredNEXT: ralsinessita14:04
ralsinaDONE: calls, reviews, sprint stuff, wrote a webforum over lunch14:04
ralsinaTODO: same things, but more, plus performance reviews14:04
ralsinaBLOCKED: no14:05
ralsinaDONE: bug #704434, bug #726867. Coded new branch for SRU+UIFE bug #742678, so the register_user API is restored to avoi API changes. While testing a branch, I files bug #744980 and I started to fix it.14:05
ralsinaTODO: finish bug #744980, fix bug #729301. If there is time left, fix bug #726612.14:05
ralsinaBLOCKED: nopes14:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 704434 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Stop the backend service when UI is done (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70443414:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 726867 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Devices tab shows nothing when syncdaemon is not responsive (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72686714:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 742678 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 3 other projects) "[SRU] Registration should require user full name (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74267814:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 744980 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Disable/enable file sync is buggy (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74498014:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 729301 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "When disabling file sync from Servies tab, update FIleSyncStatus (affects: 1) (heat: 147)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72930114:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 726612 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Value could not be retrieved: Need to validate OAuth tokens (affects: 1) (heat: 123)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72661214:05
alecuDONE: chased zeitgeist issue breaking client tests on maverick. Helped debug webclient non-timeouting on network disconnection. Started looking at client-server tests breaking up. Pre-reviewed the control panel activation branch for thisfred.14:05
alecuTODO: fix client-server tests14:05
alecuBLOCKED: no14:05
ralsinaok, I need a volunteer to fix something on tomboy14:07
ralsinait's pointing at edge and it shouldn't14:07
* alecu watches everybody take a step back14:07
* fagan hides14:08
ralsinaalecu: :-)14:08
ralsinaalecu: beuno has more details, but I don't think there's much more than that, really14:08
mandelalecu: do ping me to do reviews, I should be able to do some c# :)14:09
ralsinadobey:  when you come back, vds is going to do the server side for banshee, please point him to the related banshee client code so he knows what his input is14:09
faganralsina: I think I fixed the calculating problem14:09
faganit gives a pretty big number now14:09
ralsinafagan: cool, push the branch whenever you want, I'll take a look at it :-)14:09
faganI could cast it though if its too big14:10
faganralsina: already pushed14:10
ralsinafagan: don't worry about that, floats should cover us for all expected purposes14:10
ralsinafagan: layout still wrong (nested vertical and form layouts, you don't need the vertical one), empty label on startup, no QDoubleSpinBox, missing file to compile the .ui. Please fix that before pushing again.14:13
mandelralsina: if you do have time, the merge proposal fro yesterday is now fixed: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/add_windows_startup_script/+merge/5488814:13
ralsinaas I said, don't rush it14:14
ralsinamandel: sure, on it14:14
faganralsina: I forgot to add the setup.sh file whoops. And the layout is vertical to expand the form layout since it doesnt want to normally14:14
faganill go fiddle since I think I might have done it wrong originally14:14
ralsinafagan: it will if you use the form layout as the window's layout. Arrange the widgets, then right-click and "layout in a form layout"14:15
* alecu will reboot after many upgrades14:17
beunoalecu, right, so it seems tomboy since Maverick?  or before, has edge as its api url14:21
beunowe need to change that in trunk, and backport the fixes14:21
alecubeuno, ok, I'll look into it.14:21
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
mandelralsina: he, I just show something funny/stupid I did, look at line 74 of the diff14:30
dobeyralsina: actually i didn't remember. and this weather is killing me14:30
dobeybut anyway14:30
dobeyλ DONE: call about backports, aptdaemon confusion14:30
dobeyλ TODO: peer evals, UIFE request, finish bug #733327, libu1 release14:30
dobeyλ BLCK: aptdaemon is full of lies.14:30
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 208)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332714:30
* mandel fixes it before rms kills him14:31
ralsinaloved the "aptdaemon is full of lies" line. hate what it means, though!14:32
ralsinamandel: too late, the ninja robots are already on the way14:32
thisfredhope they bring cookies!14:33
ralsinathe ninja robots always bring cookies. OF DEATH!14:33
faganralsina: hmmmmm im going mad now :)14:33
ralsinafagan: ask anything you need :)14:33
faganralsina: the rates arent being properly calculated14:34
faganI cant figure why14:34
ralsinacheck the formula mandel gave you, and compare it to the one in your code14:35
faganralsina: yeah it should be right I was missing the math.exp thing14:35
alecuralsina, beuno: tomboy trunk has no references to edge (nor to ubuntuone); it's in the packaging diffs that it points to edge.14:35
ralsinafagan, paste your formula here14:35
alecuralsina, beuno: I can see it goes back to maverick, but not lucid, by looking here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tomboy14:36
ralsinaalecu: interesting, so we need a SRU14:36
alecuralsina, so, it's a packaging issue, and I'll need some help of the package maintainer.14:36
ralsinaalecu: fun!14:36
faganralsina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/58736314:36
ralsinafagan: your formula is wrong.14:37
ralsinafagan: use the formula you were given14:37
alecukenvandine, ping14:37
* fagan scrolls back to find it 14:37
ralsinafagan: while you are at it, read the help for math.exp14:37
ralsinabecause you really, really, really don't want to use that ;)14:38
faganralsina: oh crap i used it wrong :)14:38
faganyeah I know what went wrong there14:38
ralsinafagan: having the problem description handy is useful: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587264/14:38
ralsinafagan: you are not using math.exp wrong, you are using the wrong thing.14:39
faganI had it open but then lost the page14:39
faganah ok14:39
kenvandinealecu, pong14:39
faganralsina: thats better14:40
alecuhi kenvandine! it seems that tomboy is pointing at the edge server of ubuntuone notes syncronization.14:40
alecukenvandine, I'm looking here, and it looks like this is happening since maverick:14:41
faganralsina: ok pushed a new version14:41
kenvandineok, do you have a new patch? or should i just s/edge.//g ?14:41
ralsinafagan: check the review I gave you the last time. Did you check each and every one of those things? If you did, I will review. If you didn't, I'll pretend you didn't say anything ;)14:41
faganralsina: I think I got most of it. The ui stuff should be fine now14:42
alecukenvandine, right, we just need to change "https://edge.one.ubuntu.com/notes/" to "https://one.ubuntu.com/notes/"14:42
alecukenvandine, but I guess we'll need an SRU for the maverick one, right?14:42
ralsinafagan: ok, checking14:43
kenvandinealecu, i can do that14:43
kenvandinealecu, can you file a bug?14:43
alecukenvandine, sure. I should fill it against the package, right?14:43
faganralsina: oh I didnt do that connect thing yet14:44
beunoalecu, great, even easier to fix14:45
ralsinafagan: let's go over my last review first14:45
faganralsina: the nested layout is gone14:45
faganralsina: the box has something in it14:46
ralsinaThe QDoubleSpinBox?14:46
faganoh crap14:46
faganfixed now14:46
ralsinafagan: That's you, rushing it. Don't.14:47
faganralsina: pushed14:48
ralsinaI see the formula is correct now14:48
faganralsina: I wasnt rushing it I just fixed it with a right click14:48
alecukenvandine, Bug #74572114:48
ubot4`Launchpad bug 745721 in tomboy (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu One sync points to the edge server (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74572114:48
ralsinafagan: yes, you were rushing it because you pushed the previous one without checking the 4 things I told you were wrong.14:48
alecubeuno, ralsina ^^14:49
ralsinaalecu: ack14:49
beunoalecu, thanks14:49
faganralsina: yeah I know I should have made a list and knocked them off as I fixed them14:49
faganit would have helped14:49
ralsinafagan: object names, use rate_box instead of RateBox14:50
faganralsina: kk fixing14:50
ralsinaWith that, the UI is ok14:50
ralsinapush that then we'll get to the code14:50
faganralsina: done and tested14:54
faganFound a bug14:56
ralsinamandel: code looks good to me in your branch, want a windows review?14:56
ralsinafagan: ok, push, I'll wait14:56
mandelralsina: yes, if you can14:56
ralsinamandel: sure14:56
* ralsina is a not-lean reviewing machine14:56
ralsinaAnd wednesdays are my no-conference-call day (almost)14:57
mandelralsina: would be running tests, all should pass, then set the python path to use the branched code, and run the script, a nice twisted service should ran :)14:57
facundobatistaoh, ugly ugly gio14:57
facundobatistaReturns :14:58
facundobatistaTrue on successful trash, False otherwise.14:58
facundobatista"Not all file systems support trashing, so this call can return the gio.IO_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED error. "14:58
ralsinagio was the name of ugly betty's sandwich-making boyfriend. He was not the ugly one.14:58
facundobatistaand gio.ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED bools to True :(14:58
mandelthat is a classic WTF14:58
ralsinafacundobatista: that SUCKS14:58
facundobatistaralsina, indeed14:58
facundobatistafurthermore, who designs a library to return a code error in Python? :(  it's easy to do wraps around C this way14:59
ralsinawell, gobject introspection creates libraries that feel like C with python syntax, mostly15:00
ralsinaSo, you have to check if r and r != gio.IO_ERR... on each call? blech15:01
facundobatistaralsina, fuck introspection if you'll force me to do that ^15:01
ralsinafacundobatista: agreed15:02
ralsinaAnd I am not the one forcing you, I am an innocent bystander ;)15:03
facundobatistaralsina, yes, I know :)15:03
faganralsina: done15:03
faganand pushed15:04
faganralsina: when your reviewing could you check out the 2 pylint errors15:05
ralsinafagan: sure15:05
faganralsina: its some naming thing that I cant really tell what it means15:05
ralsinafagan: pep8 violation on line 3115:05
ralsinafagan: those are very easy to miss, but code can't land until it passes, so you need to check before every push15:06
ralsinajust make it a habit15:06
faganralsina: 35, 26 I got the one on 31 fixed15:06
fagan35 and 36 I mean15:07
faganapp, window arent good names apparently :)15:07
ralsinafagan: well it was ther eon rev 25, is not on rev 26, so it's fixed15:07
ralsinafagan: well, pylint is a bit nitpicky, those are perfectly reasonable names.15:07
ralsinaYou can disable those warnings for specific variables, so let's ignore them15:08
faganralsina: cool15:08
fagan9.17/10 is a lot better than -200 anyway15:08
mandelralsina: I think it would be a nice exercise for fagan to disable does messages with inline comments since we have to do that very often15:10
ralsinamandel: yes, indeed15:10
ralsinafagan: the code is not bad, I just really really hate line 3115:11
ralsinaIt's better most of the time, to use string formatting instead of concatenations15:11
faganralsina: should be fixed and I did it a lot more if you look at the revisions15:11
ralsinaSo, something like "$%02d"%ans15:12
ralsinaWhich is a mouthful, but shows money correctly formatted :-)15:12
* ralsina hopes he remembers his printf strings correctly15:12
faganralsina: I thought that runs extra slow on other versions of python15:13
ralsinafagan: string concatenation is slow on all versions of python because strings are immutable15:13
ralsinaAnd this produces better formatting, that in this case is more important than speed15:13
faganralsina: cool15:14
ralsinaNow, read the stuff about new style connects, and try to apply it, and check the pylint manual to see ifyou can disable the warnings about app and window :-)15:14
ralsinaBut it's much much better than what you had this morning!15:14
alecufagan, you should worry when you are concatenating thousands of strings, but not just a few.15:15
faganralsina: yeah15:15
fagananyway that way of string formatting is the same as printf ish so its easier I just did it the way it said in the python docs to do it15:16
ralsinaalecu fagan15:16
ralsinaalecu fagan: yes, in this case it was mostly to show it with two decimals ;-)15:16
faganralsina: its giving me a wrong type error when I try what you gave15:19
faganahhhh a cast fixes it15:21
ralsinafagan: no, it'sthat the format string I gave you is crap ;-)15:22
faganralsina: haha15:22
* fagan went and tried to use it15:22
faganyeah it didnt actually fix it either anyway it just printed the entire lot15:23
ralsinayou don't need to cast it because ans is already a float and that's what we need.15:24
faganralsina: well python is thinking its a tuple15:24
faganhmmm I must be doing it wrong then15:24
ralsinanot in the revision I have at least ;-)15:24
ralsinafagan: push it and let me see15:25
faganralsina: id prefer if you pastebined what you did :P15:25
ralsinafagan: sure, but I know I have it working ;)15:26
ralsinafagan: ok, I'll pastebin it15:26
faganah I stuck in a ,15:27
fagani was copying it from sight since im not developing on this computer15:28
faganthere is 1 thing I should fix15:29
mandelfagan: what are you doing with two machines?15:29
faganthe year box is getting focus15:29
ralsinafix it, then do what I mentioned earlier (new style connects, pylint) and ping me when done.15:29
faganmandel: unity's dual monitor support is broken15:30
faganand id prefer not to irssi in the background15:30
faganralsina: cool15:30
ralsinamandel +1 on the branch15:32
mandelralsina: superb :D15:32
ralsinaargh, I forgot to take the kid's lunchbox to school!15:33
mandelralsina: this is not the first time, is it?15:33
mandelralsina: hehe15:33
mandelralsina: can you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/windows_ui_1/+merge/5483315:33
ralsinait's because wednesdays he has swimming lessons at school, so he has to take two bags, and I am asleep when we go :-(15:34
mandelmainly the setup.py stuff, the ui in that branch is kinda bad and outdated15:34
ralsinamandel: sure!15:34
mandelralsina: well, he can ask one of his friends and have big tea15:34
ralsinaok, just the setup.py stuff, looking at I am15:34
mandelcool, thx15:34
ralsinamandel: there's a school cafeteria, but you have to tell them earlier so they have the food available15:35
mandelralsina: hm, I dont know in argetina, but does places in spain tend to suck.. I've been feed terrible food in my school15:36
ralsinaevery time I see a module import cgi just for cgi.escape I die a little in the inside15:36
ralsinamandel: well, this one is ok, just plain food15:36
ralsinaas in, not hotdogs, but pasta with bolognese sauce and fruit. Nothing fancy, but nutritious.15:37
mandelralsina: you can propose a fix :)15:37
ralsinamandel: nah, the fix is importing something larger and worse15:37
mandelralsina: h, well, in mine was vegs and this like that.. and bloody fish every friday, stupid nuns!15:37
ralsinawell, vegs and fish aregood for you ;-) In this school fridays is trash food day, so pizza15:38
ralsinamandel: looks ok to me, and this doesn't affect the linux side, right?15:40
mandelralsina: well, it does, the setup.py is shared, and there are no tests for it15:41
mandelso, I need a linux review :)15:41
* mandel forgot to mention that15:41
* mandel hid15:41
ralsinaohhhhhh then get one of those from a linux guy ;)15:41
faganralsina: im getting native Qt signal not callable15:42
mandelralsina: well, you said you were free15:42
ralsinafagan, poaste here the line where you get that error15:42
ralsinamandel: yes, but I am on windows :-)15:43
ralsinamandel: for a couple more hours at least15:43
mandeloh, bullocks, let me find you a second one15:43
faganralsina: paste.ubuntu.com/58738615:44
faganwhoops forgot to linkify it15:44
ralsinafagan: version of PyQt?15:44
nessitahola mundo!15:44
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mundohola nessita!15:45
=== mundo is now known as ralsina
faganralsina: 4.8.3-215:45
ralsinafagan push it and let me look15:45
ralsinanessita: can you check mandel's branch mentioned above? We don't want to break the untested setup.py AGAIN ;-)15:46
faganralsina: pushed15:47
nessitaralsina: yes!15:48
nessitamandel: link please!15:48
* fagan needs to resend his payroll thing again :/15:48
ralsinafagan: will look at it in 1'15:48
faganralsina: take your time I need to do something for 5 mins anyway15:48
ralsinanessita: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/windows_ui_1/+merge/5483315:48
mandelnessita: sure this is the one that touches setup.py https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/windows_ui_1/+merge/5483315:49
mandeltoo slow15:49
mandelnessita: also, this is the one I asked you to do yesterday and had conflicts: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/add_windows_startup_script/+merge/5488815:49
mandelis fixed now15:49
nessitamandel: on it!15:50
* nessita opens tons of links15:50
kenvandinealecu, i uploaded the tomboy fix for natty15:52
alecugreat, thanks!15:52
kenvandinealecu, can you add a comment to the bug explaining how an existing user can test?15:52
kenvandinefor the SRU15:52
kenvandinei assume clear existing sync settings and register again?15:53
kenvandineor do you just need to perform a sync?15:53
alecukenvandine, don't know, I'll try it when the new package is ready and will update the bug.15:54
mandelralsina: question, what do you prefer, a huge branch 2000+ with nice code, or a smaller diff with a branch that adds some crapy code?15:54
kenvandinealecu, ok, let me know15:54
kenvandinethen i'll upload it for maverick15:54
ralsinamandel: the 2000+ is all XML?15:54
kenvandinealecu, it might be tomorrow or friday before it lands in natty15:54
mandelralsina: most of it yes15:54
kenvandinebasically some time after the beta iso is final15:54
ralsinathen the large one15:55
mandelralsina: ok15:55
mandelone sec15:55
kenvandinealecu, you can test it locally pretty easily15:55
faganralsina: ok payroll done ping me when you are looking at it15:55
* ralsina would rather have a pony, but what the heck15:55
kenvandinealecu, apt-get build-dep tomboy; bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-desktop/tomboy/ubuntu tomboy-ubuntu; cd tomboy-ubuntu; bzr bd15:55
mandelralsina: well, the code is quite clean, should be easy to understand :P15:56
alecukenvandine, great, I'll try that.15:56
ralsinamandel: it's ok, really, no problem. I'll assume the XML is ok and you have looked at it ;)15:56
ralsinafagan: works here!15:57
faganralsina: your joking me15:57
ralsinafagan: nope15:57
mandelralsina: there you go, is a big as branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/windows_ui_3/+merge/5556115:57
kenvandinealecu, thx... ping me when you comment on the bug15:57
kenvandineso i can get it uploaded15:57
ralsinafagan: give me 10' then we'll see what happened15:57
* ralsina looks at branch... ok, fagan, make that 20'15:58
faganralsina: oh its working now15:58
mandelralsina: the idea, is that the logic of the views is in the controllers module to allow the reuse of the ui on kde so that in the near buture controllers becomes a package that has a windows.py and a linux.py15:58
mandelI hope I make sense15:58
ralsinafagan: well, it's better than the alternatives.15:58
faganI suppose I needed to refresh the ui file15:58
alecukenvandine, in the above cmdline, "bzr bd" needs some bzr extension?15:58
ralsinamandel: gotcha15:59
faganI still have the pylint thing to do so its cool15:59
kenvandinealecu, oh, yeah15:59
alecubzr-builddeb ?15:59
kenvandinealecu, bzr-builddeb15:59
alecugreat, thanks15:59
* kenvandine just assumes everyone has that :)15:59
* alecu lacks any package building skill :-(15:59
* alecu hopes to start changing that soon16:00
mandelralsina: mainly, the gui.py contains the views which just provide an interface for the controllers to use, so gui.py is a fairly boring module with some properties becaus eI did not want to do view.ui.email_edit etc..16:01
faganralsina: done now16:02
faganI think thats all of what you were asking16:02
faganI did the pylint thing too16:02
mandelralsina: although in spanish terms I might have had what is called 'una paja mental'16:02
ralsinafagan: ok, will get to it in a bit. If all that's done, start reading chapter 4 of your book and slapping your forehead ;-)16:02
* mandel evil laugh 16:03
nessitamandel: ping16:04
mandelnessita: pong16:05
nessitaSSOLoginClient.register_user should receive a param named displayname instead of name, right? to match the signature of the linux module16:05
nessitamandel: ^16:05
mandelnessita: is there a diff? I mean, I can change that of course, but in windows the names of the params do not matter16:06
mandelbut if you prefer, I change it in a blast!!!16:06
nessitamandel: I think is best to maintain consistency16:06
nessitamandel: in the add_windows_startup_script16:07
ralsinamandel: yes, so we can have one set of docs (yeah right)16:07
nessitamandel: speaking of which, that branch has a lot more changes than the title16:07
nessitamandel: is that intentional or a prerequisite is missing?16:08
mandelnessita: the title of the branch? as in 'add_windows_startup_script'16:08
mandelis a result of running the tests and getting an error from the missing param16:08
mandelbut all of the rest is for the startup script16:08
nessitamandel: it is? ok then16:09
nessitamandel: another issue: you sure this will not break for unicode-decode potential errors? self.pipe_name = NAMED_PIPE_URL % username16:09
nessitamandel: is NAMED_PIPE an unicode? is username an unicode?16:09
mandelnessita: let me a min to think abut the answer16:10
nessitamandel: since NAMED_PIPE is a constant, we should be robust regarding username16:10
* mandel goes back to his notes16:10
mandelnessita: according to my notes, the username wont be a problem because we call it using NameSamCompatible (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms724268(v=vs.85).aspx) so the username should not have funny chars16:13
dobeyoff to get some lunch, bbiab16:13
mandelnessita: but to be 100% sure we could use NameUniqueId which returns the UUID that represents the account16:14
nessitamandel: that would be better if the functionality is good for you16:15
mandelnessita: I dont see any issue, specially since whenever we expose the API to the windows developers this detail will be hidden16:17
ralsinaOk, I'm off to lunch. See you all in a while.16:17
faganralsina: kk ill probably be off when you are back so you can get back to me tomorrow16:18
ralsinaok, will try to be early again16:18
faganralsina: its cool take your time mandel can give me another thingy to do16:18
ralsinafagan: we did some real progress today, if we keep it up, we'll be doing real stuff next week16:19
faganralsina: cool16:19
faganjust in time for the sprint :)16:19
mandelnessita: can you write all this in your review? I'd like to have a record of this16:19
nessitamandel: yes16:19
faganmandel: if you need a windows review ping me im still clocked in for 40 mins16:20
faganill just be reading my notes16:20
ralsinamandel: having the contractor for the month of may is useful? I am feeling it's too late :-(16:20
mandelfagan: dont worries, I prefer you to read your notes and get your head around what you did today16:21
faganmandel: I think I have a good grasp of it which is good :)16:21
mandelralsina: I've got the same feeling… 'til he is up to speed we will be loosing some precious time :(16:21
mandelralsina: lets talk about it in a less public channel ;)16:22
ralsinaI'll check if he can be two weeks earlier16:22
nessitamandel: another question, may be windows specific16:36
mandelas many as you want16:36
nessitamandel: this code is not correct: logger.error('Error connecting to pipe: %s => '). 2 things to fix: use logger.exception instead so the traceback is logged, and the %s needs to match something16:36
nessitamandel: unles logger is a window specific thing?16:37
mandelnessita: nah, that looks like I fucked it up, let me check to confirm it16:37
mandelbut looks to me that is my fault16:37
nessitamandel: heh, ok, in any case, replace with: logger.exception('Error connecting to pipe:') and the traceback will be logged automatically16:38
mandelnessita: let me know when you are done with the review and I'll fix the issues asap16:41
nessitaalmost done16:41
nessitamandel: done, all comments added to the merge proposal16:44
mandelnessita: superb, I'll do it right now16:44
nessitamandel: regarding ui_1, why you added a bunch of files to bzrignore?16:53
nessitamandel: all of them inside ubuntu_sso/qt16:53
mandelnessita: the setup.py will compile the .ui files generated from QtDesigner into python modules, I dont want that generated code to be in the tree16:54
mandelit does not make sense to keep then under versioning since they depend on the .ui which already arr16:54
nessitamandel: ok, so is not every single file in ubuntu_sso/qt?16:54
mandelnessita: no, it is all of the *_ui.py files16:54
nessitaralsina, mandel: we need to talk about this branch. It adds a lot of code to a source project that is under feature and UI freeze. We should not be landing these branches in trunk until natty is released16:55
nessitaralsina, mandel: I think that we need to create a windows-port branch and land eveything there, and after natty, merge that against trunk16:55
nessitaI'm talking about another development branch within launchpad16:56
ralsinanessita: then we would have to merge there all the bugfixes too16:56
nessitaralsina: yes we would, thought there is no plan to add any (as per today)16:57
nessitaralsina: but we can land this in trunk where we may need to add a bug fix and release to natty16:57
nessitaactually, we shouldn't have landing all those branches last week :-/16:58
nessitaI guess we can do the other way around:16:58
mandeloh, the beauty of multiplatform :P16:58
nessitaI can tag a release until revno 684 where I did the last release16:58
nessitathat is already on natty16:58
mandelnessita, ralsina: I'm ok with whatever you decide, just let me know what is the best option for everyone16:59
nessitamandel: right, I'm not completely sure, I will ask launchpad gurus16:59
nessitaI'll let you all know17:00
mandelnessita: cool, thx17:00
ralsinanessita: cool17:00
nessitaralsina, mandel: there, I created a https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/stable-1-2 series. I would have to do another push + release to bump the verison there to 1.2, and we later will bump the version in trunk to 1.317:12
nessitamakes sense?17:12
mandelnessita: so, 1.2 is the natty released version, and we work on trunk, right?17:13
nessitamandel: yes, that makes sense17:13
mandelnessita: wont that add you extra work by having to backport bug fixes that happen in trunk?17:14
nessitamandel: yes, but there shouldn't be many (even none)17:14
mandelnessita: cocky :P17:15
mandelnessita: I'm ok with that, if there is any extra work, ping me and I will always make time for it :)17:15
nessitamandel: otherwsie it would be more complicated for you, and you already have enough complications17:15
nessitaand really, we're not expecting bug fixes for ussoc (except for new ones)17:16
mandelnessita: I'm happy with it, let em know if you ever need a review for that17:16
nessitamandel: for what? all is done17:16
mandelnessita: for whenever you need to do a back port17:16
nessitamandel: ah, yes, I will. Thanks!17:17
mandelnessita: english needs more determinants, line in spanish17:17
nessitamandel: ui_1 reviewed with needs fixings17:25
mandelnessita: cool, I have check if we could use the user Id but it seems that the use would need to do an extra step to link an security id with his username, which does not seem to be a reasonable thing to ask for17:26
nessitamandel: right17:26
mandelI'm looking at the docs to see if we will have ut8 issues17:26
mandelnessita: I dont think it returns unicode because for that to happen I should be using GetUserNameExW as defined here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms724435(v=vs.85).aspx (bottom of the docs)17:29
mandelCOM api is sooo crap17:29
* nessita looks with fear17:30
nessitamandel: and which one are you using now?17:30
mandelnessita: GetUserNameEx17:31
mandelit does not have the W at the end…17:31
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
alecukenvandine, the url fix seems to work just fine. I've updated bug #745721 with instructions to test.17:34
ubot4`Launchpad bug 745721 in tomboy (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Ubuntu One sync points to the edge server (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74572117:34
kenvandinealecu, thx!17:34
alecuthank you :-)17:34
faganIs the actual edge server still up?17:35
* fagan is interested17:35
faganI know they stopped that whole business but is there actually still a server taking requests17:35
alecuralsina, beuno-lunch: the fix for tomboy means that the users affected will need to clean up the sync config from the tomboy preferences and set it again.17:36
nessitamandel: ok, honestly, I don't think I understand that page doc :-/17:43
nessitamandel: in the worst case we'll have a bug report about a UnicodeDecodeError17:44
nessita(or not!)17:44
nessitamandel: so, go for it17:44
mandelnessita: msdn doc of this com crap is not clear at all to be honest17:45
nessitamandel: anything else? I would have lunch otherwise17:45
mandelok, I've pushed it with the other changes17:45
mandelnessita: nope, I need to walk the dog, I'll probably will be back later17:45
nessitamandel: you pushed changes for both branches?17:46
mandelnessita: no, just the one related to the startup script, I'll look at the second one once I'm back17:46
mandelbut it might be too late for you, so we can pospone that 'til tom17:46
nessitamandel: too late for me? not at all17:47
nessitastill 5 hours at least of work17:47
mandelnessita: looks like in the second one there was a merge issue, otherwhise I dont understand all those duplicated things...17:48
mandelI'll fix it asap17:48
* nessita -> lunch17:52
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
nessitamandel: look! 2 branches for ussoc (trunk and stable-1-2 version, I'm just fixing this to bump the version later and release)18:48
nessitamandel: https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/clean-captcha-error-1-2/+merge/5560518:48
nessitamandel: https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/clean-captcha-error-trunk/+merge/5560618:48
thisfredalecu: nessita: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/gui-service/+merge/5560718:51
nessitathisfred: on it18:51
thisfredcleaned up quite a bit from what you saw yesterday18:51
nessitathisfred: care to review (trivial) https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/clean-captcha-error-1-2/+merge/55605 and the trunk version of that, https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/clean-captcha-error-1-2/+merge/55605 ?18:52
thisfrednessita: sure thing18:52
nessitathisfred: the link for the trunk version is not correct, is https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/clean-captcha-error-trunk/+merge/5560618:53
dobeynessita: stable-1-2? did you already branch that off trunk?18:58
nessitadobey: yes18:58
nessitafrom trunk revno 684. before all the latest windows mandness landed18:58
dobeythese things need to be announced. did you change the version in trunk also?19:00
mandelnessita: ok, I'm on them19:00
nessitamandel: thanks!19:00
nessitadobey: announced where? and no, I'm about to19:01
dobeynessita: well i need to know about it. because i have to update tarmac config and nightlies, to deal with it19:02
nessitadobey: you're right, sorry for that. I completely forgot.19:02
nessitadobey: nightlies should need no change, right?19:03
nessitadobey: I checked that nightlies were building against trunk, and I thought that was correct19:03
dobeynessita: well the trunk version should be bumped, and nightlies should be bumped for that19:03
nessitaah, I see19:03
nessitadobey: well, as soon as I bump the version on trunk I'll let you know19:04
nessitamandel: register_user does not have displayname as param, it still shows name19:04
mandelnessita: really? which line of the diff?19:05
nessitamandel: 159 and 16619:05
nessitamandel: though I just notice those are method calls19:05
nessitamandel: but it helps to the reader to use the same name as the param names. Could you please change that?19:06
mandelsure, why not, takes 2 seconds19:06
nessitaralsina: so, complicated question. Do we have hotel in buenos aires?19:08
mandelnessita: changes have been pushed19:11
nessitamandel: yey!19:12
ralsinanessita: marianna promised email, and didn't send it. But she told me you do have a hotel.19:14
nessitaralsina: ok :-D19:15
dobeyi have no idea how to deal with this error condition appropriately19:23
dobeyi guess just signal error and require the user to hit cancel for now :-/19:23
* mandel switching wifi bbiab19:27
nessitamandel: approved19:30
nessitathisfred: can you please add IRL testing instructions to your branch?19:32
thisfrednessita: ah yes will do19:32
mandelnessita: your branches are approved19:34
mandelnessita: I found the issue with the ui_1, there is a criss-cross situation, I'm fixing it atm19:34
nessitamandel: thanks19:36
thisfrednessita: testing instructions added19:37
ralsinaGuys, I will probably be quiet because I have to read a bunch of stuff about planning and such, and it's not exactly fun, so I tend to drop it if I don't focus :-(19:38
ralsinabut ping me if you really need something19:38
* mandel is planning a dos attack towards ralsina19:39
nessitathisfred: thanks!19:40
dobeymandel: we should reinstall his laptop with dos19:41
mandels long as it is not the ms version, he should be fine19:42
nhainesdobey: FreeDOS has a graphical browser arachne, if you can get the network packet drive working. ;)19:42
* ralsina got a brand new DR-DOS 7.0 from novell once.19:42
dobeyoh banshee, if it ain't one thing, it's another19:43
nessitathisfred: great work, approved!19:45
ralsinadobey: new problems?19:45
nessitadobey: as per what you said, can I assume you were setuping/are going to setup tarmac for stable-1-2?19:45
dobeynessita: i will yes19:46
dobeyralsina: (Banshee:5755): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_event: assertion `WIDGET_REALIZED_FOR_EVENT (widget, event)' failed19:47
dobeyralsina: but i don't know where it's coming from exactly, and doing G_DEBUG=fatal_criticals doesn't seem to work :-/19:47
ralsinadobey: awesome19:47
nessitadobey: awesome, would you let me know when is done?19:48
ralsinadobey: I didn't even knew realize() could fail :-(19:48
ralsinaor rather, it looks like it's getting events before being realized?19:48
ralsinaand yes, it must be a bitch to debug19:49
dobeyralsina: i don't think it's failing to realize(), i think it's generating an event on an unrealized widget :)19:49
dobeyyes, especially since i can't seem to make it happen at will :(19:49
dobeyoh well19:49
ralsinadobey: even attaching gdb and adding a breakpoint in the critical? At least you should get a semi-useful trace?19:50
ralsinain the assert I mean19:50
dobeyralsina: gdb doesn't like mono so much19:53
ralsinaoh, right, well, you'd get a crappy backtrace, yes19:53
* ralsina forgets banshee is mono19:53
ralsinaand since it fails in C, a mono debugger is not all that useful either.19:54
thisfredanyone available for a second review of https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/gui-service/+merge/55607 ?19:57
ralsinathisfred: I got it. And yes, that means I am procrastinating on the management stuff.19:59
thisfredI won't tell if you don't ;)20:00
ralsinathisfred: +120:04
dobeyralsina: i don't know if it's failing in my code or not20:04
ralsinathisfred: that has to be the worst fake-argentinism yet :-)20:05
thisfredralsina: I know, I'm very proud of it :)20:05
dobeyralsina: though i suspect not, since it's not occurring all the time at the same place20:05
mandelnessita: the criss-cross of https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/windows_ui_1/+merge/54833 is fixed, give it a try when possible20:05
dobeyralsina: it seems more X expose event related, and given banshee's custom drawing nonsense, i suspect it may be in there somewhere. but i can't verify yet :-/20:06
ralsinadobey: well, good luck with that. You have my full moral support! ;)20:06
ralsinadobey: I would love to give you *actual* support, but I would probably be just a hindrance in there20:07
dobeynessita: tarmac is configured for stable-1-2 now20:14
nessitadobey: thanks20:18
nessitamandel: sure!20:18
=== franxesk is now known as franxesk_afk
nessitamandel: ui_1 has 2 typos with """Cleint that can perform calls to the remote SSOCredentials object."""20:25
nessitamandel: man, I keep telling you this! :-)20:26
mandelnessita: ok, sorry I did not check that...20:26
mandelthe criss-cross was a pain :(20:26
mandelon it20:26
mandelnessita: done, sorry for that, stupid Cleint :P20:28
nessitadobey: any idea why manuel and eric are community here https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/clean-captcha-error-1-2/+merge/55605 ?20:30
nessitadobey: ah, I know, I have to set the reviewer to be hackers20:30
thisfredAnd there I was thinking I was finally part of a community20:31
nessitathisfred: you are!20:31
thisfredAdmittedly one that would admit mandel...20:31
dobeythisfred: you are part of the freedom hating community20:32
nessitathisfred: hum I just found out an issue with your (landed) branch20:32
nessitathisfred: I'll open a bug20:32
thisfredut oh20:32
nessitathisfred: bug #74598720:33
thisfredplz assign it to me, and I'll fix asap. If I know how :)20:33
ubot4`Launchpad bug 745987 in ubuntuone-control-panel "RuntimeError: called outside of a mainloop (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74598720:33
nessitathisfred: and the gtk.main loop is not terminated20:34
nessitaso that is a problem20:34
nessitathisfred: run_mainloop should use the gtk main loop, not the gobject20:35
nessitathisfred: and that exact loop should be quit when closing the window20:35
thisfrednessita: ah ok. nessita how can I trigger this error?20:36
nessitathisfred: run your branch in a terminal and close the UI, I'm getting that in the console20:38
thisfredweird, I never got any errors in the terminal20:38
thisfredperhaps because I close the window differently20:39
nessitamaybe... I'm doing alt+f4 with a regular window manager :-P20:39
nessitathisfred: yeap, every time20:40
nessitamandel: approved20:40
thisfrednessita: so that's gtk.main() right?20:41
nessitathisfred: what is not being called is gtk.main_quit20:41
nessitathisfred: the loop you should be running is gtk.main()20:41
mandelnessita: superb, thx!20:44
thisfrednessita: found and fixed, now fixing tests20:48
nessitathisfred: pushed in your branch? isn't that merged?20:53
thisfrednessita:  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-745987/+merge/5561820:53
nessitaah, ok20:53
thisfredyeah, new merge propose20:53
* thisfred is learning to tell his mainloop from his elbow20:54
nessitaalecu: ping20:57
alecunessita, pong20:58
nessitaalecu: how did it go fixing client tests in server code?20:58
alecunessita, it's coming thru. I hope to have it finished by tonight.20:59
nessitathisfred: approving!21:00
ralsinaEOD for me!21:02
ralsinaok, 5' in case anyone needs something, but it's really EOD ;-)21:02
thisfredralsina: eh quick review? :D21:12
thisfredhttps://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/lp-745987/+merge/55618 very small21:12
thisfredcures the common cold21:12
dobeydoh, the nasa open source summit is in cali21:12
thisfredin 5 exciting colors21:12
ralsinathisfred: ooooook21:14
ralsinathisfred +121:22
ralsinathisfred: but I'm so tired you may be passing the review just based on previous good behaviour and a good reference from nessita ;-)21:23
thisfredworks for me, until nessita finds the next bug ;)21:24
nessitaworks for me too21:24
* ralsina just ran out of 1s21:24
ralsinaso bye bye! ;-)21:25
nessitabye ralsina!21:25
thisfreddobey, nessita: when I have quota popups working, can I just remove the whole gsd-plugin directory in ubuntuone-client (and everything that references it in the make file etc.) or is it needed for something else?21:46
dobeyit also adds the bookmark for the Ubuntu One folder21:46
thisfredoh ok21:47
dobeyalright, am off for now. later21:50
thisfredlater rodney21:50
thisfredok, got a lot finished today, so I'm also gonna call it an EOD22:06
nessitathisfred: you gone?22:26
nessitathisfred: weas there any news regarding the DC failure with file_exists?22:27
nessitathisfred: I keep seeing more and more reports coming in22:27
thisfrednessita: chad was gonna look at it, but I didn't hear back from him, probably he got sucked back into web and mobile work22:28
nessitathisfred: would you please ping him and/or do the follow up in that bug? is worrying me see so many reports22:29
thisfrednessita: if all else fails, I will definitely tackle this at the sprint22:29
nessitathisfred: right. In the mean time, would you please answer the bug/s to show we're keeping track on that and we're planning to solve it?22:29
thisfrednessita: these reports are all from natty users though, right22:29
thisfrednessita: I can set the target to beta2 I guess. Other than that, I have no idea what to say, since I don't understand the code22:31
nessitaok, then let's try that chad adds something to the report, so we 3 understand :-D22:31
thisfredI'd like to rip it all out, but I fear that may be too much for natty22:31
thisfrednessita: yeah will ping him tomorrow22:31
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
nessitaok, I'm off22:53
nessitabye all!22:53
wolfik i teach in gymnasium and i have 18 computers i try use oneconf but it don't work in ubuntu 10.10 if this work just in 11.04?23:01
faganwolfik: this isnt really a peak time to ask questions23:03
fagandidrocks is the one handling oneconf if I remember correctly and he isnt online23:03
faganwolfik: try again during more european hours and you can catch someone who can help23:04
wolfikhmmm i have 12:00 pm :)23:06
faganwolfik: try between 923:07
fagan9am and 8pm23:07
faganGMT+0 and you would have more luck23:07
wolfikok thx :)23:09
jonorodrigo_, ping?23:22
faganjono: I dont think he is around is it something I can help with while im here23:24
jonofagan, do you know if the contact syncing bug in Evo has been fixed yet?23:24
faganjono: in maverick or natty?23:25
jonofagan, natty23:25
faganI can test it and see give me a minute23:25
faganjono: not working on mine so id presume its still broken but id bet its going to get fixed soonish23:26
faganoh crap I forgot the machine im on is borked ill try on my other one23:27
faganjono: nope broken on my other computer too23:29
jonofagan, ok, I am sending a mail to ralsina23:39
faganjono: cool23:39
faganjono: it does sound like an important bug to get fixed23:50
faganand it is getting late23:50
faganIm doing the windows client so its not really my area so I dont know what the status of it is23:51
jonofagan, np23:51

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