TechnicusHello . . . I am attempting to configure a "Tascam US-122L USB Audio/MIDI Interface" to work with Jack.  I am having minimal success, do any of you here have experience setting up this type of software/hardware configuration?02:11
meganerdcanever played with that myself02:52
holsteinTechnicus: YO03:58
holsteinyou still there?03:58
holsteinjackd -RP50 -dalsa -dusb_stream:1 -r44100 -p256 -n203:59
holstein^ thats how you start JACK with the us-122l03:59
TechnicusI'll try this . . .04:00
holsteinTechnicus: i have MUCH better luck and less xruns with a generic kernel04:00
TechnicusWell . . . it looks like there are new problems, Jack won't even start a server with the default settings using the onboard hardware which was working just fine before I tried configuring it to work with the Tascam.04:03
TechnicusThe settings you just provided yeilded no success.04:04
holsteinTechnicus: yeah04:04
holsteinit works for me04:04
holsteinso, i would double check some things04:05
TechnicusThanks though . . . I have to keep looking into this further.04:05
holsteintry starting JACK as root04:05
holsteingksudo qjackctl04:05
holstein^using the internal card04:05
holsteini have the unit plugged in at boot04:05
holsteinusing a current 10.04 up to date -generic kernel04:06
holsteini use that line04:06
holsteinjackd -RP50 -dalsa -dusb_stream:1 -r44100 -p256 -n204:06
holsteini mess with the -p256 setting04:06
TechnicusOverall operation failed.04:06
holsteinTechnicus: you should be able to see the device in the alsa tab already04:07
holsteinthis is where i got the info04:08
holsteinthe other suggestions didnt work for me though04:08
TechnicusWhat hardware are you using?04:09
holsteinTechnicus: that thing04:10
holsteinthe tascam us-122l04:10
TechnicusHow long have you been using it?04:10
MononaHey all.04:10
holsteinwell, its been sitting around here for a while04:10
holsteinMonona: o/04:10
holsteinTechnicus: i got it from a friend04:10
holsteinplugged it in04:10
holsteinand it didnt 'just work'04:11
MononaAhoy, holstein.04:11
TechnicusSame story . . .04:11
holsteinso, i put off tech-ing it out for a bit04:11
holsteini dug it out a couple weeks ago04:11
* Technicus waves to Monona.04:11
holsteinand have been using it with my sooperlooper rig04:11
MononaAnd I wave back.04:12
holsteinTechnicus: i set it up04:12
holsteinlet JACK run for like 3 days04:12
holsteinwith a realtime kernel04:12
holsteinand about 5 xruns happened04:12
holsteinwith the generic one04:12
holsteinonly like 2 in 3 days or more04:12
MononaSo, I'm using pulse-jack, and rhythmbox will just drop out periodically.  I can see from my system monitor panel that there's some process running in the background.  I can't tell what it is from top, which is running in the terminal.04:12
holsteinMonona: i use audacious04:13
holsteinin JACK04:13
holsteinor just pulse when im playing music04:13
MononaNever tried audacious.04:13
holstein[lsd] over in #opensourcemusicas was saying the same thing04:13
holsteinMonona: let falk know if you see him04:13
TechnicusI don't even listen to music . . . aside from streams via VLC.04:13
MononaI was using just regular pulse, but the sound would just stop.  At least with pulse-jack it'll come back after 15 seconds or so.04:14
holsteinMonona: yeah?04:14
MononaTechnicus: That's something.  Could never do that myself.04:14
holsteinthat makes me think its something with alsa04:14
MononaHmm.  How could I figure that out?  I think it has to do with something running in the background, cuz I can see it taking up 50% of one of my processor.04:15
MononaIt's just kinda random.04:15
holsteinits just playing some audio04:15
holsteinshouldnt matter right?04:16
holsteinits not like you're compiling something04:16
MononaI like it better when things just work or don't.04:16
holsteinanyways, i would look at the alsa verion04:16
holsteinand maybe the kernel you are using too04:16
MononaAlsa is 1.0.22, I think.  Kernel is
MononaIt's funny, I closed firefox and there haven't been any dropouts since.04:19
MononaWhat suggested alsa to you as the problem?04:20
holsteinMonona: ive just read about alsa updates fixing such issues04:22
TechnicusWhat kiind of music do you focus on holstein ?04:23
MononaHm.  As far as I know, it's updated.  How do I make sure the music PPA (that's falk's right?)  is updated?  Or will that happen along with the other repositories with apt-get update?04:23
holsteinTechnicus: im a jazz musician mostly04:24
holsteinbut i play all kinds of styles really04:25
holsteinand compose jazz and non-jazz04:25
holsteinMonona: should just happen04:25
MononaThat's the way I like it.04:25
MononaTechnicus:  What are you into?04:26
TechnicusDam!  Audio is not avaliable for me to hear your music :(04:28
TechnicusI should stay on task and get this configured.04:28
Mononaholstein:  Sounds great!  That's real instrument, not synth, right?04:29
TechnicusI need to take a breah though . . .04:29
holsteinMonona: sounds like it right?04:30
holsteinits pianoteq04:30
holsteinthe rhodes sound04:30
holsteini got a nice weighed controller recently too04:30
TechnicusIf you are able, will you please point me to some references you used to get thing going on your setup?04:31
holsteinTechnicus: that tascam?04:31
holsteinthats it04:32
holsteini use that JACK line04:32
holsteinstart JACK from command line04:32
TechnicusIt's drivn' me nuts!04:32
holsteinTHEN, i launch qjack04:32
holsteinTechnicus: i'll try it in 10.10 here in a bit04:32
TechnicusWhat OS do you have it on?04:33
Mononaholstein: Excellent.  That's a really nice sound.  I've the pianoteq stuff is good.  I'm not much for actually playing keyboards, alas, so I haven't gotten much into that.04:34
MononaIs it sampled, or modeling?04:35
holsteinMonona: sampled?04:35
holsteinnot sure actually...04:35
holsteinits nice though04:35
TechnicusThat's an excellant pic.04:36
MononaAs in, sampled middle C at a bunch of different velocities and attacks, or using models of the physical instrument to amek the sound.  Just curious.  Sure sounds nice.04:37
holsteini think its modeling then04:38
MononaCool.  I've been reading up a little on how that sort of software works.04:39
MononaInteresting stuff, but way over my head.04:39
MononaSo far.04:39
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