charlie-tcanew colors in the alternate image installer are great!01:36
charlie-tcaThrew me off so bad I screwed the install up though01:36
pleia2charlie-tca: I haven't been paying attention (sorry) will the new slideshow make beta1?01:57
charlie-tcano, it did not01:58
charlie-tcaWell, there is still Beta2!01:58
pleia2yes :)01:58
charlie-tcaWe can do it... :-)01:58
charlie-tcaGood morning14:06
charlie-tcaNew slideshow made the beta1 image!14:06
charlie-tcamust have been part of the "tons of updates" done before the last respin14:07
charlie-tcaLooks real good14:07
davmor2charlie-tca: No surely not tons of updates on the week of a release :D14:07
charlie-tcaheh, I couldn't believe it either ;-)14:08
charlie-tcaactually, the day of the builds for testing, even better14:08
davmor2charlie-tca: No that would never happen surely14:08
charlie-tcaI could be wrong... nope14:09
davmor2charlie-tca: This is the Ubuntu release team we're talking about here.......Oh wait yeah I remember now the 02:00 finishes to get a release out on time due to respins at the last minute :D14:11
charlie-tcayeah, that's it. been a while, huh?14:12
ochosinice, good to hear you like the slideshow14:46
ochosiwe put quite some effort into it14:46
charlie-tcaIt shows14:46
charlie-tcaYou both did great with it. It is much better now!14:47
pleia2yay re: slideshow!18:13

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