smspillazfta: I'm in Australia, so usually not up at 2AM :)00:22
smspillazI have this thing called university and classes at 8AM00:27
sladencyphermox: wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!01:01
cyphermoxsladen, indeed!01:03
cyphermoxI'm relieved, although I feel bad it took me so long to figure that one out01:03
sladenvish: I did a run through Launchpad the other day.  there's a bunch of stuff tagged 'gtk-update-icon-cache' (although against various different things so it's not easy to find that tag as tags are per project).  Which it should be able to consolidate01:03
cyphermoxsladen, can you sponsor the fix?01:04
sladencyphermox: yeah.  It'll be dead simple, just removing one (two) symblinks?01:05
cyphermoxsladen, branch ready01:05
cyphermoxsladen, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/ubuntu/natty/ubuntu-mono/icon-cache/+merge/5562901:06
cyphermoxbut yeah, it's just removing the four files01:07
sladencyphermox: "no common ancestry" ... can you apply it again against  lp:ubuntu-mono01:10
cyphermoxgah, sure01:15
sdimkovis this unity channel?01:57
Omegasdimkov: Yes.02:16
sdimkovI have a funny question :)02:17
sdimkovis Unity open or closed source02:17
sdimkovsomebody was trying to convince me yesterday that it's closed source02:17
sdimkovwhich at least to my point of view isn't true02:17
TheMusosdimkov: No its open source.02:24
sdimkovI see lots of effor in Unity towards being usable with touch interface. Do you see any Unity tablet on the horizon?02:59
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Omegasdimkov: It goes even further than being open source, it's free software.04:35
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oSoMoNgood morning08:04
MacSlowhey there everybody08:05
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Trronwill there be overlay scrollbars by default in natty?08:05
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coz_ good day all11:24
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evfooldoes anyone know how can one find whether Unity is running or not?11:48
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AndreaAzzaronewhen i try to build unity (rev 1050)13:12
AndreaAzzarone/home/andrea/Scrivania/unity/src/GeisAdapter.cpp:431:105: error: ‘GEIS_GESTURE_TYPE_TOUCH3’ was not declared in this scope13:12
AndreaAzzaronei get the above error, why?13:13
didrocksAndreaAzzarone: need utouch which is in the utouch ppa13:14
AndreaAzzaronedidrocks, i will try... but it is the first time that i have this error!13:15
didrocksAndreaAzzarone: the merge is from this night13:15
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AndreaAzzaronedidrocks, thanks!13:16
didrocksyw :)13:16
ftasmspillaz, hey. I didn't know you were in australia.13:16
smspillazfta: heya13:18
ftasmspillaz, it was about the xterm moving up bug. you said you figured out why it happened. do you have a fix already? I keep losing my windows, they disappear and there's no way to re-expose them once lost13:18
smspillazI haven't had time to work on that one sorry13:18
smspillazI have a rough idea of why it might happen13:18
smspillazbut no time to work on it yet13:18
* smspillaz goes to university full time as well :)13:19
ftai have a full time job too ;)13:19
evfooldoes anyone know how can one programatically find whether Unity is running or not?13:19
smspillazevfool: what launguage ?13:21
smspillazevfool: oh, easy13:25
smspillazfirst check if compiz is running (eg pgrep compiz)13:25
smspillazthen something like13:25
smspillazimport compizconfig13:25
smspillazhang on a second13:26
smspillazpython -c "import compizconfig; print ','.join(compizconfig.Context().Plugins['core'].Display['active_plugins'].Value)"13:28
smspillazand grep that for "unityshell"13:28
smspillazmgiht need to s/Display/Screen/13:28
smspillaz(just stole that from the package)13:28
evfoolthanks smspillaz13:29
didrockseasier, there is a dbus call :)13:30
didrocksevfool: check com.canonical.Unity on dbus13:31
evfoolthanks didrocks, that sounds more like an API than a hack :)13:32
evfoolmuch better13:32
kamstrupdidrocks: https://launchpad.net/libzeitgeist/0.3/0.3.1013:39
didrockskamstrup: thanks :)13:40
kamstrupdidrocks: btw, did you look at this https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/bamf/wmclass-matching/+merge/54941 ?13:43
didrockskamstrup: yeah, I know that Jason had some reserve on matching by wmclass, so I didn't want to override and pinged him13:47
kamstrupdidrocks: ok, just wanted to make sure it didn't slip the radar since it's a significant amount of work in there13:47
didrockskamstrup: yeah let's ping DBO when he's back13:48
kamstrupdidrocks: and finally for today https://launchpad.net/unity-place-applications/trunk/0.2.4413:49
didrockskamstrup: thanks a lot, packaging those will love an pepperoni :)13:50
kamstrupdidrocks: hot stuff, i like that14:00
kenvandinenjpatel, was your "Do a check before using a pixbuf" fix inspired by using the gwibber lens?14:01
kenvandinenjpatel, i was about to file a bug about that :)14:01
didrockskamstrup: exactly :-)14:01
njpatelkenvandine, oh, no, this is for the panel home button...did you find another bug? :)14:02
kamstrupkenvandine: btw! can you make the gwibber lens not spew on stderr? It pops up a dialog saying that it crashed everytime I search in the dash :-)14:02
* kamstrup is seeing a stacktrace there for each search14:03
kenvandineif one of the avatars isn't a valid pixpuf it crashes unity14:03
kenvandinekamstrup, really?14:03
kenvandinekamstrup, it has a bunch of print statements for debugging right now, but those should go to stdout14:04
kamstrupkenvandine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587803/14:04
didrockskamstrup: FYI, adding https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-place-applications/+bug/736471 as well the list of fixed (wasn't targeted and the milestone is closed)14:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 736471 in unity-place-applications (Ubuntu) "Gnome-terminal doesn't start in user home directory when started from alt+F2" [Low,Triaged]14:05
kamstrupdidrocks: i'll twiddle the milestone status and add it14:05
kenvandinekamstrup, oh... that is a bug then :)14:07
didrockskamstrup: excellent14:07
kenvandineweird, you should always have a url...14:07
kamstrupdidrocks: fixed. ordnung muss sein14:07
kamstrupkenvandine: it's when searching for 'ted' from the dash14:07
kenvandinekamstrup, i guess i need some error checking, verify it's a valid dict and all14:07
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kenvandineyeah, it means one of the messages it got back either isn't a dict14:08
kenvandineor doesn't have a url in it14:08
kenvandinebut in theory it should always have a url, the service should never store it if it doesn't14:08
kenvandineunless there are more bugs :)14:08
didrockskenvandine: libzg and u-p-a uploaded. will be available once the freeze is over14:10
kenvandinenjpatel, so would your pixbuf check this morning prevent random a random lens from trying to use a icon that isn't valid from crashing?14:10
njpatelkenvandine, no, but it shouldn't be crashing anyway, so file a bug if it is :/14:12
kenvandinekamstrup, can you try something14:12
kenvandinein add_default_results, right above model.append14:12
kenvandineadd this14:12
kenvandineif not msg.has_key("url"):print msg14:13
kamstrupkenvandine: trying14:13
kenvandineand try that search again14:13
kenvandinekamstrup, thx14:13
kenvandinenjpatel, will do14:13
kenvandinesome of those avatars get saved as html files, on 404s14:14
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kenvandinewe just ignore them in gwibber since next time it tries to load it will fetch it again14:14
kenvandinebut i guess we need to be more careful14:14
kenvandinedon't want to crash unity because of a 404 from twitter... talk about fail whale14:15
njpatelIt shouldn't be crashing....gio should just be failing14:15
njpatelbut I wonder if we try and make a pixbuf from bad data14:15
njpatelthat would do it14:15
kenvandinethat is what is happening14:15
njpatelgreat :)14:15
kenvandinei give it a path to the cached avatar14:16
kenvandineand if that is html instead of a png14:16
* kenvandine files bug14:16
kamstrupkenvandine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587809/14:16
kenvandinekamstrup, thx14:19
kenvandinevery helpful14:19
* kenvandine fixes14:19
kenvandinenow... should i name it unity-lens-gwibber or unity-place-gwibber?14:19
kenvandinefinal verdict folks?14:19
kenvandinenjpatel, kamstrup ^^14:19
lamalexcdbs, om26er_ good morning (for me) guys14:31
cdbsgood morning lamalex14:31
cdbslamalex: the compiz new bugs queue is moving towards extinction14:31
om26er_lamalex, good morning14:33
lamalexyou guys are doing awesome work on the compiz queue!!14:34
jcastrodidrocks: we wanted jason to review this right? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/69246214:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 692462 in bamf (Ubuntu) "unity confused with chromium web apps" [Undecided,Fix committed]14:39
didrocksjcastro: agreed14:39
cdbslamalex, om26er_: Sorry I was considerably slower today, its that its weekend going on here in Saudi Arabia (thursday and friday instead of Sat and Sun) and I am busy on other work.14:44
cdbslamalex, om26er_: My day ends now, if you want to contact me anytime, just ping me on IRC and I'll read when I come back14:44
lamalexhave a good weekend14:44
lamalexcdbs,so will you be triaging during my weekend (saturday and sunday)?14:44
cdbslamalex: okay I sure can do that14:45
cdbslamalex: There's nothing to do on saturdays and sundays for me. I will triage more on that day, no problem14:45
kamstrupkenvandine: sorry, call, if you are serious about continuing it then it should be lens I think, but if this is purely a hack that should live for natty/oneiric only, then place is maybe better14:46
kenvandinelens it is then14:47
kamstrupkenvandine: can you call search.finished() once you're done handling it? That way the Dash will stop the spinner when you're done15:25
kenvandinekamstrup, sure15:25
kenvandinei was wondering why it kept spinning :)15:25
jcastroDBO: got time for a review today? Didrocks has given it a once over: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/69246215:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 692462 in bamf (Ubuntu) "unity confused with chromium web apps" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:39
jcastrohi davidcalle15:42
jcastrohow's your lens coming along?15:42
davidcallehi jcastro15:42
jcastroshould I try it yet?15:42
davidcalleIt's quite usable, but I will need to make a package of it... Sure you can lp:unity-books-lens15:43
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jcastrodavidcalle: works for me!15:48
jcastrokamstrup: ok, so let's say I have 2 lenses installed15:48
jcastroevery search I do will go to both?15:48
davidcalleI'm still having two major issues: sometimes Unity does not get http images. And if you change a lot your search it blocks.15:48
jcastrowhat if I have like 10 of these?15:48
davidcalleIn the Dash, yes.15:48
jcastrowow, I didn't know I could just search for "Dune" in the lens, click on it, and then get the actual text in google books.15:49
davidcalleThat's why I'm adding features only in the Lens when activated by its own icon. If you use the Dash, you just have regular boring Google Books search. :)15:49
jcastrodude this is awesome15:50
davidcalleI'm glad you like it!15:50
jcastrothe focused author part is clever15:51
jcastronjpatel: did you land horizontal things?15:51
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njpateljcastro, today with the release15:52
davidcalleIt's not taht great when Google Images load some weird people face instead of the author :)15:52
jcastrodavidcalle: http://people.canonical.com/~njpatel/Selection_004.png15:52
davidcallejcastro, yes I'm waiting for that since yesterday!15:53
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jcastronjpatel: kamstrup: ok so theoretically this page should update with the horizontal thing in like 24 hours or whatever the regen time is? http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-11.04/GIR/python/Unity-3.0.html15:54
njpateljcastro, it's a string change, you can make it now and it would just fallback on the current unity15:55
njpateland when we release this weeks, it would magically work15:55
jcastroI was more wondering about our amazing self documenting API site15:56
jcastroDBO: thanks for the review, you've made the web better today15:56
DBOjcastro, merged15:56
davidcallenjpatel, static void IconLoader::LoadContentsReady(GObject*, GAsyncResult*, IconLoader::IconLoaderTask*): Unable to load contents of [some url] DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Mountpoint Already registered16:02
njpateldavidcalle, gdbus error?16:03
davidcallenjpatel, It won't load some http icons from time to time. I'm working around it by adding a tiny sleep before each http icon request... Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?16:03
kamstrupjcastro: the available renderer names will not be visible from the autogenerated API docs (unless if we added some constants for them) - they'll be added to the spec in the wiki16:03
njpateldavidcalle, probably not doing anything wrong, seems like we might be sending too many requests16:04
davidcallenjpatel, I know, that's what Unity is telling me when I'm asking her to get a lot of images at the same time.16:05
kamstrupnjpatel, davidcalle, jcastro: there may also be a problem with unity send a lot of search changes, and the way gobject notify signals work you'll get each one queued up while doing your search16:05
davidcallenjpatel, I didn't know if it was something to be expected or not =)16:05
kamstrupso the user slowly types "ted" and you fire searches for "t" "te" and "ted"16:05
davidcallekamstrup, yes, that's horrible at times =)16:06
kamstrupwhen really you could make do wit "t" and "ted"16:06
jcastrohmm, ok so right off, I think I'd want to selectively allow lenses in my dash and be able to explicitly turn them off or on16:06
kamstrupI have a clever trick for this if I may say so myself16:06
kamstrupin the files and apps places16:06
kamstrupcall placeentry.freeze_notify() when entering you main search method16:06
jcastrobecause each lens I add makes my normal dash become a mess.16:06
kamstrupand then make sure you call placeentry.thaw_notify() *in an idle call* when you leave16:07
kamstrupjcastro: I also think the general recommendation should be to *not* hook into the dash search, but only a dedicated place16:07
davidcallekamstrup, will try that, thanks.16:08
jcastrooh I see, so it's up to the lens author to decide16:08
jcastrook so assuming every lens author doesn't want to spam the dash, they would all turn that off16:08
jcastrothat feels like it should be a user choice16:09
* jcastro will ask at UDS16:09
coz_ good day all16:09
kamstrupjcastro: nice idea - although I think this choice might now make sense for all apps16:10
jcastroright, so if I'm an ubuntu nerd I'll want the AU one all the time, and the books one to be explicit only when I need it16:10
jcastroa person who reads a ton would want it the other way around16:10
jcastroyou and I will have many beers at UDS16:11
jcastroand we'll convince JohnLea of our awesome ideas16:11
davidcalleHaha, we need a "Creepy Lens" http://bit.ly/dT1HQY and merge it with kenvandine's Gwibber Lens.16:48
kenvandinedavidcalle, creepy.. very creepy16:49
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DBODAMN YOU kenvandine17:52
DBODAMN YOU jcastro17:53
DBOstop editing the same wiki page as me17:53
kenvandineDBO, ha... i know it isn't me :)17:53
jcastrosnooze or lose17:53
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coz_ hey all19:28
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chrisccoulson_m_conley, have you used mochitest before?20:06
m_conleychrisccoulson_: hey, yeah, a tiny bit20:06
m_conleychrisccoulson_: why, what's up?20:06
chrisccoulson_heh :) i'm trying to write a test atm20:06
chrisccoulson_my test relies on synthesizing mouse activity, but it's not behaving as i expect20:06
chrisccoulson_(which i guess is because i'm running it on a real screen)20:06
chrisccoulson_so, i'm trying to also run the single test in xvfb, but i can't figure out how to make it run the test, log the results and exit20:07
chrisccoulson_(it runs the test, displaying the result in the browser window, which i can't see)20:07
chrisccoulson_and then waits for me to kill it ;)20:07
m_conleychrisccoulson_: hm.20:08
chrisccoulson_i'm trying to write a test for https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64462120:08
ubot5Mozilla bug 644621 in Selection "Drag selection scrolling does not work properly in fullscreen mode" [Normal,New]20:08
chrisccoulson_it's been an interesting experience so far ;)20:08
m_conleychrisccoulson_: have you considered a Mozmill test instead?20:08
chrisccoulson_i hadn't. do you think that's more appropriate?20:08
m_conleychrisccoulson_: it might - I think of Mozmill as extremely similar to Selenium.  It's nice for driving browser interaction.20:09
m_conleychrisccoulson_: has a nice recorder add-on for Firefox20:09
chrisccoulson_ah, i'll take a look at that. thanks!20:09
m_conleychrisccoulson_: np20:09
kenvandinetedg, the libindicate merge proposal says there is nothing to merge20:36
tedgkenvandine, Forgot to push, sorry.20:36
lamalexDBO, three finger window drag doesn't work for maximize anymore20:59
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