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mgariepygood morning everyone14:15
RoastedHey guys. Has anybody mass deployed Ubuntu in a school district?18:41
pleia2Roasted: there are a number of projects floating around that are working in public schools (I'm involved with one of them)18:57
RoastedI guess I was just looking to get into conversation with somebody who had time available, as I'm interested in hearing what avenues other districts have taken for completing certain tasks.18:57
pleia2Roasted: what country?18:57
RoastedLike what they use for their file server. linux? samba? nfs? email - zimbra? google email? etc18:57
stgraberRoasted: Revolution Linux did18:58
RoastedI heard a bit about them18:58
pleia2much of the infrastructure we use is documented here: https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0Aa7wSBzNDXVYZGZ6Y3hjanJfMmNoYzVjcWNn&hl=en18:59
pleia2we don't handle email for them though, just their computer lab18:59
Roastednice, nice19:00
Roastedthank you for this19:00
pleia2welcome :)19:00
pleia2http://partimus.org/cacs.php has some details about one of our most successful labs19:02
pleia2(mostly pictures though :))19:02
RoastedI'm just trying to get a feel for what other areas are doing.19:03
* pleia2 nods19:03
RoastedXP is dying soon and W7 is too expensive.19:03
RoastedCouple that with a pathetic economy and budget cuts and you have no option.19:03
RoastedI've used Ubuntu for years. I love it. I swear by it. But a platform change is a massive undertaking, and to be quite honest, scary.19:03
pleia2much of our work has been with Charter schools, I'm not involved with the district, it's really hard to get into proper public schools19:04
RoastedBut it's comforting to hear other places have taken the plunge. I was just finding myself a little lonely in the department of kicking the can with other Ubuntu-using districts to hear what's up and what they're seeing.19:04
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