Hamrawhat version of kubuntu are you using?00:06
ScorpKingagnese: mv ~/.Skype ~/.Skype.old00:09
ScorpKingagnese: and run skype again. that's the easiest way to fix skype problems00:09
Hamralet's hope he still has skype, and it's not uninstalled already...00:10
agnesei unistalled00:10
ScorpKingagnese: try using apt-get to reinstall00:10
agnesei had repository disabled i think00:10
Hamraskype is in partner repository00:11
agneseyes. i eneabled, updated and now looks like it is installing00:11
Hamragood :)00:12
agneseok, installed. now let's see if it works00:12
agnesesame... 8( it not connecting00:12
agnesemv ~/.Skype ~/.Skype.old  in terminal, right?00:12
agneseit worked!00:13
agneselove you dearss ;)00:13
agnesethanku thanku00:14
ScorpKingagnese: most apps store info in hidden files or folder in your home directory. if they give problems try moving the related files and that resets the app settings so they should work again00:15
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ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.500:49
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ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox401:13
basyhi why chromium and google chrome always goes maximalised ???01:17
basywhatever i do they come back to maximalised...01:19
naomi_In terminal I'm in my Downloads folder, how do I move 2 files from this into my Videos folder?02:30
James147naomi_: mv file1 file2 ~/Videos02:30
James147naomi_: i would like to note that tab completion on the names in very useful02:30
James147naomi_: you can also use * to match any number of any character ^^ so to move all .avi files you could use "mv *\.avi ~/Videos"02:31
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:31
James147^^ and ~ is a alias for your home directory and is equlivent to the $HOME envroment varible (which you can see if you use "echo $HOME"02:32
naomi_mv: cannot stat `*.avi': No such file or directory02:32
Daskreechnaomi_: do you have any avi in that folder?02:33
James147there is a time that ends with .avi in the current directory?02:33
naomi_Lol yeah. I'm trying to move 2 .avi files from my downloads to videos.02:33
Daskreechnaomi_: if there is none then it's correct there is no such file or directory02:33
Daskreechnaomi_: ls | grep avi02:34
James147whats the out put of "ls"?02:34
James147^^ it better yet that02:34
naomi_the .avi is a file withtin a folder within the downloads. if that makes sense02:34
James147naomi_: ahh, then that gets a little more complcated :)02:34
James147naomi_: and, do you want to move the files to the root of the videos folder, or within sub folders in the videos folder?02:35
naomi_Just to the root.02:35
naomi_Well, hang ong.02:36
* James147 would use find ^^ though there is probally another way02:36
James147or possibally use */*.avi  ^^02:36
naomi_I have 2 folders in my downloads that are dvd's. Like one of the folders is called Tangled and within that it has an .avi and a readme or something. I just want to move the entire Tangled folder to Videos.02:37
Daskreechnaomi_: mv Tangled ~/Videos02:37
James147"find . -iname "*.avi" -exec mv \{} ~/Videos \;"   would move any file ending in .avi to ~/Videos in any folder in the current directory02:38
naomi_That worked Daskreech thanks.02:38
James147^^ then what Daskreech said :)02:38
naomi_Thanks james. :)02:38
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* Daskreech uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs valorie06:40
noaXessgood morning06:46
noaXesshey Daskreech06:46
noaXessstill have a fancy kpackagekit update window :) http://imgur.com/Y4zmF06:46
areichmannoaXess: I have the same window! Thought it was just my computer06:48
areichmanit looks like it stops using the Oxygen style for some reason06:48
James147running it as root?06:48
areichmanjust clicking on the update package icon in the system tray06:49
noaXessno.. not really.. the strange thing is, if you open kpackagekit normally, it's as it should.. only if you click the update icon in system tray this fancy window comes up06:49
noaXessJames147: no normal user..06:49
noaXessjust click the update icon06:49
James147noaXess: what happen if you run kpackagekit as root? (kdesudo kpackagekit)06:52
noaXessJames147: gime few seconds06:52
James147^^ and areichman06:53
noaXessJames147: http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/whtx749g/kpackagekitroot.png06:54
noaXessJames147: on your kubuntu, no such problem?... it's just a layout problem.. so i can live with it ;)07:00
areichmanJames147: running it as root makes it use the GTK-looking theme07:00
areichmanrunning at as my normal user it looks normal (kpackagekit)07:00
James147noaXess: not running kubuntu atm :) but will check my vm...07:00
noaXessJames147: hehe ;)07:01
James147areichman: sounds like the root settings are screwy :S07:01
areichmanhow would I change those settings07:01
noaXessbreakfas time.. see ya..07:01
areichman(I just ran kate as root and it looked messed up)07:01
areichmanI can't log in as root, can I?07:02
areichmannot by default, anyway07:02
James147areichman: its not advised07:02
areichmanso how do I change the theme for the root account?07:02
James147areichman: run systemsettings as root and see if you can change the appeaarence07:02
areichmanmy widget style for root is oxygen...07:03
areichmanit looks right in the preview but wrong everywhere else07:03
James147and if you change it?07:03
areichmanit doesn't do anything... I hit apply and it looks like everything has worked but nothing has changed07:04
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James147yeah, have the same here ^^ not sure why07:04
James147resetting roots profile didnt help :(07:06
James147areichman: noaXess: what kde version are you running? 4.6.1 here, and I am not seeing the same problem with 4.5.X in the vm of kubuntu07:07
James147posibally a 4.6 regression?07:13
areichmanseems that way. I need to head to bed now, thoug07:15
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xorxorxori installed my ATI graphic driver, now KDE is not booting.07:30
xorxorxorATI HD5870m07:30
keithzgNot booting? What stage is it getting to?07:34
keithzgAlso, what method did you use to install the (I assume) Catalyst drivers?07:36
xorxorxorwell it shows me plain terminals07:36
xorxorxori did "sudo sh ati-....bin"07:36
xorxorxorworked on gnome +) so i assummed07:36
keithzgIn my experience it's far better to use the drivers provided in the repos.07:36
xorxorxorhow do i do that? using git?07:37
keithzgNope, using a package manager :)07:37
keithzgAlthough for this specific case you might be better off using Jocket-KDE07:37
keithzgerr, I mean Jockey07:37
xorxorxoruhm.. should i reinstall kubuntu and give that a stab?07:37
keithzgsince it not only uses the package management backend to download the drivers, but then also enables them for you.07:37
keithzgYou should be able to just uninstall the ATI one you installed.07:38
xorxorxoroh i didn't know that. through terminal?07:38
keithzgErr, probably.  Been ages since I did that old fashioned route of using the actual vendor-provided packages to install, heh07:38
xorxorxorok i'll search for a way to remove the driver07:39
xorxorxorthanks a lot for your help!07:39
keithzgfyi, from what I recall the install script might've left a "fglrx-uninstall.sh" script lying around somewhere for you to use07:39
James147xorxorxor: renaming /etx/X11/xorg.conf should make xorg use the default drivers again, alloing you to login07:52
xorxorxori wish i got that message 5 minutes earlier, reinstalling kubuntu.. lol07:53
xorxorxorhow do i use jockey-kde?08:05
valoriefrom the kmenu, or the console, or krunner08:07
valorieall work well08:07
xorxorxorit shows no proprietary driver08:07
James147xorxorxor: on a fresh install? did you update the packagelist?08:20
xorxorxorJames147: oh, I didn't know I had to update the system. Now I see one. thank you!08:22
James147xorxorxor: you dont have to update ^^just refresh the packagelist :) .. but you may as well upddate08:22
ubuntuhey, if i am running off a usb can i still update the one on the usb to 4.6?08:23
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James147ubuntu: a live disk? I would say you can... though I do not know if it is presestant or not08:24
andrewh192what ya mean?08:24
James147^^ persistent ^^ meaning the changes will not be undone on a reboot08:25
andrewh192yeah... that was something i was wondering about some other stuff when i boot up from this08:26
andrewh192says that i could add stuff to add functionability to stuff08:26
andrewh192but not sure that would do any good past this time using the drive08:26
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xorxorxorthe graphic driver is working well. thank you :)08:39
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xorxorxoris it just me, or KDE window redrawing is laggy?08:49
keithzgxorxorxor: sounds like an issue with the ATI driver's 2D acceleration, there might be ways to tweak around that.09:40
rolandhow to make amarok send audio to subwoofer? when I press the subwoofer button in phonon, I hear sound through sub, but when listening to music nothing...10:31
James147roland: is phonon configured correctly? (using the correct number of channels ^^ the test buttons bypass them i think)10:34
rolandJames147: I  only see 1 entry under speaker setup -> sount output: 5.110:37
James147are the other profiles?10:37
rolandJames147: strange... when I selected 7.1 subwoofer started playing... and when I switched back to 5.1 subwoofer is still playing10:40
James147roland: what happens if you restart amarok?10:40
* James147 found it be be werid when he was testing it10:41
rolandJames147: apparently it doesn't matter if I have selected 5.1 or 7.1. When I restart amarok, no sound comes through .1.... to get sound through subwoofer then I need the change the profile while amarok is running10:46
James147roland: yeah, i had a similar problem... carnt remember how i fixed it10:46
rolandJames147: thanks anyway.. at least I have bass now10:48
James147roland: try this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio#Alternative_configurations10:48
James147^^ though thats for arch... it might vary slightly10:48
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penosThanks Ernie - Age 35, New Jersey11:58
penosMy first time was when I was in High School. My friend Ernie and I were fooling around on the floor in his den. I always liked him to take me from behind - it felt naughtier and sexier that way. I was about 17 and he surprised me by running an ice cube along my spine and down the crack of my butt. I shivered with anticipation. He put the ice cube aside and began to rub my ass. He didn't ask11:58
penosabout anal sex. He could see that I was turned on. He pulled out some lube and lubed up his finger, inserting it into my ass. I moaned with pleasure and pushed back towards him. Soon I could hear him pouring more lube onto his cock. At that point I was so turned on I would have let him do anything!11:58
penosSoon he placed his cock head at my sphincter and said "it's time." Slowly he pushed forward until the head popped beyond the sphincter. Then he stopped to let me relax. After a few seconds of adjustment I started to slowly push back onto him. It was incredible!!!! He reached around and started to play with my clit - I saw stars and came continuously!!! When he came I could feel him swell and11:58
penosspurt into my ass.11:58
FloodBotK2penos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:58
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penos_Thanks Ernie - Age 35, New Jersey11:59
penos_My first time was when I was in High School. My friend Ernie and I were fooling around on the floor in his den. I always liked him to take me from behind - it felt naughtier and sexier that way. I was about 17 and he surprised me by running an ice cube along my spine and down the crack of my butt. I shivered with anticipation. He put the ice cube aside and began to rub my ass. He didn't ask11:59
penos_about anal sex. He could see that I was turned on. He pulled out some lube and lubed up his finger, inserting it into my ass. I moaned with pleasure and pushed back towards him. Soon I could hear him pouring more lube onto his cock. At that point I was so turned on I would have let him do anything!11:59
penos_Soon he placed his cock head at my sphincter and said "it's time." Slowly he pushed forward until the head popped beyond the sphincter. Then he stopped to let me relax. After a few seconds of adjustment I started to slowly push back onto him. It was incredible!!!! He reached around and started to play with my clit - I saw stars and came continuously!!! When he came I could feel him swell and11:59
penos_spurt into my ass.11:59
FloodBotK2penos_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:59
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S74rk7hey everyone... is there an option when running the ./configure command to automatically download missing dependancies?12:25
susundbergThat kind of depends on the package but generally no12:29
susundbergi find 'apt-file' usefull while hunting 'what package provides that libxyz'12:30
S74rk7I remember reading on a page before that explained how to work through errors encountered when trying to run the ./configure command.... cant remember for the life of me how it was done... and trying to find it in my bookmarks :-S12:31
vichowdy all12:31
susundbergtry running the ./configure and check the errors12:31
susundberg(btw afaik the ./configure is package dependent script and no program or anything -- there is no 'global' rules for that, though some 'standards' exists)12:32
vichow to know my the gcc version ?12:32
susundberggcc -v12:32
viccommand gcc -v òùå ðóäç12:32
viccommand gcc -v not help12:33
susundbergoh? in my computer it prints "gcc version 4.5.2 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.2-7ubuntu1)12:33
susundberg" - that is the gcc version afaik. But what do you want to find out? Or what are you trying to do?12:33
vici want to find out version12:35
Hamragcc --version12:35
vici tried it12:35
Hamraand it says?12:35
Hamrawhat does the command output? either a version number, or tell you that you dont have gcc, so please be precise12:36
vicbut request install *gcc or *pentium-builder12:37
vicwhat does it mean&12:37
Hamracan you copy/paste the output?12:37
vicoutput on russian12:38
Hamraok, try this: sudo apt-get install gcc12:38
Hamrayou're welcome12:39
S74rk7susundberg: the ./configure error reads12:39
S74rk7configure: Checking for compulsory SDL libraries:12:40
S74rk7checking for sdl-config... no12:40
S74rk7checking for SDL - version >= 1.2.3... no12:40
S74rk7*** The sdl-config script installed by SDL could not be found12:40
S74rk7*** If SDL was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in12:40
FloodBotK2S74rk7: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:40
S74rk7*** your path, or set the SDL_CONFIG environment variable to the12:40
S74rk7opps :S12:40
Hamrasudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev12:40
Hamraassuming you're on maverick12:41
S74rk7so is there no exact name of the package that you need... just I can see "libsdl1.2-dev" in the error...12:43
S74rk7when I ran sudo apt-cache search sdl it brought up loads of results... so was confused..12:43
Hamrai used the sdl-config comment12:44
Hamrai just typed in my konsole "sdl-config", it complained with: The program 'sdl-config' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:12:45
Hamrasudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev12:45
S74rk7Hamra: and did you just recognise it and know what package it was from?12:45
S74rk7yeah I got it downloaded there now12:45
Hamraand if the needed dependency happens not to be an executable, i use packages.ubuntu.com to search for it :)12:46
S74rk7Hamra: I cant seem to get the next one ... tried packages.ubuntu.com - no luck... can I pastebin 1 more to you mate... ?12:54
S74rk7Hamra: http://paste.ubuntu.com/587776/12:55
S74rk7Hamra: Thanks mate12:55
susundbergAlso config.log usually contains more info what failed12:56
susundbergand possibly the link command that usually contains the library name12:57
Hamraapt-cache search libsdl image12:57
susundbergand that library name can be googled or queried with apt-file12:57
Hamrashould give you the hint ;)12:57
susundbergTrue :)12:57
Hamrayou, of course, need the dev package for building12:58
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bughi all.13:25
bugcan anyone help i am trying to install packages thru Kpackagekit, and after i authorise the package, the next pop up is "waiting for package manager lock" then i get the follwing error -dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.13:27
bugany idea's??13:27
tsimpsonopen konsole, and run "sudo dpkg --configure -a"13:27
bugit's doing lots of stuff13:28
tsimpsonusually that happens when, for some reason, a package doesn't install properly13:28
tsimpsonso you have to tell dpkg to try again with the above command13:29
bugok it's finished, do i ned to reboot or just try the package install again13:29
tsimpsonjust try kpackagekit again now13:29
bugcool it seems to be working13:30
bugbut it does what it needs and says it's finished , however the in kpackagekit the the packages dont show up as installed13:31
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bugit's Java i am trying to install13:32
tsimpsonJava is available in the repositories, and Sun's Java from the Canonical partner repository13:33
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »13:33
bugtried that in terminal and nothing happened, just a square cursor on the next line13:35
tsimpsonyou run the exact command: deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner13:36
tsimpsonthen you update your package list, with kpackagekit or "sudo apt-get update"13:37
tsimpsonthen look for "sun-java6-jre"13:37
bugNo command 'deb' found, did you mean:13:37
bug Command 'debc' from package 'devscripts' (main)13:37
bug Command 'derb' from package 'libicu-dev' (main)13:37
bug Command 'dab' from package 'bsdgames' (universe)13:37
bug Command 'debi' from package 'devscripts' (main)13:37
FloodBotK2bug: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:37
bug Command 'xdeb' from package 'xdeb' (universe)13:37
tsimpsonerm, I missed off the start..13:38
tsimpsonthis: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"13:38
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tsimpsonmake sure you don't miss off the quotes13:38
bugtried this and got the command lines above - <tsimpson> you run the exact command: deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner13:38
tsimpsonbug: yes, I missed off the start of the command, bad paste13:39
tsimpsonbug: just this: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"13:39
tsimpsoneverything from the sudo to the last quote13:39
bugincluding the last quote13:39
tsimpsonall of it13:40
bugdid that , i didn't get asked for SU password or anything and  it just went back to my  command line13:41
Hamrayes, password is temporarly cached for now13:42
Hamranow try installing java again13:42
bugi am just doing the sudo apt get update13:42
Hamraok, good13:42
bugi tried the package manager again and same thing happened , it said it was all finished , yet i am able to select it to install again.13:45
bugis there a verification method i can use to see if it loaded13:45
Hamrabug: open konsole, and type this: java -showversion13:57
Hamraif java is installed, it will show a version and some help, if not, it will suggest what you should do to get it13:58
naftilos76hi, has anyone managed to succesfully downgrade from kde 4.6.1 to 4.5.5?14:01
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maseseanyone who knows how to install skype on kubuntu 10.04?14:46
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga14:47
maseseEkiga is gnome and i am using kde14:53
genii-aroundmasese: If you like some kde sip client, kphone is simple and works well.14:56
Hamrafirefox is GTK, yet works on KDE. this hasnt been a problem for years, FTK and QT applications work on both KDE and GNOME with no problems14:56
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[mors]hi gents16:09
[mors]the notification popup shows many "don't show this message again" buttons http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9681493/popup.png16:09
[mors]known ? fixed ?16:09
DaskreechCan't say I've seen that before16:13
DaskreechThat's all the time or just for Kmail?16:13
[mors]mostly VPN16:13
DaskreechSo it happens for multiple programs?16:13
[mors]seems it's only network16:14
[mors]I'm using gnome network manager because the kde one doesn't allow me to set routes16:14
friesehi guys, i have a strange problem16:14
friesei have a t60p laptop with fireglv5200, kubuntu 10.10 and the opensource radeon driver. the internal display is 1400x1050. when i connect a externel display over vga to it(1680x1050) and configure it with xrandr or kde systemsettings, it works in expanded mode. if i set it up to only show picture on the external monitore, it doesnt work in native resolution. it shows me some things double, hard to describe... if  run it on 1024x768 it works ok16:16
Daskreech[mors]: Hmm alright not quite sure. Could you ask in #plasma ?16:22
himhay can any one tell me why my daisy being crashed16:23
apparleguys, I have messed the file associations such that, man:<something> in krunner opens with firefox, how to change it to rekonq16:35
Daskreechapparle: change the html back to rekonq?16:41
apparleDaskreech: I want firefox to remain my default browser16:41
apparleDaskreech: only man, because it doesn't work well in firefox16:41
Daskreechthe overall system doesn't really care about how you get the file Just what to do with it at the end16:42
Daskreechgetting something by man: is the same as getting it from http://16:43
Daskreechbut as you said Firefox is confused by man:16:43
DaskreechHow do you open man: links ?16:44
him_hay can any one help my daisy is being crashed16:45
apparleDaskreech: I've to hurry, will continue later... sorry and thanks for help16:52
Daskreechhim_: what's your daisy?17:08
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phoenix_firebrdhello everyone17:38
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phoenix_firebrdHow to read the S.M.A.R.T of my harddisks?17:43
AMDphreakhey there, people, I need to report a bug, but I don't know the package, and I have a meeting shortly, so can I leave the bug description here?17:44
DarthFrogAMDphreak: No.17:44
AMDphreakPS, I'm using a LiveCD17:44
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DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd: install smart-notifier and smartmontools.17:45
AMDphreakit pertains to Kubuntu 10.10 liveCD not being able to install because it keeps trying to read the primary CD (the liveCD) as a place to install.17:45
=== help is now known as Guest20614
AMDphreak/dev/sr0 keeps causing problems17:45
AMDphreakDarthFrog, cool name, but what guarantee do I have that you aren't troll-answering?17:45
DarthFrogAMDphreak: We're not Kubuntu developers.  We're just users helping other users.17:45
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: will that report the current health status of the harddisk?17:45
AMDphreakUm, wouldn't it help if more users were aware of the bug?17:46
AMDphreaknot just devs.17:46
phoenix_firebrdha ha ha toll17:46
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd:  I've used the command line tools of smartmontools to do so.  Never used smart-notifier but it is a graphical hard disk health status notifier.17:46
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: ok , i will try that now17:47
AMDphreakIn my experience users....ARE the devs17:47
DarthFrogAnd now that I know about it, I'm going to install it myself. :-)17:47
AMDphreakalot of the time (ok, not all the time)17:47
DarthFrogAMDphreak: Go to your meeting then fill a proper bug report later.  Make sure you're not filing a duplicate bug.17:48
AMDphreakI'm not sure where to file this, because I don't know a package to give it to17:48
AMDphreaker, tie it to17:48
AMDphreak...i'll try to figure out the forums. is there a KDE specific forum?17:49
DarthFrogYes.  #KDE17:49
AMDphreakaha eys17:49
AMDphreakOh, even an IRC channel. nice17:49
AMDphreakThank you17:49
DarthFrogBut they're KDE, not Kubuntu.17:49
AMDphreak...darn. I wonder if this is a coreutils problem or a driver problem.17:49
AMDphreakwell, gg. Thanks for the nontrollish answers. sorry, i'm kinda ticked about a moderator on a forum right now (not Linux-related)17:50
AMDphreakbye guys, and good luck with the disk smart health ops17:50
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: i am getting an error. the app is not starting17:50
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd: what error?17:51
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: one min17:52
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: http://paste.kde.org/8635/17:53
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd: That's not an error and your app is running ("ps aux | grep smart").  It's merely a warning17:54
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: oh , i will that17:54
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: where is the gui?17:55
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: i cant see any gui of this app17:56
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd:  man smart-notifier17:57
maiteHola gente :)18:10
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: the smart-notifier didnt work for me so i downloaded a cli versio of the seatools(seagate app) for linux and used it18:22
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: it worked, i have done some test on my harddisk and it was fine18:23
DarthFrogGlad to hear it.18:23
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: they had a gui version , but the installed was in rpm18:24
jimmy51_hello, i need to make a bootable DOS usb stick so i can update my BIOS.  any easy way to do that within kubuntu?18:24
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: you mean MSdos or PCDos?18:25
jimmy51_phoenix_firebrd: i suspect either would work.18:25
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: there is a app to write bootimages to usb pen drives. i forgot the name, can you give me a min?18:26
jimmy51_phoenix_firebrd: sure, thanks for the help18:26
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: found it18:29
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: its flashboot. http://www.prime-expert.com/flashboot/18:29
jimmy51_phoenix_firebrd: ah, that looks good. i'll give that a try.  thanks!18:30
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: download a floppy image of pcdos or freedos and write it using flashboot18:30
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: yw18:30
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: does suse have a partnership with seagate. why wasnt a deb version of seatools available for download?18:32
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd: Umm, I'm not privy to the inner workings of any company. :-)18:32
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: do we have to be?18:33
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd: But at a guess, RPM (Redhat Package Manager) is used by Red Hat (obviously) which is the foremost enterprise Linux.  AFAIK, no enterprise-intended Linux uses DEB.18:34
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd: And you can use "alien" to convert RPM to DEB.18:34
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: ya thats right18:34
jimmy51_phoenix_firebrd: doh... that looks like it only runs under windows :(18:35
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: ya, thats a windows app18:35
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: wine cannot write a MBR18:35
jimmy51_phoenix_firebrd: linux itself can't write it?18:36
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: no linux can, but wine has no low level disk write privilege18:37
jimmy51_phoenix_firebrd: ok, so if i'm running kubuntu 10.04 and have a USB flash disk, is there a way to make the flash disk bootable DOS so i can run the BIOS update exe?18:37
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: you want a linux app to do that , right?18:38
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jimmy51_phoenix_firebrd: hopefully.  i don't have a windows machine, just kubuntu.18:39
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: try this http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/18:40
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: thanks for the help buddy18:41
phoenix_firebrdjimmy51_: i have to go now , bye18:42
jimmy51_phoenix_firebrd: i'll try that.  thanks.18:42
RussellAlanhey guys, on the homescreen how do i add the desktop widget? to display my desktop folder18:57
Mithrandir_RussellAlan: on the panel or on the desktop?19:04
RussellAlanon the main screen19:05
Mithrandir_by Ctrl+F12 will get you all the things on your desktop if you like19:05
Mithrandir_The login screen?19:05
Mithrandir_DarthFrog: I think officially RPM stands for RPM package Manager19:05
RussellAlanno just the widget to display the contents of my Desktop Folder19:06
RussellAlancontrol f12 did nothing19:07
Mithrandir_Click on the button on the far right of hte panel and click on Add widgets. in the search type desktop then double click the one you want19:08
DarthFrogMithrandir_: If so, that's a latter-day renaming, like GCC.  I ran Red Hat Mother's Day version and it was definitely called RedHat Package Manager back in the day.19:12
RussellAlanMithrandir_,  it just has show desktop19:12
Mithrandir_Mother's day?19:12
DarthFrogMithrandir_: I think it was RH 3.03. :-)19:12
RussellAlani'm looking for just a widget that contacns the contents of my /home/user/Desktop19:12
Mithrandir_RussellAlan: Oh I'm sorry. your desktop folder19:13
Mithrandir_ok Apologies19:13
Mithrandir_You are looking for the FolderView19:13
Mithrandir_And you want to drag it to the desktop not doubleclick19:13
DarthFrogMithrandir_: No, I'm wrong.  RH Mother's Day was version 1.0.  :-)  http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/History19:14
RussellAlanMithrandir_, : indeed thank you my friend19:14
ubuntuhi to everybody19:41
ubuntui have a q that is ((how can i partishen my hard in kubuntu))19:41
ubuntuand what is code of delet in kubuntu?19:42
Mithrandir_what is a delet?19:43
ubuntukill some file19:44
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DjangoNoobwhy does my kubuntu forget that i have set up multiple monitors? is there an easy solution? thanks.19:48
vichowdy all19:50
vicwhere i can see my file system boot?19:51
vickubuntu 10.1019:51
areichmanDjangoNoob: you're using kubuntu 10.1019:53
gomiboyvic: you mean the boot log?19:54
DjangoNoobactually ubuntu 10.10 but i have installed kde plasma desktop and set it as default, rebooted many times, no better19:54
DjangoNoobareichman, i have ibm t60 laptop and intel display graphics19:54
areichmanDjangoNoob: have you installed kde 4.6.x or are you on the stock 4.5.x?19:54
DjangoNoobareichman, dunno. how can i check?19:55
areichmanit would have been a process to upgrade to 4.6. If you haven't added a repository specifically for it and then installed it from the package manager you haven't done it19:55
areichmanand that's why multiple monitors aren't saved19:55
DjangoNoobareichman, in the new kde, the monitors are saved?19:56
areichman4.5 doesn't have the ability to save multiple monitor configurations. Or if it does, there's no interface for it. 4.6 can do it but it's a bit of work to install it19:56
areichmanand might make your system less stable19:56
DjangoNooboh great........... :S19:56
areichmanhaha, I wish I had better news for you19:57
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areichmanI can tell you that I have 4.6 installed here and it's a good upgrade. Nothing major, for me at least, got borked. But your experience may be different19:57
DjangoNoobcan I install it via apt-get?19:58
vicnone, i mean file boot19:59
areichmanyes, if you add the repository that contains it19:59
areichmanDjangoNoob: here are instructions for it: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.6.119:59
areichmanit's a pretty simple process19:59
gomiboyvic: please elaborate... there is no "file boot", there is a directory /boot but if you can explain us what you have to do, we'll help :)20:05
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vicI want to find out what processes run at startup20:13
sithlord48hi #kubuntu .20:15
sithlord48the KFN page is once again "service unavilible"20:15
gomiboyvic: in /etc/rc2.d/ are most of the symbolic links to the services that run at system startup20:21
vicgomidoy: thanks :)20:22
DjangoNoobareichman, I updated to new KDE and it still doesnt remember multiple monitors :(20:23
areichmanDjangoNoob: open up system settings20:23
areichmanin the Hardware Section, click Display & Monitor20:24
areichmanarrange everything the way you want and then, in the Size & Orientation section, click Save as Default20:24
sithlord48djangonoob how are you tring to set it, and do u have a properiatary driver instaleld?20:24
areichmanNext time you restart it should remember your settings20:25
DjangoNoobsithlord48, i have the driver that came with the linux, and intel display adapter20:26
DjangoNoobareichman, there is no button "set as deafult". maybe "defaults", but its grayed out...20:27
areichmanit's been there in mine since I upgraded to 4.6.1 and that's what I had to do to make it remember my multiple monitor settings... I'm not sure why it wouldn't be there20:28
DjangoNoobmaybe i didnt upgrade.......... how can i check?20:29
DjangoNoobi addet ppa20:29
sithlord48for my mulitmonitor neeeds the only problem i ever has is they get set to the same res.20:29
DjangoNooband apt-get update and apt-get upgrade...20:29
sithlord48open dolphin or any kde program and use help-> about kde20:29
DjangoNoobPlatform Version 4.5.1 (KDE 4.5.120:30
gomiboyDjangoNoob: did you restart your session?20:30
DjangoNoobit's not new, yes20:30
DjangoNoobi think i'll manage20:31
DjangoNoob146 not upgraded packages :)20:31
sithlord48i would start there lol20:31
gomiboyDjangoNoob: i haven't upgraded to 4.6, but maybe you have to apt-get dist-upgrade20:31
gomiboyther :)20:31
areichmandon't dist-upgrade20:32
areichmanI think that's a very different process. Just upgrade the packages that need to be upgraded20:32
gomiboyit's mandatory yo upgrade to kde 4.6 afaik20:33
sithlord48why not dist-upgrade i always do taht20:33
sithlord48if you have packages that need to be removed by newer ones you have to do a dist-upgrade20:33
areichmanreally? I've never dist-upgraded before20:35
areichmanI assumed it was to upgrade the entire distribution and I just wanted to update one part or particular packages20:36
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.20:36
bigbrovaranyone knows if Kubuntu 11.04 beta has been released?20:38
bigbrovarwords on the street is that Ubuntu 11.04 beta has been released20:38
bigbrovaram about to head to bed and was hoping to leave my laptop to download it before going to bed20:38
genii-aroundbigbrovar: Sometime before midnight in Greenwich20:48
skramer_anybody else got problems with akonadi after latest update to version 1.5.1?20:50
sithlord48don't know about 11.04 beta but i had ~ 30 updates this morning for my natty box20:52
skramer_Kontact always gives me an error notification regarding akonadi, which has not been the case up to version 1.5.020:53
DjangoNoobi have updated to new kde. i set up multiple monitors and clicked save as default. it does not remeber at reboot though :(21:01
divi_Heya, anyone have any idea why my sounds disappear within 2-5 minutes after boot. Using Kubuntu 10.10, fresh install yesterday. Audio interface is E-MU 1212m21:03
divi_the system still seems to recognize the device (i think)21:04
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Thinkerer68Oh noes! KFN is down!  :-(21:43
areichmanWhat's KFN?21:44
genii-aroundThinkerer68: Well, whois shows that their domainname is not expired yet :) But "Service Unavailable" generally means a 503 error, which is that apache or so is not running. Maybe they had a crash or so21:54
Thinkerer68Agree. I'm also getting "Service Unavailable".21:55
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naomi_Is there any way to get custom emotes on Empathy?22:15
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RatchetmanPing room22:17
RatchetmanAnyone active?22:18
genii-aroundRatchetman: Beeter to just say what kubuntu problem you may be having, so that someone may try to help :)22:19
naomi_genii-around: do you know how do get custom emotes on empathy?22:19
genii-aroundnaomi_: Nope. I use quassel22:20
naomi_genii-around: and that had custom emotes? i was using amsn til it kept freezing on me. so i used empathy but i dont like it. can i sudo apt-get install quassel?22:20
RatchetmanI've been having an issue with Firefox. Origionally I downloaded 3 and when I found on the Kubuntu forum a stable version of 4 and it worked for a day before it wouldn't load or anything.22:21
genii-aroundnaomi_: I don't think it has that feature much. Although you could probably just write little aliases to something like: /me does this thing and that thing!22:22
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox22:22
RatchetmanOh yeah that was the code I used to get it in the first place. I should save that! Thanks22:25
RatchetmanDoes anyone have a recommendation of a good download or website of commands for the konsole?22:28
vicwhere i can find inetd.conf?22:38
tsimpsonvic: in /etc, if you have an inetd installed22:39
vicok, thanks ) i didn't installed22:40
tsimpsonthere are several, like xinetd, openbsd-inetd, inetutils-inetd, micro-inetd, and maybe others22:41
tsimpsonall basically do the same job22:41
TNZ_hi all22:51
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TNZ_INFO for Radeon desktop : Catalyst 11.3 are quite good22:52
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TNZ_I just switched in rendering accurate mode & it's great and responsive (and it's nice for the eyes)22:53
RatchetmanSo was that an advertisement to download the new catalyst? lol22:59
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RatchetmanWould commands written for Ubuntu still work on Kubuntu?23:10
marxjohnsonRatchetman: for the command line?23:11
marxjohnsonif so, yes23:11
RatchetmanOk, thank you. Please excuse my noobliness.23:11
marxjohnsonno problem23:12
marxjohnsonKubuntu is exactly the same system underneath, it just has different GUI applications23:12
RatchetmanOk so any of the programs that are compatible with one are compatible with both, correct?23:13
genii-aroundPretty much23:13
naomi_I had an old wallpaper with the wallapaper as cube caps too. I've changed my wallpaper and deleted my cube caps but on my cube they still show up. How do I get rid of them? I've tried deleting but they're still there.23:14
maconaomi_: i think #ubuntu's more likely to know, since people here tend not to use Compiz (the thing giving you the cube)23:15
RatchetmanCool! Off to DL some games.23:15
RatchetmanOne more question. I had registered my nick and used the code from the email. Is anything supposed to happen to confirm it's been completed?23:17
Thinkerer68Ratchetman: http://freeengineer.org/learnUNIXin10minutes.html23:17
Thinkerer68Ratchetman: http://www.linuxcommand.org/23:18
Thinkerer68Ratchetman: http://tille.garrels.be/training/bash/23:18
Thinkerer68Ratchetman: http://www.gnu.org/doc/doc.html23:19
* Thinkerer68 away23:20
RatchetmanThanks a lot Thinkerer68!23:20
Thinkerer68np. there are a heck of a lot more i use, but those are probably the most important ones23:21
Thinkerer68ah, one more23:21
RatchetmanWoot more information!23:23
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yoyoty Thinkerer6823:32
Thinkerer68Ratchetman, yoyo: dont forget to try "help COMMANDNAME", "COMMANDNAME --help", "man COMMANDNAME", "info", and "apropos TOPIC"23:37
Thinkerer68Ratchetman, yoyo: There is also the RUTEBook http://rute.2038bug.com/23:41
RatchetmanWow I didn't know so much documentation was out there. Now if they could make it in an audio format so I could learn in the car while I drive or something.23:43
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