glyphrockstar: I was going to link it but I can't find it.00:04
glyphrockstar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/74610400:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 746104 in Launchpad itself ""view the branch content" phraseology is pointlessly confusing" [Undecided,New]00:07
wgrantI think there's another bug.00:09
wgrantI might even decide to fix it right now.00:10
wgrantBug #531323 is relevant.00:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 531323 in Launchpad itself "Navigation: hard to find source code for project." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53132300:11
wgranthuwshimi: Any objections to saying "Browse the code"?00:11
glyphwgrant: no, check it in, ship it now00:11
glyphwgrant: :)00:11
wgrantI think so.00:11
huwshimiwgrant: Do you have any idea why it's named as it is now?00:12
* glyph squints at huwshimi00:13
wgranthuwshimi: Because people were more concerned with being accurate than reasonable, I suspect. The bug might have some hints.00:13
spivhuwshimi: to be strictly correct for projects that contain only e.g. documentation, artwork, and not "code".00:13
glyphhuwshimi: hey, are you huw of http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/chrome/common/css/trac.css fame? ;)00:13
spivglyph: yes!00:14
huwshimiglyph: It's true00:16
huwshimiI am in favour of renaming to "Browse the code"00:17
huwshimiI think in this case it is better to have a more helpfully named link rather than to be correct in all situations00:19
glyphhuwshimi: you should come back and help us with more web... stuff sometimes00:21
huwshimithumper: Unless you particularly want to do it, I'm happy to pick it up now.00:21
thumperhuwshimi: go for it00:21
huwshimithumper: Thanks, will do.00:22
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Suit_Of_Sableshey gang. I have unsubscribed to certain bugs but continue be bombarded with email notifications. How do you remove yorself from the 'also notified' list?01:12
lifelessSuit_Of_Sables: you may be subscribed to a duplicate, or you may be subscribed to the entire (project | package | distribution)01:16
wgrantSuit_Of_Sables: It should tell you at the bottom of the email why you're being emailed.01:20
Suit_Of_Sablesthe emails say "You received this notification because you are subscribed to:" and then gives a link. I go there and I am not subscribed but am on the 'also notified' list01:21
Suit_Of_SablesI go to the package main page but don't see anything about subscribing01:21
wgrantSuit_Of_Sables: What's the link?01:23
wgrantWhich bug is it?01:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 746043 in calibre "Conversion from specific LRF books gives "RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded"" [Undecided,Fix released]01:25
wgrantSuit_Of_Sables: What's your Launchpad username?01:26
wgrantSuit_Of_Sables: You're subscribed at https://bugs.launchpad.net/calibre/+subscribe01:30
wgrantSuit_Of_Sables: Was that not the link in the email?01:30
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Suit_Of_Sablesnope, but I figured it out by typing in the url manually, unselecting the receive email box and clicking save01:31
Suit_Of_Sablesnow I am no longer listed under also notified01:31
Suit_Of_Sablesthank you for your help01:31
wgrantCould you pastebin the email footer?01:31
wgrantIt should have linked you to that page.01:32
wgrantBut we've made some changes here recently, so it's possible something's broken.01:32
Suit_Of_Sablessorry I trashed the emails ;(  but if they show up again I can pastebin them :p02:08
wgrantSuit_Of_Sables: Heh, thanks.02:09
wgrantHopefully there will be no more, though :)02:09
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micahgI've got an interesting problem, I'm trying to file a bug, and the duplicate search is spinning w/no timeout05:15
wgrantOdd. Which browser?05:15
micahgused ubuntu-bug05:15
micahgwgrant: any ideas?05:24
wgrantSorry, Unity had a few heart attacks.05:24
wgrantOdd. Can you see what's happening in Firebug?05:25
micahggave up on firebug a while back05:26
* micahg could try resubmitting the form and seeing what happens05:27
micahgwgrant: err, worked this time05:37
wgrantmicahg: :(05:37
maxbSomeone appears to have "fixed" the "bug" where you could have ubuntu package branches for a sourcepackagename after just uploading that packagename to a ppa06:30
maxbI *liked* that as a feature06:30
wgrantHm, really?06:30
wgrantThat was meant to be made more liberal.06:30
wgrantNot more restricted.06:30
wgrantmaxb: Hm, it's working for me.06:32
wgrantAt least on staging.06:32
lifelessindeed, there is a bug open that its meant to be opened wide06:35
wgrantAs long as the sourcepackagename exists, the branch is allowed.06:35
maxbwgrant: exists where? Uploading to a PPA used to result in the db objects being created such that https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/myppapackage was a valid page, but this seems to no longer happen06:48
maxbhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bzr-landing-dependencies <-- older example06:48
maxbegg, face06:48
wgrantOr just typo/06:49
maxbIt would help if I remembered what I'd called my package06:49
maxbpython-build-helper vs. python-backport-helper06:49
StevenKmaxb: You filed 746225 about it?06:51
maxbhave just invalidated06:52
StevenKOkay, thanks06:52
* maxb glares at the PPA publisher07:07
wgrantYes :(07:08
wgrantIt's telling you that you're up too early.07:08
wgrantmaxb: I've just asked for the problematic cron job to be taken down to weekly.07:18
maxbOh, something was holding conflicting locks?07:30
wgrantmaxb: cron.daily-ppa blocks the publisher. One of its tasks is to prune empty directories, and this seems to take more than an hour.07:32
wgrantIt was running weekly until a month ago.07:32
wgrantANd will hopefully be demoted back to weekly in the next day or so.07:32
maxbGentoo mainline derives from Ubuntu breezy!08:05
maxborly launchpad? I think you are lying to me :-)08:05
wgrantmaxb: NOT NULL :(08:07
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maxbum. there must be at least 1 series which doesn't derive .... :-)08:09
wgrantWell, the UI enforces it, not the DB.08:09
wgrantSo nobody can ever edit Warty.08:10
StevenKwgrant: Iz bug, file it?08:11
dbarthhi there09:28
dbarthi'm looking for the recommended way to have dbsym packages in a PPA09:29
dbarthi've read https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/15657509:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 156575 in Launchpad itself "PPA builds do not create -dbgsym packages" [Low,Fix released]09:30
dbarthbut i'm wondering how to enable that in some of our ppas09:30
wgrantdbarth: I never finished the implementation for the primary archive, so they've never been turned on on production.09:33
wgrantI wonder if I should perhaps just forbid copies of sources with ddebs into the primary archive.09:34
wgrantdbarth: So, for PPAs it's very close to working. The primary archive is a much more complex case. It could be turned on for PPAs after a bit of testing and the implementation of restrictions to prevent ddebs from being copied into the primary archive.09:46
lifelesswgrant: so should that bug not be fix released ?10:10
wgrantlifeless: Probably not.10:11
wgrantWell, I'm not sure whether I should reopen it, or whether I should just properly close it on Saturday...10:18
lifelesswgrant: need to have it open to qa it ;)10:21
dbarthwgrant: hi,10:26
dbarthwgrant: ah ok, thanks for the info10:26
alvinHello. Where do I file bugs against Launchpad?10:58
wgrantalvin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug11:01
alvinwgrant: thx11:02
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fta(4th attempt) please kill this build: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/beta/+buildjob/241571612:57
wgrantfta: Killing.13:04
wgrantShould die in a few seconds.13:04
ftanot sure what happened though13:05
wgrantHmm. It is more broken than I thought.13:05
wgrantIt's not dying.13:05
wgrantLet's see.13:06
wgrantThe slave is thoroughly dead.13:17
wgrantlamont: Could you kick shipova?13:17
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sgnbhow come some of my uploads to PPA are randomly rejected with "3.0 (quilt) not supported in hardy" (whereas they are targetted for maverick)?13:56
wgrantsgnb: What's the command you're using to upload?13:57
wgrantRight, but with which arguments?13:57
sgnb"dput ppa foo.changes"13:58
wgrantsgnb: 2011-03-31 12:45:41 DEBUG   Considering changefile ~glondu/ubuntu/hardy/grisbi_0.8.4-1~ppa+maverick1_source.changes13:58
wgrantIs that yours?13:58
sgnbwgrant: yes13:59
wgrantThere is /hardy in the upload path.13:59
sgnbwgrant: the upload path is just ~glondu/ppa/ubuntu/13:59
wgrantYour dput.cf is wrong.13:59
sgnboh, right13:59
sgnbon this machine, it is indeed .../hardy13:59
wgrantsgnb: If you're using a recent Ubuntu release, you can delete your custom dput.cf and just 'dput ppa:glondu/ppa blah_source.changes'14:00
sgnbI didn't make the correspondence (I upload from several machines...)14:00
wgrant/etc/dput.cf has a default 'ppa' target which takes a variable.14:00
sgnbwgrant: I'm not using Ubuntu...14:00
wgrantI'm not sure if this change has been pushed back to Debian.14:01
wgrantThe dput.cf section looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/587802/, but the %(ppa)s expansion variable support was a local change at one point.14:01
wgrantLooks like it's been mostly pushed back to Debian now, though.14:02
wgrantOr maybe not.14:02
wgrantAnyway! Drop the /hardy and you should be good.14:03
sgnbwgrant: it works, thanks!14:09
sgnbI don't know how I managed to have different .dput.cf's... sorry for the noise14:09
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jf_hi, could an admin help me on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/150864 ?17:00
mgykHi, All. Can somebody help me for creating daily-build package. I will create daily-builds for htmldoc (1.8.7 in ubuntu, but I need 1.9 snapshot). I successfully imported the project svn to lauchpad. But I don't know where I should put /debian folder. Create one more bzr repository or just create branch in same repo?17:17
Spadsgo clu17:17
jelmermgyk: hi17:18
jelmermgyk: what I generally do is create a fork of the upstream branch and add a debian/ directory there17:18
jelmermgyk: then I let the recipe merge the two together for each build17:19
mgykIs it possible to "steal" debian folder from current ubuntu package?17:22
mgykIn other words how to find ubuntu source bzr branch for this project17:23
mgyk*bzr repo17:23
jelmermgyk: you can use nest-part for that sort of thing - https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/yourpackage should list the bzr branches for yourpackage17:24
mgykthank you. I will try it17:26
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