bonnyYA MUDDA01:32
bonnyhow do i download the game Doom in lx terminal02:12
bonnyor do i have to download from website02:12
jmarsdenbonny: There is apparently a free clone of it called prboom that is packaged for Ubuntu.  So    sudo apt-get install prboom      migght work.02:17
bonnyok thanks02:18
bonnyi miss the old games haha :)02:19
bonnyyeah its not workin idk why after i click a level it just exits02:22
bonnydo you know of any other old shooting games02:23
jmarsdenbonny: apt-cache search shoot    # should give you some ideas :)02:24
bonnywhat will it do if i do that02:24
bonnywill it not exit automatically?02:25
jmarsdenGive you a list of all pacakges whose names and descriptions have "shoot" somewhere in them.02:25
bonnybut how will that help me02:25
jmarsdenexit automatically?  from the shell?  no.02:25
bonnyi understand now srry02:26
jmarsdenbonny: Huh???  When you see one you like you do   sudo apt-get install PACKAGE and install it :)02:26
bonnyim srry i understand now but is this how i remove it sudo apt-get remove prboom02:26
jmarsdenYes.  Or   sudo apt-get purge prboom to make sure you remove all config files too.02:26
Unit193prboom won't run if you don't have a wad file02:28
bonnyWhere do i get the WAD file02:28
jayanthello everyone. I just installed lubuntu-desktop package. When i login using the lubuntu session, the terminal has a background image. How do i remove that ?02:28
Unit193bonny: apt-cache search wad02:29
bonnyok and there should be one for doom?02:29
Unit193bonny: apt-cache search wad |grep doom <--- that will work better02:30
bonnyok thanks02:30
bonnysrry ignore the y02:31
bonnyomg i did it again02:31
bonnyapt-cache search wad |grep doom02:33
bonnydeutex - composition tool for doom-style WAD files02:33
bonnyfreedoom - free game files for the 3D game DOOM02:33
bonnychocolate-doom - Doom engine closely-compatible with vanilla doom02:33
bonnydoom-wad-shareware - Shareware game files for the 3D game DOOM02:33
bonnythats wat it said02:33
Unit193OK, what about it?02:34
Unit193doom-wad-shareware - Shareware game files for the 3D game DOOM02:35
bonnyhow do i install it what would the command be sudo apt-get install doom-wad-shareware02:37
Unit193How did we tell you to install stuff before?02:38
bonnyYou didnt02:38
Unit193Yes we did for prboom, opera, firefox, chrom and others, sudo apt-get install PACKAGE02:40
bonny_E: Couldn't find package package02:45
* szczur facepalms02:45
Unit193sudo apt-get install {the packagename}02:46
Unit193So: sudo apt-get install doom-wad-shareware02:46
bonny_Thankyou that is all i needed02:51
bonny_its still not running02:51
bonny_its opening then wheni choose a level it exits for some reason02:52
bonny_Do you know of any other old games02:53
Unit193apt-cache search old game02:55
Unit193Hello silverlightning03:08
silverlightningso you know if lubuntu can run totemplayer03:22
silverlightninghi unit19303:22
silverlightningonly player I can make do anythingis totem, but it is pretty heavy on the system03:23
* Unit193 doesn't use totem03:36
silverlightningtotem is the only way I have managed to watch online tv03:46
Unit193sudo apt-get install totem <-- that will show you if totem works :D03:47
silverlightningi discoverd my harddrive was totally ruined04:37
silverlightningsomehow it wasnt' that obvious04:37
silverlightningI had all kinds of booting problems04:38
silverlightninganyone here?07:06
silverlightningI am about to boot in lubuntu, probably and atempt to install to a portable harddrive07:07
silverlightninggood unit19307:07
silverlightningI might go for ubuntu, but it is a bit taxing on the system07:07
Unit193What's your question?07:08
silverlightningI don't know how grub and boot will act when I install to a usb connected harddrive07:08
silverlightningdo you have any idea?07:08
bioterrorinstall grub into your usb drive07:09
bioterrorand boot into it07:09
bioterrorfrom bIOS07:09
Unit193Yeah, bioterror's here!07:09
bioterrorproblem slved07:09
silverlightningand grub will place it's self in the harddrive, I cannot remember grub was anything but autumantic in lubuntu07:09
bioterrorshould place07:12
silverlightningnow for reboot07:13
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penossThanks Ernie - Age 35, New Jersey12:22
penossMy first time was when I was in High School. My friend Ernie and I were fooling around on the floor in his den. I always liked him to take me from behind - it felt naughtier and sexier that way. I was about 17 and he surprised me by running an ice cube along my spine and down the crack of my butt. I shivered with anticipation. He put the ice cube aside and began to rub my ass. He didn't ask12:22
penossabout anal sex. He could see that I was turned on. He pulled out some lube and lubed up his finger, inserting it into my ass. I moaned with pleasure and pushed back towards him. Soon I could hear him pouring more lube onto his cock. At that point I was so turned on I would have let him do anything!12:22
penossSoon he placed his cock head at my sphincter and said "it's time." Slowly he pushed forward until the head popped beyond the sphincter. Then he stopped to let me relax. After a few seconds of adjustment I started to slowly push back onto him. It was incredible!!!! He reached around and started to play with my clit - I saw stars and came continuously!!! When he came I could feel him swell and12:22
penossspurt into my ass.12:22
penossSadly, we didn't get to repeat that performance. I had a boyfriend after him who wasn't very gentle and I didn't enjoy it much with him, but now I engage in anal sex as a way of having fun with my husband. I thank Ernie for such a great introduction to anal sex. It was incredible!!!12:22
dyllanhey guys13:35
dyllanI have just come across your project as a need for a fast and lightweight linux OS for our company.13:36
dyllanI am very interested in trying it out and if successful would be installing it on +- 200 units.13:36
dyllanThe unit we are using is: http://www.devonit.com/hardware/tc5-compact/overview13:37
dyllanI am curious to know how you think your OS will perform on this piece of hardware.13:38
dyllanFor months I have been working towards finding the best suited OS to run on this hardware, from gentoo to ubuntu 10.10, centos, LFS, all which work OK but just lack that speed my users are so used to at the moment.13:39
dyllanIf there is someone around that I can bounce ideas and questions off that would be great13:39
dyllanI should also mention that from a software perspective our users will only require a mail client, browser and office suite.13:41
dyllanAny data will be stored in their /home folders which will be mounted on a server on the LAN13:41
dyllanI would also need the ability to lockdown the desktop to a degree and remove any unnecessary applications. ie. chat clients, torrent software, media software etc.13:42
dyllanif lubuntu turns out to be the OS we have been looking for my company will be happy to make regular donations towards continued development as well as providing myself as a resource in whatever way I may be able to help.13:47
dyllanguys, can you tell me where I set default applications open-with etc? From the file manager and browser - thanks16:26
dyllanmore chromium16:32
zerothisI need help to know which Canonical support option to buy20:15
MrChrisDruifzerothis: For what do you need Canonical support?20:25
zerothisMainly creating a sure-to-boot external writable drive installation of ubuntu readable by any system transferable to x86 or PPC machines, updated every six months.20:29
MrChrisDruifFor that you don't need Canonical support? :)20:53
zerothisMrChrisDruif, ok so I have myself a lubuntu image. What now?21:07
zerothisoh, and ins intalling on virtual box currently, and I have a thumbdrive to create the alwaysboot installation21:08
MrChrisDruifWell, seeing x86 & PPC are different beasts, you'd need both architectures. And btw, as Lubuntu isn't officially part of the family, I guess it would be hard to get support right now from Canonical :)21:09
MrChrisDruifCurrently there isn't a PPC installation available for Lubuntu, but afaik it's optional to make one from the PPC minimal install iso21:11
MrChrisDruifWith the lubuntu ppa21:11
zerothisso I can get help to make a PPC? and how do I make the same data available to both boots (I was unable to accomplish this myself with a x86/x64 USB drive)21:30
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brickwallWell, you'd have to make a separate /data partition afaik, because /home would also save settings, which isn't very handy with separate systems21:33
bonnydo u know of any old multiplayer shootng games21:34
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bonnyIs there21:40
MrChrisDruifOld multiplayer shooting games?21:43
MrChrisDruifI know an awesome multiplayer shooting game, but it isn't old :P21:43
zerothis bonny: luola. don't know if its old but its retrogameplay21:43
bonnyI know awsome multiplayer shooters too but i need old ones ill try luola zerothis21:44
MrChrisDruifCalled Warsow 0.5 if I'm not mistaken21:44
bonnywarsaw sucks it modern but it sucks i have A.v.A. in my winows 7 somputer21:44
zerothisthe place to investigate linux games by style/players or other arbitrary criteria would be uvlist.net21:45
MrChrisDruifYou could also look on ubuntugamer.com21:45
zerothisbonny: <http://www.uvlist.net/search?sort=name&ftype=C&fpersp=&fplay=&flang=&frati=&fshop=&ftag=mp%25&fplat=106> ya, ubuntu game is nice too, but UVL offeres more search criteria21:47
zerothis1st person shooters <http://www.uvlist.net/search?sort=name&ftype=C&fpersp=&fplay=&flang=&frati=&fshop=&fplat=106>21:48
zerothislisted by year <http://www.uvlist.net/search?ftype=c&fplat=106&sort=year>21:49
bonnywat do i od in luola is it onlien multiplayer21:49
zerothisbonny: i dont know if you meant 1stperson shooters or more generic shooters. Luola is a multiplayer cave-flyer shooter <http://www.luolamies.org/software/luola/#screenshots>21:52
bonnywhen you multiplayer can i [lay against people online ya do u know of any old fps21:55
bonnyand by the way what is the aim of the game in luola21:56
zerothisbonny: Luola, shoot the other guys till they explode, don't crash into the walls, don't get shot21:59
bonnybut is it online multiplayer and how do i shoot22:00
zerothisbonny: pretty sure its online. you shoot with keyboard or gamepad according to how you define the controls in the config section. there is a whole caveflyer genre and linux has quite a few of them. here's some <http://www.uvlist.net/search?sort=year&fplat=106&fvisu=tags&ftag=caveflyer>. the caveflyer gnere has a long history on UNIX (therefore they've been ported to linux)22:03
bonnyso when im playing im playing aginst real people?22:03
bonnydo u not understand i mean not against friends or family sitting next to me  i mean online as in i play against people from a differentcountry22:05
zerothisi'm sure some of those, if not all, have online play22:14
bonnyHow do i play against other people in the world on luola22:20
bonnyOk I love the old classic game Doom. Now I want to play online so I downloaded python-zdaemon from lx terminal but which category will it be in and how would i open it from lx terminal22:47
bonny_Answer My Question PLEASE!!!!22:55
bonnyPlease answer23:24
bonnyI hate this channel no one ever answers ive been waiting for 3 hours now OMG23:29
MrChrisDruifYou downloaded python-zdeamon...what does it even do?23:30
MrChrisDruifbonny: ^23:33
MrChrisDruifWell bonny if you don't even respond, I'll be off to bed. Sleep well everyone :)23:37

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