cg2916how do I make it so that the grub shows the menu on startup instead of the command line?00:09
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Jon--Is Unity the default window manager for Ubuntu 11.04? Will Gnome2 continue to be well supported, and how easily is it to use GNOME instead, of Unity is the default?01:28
trismJon--: unity is the default, but you can select classic gnome on the login screen01:29
Jon--trism, And this is GNOME2? Does it include all the packages that, say, 10.04 include?01:30
trismJon--: I haven't used it much, but it doesn't seem any different from previous ubuntu desktops01:31
DaekdroomJon--, it does use GNOME 2.3201:40
Daekdroomlibgtk3 is available, but not used by default.01:40
johnjohn101do you think someone will package gnome 3 for 11.04?01:41
Daekdroomjohnjohn101, it's currently available through a PPA, but not very stable.01:49
johnjohn101i'm going to probably wait a few iterations before moving to different uis01:50
Blue1will gnome be available with the next ubuntu, or am I stuck with unity?03:23
nit-witBlue1, you can have xfce, xubuntu, openbox, fluxbox, ubuntu classic, kde, and other desktops03:29
nit-witgnome and gnome 3 as well03:30
charlie-tcaYou can choose classic-desktop at login which is the gnome desktop that you are used to03:38
aberhowit's got to be march 31st somewhere right? I need muh beta...04:54
frewsxcvmy ubuntu 11.04 is getting stuck at cheking battery state04:55
linux-noobwhat is the default FS in Natty ?? btrfs or EXt305:52
linux-noobwhat is the default FS in Natty ?? btrfs or EXt405:53
linux-noobwhat is the default FS in Natty ?? btrfs or EXt405:54
aberhowlinux-noob: btrfs hasn't even been released as stable yet05:56
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SwedeMikeaberhow: I thought it had, but reading up shows you're right, but the btrfs authors said that there won't be any more on-disk design changes anymore... but I am very conservative about filesystems, I usually wait at least 2 years after stable before starting to use it :P06:18
aberhowSwedeMike: yea I wouldn't trust any "new" filesystems for a while, and i'm pretty sure Ubuntu wouldn't trust it as a default either.06:19
SwedeMikeI sure hope so.06:20
jonsainthi all. does anyone know when the next ubuntu is out?? i know its april but is there a release date?07:53
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule07:54
jonsaintmany thanks07:54
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Trronwill there be overlay scrollbars by default in natty?08:06
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fireboyhi :) I'm with kubuntu with intel graphics driver, and it seems compositing has got a problem. When I activate desktop effects, I get a message saying they cant be activated, and that I should check my X config. Any clue what could be the problem ?08:59
susundbergIs it even supposed to work?09:00
fireboyworks with maverick09:01
susundbergdont know, you would need to debug what is going wrong, or search for open bug ..09:05
fireboymy guess is that I'm missing a little bit of conf or something, but what could it be ?09:05
susundbergWell that might be the case but it really should work 'out-of-box'09:06
susundbergwhile waiting for someone more skilled to help you, you might want to read: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/62893009:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 628930 in mesa (Ubuntu) "[i945GME] KDE Desktop effects not active by default" [High,Incomplete]09:07
fireboydont think thats relevant, quite old09:12
trijntjeHi all, will there be a notification in this channel when the beta is released today, or is there some other place I should watch?10:58
susundbergyou can always download daily image11:06
coz_ good day all11:24
|Seth|'lo susundberg11:35
|Seth|oh wait11:35
* |Seth| facepalms11:35
Ian_how come the fglrx driver doesn't show up in jockey yet?11:36
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AnAntHello, libraries won't be in /usr/lib/ anymore ?11:59
susundbergI some parts will be there as it used to be..12:00
susundbergat least i haven't heard anything else..12:00
susundbergwhat makes you suspect that?12:00
AnAntsusundberg: debian bug #62012212:01
ubottuDebian bug 620122 in libjna-java "libjna-java: JNA does not support multi-arch system library paths" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/62012212:01
AnAntsee the post of James Page12:01
susundbergOk, so i learned something new .. seems like they are really going to move the lib path12:04
susundbergBut as James writes "has started to make the transition" .. that might take a while i guess ..12:05
ohsixits taken 5 years12:07
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LiJunLehas beta1 released now ?12:48
alkisgHow can I say "aptitude why ntp" in a default Natty installation? (i.e. the equivalent apt-get line)?12:53
susundbergsame way you could in maveric i guess ..12:58
susundbergwhat do you want to do?12:58
susundberginstall, remove query package ntp?12:58
alkisgsusundberg: in Lucid aptitude is preinstalled, so I supposed that in Natty something else would do the same function as `aptitude why`13:12
alkisgE.g. `aptitude changelog` has been implemented as `apt-get changelog`13:12
alkisgYes, I want to see why some package was installed (manually, as a dependency etc)13:13
susundbergoh, you might want to read the apt-get manpage? Or install aptitude?13:17
susundbergdon't know sorry.13:18
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jaccoBeta1 not available yet?13:44
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic13:45
BUGabundojacco: join the announce mailinglist13:46
BUGabundoand you will get an email when its out13:46
jaccoBUGabundo: thanks, I'll do that, link on testing page is frustrating me...13:47
BUGabundoget a daily13:47
kklimondaBUGabundo: any idea if Canonical is shipping 10.04.2 CDs, or are those still 10.04?13:48
kklimondaor anyone?13:49
BUGabundono idea13:49
jaccoWanted to read release notes, but if I can't wait I'll get a daily anyway13:49
BUGabundoemail them13:49
kklimondait's pretty OT for the channel, but then I'm not sure where to ask about it ;)13:49
BUGabundoat shipit@13:49
kklimondagood idea13:49
BUGabundousually you get a fast reply13:49
jaccoJoined the announce list, save canonical some refresh bandwidth, thank BUGabundo13:57
BluesKajhi BUGabundo supposedly the beta 3 is coming down the pipe today ..haven't seen anything yet.14:10
BluesKajerr Alpha 314:11
BluesKajoops scuse my mistake , the greek letter and number :)14:12
kklimondaI haven't heard of any problems, so it should be released today as planned.14:12
BluesKajodd , suddenly I have 2 dropbox icons in the taskbar14:13
BUGabundomine is gray14:15
BUGabundono idea why14:15
BluesKajI'm on kde so using kfilebox , which shows as such , but the other icon is plain dropbox ..weird14:17
BUGabundogot a code for 25% off on a Fonera 2.0. get it's the fastest one to reply :D14:18
BluesKaj /var/cache/apt/archives/ ..gonna look14:19
BluesKajwow, lotsa old gnome apps from previous installsin that file14:21
ceed^Hi, Anyone know if the ia32 vs Flash problem from yesterday has been fixed through updates? I am running an older ia32 until I know it's been fixed.14:22
BUGabundoI'm half fine here cee14:23
BUGabundoI had probs with audio14:23
BUGabundoand some videos in fullscreen14:23
shrodespretty sure it is fixed14:23
shrodeswith ia32-libs_20090808ubuntu11_amd64.deb14:23
shrodesaccording to: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/gepwu/for_those_of_you_running_1104_who_had_flash_stop/ anyway14:23
ceed^Well, I'll give it a try! :)14:24
ceed^Oh, that's the fix using an older ia32, right?14:24
ceed^I see it now, it seems to have been fixed. thanks!14:25
shrodesno worries14:25
sachahey guys14:25
sachai was testing out the daily build on march 30 and everything was working perfect. it was awesome. except i accidently made my boot partition 'btrfs' and grub didnt like that. i got the march 31 daily build and installed that but with ext2 boot this time.. now things went haywire!14:26
sachafirst up, it just boots to black screen so i have to manually run 'startx'. then -- there's no unity anymore? it's running gnome?14:27
sachavgaswitcheroo has disappeared so im guessing this has something to do with the new 11.4 catalyst build right?14:28
ceed^sacha: I've run btrfs on a couple of laptops. it's fast, but it's buggy. and a buggy file system is a certain way to disaster.14:28
sachawhat sort of bugs ceed^?14:28
ohsixthe great unknown14:29
sachabad to use it for /home?14:29
ohsixthere are real bugs, but no real assurances that its fir for purpose, yet14:29
ceed^sacha: sudden data read errors. i suddenly had an unreadable partition. just disk spinning and numbers on the screen.14:29
ohsixif /home is where you store important files, no :D14:29
sachaoh :( what's good for my intel ssd then? back to ext4?14:30
ceed^sacha:  Very bad for home. I ran it as /14:30
sachaim running it as / right now :\14:30
BUGabundoI have my all disk on ssd with btrfs14:30
BUGabundowithout any stress14:30
BUGabundoonly have /boot on extfs14:30
arandIt's been working fine for me, untill I started messing about with ma snapshots to do a rollback, but that was mainly due to misunderstandings and missing feauter which I expected to exist, I reckon14:32
sachayeah same here. that's no good?14:32
ceed^It worked flawlessly for me for almost two months. then I had one partition die. on the other laptop files began to dissapper. never had problems like that with any file system. there's no real way to repair btrfs yet either14:32
sachaoh yeah, reminds me.. ubuntu complains that it can't find a btrfs.fsck every time it boots up -- that's normal?14:32
arandWell, from what I've heard, btrfs isn't meant to fail in the first place with it's cow magic ;)14:33
sachathe cow magic might interfere with ubuntu's cow magic14:33
sachaso im just wondering.. did unity disappear today? or is it because i used 'startx'?14:34
arandDrivers not working?  Does it work better if you instead start gdm?14:35
sachayeah but dont know why drivers worked in mar 30 build and not mar 31 build14:36
sachait gets confusing because i have switchable graphics (an intel core i5 and an amd 5650)14:36
arandWell, it's definitely material for a bug report.14:36
sachabut this march 31 build doesn't seem to have vga_switcheroo (mar 30 one did)14:36
sachacoincidentally, fglrx (proprietary graphics) came out with a special 11.4 version for ubuntu 11.04 yesterday. it includes powerxpress or something that does the same thing as vga_switcheroo14:37
sachaand im guessing it's broken because they are swapping them14:37
sachacause i chose option to install proprietary drivers when i installed14:38
sachaglxinfo is giving me segfault today :(14:39
xapelis the beta still being released today?14:45
BUGabundoshould so14:47
xapelwhat about this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/banshee/+bug/60469914:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 604699 in banshee (Ubuntu) "Music purchased from the Ubuntu One Music Store does not appear in music library" [Medium,Confirmed]14:47
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pmatulisamorphous1: o/14:49
amorphous1pmatulis, hello14:50
pmatulisamorphous1: good to be here while running pre-release, check topic before upgrades...14:50
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ceed^My major natty gripe is that Google Calendar currently won't work with Evolution.14:54
sachaanyone notice that, in the daily build today, the search button doesn't seem to work on the home page?14:54
sachaon about:startpage14:55
arandYea, I saw that as well on 30th I tihnk14:57
sachai wonder how something like that happens :P they really change search button?14:57
sachais there an official way to get compress=lzo in 11.04 from the live cd?15:11
sachathat is, before it installs itself15:11
wolteris the beta out yet?15:17
BUGabundowolter: /topic15:18
BUGabundojoin the announce mailinglist, and you will get an email when its out15:18
wolterBUGabundo, yes I am aware of the topic LOL15:19
wolterit says march 31 is the date for the beta in the release schedulel, am i wrong?15:19
BUGabundoThu Mar 31 15:20:09 WEST 201115:20
BUGabundoyou still have ~9h left :P15:20
richthegeekexpect beta1 to land around 8pm UCT15:21
wolteroh :S15:23
mu3enwill there be another truck load of package updates beyond the rolling updates so far? many things look good (apart from a naggy suspend/resume kernel issue here. similar to something a few releases ago which was a "mistaken" warning it turned out.)15:24
richthegeekthat could be as much as 4 hours off though - as early as 16:00UTC or late as 23:59 UTC15:24
richthegeekthere are a bunch of bugs with unity that hopefully will get fixed in this release - ideally the final month (beta1->rc in old terms) would be polish.. but I suspect a lot of it (beta1->beta2->release) will be full-on bugfixing15:26
ohsixif i haven't seen a package push in the last 24hours am i already using beta? it's a rolling upgrade install15:31
ohsixor is there going to be one big dump at 8pm UTC15:31
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BluesKajI'm looking for a NAS device that runs on linux ..any suggestions15:39
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icerootBluesKaj: ##hardware would be a good place15:45
gnomefreakok this is getting old now. my connection has been slow as crrap since monday. last night at 7pm it worked as it should, fast but now its back to a crawl. i guess i call att today15:46
gnomefreak18% [35 Sources 885 kB/4390 kB 20%]  for example15:47
gnomefreakand i cant get speedtest page to open at all for the last 3days15:48
Dr_WillisBeen fighting trying to get flash to actually install on this upgraded system. :)15:49
Dr_Williskeep getting some coredump during the install process of some related packages.15:50
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash15:50
gnomefreakDr_Willis: flash has been having issues. i had it installed but it stopped working i ended up reinstalling it after running clean and purge and it fixed it15:51
gnomefreakon 32bit15:52
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Dr_WillisUpgraded 64bit box here. nspluginwrapper keeps coredumopng so it cant even try ti install the flash15:52
Dr_WillisLooking for plugins in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins15:52
Dr_WillisSegmentation fault (core dumped)15:52
drcI've read/heard that the proprietary Nvidia drives are/were hit and miss with the Alpha releases.  Will they/it be functional and stable for the beta releases?15:52
Dr_Willisthere we go.. cleaned out the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins dir.. and it isntalled.. now to see if it worked.15:53
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gnomefreakDr_Willis: yes before release they will be. atm it is the upgraded versions we are waiting for. IIRC its due to the new/revised API of X15:54
gnomefreakdrc: see my comment to Dr_Willis i meant it for you. also read the link in the topic related to the new Xorg stack15:55
drcgnomefreak: thanks15:55
* drc really should read the topics...if he didn't turn them off by default :)15:56
linux_i look for the ubuntu 11.04 beta 115:57
drcgnomefreak: Tha X.org url is 2 months old...I assume that the information there is still relevant?15:58
BUGabundolinux_: join the announce mailinglist, and you will get an email when its out15:58
linux_where can join16:00
ohsixdrc: the freeze is a good time for them to act, but that doesn't mean it'll be there16:01
linux_Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily digest?16:01
gnomefreakdrc: to be sure you may need to read the follow up comments but i havent heard of it changing yet16:01
gnomefreakok it seems i need to call ISP and see WFT is going on16:02
drcohsix gnomefreak: I read the one followup I cound find (same date), thanks...Note to self: Patience is a virtue!16:02
ohsixDr_Willis: nspluginwrapper is vile D: it's never worked properly for me regardless of the distro, and for flash in particular it breaks wmode; if you can stomach checking for updates installing the native 64bit plugin is great16:03
Dr_Willisohsix:  its working fine for me now.16:05
Dr_WillisWatching 'Ramen Fighter Miki' on Crackle.com :)16:05
ohsixyou should try the native one, it's a treat16:06
ohsixi wish adobe would hurry up and do a release that ubuntu could actually package16:06
Dr_Willisim waiting for HTML5 to kill off flash befor that happens.16:06
meganerdcayou will be waiting for a very long time16:06
Dr_WillisI can recall when 'realplayer' was the big thing.. and other things that used to be must have/big thangs.. that are now just 'old usta-bees' :)16:07
sud0suhow we do to make ubuntu natty to be beatifull ??16:07
sud0susorry my english no so good16:07
Dr_Willissud0su:  change your wallpaper.. :)  and clarify what you want to change exactly.16:08
Dr_Willisselect a theme you like,.16:08
meganerdcaeither that or there will be another poorly supported browser plugin that will be become nearly a "must have".  I have faith in humanity's ability to screw things up :)16:08
sud0sucan we change the unity in left to right16:08
Dr_WillisIm still trying to get recordmydesktop to record system sounds.. so i can capture some of these vids to watch n my cellphone.16:08
ohsixi don't remember realplayer ever being a big thing; it's was a "big thing" back then like it's a "big thing" right now, insofar that cspan has some streams that are still in rm16:08
Dr_Willissud0su:  i dont think thats changeable at this time16:08
sud0suDr_Willis: thanks16:09
meganerdcaohsix: it used to be the way most videos were played on the net16:09
Dr_Willisohsix:  and some Baseball stuff.. but i definatly recall when realplayer as a big name to watch.. bach when Iomega was big. :)16:09
coz_ good day all16:09
meganerdcaah, the good ol days16:09
ohsixmeganerdca: the videos i was watching were all with that vivo codec ;]16:09
Dr_Willisback when Quicktime was also a requirement.16:09
ohsixi installed quicktime once to play myst16:10
meganerdcawhat was Intel's codec, back in the 486 days?  Indeo or somethign16:10
ohsixindeo yea16:10
meganerdca35 is far too young to feel this old16:10
ohsixheh wow, real bought vivo in 9816:10
ohsixi didn't realize i was on the interwebs watching stuff that early16:10
ohsixi had a bunch of south park episodes in .rm but that was all i pretty much ever used it for16:12
ohsixthey were in a vacuum though16:12
Dr_WillisI got 100's of dragon ballz videos in .rm16:13
Dr_WillisFor the size of the file. the quality is decent. :)16:13
ohsixfor cartoons yea16:13
ohsixthe southpark episodes were like 30 megs16:13
Dr_Willisthats all i ever watch basically. :)16:13
meganerdcaI saw my first south park episode as a .rm16:18
meganerdcaback when I used photoshop 4 at the University newspaper16:18
brobostigongood afternoon16:24
brobostigonhow do i change the ont rendering settings, as i cant find the appearence app, where they usd to be.16:24
ohsixi still see them here16:29
brobostigonwhat is the apps name, so i canstart it from terminal?16:30
Dr_Willis gnome-control-center16:31
brobostigonok, let me look.16:32
brobostigoni dont see it. anywhere in there.16:33
linuxwaiting for the ubuntu 11.04 beta16:35
* gnomefreak gets the feeling this is going to be a while and most likely disconnect me a few times at the very least16:37
linuxmeganerdca do you install it on your main pc16:41
unsubhi folks16:43
unsuba funny thing happened to me on natty today.  I had a really bad screen freeze when using VLC on fullscreen and had to do a hard shutdown (im on a macbook5,1).  When I logged back in gnome had lost all its setting and the files in ~/{Desktop,Documents,Downloads} have all vanished but files in ~/ are all still there.  So I log in using xcfe and I have 2 Desktop folders, 2 Documents folders and 2 Download folders but all are empty.  Its probably related to usin16:43
unsubg home folder encryption?16:43
unsubi manually mounted my home folder from another account and the files really are gone16:45
unsubso i looked in my system log and theres nothing, weird, eh?16:45
beniwtvunsub: That's bad :(. Have you tried a fschk?16:46
unsubi havent yet, im on dmcrypt/LUKS16:46
meganerdcalinux: I have not been able to get natty installed on my machine16:47
unsubshould i run fschk from a live cd?16:47
quupI was looking at the blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/ and sorted by delivery16:47
quupit seems only about 10 out of 170 things are implemented by now16:47
quupis the blueprint not updated?16:47
meganerdcalinux: I have 10.10 on my laptop and 10.04 at home, this is a new machine I am putting it on, stupid Sandy Bridge16:47
beniwtvunsub: A try could not hurt I suppose.16:48
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unsubbeniwtv can you think of a reason why only certain directories were wiped?16:50
unsubim thinking encryptfs over wrote them16:50
unsub~/movie.avi survived but ~/Downloads/movie2.avi was lost16:51
unsubthen i get 2 ~/Download folders which i thought wasnt possible because of duplicate path-names16:51
needhelp1is beta 1 dropped yet16:53
meganerdcaunsub: one of the duplicated directories might have a space at the end, which would make it unique16:54
=== steve_web_mobile is now known as Logan_
beniwtvunsub: I do not think so, ecryptfs works on a file AFAIK, not on the disc16:55
ceed^crossover linux doesn't show up in applications in unity. I can see all the entries in the Gnome menu.16:55
doodooat wat tome utc beta will be released?16:59
needhelp1they usually say it will be released by 23.59 UTC17:00
needhelp1so anytime today17:00
needhelp1i keep refreshing this page   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule17:00
charlie-tcaIt will be announced and the topic will change when it releases17:01
needhelp1do they usually wait till 23.59?17:01
charlie-tcaWe usually get the topic changed to re\17:01
charlie-tcashow what milestone we are at. Note it says Alpha3 now.17:02
charlie-tcaneedhelp1: no, but there is no actual time scheduled to release it17:02
needhelp1thats fair, i mean if they did say a specific time, i would then ask for the exact second17:02
doodoowe all r greedy17:03
beniwtvneedhelp1: Probably you would be hitting Ctrl+R so many times the server would crash :P17:03
doodoowat happens wen we press ctrl+r?17:04
needhelp1refreshed the page17:04
doodooit works :D17:04
charlie-tcaYou should just subscribe to the Ubuntu announcements mailing list, it will come out in an email there17:05
needhelp1got a link?17:05
ChrisBuchholzI have a problem where ubuntu turns on the mini-jack-in slot on my computer, so the red optic-light is on even though nothing is plugged in. Which package would i report that against :D17:07
ChrisBuchholzwoaw, that should have been "?", not ":D"*17:07
charlie-tcaneedhelp1: ^ ^17:08
doodooyay its out...beta is out http://goo.gl/q2Pk17:08
charlie-tcaWhat makes you think the announcement would be youtube?17:11
doodoonarwhals ;D17:12
charlie-tcaYou will see it announced here officially17:12
rwwAs far as #ubuntu+1 is concerned, it's released when ubuntu-devel-announce@lists.ubuntu.com says it is :)17:14
needhelp1charlie-tca, rww  on the mailing lists, it has an option to receive daily digests, what is this17:17
charlie-tcaThat means you get a pack of all messages once a day, instead of each message as it comes out17:17
needhelp1if im subscribing to ubuntu-announce, i should only get like one or two messages right17:18
needhelp1alph, beta, and offical release17:18
charlie-tcaand if you take a digest, you won't get them as they come out, you get them once a day only617:19
rwwI wouldn't recommend using it, personally, unless it's a high-traffic list that you /never/ reply to.17:19
rwwreplying if you only get digests is a mess.17:19
rwwor rather, replying properly :)17:19
needhelp1what is mime17:20
needhelp1im using gmail17:20
rwwneedhelp1: either way works on that option, you can just leave it set to the default17:22
needhelp1how can i tell what version of applications are used on alpha3/beta 1 .. i perticually want to see what version of banshee is used. 1.9.6 im assuming17:23
mongywhat version gnome2 is natty btw17:24
vishneedhelp1: Help » About17:24
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »17:24
vishrww: he was app versions not Ubuntu17:24
needhelp1well, im not on alpha or beta17:24
rwwvish: There are two sentences in that factoid :)17:25
needhelp1is there a page that lists the current package versions17:25
arandneedhelp1: apt-cache policy banchee    as per above17:25
zefyris the beta out yet?17:25
* vish <- short attention span17:25
rwwneedhelp1: apt-cache policy packagename for one, dpkg -l for all17:25
mongygnome itself...not apps.17:25
needhelp1arand, im not on the alpha or beta version17:25
needhelp1so doing so would show me what version i have, right17:26
rwwzefyr: no17:26
zefyrthx rww17:26
vishneedhelp1: if you are not using natty then #ubuntu is the place for such questions17:26
rwwzefyr: the channel /topic will be updated when it is :)17:26
arand!packages | needhelp117:26
ubottuneedhelp1: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!17:26
needhelp1mass confusion, im on 10.04, i want to know what version of packages are used on 11.04 alpha 3 or beta17:27
mongywill gnome3 make it into natty by release?17:27
arandneedhelp1: ^ Online link there can browse versions in natty, or launchpad.17:27
rwwmongy: assuming the last email I read about it is still true, no.17:27
needhelp1arand, thanks17:27
needhelp1yeah, from what i understand, no gnome 317:28
beniwtvI do not really care about gnome-shell, but I had hoped we would get at least new versions of the popular programs? :(17:28
arandMany parts of it is in, yes17:29
arandSince gnome3 isn't all one huge blob...17:30
vishbeniwtv: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2011-January/002740.html17:31
beniwtvvish: Hadn't seen that, thanks17:31
needhelp1is it that unity and gnome shell is causing issues between the desktop enviroment ?17:32
vishneedhelp1: no17:32
ChrisBuchholzI have a problem where ubuntu turns on the mini-jack-in slot on my computer, so the red optic-light is on even though nothing is plugged in. Which package would i report that against ? Must be alsa right? But which package?17:40
beniwtvChrisBuchholz: I would first check if it is PulseAudio that enables it, else it would be ALSA (probably you could even disable it with alsamixer).17:41
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=== help is now known as Guest20614
incorrecthow often do kernel updates come out?17:59
BluesKaj-denincorrect, good question ... I have no idea, usually with alpha or beta releases afaik18:01
BluesKaj-denI have no idea about the schedule that is since there are some between as well18:02
incorrecti have a bug with the wifi ath9 driver, its been identified and fixed a few weeks ago, so i wondered when i would see it18:02
incorrectwill ubuntu 11.04 make april? there seem to be a fair number of issues still?18:05
meganerdcaincorrect: there will always be issues18:06
incorrectthis is true18:06
Dr_Willisthey always seem to manage to pull it off at the end.18:07
incorrecti must admit unity2d is pretty sweet on my netbook18:08
meganerdcathe only spare hardware I have right now is sandy bridge based, so I am currently screwed.18:09
incorrectah so tomorrow is the first beta release, am i likely to see a ton of updates?18:10
mongyhow do you run unity2d?18:14
skyjumperanyone else having synaptics touchpad issues?18:15
trismmongy: sudo apt-get install unity-2d and then select it from the Sessions menu when you log in18:18
stianhjIS there an ETA for beta 1?18:25
robin0800stianhj, when its ready18:27
beeriosDoes anyone know of a way to get the nvidia-96 drivers working in Natty (amd64)?18:31
beeriosI mean, it's theoretically possible if I downgrade the X server, right?18:37
skyjumperbeerios: i imagine you'd be stuck with broken dependencies in that case18:38
remtoddanyone use new 11.0418:41
beeriosWell I think I'm going to have to reinstall Maverick and stick with it until I get word of confirmed working nvidia-96 drivers.18:41
beeriosbefore I leave, I'll track down the most useful thing I've read about the problem so far, just in case any of you are interested in working on it :)18:43
ChrisBuchholzbeniwtv: how would i check if its pulseaudio? also, i can easily disable it with alsamixer, but it always comes back at some point (even though i save the setting with alsactl)18:46
meganerdcabeerios: I am installing 10.10 right for that very reason.  I have a sandy bridge machine so the onboard intel also does not work.  10.10 with an nVidia for the short term seems like the least painful option18:46
beniwtvChrisBuchholz: Try the volume control in Gnome, or temporarily remove pulseausio18:47
beeriosmeganerdca, it's a usual problem with new distros :) 10.10 didn't have working nvidia-96 drivers at first after changes to the X server18:48
gygerI have the newest version of firefox installed(4.0.whatever), but when i run it, it is still the old  version (3.6.something-or-other), does anyone have any ideas?18:49
meganerdcabeerios: not really that common of a problem, at least in my experience.18:52
meganerdcagyger: type "which firefox" at a command prompt18:53
beeriosOk, finally found that page again...18:56
beeriosThis should be helpful to someone with more understanding than I have18:56
gygermeganerdca: /usr/bin/firefox18:57
meganerdcagyger: ls -la /usr/bin/firefox18:58
meganerdcagyger: how exactly did you install ff4?18:59
zefyrhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/natty/ looks like its out to me19:00
gygermeganerdca: i updated using the software updater that said the package "firefox" was being updated to version 4 point something as mozilla made it  available19:01
gygermeganerdca: /usr/bin/firefox -> /opt/firefox/firefox19:01
doodoocan i upgrade to natty from maverick by running update manager -d19:06
beeriosyou can definitely try19:06
* needhelp1 waits for beta 119:07
* needhelp1 is ready to bug hunt 19:07
beeriosbeta 1 is out19:07
* gyger upgraded a LOOONG time ago... enjoying the new stuff19:07
needhelp1i didnt get an email from ubuntu-release19:07
beeriosBeta 1: http://releases.ubuntu.com/natty/19:07
doodoocan i upgrade to natty from maverick by running update manager -d19:10
yofelbeerios: the isos are up, but the announcement isn't out yet19:11
gygermeganerdca: any ideas?19:12
beeriosjust a matter of time before the announcements go out19:12
beeriossomeone probably stopped to have a nice cold beer before hitting "send" ;)19:13
yofelgyger: how did you install the firefox in /opt ?19:13
gygeryofel: i didn't install it manually19:13
yofelgyger: well, you got it somehow, so... ?19:14
gygeryofel: doesn't it come installed by default in ubuntu?19:14
yofelfirefox yes, but not in /opt19:14
yofelso if you say that you have '/usr/bin/firefox -> /opt/firefox/firefox' then you did something there19:15
yofelgyger: what does 'dpkg -S /opt/firefox/firefox' say?19:15
gygerdpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /opt/firefox/firefox.19:16
yofelthen you installed that manually it seems, try to purge firefox and reinstall it19:17
gygeryofel: sudo apt-get remove firefox ????19:17
gygeror am i missing something?19:17
yofelsudo apt-get purge firefox19:17
gygerthank  you19:18
gygerok... THAT'S creepy...19:19
gygerran it... firefox still runs19:19
beeriosrun it again19:19
gygerbeerios: package firefox is not installed, so not removed.19:20
* gyger slowly backs away from the possessed laptop19:20
yofelit probably now uses the one in /opt, no idea how though19:20
gygeris there a way to tell?19:20
* yofel doesn't know how to properly remove that either19:20
yofelhm, you could try 'ps auxw | grep firefox' - that should tell the path19:21
gygergyger    17916  0.0  0.0   4156   856 pts/3    S+   13:21   0:00 grep --color=auto firefox19:21
yofelhm... then it's not running19:22
gygeri can go to a command prompt and type "firefox" and a nice, shiny new firefox window opens19:23
yofelwhat does 'which firefox' say?19:23
yofeland that still points to opt?19:24
yofelwell, you can try to remove it, but I'm not sure why the link was still there19:26
yofelI have absolutely no experience will manually installed firefox19:26
gygerme either19:27
DigitsIs it possible to disable Unity? I'm not too pleased with the new UI design.19:27
yofelsure, select ubuntu classic on login19:28
coz_ hey all19:28
DigitsWow, how did I miss that one? Thanks!19:28
yofelhi coz_19:28
coz_yofel,  hey guy :)19:28
gygeryofel: i uninstalled the old one19:35
gygeror rather deleted the directory19:35
gygertried to reinstall from synaptic...19:35
gygerE: firefox: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 219:35
gygerE: firefox-globalmenu: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured19:35
gygerE: firefox-launchpad-plugin: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured19:35
LULLING_HARDWhen 10.10 users upgrade to 11.04 what happens to Gnome?  Does it get replaced by Unity automatically or is Unity installed alongside Gnome?  I am talking about those of us who do upgrades and not fresh installs.19:36
yofelgyger: what's the error before the 'exit status 2' ?19:44
gyger***Your system has been left in a broken state by a third party package***19:54
gygerThis is usually caused by installing packages from Ubuntuzilla. Fixing this now19:54
gygerdpkg-divert: error: mismatch on package19:54
gyger  when removing `diversion of /usr/bin/firefox by firefox'19:54
gyger  found `local diversion of /usr/bin/firefox to /usr/bin/firefox.ubuntu'19:54
gygerdpkg: error processing firefox (--configure):19:54
gyger subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 219:54
xapelis it out yet?19:57
arandxapel: no19:58
gygeryofel: i just realized what it is... i had used ubuntuzilla at one point20:05
gygerbut i had since removed it20:06
LULLING_HARDanyone, anyone?20:18
kangarooohello i have made usb live usb from 29.03.2011 11.04 and live makes all black. when i turn off lights in night in dark i can see in monitor something that its loaded and live is working but it made all screen black..20:19
trismLULLING_HARD: you can select the classic gnome desktop on the login screen, I'm not sure what an upgrade will select by default20:20
kangaroooso i cant see anything. its on emachines laptop. on dell laptop its working20:20
kangaroooemachine is widescreen20:20
LULLING_HARDtrism: OK, so Gnome will be there, it's just a matter of selecting it at login?  I want to try Unity, so I would prefer both be selectable.20:21
trismLULLING_HARD: yes they will both be there20:22
LULLING_HARDtrism: Also, is Wayland going to be in 11.04?20:22
trismLULLING_HARD: no20:22
LULLING_HARDis it planned for 11.10 or is it just sort of a "whenever it gets ready" type of thing?20:23
needhelp1whats the command to show the full path in nautilis20:24
needhelp1ALT something or CTRL20:24
trismLULLING_HARD: well, actually I see it in universe, for people to play with I imagine...from what I've heard, it is still along way off though (so I imagine unlikely for 11.10)20:24
trismneedhelp1: ctrl+L20:26
LULLING_HARDok thanks.  that's all my questions.  As you were.20:26
thiebaudeis the 11.04 beta out yet?20:26
guntbertthiebaude: the /topic will tell you: not yet20:27
thiebaudeguntbert, thanks :)20:27
ambrosia2i just finished downloading it20:28
IdleOneCan someone help me get flash working?20:28
IdleOneflashplugin-nonfree is installed20:28
thiebaudeprob time for me to upgrade from 10.1020:28
IdleOneor is flash broken for everyone?20:29
trismIdleOne: it works here (32 bit though)20:30
IdleOneyeah 64bit here, forgot to mention that20:30
thiebaudeok cya guys  later going to do an upgrade, i never had beta problems since 6.0620:30
yofelIdleOne: there were 64bit nspluginwrapper issues yesterday, but that was failing to install20:32
IdleOneyofel: so there is no fix at this time is what you are telling me :/20:33
yofelwell, I'm not sure, I'm on my EeePC currently (32bit)20:33
yofelas long as you have ia32-libs ...ubuntu11 you shouldn't have yesterdays bug20:33
yofelhow does it fail anyway?20:34
IdleOnelet me check version on ia32libs20:34
IdleOnejust tells me I am missing a plugin when trying to watch video on youtube20:34
IdleOne35 packages to upgrade...maybe just maybe it will fix itself20:35
IdleOne  Installed: 20090808ubuntu1120:37
IdleOnewell the update didn't help me20:39
trismIdleOne: is it listed in about:plugins?20:45
AnAntHello, is the beta1 released yet ?20:45
gygeryofel: any ideas on my problem?20:46
yofelgyger: without the actual error message instead of 'exit status 2' - no20:46
gygeri pasted it...20:47
gygeri thought20:47
yofelgyger: there should be a message before the errors you pasted20:47
guntbertAnAnt:  the /topic will tell you: not yet  :)20:48
gygerheres the entire thing...20:48
gygerSetting up firefox (4.0~rc2+build3+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) ...20:48
gyger***Your system has been left in a broken state by a third party package***20:48
gygerThis is usually caused by installing packages from Ubuntuzilla. Fixing this now20:48
gygerdpkg-divert: error: mismatch on package20:48
gyger  when removing `diversion of /usr/bin/firefox by firefox'20:48
gyger  found `local diversion of /usr/bin/firefox to /usr/bin/firefox.ubuntu'20:48
gygerdpkg: error processing firefox (--configure):20:48
gyger subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 220:48
gygerdpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of firefox-globalmenu:20:48
gyger firefox-globalmenu depends on firefox (= 4.0~rc2+build3+nobinonly-0ubuntu1); however:20:48
gyger  Package firefox is not configured yet.20:48
gygerdpkg: error processing firefox-globalmenu (--configure):20:48
gyger dependency problems - leaving unconfigured20:48
gygerNo apport report written because the error message indicates its a followup error from a previous failure.20:48
guntbert!paste | gyger20:48
gyger                          Errors were encountered while processing:20:48
AnAntI see some DVD images on cdimage.ubuntu.com, but no CD images20:48
ubottugyger: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:48
yofel!pastebin | gyger (next time please...)20:48
gyger firefox20:48
ubottugyger (next time please...): For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:48
gyger firefox-globalmenu20:48
gygerE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)20:48
IdleOnetrism: npwrapper.libflashplayer is in about:plugins20:49
Picigyger: Please use a pastebin. Don't paste into this channel.20:49
yofelurgh, why the hell does a manual package use dpkg-divert...20:49
yofel*manual install20:49
gygeri don't know20:50
yofelhey charlie-tca20:50
yofelgyger: can you pastebin the output of 'dpkg-divert --list firefox' ?20:50
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:50
charlie-tcahello, yofel20:51
gygeryofel: theres nothing20:51
yofelgyger: hm... and dpkg-divert --list /usr/bin/firefox ?20:52
gygerlocal diversion of /usr/bin/firefox to /usr/bin/firefox.ubuntu20:53
tasslehoffis upgrading via apt from 10.10 to 11.04 likely to work atm?20:54
skyjumpertasslehoff: worked for me the other day20:54
tasslehoffskyjumper: cool. guess I'll take the chance :)20:55
skyjumperkeep in mind i wasn't using proprietary drivers tho20:56
needhelp1OMG ubuntu is reporting that beta 1 is out20:56
needhelp1still no official updates from ubuntu20:56
charlie-tcaThey always try to beat the official announcements20:56
charlie-tcaSometimes as much as two days early, but that doesn't make them right, either.20:56
yofelgyger: hm, you can try 'dpkg-divert --remove /usr/bin/firefox'20:57
yofelif that doesn't work read the manpage and see if you can figure something out..20:57
nperryAnyone use 1&1?20:58
nperry"INSTANT DOMAIN ACTIVATION" adverts.20:58
nperryWhen you purchase, "you'll get an email within 24 hours to confirm activation"20:59
* gyger does the happy dance20:59
nperry4 hours down the road :/20:59
gygeryofel: THANK YOU!20:59
yofeloh cool ^^20:59
charlie-tcanperry: mine activate within 24 hours using Hostgator. sometimes much quicker than that, too21:00
nperryHumm random tweet from ubuntdevs "er"21:00
nperry1&1 seemed to be the cheapest for .co.uk21:00
nperryBecuase they did the first year 40p cheaper21:01
guntbert!ot | nperry21:04
ubottunperry: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.21:04
nperryOh my bad, wrong window :)21:05
nperryOnly just noticed.21:05
guntbertnperry: I *could* have asked :-)21:05
magn3tsAnyone having any success installing the Natty beta in a VM?22:54
charlie-tcaVirtualBox, yes23:03
=== meganerdca is now known as mbineganerdca
* penguin42 had the alpha install in kvm with a couple of hickups23:14
jfimagn3ts, natty works fine in virtualbox (with a maverick host)23:15
sagredoI tried to test natty and I can no longer boot23:17
sagredointo x23:17
sagredobunch of verticle lines... I try to > startx < and it says fatal error: no screens23:17
sagredoany suggestions?23:17
penguin42sagredo: What hardware ?23:17
sagredo2.4c, nvidia geforce 5200fx23:18
sagredo128MB graphical memory23:18
BUGabundoand its out.... one hour close to mid night :P23:18
penguin42hmm I don't know Nvidia stuff myself23:18
sagredois there a new command to start the graphical login23:19
BUGabundoservice gdm start23:20
BUGabundogdm start23:20
BUGabundosomething like that23:20
sagredocommand not found23:20
penguin42sounds more like driver trouble though23:20
sagredoservice not recognized23:20
BUGabundoassuming you have GDM :P23:20
sagredosux for me23:21
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Natty Narwhal 11.04 | Milestones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule | Maverick/10.10 support in #ubuntu | Natty Beta Released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/beta
penguin42BUGabundo: The life clock for this instantiation of this channel is starting to flash red again23:22
sagredowhat is the header package for 2-6.35.25-generic kernel?23:23
penguin42BUGabundo: Reference to 1) The fact that +1 will disappear again in a few weeks and 2) The film Logan's Run23:23
sagredoI am gettign a fail when trying to update that23:23
sagredowhat isl ogan's run about23:23
genii-aroundThere's not really a short answer to that one23:25
BUGabundopenguin42: believe it or not, its that part of the year that costs me the most... even if I'm not present as much as I used to , I love you guys, and we are all a big and special family !23:25
BUGabundolife changes, jobs change, interests changes.23:25
BUGabundobur real friends are always there23:25
charlie-tcaIt's here! Natty Narwhal Beta123:25
penguin42sagredo: OT, see IMDB; classic 60/70's post-apocolyptic sci-fi film - watch it (not the remake)23:26
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Natty Narwhal 11.04 | Milestones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule | Maverick/10.10 support in #ubuntu | Natty Beta Released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/beta | Caution: Wubi is broken on the beta images, see http://pad.lv/746257
BUGabundocharlie-tca: I got the email 30 min ago LOL23:27
sagredohow can I update to the beta23:29
Picisagredo: What are you running now?23:29
sagredono idea23:30
Picisagredo: You don't know what release of Ubuntu you are using?23:30
sagredoI tried to update to alpha323:31
kklimondaBUGabundo: are you no longer interested in Ubuntu? Are you all for android these days? :)23:31
sagredobut right after GRUB I get a bunch of verticle lines23:31
sagredoand have to hard restart :/23:31
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Natty Narwhal and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Natty. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.23:31
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: I been busy!23:31
BUGabundosagredo: lsb_release -a23:32
BUGabundokklimonda: I have, as always had, many interessted23:32
BUGabundofor a time my main hobby was Ubuntu23:32
BUGabundotill recently Android was it23:32
BUGabundono more either23:32
BUGabundoplus I'm tired23:33
sagredolooks like23:33
sagredoI made the last minutes of alpha :D23:33
BUGabundoI've just been on a roll of bad stuff with some good bits in it23:33
sagredonatty 10.04 dev23:33
charlie-tcasagredo: natty 11.0423:34
BUGabundokklimonda: http://p.bugabundo.net/why-why-wont-you-leave-me-alone-murphy-what-h23:34
charlie-tcaI saw that. Is that the new car?23:35
sagredookay dudes23:36
sagredoI was going to try to install some xorg experimental drivers but it says dpkg is locked23:37
BUGabundocharlie-tca: its 3yo... still, my car23:37
kklimondaBUGabundo: ah, aren't we all tired? All I can think of recently is how to make some money, and how much I suck :)23:37
charlie-tcathat was a car in really good shape for 3 years!23:38
* penguin42 went for a nice walk by the sea today; takes the mind off sucky stuff23:38
BUGabundothanks. I try my best23:38
kklimondayeah, it does look really nice on those photos, especially on the second one. On the other hand it's dark, and the photo was probably taken with the phone :)23:38
charlie-tcakklimonda: when you come up with the money maker, I would like to know, too.23:38
BUGabundokklimonda: meh... even tuffer for me... no client to work for.. .going on a few interviews but nothing secured!23:39
kklimondapenguin42: yeah, at least the weather is getting better23:39
kklimondaBUGabundo: bah, at least you have balls to go for interviews. I'm currently at the "holy shit, I'm so screwed, I should probably end it right now" part of getting out of the pretty severe case of depression.. :)23:43
penguin42ah good way to silence a channel23:45
irviejust FYI banshee doesn't display my ipod in the menu. works in rhythmbox and shows up in nautilus23:45
kklimondayeah :)23:45
irviei believe it's a 4th gen 30gb23:45
BUGabundokklimonda: I'll be celebrating that by watching 127 hours movie23:46
kklimondaBUGabundo: I still can't decide whether the movie is positive or not. I'm not up to for watching some sad stories lately :)23:46
BUGabundomost of the month home... I've watched *everything* else I had23:47
eliaswhat could cause my notification area icons to go missing after an upgrade?23:48
kklimondaelias: switching to unity23:48
eliasforgot to mention, i'm in gnome (i think)23:48
eliasi.e. it looks like it always did, so i'm fairly certain :)23:49
eliasjust there's four black icons with a red circle where the notification icons were23:49
kklimondatry adding the notification area.. oh, so you have some icons? black icons with a red circle.. try changing the theme23:50
eliasany specific theme?23:51
kklimondasome non-ubuntu one with different icon set23:52
kklimondablack icon with a red circle sounds like an icon that shows when you are missing the real icon23:53
Wickedhello all. Will virtualbox guest additions work in the 11.04 beta1?23:54
penguin42elias: it also sometimes happens if the name of the icon changed - e.g. I think I had it in a change of firefox versions once or more23:54
Wickedi had issues with them in the alpha23:54
=== mbineganerdca is now known as meganerdca
eliashm, changing themes made keyboard and mouse input freeze, had to ssh back into irc23:58
eliasthat is the mouse cursor moves, just no clicks are registered23:58

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