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hajourhai all16:06
hajouri go tomorrow begin a petition  against the inaccessible internet programs from the netherlands government.on European lvl16:08
hajouri go try to get so much i can assigners and then to denhaag to offer them16:08
hajourso they get more pressure to improve there system a lot and that they go make it accessible for people whit health issues16:10
hajourso all people can use it16:10
hajouri have enough of it.it costed me a year they offered help.but why this way.if they had just a app in so it can enlarge fonts /colour and audio.then i not had needed that help16:11
hajourso i stop complaining and go do something about it16:12
hajouri want try to make the petition accessible to for everyone16:12
hajouri would appreciate to get some help whit the last part16:13
* hajour have put here safety jacket on to go for it16:14
hajourduanedesign,  if i remember correct you make also video/audio. things like that.16:19
hajourwell i need to eat now. but i am back in about 3 and half hours again.need to eat and care for the kids also16:20
hajouro and also maco you know more from deaf 16:20
hajourand i hope that changes not only go in netherland but in whole europe and maybe more16:21
hajourmust make somewhere a start thought16:22
hajourtill later16:24
hajourand if they go say that accessibility is to expensive i go say them to just look at the open source programs instead to only window programs16:33
AlanBellcharlie-tca: ^^16:46
hajourits not loading AlanBell :(16:47
hajouryour link16:47
AlanBellI think it is OK16:48
hajourok i go try again16:49
hajourloaded but i see a black square is that how it need to be AlanBell ?16:50
AlanBellI know various things don't work on your computer, I think this works on Ubuntu with Flash generally16:50
hajouri got flash16:51
AlanBelldo other videos on blip.tv generally work for you?16:51
Pendulumit worked okay on mine (at least for as long as I had it open, but I stopped it pretty quickly)16:51
hajourbut AlanBell  are there more light weight programs on ubuntu?16:51
hajouryoutube works16:51
charlie-tcajI k16:51
hajourby me16:51
charlie-tcaI like that16:51
hajourXD i really need to eat honest say.but i get so much ideas on the moment16:52
charlie-tcaAlanBell: the fallback fails in virtualbox completely at this time16:53
charlie-tcaCan you do that again after we get good procedures written?16:54
hajourso its not something i only have i not see something?16:54
hajouror only by me16:54
charlie-tcaIt is kind of an ugly way to have to do things right now. I wish they would just give us classic-gnome sessions already for accessibility16:55
charlie-tcahajour: it worked here16:56
AlanBellhajour: I think it works on a full size computer, but a netbook with little ram is going to struggle with video16:56
AlanBelland if you are not running Ubuntu then I don't know what bits are missing from xubuntu that might be a problem16:56
charlie-tcaI keep getting told everything is working, but everytime I or anyone else tries to do these installs they fail bad16:56
hajouri go ask or UndiFineD  want to look by me /notebook.to see or we can see something16:57
AlanBellyeah, happy to try it again16:57
charlie-tcaI don't think hajour runs xubuntu either, it is Lubuntu, isn't it?16:58
hajourbtw have you all see what i have wrote earlier?16:58
hajouri got lubuntu16:58
charlie-tcaand Lubuntu is missing a lot to get everything to just work16:58
AlanBellI don't even know what that is16:58
charlie-tcaLxde environment, with absolute minimum items installed by default16:58
AlanBelloh yes, xubuntu is xfce isn't it16:59
AlanBellI had the two confused16:59
charlie-tcaUses less ram than Xubuntu, but doesn't really work good out of the box16:59
charlie-tcayup, Xubuntu is Xfce16:59
charlie-tcaBut Xubuntu pulls in a few gnome and gtk dependencies to keep everything working16:59
hajouri have been called diner is ready really need to go now17:02
hajourtill later i read later back17:02
AlanBellI think the accessible installer should be taken over by the server team, not the desktop team17:06
AlanBellgive them the use-case of server+headphones+keyboard+power+CD and tell them to make it happen17:07
charlie-tcacjwatson would like someone to help out with accessibility in the installer, too17:08
charlie-tcaI don't progr17:09
charlie-tcaprogram, which makes it difficult.17:09
charlie-tcaProblem with server team d17:09
charlie-tcadoing it is the server doesn't use the GUI17:09
charlie-tcaI have issues with the backspace on this keyboard yet17:10
UndiFineDcharlie-tca, as I maintian hajour her laptop half the time, it does have almost everything essential for gnome17:34
UndiFineDit can run ubuntu 10.10, but the system is then slowed to half17:34
UndiFineDhaving lxde as the wm makes it that much agile17:35
pleia2AlanBell: thanks for your reply re: 73981221:13
* pleia2 has been seeing more and more tablets creep into installfests21:14
AlanBelllast comment is worthy of discussion22:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 739812 in unity "Must use hardware keyboard to perform search for applications in Unity" [Critical,Confirmed]22:37
charlie-tcaI saw it22:38
charlie-tcano fallback in Oneiric?22:38
AlanBellWe made very good progress on a11y in Natty, but will miss the goal of perfect a11y. We'll nail it in Oneiric. That's OK, because we have the Classic desktop fallback in Natty, but will not in Oneiric.22:38
hajour pleia maybe stupid question but what is creep into installfests ?22:39
AlanBellyeah, several things to disucuss on that22:39
pleia2hajour: creep into installfests?22:39
hajourpleia2 has been seeing more and more tablets creep into installfests22:40
AlanBellso, missing the goal of perfect a11y, well we kind of knew that already22:40
pleia2hajour: oh, people bringing them to installfests22:40
hajourtabets i know what that are22:40
hajouris installfest a program ?22:40
hajourtablets i mean22:41
pleia2an installfest is an event where people come to get something installed on their computer22:41
pleia2so we have ubuntu installfests where people bring their computers (and laptops and tablets) to get help installing ubuntu22:41
hajoura soemthing like a sort of lan party?22:41
hajoursomething i mean22:41
hajouror more like a helpdesk22:42
pleia2hajour: here are some photos from one we had last year: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157624183677592/22:42
pleia2people just bring in computers, ask people with ubuntu shirts for help :)22:43
AlanBellso what do you think charlie-tca?22:43
AlanBellI think the bug would be correctly classified as high rather than critical22:43
hajourthat sounds more like sort of help desk if i am right22:44
AlanBellbut I think this raises a number of other concerns22:44
charlie-tcaIt would be, but it used to use "affects a small group but it completely unusable for them" as critical22:45
charlie-tcaI have to look when that got changed. There was 3 or 4 items under critical in the past.22:45
charlie-tcaOf cousrse they missed perfect a11y, they ignore us as much as possible uint22:45
charlie-tcauntil the last month to 6 weeks, and expect it to work?22:46
charlie-tcaLuke said a while back he didn't 22:46
AlanBellyes, I agree22:46
hajouro btw i use firefox now.because whot all kind of combinations chromium stayed give screenfreeze whit many pics or grey squares22:46
charlie-tcaknow how much he could do alone on it, even working for Canonical22:46
charlie-tcachromium has been giving a lot of people issues lately.22:47
charlie-tcaIt doesn't seem as smooth as it was for a while22:47
hajouri discovered that if i use the cames on facebook whit upload it gives same results like for using bank system almost all banks use in netherlands22:47
hajourfor internet banking22:48
hajourwith uploading from bank the screen freeze22:48
charlie-tcaI think we did our best with accessibility in Natty, and we can do even better in Oneiric. We got further in this release than ever before, thanks to all the push from people like Jono and jcastro and Penelope22:48
hajoursame whit games on face book22:48
hajourbut whit firefox boths work good22:49
hajourbut i found testing whit bank a bit risky22:49
hajourso i used games from facebook instead22:49
hajourafter it worked good whitt games i tryed it out whot banking22:50
charlie-tcaAlanBell: I am very thankful that jono spent so much time with us this cycle. 22:50
AlanBellyeah, generally I think things are going in a reasonable direction22:50
hajourand then it also worked good whit the bank system and whit the program from btw from government progra,22:51
hajourjus to let you all know22:51
jonothanks charlie-tca22:51
hajouri not only for playing games there you now22:51
jonoI didn't do all that much - you folks did the hard work :-)22:51
hajourbut was saver way for test22:51
AlanBelljono: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/739812/comments/522:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 739812 in unity "Must use hardware keyboard to perform search for applications in Unity" [Critical,Confirmed]22:52
hajouro hi jono sorry not new you wsa around jono22:52
charlie-tcajono: Your advice and assistance keep things going in the right direction, sometimes.22:52
hajouri not can read and write at the same time22:52
charlie-tcaAt least mark did not close it or drop us down to wishlist on the bug.22:52
AlanBello/ popey 22:52
charlie-tcahajour: I am glad you found to test it.22:53
charlie-tcajono just sits back and watches things sometimes. 22:53
charlie-tcait keeps him informed that way.22:53
AlanBellcharlie-tca: I think we should drop it down to high (I can't), and leave a suitable comment22:53
AlanBellI am not sure what that suitable comment should be22:54
charlie-tcaAll right, until I find what happened to the importance page and fix it.22:54
hajourbut i think it is something whit the conection from like flash to chromium22:55
hajourwhat causes the problem22:55
AlanBellcharlie-tca: I see no recent changes to critical https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance?action=info22:55
AlanBellcritical is "the CD doesn't boot" kind of issues22:56
hajourlike there is going some wrong like mm send a postmen to wrong adress  by sort of speaking22:56
AlanBellwith this one you can't type in one field, but you can use the mouse to browse and click the same stuff22:56
hajouruhm tolet you know if this happens whit the chromium browser to sites payments offices are not very want to gonna use that22:57
hajourgo use it i mean22:58
charlie-tcaAlanBell: three years of bug triage, lots of things change :-)22:58
hajouryes that also happens whit chromium what AlanBell  said22:58
hajouralso no loading to slow22:59
hajourbecause of that screen freeze22:59
hajourbtw not only by my nnotebook22:59
hajouralso with my kids pc s who uses ubuntu22:59
charlie-tcadone, AlanBell 23:00
hajouralso in learning programs also many pics are used23:01
hajourso also by learning programs its not useble23:01
hajourfor kids whit learn problems23:01
hajoursorry if i disturb a lot23:01
hajourbut i really need to sleep honest say23:02
hajourbut wanted to let you all know23:02
charlie-tcaYou are doing fine. We just don't always respond so quick.23:02
hajourwhat i have experienced till now23:02
charlie-tcaAlanBell: If I knew of more than one "straw" user, I could push for the large group of accessibility users. :-)23:03
hajouralso i already have a meeting next sunday i have gathered people from sii/wintermute /speechcontrol and trying to pull some adults to from ubuntu youth for to gather momeny for to get 1 for jacky23:03
hajourbecause he his now is really broken23:04
hajourhe also thit a lot for launchpad jacky23:04
AlanBellthanks charlie-tca, good comment23:04
hajourmoney or a other pc sec hand new do not matter23:05
charlie-tcaGot to keep trying, right? and it won't help to piss Mark off at us now. We got a roll going23:05
charlie-tcahajour: what happened to jacky's computer?23:05
AlanBellcharlie-tca: exactly, I think reducing the status made that comment stronger23:06
macoAlanBell: does a bug importance need to be changed?23:06
hajoura moth ago his laptop felt but it was already not rreally good before its old23:06
charlie-tcamaco: can you change unity upstream importance?23:06
hajourafter that everytime more broke23:06
macooh, no. i thought yall meant an ubuntu/<package> one23:06
charlie-tcano, I did that one23:06
maco(sorry, i dont know who all has bug control access)23:07
charlie-tcahajour: sorry to hear that. I just got a laptop for myself from my son-in-law when he got a new one.23:07
hajourbut last time he game on ubuntu on his girlfriends pc and told his laptop now really died23:07
AlanBellmaco: charlie-tca just did, see the last few comments on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/73981223:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 739812 in unity "Must use hardware keyboard to perform search for applications in Unity" [Critical,Confirmed]23:08
hajoursoi thougt all will it be only 1 penny many penny s make together a lot23:08
macoAlanBell: he just said that23:08
charlie-tcahajour: that is correct. That is how things get done, after all.23:08
hajourJacky just passed exam for get a scholarship for college or university for very bright kids for pc edusaction23:09
hajourbut whit out laptop23:09
hajourhis study will come in danger to23:09
hajourso heads together differences put aside for to help jacky23:10
hajourno arguments or dev discussions allowed only talk for help jacky 23:11
hajournext sunday23:11
hajourbut i not dared to go in sii channel i was afraid i would say something wrong23:11
hajourwhat would ruin all23:12
hajourso i have asked michealh to do for ask23:12
hajourand wintermute agreed and sii or how it is called23:12
hajouronly hope some from ubuntu youth also want to help 23:13
hajourfor to help Jacky23:13
hajouri know also some adults are there23:13
hajourthey go be angry if they discover i still not been go to sleep D23:14
hajourso charlie-tca  you think i did right to let michealh to ask?23:15
hajourjust was really afraid to break23:16
hajourall trough my fault23:16
hajourby making mistakes whit read or write wrong misunderstanding23:17
charlie-tcahajour: Oh, yes. Sometimes it is really good to let others do the asking.23:17
hajourand help jacky is really important23:18
charlie-tcaYes, it is. You are learning!23:18
hajournot want someting go wrong whit that23:19
hajour if i get sponsoring i hope i not do not something wrong there23:20
charlie-tcait happens. I know23:20
charlie-tcaI have been in that situation before. It is not fun.23:21
hajouri not may make mistakes23:21
charlie-tcaWe all make mistakes sometimes.23:21
hajourbut not there23:21
hajouri had with exam on highschool totally block.i almost failed because of that.but i need to confront fear and step over it23:24
hajouri normally was really very good whit speaking exam23:24
hajourand there came no word out of me that moment23:24
charlie-tcaI make mistakes. It is very hard to get everyone to work together without making some people upset.23:25
hajourim afraid to fail23:25
hajourbtw i right that good?23:27
hajouris fail like not doing good23:27
charlie-tcaThat makes it much harder to keep going sometimes.23:27
charlie-tcafail is to not be able to do what you tried.23:27
charlie-tcamistake is to do someti23:28
charlie-tcamistake is doing what you think is right, and then find out it is wrong.23:28
charlie-tcafail is trying to do something and find you can not do it23:28
hajourjust nerves23:28
charlie-tcaI am failing at typing good with this keyboard. My sentences keep getting cut up.23:29
hajouro yes23:29
charlie-tcaI made a mistake typng this.23:29
hajourhow it works23:29
hajouryour new keyboard23:29
charlie-tcabut I might be able to fix the failing typing, if I keep trying.23:30
hajouri have stayed i not have quite23:30
hajourno not good wrote that23:31
hajouri have not stopped with speechcontrol23:32
charlie-tcaI type really bad if I get angry. Then I can't spell at all, and even forget words.23:32
hajourye know all about that23:32
hajouri have that whitout being angry all the time whitout spelling program23:33
hajourthey want  now i go official test me for dislectie.my helper says is for show because it is very clear i have dislectie she said23:34
charlie-tcame too! but it gets much worse when I get upset.23:34
hajourfor get proof from it23:34
hajourso if i get a job in about 4 till 7 years .i get the proper adjustments for do work23:35
hajourbecause need proof from written oon paper23:36
hajouri said i not want wait 4 till 7 years23:36
hajourbtw i have work here23:36
charlie-tcaYes, you have to have the proper tests for proof23:37
hajouronly makes it hard i not get any money from nothing at all.because i never have worked i not have rights on nothing.and undifined only get wel fair in about a few weeks because he lost his job23:37
hajouronly reason still i want put this trough to get a payed job to make pressure very less for undifined he then will be not so very worrying all the time23:39
charlie-tcayes, that would be very good for both of you.23:39
hajourbecause i really like doing tasks here and helping23:39
hajourfeeling useful again23:40
charlie-tcaYou don't have temporary work places there? 23:40
charlie-tcaWe have places that will hire you for a few hours at a time in America.23:40
hajouryes and that is where i come on waithing list for23:40
charlie-tcaYou have to go everyday, but sometimes, it works good.23:40
hajourwaithing list 4 till 7 year23:40
charlie-tcaThat is too long for that23:41
hajourand that is if it go s goodbecause instance said it probarly will go 10 years23:41
hajourbut i already am at home for 19 years23:42
hajouri not want wait again 10 years23:42
hajourits not fair23:42
charlie-tcaI could agree with that. That is a very long time to wait23:42
hajouri mean i also have rights on work thought23:43
hajourreally if i ever start a business i go hire at least half people who are heave a health issues23:45
hajourhalf people i can hire 23:46
hajoursec translate23:46
hajourI'm sure that at least n. half of the people are people whit issuesso they also get a change23:48
hajourand not like government do23:48
hajourgive them very less payed then rest of the people there who do the same work23:48
charlie-tcaEverybody needs a little start at some time23:49
hajourno here it is go like this23:49
hajourthey hire people23:49
hajourget exstra money for to do that23:49
hajoureven if they can do the same like the rest23:49
hajourthey get by example someone with issues 895,00 euro  a month23:50
hajourand person who is healthy who do the same work get like by example 1895,00 euro a month23:51
hajourso person whit issues still need to go to well fair to be able to pay the bills23:51
charlie-tcawow! That is quite a difference.23:52
hajourand then after 2 years they find a exuse23:52
hajourto get rid of the person23:52
hajourbecause after 2 years they need to give a steady place23:52
charlie-tcaSo they still are behind in the hir23:52
hajourthey not want that23:52
charlie-tcahiring and putting to work the disabled23:52
charlie-tcaAlthough, I think it is not too different here. They try to keep the disabled down in the lowest paying jobs.23:53
hajourpersons whit issues get disapointment on ddisapointment and getting depressed23:53
hajourand very low self image23:53
hajourand go feel they cant do nothing23:54
charlie-tcaand it makes it harder to keep going looking for work, too.23:55
hajouralso government claimes they care for adjustments.but by example special pc programs for people whit issues it takes often more then a year it is been arranged.more often even 2 years23:56
hajourthat also count for by example a special chair of desk23:57
hajourbecause even you been bu many doctors23:57
hajourgovernment says they not believe23:58
hajourso government let test you like a labrat23:58
hajouragain by doctors from government23:58
hajourbut they often not have knowledge from the issues from the patient23:59
hajourbecause only the specialist knows23:59
charlie-tcaI think they do that everywhere. Here I am disabled by the military Veterans Hospital, but not by other areas of the government. I have to allow all the tests again for another government office to say yes for them.23:59

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