ubot2Factoid 'equinox' not found09:45
zniavregood morning09:45
vish!info equinox10:13
vish!find equinox10:13
vishstupid ubot210:14
cousteau`nbk...wrong channel I think... what's a good channel for discussion about drawing and design softare?10:51
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cousteau`nbkpsrticularly, diagram design11:18
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coz_ good day all11:24
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zniavrevish the most complete doc about equinox is in gnome-look.org equinox engine webpage12:51
vishzniavre: cool!12:59
zniavrewich is quite small ...  :o(   after some tweaking im not sure to like so much maybe im too used with murrine13:00
zniavrelike equinox*13:01
vishzniavre: oh! i use it for a few places, like the buttons/GTKentry/treeview headers13:44
vishi guess i like the way it underlines the "selected/active" widget, instead of murrine which draws a line all around it.. :)13:44
vishoh and the notebook-tabs :D13:46
vishit does lack some of the options we are used to in Murrine, most basic i find missing is the contrast13:47
zniavrethis contrast can work only with active tabs ? ?13:59
vishyea, only the active get the color when selected14:00
zniavrei hav to digg it maybe14:01
zniavreim sad my gfx card is dead im using old crappy mx440 64mo just switching theme or opening webbrowser is a pain14:03
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coz_ good day all16:09
coz_ hey all19:28
thorwilall hey19:30
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* darkmatter hits gnome3 with a cluebat23:53
darkmattercoz_: unrealated to linux. osx lion looks like the design team has developed adhd, or schizophrenia. not sure which xD23:56
coz_darkmatter,  let me googl23:56
darkmattercoz_ I'll grab pics of the address book and ical23:57
coz_darkmatter oh ok because the screenshots i see now look typical OSx23:58
darkmattercoz_: the ones I saw are the latest dev build23:58
coz_oh ok23:59
coz_darkmatter,  I think apple is lost now that linux has cairo dock,, and compiz,,, they cant keep up23:59
darkmatterhere's ical: http://d2omthbq56rzfx.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Screen-Shot-2011-03-30-at-9.31.06-PM.png23:59

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