head_victimsagaci: so tempted to feed to the planet?06:51
iktanyone know much about spf?10:51
Fudgewhat is it11:13
nisshhFudge, i file format i think11:16
nisshhproprietary iirc11:17
Fudgeoh, not me then :D11:17
iktthe sender policy framework11:28
iktI've got what I think is the right line in my dns11:28
iktbut sending a test email to openspf it responds that it's softfailing 11:29
iktmy email server sends email through internode, I've got internode included in the spf dns line, they're ipv4 mail server address ranges11:29
iktbut it still says they're not allowed11:29
iktconfused :/11:30

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