[06:51] sagaci: so tempted to feed to the planet? [10:51] anyone know much about spf? [11:13] what is it [11:16] Fudge, i file format i think [11:16] a* [11:17] proprietary iirc [11:17] oh, not me then :D [11:18] heh [11:28] nah [11:28] the sender policy framework [11:28] I've got what I think is the right line in my dns [11:29] but sending a test email to openspf it responds that it's softfailing [11:29] my email server sends email through internode, I've got internode included in the spf dns line, they're ipv4 mail server address ranges [11:29] their* [11:29] but it still says they're not allowed [11:30] confused :/