Leandrorthey, can anyone give me some help??03:17
holstein 03:17
holstein 03:17
Leandrortim really a linux beginner, and i am trying to set up a ubuntu server to route my network connection to my lan03:18
holsteinLeandrort: what?03:19
holsteinyou want ubuntu to act as a router?03:19
holsteindid you google that?03:19
holsteinLeandrort: wireless router?03:19
Leandrortyes, i have a bunch of sites opened here, but my problem is that I want to configure ubuntu to use 2 internet connections to route them to my lan03:20
Leandrortload ballance...03:20
holsteini havent done that03:21
holsteinyou might need to track down some server guys for that03:21
holsteini know #ubuntu-server can be slow03:21
holsteinfeel free to camp out here though :)03:21
AndrewMCperhaps the forums?03:22
Leandrortyeah, the thing is that I think I maybe too beginner to do something like that, so I thought on hitting the chat here to try and get some cool blog addresses like the one holstein suggested, thanks btw03:23
holsteinLeandrort: you read...03:26
holstein ?03:26
holsteina little dated maybe03:26
holsteinbut relevant it seems03:26
kevin5949173did you say load balancing Leandrort?03:27
kevin5949173i would think that would be more involved than just setting it up as a router, but router is probably the first step03:28
Leandrortwell, holstein`s last link is exactly what I am looking for...03:28
holsteinyeah, id take it slow03:28
kevin5949173yeah, looks like it.  i'm reading03:28
holsteinchip away at one thing at a time03:28
holsteinthats not a trivial setup you are going for03:29
holsteindo-able AFAIK03:29
LeandrortI understand03:30
kevin5949173hmmm, link doesn't have a solution, really03:30
kevin5949173they say to use something other than ubuntu03:30
kevin5949173i mean, if you have 3 nics, there must be some configuration you would have to do to select them03:31
had_matterrelevant it does seem.03:31
had_matterthis is what I am doing...03:32
kevin5949173i'm going to read the router one03:32
Leandrortwell, I got some good info from one of holstein`s links, at least to set up a first basic routing with one internet connection03:32
had_matterthis is where I am stuck....03:32
had_matterInstall dnsmasq and ipmasq using the following command03:32
had_matter# apt-get install dnsmasq ipmasq03:32
holsteinhad_matter: in what way?03:33
holsteinare you familiar with apt?03:33
holsteinor what that does?03:33
had_matterpackage ipmasq is not available...03:33
kevin5949173i wonder if there's any official documentation on router set up03:33
holsteindoes it give you any suggestion about what the pacakge changed to?03:33
had_matterthis may mean the package is missing...03:33
kevin5949173oh here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router03:34
holsteinsometimes they get updated03:34
holsteinkevin5949173: yeah, i bet that is more current03:34
had_matternope. no reference03:34
kevin5949173here's another one:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EasyRouter03:34
had_matterbut it is referred to by another package03:34
holsteinyeah, what package?03:35
holsteinthats probably going to be fine03:35
had_matter@ me?03:35
holsteinnot sure03:35
holsteinfor a minute i was thinking Leandrort = had_matter03:35
had_matterthats not me03:36
holsteinyeah ;)03:36
holsteinhad_matter: but you are trying to install those packages as well?03:36
had_matteri tried to install both, dnsmasq, ipmasq03:38
kristian-aalborga server to stream music from via ssh... what would it cost?03:39
holsteinkristian-aalborg: i got my current server from the charity shop03:40
holsteinit was 10 bucks03:40
kristian-aalborgnot too bad :)03:40
holsteinserving video to multiple clients might be a different story03:40
kristian-aalborgI'm thinking something a group of people could use... then have a laptop stream from it03:41
holsteinbut, unless you got some crazy new networking gear all around the house03:41
kristian-aalborgholstein: no video, just music03:41
holsteinthats usually the bottleneck03:41
holsteinand any old box will server audio03:41
kevin5949173why not use apache to stream the audio?03:41
holsteinor ampache :)03:42
kevin5949173that is interesting that ssh could be used03:42
ubot2Factoid 'ampache' not found03:42
holsteinnot in the repos i guess03:42
kristian-aalborgI don't have any preferences... I just thought ssh was the obvious thing to do03:42
kevin5949173i guess i can think of one way03:42
kristian-aalborgon a WAN03:42
holsteini used to use freenas03:42
holsteineasy to set up shares to lin win or osx03:42
holsteina commandline only ubuntu install with SSH would work great though03:43
kristian-aalborgyes, that was my thought03:43
holsteini found a P403:44
kristian-aalborgwhat program do you use for playback? I like ncmpcpp....03:44
holstein2.4ghz or so03:44
holsteinkristian-aalborg: whatever03:44
holsteini like VLC03:44
holsteinbut, you just mount the ssh share03:44
holsteinand play it in whatever you want03:44
kristian-aalborgholstein: that's not old, that's what I'm running on right now03:44
holsteinlike its local03:44
holsteinkristian-aalborg: well, that would work great03:45
holsteinmy last server was a p303:45
holsteini got it at the same charity shop for $1503:45
holsteinyears and years ago03:45
holsteinthat would be up to the tast as well03:45
kristian-aalborgthat's a good charity shop you have there :)03:45
kevin5949173that's a nice charity shop :)03:46
holsteinyeah, we got a coupld of nice goodwill's03:46
holsteinone of them03:46
holsteinnot too far from me03:46
holsteinhas a seperate computer outlet03:46
holsteinlast time i was there03:46
holsteinthey had a stack of p4's03:46
holsteinprobably 10 of them03:46
holsteinfor like 80 bucks a pop03:46
holsteinwith fedora pre-installed :)03:47
kristian-aalborgholstein: you're probably aware that I'm alwas on the lookout for old laptop memory btw03:47
holsteini see ubuntu boxes there regularly as well03:47
had_matteris ipmasq required for ICS?03:47
holsteinkristian-aalborg: i have some03:47
qwebirc3504Can I install indicator-sysmonitor (for Natty) in Maverick? Here's the .deb package https://launchpad.net/indicator-sysmonitor/+download03:47
holsteinqwebirc3504: i say, as long as its a deb03:47
kristian-aalborgholstein: really old stuff... + 10 years?03:47
holsteinand you can find it03:47
holsteinin synaptic03:47
holsteinand know how to get rid of it03:48
holsteintry it03:48
holsteinkristian-aalborg: id have to look but i think03:48
kristian-aalborgI cannot find ram sticks in synaptic, gimme a break :P03:48
kristian-aalborgno matter how sudo I am...03:48
holsteinsudo apt-get install old-memory ?03:48
kristian-aalborgholstein: please do... we can figure out something with paypal03:48
holsteinkristian-aalborg: remind me03:49
holsteini dont think i can put my hands on them tonite03:49
kristian-aalborghowever, one thing I wonder about with an old desktop... is power consumption and noise03:49
holsteinkristian-aalborg: very valid03:50
holsteinpart of why i dumped the p303:50
holsteinthe p4 is not bad03:50
holsteinkristian-aalborg: one of those netbooks would do that too03:50
holsteinif you could find an early eee70103:50
holsteinwith the ssd fried03:50
qwebirc3504holstein: it works fine :)03:50
kevin5949173it really is ultimately greener to use up old equipment than to produce something that's new i think03:50
holsteinboot a USB drive on it03:51
kristian-aalborgI just got rid of one... actually had a nightmare about it a few hours ago03:51
holsteinqwebirc3504: :)03:51
kristian-aalborgholstein: you mean for streaming, not server?03:51
holsteinkristian-aalborg: sure03:51
kevin5949173kristian-aalborg: there was a guy in #ubuntu-uk i think that had one of those03:51
kevin5949173netbooks that is03:51
holsteinreally quiet03:52
holsteinand good on the power03:52
holsteinand if the ssd is dead03:52
holsteina used on of those should be like 20 bucks right?03:52
holsteinwith no SSD or battery03:52
holsteinthats all you need03:52
kevin5949173if you could tuck the older server away somewhere that you're not sleeping in or something, like the garage, or a closet or something it might not matter03:52
holsteinmine is in my crawl-space03:52
kevin5949173under the house?03:53
holsteinwell, its a 2 story house03:53
holsteinso its easier to get to than that03:53
kristian-aalborgbut it would be on 24/7?03:53
holsteinkristian-aalborg: mine is03:53
kevin5949173we're in a 2 story house, but there isn't really a "crawl space" between floors03:53
kristian-aalborgI prefer an old laptop of decent quality to an Eee anytime03:54
holsteinkristian-aalborg: i found a few with bad LCD's03:54
holsteinthat would work too03:54
holsteinno LCD03:54
holsteinno battery03:54
holsteina p403:54
holsteinheadless laptop ;)03:54
holsteini ripped the screen off a dying dell p3 and used it as a server as well03:55
qwebirc3504holstein: how do I retrive just the CPU info  in terminal03:57
holsteincat /proc/cpuinfo03:59
kristian-aalborgholstein: I suppose the easiest/ cheapest thing would be a headless desktop03:59
holsteinkristian-aalborg: depends04:00
holsteinid say, just keep an eye out04:00
holsteinyou probably see a windows box abandoned somewhere04:00
qwebirc3504holstein: and no the applet is not working :p04:01
qwebirc3504now i notice that info is suck04:01
Cheri703running into an issue: tried to install a .deb, software center says it's installed, and only gives a "reinstall" option. the software doesn't show up in the applications list, nor /user/bin...any thoughts on where to go from here?04:01
holsteinqwebirc3504: yeah, it might not04:02
holsteinqwebirc3504: the official term is 'backporting'04:02
holsteinqwebirc3504: but, its probably something that will show up in a PPA04:03
holsteinOR, just get back ported automatically04:03
qwebirc3504holstein: The following packages will be REMOVED:   python-psutil04:03
holsteinwell, not automatically ;)04:03
holsteinbut, without needing to raise much fuxx04:03
holsteinqwebirc3504: that got installed with it right?04:04
qwebirc3504i guess04:04
holsteinwell, you'll find out04:04
holsteinlooks like something that is OK to remove04:04
ubot2Factoid 'python-psutil' not found04:05
ubot2python is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python04:05
qwebirc3504anyway I use conky04:05
qwebirc3504but most of the time is hidden04:05
* holstein likes conky04:05
holsteini dont use it though04:05
holsteini cant leave it alone ;)04:05
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had_matteris ipmasq required for ICS?04:28
cvamUSB Card reader is not detected.please help me to solve06:05
cvamI have given some relevant information in page  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10616900#post1061690006:08
cvam read my post there06:08
yax51ok, I have a question06:21
yax51in Ubuntu, when I plug in a USB device such as an external hard drive, I get the shorcut on my desktop, which is WAY cool06:21
yax51I was wondering if anyone knew of a program or something that would allow me to do the same thing within windows? I've seen it before but can't remember what it was called06:22
yax51*is there a way for06:22
cvamUSB Card reader is not detected.please help me to solve06:23
cvam usb  is not detected anyone knows how to solve06:26
yax51which version of linux are you running?06:26
cvamyax51: 10.1006:27
bioterrorcvam, are you sure that the card reader is not detected? you cant find it from the dmesg?06:28
cvamplease tell me how to find it in output of dmesg06:29
bioterrordmesg |less06:30
cvamwhat name should I looking for a usb card reader06:31
bioterroryou tell us06:31
cvamusb card reader?06:32
bioterrorif it is usb card reader06:33
bioterroryou can plug it off and plug it back and it should be showed in the last line of dmesg06:34
cvamthis line is shown "  0.364226] hub 1-0:1.0: USB hub found"06:34
cvamok ok06:34
cvamsorry it is not shown06:35
bioterrorhave you tried another card?06:36
bioterroras it is card reader06:36
cvamyes  but the same06:36
cvambut 2 days ago it is detected06:37
cvamShall send the entries in   /var/log/messages    when reader is last used06:42
bioterrorit worked couple of days ago and now it doesnt?06:48
bioterrorand you have not upgraded kernel or anything between?06:48
cvamWhat  shall  be the problem06:49
cvamno I have not do any thing06:49
cvamIS there a problem in hardware?06:50
bioterrorwhen you have time, give your computer a reboot06:51
cvamone additional info : I have tried this card reader in win xp there also it is not detected06:51
bioterrorget another reader then :D06:52
cvamok thank you for your concern06:53
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r4yI want an online place to go to add up GBs and MBs, an online calc if you will08:37
r4yI guess I can use a conversion program then add them up myself08:40
rcconfhi MrChrisDruif08:59
MrChrisDruifHai rcconf09:00
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davidl_Hi there... trying to grep for a string in a bunch of files in a directory I'm sitting in... and can't get the syntax correct... what am I doing wrong??  Here's what I'm typing:  # grep -f -l Stream ./*17:36
davidl_I thought all i needed to do was type grep -f -l <search string> <location>17:38
camelinahatdavidl_: I'm not 100% sure, if it's just in the current directory why not just: grep Stream *17:41
camelinahatthe -f specifies one specific file.17:42
davidl_well... I guess I was just trying to get the list of files that "stream' showed up in17:42
davidl_grep -l stream *17:42
davidl_hehe... thx17:42
camelinahatleave out the -f option. (-f specifies what file "pattern" is listed in, for instance you'd have to have a file that said just "Stream" and have that as the arguement to the -f option ;)17:43
davidl_camelinahat: thank you!17:47
camelinahatGlad to help davidl_ :)17:47
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poasjgtnpiahbtnaI have a question about loading ubuntu onto a laptop22:44
poasjgtnpiahbtnathe bios of the laptop is not detecting the usb22:44
poasjgtnpiahbtnaand i cannot boot ubuntu from it22:44
poasjgtnpiahbtnadoes anyone have a solution22:44
holsteinpoasjgtnpiahbtna: cant do CDrom boot?22:44
poasjgtnpiahbtnai can22:45
poasjgtnpiahbtnabut i dont have the resources22:45
holsteinhave you tried formatting the USB stick22:45
poasjgtnpiahbtnais there a way i can get the bios of my laptop to recognize it22:45
holsteinand re-making it22:45
poasjgtnpiahbtnaand yes i have22:45
holsteinwith unetbooting?22:45
holsteinpoasjgtnpiahbtna: either the hardware can boot it22:45
holsteinor it cant22:45
Guest460372does your laptop support pxe network booting?22:46
Guest460372oops, empathy22:46
holsteinyou cant add that funtionality really22:46
poasjgtnpiahbtnai dont know22:46
=== Guest460372 is now known as kevin1394939
holsteinyeah, network booting is older id say22:46
holsteinmore likely to work22:46
poasjgtnpiahbtnaits an old dell inspiron22:46
poasjgtnpiahbtnafrom like 200122:46
holsteinso it probably doesnt USB boot22:46
holsteinpoasjgtnpiahbtna: can you take the hard drive to a machine that does?22:47
kevin1394939if you have another computer with ubuntu on the network, you can set it up for netbooting, let me find the how to on that22:47
holsteindoes support USB booting ?22:47
holsteinyeah, or just net-install like kevin1394939 is suggesting ^22:47
holsteinthats how the pro's would do it22:47
kevin1394939find the link, sorry22:47
poasjgtnpiahbtnabut i saw on the dell website that theres a bios update22:47
poasjgtnpiahbtnafor my laptop22:48
poasjgtnpiahbtnai just dont want to in case something might go awry22:48
holsteinpoasjgtnpiahbtna: what do you have in the thing?22:48
kevin1394939i have a toshiba (meh) and updating the bios required burning a cd22:48
holstein4 bucks?22:48
kevin1394939since the bios updater was a windows program22:48
holsteinusually with bioses, i say, if it aint broke...22:48
poasjgtnpiahbtnawhat do u mean what do i have in the thing22:48
holsteinpoasjgtnpiahbtna: im saying its old, so worst case scenario, you end up with a door stop22:49
kevin1394939here's the how to for netbooting poasjgtnpiahbtna: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot22:49
holsteininstead of a frustrating old laptop22:49
holsteini seriously dont think updating the bios will add USB booting functionality22:50
poasjgtnpiahbtnathe bios was made at 20622:50
poasjgtnpiahbtnaso i think it would22:50
poasjgtnpiahbtnamy bios is actually from 200022:51
holsteinwell, never say never right?22:51
holsteinbut, ive never seen it22:51
poasjgtnpiahbtnaso at this point its either netboot or boot from CD22:51
holsteinor take the hard drive to another box22:52
poasjgtnpiahbtnai think ill just look harder for the CDs lol22:52
holsteinyou can order them22:52
poasjgtnpiahbtnai know22:52
holsteinif its a burner issue22:52
poasjgtnpiahbtnaits not a burner issue22:52
poasjgtnpiahbtnai cand find my discs in my house22:53
poasjgtnpiahbtnaand my parents dont want me ordering stuff to be mailed22:53
kevin1394939too bad a tiny linux install doesn't come on a chip22:53
holsteinwell, they'll come in handy22:53
holsteinif you need to go buy some22:53
holsteinand you're working on older boxes like that22:53
poasjgtnpiahbtnaoh actually22:53
poasjgtnpiahbtnamaybe i can get my bios to look for OSes by reordering what it looks at first22:54
poasjgtnpiahbtnai know it looks at my hard drive first on my comp22:54
holsteinpoasjgtnpiahbtna: i dont think you'll get that to boot that USB22:54
poasjgtnpiahbtnabut when i was in the bios it had an option to change the first thing as the USB drive22:54
holsteinpoasjgtnpiahbtna: let me know if you do :)22:55
holsteini have a couple older dells22:55
holsteinand flashing the bioses never added that funcionaltiy22:55
holsteinto be honest, i dont think i was as commited to the task as you seem to be poasjgtnpiahbtna :)22:56
holsteini just kinda tried a couple things22:56
holsteinwhile the CD was burning22:56
holsteinand just did that22:56
holsteinpoasjgtnpiahbtna: like a CD22:56
holsteinthat can boot other things22:56
holsteinwhich you would need to burn22:56
holsteinand didnt work for me in that situations22:56
poasjgtnpiahbtnaill try it22:57
holsteinthe gag bootloader22:57
poasjgtnpiahbtnawell anyways22:57
poasjgtnpiahbtnathanks for the help22:58
holsteinbut, you'd need to burn that too22:58
holsteinand it didnt work for me22:58
thwrathhey all22:58
holsteinits a matter of what the machine can boot22:58
=== thwrath is now known as thewrath
holsteinand you should be able to22:58
holsteinboot a CD22:58
thewrathi have a question on the proper set up for an IDS22:58
holsteinand then at that menu22:58
holsteinboot the USB installer22:59
poasjgtnpiahbtnawill do22:59
holsteinBUT, thats not going to help you, and it didnt work for me on several occasions :/22:59
holsteinpoasjgtnpiahbtna: sure22:59
poasjgtnpiahbtnathanks for the help22:59
thewrathhow is an IDS setup supposed to look like?23:01
holsteinthewrath: that might be a good question for ##security23:01
thewrathanyone in here have any good ideas?23:06
kevin1394939thewrath i don't know, but if you figure it out, there is no IDS wiki it looks like23:10
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robs58Greetings!  I am having problems changing my root password.  When I go to do a "passwd root", I get the following  Unknown error23:21
robs58passwd: unknown user (uid=0).23:21
robs58any ideas on where to start?23:21
holsteinrobs58: you shouldnt have a root password23:22
holsteinrobs58: typically, the way ubuntu works23:22
holsteinyou just use sudo23:23
holsteinIF you have changed that default behavior23:23
holsteinand enabled a more traditional root account23:23
holsteinyou might want to re-examine the meathod by which you did that23:23
holsteinIF you need to run something as root23:23
holsteinyou just do sudo23:24
holsteinsudo command23:24
holsteinand the password you are prompted for will be your user password23:24
holsteinIR you want a root console23:24
holsteinopen a terminal and type23:24
holsteinsudo -s23:25
holsteinenter the user pass23:25
robs58for reasons I can't really go into,  it is necessary to use root....any ideas on what can be causing that message?23:25
holsteinrobs58: sure23:25
holsteinwhat ever guide you followed to enable the root account messed something up23:25
holsteinyou had capslock on when you set the root password23:26
holsteinkeyboard error23:26
holsteincould be anything23:26
holsteinrobs58: i 'use' root all the time23:26
holsteinwith the sudo command23:26
robs999headnode:~# pwck23:27
robs999user lp: directory /var/spool/lpd does not exist23:27
robs999user news: directory /var/spool/news does not exist23:27
robs999user uucp: directory /var/spool/uucp does not exist23:27
robs999user list: directory /var/list does not exist23:27
robs999user irc: directory /var/run/ircd does not exist23:27
robs999user gnats: directory /var/lib/gnats does not exist23:27
robs999user nobody: directory /nonexistent does not exist23:27
robs999user john3: directory /home/john3 does not exist23:27
robs999pwck: no changes23:27
holsteinrobs999: you should use pastebin23:27
holsteinOR http://paste.ubuntu.com/23:27
holsteinrobs999 robs58 thats a lot like what i get when i run that command23:28
robs999I used pastebin but can't tell that anything happened.  what is supposed to happen23:29
holsteinrobs999: http://paste.ubuntu.com/588027/23:30
holsteinthats the output of that command for me23:30
holsteinas root then normal user23:30
holsteinand all is well on my system23:30
thewrathholstein: thought you were going to take a nap lol23:30
holsteinthewrath: hehe23:30
holsteinyeah, i still am...23:30
robs999I see23:31
holsteinrobs999: sudo is the way to go23:31
holsteini cant imagine why you cant use sudo23:31
holsteingksudo for graphical apps *23:31
holsteinrobs999: if you didnt change anything23:32
holsteinthere is not root23:32
holsteinthere is no root*23:32
holsteinnot like in the older traditional sense23:32
robs999I didn't create the system.  I inherited it...right now I'm just trying to get it temporarily fixed...and THEN...when I have more time...I can invest in the learning curve of using sudo23:32
robs999And right now...practical matters prevent me from doing os23:32
holsteinrobs999: you'll need the user password23:32
holsteinand that can be recovered23:33
holsteinat boot23:33
holsteinthe recovery console23:33
holsteinif i were you, i would just reinstall23:33
holsteinand get the box setup the way i want23:33
robs999I can't just reinstall...this is being used in a production environment.  Reinstalling would impact many users23:34
holsteinrobs999: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword23:34
holsteingood luck23:35
holsteinnow, naptime :)23:35
thewrathwhat is the libpcap package name in 10.1023:59

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