penguin42That's in Natty's kernel I think00:00
Tetsuo55but i cannot just use that on maverick can i?00:01
yofelwell, you can try to install it, there isn't a supported method to do that though00:02
trinikronocan we do anything about the failed to install/upgrade bugs?01:03
charlie-tcadepends on what failed01:04
charlie-tcaMost of this is failed to install/upgrade - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingInstallationIssues01:04
trinikronothanks charlie-tca i am not sure how i did not see that on the debugging procedure page lol01:08
charlie-tcaIt is not the easiest page to spot.01:13
charlie-tcabut it is one I use a lot01:14
trinikronoi am looking at bug 61522201:19
ubot4`Launchpad bug 615222 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "package nautilus-data 1:2.30.1-0ubuntu1.1 failed to install/upgrade: (affects: 2) (heat: 16)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61522201:19
trinikronowhich one of the files do we look . the VarLogDistupgradeMainlog.gz? charlie-tca01:20
charlie-tcaterminal log01:20
charlie-tcaor termlog01:21
charlie-tcaor VarLogDistupgradeApttermlog01:22
charlie-tcaIf there isn't anything in those, look in Mainlog01:22
charlie-tcaYou will usually find an error at the end of the log, then search for the error farther up in the log to see what caused it01:23
trinikronoits looks to be in russian =\01:24
charlie-tcaCan you translate it?01:25
trinikronoi am english only01:25
charlie-tcabug number?01:26
trinikronobug 61522201:26
ubot4`Launchpad bug 615222 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "package nautilus-data 1:2.30.1-0ubuntu1.1 failed to install/upgrade: (affects: 2) (heat: 16)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61522201:26
hggdhit is russian, on karmic01:26
* charlie-tca done them in russian, french, chinese, and a few more01:26
trinikronoin the description it has a line that says dpkg: error while cleaning -01:27
trinikronocan i tell him to try the apt-get clean ?01:27
trinikronoor is that something else01:27
charlie-tcalet me look at it01:28
charlie-tcaThe actual issue started about line 6068 of VarLogDistupgradeTermlog.gz01:32
charlie-tcaI just pasted it to the report for you to see it01:32
charlie-tcaThe reporter should make sure he does not have old ppa's or pinned applications.01:34
charlie-tcatrinikrono: I would have them try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingInstallationIssues#Known%20issues01:37
trinikronoto clean the archive? charlie-tca01:37
charlie-tcaIf may not clear it, though.01:37
charlie-tcayes, since he already tried to force completion.01:37
trinikronohow did you figure that out in russian charlie-tca01:38
charlie-tcaMany times, that is all it takes01:38
charlie-tcagoogle translate01:38
charlie-tcaI seached for "пакет nautilus-data" which is the first part of the error message in the description, then just translated the lines I thought should be involved01:39
charlie-tcaExperience tells you how many lines are involved in the error01:39
charlie-tcaGot to go now01:40
trinikronothanks charlie-tca01:40
trinikronoi dont get why apport cant send log files in english lol01:42
charlie-tcabecause it can't translate them?01:56
_useless_group perms r-s allow user to cd into /dir locally but not over NFS.  uid's and gid's are properly synced.  Is this a bug?02:27
_useless_user1@nfsserver$ ls -ld /dir-local02:30
_useless_drwxr-s--- 5 owner1 group1 1024 2011-03-30 20:56 /dir-local02:30
_useless_user1@nfsserver$ grep group1 /etc/group02:31
_useless_user1@nfsserver$ groups user102:32
_useless_user1 : user1 group102:32
_useless_# now going to nfsclient02:32
_useless_user1@nfsclient$ grep group1 /etc/group02:33
_useless_user1@nfsclient$ groups user102:34
_useless_user1 : user1 group102:34
_useless_df -k |grep dir-local02:34
_useless_nfsserver:/dir-local   99328  22528  71680  24% /dir-remote02:35
_useless_user1@nfsclient$ ls -ld /dir-remote02:35
_useless_drwxr-s--- 5 owner1 group1 1024 2011-03-30 20:56 /dir-remote02:36
_useless_# so as a member of group1 on nfsclient I should be able to cd into /dir-remote02:36
_useless_# well hell, now it works.02:37
_useless_# nevermind :)02:37
_useless_# I swear I was getting Permission Denied 10 minutes ago.  I guess NFS takes a while to sync itself up?02:38
Abhijithi guys and gilrs07:12
Abhijitgirls i mean07:12
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hggdhvish: available for a quick question?17:12
vishhggdh: yup, o/17:12
trinikronowhat should we work on for global jam, natty?20:54
hggdhnatty ideally, we are one month from releasing it20:55
trinikronohggdh: and we will be doing it in test drive or should i make them work in manual installs20:58
hggdhtrinikrono: whatever works better for you. I usually run under a VM20:58
VarcHello, anyone here is from the Mentorship bugsquad alpha group?21:04
hggdhVarc: there is always someone on with experience21:06
hggdhand certainly some mentors (myself included)21:07
VarcI wanna talk with a mentor i'm a mentee.21:07
VarcOh, who you are?21:07
hggdhhggdh :-)21:07
micahghe's the mentor's mentor :)21:07
VarcWell, i'm new in the Mentorship group and first thanks for the help in the Mailing list to all the mentors and friends mentees21:08
VarcNow, i wanna talk with a mentor because i wanna read more about what are the first steps for work in that. For example, i wanna know how can i help with new bugs, i mean a new bug chenck and say "Yes, this is a bug"21:10
hggdhVarc: you do not need a mentor to ask questions in this channel... *any* of us can answer your questions21:10
VarcSure, but i wanna do all perfect for help and learn a little more21:11
hggdhVarc: from me -- give me a few minutes, awfully busy21:15
VarcNo problem, i will be here working in my site21:15
vishcharlie-tca: hggdh: can we add xteejx to mentors? (he sent an application to BC list to be a mentor)21:39
charlie-tcaI think so. He has the experience21:42
vishudienz: you should consider applying to BugControl.. ;)21:43
* vish waits for hggdh or one other mentor to ACK as well.. 21:47
vish(we have 2 ACKs; me and charlie-tca )21:47
VarcWhat is "ASK" ?21:48
vishVarc: Acknowledge :)21:48
* vish lazy ;p21:48
hggdhvish: ack21:55
vishhggdh: thanks. :)21:55
hggdhVarc: comes from the TCP/IP stack -- ACK and NAK are stardard replies21:56
hggdhVarc: OK, what can we do for you?21:56
VarcI wanna help but first i need learn how. I don't speak english as well that's why maybe i ask things who are in the Ubuntu site. I wanna know what are the steps for work with the Bug Squad21:58
hggdhVarc: you should start by reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/KnowledgeBase22:01
hggdhVarc: this page starts with a series of classes we gave on triaging22:01
hggdhand it has a *LOT* of useful information22:01
Varchggdh: I see, i will to read all this and if i have any question can i ask here or in the mailing list?22:03
hggdhVarc: you can do either. In here, *anyone* can answer your questions, you do not need to have a mentor to answer them22:04
Varchggdh: Great, i will the read it and come here again for start to work.22:05
hggdhVarc: welcome :-)22:06
Varchggdh: But first tell me one thing: the Bug squad and the MentorShip Squad are the same thing? I mean, is the same people?22:06
hggdhVarc: the mentorship team is composed by bud-squadders (actually, bug-controllers) and starting bug-squadders22:35
hggdhVarc: the mentors are all in bugSquad22:35
Varchddgh: Perfect, thanks you very much22:36
yofelbdmurray: where did http://people.canonical.com/~brian/greasemonkey/bugsquad-replies.xml get synced from again? IIRC you said ubuntu-qa-tools, but I updated the papercut response 2 days ago and the file is still the same.22:46
bdmurrayyofel: right, I need to do that manually22:49
bdmurrayyofel: doing so now22:49
bdmurrayyofel: done22:50
yofelthanks. (can't that be done by cron?)22:51
yofelah well, off for the night, good night22:55
bdmurrayyeah, there is a lot more in that branch though.  I'll think about it thanks.22:55
bdmurrayCan anybody else recreate bug 683904?23:08
ubot4`Launchpad bug 683904 in memtest86+ (Ubuntu) "natty: memtest86+ fails to run, reboots immediately (affects: 8) (dups: 1) (heat: 40)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68390423:08
charlie-tcaLet me try on hardware. I have a fresh installation here23:10
charlie-tcabdmurray: confirmed. Never even started the test. It just reboots immediately23:13
dotawell thats sounds serious23:13
bdmurraycharlie-tca: that's a fresh install with only Ubuntu?23:14
charlie-tcayes, on a 2.8GHz P423:15
charlie-tcalet's hit the serial console test and see what it does, huh?23:15
bdmurrayprobably the same23:15
charlie-tcasame results, it just reboots without even trying the test23:16
bdmurrayokay, thanks!23:16
charlie-tcaIt is faster than Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart23:16
charlie-tcaWant me to comment the bug?23:16
hggdhwell, this may then be a feature ;-)23:20

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