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koolhead11hi kim008:20
koolhead11flaccid, and everyone :)08:20
kim0Morning everyone08:47
rwatcan someone have a look at my console log http://paste.ubuntu.com/587705/ - some bits inc networking failing at the end of boot09:07
rwatthat's the certified centos image. The debian one doesn't get that far - just drops to busybox09:08
koolhead11rwat, probably the networking is not correct09:31
rwatkoolhead11: I can believe that - where do I start to unpick it?09:48
koolhead11rwat, is your cloud controller and instances running on 2 different machine09:54
rwatkoolhead11: yes09:59
rwatATM I have one box doing CC, CLC, SC, Walrus and the other being NC10:00
koolhead11rwat, nice10:01
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kim0hey everyone .. any ideas on speeding up vmbuilder ? as in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171765210:42
kim0drop me hints and I'll post em on the forums10:42
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timhi, I need to get some computing done in a hurry, and was hoping to run it as jobs accross several ubuntu-ec2 instances14:42
timwill an instance that I set up be 'very much like a virtual dedicated server'?14:44
timi.e. I'll be able to ssh into it, install some software, run it, collect my data, then drop the instance?14:45
timheh, I was just looking for someone who has used one to chat to about it really...14:46
semiosistim: yeah thats usually how it works.  amazon has a free tier allowing you to experiment with a micro instance, why dont you give it a try14:47
semiosistim: ubuntu has official EC2 AMIs, you can find one that meets your needs at the AMI locator here: http://cloud.ubuntu.com/ami/14:47
timsemiosis: because I'm a bit pushed for time unfortunately. it's a bit dumb but I have some homework which needs about a weeks compute time, due in a couple days. I was hoping to spread the load over several instances and hope it completed in time...14:48
semiosistim: i'd recommend starting with a maverick 64-bit EBS-root instance, which in the us-east-1 region is ami-cef405a714:48
timI'll have a play...14:48
timthanks for the key14:48
timoh, also, have you ever used the 'cluster' instance? I'm wondering if it works like any other node, or if it is a special different product?14:54
semiosistim: i have not used it, but can tell you it is different from the rest in that it uses HVM (hardware virtualization) rather than PVM (paravirtualization)15:01
hallynall right i've powered off an ec2 instance.  how do i turn it back on?  :)   'euca-reboot-instance' didn't d oit16:14
hallynoh nm16:17
YuvaHi Kimo16:41
kim0Yuva: howdy16:41
kim0Yuva: how's it going man16:41
YuvaI have gone through the codes16:42
kim0Yuva: the ec2 migrate script right16:42
Yuvai find it difficult, i feel i need to read a log16:42
kim0Yuva: you went through the boto tutorial too ?16:42
Yuvayes, i gone through boto for EC216:43
kim0is that clear and easy to follow16:43
YuvaYes, I can understand spinning up the server, starting, terminating, getting the status,16:44
kim0good :)16:44
kim0Yuva: so what parts you feel I can help you better understand16:44
Yuvaregaring the volume16:46
kim0I'm waiting ...16:48
Yuvaits about creating volume, attaching it16:49
kim0Yuva: do you think it would be good to have a skype call16:51
YuvaYeah, that would be great, but I don't have microphone with me now16:52
YuvaI will make arrangement and ping you16:52
kim0Yuva: which timezone are you in16:52
kim0Yuva: that's GMT+5:3016:53
kim0right ?16:53
YuvaYes, its 9:30 PM here16:54
kim0Yuva: what about tomorrow 5:30pm your time (12:00 UTC)16:54
YuvaI will be at work at that time16:55
kim07:30 ?16:55
YuvaI will get time on weekend16:55
kim0I might not be too available on weekend16:56
kim0Fri 9:30pm ?16:56
kim0any way .. think about it and let me know then16:57
kim0you can email me kim0 AT ubuntu.com16:57
kim0also, if you have specific questions about the code .. send them16:57
kim0would help me understand what's not clear ..etc16:57
Yuvaand what's your time zone16:57
kim0would be great if you'd give me "ranges" of available times16:58
Yuvaokay, sure,16:59
kim0awesome :)17:00
kim0awaiting your email then17:00
YuvaFri 8:00 is fine17:04
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semiosisi'm seeing some strange inconsistency between two ec2 instances.  they're identical except that they are in different availability zones.19:16
semiosisi attached an extra instance store, ephemeral1, which gets automatically formatted by cloudinit (I think)19:16
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semiosisand on the two instances, the filesystem superblock is different on the ephemeral1 devices19:16
semiosisdifferent inode count, inodes per group, inode size, and default directory hash19:17
semiosiscan anyone help me to understand why that is?19:17
semiosisi'm using the official ubuntu maverick 64-bit ebs root AMI in us-east-1 (ami-cef405a7), by the way19:19
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patrickwHi, I'm having an issue with my 10.04, managed-novlan, single network interface per box, kvm cloud suddenly not able to start instances.  Could be due to a recent update, I'm not sure, but I believe it is because of: vnetInitTunnels(): in MANAGED-NOVLAN mode, priv interface 'eth0' must be a bridge, tunneling disabled --> vnetAttachTunnels(): bad input params.  Anyone else encountered this?20:48
obino1patrickw: the tunnels are needed only in multi-cluster mode. You can safely ignore instructions and warnings when in single cluster mode20:56
patrickwobino1: good to know, thanks.  hadn't checked my logs before.  I guess the real errors are:  2x [EUCAERROR ] vnetAttachTunnels(): bad input params -- followed by a --  [EUCAERROR ] shawn(): network state maintainance failed..  seemingly over and over...   but I was able to google some more and a clean restart fixed it20:59
patrickwStill seems to pump out the errors though.21:00
patrickwThough now the errors alternate as opposed to 2 for 1...  for whatever that's worth21:01
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obino1patrickw: you should only see the tunnel error: do you see more?22:32
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