* RAOF puts on his second jumper and curses colds.01:48
TheMusoYeah its cool in Sydney too.01:48
robert_ancellkenvandine, are you still there?02:04
=== asac_ is now known as asac
kenvandinerobert_ancell, hey03:42
robert_ancellkenvandine, oh, hey again.  Still there now?04:18
kenvandinerobert_ancell, yup04:20
kenvandinerobert_ancell, what's up?04:20
robert_ancellhey, are the libraries supposed to be in /usr/lib04:21
robert_ancellor in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu?04:22
robert_ancellkenvandine, ^04:25
kenvandinefor amd6404:25
kenvandine $(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)04:25
kenvandinerobert_ancell, but GIR doesn't work if you put the typelibs there04:26
robert_ancellkenvandine, right, I wasn't sure if you were moving them from the built location, but looking again I see that was only the GI files that moved04:26
kenvandinewhich basically means they will conflict if you installed both arches04:26
kenvandineyeah, i was experimenting with that04:26
kenvandineGIR doesn't find the typelib in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/girepository-1.004:27
kenvandineso those still need to go in /usr/lib04:27
robert_ancellSo the fix is to put it in a private location and use GI_TYPELIB_PATH04:27
robert_ancellkenvandine, so, I'm confused.  What's the point of having multiple versions of libraries if the binaries don't have multiple versions?04:27
kenvandinerobert_ancell, it is a goal04:27
robert_ancellis that the next step?04:28
kenvandineto be able to install i386 and amd64 side by side04:28
kenvandinebut i pointed out the typelib problem to pitti today04:28
kenvandineit works for everything else04:28
kenvandineso we need to sort out having multiarch typelibs04:29
vishAmaranth: hi.. around?06:17
vishor anyone who knows/dealt-with compiz packaging.. :D06:18
Amaranthuh oh06:19
Amaranthvish: what's up?06:19
vishAmaranth: could you take a look at Bug #438868 ? :)06:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 438868 in compiz "Numerous applications have focus issues after emerging from a screensaver or suspend" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43886806:20
Amaranthoh, ha06:20
vishseems it could be an SRU..06:20
AmaranthUh, unless there is a patch attached I'm not the person to talk to06:21
vishthe bug doesnt affect natty, (compiz 0.9.4)06:21
vishAmaranth: the git commit link is there06:21
Amaranthvish: Oh, right, maniac ftw06:21
Amaranthvish: I have no experience with making SRU packages and don't have any kind of maverick environment06:22
AmaranthI can poke at it this weekend or something maybe otherwise I'd poke didrocks or seb12806:23
Amaranthdidrocks because he does most of the compiz packaging lately and seb128 because he is awesome ;)06:23
micahgvish: are you sure it doesn't affect natty?  I thought I saw some people complaining in that bug about natty06:23
vishmicahg: second last comment06:23
vishmake that third last, i forgot my comment :D06:24
vishAmaranth: SRU process i can try but I dont have any experience packaging compiz :D ,hence poked you, i guess we could wait for didrocks or seb12806:25
Amaranthcompiz 0.9.x git does not have this fix forward ported06:25
AmaranthUnless we've got a distro patch...06:25
AmaranthSo we should port this to 0.9.x and make sure it actually fixes the problem06:26
vishhmm, there is another comment saying it does not affect natty; #16106:30
Amaranthvish: Yeah, I had an outdated checkout, that patch was forward ported07:06
vishcool! now, we'd have to get it in 0.8.607:08
AmaranthToo bad we couldn't just pull 0.8.8 completely07:12
Amaranthafaik it's nothing but bug fixes07:12
AmaranthFor those kinds of bugs07:13
vishAmaranth: if its just bug fixes, we could try to get 0.8.8 itself, i guess07:16
vishassuming the bugs are either in lp or compiz bugzilla07:17
micahgvish: I doubt that'll fly for compiz07:21
vishmicahg: yup, hence the "could try" :)07:21
vishmicahg: or is that easier for backports? (though we have 0.9.4 in natty)07:31
vishif someone backports 0.9.4 _that_ would be awesome ;)07:31
* vish looks wishfully at Amaranth ;p07:32
AmaranthYeah, the DX team has already shot that down07:33
AmaranthYou'd have to backport half of natty to get a natty compiz package to work sanely in a maverick environment, apparently07:33
AmaranthI haven't looked in to why07:33
vishoh! :(07:34
AmaranthProbably assumptions about unity existing which means you have to do unity too and then you get to fall down that hole07:34
micahgvish: it would probably be better to cherry pick the commit that was identified, make a good test case and SRU07:34
htorquegood morning, everyone! may i ask you to check if bug 745989 has been filed against the right package? (or is this more appropriate at #ubuntu-bugs?)07:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 745989 in gnome-power-manager "Unlock screen shown before system has finished suspending" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74598907:42
vishhtorque: are you selecting suspend from indicator-session?07:43
htorquevish, yes07:43
vishhtorque: thats most probably an indicator-session issue, there is a bug with a patch but tedg closed it as opinion ;)07:44
vishhtorque: not fully sure, but there has been this issue of lock showing up due to the indicator calling the lock on its own07:45
htorquevish, it also happens when initiating suspend via Fn+F4 (= suspend)07:45
vishlock screen*07:45
vishhtorque:  not sure then.. you could try the patch and see if that fixes the issue .. ;)07:46
htorquevish, could i rule out indicators by using a classic session and remove the applets from the panel?07:48
* vish not sure, but Bug #636693 is what i thought could be the cause07:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 636693 in indicator-session "Premature lock when launching guest session" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63669307:51
vishhtorque: Bug #59935107:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 599351 in indicator-session "suspend + unlock dialog" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59935107:53
htorquevish, thanks, marked mine as dupe07:55
vishhtorque: maybe open the gdm task in that one?07:56
htorquevish, not sure i can do that (i'm just a regular user :-))08:00
vishhtorque: anyone can open new tasks ;p08:01
vish bonus if you can identify where the bug is ;)08:01
pittiGood morning08:05
htorquevish, i uninstalled indicator-session, indicator-applet-session, rebooted, and still can trigger it08:15
vishhtorque: cool! then i guess as GunnajH mentions there were 2bugs , might be gdm issue too08:18
didrockshey pitti, htorque08:21
didrocksmorning vish08:21
* pitti waves08:21
htorquehi, didrocks :)08:21
vishdidrocks: hi..08:21
desrtrodrigo_: hihi08:33
rodrigo_hey desrt08:34
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone08:35
didrockshey rodrigo_, desrt, chrisccoulson08:35
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks, how are you?08:35
didrockschrisccoulson: tired! but fine thanks, and you?08:35
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, good thanks, but tired too ;) trying to figure out how to use mochitest so i can write a test for https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64462108:36
ubot2Mozilla bug 644621 in Selection "Drag selection scrolling does not work properly in fullscreen mode" [Normal,New]08:37
pittihey chrisccoulson08:37
* pitti waves to desrt08:37
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?08:38
pittipretty well, thanks!08:38
pittididrocks: "If you are using the live-CD images, and do not have the 3D drivers installed for your hardware, you may see a message like "Sorry you don't have 3D support, install it for your graphic hardware to get Unity or please reboot and select "Classic Session" at startup." -> should we still keep this in the release notes? I haven't seen it any more08:40
pittijibel: ^ did you?08:40
jibelpitti, no, I didn't.08:42
jibelit silently falls back to classic desktop08:42
pittiok, thanks for confirming08:43
didrockspitti: oh? it should be there08:44
didrockslet me check the code if it changed, but it shouldn't08:45
pittididrocks: it doesn't make sense on a live system, though? I certainly didn't see it in kvm08:45
didrockspitti: yeah, but it didn't specified the live system case anyway, would be something to do08:45
didrocksoh oh08:47
didrockspitti: can you log a bug and assign to me? I'll give it a look when I have a chance08:48
didrocksso two things: -> no message on live (I think checking for the "Ubuntu" user is enough?08:48
didrocks-> bring back the message08:48
pittididrocks: we usually check for [ -d /rofs ]08:48
pittididrocks: against gnome-session?08:48
didrockspitti: found the bug :)08:50
didrocksiMessage instead of Message, thanks vi ;)08:50
didrockspitti: yeah, instead gnome-session :)08:50
didrocksI should have edited the patch later and double ii by inadvertance, grrr :/08:50
didrockssorry about that08:51
pittididrocks: there, bug 74626608:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 746266 in gnome-session "bring back missing 3D support warning" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74626608:52
didrockspitti: thanks a lot :)08:54
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seb128hey desktopers09:02
rodrigo_hi seb12809:14
seb128hey rodrigo_, how are you?09:15
rodrigo_seb128, fine thanks, and you?09:15
seb128I'm great thanks09:15
seb128pitti, bug #745347 is a know indicator issue09:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 745347 in gdm "'universal access' icon missing from gdm login screen" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74534709:15
pittihey seb12809:16
seb128pitti, it's a side effect of the fix for the gicon crash from yesterday09:16
pittiseb128: oh, thanks; would you mind updating it?09:16
seb128pitti, can do09:16
seb128pitti, hey indeed, how are you? ;-)09:16
pittipretty good, thanks! just depressing to edit the endless bug list on the tech overview09:17
seb128those being mostly compiz issues?09:17
seb128I didn't notice lot of desktop bugs which came from the beta testing09:17
seb128where desktop is desktop out of the ui unity09:18
seb128unity ui rather09:18
pittiall sorts of things really09:18
rickspencer3hey all09:30
rickspencer3seb128, pitti ... beta 1 today, what's the word on the street?09:30
pittihey rickspencer309:30
seb128hey rickspencer309:30
pittirickspencer3: wubi is broken, the rest seems to work by and large09:30
rickspencer3I heard about wubi09:31
pittididrocks: against gnome-session?https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview <- if you feel like proofreading, please do09:31
rickspencer3from what I heard, it's actually a bug in grub, right?09:31
pittidepressing number of known issues, but that's also because they have non-critical stuff now09:31
didrockspitti: ok, will do (OTP for now) :)09:31
seb128rickspencer3, seems fine from where I sit but pitti suggested there is quite some issues to document09:31
rickspencer3seb128, does everyone one of those bugs need to be documented?09:31
pittididrocks: sorry, that was IRC fail09:31
seb128so I guess it's a matter of perspective09:31
rickspencer3that seems a bit overkill09:31
pittirickspencer3: just updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview <- if you feel like proofreading, please do09:32
* rickspencer3 looks09:32
seb128rickspencer3, I would bother but I've nothing to do with that ;-)09:32
pittididrocks: I don't know what's going on, recently weechat seems to act up and randomly put parts of older conversations in my current line09:32
rickspencer3pitti, so, how do you feel about the beta, are we on track for a good final release, or does it look too buggy these days?09:32
pittirickspencer3: once the million unity crashes get fixed, it's looking really good IMHO09:33
rickspencer3pitti, are all the crashers in compiz?09:33
didrockspitti: oh reallly? didn't experience that09:33
pittiunity in beta-1 itself is, well, a "challenge" to work with :)09:33
rickspencer3pitti, interesting, so long as I don't try to use a beamer/projector it works well for me09:33
pittididrocks: oh, btw, unity also crashes with just the laptop, so it's not (just?) a multi-monitor thing09:34
pittibut anyway, you said that was in the pipeline already09:34
seb128rickspencer3, as long as I don't try to start a second session it works fine here09:34
seb128rickspencer3, but guest session is crash land09:34
pittithe unity decorator fails there, yes09:34
didrockspitti: the crashes or mostly signals not being disconnected, so affect both one or two monitors09:34
pittiotherwise multiple sessions work  here09:34
didrockspitti: I pinged sam about that and set it as a priority09:34
rickspencer3so ... I think we've stopped all churn, and can focus 100% on bugs from here out09:34
pittiand we really need to buy more beer for smspillaz to fix the shadow spillover; this is confusing as hell09:35
seb128pitti, "In an Ubuntu Classic Session, Compiz crashes after enabling the effects in "Visual Effects" tab. (685682) "09:35
rickspencer3seb128, pitti, didrocks is there anything I should know about that is work that is not fixing bugs?09:35
seb128pitti, we don't have a visual effect take since alpha2 or something09:35
pittirickspencer3: sabdfl ack'ed the new scrollbars, so that will land09:35
didrocksrickspencer3: there are some UI freeze exception09:35
pittiseb128: ah, will remove that then, thanks09:35
seb128take -> tab09:35
rickspencer3yeah yeah09:35
didrockssome still need to be written09:35
rickspencer3didrocks, is any of that work that will cause churn that will detract from bug fixing?09:36
pittiseb128: I'll just move it to the general "crashes often" line09:36
didrocksrickspencer3: let's say there is one person full time not on bug fixing in total09:36
didrockssorry, have to be back on mumble, bbiab09:36
rickspencer3didrocks, who is the one person?09:37
pittirickspencer3: Cimi, I guess09:37
didrocksrickspencer3: it's just a time estimation, not really someone full time, but dispatching09:38
seb128pitti, no, Cimi is not counted as unity team ressource09:38
rickspencer3didrocks, ack09:38
pittiseb128: I thought he'd work on the scrollbars?09:38
seb128pitti, he was missioned clearly on scrollbars or would be doing gtk3 theming otherwise09:38
seb128pitti, right, which is not unity ;-)09:38
rickspencer3seb128, pitti, can you please let me know asap if the scrollbars are detracting work from fixing other bugs?09:39
pittiright, but he's the "one person"?09:39
seb128rickspencer3, will do09:39
rickspencer3pitti, I think didrocks meant that didrocks was the one person ;)09:39
seb128pitti, no, didrocks estimate that other design change cost a one person time work09:39
pittirickspencer3: didrocks counts as two, at least09:39
rickspencer3didrocks, what is the design change?09:40
didrocksrickspencer3: can we discuss that in 15 minutes? after my mumbling?09:40
didrockshard to follow both discussions right now :)09:40
seb128rickspencer3, they have been at least changing the way the claim for attention is working, like they will stop showing half icons but turn the bfb blue09:40
didrocksseb128: not the only one unfortunately09:40
seb128I've seen yesterday you were still discussing the animations to use for the launcher as well09:41
seb128didrocks, but finish your mumble ;-)09:41
seb128that's another thing with dx, they spent their life on calls and mumble ;-)09:41
seb128pitti, so current iso will be the beta ones? do you have any estimation if we will unfreeze today?09:49
pittiseb128: not a precise one, couple of hours09:49
pittilet us finish the CD publishing bits, then we'll discuss that09:50
seb128ok, so it's "today"09:50
seb128I was just checking if we can aim at normal indicator update during the u.s day today09:50
seb128seems we can ;-)09:50
seb128well in any case we can queue them even if it's still frozen09:50
seb128it's just I try to be careful about queue things to get them unflushed on a friday evening as that happened before09:51
kamstrupmvo: i've done some more bg research on https://bugs.launchpad.net/xapian/+bug/745243 please see my last comment09:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 745243 in unity-foundations "[dash] wrong search result in Chinese" [High,Triaged]09:54
kamstrupseb128: is libicu44 installed by default, or have I just pulled it in as an odd dep somewhere?09:59
seb128kamstrup, it's installed by default09:59
seb128kamstrup, libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 depends on it09:59
kamstrup*phew* thanks seb128 :-)10:02
seb128kamstrup, yw ;-)10:02
mvokamstrup: thanks! that does indeed not look great10:05
vishseb128: hi, could you approve the Maverick and Lucid compiz tasks for Bug #438868 ? there is a cgit commit link and the change seems pretty simple for an SRU..10:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 438868 in compiz "Numerous applications have focus issues after emerging from a screensaver or suspend" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43886810:05
kamstrupmvo: it gets worse... look at my comment from 2s ago10:06
mvoI see10:06
vishseb128: people confirm bug is fixed in natty, and Amaranth also confirmed the patch is in latest compiz 0.9 git10:06
seb128does it apply to the 0.8 serie?10:07
kamstrupmvo: but I am baffled as to how we haven't seen this bug on S-C before with all the time we've been shipping it?10:07
Amaranthseb128: it was actually fixed in 0.8 first10:07
AmaranthThere was an 0.8.8 release recently that is all nice solid bug fixes just like that one10:07
dpmhi pitti, good morning. kyleN was doing some testing with unity-2d and noticed that translations were not installed. It happened that they are in the kde langpack. Do you think we should move them to the general langpack?10:08
seb128is somebody wanting to work on the sru for those?10:08
* vish tried poking Amaranth to do the compiz SRU first, and » <Amaranth> I can poke at it this weekend or something maybe otherwise I'd poke didrocks or seb128 ;)10:09
vishalso : <Amaranth> didrocks because he does most of the compiz packaging lately and seb128 because he is awesome ;)10:09
seb128don't count on didrocks or me10:09
seb128we are focused on natty10:09
vishwe say good things about you behind your back ;)10:09
seb128well maybe after the natty freeze10:09
seb128it doesn't seem there is any hurry for that anyway10:09
seb128but if someone want to do it before feel free10:10
pittidpm: not sure for natty, as you'll need qt for it anyway; for oneiric we certainly should, but then we need to reorganize it a bit anyway (like also moving qt translations to the general one)10:10
vishseb128: is 0.8.8 update feasible to expect for an SRU? (as Amaranth mentions it has some nice bug fixes..)10:12
vish0.8.6 » 0.8.810:12
vishor just cherry pick for that bug alone?10:12
seb128dunno, depends of the number of changes and the diff usually10:13
dpmpitti, ack. I haven't been able to talk to kyleN since yesterday, so I'm not 100% certain on the steps to reproduce, but I assume he did a default install and didn't get the kde langpack installed and thus unity-2d appeared untranslated. Do you have any ideas of what could be done for natty to ensure this does not happen (apart from the reorganization you are mentioning for oneiric)?10:14
pittidpm: the images which ship unity-2d should install the -kde langpacks for the languages it wants to ship by default10:14
pittidpm: aside from that, we need to verify that langauge-selector will install the kde ones on unity-2d10:15
dpmpitti, ok, thanks. I'll get kyleN to check out and file a bug if necessary10:16
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
pittirickspencer3: FYI, I cleaned up the tech overview known issues some more10:33
pittistill very detailled, but at least it doesn't have less important issues or too much technical detail any more10:34
pittididrocks: does https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/TechnicalOverview#Unity look alright to you? I updated it a bit, but might have missed something10:37
didrockspitti: sounds great, session have even been renamed! :) I added just a note on the fglrx driver10:45
pittididrocks: that's further down in "known issues"; perhaps add it there?10:46
rickspencer3thanks pitti10:47
didrockspitti: yeah, I added it there, didn't I?10:50
desrtdbarth: hi10:50
pittididrocks: ah, I meant my blob which I wrote 3 lines above your's10:51
dbarthdesrt: hi10:52
desrtdbarth: did you receive my email?10:52
didrockspitti: should I merge with it, like "please note that even after the upgrade, Unity won't work with it?"10:53
dbarthdesrt: i did. but i'm a bit swamped right now10:55
desrtdbarth: okay.  no rush.  ping me back when you've had a chance to look it over10:55
desrtone very quick issue that i wonder if you could help me on (unrelated)10:56
pittididrocks: please do, yes; I think these should be mentioned together10:56
desrtdbarth: i got an email from Darren Spiteri 'via RT'.   when i try to reply to RT i get a "Permission denied" message with no further information and i can't seem to find Darren's email10:57
seb128didrocks, will you do an unity upload this week?10:57
didrocksseb128: yeah, this evening is planned for the release, but as the changes are bigs, I don't want to rush on it. Upload early tomorrow morning after a lot of tests10:58
didrockspitti: done10:58
seb128didrocks, ok, I was not sure if we should upload an updated translation template to launchpad manually or wait for the next upload10:59
seb128didrocks, but seems we can wait for the upload if it's this week10:59
didrocksseb128: Friday sounds fine?10:59
didrocksand there is some pending string changes10:59
seb128didrocks, yeah, I asked in case you were targetting monday10:59
seb128would be nice to give the weekend to translators to work10:59
didrocksagreed :)10:59
didrocksand monday will be the compiz day11:00
seb128rodrigo_, hey again, do you notice bugs assigned to you from the emails or do you want to be pinged on IRC as well?11:00
seb128didrocks, ok, thanks11:00
didrocksyw :)11:00
dpmdidrocks, seb128 if you guys give me or point me to an updated template, I can upload it manually for you if you like11:00
didrocksdpm: still not fully decided by design, so waiting for a final ack11:01
didrocksoh, not the string change11:01
dbarthdesrt: forward it to me11:01
didrocksdpm: well, let's wait on Friday11:01
dpmdidrocks, ok11:01
didrocksno need to translate strings that can change11:01
seb128dpm, thanks, we will on the string changes to land11:01
dpmok, cool11:01
desrtdbarth: done11:02
rodrigo_seb128, if you ping me on irc I'll see them before, as I get a lot of *cough*spam*cough* from the unity bugs :-)11:06
seb128rodrigo_, ok, ignore the tomboy one and assigned to you and back then, ken already uploaded a fix but he didn't update the bug ;-)11:07
pittididrocks: merci11:07
rodrigo_seb128, ok11:07
rodrigo_seb128, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/745721 <- this one, right?11:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 745721 in tomboy "Ubuntu One sync points to the edge server" [Medium,Fix committed]11:07
didrockspitti: ywy11:07
seb128rodrigo_, correct ;-)11:08
pittiI need to run out for some errands and lunch, bbl11:08
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=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
desrtwhy does nautilus have such an odd version number?12:27
seb128desrt, ?12:28
seb128what is odd in there?12:28
desrtspecifically the 1: at the start12:28
seb128that's an epoch12:28
seb128that's the way to say "the version is higher even if the number is not"12:28
seb128like 1:2.22 > 2.2412:29
desrtwhy does nothing else have it?12:29
seb128that's what you use when you uploaded a newer serie by error12:29
chrisccoulsonheh :)12:29
seb128some other source have it12:29
chrisccoulsonyes, it's useful if you screw up the version number :)12:29
desrtso like if you uploaded nautilus 3.012:29
desrtyou can use 1:2.22 to get back to 212:29
desrt...but then have to carry the 1: forever?12:29
seb128that's why we often has 2.91.is.2.24 around ;-)12:30
seb128has -> have12:30
desrti guess that sort of thing clears up soon though12:30
seb128which is a way to workaround the issue without having to carry an epoch number12:30
desrtseems like that solution is quite a lot better12:30
desrtcan't you just drop the epoch in some new release and have the upgrade scripts fix it?12:31
seb128it's a package management issue12:31
desrtthe update-manager scripts12:31
seb128how does apt knows to upgrade if the version is lower?12:31
desrtit could force the non-epoched version12:31
seb128well some people still use apt-get or aptitude or dselect12:32
seb128it's not like the epoch number was any issue for users12:32
desrtah.  i thought that was officially unsupported because it might result in a not-properly-upgraded system12:32
seb128it's not even showed in most uis12:32
* desrt is just OCD :)12:32
seb128desrt, dpkg -l | grep xserver12:35
seb128if you want example of a stack with an epoch ;-)12:36
desrtah ya.. but i don't care about X12:39
desrtit will die soon anyway12:39
desrtbut nautilus is forever!12:39
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
ftahm, the datetime indicator completely confused unity (or compiz). I wanted to go to the settings, nothing happened (no dialog), yet, it was unable to give the focus or close any other window13:22
seb128it's likely another instance of the compiz invible dialog bug13:22
seb128should be fixed or workarounded in the next upload13:23
kklimondahmm.. a bit ot, but are there "official" 10.04.2 CDs?13:23
kklimondagood afternoon btw :)13:24
ftathe dialog was invisible. with alt f4, i was able to close all the other apps, and when all my worspaces were empty, i tried a logout. just when compiz died, it exposed the missing dialog13:24
seb128fta, right, what I just wrote13:24
seb128kklimonda, cdimage.ubuntu.com has them13:24
kklimonda(not images, but physical discs)13:24
kklimondaseb128: ah, I've just noticed my question wasn't specific enough :)13:25
seb128oh, dunno about that13:25
ftaseb128, oh, i mis-read. i thought you talked about the transparent window on top of everything.13:25
ftahm, the locations selector in the datetime prefs is weird.13:31
seb128how weird?13:34
pittiwow, welcome back GNOME, it's been a while13:49
ftaseb128, http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/datetime-locations.ogv13:50
seb128sorry got some flacky internet13:50
pittiseb128: wb13:52
seb128fta, there is nothing obviously wrong there but different issues mostly known13:52
seb128like sorting is not ideal and some locations are missing from the db13:53
seb128pitti, hey ;-)13:53
seb128fta, mterry has been fixed quite some bugs this week so wait for the next update13:53
ftaseb128, the completion seems totally broken to me. like no result for a string of length n, but lots for n+113:54
seb128fta, it seems to be confused in your case indeed13:55
seb128not sure if that's because of the space in the location name13:55
seb128it doesn't happen with i.e paris13:55
ftaalso, i can't stop the desktop recording when this dialog is there13:55
seb128nessita, ola!13:56
ftano, same for sydney, so it's not the space13:57
nessitahi seb128! I saw your emails, I will get to that after my daily stand up (which is in 3 minutes)13:57
seb128nessita, let me know if the sharing thing work, I've tried to be nice with you and test u1, first time I share something on it ;-)13:57
nessitaseb128: sharing worked, I already accepted, will download soon13:58
seb128nessita, ok thanks13:58
seb128mterry, hey13:58
seb128mterry, do you know if fta's issue is known, fixed or worked?13:58
mterryseb128, hello!13:58
mterryseb128, very likely fixed, yes13:58
mterryseb128, the 'no completion' issue that is13:58
seb128mterry, right, like typing "sydn" doesn't give you any suggestion13:59
seb128ok, I will try again with today's updates when they are rolled13:59
seb128mterry, thanks ;-)13:59
seb128mterry, ok, your merge requests have been cleaned14:00
seb128let me try a trunk build then ;-)14:00
seb128kenvandine, hey14:04
kenvandinehey seb12814:04
seb128kenvandine, when you have a moment could you just update the scrollbar patch infos? you let the placeholder info in the patch rather than adding the bug reference etc14:04
seb128kenvandine, in the gtk patch I mean14:05
kenvandinedamn... i'll do that14:05
seb128kenvandine, thanks ;-)14:05
kenvandinealso, i uploaded the scrollbars, they are in sourceNEW14:05
seb128kenvandine, how did your testing with the current version go btw?14:05
seb128kenvandine, great14:05
kenvandinebut have a couple packaging tweaks in the ~ubuntu-desktop branch since the upload14:05
kenvandineworks fine14:06
seb128pitti, ^ not sure if you want to source new review the scrollbar lib since that's a ffe14:06
seb128kenvandine, ok14:06
kenvandineseb128, well it needs the gtk upload first14:06
kenvandineto build14:06
seb128kenvandine, it will depwait if gtk doesn't land14:07
pittiseb128: doesn't need to be me personally, but I can have a look soon14:07
seb128pitti, I can do it as well if you want, I was just not sure if we should wait the end of freeze or if there was special rules for ffe exceptions14:08
pittiseb128: not really; it's a new package, so it can't hurt anything14:13
seb128pitti, ok, will review it then, thanks14:13
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
nessitaseb128: ok, I'm ready. As per the log file, I don't think you ran both UI and backend from my branch. May I ask how did you do the test?14:19
seb128nessita, what backend? I didn't restart that, I installed the package built from the vcs and opened the dialog14:20
seb128nessita, can I just stop the backend and it will respawn for me?14:20
seb128nessita, is "backend" the sync daemon?14:21
nessitaseb128: now, the backend is stopped by closing the UI. In beta 1, is not stopped automatically14:21
nessitaseb128: the backend is ubunutone-control-panel-backend14:21
seb128no such process running14:21
nessitaseb128: did you open the UI before in that sema14:22
seb128it seems to exit when I close the dialog14:22
seb128nessita, well, I installed the updated version with the ui closed14:22
seb128then cleaned the log dir14:22
seb128then opened the control panel14:22
seb128then clicked on devices14:22
seb128then closed the ui14:22
seb128then uploaded the log14:22
seb128nessita, was that wrong? I can do it again if you want14:22
nessitaseb128: can you do the same now, that we're certain that the backend is stopped?14:23
seb128nessita, done14:23
nessitaseb128: that was fast! :-)14:23
seb128nessita, the u1 version has been updated14:23
seb128if you want to download it again14:23
nessitaseb128: I got the new file!14:23
nessitau1 rocks :-P14:23
seb128that sync daemon thing seems to work!14:23
seb128nessita, is that log better?14:24
nessitaseb128: yes, let me do add more debug to the branch since the exception is not coming up yet (that means is happening somewhere else, not where I was expecting)14:25
seb128nessita, ok, no hurry, I'm online just update the vcs and I will pull and build from it ;-)14:25
nessitaseb128: awesome14:25
kenvandineseb128, also look over the apport hook in the scrollbars package14:28
seb128kenvandine, will do14:28
kenvandinei think several of the checks will just get ignored for most users14:29
kenvandineif report.has_key("Stacktrace") and "os-scrollbar.c" in report["Stacktrace"]14:29
kenvandineif they don't have the dbgsyms14:29
kenvandinebut his first check will probably be good enough14:29
desrt9MB for usb-modesiwtch due to tcl dependency14:31
pittimodern languages! *cough*14:32
desrtit's not even usb-modeswitch, but rather the included 'dispatcher' script14:33
desrt900 lines14:33
seb128kenvandine, well I didn't look at that but the obvious way to do is to check if libsrollbar is in the Stacktrace14:36
seb128kenvandine, the filename will match even if there is no symbols14:37
pittidesrt: everytime I look at it something in me wants to rewrite that in vala or C..14:37
desrtpitti: i was thinking python, actually14:42
pittidesrt: that would make it less heavy, but still very expensive during boot14:42
desrtah.  you have a different concern, i see14:43
desrtwould it be possible to integrate the purpose of the script into the main executable?14:43
pittidesrt: well, not "different" just "bigger"; I don't like the extra dependency as well :)14:44
pittidesrt: I don't know TBH; so far it has stayed below my "have time for this" treshold unfortunately14:44
desrtdid you paing the upstream?14:44
pittiyes, it was discussed with upstream on u-devel@ a while ago14:45
desrti guess he doesn't want to do the effort to rewrite his own software?14:45
pittiAFAIR he'd be okay with shell or python, but didn't like C/Vala (i. e. compiled stuff)14:45
pittiI don't knwo14:45
desrtpython would still be a substantial improvement14:45
desrtat least in terms of making the CD-size-nazi component of your personality happy :)14:46
pittidesrt: and with all the zeitgeist bits now landing, we have essentially lost the "no python in the boot path" battle anyway :/14:47
pittibut at least this only affects USB 3G cards14:47
pittii. e. not something you'd find on smaller arm hardware etc.14:47
desrtpitti: lost for now :)14:47
desrtpitti: these things swing back and forth14:47
pittidesrt: yeah, and at least they can be deferred a bit14:48
desrtpitti: hopefully arm embedded devices don't ship a wifi card that has windows drivers on it :)14:48
pittilike we did with system-config-printer14:48
pittidesrt: builtin 3g cards are fine14:48
pittidesrt: but plugging an usb 3g card into an arm netbook isn't unthinkable14:48
desrtya.  of course.14:49
pittibut well, *shrug* then you just lose14:49
pitti... a second, anyway14:49
desrti'm toying around with the idea of an ubuntu-gnome-desktop metapackage :)14:50
desrtseeing what needs to be in it or not14:51
nessitamvo: ping14:52
mvohello nessita14:54
nessitamvo: hey there! I've assigned this bug #746397 to the software center, I'm pinging you because I don't want it to fell off the radar. Not sure if you're still working on that though14:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 746397 in ubuntu-translations "Missing translation when unknown user tries to do a review in software-center" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74639714:54
mvonessita: many thanks14:55
nessitayou're welcome :-)14:56
mvoI fix it right away :)14:56
nessitamvo: perfect14:57
seb128kenvandine, do you know if the "show u1 banner" in nautilus is supposed to work?15:11
kenvandineseb128, it should on the special dirs15:11
kenvandineDocuments, Music, etc15:11
=== skaet_zzz is now known as skaet
seb128kenvandine, interesting15:13
seb128kenvandine, "hide the banner" is doing nothing there15:14
kenvandinesounds like a bug15:16
seb128the u1 was not showing up in the nautilus menu on my fresh install either15:16
seb128but it does after browsing a special directory15:17
seb128but well, I tried to opened a guest session and intel went kernel panic...15:17
kenvandinei reproduced the not hiding bug15:18
kenvandineit also doesn't update the menus15:18
kenvandineso it must not be connecting to whatever it has to15:19
kenvandinenessita, ^^15:19
kenvandinenessita, know anything about the nautilus plugin?15:19
nessitakenvandine: very little, but I can find someone that knows more. dobey, can you please give a hand to kenvandine with the nautilus plugin?15:20
seb128she will say it's a nautilus bug again ;-)15:20
nessitaseb128: nautilus should be gone by now dude ;-)15:20
seb128ok, so I didn't try u1 a lot before15:20
kenvandineseb128, this used to work15:20
kenvandinebut i haven't tried hiding the banner in a long time15:21
kenvandinemaybe since maverick15:21
nessitaseb128, kenvandine: anyways, I know our plugin has several issues, I'm not proud of the quality of that :-(15:21
seb128the ui is a bit rough15:21
seb128like there is no way from the control panel to open the u1 website15:21
seb128I'm happy nessita's sent me the url to the website, I didn't found it before the email ;-)15:21
nessitaseb128: OH15:21
kenvandinehaha... links to twitter and facebook but no link to one.ubuntu.com?15:22
seb128get support from canonical or the community15:22
seb128buy storage15:22
seb128twitter, fb15:22
seb128but nowhere pointing to a u1 website15:22
dobeywhat's with the nautilus extension?15:23
kenvandinedobey, "Hide banner" seems to not do anything15:23
nessitaseb128: well, buy storage and get support both leads to the u1 web site. and in the third tab, you get a 'Ubuntu One website' link you can click on :-)15:23
dobeykenvandine: oh, hrmm. i've never touched that specific code. rodrigo_ did all that work. so i have no idea why it wouldn't work :)15:24
seb128hum, crashed15:24
seb128nessita, right, but I didn't want to get support or buy anything so I didn't dare clicking on those ;-)15:24
seb128nessita, the third tab is broken for me, maybe once you fix that bug I will have it then ;-)15:25
nessitaseb128: good point. Sadly we're passed UI freeze so I can't make your wish real15:25
seb128nessita, oh no worry, it's just getting feedback15:25
nessitaseb128: in the last tab, services, you get the link15:25
seb128is there any way from the desktop to see who you shared a folder with?15:25
seb128nessita, where?15:25
nessitaseb128: who you shared stuff with? no, we couldn't add that to the control panel (we wanted to, though)15:26
nessitaseb128: do you have a tab called Services?15:26
seb128bah "copying publishing url" doesn't do anything15:26
seb128oh it does now15:27
seb128nessita, http://ubuntuone.com/p/kLO/15:27
seb128nessita, where on that screenshot?15:27
nessitaseb128: right, you need to install the desktopcouch plugin :-/. Again, your have a point ;-)15:27
seb128ok, makes sense now ;-)15:28
seb128btw the "Enable the sync service for this computer" label is weird15:28
seb128like syncing is enabled, not sure what it has to do there15:28
seb128nessita, sorry to come with UI issue after ui freeze ;-)15:28
seb128nessita, I will open some bugs later on for next cycle15:29
nessitaseb128: yes please, that would be very good15:29
seb128nessita, bug #74646815:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 746468 in ubuntuone-control-panel "no obvious link to the website" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74646815:38
mvokiwinote: \o/ for your s-c fixes15:39
kiwinotemvo: yw ;)15:40
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
chrisccoulsonhmmm, is ctrl+shift+tab not a valid keyboard shortcut combination for a menuitem in gtk?16:01
chrisccoulsonthat's what is triggering the console message in firefox, but i can't see anything wrong with my extension (and it's correctly converting the XUL keysyms -> GDK)16:02
* tremolux ^5s kiwinote16:10
* kiwinote high-5s tremolux16:11
rodrigo_desrt, hey, what g_variant_get_* should I use for an (i) returned via dbus? int32, int16, etc all fail16:26
desrtg_variant_get(value, "(i)", &your_int)16:27
desrtg_variant_get_child (value, 0, "i", &your_int);16:27
seb128mpt, hi16:31
seb128mpt, would you have any opinion on #74616016:32
mptseb128, I agree with your comment, it looks like a duplicate of 73265316:33
seb128mpt, thanks16:34
seb128hello desktopers16:38
seb128did everybody got the people they wanted to see at UDS on the sponsoring list?16:38
hallynUh.  hm.  I don' tknow where to go with this one16:40
hallynnearly up-to-date natty, running unity and gnome-desktop with vim on a terminal.16:40
hallynif i highlight some text with the mouse,16:41
hallynand then in vim go to a different word and say 'cw<shift-insert>', it does what i'd expect, inserting what i highlighted with the mouse16:42
hallynbut, if i do 'ves<shift-insert>', then it inserts what I just was replacing16:42
hallynhm, i see - same on lucid16:43
hallyni guess i've just not been on a local terminal in so long i hadn't noticed16:43
hallynnever mind, carry on i guess16:43
chrisccoulsonw00t, archive open again \o/16:44
bcurtiswxSweet, forgot today was Beta 1.  Good work everyone getting there :)16:47
seb128chrisccoulson, did you get upstream people from mozilla you need on the UDS list?16:51
seb128no Sweetshark? pitti can you check with him maybe later for libreoffice?16:51
chrisccoulsonseb128 - not yet, but talking to someone now ;)16:52
chrisccoulsonmost of them are in the US though, so it's quite a long trip16:52
seb128chrisccoulson, registration are closed so please jcastro or jasoncwarner know if you have people that needs to be added16:54
seb128we have been a bit disorganized this time around especially with jasoncwarner not there this week16:55
chrisccoulsonheh :)16:55
chrisccoulsonhe's holding it altogether normally ;)16:56
seb128chrisccoulson, who is?§16:57
seb128rodrigo_, I upload your g-s-d workaround to natty now, ok?17:03
rodrigo_seb128, yes, please17:03
rodrigo_seb128, just pushed it to master17:03
rodrigo_seb128, we'll keep looking for the proper fix for 3.0.117:03
seb128rodrigo_, yeah, I'm reading #gnome-hackers ;-)17:03
rodrigo_ah ok then you know :)17:04
seb128nessita, ola again ;-)17:04
nessitaseb128: hola!17:04
seb128nessita, do you need sponsoring still?17:04
nessitaseb128: I have 2 branches waiting for sponsoring, one is for a SRU/UIFFE for maverick and the other is the one that your super powers mentioned I need uploaded ;-)17:05
nessitaseb128: the natty one, https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu/natty/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-client-1.0.917:06
seb128nessita, ok, will take those now17:06
nessitasorry, this is the natty one! https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu/natty/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-client-1.2.017:06
nessitaseb128: the 1.0.9 is a SRU that requires an approval from the release team17:06
nessita(it has an UI change)17:06
seb128oh, I see17:07
seb128I will do the natty one for now then17:07
seb128mvo, thanks for the sessioninstaller fix17:11
mvoseb128: yw!17:15
* nessita -> lunch17:17
seb128ups, pitti uploaded gdm17:18
pittinot good?17:19
seb128there was a merge request for a security update pending17:19
* pitti wanted to clear his "fix committed" list17:19
seb128I wanted to ping you about it and forgot17:19
seb128it will be in the next one, no worrry17:19
didrockshum pkgbinarymangler tests works locally, my added one fails on the buildd and all fails in my pbuilder…17:28
pittididrocks: hm, on the new test?17:28
didrockspitti: yeah https://launchpadlibrarian.net/67800504/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-i386.pkgbinarymangler_94_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz, but locally (with test/run), the world seems wonderful17:30
didrocksso, I tried on my pbuilder to confirm it and debug it, but all tests fail there… (in build())17:30
pittididrocks: hm, it worked for me locally, too; weird17:31
didrocksseems the .pot file isn't created17:31
didrocksit's not like the test was rocket science…17:32
* didrocks adds --dont-purge17:33
didrocksno, bzr bd works…17:40
didrockspitti: the only reason I can see it that test.c isn't available for whatever reason in the chroot and so the POTFILES.in is not correct17:41
pittididrocks: le huh? it's part of the source tarball17:45
didrockspitti: yeah, it's there, but as I can't reproduce easily, that will be a joy to debug17:46
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, just uploaded a new firefox build with the new window quicklist item ;)17:58
chrisccoulsonhopefully you will find that useful ;)17:58
pittiDBO: ooh, you fixed bug 741674? thaaanks!18:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 741674 in unity "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke()" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74167418:00
DBOpitti, me neil and jay18:01
DBOin committee18:01
DBOover mumble18:01
DBOit was epic18:01
pittiyou guys rock18:01
pittilooking forward to getting a new package with that, this drives me crazy18:01
pitti(I had to switch back to classic in order to do anything useful)18:01
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, :)18:03
didrockspitti: we need a FFe for utouch first ;)18:04
didrocks(the new geis landing)18:05
didrocksbug #742555 FYI18:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 742555 in unity "Unity can't get touch the touch initialization signals from GEIS" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74255518:06
* didrocks waves goodnight18:06
=== hallyn is now known as hallyn_afk
jcastrodobey: is jono's bug valid?18:34
jcastroI see music from the U1 store in my library just fine18:34
dobeyjcastro: yes18:35
=== alecu is now known as alecu-lunch
nessitamterry: ping18:58
mterrynessita, yo18:59
nessitamterry: I'm reading your bug report, and not sure how to handle that. You have a source.list that is not readable by all your users, and apt.cache is not being able to handle that. Any ideas/suggestions?18:59
mterrynessita, it might be a python-apt bug.  I just got it with ubuntuone, so I figured I'd file it there for starters18:59
nessitamterry: right, we're using the apt.cache library to query for package availability, but that library is crashing if it can't read a sources file19:00
nessitamterry: shall I say that in the bug report and re assign to that project?19:00
mterrynessita, sure19:01
nessitamterry: great19:01
desrttedg: hey19:20
tedgHowdy desrt19:22
rickspencer3beta! beta! beta!19:24
=== alecu-lunch is now known as alecu
njpatelRAOF, bryceh ping? Have a quick question about Intel Corporation N10 graphics19:37
njpatelQ: Is it supported? To what level (GL wise) ? :)19:37
bcurtiswx\o/ beta release!19:51
bcurtiswx\oXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXoXo/ <-- everyone celebrating?? :P19:52
=== hallyn_afk is now known as hallyn
* tedg is wondering if kenvandine is going to verify all the bug fixes in that indicator-datetime release, if he does, mterry owes him a case of beer ;-)20:35
* mterry recommends kenvandine opens it up, sees it doesn't crash, and calls it a day20:37
* kenvandine just assumes everything mterry does is golden... and goes to drink a beer20:38
hallynis there a standard way to ask the debian installer to cause something to get run at login?20:40
hallynthe open-vm-tools want vmware-user-suid-wrapper to get started at login - until the user does, they are useless20:41
mterrytedg, what's the best way to fix Glade & appmenu?  (the problem is that windows that the user is editing don't show their menus)  Could we add a per-menubar custom property that glade would set like "appmenu-ignore" or maybe special case glade in appmenu-gtk20:46
tedgmterry, I believe that such a property already exists...20:46
tedgLet me look20:46
* mterry loves it when things work already20:47
mterrytedg, I think there's only show-local, but that's for the whole of appmenu-gtk, not per-menubar20:50
tedgmterry, I was thinking "ubuntu-no-proxy" which is on the top level.20:56
tedgmterry, Would that work?20:56
mterrytedg, let me see if glade uses actual toplevels in its fake widget hierarchy20:58
seb128hey didrocks21:01
seb128dobey, there?21:01
dobeyseb128: hi21:02
seb128dobey, hey21:02
seb128dobey, is 746566 an issue you know about?21:02
seb128dobey, g-s-d crashing in what seems to be it trying to display something about the user being over its quota for ubuntuone21:03
dobeyseb128: are you getting the crash?21:04
seb128dobey, no, but it has been reported as a landscape case and the submitter is responsive21:04
seb128dobey, so if you have any question and could ask on the bug21:05
seb128dobey, he's using 10.10 with current sru updates21:05
seb128dobey, but he says it's an issue on lucid as well21:05
dobeywell that's not possible, since that code doesn't even exist on lucid; unless he's running nightlies there or something.21:06
seb128ok, so maybe he confused issues, he was commenting on another bug which is supposed to be fixed21:07
seb128so I asked him to open a new bug with apport21:07
seb128that one is a current 10.10 one21:07
seb128so let's assume it's about this version21:07
dobeyok, i'll poke at it more closely as soon as i'm done with the branch i'm currently working on that's already overdue for 11.0421:08
seb128dobey, ok, thanks21:10
kenvandinemterry, tedg: humm... i am no longer getting events from indicator-datetime21:17
mterrykenvandine, :-/21:17
mterrykenvandine, I didn't work on events, my work was all preference-dialog-side21:17
kenvandinetedg, ^^21:18
mterrykenvandine, klattimer might know trouble spots21:18
tedgkenvandine, Events, like from EDS?21:18
mterryThat's a gvariantbuilder that ended up being empty21:18
tedgkenvandine, Hmm, no events would be why it's empty :-)21:19
kenvandinemterry, yeah, but "Number of ECalComponents returned: 0"21:19
kenvandinetedg, i had events before restarting my session :)21:19
mterrykenvandine, well I hope you learned your lesson about restarting then  :)21:20
kenvandinealthough i have had some auth problems in evo this morning21:20
kenvandinemterry, hehe :)21:20
mterrykenvandine, no but seriously, poke klattimer about it tomorrow21:20
mterryor I will if I get to him first21:20
kenvandinei will21:21
seb128get tedg to fix it ;-)21:21
seb128no offense to karl but it might be that we will not get anything to upload this week if we wait on him to fix it21:21
kenvandineit says "Will highlight 1 days from Thu Mar 31 16:16:31 2011"21:21
kenvandineit used to check a week out21:21
kenvandinethen display the next 5 out of what it finds21:21
tedgYeah, I can fix it in a sec.  Fighting with all the UDS stuff.21:24
tedgDoes it seem like we've not got more forms to fill out?21:24
tedg(with the same data)21:24
kenvandinetedg, ok... if i add a new one it does pick it up21:24
seb128kenvandine, sudo apt-get install indicator-datetime/natty, restart the service and see if it works?21:25
seb128kenvandine, just to make sure it's the indicator21:25
kenvandinei figured it out21:26
kenvandineit looks like it doesn't pull events from the next month21:26
kenvandineso it is only getting them for today21:26
kenvandinei had one there just a little bit ago, but it was my 1:1 with jason which has passed21:26
kenvandinei wonder why it doesn't cross over into next month21:26
seb128not likely a new bug, I noticed today that mine was listed only 2 events21:27
seb128which I though was weird21:27
* kenvandine ignores that for now21:27
kenvandinenot a regression21:27
kenvandinejust weird21:27
seb128but I didn't match it to the month thing21:27
seb128nice catch21:27
seb128can you open a bug and assign it to karl?21:27
kenvandinehe actually checks for the first of the month and compares21:28
kenvandineso it is intentional21:28
kenvandinei'll file a bug21:28
seb128tedg, btw how is your nautilus fixing going?21:32
tedgseb128, Oh, that's done...  did I not give you the patch21:32
seb128tedg, what about the libappindicator fallback icons breakage?21:32
seb128tedg, no you didn't21:32
tedgseb128, That was ubuntu-mono21:32
tedgseb128, Uhm, let me find the patch21:32
seb128tedg, no21:33
seb128tedg, it's not the icon cache which breaks it21:33
seb128it's a bug in the lib21:34
tedgseb128, Which bug do you want it on?  bug 742972 bug 744298 or bug 74298221:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 742972 in nautilus "missing action Change Desktop Background" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74297221:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 744298 in nautilus "Help item on Desktop should not be "Ubuntu Documentation"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74429821:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 742982 in nautilus "regression: can not resize icons on desktop" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74298221:35
tedgseb128, Hmm, that's not my understanding.  I thought the icon cache thing fixed it...21:35
kenvandineseb128, bug 74671321:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 746713 in indicator-datetime "Upcoming events aren't listed if they are in a different month" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74671321:35
kenvandinei assigned it to karl21:35
tedgcyphermox, Did the fix to ubuntu-mono fix the fallback icons for libappindicator?21:36
cyphermoxtedg, no, I filed another bug about what I found, hold on21:36
cyphermoxtedg, bug 74649521:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 746495 in libappindicator "broken fallback icons in standard notification-area" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74649521:37
cyphermoxseems like the issue comes from the use of -panel, since if I create a symlink to add it things magically start working21:37
tedgcyphermox, Okay, assigned to me.21:38
cyphermoxI don't think it makes sense to start shipping 20-30 new symlinks to icons in ubuntu-mono and Humanity because of this though -- the icons are there already, and nm-applet already calls them by the name they are known as (afaik, so does g-p-m and gnome-bluetooth)21:39
kenvandinetedg, got any more releases coming?21:39
tedgkenvandine, I don't think so.21:39
kenvandinei've done them all up to indicator-datetime21:39
* kenvandine is heading out for an hour or so :)21:39
seb128impressive indicate-datetime upload21:39
seb128well done mterry and co ;-)21:40
kenvandineseb128, yeah :)21:40
seb128now if we only could have localized locations21:40
* kenvandine waves... bbiab21:40
pittimterry: ok, this looks better; p-d-e now properly finds all relative imports22:21
mterrypitti, oh hot!22:22
mterrypitti, how do you detect the others?22:22
pittimterry: I got rid of the "filter out locally provided modules" before, and always try an __import__, first absolute, then relative22:23
pittiand then just ask the resulting module about its __name__22:23
mterrypitti, ah, cool  :)22:23
* pitti fixes the "buildin" typo22:24
pittiwith that, good night everyone!22:24
seb128'night pitti22:28
seb128robert_ancell, hey!22:52
robert_ancellseb128, hello22:52
seb128robert_ancell, how are you?22:52
robert_ancellawake; just.22:53
seb128robert_ancell, did you notice yelp not working correctly in quite some cases? I tried to do the f1 thing in different desktop applications yesterday and it often leads to an error page22:58
seb128i.e gedit22:58
robert_ancellseb128, ah, no22:58
seb128or nautilus22:58
seb128so I'm not sure if that's a bug in those applications22:58
seb128or if support for some ?index=... is broken22:58
robert_ancellseb128, ah, confirmed.  What's the number?22:58
robert_ancellok, will look at that22:59
seb128I didn't open one, I just noticed during beta testing22:59
seb128but I was not sure if that was yelp or the documentation that need an update22:59
robert_ancellIt could be the url has changed22:59
seb128robert_ancell, did you have any specific sync now that we are unfrozen? I did the few I spoted from version but there was not a lot23:02
robert_ancellno, I think that should be it23:03
seb128so I'm off for today23:04
seb128have a nice friday and weekend23:04
patrickmwtremolux, thanks for updating bug 746768.   Regarding that same test case (sc-016), I was unable to reproduce steps 4 and 5 successfully23:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 746768 in software-center "no button to install packages searched in a custom list (dup-of: 712903)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74676823:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 712903 in software-center "Cannot install packages using a custom list" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71290323:43
tremoluxpatrickmw: hiya!  just looking23:43
patrickmwtremolux, for example "gobby" works, "abcde works, but "gobby,abcde" or "abcde,gobby" also displays gobby23:44
tremoluxpatrickmw: ok, let me check this23:46
tremoluxpatrickmw: I'm a little unclear, so, are you testing with
patrickmwtremolux, correct23:50
tremoluxpatrickmw: ah, the fix for bug 746768 is not yet released23:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 746768 in software-center "no button to install packages searched in a custom list (dup-of: 712903)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74676823:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 712903 in software-center "Cannot install packages using a custom list" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71290323:50
patrickmwtremolux, glad I checked and did write another dup :) thanks!23:50
tremoluxpatrickmw: sure, thank you!23:51
tremoluxpatrickmw: that fix will be in 3.1.25, and should be released tomorrow23:51
patrickmwtremolux, what good timing23:52
tremoluxpatrickmw: haha, yeah  :)23:52
tremoluxpatrickmw: btw, I have a question for you23:52
patrickmwtremolux, I started a few automated tests last week, trying to get more committed before eow23:53
* patrickmw is all ears23:53
tremoluxpatrickmw: I see23:53
tremoluxpatrickmw: so, it's about bug 73990823:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 739908 in software-center "ERROR - "failed to parse" when opening installed application details" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73990823:53
tremoluxpatrickmw: so, that's an intermittent error that we sometimes see from the ratings and reviews server23:54
tremoluxpatrickmw: I guess that the problem is that the error appearing like that causes problems with Mago, is that correct?23:54
patrickmwtremolux, here's what I've noticed.  (For a mago test) when I select an application that is already installed, and then open its details, I can no longer interact with software center23:56
tremoluxpatrickmw: even if you don't get that error message?23:56
patrickmwtremolux, I think I meant to add software-center as an affected project.  But, when I check the software-center log, it's littered with the 301 erros23:57
patrickmwtremolux, I'd say don't worry about it right now. I am focused on this for the rest of the week.23:59
patrickmwtremolux, I'll try some things and keep you updated23:59
tremoluxpatrickmw: you mean bug 739908 ?23:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 739908 in software-center "ERROR - "failed to parse" when opening installed application details" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73990823:59

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